CSI: Miami s04e06 Episode Script

Under Suspicion

Watch the road - Lisa, shut it Yeah.
If our folks knew we skipped the retreat.
We are so toast.
Not if we change and get our stories straight.
- Would you grab the wheel? - Yeah.
- What? - Well, that certainly screams church retreat.
"Actually, Mommy, somebody did have beer.
I had a sip.
It was disgusting.
" "And we'll never ever drink again.
" Have you found Lisa? We're still looking.
She just went flying.
She's dead, isn't she? We don't know that yet.
Tell me what happened.
It was my fault.
It was totally my fault.
I was changing in the car and, and there was just this bang, and we went off the road.
Lieutenant Caine? - Yeah.
We've got something you need to see.
I'll be right back, okay? You two are lucky to be alive.
Wish I could say the same about your other friend.
Oh, my God! I don't know her.
There're only two of us.
I was hoping my services wouldn't be needed today.
Well, whoever she is, I can tell by the skin sloughing that she's been underwater at least a day.
She drown? Appears she was stabbed.
A big knife, judging from the wounds.
A murder like this is personal.
No I.
We'll drag the river.
See what we find.
Alexx, would you please roll up her sleeve? Excuse me? Just please do it.
A birthmark? Her name is Rachel Turner.
Horatio, you know this woman? I was with her two nights ago.
And if she's been underwater for a full day You were the last one to see her alive? That's correct.
And Frank, you'd better move quickly because right now I'm your only suspect.
I don't know, Horatio, this doesn't seem right.
I understand, Frank.
Let's stay with the procedure-question me.
All right.
What was your relationship with the victim? Rachel is an attorney, Frank, that I met recently at a pretrial hearing.
- Any bad blood between you two? - No.
- You sure? - I'm sure.
- You ever been to her place? - Two nights ago she made me dinner.
Anyone you know that Nwould want to hurt her? No.
Okay, uh were you last night? I was with you.
All right, I can't think of anything else.
It rained last night.
We're not gonna find the killer's tracks.
Frank take these.
You're gonna need them.
I'm not the guy that takes care of that sort of thing.
As of right now, I'm a private citizen.
You sure? I am.
Can I go? Of course you can go.
You sure you want to see this, Horatio? I have to.
Cared about her, didn't you? Cheers.
She was a great lady.
Cause of death is exsanguination.
First wound is defensive, but the rest all penetrated the torso.
She lost a lot of blood, Horatio.
Means she was alive long enough to know she was dying.
Alexx take care of her, okay? So Horatio really cared about this woman.
Would be the first one since Yelina.
Well, there's no sign of a forced entry.
The security alarm is deactivated, but there are definitely indications of a struggle.
Table's in disarray, wine's been spilled.
I don't see a second wine glass.
Let's look for it.
This isn't just red wine.
Rachel Turner's blood? Or it could be the killer's.
A lot of times in a stabbing, the killer will cut themselves in the process.
Kind of dark, isn't it? The AC's off.
It's at least 90 degrees in here.
Blood darkens the hotter it is.
You know, this just doesn't make any sense.
If Rachel was killed here, there should be a lot more blood.
Well, either the killer is an expert at crime-scene clean up, or she was murdered somewhere else.
You rang? Yeah.
Seemed too convenient, the girls went off the road at exactly the spot where Rachel Turner was found.
The accident was no accident.
These punctures are in a pattern.
Someone used a spike strip.
Who's out to get you, H? A very old friend, Eric.
I'm gonna grab Ryan, we're gonna go back to the scene.
See where that strip was.
Well, sure, Delko, I'll be right down there.
I'm just gonna pop into DNA.
I got your message.
Results on the sample from Rachel Turner's apartment? Blood's not hers.
However, we do know the person it belongs to.
It's Horatio's blood.
Maybe he cut himself opening the wine.
Maybe, but there is a lot of blood there for a little cut.
Hi, Calleigh.
Yeah, I got bad news about the blood sample.
I'll tell Tripp.
Hello, Horatio.
Sorry I was late.
What've you got? They, uh they found your blood in Rachel Turner's apartment, Horatio.
And right now I can't explain it.
No idea? No.
What about Yelina? She disappeared.
Frank, wh wh-what are you asking me? I just, uh I just want to know where she is.
Frank, she is She's safe from harm.
I want to believe you, Horatio.
All right.
If it helps, uh, you can check with the police union.
She just filed papers.
- Yelina retired? - Yeah.
Where did she go? Frank, she's with her family and she's happy.
- Look, Horatio - Frank It's okay.
Spike strip was gone when emergency showed up, which means someone came back to get it.
Uh, you know, this may not be the best time for this, but, uh you know that check you wrote me? Yeah, for the children's shelter, sure.
You know I was going to deposit it in my account and I was gonna write one big check from all of us to them? Yeah.
It bounced.
Horatio's a suspect in a murder investigation and you're hawking me about a check? My credit's on the line.
I got old student loans.
I just I can't be overdrawn.
Okay, look, last month, I forgot to carry the one.
- I'll take care of it, okay? - Okay.
You mind if we get back to the investigation? I never wasn't in it.
Okay, good.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Look, this is where the girl's skid began, which means that the spike strip had to be placed right about here.
There's tire marks on the curb.
Yeah, wider than a Mustang would be.
So somebody pulled up after the accident.
Judging from the wheel base, it's a pretty big vehicle.
Hey, I got something.
It's jet black.
It's not from this section of the causeway.
The wheelbase is 122.
6 inches.
What vehicle is that size? For starters, our department Hummers.
Oh, boy.
How'd it go out there? Things aren't really looking good for the boss.
If Horatio doesn't start putting things into context, he could be in big trouble.
Well, that's why we're here.
You working Horatio's blood sample? Yeah.
Let's see what's in it.
That's interesting.
High levels of EDTA.
It's an anticoagulant, isn't it? It's used when people draw your blood.
Or when they store it for a long time.
Ten years in Miami, you were never injured.
But you were in New York, weren't you? Ten years ago, in New York City, I was stabbed badly during my last investigation.
Someone's been saving your blood for ten years.
They're trying to frame you.
That is the Wilson family.
Somebody left this file in our lab about a week ago.
Now, I thought it was Stetler just digging into the past, but now I know that's not the truth.
Which is? Have you heard the name Walter Dresden? Dresden.
He was the guy who locked the children in the closet while he tortured the parents.
I almost captured him in New York City.
He's back.
Why? Ego, Calleigh.
I embarrassed him and now he wants revenge.
What do you want to do? What would we normally do? Follow the evidence, eliminate suspects and catch a killer.
Are you in danger? Not if we play it clean.
Hey, Eric.
Got those results for you.
On the gravel from the causeway? I eliminated all immediate environmental concerns- dirt from the road, rubber from the tires.
What'd you get? Well, the gravel's pretty standard stuff, but take a look at what it's coated with.
A styrene-butadiene anionic polymer.
Used to minimize oxidation and create a stronger surface.
For airplanes to land on.
You're looking at tarmac, but I'm guessing that there wasn't a plane near the site of your vehicular accident.
I'm looking for a vehicle that drives out to meet one.
- Thanks, Vince.
- Sure.
You guys are the only outfit near the airport that rent these kinds of cars, right? The best way to blend in to Miami is to appear rich, right? Everybody wants a Hummer.
We're the only ones who've got 'em.
You rent one in the last couple of days? Yeah, customer came in, paid cash up front, double the price for his privacy.
Who was he? I don't know.
Drove out to the tarmac to get him.
Never saw him get in.
Vehicle's due back tomorrow.
I need it today.
You equip these things with GPS? Of course.
Oh, you want me to look it up now? Just a thought.
Hummer's in the Gables.
Got a location.
Where? In the Gables.
You want me to send a unit over? No, no.
He won't go back.
He's too smart for that.
Where'd he ditch it? - Riviera and Castania.
- Where'd you say? - Riviera and Castania.
- Eric, um I got to go.
Horatio, is he coming after me? Well, sweetheart, there's no way to know, but I want to get you out of here anyway.
I'm not gonna hide for the rest of my life.
And I don't want you to, but I want to get you to a safe place.
So you're putting me back in a closet.
It's for your own good.
That's exactly what he said.
I can still hear my parents screaming.
When I wanted out, I couldn't.
But I opened the door for you, didn't I? You shielded me from their bodies.
Is it safe? It is now.
Come on, Jennifer.
Come with me.
You can trust me.
I did trust you.
Jennifer, I want you to trust me now.
How long do I have to disappear? Just until you're safe.
All right? Come on.
There you go.
Now, sweetheart, I'll call you later.
You're going to be fine.
All right? Full process, please.
This is the New York file about the Wilson murder that Horatio gave me.
You want to wait? Yup.
Trace appears to have pretty much degraded.
That doesn't make any sense.
It's like it's too clean.
There was one thing that was out of the ordinary, though.
We have traces of UW solution.
That's embalming fluid.
What is that, some kind of message? No, I think it's an oversight.
Where you going? To talk to a professional.
Thank you.
And the scientific name is Berlzer UW.
It's used for organ storage during autopsies.
When was the last time you used it? I use it all the time.
Why is this relevant? Because I'm thinking that someone in here may have touched this file.
I've never seen this before.
Maybe there was a mistake.
Now, baby, I don't make mistakes.
I know that you don't.
I'm just thinking that you might know who could have.
Either of you guys seen this case file before? That's the one I left for Ms.
Boa Vista.
When did you do that? Last week.
Some detective stopped me, asked me to drop it off for him.
Do you remember which detective? Never seen him before.
I'm pretty sure his I.
said Phillips.
- Matt Phillips.
- Thanks.
Hey, Tripp, I need you to have a conversation with one of your guys, okay? Detective Phillips? Hey, Frank, how you doing? I'm all right.
You mind if I take a look at your badge and I.
? Now is not the time to lie to me.
See, my D.
car got broken into, and whoever it was has my badge and my I.
At your mistress's place? - And you didn't report it? - Come on, Frank, you know how it is here.
I didn't want it to be on my sheet.
Well, by not reporting it, you may have helped a killer.
I messed up, okay? But, look, I'm working on wife number two here, we've got kids together.
I'm not interested in hurting your home life, all right? But I'm going to impound your car.
Check that out.
It's not trilobal.
Which means it's not from an automobile.
Means this fiber is out of place.
Yeah, all right.
Well, let's run it through themicrospectrophotometer and break it down completely.
Every color leaves a fingerprint.
Even if our killer didn't.
Find anything yet? Yeah, this is interesting- our red fiber isn't even red.
It's actually a combination of three different colors.
Its dominate feature is red, but it's accented by blue and cyan.
What about compound? It is a synthetic blend of nylon, polyester, and dichloromethane.
Okay, let's run it through our manufacturer's database.
I want to find out where this carpet came from.
I was looking for you.
The fiber from Detective Phillip's car was manufactured by Hamstead Textiles.
It's a small company out of Buffalo.
It went out of business a couple of months ago, but before it did, it sold 100,000 yards of "Midnight Rose #11" to Spirex Builders, a company based in Tampa.
Yes, but they do have a condo project right here, as we speak, don't they? Six blocks away.
Six blocks away.
Thank you.
- Is that you, Walter? - Horatio Caine.
What was it that led you to me? Fiber? Prints? Or was it that famous Caine instinct? Something like that, Walter.
You okay, Walter? That looked like it hurt.
I should kill you right now.
That wouldn't be good for you, would it? No, Horatio, it wouldn't.
What happens now? You are going to wait for the cops.
Miami-Dade Police Department! Stay right where you are! Right there! It's me, Frank.
- Horatio? - Frank.
That's Rachel's blood.
Tell me again what happened here.
I came here to confront Rachel's killer.
You know, I don't think so.
How about you never thought we'd find Rachel's body.
You came here to clean up the scene.
But you say Dresden was here, and he just flew out the window.
That's exactly what happened, Rick.
H, what's going on? Look around, process my crime scene.
What do you want me to do, H.
? You heard the man, Eric, process the scene.
Well, there's no carpet, which means there's no fibers so Dresden's planted evidence.
That's enough.
You, Lieutenant? You're under arrest.
After you.
Not used to dealing with someone this smart.
Well, he did lead us to the crime scene, didn't he? So let's find out what he left for us this time.
Dresden escaped before the cops got here, so that means he must have gone out through one of these window.
Dresden lowered himself down through one of the trash chutes, and then he pulled it off the building.
Found the murder weapon.
It's got a bloody print on it.
Think our killer was that stupid? No.
I think he was that smart.
Blood sets prints.
I can't believe Stetler put you in a holding cell.
It's what he does, Calleigh.
Dresden seems to be one step ahead of us at every turn.
And you know that if the news gets a hold of this, it'll look like there's blood on your hands, and we know that's not true.
But there is blood on my hands.
That's why you asked me to bring the kit.
Now Now we make our move.
Okay, this is the section that was attached to the windowsill.
Now, what are we looking for? Dresden had to press his hands and feet to the side to keep from falling.
Haste makes trace.
- That's right.
What do you have? Electronic device.
It's a piece of a processor, maybe.
So? Those get put in buildings.
Intercoms, entertainment systems, wireless Internet, security systems.
Yeah but not at this stage of construction.
Oh, so Dresden must have had it on him.
Question is, is this part of his crime or is it part of his daily life? What's up, Johnny.
Yeah, that should do it.
That's one gram below a felony.
Did I ask for your opinion? Yeah, it's Delko.
You can't read my writing? I just need you to take the fingerprint, okay, and look for any trace you can find on its surface-other than blood.
That's right.
How much? That'll be three bills, Big Time.
Here you go.
That should do it.
Did you get the result from the blood on Horatio's hands? Valera's still processing it.
When she's finished, I'd like you to run it.
You know, technically, it isn't an unsolved.
I know that, but a guy like Dresden doesn't stay idle for ten years waiting for revenge.
You think he's been active? Not necessarily in Miami, but will you check the NCIC, see if there's similar MOs in other counties? As a favor.
If the Feds find out that I'm working on a current case My lips are sealed.
Thank you.
- Where you been? - Had something to do.
I thought you wanted to help Horatio.
Who said I didn't? You know, we could have run the bloody print on that knife by now.
Yeah, which would have been a tremendous mistake, okay? I already had Trace run some of the surface of the print for me.
That's not something the body secretes.
but it does help optimize the workability of a forged print.
The wine glass Dresden took the one with Horatio's print on it.
To you.
Dresden lifted it after he resolved it with cyanoacrylate.
Helps to raise the print off its original surface.
Then he transfers the print to a piece of foil.
Okay, but how'd it end up on the knife? Print was applied to the knife over a piece of the foil that was dipped into Rachel Turner's blood.
This Dresden guy is good.
He's sick, but he's good.
He's not that good.
It's time to let Stetler know to release Horatio from the holding cell.
Might have a break.
The print from the knife is a forgery.
And the blood that Calleigh swabbed from your hands, results came back.
It's not yours or Rachel's.
It's definitely male, though.
And once we get a warrant for Dresden's blood, we can run it against his.
Good work, Eric.
In the meantime, this proves that your story holds up.
It was a third party in that penthouse.
Tripp wanted to make sure you got this back.
Thank you, Eric.
Let's go.
Dresden's still out there.
Look at me, you're dead.
Walter Dresden, right? Horatio told you about me.
I know everything.
Don't lie to me.
He show you the file? I've seen crime scene photographs of your last murder.
Well, not exactly my last.
What else was in there? What should I have seen? I don't know- the truth, maybe.
Ask Caine about Jennifer Wilson's mother.
Don't move! He said,"Ask Caine about Jennifer Wilson's mother.
" I need you to tell me the truth, Horatio.
My partner and I were investigating his murders.
He preyed on happily married couples, but there was one couple who was not so happy.
Judy Wilson.
Was that Jennifer Wilson's mother? My partner was having an affair with her.
And she ended up dead.
That's why you still take care of Jennifer Wilson.
That is a big part of it.
And you were never able to catch him? Miss Boa Vista.
What do we have? Calleigh had me cross-check the DNA from the Dresden sample against similar crimes across Florida.
I found this- Orlando, double homicide, young couple, and the DNA is a match to our unknown sample.
- Was the child locked in a closet? - Seven-year-old boy.
Consistent with Dresden's MO.
I don't see any breaking and entering here, do I? Just like Rachel's apartment.
This console.
Apias Systems- maybe he hard wires smart homes, that's his cover.
That would explain the circuitry that Ryan found.
I thought you were gone.
Wolfe, Apias Systems, find out who's in the field please.
Thank you.
Okay, Mr.
Wolfe, here's the plan- I will take the two-three corner, you flank me.
We meet again, Walter.
- Cuff him.
- Gladly.
Move and I'll blow your brains out.
I always thought we brought out the best in each other, Horatio.
Till you killed the Wilsons.
Not me.
But smart killer, whoever it was.
Got you out of New York.
What the hell is he talking about? Why don't you tell him, Walter? That Wilson killing was somebody in their own backyard.
Horatio's partner's mistress.
His partner wasn't about to explain it to his wife, and Horatio wasn't about to rat him out.
- Is that true, Horatio? - Every word, Frank.
Every word.
The only way to avoid giving a statement was to quit.
The only noble thing you could do.
Can I go now? Actually, Walter, you're not going anywhere.
I have you for murder.
You have nothing that ties me to Rachel Turner.
I don't need it.
The day I visited you at the condo and opened your cheek, I left there with a blood sample from you.
As it turns out, that sample is a perfect match to the killing in Orlando.
So Walter, I have you.
And you know what else? You should have never left New York.
Are you threatening me? Oh, your solid record's about to drop markedly.
I won't forget you, Lieutenant.
I've reviewed your evidence against Walter Dresden, and, quiet frankly, I'm concerned.
Lieutenant Caine, you should have recused yourself.
I have done so completely, Your Honor.
The facts are that Dresden killed a woman that was close to Lieutenant Caine.
Took her out of her apartment and lured the lieutenant to the place where Dresden killed her.
Your team should not have been working a case where you were a suspect.
I was not a suspect in the Orlando case, Your Honor.
Oh, you mean where they found the blood.
Well, Mr.
Dresden says that he cut himself while installing a smart home system.
It's hardly a smoking gun, Lieutenant.
They have an airtight case on him in Orlando.
Good, good.
An Orlando judge can hear that evidence.
But in this case, Dresden's released.
Your Honor Your Honor.
I'd be glad to prosecute Mr.
Dresden, just as soon as you bring me unbiased evidence.
But for now, Dresden's a free man.
The blood of his future victims is on you.
I warned you, Lieutenant, didn't I? Good day, gentlemen.