CSI: Miami s04e05 Episode Script


Hotel landscaper found him.
Almost hit him with his weed wacker.
He hasn't been here long, Frank.
I've got uniforms canvassing for other witnesses.
Are you in charge here? As a matter of fact, I am.
Could the patrol cars park in the back? I don't want to upset the guests.
Oh, yeah, we'll jump right on that.
Who you are? Craig Seabourn, manager of the hotel.
So, Seabourn, do you know this man? Armando Diaz.
He's an employee here, takes care of the pool.
And someone took care of him.
Not here.
I agree.
I think he was killed somewhere else and dumped here.
Told you.
No way is my place involved in this.
We're a five-star hotel.
How do you explain this? Where did you find that? I found it on his body.
It's the key to the penthouse suite.
Or as we call it, the primary crime scene.
Seabourn, you are about to lose your five-star status.
Welcome to Hotel Graciana.
Can we have a quote? A comment? Could you move to your left? No, no, camera left.
Just one comment.
I'm going to ask you one more time, take that camera off my body.
The dead deserve better.
We're good to go.
Then go.
You still seeing her? No.
It's She's very pretty, so I Could we just focus on the victim? Confirmation, he wasn't killed here.
Head wounds are the second biggest bleeders next to arterial cuts, and I don't see any blood.
Body's been moved.
We're thinking Penthouse.
I heard that on the news.
She didn't get it from me, okay? Yeah, right.
The victim really looks like he's been through the ringer.
Worst of it, looks like blunt force trauma to the head.
I'll know more at the post.
Lot of white fibers in his hair.
Maybe cotton? I don't know.
I bagged some of it for you.
H said he's a pool boy.
Maybe they're from towels.
Question is, what's the pool boy doing in the penthouse suite? Yeah, let's head up there.
I got paged at court, I'm out a kit.
All right the backup's in the Hummer.
Oh, great.
We'll meet you in the lobby.
Horatio? Yeah.
Dispatch says the Chief's looking for you.
Did you say the Chief? Yeah.
He mention why? I have no idea, but he wants to talk to you, says he'll send a car for you.
I'll drive myself, Frank.
A case you were working on a few years ago- the guy's up for parole.
I need you to make a statement at his hearing.
And you took me off a crime scene for this, Chief? There have been rumblings about your team.
Rumblings? How do you mean? I need an honest assessment of what these kids are up to.
Our solve rate is second to none.
But one of your CSIs is an open leak to the media.
One's got money trouble, one quit her job that she was trained to do, and we're suffering for it.
So, it sounds like the brass is planning to make a surprise visit.
Yeah, I heard it at breakfast.
It could happen any time in the next eight weeks.
They're gonna be looking at character and case-handling.
Chief, I am I am not concerned about the character of my team.
Given the, uh, character issues, you might want to do a dry test on a case.
Like maybe the dead pool boy at the hotel.
Let your team run this one on their own.
Shore up their protocols.
Somebody's really gunning for us, aren't they? I don't know who.
All I know is that they got to get the kinks out before the brass sweeps in, does their own eval.
We'll be ready.
Who borrowed the backup kit last? I did.
There are no swabs, evidence bags, and the maglight's dead.
Forgot to restock it.
Gonna borrow some of yours.
Actually, I need those.
I know the feeling.
Could you at least leave me an extra pair of gloves? Yes.
Yours don't fit me anyway.
We paid good money for the penthouse.
I'm sorry.
Well, you can't keep us out of our own room.
Actually, I can.
It's a crime scene.
What? Any of you know, uh know this guy, worked at the pool? That's Armando.
So, you know him? He oiled me.
I beg your pardon? Tanning oil.
The hotel has somebody who applies it at the pool.
He oiled all of us.
Just relax, relax.
Is that true? Yeah.
This must be some kind of mistake.
There isn't.
Armando's been murdered.
I was wondering if any of you ladies could tell me how he got a key to your room? What? No.
Maybe he robbed us.
Will you excuse us for a second, please? I counted three wedding bands, but there don't seem to be any husbands.
They're calling it "Wives' Weekend.
" Sun, spa, but no sex.
We'll see about that.
Yeah, I knew that, Eric, 'cause, actually, I worked that case, too, so Good.
Got some blood.
Looks like this is where our vic bought it.
Or had a drink.
That could be a Bloody Mary.
Well, Phenolphthalein will confirm that.
Even if it's blood, once it's dry, there's no way to tell how recent it is.
The blood could be six weeks old.
Yeah, or six hours.
It's blood.
Something happened here.
Well, confrontations usually start in the bedroom or the bathroom.
I'll take the bathroom.
I'll take one of the bedrooms.
I guess I'll start in here then.
Need some help? I think I've got it.
There's cast-off on the ceiling with no accompanying blood pool on the floor.
So, somebody cleaned the floor, and forgot the ceiling.
People only clean what's in their line of sight, eyes to knees.
Let's see what the crime light's gonna show.
Will you get the lights? Looks like a pint's worth of blood.
I wonder who cleaned it.
I know how they did it.
All the towels are gone.
"How" is the first step to "who.
" Excuse me.
I'm with Miami-Dade P.
No Q-tips, no laundry bags.
That's all right.
I just need to look in your cart.
Oh, si, si.
No, no.
Dios mio.
Blood and hair- looks like I got a twofer.
Redecorating your bathroom? I'm trying to confirm one is a murder scene, and I'm betting that's my vic's blood on the end.
My ThermoCycler will let you know.
And you know I'm good for the rest.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Hey, have you got anything on the hair? Take a look.
Looks like the shaft is split.
Yeah, and it's flat in diameter.
And it's curly at the root.
African hair.
I think we have a suspect.
Is this about that pool guy? We found your hair on the towel bar that killed him.
Well, it probably got there when I hung up a towel.
I don't think so.
The way it was wound, it's unlikely that it got trapped there from casual transfer.
How do you know it's mine? Well, I could take your DNA.
Unless there's something you want to tell me.
I went back to the room to take a shower.
I guess Armando followed me.
You left this in your cabana.
And then what happened? I'd rather not get into it.
I understand this is incredibly difficult, but a man is dead.
He was so gorgeous.
Showing up atmy door.
Things like that don't happen to me back in Pensacola.
So you broke the wives' weekend rule.
Not exactly.
Well, ma'am, either you did or you didn't.
Okay, so the pool boy's cabana wouldn't go up.
It's one thing when it happens with my husband, but come on, this guy was 24 years old, and he couldn't perform? I was embarrassed.
He had to go take his little blue pills.
Don't make that face.
It's not me.
It's you.
Go to hell.
I had to protect myself.
So you're saying that it was self-defense.
It was.
One hit is self-defense.
Two more is murder.
This is called cast-off.
It proves that you took two additional, very bloody swings.
I guess I just lost it.
Well that's what you write.
Excuse me.
You got a pretty satisfied look on your face.
Beth Jacobson is writing her confession as we speak.
Her confession? Yeah.
She killed Armando Diaz with a towel rod.
Not according to my evidence.
I know the feeling.
Could you at least leave me a pair of gloves? Yes.
Yours are too big for me anyway.
Dude, are those rolling papers in there? They're not mine.
Someone must've borrowed my kit.
At least they restocked it.
Yeah, we really got to crack down on the pot smoking kit thieves around here.
I said, they're not mine.
Relax, Delko.
I believe you.
I hate it when people jump to conclusions, don't you? No, Officer, sorry.
I don't seem to recall anything like that.
Maybe I can get your statements.
Sure, we'll give you anything you need.
Do you know when we'll be able to go inside? Thank you, Officer.
This must be some kind of mistake.
I'll start in this room.
Hang on.
Need to clear a path.
Path for what? There's no body.
Path to the other rooms.
Evidence gets stuck to shoes.
Just happened in a case a couple weeks ago.
Actually, I remember that, Eric, because, um, I worked that case, too.
Got some blood here.
Looks like this is where our vic bought it.
Or had a drink.
Could be a spilled Bloody Mary.
It's blood.
All right, I'll take one of the bedrooms.
I guess I'll start in here then.
So somebody cleaned the floor, forgot the ceiling.
People only clean what's in their line of sight, eyes to knees.
Excuse me.
You mind if I take a few things from your cart? Que? Oh, s? s? Okay, gracias.
I ran out of supplies.
Thank you.
It could be a trail.
Maybe this will lead us to the crime scene.
Frank, you got a flashlight? Ah, yeah.
Where's yours? It's a long story.
Looks like a, uh, Felicia Hardy was in this room.
You know, the redhead.
Yeah, nothing hinky about Mrs.
Hardy yet.
Consistent with her statement.
Married, sleeping alone.
Or not.
So much for their no sex rule.
Is that a hotel laundry bag? Yeah.
You're supposed to collect evidence with that? Procedures manual only requires a single-use container.
I forgot to restock my kit.
All right.
Looks like Felicia went for a triple.
Found two more condoms.
Found the cause of the blunt force trauma.
Doesn't make sense.
Guy hits his head hard enough to be fatal where's the blood? Calleigh found blood in the bathroom.
Somebody cleaned it up.
Okay, we need to talk to Felicia Hardy.
Where is she? She's down in the lobby.
We finished questioning her, she said she had to go.
Yeah, I bet she did.
Hey, hang on a second.
Put that down.
Can I help you with something? Yeah.
Were these bags in your room? Yeah.
Why? Gonna have to collect them.
And you are? I'm-I'm her husband.
Thought they were supposed to stay home.
She called me to come pick her up.
Why do they need to see your bags, Felicia? The pool boy broke into our suite, so We're going to need to collect elimination samples as well.
For robbery? No.
For murder.
Pool boy turned up dead.
What? It's okay.
I'm sure they just need fingerprints.
Yeah, and DNA from you.
DNA? For what? It's standard procedure.
And we also need to hang on to your luggage.
and we'll let you know.
And you know I'm good for the rest.
Pleasure doing business with you.
It's unbelievable.
What? Wolfe.
Again? You need to just go in a room and beat each other up.
Yeah, I just saw him hand a wad of cash to that reporter girlfriend of his.
For what? For what? For more air time probably.
The guy gets off being on TV.
I haven't been here that long, but he seems like a good criminalist.
Who cares if he likes the media? The media can ruin a case.
Really? I heard she helped you guys out on the Mala Noche thing.
Elimination samples- call me when the results are in, okay? And don't forget to run it against The condoms.
Yes, I know.
Thank you.
You know, you got some trust issues.
You're right.
All right, that's it.
Looks like it's going to be just you and me, Armando, baby.
Apparently, CSIs have more important things to do.
What? Well, I think I found sodium sulfonate and fluorescent dye on Felicia Hardy's suitcase.
Blood's my thing, Eric.
You gonna have to translate.
It's, uh, it's laundry detergent.
It's not a huge lead when you find it on a soccer mom's luggage.
Where one door closes Your victim's DNA was inside the condoms, but the really good part? The vaginal contribution on the outside matches Felicia Hardy.
The brochures say the air's different in Miami.
I didn't know what they meant till I got here Yeah, right.
The air.
Makes you cheat on your husband.
I know.
I can't believe I did it.
I I mean, I just feel sick.
I love Steven.
That's why I called him to come get me.
I just wanted to pretend none of this ever happened.
Well, what did happen? Pool boy seduce you? Not exactly.
Kinda the other way around.
Look, I didn't go looking for him.
He just appeared in your bed.
Look, I came back from my massage, and he was in my hotel suite, holding some ice to his head.
He told me he had slipped by the pool.
What was he doing in your room? Returning a book to Beth.
Said the maid let him in.
You notice if his head was bleeding? That's not what I noticed.
I know when a man is attracted to me and he wasvery attracted.
My I found some blood and hair on the headboard.
How'd it get there? I think he must've hit his head.
I You don't know? I couldn't really see him.
He was he was behind me.
You didn't notice that he hit his head? We were together for almost two hours.
So I just thought he was, you know, exhausted.
Armando? You okay? I definitely didn't think he was hurt.
God, I feel so guilty.
Guilty about what, cheating on your husband, or leaving a man to die? I'm sorry.
You got a pretty satisfied look on your face.
Beth Jacobson is writing her confession as we speak.
Her confession? Yeah.
She killed her Armando Diaz with a towel rod.
Not according to my evidence.
What do you mean? I collected three condoms from Felicia Hardy's bedroom.
DNA on the inside said it's from our vic, Armando, and the DNA on the outside said it's from Felicia.
And you think that's what killed him- excessive lovemaking? Excessive.
What about the blunt force trauma? He cracked his head on the headboard.
See I disagree.
According to the spatter, Beth hit him three times, one free, two cast-off.
She killed him with a towel rod.
No, it was Felicia.
The guy conked out right next to her, she failed to call 911 and then decided to skip town.
It's negligent homicide.
Actually you're both wrong.
I know who the killer is.
Welcome to Hotel Graciana.
Relax, Delko.
I believe you.
I hate it when people jump to conclusions, don't you? Beg your pardon? Tanning oil- hotel has someone who applies it.
He oiled all of us.
That true? Well, maybe he robbed us.
Will you excuse us Okay, I'll start with this room.
Hang on.
Got to clear a path first.
A path to what? There's no body.
Found some blood.
Looks like this is where our vic bought it.
I'll take one of the bedrooms.
I guess I'll start in here then.
Sir? You need something? No, I'm just expanding the crime scene.
All right, well, let me help you.
I'll put up some more tape.
Great, thank you.
Oh, he's right.
There's some blood.
Could be a trail.
Maybe this will lead us to the crime scene.
Really? Yeah.
It's definitely gravitational, you see that? Blood points in the direction of travel.
It's toward the stairwell.
Looks like I found where the guy was killed.
Went over the railing here, hit the stairs down there.
Looks like our blunt force trauma.
I'll secure the area, sir.
Uh, it's just Ryan, okay? You are, Ryan Wolfe.
I I thought I recognized you.
From the Erica Sikes, TV.
Yeah, great.
Could you just make sure nobody comes back here? Is that evidence? What? Yeah, that's a contact lens.
So what do you think? Accident? Homicide? Suicide? Based on the height of the rail I would see hand marks if he fell.
From bracing himself? Exactly.
And he probably didn't jump, 'cause he was bleeding from the head, so chances are, he was probably too weak.
Leaves one option.
Yeah, murder.
It looks like our killer left a calling card.
Ryan? Just the man I was looking for.
Erica, not now, I'm busy.
I need to ask you something.
If it's a question about the case, I can't give an answer.
Okay, it isn't, but point made.
Well, come on, what is it? I need to get reimbursed for that DAT you busted.
You know, from the whole Mala Noche thing.
My producers have been hounding me, and Yeah, yeah, yeah, how much is it? For a recorder? Are you kidding? What is it, dipped in gold? Erica, I work for the county.
I can't afford that.
I didn't break it, Ryan.
I'll give you more when I get my paycheck.
You know I'm good for the rest.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Get in line, Ryan, I'm completely buried.
Where's Markham? Took a personal day again.
I got a bloody shoeprint from the hotel murder.
Shoeprint? This is Firearms.
Firearms does patterns and impressions.
Markham never told me that.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
Got a partial here.
Least I know what I'm doing with a computer.
I'll run it through image recovery.
We should get something.
Looks like a looks like a logo.
No, no, it's lettering, maybe? P- R-A-D-A.
That spells expensive.
I think I know somebody who can afford them.
I swear, I didn't kill anyone.
I got a call from the penthouse suite, asking me to move a body.
Is that just one of your many services? The woman said it was an accident, and I believed her.
What woman called you? Didn't ask her name.
The hotel caters to VIPs.
I've learned to be discreet.
So just walk me through this.
Well, I went to the penthouse, the body wasn't there.
I thought it was a prank, but then I saw the blood.
If you were in the penthouse, why was your footprint in the stairwell? When I left the suite, I heard something.
Different place, same corpse the woman told me about.
I had to move the body.
Okay, so you dumped the body in the front lawn of your hotel.
Come on, Craig, that's not very "discreet.
" No, I-I put him in the trunk of my car, but as I was pulling out, he came to.
Help! Someone! Oh, and that's when you killed him.
No! I let him go.
I actually watched him walk away.
And if that's true, Craig, how did the dead body end up on the front lawn of the hotel? I have no idea! I know it sounds insane, but it's true.
I mean, how could I make something like that up? Craig, people lie to the cops all the time.
Hang on, I got proof.
He tried to bribe me to let him go.
He gave me this.
It's worth about 50 grand at least.
All right, get out of here.
I didn't accept it as a bribe.
I just took it because I knew it didn't belong to him.
Yvette? I guess you know who called me.
I think she did more than that.
Dennis and Yvette, 1998.
Where did you get it? Apparently, Armando Diaz had it.
The guy who died? Yeah, the guy you pushed.
I don't know what you're talking about.
He must have stolen it when he was oiling me up.
See, I might believe you except I found this at the crime scene.
What's that? It really must be hard to walk around with one contact in.
Look, it was an accident.
Armando and I hung out at his cabana earlier that day.
You mean you had sex with him.
The ring was in my purse, I figured he must have taken it, so I went to find him.
You're crazy! I don't have your ring.
I can see it there in your pocket! Oh, my God.
If the ring's so important, why didn't you grab it when he was out cold? Well, I wanted to, but I couldn't.
Someone was coming.
That was the manager that you called.
I didn't call anybody.
Well, you better call your lawyer.
No, it was Felicia.
The guy conked out right next her, she failed to call 911, then decided to skip town.
It's negligent homicide.
Actually, you're both wrong.
I know who the killer is.
Diaz was killed on the stairs.
Yvette pushed him over the railing.
Which stairs? Utility stairs outside the penthouse suite.
I found a pool of the victim's blood.
The guy bled all over the hotel.
How does that prove anything? Okay, let's not do this in front of the suspects.
I don't understand.
Beth confessed.
Felicia told me straight out that Armando hit his head while they were having sex.
Okay, I have a weapon covered in Armando's blood with Beth's hair on it.
Cause of death, please.
Blunt force trauma.
Which was Alexx's first impression while she waited for somebody to show up at post.
I thought you guys went.
We thought you did.
We never assume anything, do we? Oh, that's Alexx's report.
What's the cause of death? Fracture of the cervical spine.
Died of a broken neck.
Caused by his header down the stairs.
But his jaw was intact, which it wouldn't have been if the fall broke his neck.
So someone broke it for him.
But who? Okay, so we know that Armando was in three separate altercations.
None of which killed him.
Well, the guy had stamina.
Yeah, tell me about it.
He was with Felicia Hardy for over two hours.
With pharmaceutical assistance.
Oh, yeah? He took Viagra? Beth Johnson saw him take it.
Which means that he was with Beth Johnson before Felicia.
That's why he could go on for two hours.
And then Yvette.
I don't have your ring.
I can see it right there in your pocket.
And then he ended up in the stairwell for the manager to finish him off? Yeah, but the manager said he didn't do it.
Do we have any evidence to prove that he was lying? Like trace from the victim's body? Well, I I didn't tape lift him.
I thought you usually did that.
No, you were supposed to All right, look.
Never assume.
The clothes are right here.
Armando was covered in lint.
Didn't you see cotton fibers in his hair at the scene? And my suspect had traces of laundry detergent on her luggage.
Okay, we got lint, cotton fibers, detergent.
We've missed a crime scene.
Can't imagine what their electricity bill's like here.
How many pounds of laundry you think they go through in this hotel? Try tons.
And they still can't get the blood out.
This is where our vic was killed.
The strength it would take to subdue Armando, let alone snap his neck And a woman doesn't have it, no matter how much she works out.
Brings us back to the manager.
Or whoever left the print.
There is one more man in the picture.
We are going to sue your entire department for this.
Fine, maybe your lawyer can explain your husband's handprint in the victim's blood.
This was left by Armando's killer.
And this is a thumbprint left when your husband picked up your luggage.
It only takes one print to match to a person.
We compared the handprint to the print on your luggage.
My guess is it was just a happy coincidence you ran into Armando Diaz in the parking lot.
Armando had been through a lot already.
Probably didn't have much fight in him.
This is ridiculous.
I wasn't even here.
Steven was in Miramar when I called him.
It's a 45-minute drive.
Did you call him on his cell phone? How do you know exactly where he was? All right, you know, that's enough.
Felicia, don't say anything else until we talk to Jerry.
Hold on.
Take a last look at this other picture from when you were loading luggage in your car.
Notice the windshield.
Looks like you got caught in a little rainstorm.
Even though it was 70 and sunny in Miramar all day.
We checked.
Miami had a sun shower between 11:03 and 11:14.
That's right.
Your windshield was in Miami at 11:00.
Which means that you were, too.
You were here.
You were spying on me? Felicia You've shown no interest in me in the last two years and you're spying on me? That doesn't make sense.
I know, I know.
Then what were you doing here? Which one? I'm sorry, Felicia.
I really am.
Yeah, and Mr.
Hardy doesn't like his mistress cheating on him.
You slept with this guy? What? I don't see you leaving your wife anytime soon.
Doesn't mean you can screw around on me.
You were my Maid of Honor.
So you slept with Steven and my Armando.
"My Armando"? You know, I thought this was a wives' weekend.
No sex.
Look who's talking.
Home wrecker.
I thought we were friends.
We don't even know each other.
We know each other, Felicia.
We just don't like each other.
Here's to our first wives' weekend.
The first of many.
Ever year for the rest of our lives.
Here's to doing this till we are old and gray.
I read the hotel has this guy that oils you up.
So long as that's all he does.