CSI: Miami s04e04 Episode Script

48 Hours to Life

This is the Miami-Dade Police Department.
You're surrounded.
You are surrounded.
Hey, come here.
Hey! Hey! Get your hands behind your back.
You're under arrest.
Check him for weapons.
Get in there.
I want first crack at that kid.
I'll be on the boat.
All right.
We have a blood pool on the floor right there.
Be careful, please.
Got more of the same up top, port side.
Looks like that's where he abandoned ship.
Look at this gunshot wound.
It's a through-and-through.
Yeah, it looks like she bled out.
Semi-auto? Yeah, a .
All right.
Where are the expended casings? That's a good question.
Look at this high velocity spatter right here.
And more interesting is this.
That's a partial print.
It's a little low on the wall, isn't it? Whoever did this slipped in the blood, and then attempted to break their fall with that print.
Well, the print's on top of the spatter.
Means the blood had time to dry.
Gives us a time line.
We are to believe, Eric, that this kid killed this woman, waited for the spattered blood to dry, and then slipped and fell in the blood pool.
It's Tripp.
He says the kid just confessed.
The kid confessed? That was quick.
There's only 48 hours till his arraignment.
In this system, that kid doesn't have 48 hours.
You got any warrants? No.
Are you under the care of a doctor? No.
You got something to eat? You taking any medication? No! When do I get my phone call? Make all the phone calls you want from pre-trial confinement.
Sign your booking slip.
Step up to that desk.
Empty your front pockets.
Step up.
Hey, that's my stuff.
No, not anymore.
It's contraband.
Buy you a week in the discipline module over at lockup.
Well, can I keep that? It's got like 500 songs on it.
Pluck your laces off your shoes.
What? Jail folks don't want you hanging yourself.
Are you stuck on stupid? Just do it.
Let me have 'em.
Put this on.
The bus is waiting.
State attorney said he'll file.
Case is a walk-through.
Frank, I'm not so sure.
What do you mean? Something is wrong.
Horatio, the kid had the vic's blood all over his body.
All right, we got witnesses that place him at the scene.
I get that.
He confessed to me, Horatio.
All right, and I have to strike when the iron's hot.
Is he the right guy, Frank? Well, I don't know.
If you got somebody better, serve him up.
Surface on these is rough.
We'll be lucky if we get a print.
There's lipstick, too.
Was the vic wearing any? No.
But But I do have blood around her mouth.
We surprised about that, Alexx? She was shot.
No, no, no, no.
Air bubbles.
Means she was struggling to breathe.
So, death wasn't instantaneous.
This girl was a fighter.
Looky here, fish on the line.
A punk for the bunk.
Hey check it out: fresh meat.
Got some new booty.
Yo! Put the fish right here.
What'd he say? Sit! Back up! You've never been in jail before, have you, boy? I believe I asked you a question.
No, I haven't.
You look at me when I talk to you.
Did I say you could look at me? Hey, check this kid out.
He's eyeballin' me.
Means it's tax time.
It's what? You got to pay me for letting you ride this bus.
They-They took all my money.
Oh, well, then I guess you'd better figure out another way.
Where's your shoes? I lost them.
Right shoulder to the wall.
Follow the yellow line and do not stop.
Let's go, move.
Okay, everybody, listen up.
Strip your clothes.
Then I want a single file stepping toward the showers.
Move it! Everything.
Let's go! Eat it or lose it.
Those are my shoes.
If you want them back, you're going to have to fight me for them.
Relax, kid.
I'm just busting on ya.
What are you in for? Murder.
You, Theo Huxtable, homicide? Yeah, that the charge.
Well, all right then, big dog.
You should've ate that.
Chavala pendeja.
Hey, Jim, did you get anything off the boat gun? It was definitely used to shoot your vic, Patrice Boland.
Prints? No.
No, came up dry.
Must have been wiped clean.
Did you run the serial number? Automated Firearms.
How long have you known the RO? Couple of hours.
What? Look, I've done the work.
But if you don't write the report, I can't act on it.
It's analyze and report.
Registered owner's a Michael Boland.
That's the vic's husband.
It's a small detail.
Cal, I was gonna get to it.
Excuse me.
What is this? What's going on? Uh, we're checking for gunshot residue.
You see, I didn't shoot my wife.
Boland, that's a photograph of your gun.
It was used to kill your wife.
I keep it on board for protection.
I haven't been on my boat for three months.
That's an interesting choice of words, considering the boat is not registered to you.
It was my wife's boat.
She was trying to sell it.
We're reorganizing.
You mean, getting divorced.
Yes, we were.
Traditionally, if your wife dies, you inherit the proceeds from the boat, don't you? I didn't want her money.
Or her boat.
Or her.
I'd met someone else.
That was the problem.
Always another woman.
Actually, no.
I met him six months ago in the marina.
I told Patrice.
She filed the next day.
Boland, we're going to need to chronicle your whereabouts, please.
You're a day trader, aren't you? You work out of your house? Bal Harbour.
I spent the entire morning on the computer.
Well, then you won't mind us taking a look at it, will you? No, not at all.
Well, M.
Boland is the only one that signed on today.
Yeah, that's her husband.
How do you know that? I'm a computer geek, Ryan.
It's what I do.
Jesus! This thing is on fire.
It shouldn't be.
Take a look.
Exhaust fan's jammed with paper.
That's why the hard drive's so hot.
"I can't spend another day without you.
"You're the only one for me.
I don't want it to end.
" These are love letters.
Found these letters stuffed in the Boland's family computer.
Anything jump at you? Phraseology and word selection suggests the writer's masculine.
"Hope we can grab some food.
" That's something my brother would say.
Now compare it to this: Tobey's confession letter.
Several points are similar.
Height, pressure, slant.
Look at the lowercase Gs: the proportion, retrace- all consistent.
Whoever wrote this confession wrote these love letters.
Describe your relationship with the Bolands, please.
Patrice hired me to detail her boat.
I barely know her.
What about the love letters to Mrs.
Boland? She hid them in her computer, Tobey.
You wrote them.
She was there every time I worked.
Bathing suit, tanning oil.
She said she was lonely.
That her husband ignored her.
One thing led to another and pretty soon it was two times a week.
I did not kill Patty.
Why did you write the confession then? Because I had no choice.
He kept coming down on me over and over again telling me that I did it.
I've got two witnesses on the dock.
She was dead when I got there.
They saw you leave her boat covered in blood.
I was running.
Not buying that.
Why the hell were you running? What the hell were you running from? I got two witnesses Why the hell were you running? covered in blood.
Did you steal something? Leave her boat I just wanted this to end.
You've got to believe me.
I want to, but Tobey, you've got to help me.
Wolfe, you expecting them to change? There's two drinks, right? Yeah, maybe the vic and the killer had a mojito before the gun went off.
The problem is glasses.
Cut pattern on them won't offer a print.
The glasses won't tell us who, but they could tell us where.
Look at the table around the glasses.
Yeah, they spilled.
So what? But they're uniform.
The glasses spilled the same way, to one side.
What are the odds of that? Pretty good if you're banking starboard in five-foot swells.
The vic was shot in the open water.
Yeah, Horatio said she was trying to sell her boat.
Maybe someone wanted a test drive.
Hi, you've reached Patrice Boland.
If you're calling regarding the sale of my boat, please leave your contact information and I'll call you back.
You were the last number on Patrice Boland's cell phone.
Can you explain that? Well, yeah.
I'm in the market for a boat.
She was selling one.
Did you meet with her? I didn't need to.
She rattled off her price over the phone and I pretty much knew I didn't have a spare half-mil in my purse.
So you were never on the boat? No.
Well, we found traces of lipstick on a glass in the cabin.
I was just wondering if I could get a sample of your lipstick so we can exclude you from our investigation.
Test away.
It's Glamour Glow.
A million girls have it.
No, I was actually thinking more along the lines of a swab.
From your lips.
My lips? Yeah.
Your DNA.
Only one girl has it.
My boyfriend and I met with her.
On the boat? He wanted to take a ride on her boat real bad.
He's got big ideas.
Convinced her to take us out on the water.
So, what do you think? I love it.
I think it looks beautiful.
You like it? Incredible.
Definitely for us.
Are your drinks okay? Yeah.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I use your bathroom? Oh, no.
Go ahead.
All new fixtures.
So, you think you could get used to this? A few minutes went by and Steve hadn't come up.
So she went to check on him.
I'll be right back.
And I hear this bang.
Oh, my God.
What did you do? So, Steve Steve was freaking.
Said that he was going to go away for murder.
And that we should just disappear.
Sail off to the Bahamas or Belize.
Just dump the woman and steal her boat.
Just typical Steve stuff.
So you were just an innocent bystander? Yeah.
I-I told him that the last thing I was gonna do was get caught on a dead woman's boat.
Told him to go back to the dock, let somebody discover her.
Nobody had to know it was him.
Why didn't you tell the police? He said if I told anybody that he'd say I did it.
It'd be my word against his.
All right.
I need you to write his name and address down.
Didn't you already arrest someone for this shooting? I saw the chase on the news.
Someone's been arrested.
Doesn't necessarily mean they did it.
I don't know what Gina's been telling you, but I didn't do this.
You were on the boat.
Test me.
Gina was the one who shot that lady.
Why would she do that? I don't know.
Why would she buy a boat she can't afford? She's crazy.
I know you can test for gunpowder.
Go ahead.
It's too late for that.
But we will take your prints.
Have you got a problem with that? No.
Not at all.
You see that? Yeah.
Now check this guy out.
Something's up.
Yeah, this guy, too.
I'm gonna notify the Watch Commander.
Call Main Control.
Ask him where SRT is.
Attention Floor Prowlers and SRT: 415 fight.
2500 module.
Baker row.
Third Floor Prowler requests immediate assistance.
COs involved in a fight.
Requesting bean bag guns, tasers and special response teams at 2500.
COs involved.
Lock the gates down.
Rack the gates.
Main Control, 2500 Baker and Charlie rows.
Electrical failure.
Gates to manual.
Module officers: gates to manual.
Baker row: Lockdown.
Baker row: Lockdown.
Repeat: Lockdown.
You are in the wrong cell in the wrong time Jailhouse shank.
I found this on the kid.
On him or on the ground? 'Round here, guilty till proven innocent.
Stab injuries.
Sharp force.
Irregular pattern.
I got something here.
White substance.
I'm not sure what it is.
Let's get that to Trace.
Have you noticed these shoes? Hmm.
New kicks.
And they are far too big for our friend here.
Aren't they? Got some dried blood.
Hey, Horatio, take a look at this.
That's a shell casing from a .
32 and none was recovered from Patrice's boat.
This guy's connected to that boat? No.
No, he's not.
But those are the shoes that Tripp booked Tobey in.
So what's Gina saying now? She doesn't have to say anything.
Your print is on this shell casing.
The shell casing got stuck in the tread of somebody's shoe.
Now we've got you.
You shot Patrice Boland.
Look, my plan was to throw her overboard at sea.
Steal the boat.
Then I saw the gun.
Can I help you with something? Through-and-through.
Bullet missed everything important.
That means the gunshot wound didn't kill her.
So what did, Alexx? I noticed this when her skin dried out.
Skin's worn around her nose and mouth from friction.
She wasn't just struggling for air, Horatio.
No, she was smothered.
That's what the evidence says.
I already told Delko.
Then Patrice came to and you smothered her? Smothered her? No.
She was breathing after she was shot.
There was saliva on her mouth.
You mean, I didn't kill her? You're telling me, you didn't smother Patrice Boland? No.
See? It was the guy I saw on television- Boat Boy.
I was right all along.
Sit down! At the very least, you're up for attempted murder.
Hey, is that the shank from the jail murder? Yeah, I found it in Darrel's cell.
Is that a turkey bone? Yep.
I also found a little dental floss.
Prisoners are so resourceful.
I know.
I've seen them make shanks out of all sorts of things: toothpaste tube, toilet paper roll.
How long do you think it takes to sharpen one of those things? Who knows? Inside there, all they've got is time.
Is Tobey's blood on that? Stabbers usually cut themselves, too.
I'll see if Valera can narrow down things.
The blood on the murder weapon is the victim's.
Yeah, I bet.
He's got the stab wounds to prove it.
What about the other end? I want to know who made it.
I'll process the handle and the floss.
Check for DNA contributions.
What about the kid's clothes? Tobey? I'm an analyst.
Process what I get.
The clothes come in, I'll take a look.
The clothes haven't come in? No.
This is what happens with a confession.
People get tunnel vision.
Page me if you get anything on the shank.
I'm gonna have a word with Tripp.
Aaron, the white substance from the dead inmate's mouth, please.
Primary component is muslin, an unbleached cotton yarn from a cloth or a sheet.
There's also traces of calcium sulfate and dextrose.
aka plaster, like you would use to make a cast.
That's low-rent.
Most casts aren't made this way anymore.
They still are in jail.
Stole my shoes.
So you killed the man? Sent a message.
Either that or get ripped off every day till my trial.
I don't believe you.
Get in line.
Did he threaten you? Did he threaten your family? No, man.
Why did you kill him? Tobey, this place is changing you.
I killed him 'cause he deserved it.
There's no going back.
Maybe there is, son.
How? You let me worry about it.
Yeah, Calleigh.
Come over to Tobey's cell.
I need you to process it.
What am I looking for? Any sign of provocation.
Provocation? That would change everything.
I'll take Tripp.
Thank you.
You hang in there.
Let me know when you're releasing the space.
You'll be the first.
What do you got? Dental floss.
Shank was held together with it? I'm running the compares with the ends.
Horatio's not gonna like it.
I knew that kid was a bad apple the first time I laid eyes on him.
You know it's entirely possible that he wasn't then, Frank.
Come on.
Let's go process the other cell.
File says your vic Darrel was assigned the bottom bunk.
Here's something on the bedding.
Did he have a cellmate? No.
Apparently Darrel likes to fight.
Looks like teeth marks.
His medical record says he was on Diazepam.
Epileptic seizures.
Well, that could explain this.
I'm gonna take all this back to the lab to be sure.
It's more in the story Hey.
These the kid's clothes? Tripp finally dropped them off.
I think Calleigh lit a fire under him.
Anything? So far nothing but Patrice Boland's blood.
- What's this? - Handkerchief.
Was stuffed in one of his pockets.
That's not good.
Patrice was smothered.
Yeah, more blood from the vic.
You able to get epithelials? Sorry, no.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, tell me about it.
So what is this? That is your wife's blood on your handkerchief, Mr.
I have a lot of handkerchiefs.
I keep some on the boat.
I don't understand what the problem is.
You checked my alibi, right? See this? Horatio? Mr.
Boland, I I noticed that drop of blood on your wristband.
So? It's a drop of blood.
I cut myself last week fixing our lanai.
It's not a blood droplet.
It is caused by an air bubble.
We-Well, what does that mean? It means that your wife was alive when you found her, and she was struggling to breathe.
Michael Now, we know you didn't kill her for love.
So it had to be the money.
Michael, please Look I was eating my breakfast, and I saw the ad.
She was selling the boat out from under me.
And that was it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Otto decided to tag along.
So what's going on? I want to find out exactly what happened in that cell between Darrel and Tobey Tripp told me you guys found the shank material in Tobey's cell.
And there was some sort of disturbance on Darrel's bunk.
Valera's working on it.
Okay, but these guys fought, didn't they? I mean, I'm all for backing Horatio, but come on.
The kid did it.
Well, that's eside the point.
Let's figure out how he did it.
The COs found Darrel stabbed in the back.
Let's put our buddy Otto to work.
I've got two penetrating wounds below the left scapula.
Angle's right to left and downward.
And the third penetrated the thoracic vertebrae, T4.
Also downward, right to left.
Now, if Tobey attacked from behind, these angles show a right-handed tendency.
Tobey had a cast on his right hand.
There's no way he could've gripped the shank.
Oh, okay, so the left hand.
Uh A left hand didn't make these.
What about the reverse? Darrel was the attacker.
Darrel wasn't fighting upright.
Get on your knees.
Come on.
Do it.
That's what Horatio was talking about.
I analyzed the saliva from Darrel's cell.
The weird thing is it's not his.
This is why Tobey wouldn't talk.
It wasn't out of fear.
It was out of shame.
I'll call Horatio.
Tobey, we just arrested Michael Boland for the murder of his wife, Patrice.
Doesn't change that I killed somebody here, does it? I'm staying.
We now understand that you acted in self-defense.
No, it wasn't.
I killed him.
Tobey, when we processed Darrel's cell we found your saliva on Darrel's bunk.
And I'm guessing I'm guessing it wasn't the first time.
The first day, he grabs my neck.
Get in the bunk.
Word gets around.
I realized it's going to be every day.
For the rest of my life.
And he comes at me again during the riot.
And saying something would've made it worse.
I had to stop it myself.
And that's it.
No more.
Do you really think telling the truth is going to get me out of here? Here's what I think.
Here's what I know.
That at the end of the day, the truth, Tobey the truth is all we have.