CSI: Miami s04e01 Episode Script

From the Grave

I didn't know this was your parish.
Well, Father, when the when the Cardinal from New York makes a surprise visit to Miami, word gets around.
You coming to confess a new sin? No same one.
You're angry.
Father, I am I am confused.
Guilt takes many forms.
Father, I have been over this and over this a thousand times, and I am certain with every fiber in my body that I couldn't have done anything differently.
I told you when you came to me those many years ago with blood on your hands that it isn't about the life that you took It's about the lives you make right in the here and now.
And that's what God is judging you on.
I know what my penance is.
So why are you here? I need you to tell me.
When you've done enough, Horatio, you'll know.
Let us pray.
Oh, my God I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell.
Most of all because I have offended Thee, my God Sorry about the causeway traffic, man.
Let's go.
Can you take these off? You know I can't do that.
Madre, Please! Stop! Stop now! Fuentes! Madre.
to confess my sins, to do penance Father I have to go.
Yo, come on! Hang on.
Yeah, I have got shots fired at Holy Redeemer Cemetery.
Suspect is leaving by the main gate.
I need rescue and backup right now.
Here we go.
Guy pops out of a casket, and shoots Aberto Fuentes here.
Had to be some sort of a switch.
Send a detective unit to the mortuary, please.
Aberto's got ink, Horatio.
Looks like a pitchfork.
It is a pitchfork.
He's Mala Noche, guys.
What was he in prison for, Frank? Relatives said cocaine distribution.
Thought the Noches weren't allowed to sell drugs.
Gang rule.
Which means his own gang killed him.
How much does an escort guard cost for a family funeral? Let's find out who ponied up the money for Aberto here, all right? I'll talk to the prison and get back to you.
The FBI considers the Mala Noche the most dangerous crime organization in the United States, ladies and gentlemen.
They stay away from drugs to avoid deportation, but what they specialize in is murder for hire, extortion the list goes on.
In short they are Miami's new Mafia.
Now, I must tell you that they have already killed six police officers.
Trying to scare us, Horatio? Born in the Nicaraguan wars, they have no fear.
So anyone not interested, I'll understand.
We're in if you're in.
Okay, good.
Eric, the hearse.
The thing's a tank.
It's probably halfway up 95 by now.
Check the road.
I may have hit it.
Oh, um I forgot.
Welcome back.
That is a lot of firepower.
These guys are serious gangsters.
Mafia, my ass.
If you ask me, they're a bunch of cowards who shot innocent people attending a funeral.
You know what, you don't have to see these casings to know they were using an automatic, either.
Oh, are you collecting DNA? Yeah.
According to the witness, he was wearing a bandana.
The guy was lying in the casket, waiting.
No way was he wearing a bandana.
Good obs.
I'm going to go help Delko.
How about a quote? Hey, you, get behind the tape, please.
Rookie cop already confirmed that it was the Noches.
This is a crime scene.
You want to get arrested? Let's pack it up, guys.
Does this mean we're not having dinner again? Erica, you made me look like a slime bag in front of my colleagues last month.
You can forget dinner and you can forget anything.
Now go.
All right.
You don't have to get all Bith on me.
I got a name on Aberto's benefactor.
Star Island.
What a nice address, Frank.
Michelle Burke? Who let you in? Miami-Dade, man.
Do you know him? Oh, my God, he's Yeah, he was shot today at his mother's funeral.
Prison officials said that you put up the money for Aberto's escort from the prison to the funeral.
A funeral you didn't attend.
We broke up when he went on the inside.
The money was a favor.
A favor to who? Aberto or the man who killed him? What? If you think I set him up If you think getting passed around by a bunch of criminals is going to give you street cred with your Richie Rich friends, well, guess again.
'Cause right now you're an accomplice to murder.
I want to know who the shooter is.
I don't know his real name.
He went by "Diablo.
" When was the last time you spoke to Diablo? I've been calling him all morning.
He's not answering.
Here's what I want you to do.
The minute he calls you, you call me.
Do you understand? I know that Horatio hit the tank, but the leak stopped.
There's no way they stopped to fix it.
No, no.
Gas rushes to one end.
Because the tank isn't full.
Are you extrapolating the rate of the leak to get the escape radius? Yeah.
I'm estimating a six-percent grade would be sufficient to stop the leakage.
Okay, so if the tank capacity is 18 gallons, the engine burns 14 miles a gallon, and you've got a 200-yard continuous leak Gives us a five-mile radius on the house.
Okay, I'll call dispatch, put out a broadcast.
Two suspects armed, extremely dangerous.
Get in touch with H.
Ma'am? Are you okay, ma'am? They took our car.
I try not to give them the keys.
Where are the car keys? I don't know.
Give us the keys.
Or I'll break your jaw.
I'll call rescue.
Put a broadcast out on the family car.
Horatio, there's lunch on this table, and the food's still warm.
Ma'am, where is the family? They have a panic room.
Please don't leave me.
I won't leave you, ma'am.
Who are they?! It's okay, ma'am.
They're going to take you to the hospital and get you checked out.
It's okay.
Checked out? Yes, a forensics nurse is going to take some samples.
I can't do that.
It is the best way to find out who did this to you.
I'm pregnant.
All I care about is my baby.
Ma'am, it won't hurt the baby.
I can't take that chance.
Um okay.
I'll find another way.
Miami-Dade Police.
You can come out now.
Your house has been secured.
Come on, boys.
Thank God you're here.
We're lucky we have a panic room.
Your housekeeper wasn't so lucky.
She was downstairs when they crashed the front gate.
I had to protect my boys.
Is Celia all right? Couple of thugs had a go at her while you guys were hiding out.
What do you think? Hang on a second, guys.
Aren't you coming with me? I'm going to be right behind you, Celia.
Bag the sheets from the gurney.
They're critical.
I'll bag and seal them myself.
Appreciate it.
Lieutenant Caine.
Is Celia going to be all right? She'd be a lot better if you would have let her in that crawlspace of yours.
I just my family Do you have medical insurance for your employees? No.
Not for household You do now.
You're paying for her hospital stay.
What is it? Some sort of alkali.
Must have been on the suspect's shoes.
So maybe we can find out where they've been hanging out? It's a start.
Then, hopefully, the Trace lab will point us in the right direction.
So this is Aberto's mother.
Detective said whoever made the switch dumped her out.
Left the body in the back room of the mortuary.
Poor lady.
What's all that? Mrs.
Fuentes had a pacemaker.
And, according to the data I've downloaded, she died of a heart attack.
Just around the time her son's enemies wanted a funeral? That's convenient.
Too convenient.
According to her heart rate, she was under extreme stress before she died.
Extreme stress or extreme fear? I don't know, Eric.
Could a Mala Noche scare you to death? The question is, how can we prove that? What's that mark on her cheek? I don't know.
It's antemortem.
Looks like an impression of something.
Lord only knows what they did to her.
Look, I'm going to be at this woman's house and see what I can find.
Scared her to death.
Wow! I thought they were only going to do the floors.
They did a lot more than that.
You should see the labs.
Must have cost a fortune.
You can thank me.
Who are you? Natalia Boa Vista, DNA.
Boa, like a snake.
Boa just like the snake.
So, uh did you do the rebuild, or you just pay for it? Actually, I paid.
I think I should dump Tox and get into DNA.
This is not out of Dade County's budget.
I had to get a federal grant.
I got DNA from the cemetery shooting.
Can I throw it on the pile? Nope.
It's unsolveds only.
But nice to meet you.
Later, guys.
Big help.
Glad to have you.
In an exclusive, Channel 4 News learned a powerful Miami gang opened fire on an interment at Holy Redeemer Cemetery today.
Four people were killed.
Reacting to the Mala Noche's most brazen attack to date, a legislative delegation from South Florida has just arrived from Tallahassee.
This lawlessness will not be tolerated.
We are extending every possible resource to the Miami-Dade Police Department, whose top investigators are on the case, led by Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
Hey, Dan.
You're on TV.
"New Mafia," my ass.
She just won't stop.
You know that girl? I'm Erica Sikes reporting for Channel 4 News.
She's hot.
She's a case against the First Amendment.
Going to give her hell? Not yet.
Horatio has a rush.
Paramedics turned over this evidence.
They're sheets from Celia Gonzalez's gurney.
It's all we've got.
Get it to DNA.
I'll go right there.
How's she doing? It'll take some time, but I think she'll recover nicely.
And the baby? How you feeling? I saw you talking to the doctor.
It's bad news, isn't it? Celia, the baby's gone.
I'm sorry.
Is there is there anybody I I can call? The child's father? No.
He's married.
With a family.
Celia Is the child's father Mr.
Livingston, your boss? I hope you don't think less of me.
Of course I don't.
You rest now.
I ran the samples from your home invasion.
Calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, magnesium.
South Florida's covered in it.
This is processed limestone with a bonus: magnesium.
Will you put that in context? Magnesium is added to reduce the acidity of sulfur dioxide emissions from power stations.
So we're looking for a limestone mine with a processing plant.
May not be as difficult as it sounds.
These places are open 24/7.
Well, that does narrow everything down.
No gang is going to hang out at a busy plant.
Abandoned processing mine on the edge of the Glades.
Horatio, I think we may have just found the location of the Mala Noches' hideout.
Get on the ground! Get on the ground now! Move! Move! Move! Move now! Now! So, Raphael you and your buddies shot up the cemetery, and then broke into the Livingston house, didn't you? Yo, you got some good story there, B.
So do you.
Take him outside.
So what? Prints? DNA? Full process, Eric.
All right.
Some serious artwork.
Mala Noche.
Right, Raphael? Yeah, you got that right.
Noche's international, yo.
Better than Cosa Nostra ever was.
Capone, Gotti they don't even compare.
You raped a young woman and killed the baby she was carrying.
I bet you're proud of that, huh? Yo, I was you, I'd worry about my own neck.
Is that a fact? Yeah, if I was you Lieutenant Caine.
Raphael, are you telling me there's a green light on me? Approved by the bosses.
Straight from Nicaragua.
You and your lab are the first real trouble we've had in Miami.
And we don't like trouble.
Eric Get the prisoner.
Go, go, go! East ridge! East ridge! Spread to your left! He's at the tree line! What do you see?! Two! There's two! They're on the run.
They're on the run.
Still 50 yards away.
They're gone.
Sniper's GOA.
They're gone.
Area's secure.
You're never going to win this war.
That's what you think.
Just got your message.
Like seeing yourself on TV? Look, this isn't some Boy Scout troop you're investigating, all right? This gang is lethal.
They don't scare me.
Well, they scare me.
And they already put out a green light on my boss.
A green light? It's a hit.
These guys, they're gonna kill anyone that gets in their way.
You wouldn't have asked me to bring my recorder unless you wanted to put all this on tape.
Erica, you know me so well.
You want to do that last part, about the hit? Sure.
Come on.
Lose my name, lose my number.
I don't ever want to hear from you again.
You get that? Valera, you have my data? It's got to be wrong.
No, Eric, sorry.
All right, look, run it again.
I got this guy sitting in PD.
I ran doubles on all the samples.
Same results.
The reference sample from the semen on the maid's sheet does not match your Raphael Sifuentes.
All right.
That's okay.
We got him for murder.
His prints are on the grenade that scared Mrs.
Fuentes to death.
One more thing about the DNA.
Casket shooter does match.
So whoever this is, is your rapist.
Okay, good.
I'll tell H.
SWAT found a few casings along the tree line.
That's it.
Officers are waiting on your team up there now.
See, the question becomes, Frank, why would Mala Noche be here? I don't know.
Calleigh's in there now, hunting around.
Okay, if she finds anything, I'll be on the ridge.
So what were Mala Noche packing up in here? Rand-new putters.
And they're heavy.
Hey, that's evidence.
Couldn't help my game anyway.
Seems odd, doesn't it? The clubs have already been shipped, and yet they're being opened and repackaged.
Why repackage them in the old packages once they're here? I don't know.
Read film bags.
Film bags for golf clubs? To get something through security, maybe.
Makes you wonder what they're hiding.
Black canisters.
Really? They're hiding black canisters? No.
Eric found a grenade at a victim's house.
And grenades are typically shipped in canisters like that.
It would be very easy to conceal inside a shipment of lead-composite golf clubs.
These canisters are empty.
Where's the grenades? Hey, Calleigh, take a look at this.
The original shipping crate.
Yeah, but look at the name.
How's business, Mr.
Livingston? Good.
Lot of growth in sporting equipment.
Lot of growth in grenade running, too.
Yes, you import hand grenades for the Mala Noche, don't you? And you hide them in your shipments of custom putters.
Because the lead in the clubs disguises the contents of the shipment, doesn't it? I never wanted any part of these guys.
Except for their money.
Detective? We found a cash account you opened last year at Coral Gables Savings.
And you got a pretty penny in there, too.
They made me open it.
They said if I got a taste, I could never go to the police.
I never withdrew one penny.
Look at my account.
Have I? He hasn't, Horatio.
How'd you work the shipments? They would doctor the crates at my South American manufacturer, ship them here, liberate their stuff at the quarry.
Then they'd let me have my merchandise back.
These are mine, eh? Hey, you guys never said anything about taking clubs.
Oh, no? No.
Shut up.
Or next time, it'll be your kids.
Understand? They called him "Diablo.
" That's when I built the panic room.
The one you wouldn't let Celia in.
Just one of the mistakes I've made in her regard.
Yes, I'm aware of all of the mistakes you've made with her, Dale.
Tell me about the shipments.
They would take them on Wednesdays.
That was the hot day.
Always Wednesday.
And Celia was not my fault.
She should've never been there.
And why is that? 'Cause Wednesday's her day off.
You look upset.
Celia why were you at the Livingstons' on your day off? To be near Mr.
For what reason? Not the way you think.
Celia I can't help you unless you tell me the whole story.
Well, Immigration asked me to listen to his phone calls.
Something about that they can't get taps on him, and if I would listen to who he speaks to, it would be something a good citizen would do.
Immigration asked you to do this? I am a good citizen.
Am I in trouble? No, you're not in trouble, but somebody is.
Agent Maxwell.
You've put this girl in extreme danger.
Mala Noche is a dangerous threat.
We had to use a CI.
She was raped and assaulted.
We've been trying to get the Noches on smuggling grenades into Florida for months.
We know Diablo sets up the infrastructure for this.
You don't have enough to get a warrant on Livingston, do you? Right.
We thought if Ms.
Gonzalez heard something, then we could get one, then bring the Mala Noches down.
We believe Diablo is the linchpin to breaking up the gangs in the Southern states.
You don't even know his real name, do you? Or where he is.
We're depending on you for that.
I think I hear your elevator.
Valera, glad you're back.
Glad my casework checked out, Lieutenant.
What'd we get? CODIS found no match on the rape evidence we got from the housekeeper.
That's why I paged you.
So my suspect is ruled out.
Now, Valera, rape has the highest rate of recidivism, doesn't it? Hard habit to break.
Yes, it is.
Lieutenant Thinking your suspect's in my unsolveds? I am.
Would you do me a favor and run that? Male fraction from your vic's sheets- how far back you want me to go? As far as your grant will allow.
Yeah, that will take a while.
Yes, well, we better get started, then.
It's been a while.
I took some time off, did some traveling.
Time away's a good thing, isn't it? I spent most of my time in New York.
The Big Apple.
I met some people who know you.
Well, Rick, I know a lot of people up there.
And a lot of people know you.
Your rapist's DNA matched the semen from a rape a year ago.
Did you get a name? Guy named Benito Galian, a.
a Diablo.
Where did this take place? Assault occurred at the victim's home.
Recognize this place? Nice address.
Those rape charges are false, aren't they? I was seeing Benito a year ago.
Beginning of my "bad boy" phase.
My dad walked in on us while we were You know­- Yes, and you cried rape, but then dropped the charges.
I want to know where the Mala Noche is right now, and I don't want you to lie to me.
I don't know.
Diablo was supposed to send for me after some big meeting.
Did he call it a universal? Michelle, was it a universal? I don't know.
He just said it was a big meeting.
Yes? The Mala Noche have called for a universal, Frank.
All the leaders are gonna confab in one spot.
Any idea where? That's where you come in.
I'll put the word out and call the gang unit.
Do that.
Sniper rounds are taking us nowhere.
Okay, I need you to work on something else.
Yeah, sure.
The girlfriend, the reporter.
Well, she's not really a friend anymore.
We need her help.
Thought you never wanted to see me again.
Uh, I might've been a little harsh.
Think we could start over? Journalists aren't the only users in this business.
Okay, I need your recording equipment.
So you can break it again? That long-range mic- that could help our manhunt.
Ah, the parabolic.
Just want to see what you picked up out at the sniper attack.
What sniper attack? You have a scanner.
You were there somewhere.
You know exactly what attack.
The clarity on this thing is amazing.
The snipers were up on the tree lines, let's focus on distant voices.
News crew must have heard something.
That's a voice.
I think.
But I don't know what it's saying.
It's Spanish.
Play it back.
Shut up and keep shooting.
We don't leave now, we won't make the pier.
Yeah, Horatio Caine.
Get me SWAT.
Looks like our 308.
Matching the rounds found on the ridge.
Where's Diablo? You better learn to fast, ese.
Where's Diablo? Diablo never showed, had to see some chica.
He's in for a surprise 'cause we got his little rich girlfriend in custody.
What are you smiling at?! That's not the woman he's after.
Let's go.
Get up.
Get up.
If I were you, I'd put that down.
Diablo, do not advance.
This is your last chance.
Do not make me do this.
You okay, Celia? Yes.
Is it wrong to thank you? What matters now is he'll never hurt you again.
Something tells me you've been here before.
Ma'am you have no idea.