CSI: Miami s04e02 Episode Script

Blood in the Water

Mom, Wake up! We're on fire! Daddy! Daddy! Ken, wait! What are you doing? Forget about the channel.
There's a boat coming.
They'll help us.
We have to think about the kids.
Trust me.
I'm thinking of all of us.
Oh, dear God.
Where's Julie? I thought she was with you.
Here! Take these! We have to jump! It's stuck! Propeller's stuck.
Come on We have to jump.
We'll never make it to land! Oh, no way, Jules.
That's crazy.
Would you rather burn to death?! Julie, don't you dare! Jules, there's sharks out there! We're going to die.
It's our only chance.
Jules, don't.
Julie, no! Julie Julie, just stay still.
Julie? Honey, don't don't move.
Okay, just just stay still.
Oh, my God, Julie! No! Not a pretty sight, is it, Frank? No, but it beats the show this morning.
gets attacked by sharks.
Older brother jumps in to save her.
Both are missing.
I think we have a better chance of finding the brother.
What else? Parents heard an explosion.
Till we get onboard and process the scene, they're all we have.
Ken and Laura Gannon.
Tough way to lose your kids.
Gannon got himself caught on a sandbar.
Take a look at that.
Frank, we got to move quick.
The tide is rising and we have a sinking crime scene.
Eric, the shark that attacked the young girl was a bull shark.
I think I'm covered.
So I want you to be careful.
Now listen to me.
I want you to extend your search up to the channel marker.
Now, notice that marker is green.
That should indicate that - there's a clear channel, - shouldn't it? Shouldn't be a sandbar here.
That's exactly my point.
Okay, keep me posted.
Please find our children.
Gannon, I've got my best diver on it.
If they're out there, we'll find them, okay? What I'm gonna do is order a reference sample from each of you okay? We swab your cheeks.
It's not a big deal.
You mean in case they have to identify That's right, standard procedure.
It's okay.
This was a smoke detector.
Burn and char marks emanate from the galley.
That's where the fire started.
Ship's sinking.
We better work fast.
Found our point of origin.
Pour pattern.
Which indicates an accelerant.
Breeze through the broken window acted as an oxidizer.
All it needed was a spark.
And you get a fire triangle.
Piece of cloth and glass at the point of origin.
Molotov cocktail.
- Could be.
- What, no envelope? No time.
Run and shoot, Ryan.
Our crime scene's going under.
Any sign of the young guy? No, because I had a little rip current around that sandbar, must be about five knots.
Okay, let's agree that the current took him away from the yacht; we follow the Gulf Stream.
I'll have AV work on that.
I wanted to get this to you first.
That boat grounding was no accident.
Original anchor chain was cut, and whatever it's mounted to now is new.
Now, look at this.
You see how clean it is? Not a blade of seaweed, hasn't been there more than a day.
Eric, somebody moved that buoy.
That marker meant we were in the channel.
I know these waters, Lieutenant.
Who would do something like that? Well, that's what we're going to find out, Mrs.
There was a ship in the area.
Did you get a look at it? I did.
It was blue, I think, the hull, I mean.
Do you remember anything else about it? The ship's name.
It was the Helen B.
I remember because my mother's name was Helen.
I guess I guess I'm a little confused.
There was a boat in the area, and yet you steered away from it.
You ignored help.
Help? That ship was a salvager.
They prey on people like us.
Ask anyone at the yacht club.
A couple we know accepted a tow from one last year Week later, they got a bill for half a million dollars.
Well, I bet that half a million looks like bargain now.
Can I help you? You're captain of the Helen B? Rex Hoby.
Where's your crew today, Mr.
Hoby? Sent them home.
But they did work earlier today, didn't they? Mr.
Hoby, I have a witness that can place you at that sinking yacht.
My crew and I offered help to a boat in distress, help which was refused.
For which you expected fair compensation, right? Yeah.
Rules of maritime salvage.
And it was just pure chance that you were there.
Speak on it, Lieutenant.
Here's what I think happened, Mr.
You and your crew used that torch and that chain and moved a channel marker in the hopes that a yacht would run aground, because that's what you do you lay in wait.
Must be hundreds of us out there with chains like that.
And a cutting torch.
Part of the trade.
Yes, but how many of you use a Molotov cocktail? I was there to help this morning, Lieutenant for profit, sure, but to destroy a vessel? No way.
That would be taking money out of my pocket.
But I'll tell you, though I never will forget that girl's scream.
Hoby, I can imagine the sleep you're losing.
Anger management? Just an experiment.
You're trying to create pour patterns that we found on the yacht.
You know, the whole Molotov cocktail thing bothered me.
I'm listening.
Well, the pour patterns, they didn't fit.
Here, I'll show you.
They were uniform, which means the blast emanated from a central point was caused by an object that was dropped straight down.
Was not thrown.
So there was no Molotov cocktail? We're back at square one.
Not exactly.
I know what the accelerant is.
Diethylene glycol.
- That's cooking fuel, isn't it? - Mm-hmm.
Explains why the fire was started in the galley.
Now we know it was by someone on the yacht.
Suspect pool is very small.
One of the kids or one of the parents.
Got the program running now, Eric.
Calculating the approximate time the body entered the water against the speed of the specific current.
We should be able to determine its approximate location.
All right, now would be good.
Working on it, big man.
Talk to me, Cooper.
A little north of where I originally thought.
Okay, where am I headed now? Cape Florida State Park.
I just sent you the coordinates.
Great work, Dan.
I appreciate it.
Okay, Alexx.
That's not our son.
That means Luke is still out there.
He's right, ma'am.
We'll take it from here.
If you'll excuse us.
Alexx, if this is not their son, who is this? I don't know who this boy is, Horatio.
But there's one thing I do know.
These are burn marks on his body.
Look at the char.
Which means he was on the boat.
It also means someone is lying.
Hey any info on our John Doe from the water? No soot in his lungs, no esophageal burning.
He was already dead when he got on the Gannons' boat.
Look at my boy.
All growed up.
So, uh what killed him? Someone shot him.
Hit him right in the chest.
Looks like a .
You think we can ID him? It may take a little work.
Hmm, lucky the sharks didn't have at his hands.
But we're still a long way from a usable print.
You want me to hold or cut? I'll cut.
Everything okay? My Firearms Proficiency is up.
Six months goes by fast.
Well, you left Firearms, so it's not such a big deal, is it? I like to stay current.
Calleigh, did you quit because Hagen died in there? I transferred.
But, yeah, all of a sudden, evidence isn't just evidence.
What have you got? This? This is just work.
Good luck on your test.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, now what? Well, some analysts like to use water or glycerine to reconstitute prints, but, uh, too much leakage.
I like tissue builder.
so let's get busy.
No luck on AFIS.
Let's check Immigration.
Immigration database got a hit.
Damon Loughlin.
He's here on a student visa.
That doesn't explain how he ended up on the Gannons' boat.
We were able to identify the young man that we found in the water.
You know him, don't you, Mrs.
Gannon? That's Damon.
He didn't look anything like that at the pier.
His burns are consistent with the fire.
He started the fire? No, ma'am, he was dead before the fire.
He went down with the boat, and the current took him out to sea.
I'm curious as to how you know him.
I think my daughter Julie was seeing him.
But you're not sure.
At their age, they don't tell their mothers much.
Horatio? Excuse me.
Yes, ma'am.
Homicide ran the student visa of Damon Loughlin.
He's a house-sitter for a family by the name of Elias.
The live in Coconut Grove.
Have you contacted them? They were on their yacht at the yacht club all weekend.
- You want to guess which one? - The Mayfair Yacht Club.
Same as the Gannons.
Okay, very good.
Talk to the Eliases, and I'll stay with Mom.
Elias, thank you for coming so soon.
What's happened? I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
This is Ryan Wolfe.
We're with the Crime Lab.
We'd like to see Damon's room.
Please come on in.
Dad, what's going on? I don't know yet, Tia.
Oh, my God! Is Damon okay? Uh, no, I'm afraid he's not.
This is a crime scene.
You're going to have to stay outside.
I have, uh, valuables in the house.
Is there any way I could check on them? We'll have someone escort you in.
Would you take them around back, please, Officer? Well, I think it's safe to say this is where Damon was shot.
The bullet was in the body, right? Right.
So there might be a casing around here somewhere.
Found it.
I'll take it to Firearms.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go talk to Mr.
Elias, can we speak to you, please? Anything missing? Our gold.
Gold? How much? Ten million dollars in bars.
Ten million dollars in gold bars? That is correct.
I do not trust banks.
My laptop's gone.
You're going to need to write all of that down on this form.
Do you know the Gannon family? Tia used to date their son.
Really? Why? Because Damon was shot here, and then, he was put on their boat.
Tia, why did you stop dating the Gannon boy? Luke and I just drifted apart.
Why? Do you think I had something to do with this? Investigation's ongoing.
We'll let you know.
Thank you.
You again.
Just like a bad penny, huh ? I noticed those dive suits.
They weren't here this morning.
They dry better above deck.
I also noticed the burn residue on them.
And your shiny new trunk.
Taking a little trip.
- Packed a few things.
- Open it.
So here's what I think happened, Rex.
After the yacht sank off the sandbar, you unloaded the gold and that's where you got the burn residue, right ? That's mine.
Owner granted me salvage rights.
The owner reported it stolen from his home, Rex.
So where did you get it ? From me.
Luke Gannon, alive and well.
Yeah, thanks to this guy.
Probably had about ten minutes of fight left before he pulled me out of the water.
So he got ten million for saving your neck, huh ? Law of the sea : any family member can grant scuttle rights.
Besides, I had no idea it was there.
Dad headed to shore instead of trying to save me or Julie, so I don't owe him squat.
Yes, but now you owe me.
Come over here.
All I did was jump in and try and save my sister.
That's the way you wanted it to look.
- You're wrong.
- Am I ? You torched the ship, it sank, the salvager scuttled it, you guys split the take.
Never happened.
We found Damon Loughlin's body.
That's gonna tie you to the Elias'house, the kidnapping and the murder.
Why would I kill him ? Okay.
Because he tried to prevent you from taking the gold.
Do you have any proof of that ? Do not test me.
Hey making some progress on the glass you collected from the yacht, but I still have no idea what I'm looking at.
This might help.
I scraped a sample off the glass.
Active ingredient in marijuana.
It was bong filled with cooking fuel, but when someone lit up, the boat went up instead.
And that makes this hole the choke.
You have to cover it with your finger to collect the smoke in the chamber.
Or to keep the cooking fuel from spilling out.
Could give us prints.
- I'll get it to Delko.
- Yeah, do that.
But I think I know who the owner of this bong is.
So I smoke a little dope.
Big deal.
Someone put cooking fuel in your bong, Luke.
Well, that explains what happened.
Second I saw the fire, I dropped it.
You figured while your parents slept below deck.
You can sneak a bong hit.
Whoa ! Mom ! Dad ! Fire ! Do you have any idea who'd try to burn you ? Well feel kind of bad saying this, but, uh my mom might have.
You think your mom tried to do this to you ? She hates the fact we're not the perfect family.
Got caught smoking a couple times.
Dad didn't like it, but he dealt.
My mom went ballistic.
You think she was trying to teach you a lesson ? Tough love ? I wouldn't put anything past her.
Anything with the bong ? Well, I lifted a beauty of a print.
Come from the mother ? Nope.
In fact didn't get a hit on any of the Gannons.
Maybe it wasn't just his family that didn't approve of his little habit.
Try this.
We got this from his ex-girlfriend.
She handled this form.
Look at this shoe right here.
It looks exactly like Tia, can I speak with you, please ? What's up ? Just take a look.
That's your print.
Why'd you pour the cooking fuel in there, Tia ? You know, I talked to some girls down at the yacht club, and they said you and Luke didn't drift apart.
So why'd you break up ? You expect a guy to cheat, but this was too weird.
You're gonna have to be a little more specific, Tia.
I caught him with his sister last week.
With her how ? In bed.
Doing it.
I felt sick.
I knew he got high every night.
I just wanted to hurt him like he hurt me.
Well, you sunk a yacht, and you contributed to the death of Julie Gannon.
And that's manslaughter.
So Tia Elias caused the fire.
And had nothing to do with Damon's murder or the gold.
In fact, her motive was odd, though.
Which would be what ? She says she caught the Gannon siblings in bed together.
That's pretty deviant behavior.
I would agree, but there may be another explanation.
- Like what ? - Here's what I want you to do.
Have Eric run the Gannon family nationally.
For priors ? Okay.
I ran the family nationally.
The kids each had at least five offenses.
Fraud, forgery, check kiting.
These two, they're not brother and sister at all.
They are not college age, either, are they ? No, he's 24 and she was 23.
Run the parents.
The parents.
Here we go.
One's clean, the other one has a sheet longer than the kids' combined.
No convictions.
Not yet.
I understand that you've been with your husband Ken for only three years.
My first husband passed away.
I went to a bereavement group and Ken was there.
His wife had just died of cancer.
And you were there for Ken.
He was there for me, too.
If it wasn't for him, I don't know I could have gotten by.
I have some bad news for you.
These are all Ken.
I don't understand.
Are these real ? I'm afraid so.
Well, what about the kids ? When I first met Ken, he was so concerned about me getting along with his two teenagers.
The children are not related to each other or to Ken.
Gannon, I don't know how to tell you this other than hey used you to gain entry to the yacht club.
- For the Elias' gold ? - Mm-hmm.
I am such a fool.
Gannon, you're not a fool.
These are pros.
This is what they do for a living.
- How can I go home ? - You can't.
These are dangerous people with nothing left to lose.
We do have one advantage.
They don't know we're on to them yet.
- You found my son.
- Yes, we did.
Except he's not your son.
Gannon, you have an arrest record that spans back some 15 years now.
That's quite a resume.
Arrests, no convictions.
You through ? Your wife Laura mentioned that you had met in a bereavement class in which you stated that you'd lost a wife to cancer, but in truth there is no wife, there was no cancer and no family.
So you're going to arrest me for lying to my wife ? You used Laura to meet the Eliases, sent your bogus son to date their daughter so you could steal their gold.
Too bad that's all you got.
We're done.
For now.
- Guy's gonna walk ? - Not for long.
How did Laura Gannon's first husband die, Frank? Car accident three years ago.
Why? Let's pull the file and get the VIN number on the vehicle.
Tow it in if we find it? First things first.
Hey, Calleigh.
Did you come by for your stuff? I got it in a box around here somewhere.
Oh, that's okay, Jim.
I'll just have to get it some other time.
So what brings you by? Proficiencies.
I'm on a deadline.
That casing-- is it from the Elias house? Yes.
Why? Is there any reason in particular why you didn't collect the evidence off it? It could contain DNA.
Well, there is something fused to that casing.
I'll have to get on that.
What are you doing? Horatio's got a suspect on ice.
He won't stay that way forever.
I'm taking this to DNA.
Okay, but this is my lab now.
All due respect, this is my evidence.
You want the results, they'll be in DNA.
We discovered something at the Eliases.
Oh, yeah? What? We found skin tissue on a shell casing from the Damon Loughlin shooting.
Well, could be my sister's.
Julie? Yeah, we went there together, me and Julie.
Come on.
Hurry up.
We've got to get out of here.
Don't go any further.
Give it to me.
Julie! Except she's not your sister.
And besides, it doesn't really matter who shot him.
You were both there; it's felony murder.
Okay then I wasn't there.
And you can't prove that I was.
Actually, I can.
May I see your hands please? Excuse me? Put your hands on the table.
When you went to pick up the casing, you burnt your finger.
We have your DNA.
Julie! It's all over, Luke.
I used the VIN number to find the car that Mrs.
Gannon's first husband was killed in.
It's a Mercedes E55.
That's a fast car.
Insurance company totaled it and sold it to a wholesaler.
Wholesaler flipped it and sold it to a Luis Cruz.
What was the cause of the accident? Excessive speed.
According to witnesses, Mrs.
Gannon's late husband, a Philip Reynolds, was traveling too fast to navigate a turn not too far from his office.
Says here he may have hit the gas instead of the brake.
Ran head-on into a stone wall.
He was pronounced at the scene.
Looks like, to me, it was just a freak accident.
Or the perfect crime.
Did you know Philip Reynolds, Luis? He was killed three years ago.
No, I don't know him.
But you bought the car from his insurance company.
Yeah, so? You can't just take my car.
As a matter of fact, I can, Luis.
What is this? That document allows me to take possession of your vehicle.
I suppose you want my license and my registra Just want your keys.
Thank you.
Let's go.
That car was definitely tampered with.
This switch was part of a small assembly rigged to the cruise control.
You'd have never known it was there unless you looked for it.
It's a clever piece of work.
Can we tie it to Gannon? I'm just getting started.
Find me.
H I got it.
Gannon, have a seat.
And while you're at it, why don't you take a look at that.
An electrical device? So? So we found it in a car that belonged to your wife's late husband, Philip Reynolds.
You planted it there.
Laura was the perfect mark, wasn't she? She gave you ongoing access to the yacht club and to rich people who brag about their wealth.
Yes, the yacht club.
The paradise for grifters just like you and your kids.
But first you needed to get rid of the husband.
So you learned that he worked late each night, came home around the same time.
About a half a mile from his office there's a left turn.
When he got to the corner, he signaled.
Turn signal activated a switch.
That switch overrode the cruise control, turning it on, closing a solenoid, which locked the brake pedal in place.
And that sent the car accelerating out of control.
Now you knew there was no way he could make that curve.
Nice theory.
It's more than a theory.
You were careful, but not careful enough.
You did a good job of wiping up your handiwork.
There was one print you couldn't wipe off.
Stuck between layers of adhesive.
Like a fossil.
Preserved for us to find.
You're under arrest.
Gannon? Mrs.
Gannon? Why couldn't I see them for who they really were? Strangers.
All I wanted was family.
What's wrong with me? Nothing.
Family is what we all want.