CSI: Miami s04e03 Episode Script


Come on, do another one.
Go for it.
It's all you.
Okay, here it goes.
That's what I'm talking about.
What are you doing? Dancing.
With your tongue? Total lesbo.
Don't be a buzzkill.
You're wasted.
So? So So I'm two shots behind.
Well, let's get you some, baby! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Frank.
What do you have, Frank? Abandoned car, missing girl.
Girl's name is Sarah Jennings.
What do we know about Sarah? Kid from Georgia.
Just turned 18.
Was here with her class for a trip to the Bahamas.
Boat was due to leave this morning.
She never made it.
Her friend went looking for her and found her car.
- That the friend? - Yeah.
Name is, uh Tina Saunders.
She gave us a picture of the missing girl.
She's pretty.
What about parents? We've been in touch.
They're on their way to Miami as we speak.
We've also got blood on the inside of the back window.
I noticed that.
It's transfer.
We also have a blood trail leading away from the car.
Looks like things took a wrong turn here.
It's not looking too good, Horatio.
On the contrary.
There is a chance this girl is alive and we are going to find her.
You call in the cadaver dogs? Those are rescue dogs, Eric.
We get anything that belonged to the victim yet? We're about to find out.
I found something in Sarah's hotel room.
It's her favorite top.
All right, look, we get a hit on anything, I'll get ahold of you.
Appreciate it.
So do you think that will help? It's going to help.
You're a good friend.
I should've never left her at that club.
You left the club about 2:00 a.
? Yeah, 2:00.
I already told the detective.
Well, timelines vary in the excitement.
No, I'm sure.
When I took off, Sarah was at the bar.
Thank you.
Found an earring.
Looks like the same kind as we saw in the missing girl's photo.
Means we might have her DNA.
You get any prints? Couple of juicy latents inside.
Check out the outside of the driver's window.
I see that.
That's a handprint.
Somebody was watching her.
In more ways than one.
Pop that trunk, please.
Hmm Look at that.
See, that receiver right there, Mr.
Wolfe, is attached to that hidden camera in the rearview.
A mobile spy camera? What do we know about this car? Two things- teenagers aren't usually allowed to rent cars, and this one's registered to Oceanward Travel.
Okay, so you call them, make a reservation, and I'll pay a visit.
She's missing? And she was driving one of your rental cars.
You have to understand our business.
We provide students with the ultimate travel experience.
We take care of our kids, but we never break the law.
Valid license.
Says she's 18.
She was a minor who's disappeared on your watch.
Jennings shouldn't have even been out last night.
Why is that? The kids sign a behavior contract with our travel agency.
And she was already on probation for a curfew violation from two nights ago.
So you installed that camera to ensure that she made curfew.
Beg your pardon? There is a surveillance camera in the rearview mirror of that car, Mr.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Maybe picking up a little extra cash selling underage sex tapes.
You kidding me? Somebody installed the camera and the car is registered to you.
Oh look, I'll help you guys, okay? Any way I can.
I'm sorry she's missing, but I-I did not plant a camera and I had nothing to do with her disappearance.
Okay? Nothing.
So what do you think about the spy camera, Brayne? Well, the web camera on the mirror transmitted the feet to the laptop in the trunk, then transmitted the feed out via wireless modem Can you determine who was receiving the signal? I'm sorry, I left that seminar at the lunch break.
But I paged the resident computer geek, and he says he's on his way.
Do you have anything you can show me? Let's see.
Here's all the video recovered from Sarah's rental car.
Check it out, this is from last night.
Who's the guy? Whoever he is she is wasted.
What does that have to do with anything? It's her car, it's her backseat, you throw in a lot of booze She put herself in a compromising position.
A woman always has the right to say no.
I know that.
I'm just saying she made herself a target.
She was a teenager.
And? You add alcohol, hormones to the mix, you can get a pretty out-of-control kid.
Wow, he's pissed.
They're in some sort of an argument.
One thing's clear- we have to find him.
Picture's grainy.
Let's get a still of the guy anyway.
We checked you out, Brad.
The bouncers at Liquid Neon say you're out clubbing seven nights a week.
So? I like to have a good time.
The girl in this picture's missing.
I heard about it on the radio.
But we just made out in her car.
No, I'm old enough.
So, uh how do you explain all that blood we found in the car? You tell me, you're the detectives.
Actually, we're CSIs.
And we have a warrant to collect your DNA.
I could've saved you the time.
The blood's mine.
Chick elbowed me in the nose.
Oh, my God, are you kidding?! And then you got mad and you dragged her out of the car.
Wasn't me, man.
Who was it? Beats me.
Some crazy stalker guy shows up, starts screaming at her to get out of the car.
It was insane.
What are you doing there?! Oh, no.
Oh, my God, are you kidding me?! Okay, guy, you get out of here.
Come on, leave her alone.
So did you get a good look at this "crazy stalker guy"? The chick almost broke my nose.
I couldn't deal.
I got out of there.
That's the truth, straight up.
We'll see just how straight up it is.
Put your hands on the screen.
We need your prints.
Not like that.
Like this.
Prints not a match.
Brad was telling the truth.
At least about that.
I'll have patrol keep some eyes on him.
In the meantime, we have a possible stalker out there whose handprints match these.
We better get on it.
Horatio, you got a minute? Is it regarding Sarah Jennings? Sorry, but it's going to have to wait.
I think you're gonna want to hear about this.
File appeared on my desk, old murder case, except the file's different than ours and the numbers don't match anything in our system.
How does it relate to me? You're listed as the arresting officer.
What are the first two numbers on that case file, please? Uh 95.
I want you to do me a favor and lay that on my desk and I will take care of it.
Whatever you say.
Thank you, ma'am.
Yeah, Jennifer.
Yes, Horatio Caine.
Well, um that day that we talked about has arrived.
What I want you to do is just stay in the house until you hear from me.
Okay I understand.
Just wait for my call.
Officer Jessop.
Yes, Lieutenant.
How would you like to make some overtime? Sure.
There's a young lady I know and her life may be in danger.
Witness or victim? She's both.
What's her name? Her name is Jennifer Wilson.
She lives at 720 Bayside Road.
You see or hear anything, you let me know.
You can count on me, sir.
Sir, I've just heard over the radio there's some action down at the beach, near Liquid Neon.
It's about your missing girl.
I'm on my way.
Did you get something? We had the dogs working her scent.
Canvassed the entire neighborhood and found this.
It's an I.
It's Sarah's.
She's still alive.
Why do you say that? Woman jogging said she saw a girl matching Sarah's description drop the purse.
She said the girl looked agitated, disoriented.
How long ago? Not even half an hour.
She's out there.
Yeah, but in which direction? H.
Did you get something? Yeah.
Yeah, the stain on the outside of the purse I don't know what it is- I'll get it to Trace- But I found this pill inside the pocket.
It's stamped.
It's Adderine.
Pharmaceutical grade.
Attention deficit disorder? Her medical history didn't say anything about ADD so no doctor gave her this drug.
You're exactly right, but you know what, Eric? I know who did.
A drug dealer? Okay, now you're just insulting me.
Adderine, Mr.
Griffith, is an amphetamine and a prescription drug.
Getting kids high part of the "ultimate experience" you were talking about? Help us out here, Griffith, she could still be alive.
Help us out here.
Here's what I'm going to do, Mr.
I'm going to speak to some of Sarah's friends and see what else you put in those vacation packages.
Tourism is cutthroat.
All right? We needed an edge, so I-I sold her a little pick-me-up.
If we find her dead, that's going to be on you.
Hey, I can't help it if the kid had vices.
Frank, why don't you start the process on Mr.
Griffith, please.
Hannah, get ahold of my wife.
Give her the keys to the agency.
Tell her to lock up.
I'll get ahold of her when all this gets straightened out.
Right away, Mr.
Hang on a second.
You were at the beach this morning, ma'am, weren't you? No.
Oh, yes, you were.
Those needles around your feet are from bottle brush trees where you hid Sarah's purse.
Right? Ted made me do it.
He said to make sure there was a witness.
I asked her, all right? I found it at the club, and then she disappears.
How's that make me look? It makes you look guilty.
Here's the good news.
Now you have company.
Stand up, ma'am.
Let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Horatio says you were running Trace on the purse.
Yeah, the stain on the outside is a mixture of ethanol, rose oil and honey.
It's not a mixtre, it's some sorrt of a drink.
It's rose-honey vodka.
It's a floral alcohol.
It's a new thing in clubs.
They call it "Red Bayou".
I've never heard of it.
That's because Red Bayou doesn't go in stores until next month.
Guess where the company's test marketing it? Liquid Neon.
The club where Sarah was last seen.
Miss Nordoff, I understand you're the sales rep for Red Bayou in the southern states.
That's correct.
Sarah Jennings is missing.
The club owner said you were with her for most of the night.
It's my job to make sure someone like Sarah is into our drink.
Someone like Sarah? Young, friendly, hot.
She was like a walking billboard.
Oh! Oh, my God, I am so sorry.
That's okay.
Go for it.
It's all you, girl.
Here goes! Viral marketing, that's your tactic.
I hate that term.
I create trends.
You used Sarah.
I supplied a service.
Your new beverage is about to get some very bad publicity.
It would be to your benefit to tell us everything you remember about Sarah from last night.
I told you- she was popular.
Guys were all over her.
One said he wanted to take her out on his boat.
Do you remember his name? Oh, man.
There's so many.
Something Marshall.
Said he sailed out of Cutler Bay Marina.
I need you to write down the names of any guys you might remember from last night.
Horatio? I may have something.
The dock master said there was a boat registered to Jeff Marshall in subrange 28 So where's Jeff? I don't know.
Jeff Marshall! You in there? Serious, dude, let me grab a couple things and I'll meet you - Horatio.
- Yeah.
Take a look.
I, uh, gotta call you back.
Hey, Jeff? Miami Dade Police! Jeff, why don't you join us? Come on.
Yeah, I'm Jeff Marshall.
Looked like you were about to bust out in a 40-yard dash.
I have a problem with authority.
You also have a problem with Sarah Jennings.
Who? Sarah Jennings is the lady you had here last night.
There were a bunch of girls here last night.
How do you explain this, Jeff? Deja vu.
More vomit.
You trying to hide something, sport? It's mine.
It happened last week.
Bad shellfish.
You been wearing those jeans all week, too? I want some answers, right now.
I want my lawyer.
You can contact your lawyer on the way downtown.
They said I would find you here.
Where's my daughter?! What'd you do with her? Take it easy.
you can't be here right now.
It's all over the news! Is this the guy? Is this him? That's the guy.
I'll kill you myself, you understand? With my bare hands! Mr.
Jennings, listen to me.
Now, I want to find Sarah as much as you do, but I need your help.
Where are you staying? At the Stonemoor Hotel.
My wife and I are setting up a command post.
Go back to your hotel and wait for my call.
I'll take care of this, all right? - All right.
- Okay? Okay.
Fine, go ahead and do that.
I'll call you.
Go ahead.
Marshall? I can prove that Sarah Jennings was on your boat this morning.
Don't say anything, Jeff.
Where is she? To say anything, Lieutenant, would suggest consciousness of guilt.
Gentlemen, a young lady might be out there struggling for her life.
Every seconds counts.
Come on, all you have is a girl who drank too much.
Throw a rock on Collins, you'll find dozens more.
Where is she? Where is she, Jeff? Look when Sarah and her friend, Tina, left my boat, they were fine.
What time was that? Around 5:00 this morning.
What happened after that, I have no idea.
That's a start.
Have you seen my friend? H- have you seen my friend? Have you seen my friend? Have you? You lied to me.
Lie? You told me you left Sarah at the club at 2:00 a.
Yeah, well, Jeff Marshall says you were on his boat with her until 5:00 a.
Is that true? We totally broke the behavior contract- drinking, popping pills, hanging with those guys.
I was afraid they wouldn't let me go on the Bahamas trip.
Where'd you go after the boat? I don't know.
I don't remember.
I was so drunk.
I passed out somewhere.
When I woke up, Sarah was gone.
I tried to look for her.
Sarah! Sarah, whereare you?! I knew I couldn't call you guys till my buzz wore off.
Well, that cost us a lot of time.
And maybe Sarah's life.
Don't you think I know that? We need your help, Tina, right now.
How? What is that? Cursory view.
Do you think we were at the beach? No.
Beach sand is white.
It's crushed coral.
This is darker.
This is from a sand trap maybe.
Closest golf course is miles away.
But there's a kids' playground in the area.
This is like the best trip ever.
Bahamas, baby! H.
Yeah! You got something? That's Sahra.
Her hair and her clothing is damp.
The grass around her is dry.
The body is fresh.
Take a look at the buttons on her blouse.
Could be a redress.
Give me a minute, will you? Yeah.
Sarah I'm so sorry.
Alexx, please tell me you haven't started the post on Sarah Jennings.
Oh, she just arrived, honey.
Not even I work that fast.
Oh, good, then I'm not too late.
Too late for what? To tag our girl for special processing.
Special processing? You don't want me to open her up? Not yet.
Eric said that Sarah's body was wet.
She was.
That doesn't make very sense.
We found her on dry land, and it hasn't rained in 24 hours.
So you want to preserve any possible evidence until you process her.
It might be the only way we find out what happened to her.
Well, if it helps, at first blush, she's got petechiae.
Bruising around the throat, and her tongue is blue.
So, she was strangled.
With sustained pressure.
Did you notice her blouse? One of the buttons is off.
We're thinking redress.
I'll run a sexual assault kit.
Buttons are flat.
They've got a good workable print surface.
I'm going to run them to Joseph.
Hey, Alexx, what is it? I'm not sure.
UV's picking up something.
Actually, it's a lot of something.
Take a look.
Whatever it is, it's all over her clothes and her body.
I'm almost afraid to find out what it is.
I'm going to take her clothes to Trace.
I'll finish the sexual assault kit.
Baby girl's trying to tell us something.
So, Dan, did you get anything from that camera in Sarah's rental car? I think so.
Check it out.
The image went to the laptop, then out over a wireless phone line.
But even I knew that.
Here's something you didn't know.
The image was sent to a central server in Georgia.
Georgia? Our vic's from Georgia.
That can't be a coincidence.
Her whole class is.
Anyone with Internet access and a password could access that video feed.
So how do we find our voyeur? I tracked the IP address.
I wonder how many students brought their laptops down.
And it is registered to the Stonemoor Hotel here in Miami.
Room 503, to be exact.
You sure it's room 503? Yeah.
Why? That's Sarah's parents' room.
Have you found the person who did this to my daughter? The search is ongoing.
Then why are we here? Why is my husband being questioned? Okay, we traced a hidden camera from your daughter's rental car back to your hotel room.
Sarah was being monitored.
Monitored? What do you mean? It was not by us.
We just flew in this morning.
Did you fly together? Well, no.
Paul came in from Houston.
He was there on business.
How would you describe your husband's relationship with Sarah? I Well, he's wonderful.
Sarah was just a baby when we married, but he always treated her like his own.
Did you ever suspect anything else going on between them? What are you insinuating? You think my husband was involved in this? That's impossible.
Actually, he lied to you, Mrs.
Your husband has been at the Stonemoor Hotel for several days now.
You don't know what you're talking about.
You installed a surveillance camera in your daughter's rental car so you could spy on her.
You say spy.
I say protect.
From a distance.
She never knew I was watching.
That is not true either.
What's that? That is a palm print taken from the window of that rental car.
Is it going to match to you.
You were stalking her, weren't you? Oh, no.
I was looking out for my daughter.
Stepdaughter, you mean? Her mother always thought I was being overprotective, but, uh, she doesn't get it.
She doesn't know how guys can be.
When I saw Sarah get in the backseat with that little creep, I sped over to the parking lot.
Come on, honey.
What are you doing? What are you trying to do? Oh, my God! You're out of control.
I'm 18 now.
Get over it! You are flying home with me tonight.
You can't tell me what to do! You're not even my real father! Sarah! I've raised that girl since she was two years old.
I would never hurt Sarah.
Then you, uh you won't mind giving me a DNA sample, right? Hey.
The sexual assault kit from Sarah Jennings? Sarah definitely had intercourse.
But I was only able to get one sperm head from the vaginal sample.
One? How is that possible? Aren't there usually millions? Pre-ejeculate, faulty condom, or he could have cleaned her up.
Can you test just one? It's tricky.
I'm supposed to save half for the defense.
In case their lab wants to independently confirm our lab's results.
And that's the problem.
The sample's so small, it'll be consumed in analysis.
There won't be another half.
If we get a result, there'll be dual discovery.
It's still a gamble.
And to be honest? My job's not exactly on solid ground right now.
Blame me.
I'll authorize it.
Without the DNA, there won't be a defendant.
What do you know? Not a match to any of our male suspects.
Who is that guy? Thomas Woodward.
Do you know him? No.
I got a list of clubgoers from the viral marketing girl.
Homicide was about to bring him in for questioning.
If this is about the statutory rape charge a year ago, that was dismissed.
This one won't be dismissed.
You murdered Sarah Jennings, didn't you? Murder? Yes, I can prove that you had sex with her.
Yeah, I did.
We hooked up and had sex on a friend's boat.
Consensual sex.
You know how it is; tourist girls.
They come to Miami and anything goes.
We were having a good time until my friend showed up.
"Friend" as in Jeff Marshall.
What are you doing?! I saw her first! She was mine! I've never seen Jeff so pissed.
He's got a temper, so I just left.
How admirable.
You just left her there.
Thought she was safe.
He was mad at me, not her.
I guess I thought wrong.
Thomas said what? That you did it.
You killed Sarah Jennings.
That's a total lie! Jeff Were you jealous that she picked Thomas over you? Maybe you strangled her out of rage.
He's the one that picked her.
He chose her outside the club.
God, look at you! You're out of control! Check out this sweet little thing.
One of the milk states? Michigan, Wisconsin? Stop it! Stop it! You can't tell me what to do! You're not even my real father! Sarah! She's got daddy issues.
Talk about an easy target.
We partied with Sarah and her friend in Liquid Neon until 4:00, then took it to my boat.
Before we could get anywhere, Sarah did an Exorcist.
Whoa! Oh! Nasty.
Okay, that's it.
Hey, dial it back, man.
It's the price you pay for tapping tourists.
No, party's over.
Maybe for you.
That one's too sweet to throw back.
Thomas went after them.
He was with them last.
I never touched her.
Really? How do you explain that we lifted your fingerprint off the button of her blouse? It matches your ten card.
Don't say another word, Jeff.
He doesn't have to.
A jury will hear how he redressed Sarah to cover his tracks.
No, they won't.
It won't make it to jury.
Judge will kick at prelim.
Not if I can help it.
We're at a standstill.
Jeff Marshall lays it all on Thomas.
Thomas lays it off on Jeff.
He said-he said.
Well, one of them did it.
I'm going to go back to the crime scene.
If there's an answer waiting, it'll be there Okay, thank you.
Horatio, you and I need to have a conversation.
Now is not a good time, Rick.
Jennifer Wilson - does the name ring a bell? That's none of your business.
Well, see, you made it my business when you sent a patrol officer to sit on her house.
You got no right authorizing overtime for a case that originated out of our jurisdiction.
Wilson is a citizen in Miami and may be in grave danger.
Yes, I know.
I've familiarized myself with the case.
Then you know the story of a nine-year-old girl who lost her parents to a killer, don't you? Ten years ago.
New York, right? You're still trying to protect her.
That's the job.
Never caught the killer, right? My heart goes out to her, but the taxpayers aren't responsible for covering the cost of Horatio Caine's hunches.
Put it on my tab, okay? Sounds like you been paying that tab for a long time.
There's no evidence of the killer.
We sure this is where the murder took place? No drag marks, lividity's consistent.
We'll just have to trust the Locard's Principle.
I know.
Something taken, something left behind.
The answer's are here.
We just don't see 'em yet.
Now we do.
Gentlemen, I thought it was time we had a little chat together.
Where's your lawyer, Jeff? I fired him for not letting me talk.
Well, now you're going to get your chance.
The Medical Examiner has confirmed that Sarah was strangled between 5:00 a.
and 7:00 a.
this morning.
After which you redressed her, Jeff.
I walked up on this girl in the park dead.
Her body showing.
What was I supposed to do, just leave her like that? Dude, they got your prints.
Cop a plea.
I didn't kill her.
No, you didn't.
Thomas did.
Didn't you, Thomas? What? Me? I wasn't anywhere near that park this morning.
Oh, yes, you were.
Thomas, you were there.
The sprinkler system in that park goes off automatically at 4:00 p.
and at 6:00 a.
every day.
So? The water in the park is reclaimed.
And there is only one source that feeds the park.
It's from the Miami Shores Reservoir.
The mixture's as unique as a fingerprint.
The water's infused with a chemical dye- Rhodamine "B.
" You had that exact mixture on your shirt so you were there, Thomas.
Okay, I had sex at the park.
That's how the water got on my back.
Doesn't mean I killed her.
We actually have a way to verify that.
Show me your hands, please.
Dye in the water reacts to ultraviolet light.
Sarah had digit imprints on her neck.
Water places you at the scene.
Evidence puts your hands on her throat.
You're crazy.
You're guilty.
Get off of me! Shut up.
I said shut up.
I said shut up! Tourist girls Officer, get him out of my sight.
Lieutenant, everything okay? I'm going to take it from here, all right? Good night.