CSI: Miami s04e07 Episode Script

Felony Flight

Hey, look at that plane.
Oh wow, it's pretty low.
Isn'it? It's turning towoard us.
Let's flash them.
Flash it! Hey.
Is acting in trouble? It looks like it's coming straight at us.
Is it? Is it?! It's on fire.
Dude, swerve! Are you okay? I am.
I think my copilot needs some help, though.
Sure, yeah.
Are those handcuffs? Oh, my God.
Don't, don't.
Please don't.
Make it worth my while.
I'll do anything you say.
Oh, you say that now.
Get in the car.
Copilot dead, too, Frank? Yeah, he's inside.
He's got the Marshal's gun.
Pilot radioed a Mayday.
Controller couldn't understand what he was saying.
Frank, this plane was sabotaged.
Witnesses saw smoke a mile away.
This is gonna fall on the Chief.
He's the one who approved Henry Darius flying down to Miami to find the body of Lydia Johnson.
Against my wishes.
Kids' parents say, they, uh, drove a yellow convertible Mustang.
I'll put out a broadcast.
Darius and a convict to be named later.
Armed and dangerous, Frank.
Floor panel's gone.
All of these wires are the electrical switch assembly.
Insulations ripped off that pipe.
Looks like a coolant duct.
So, somebody punctured it.
That puncture released hot gas, so I bet I bet our guy has burns on his hands.
That pipe right there that pipe contains hot, bleed air.
Keeps it away from the engines.
When he punctured the pipe, it caused a slow leak, and that raised the temperature of the engine.
And caused an emergency landing.
Come on.
Let's look for the black box.
Notified New York.
Appreciate it.
Detective Taylor sends his regards, offers his services.
Mac's a good man.
I figured you'd say that.
I'll tell him to come down.
We need everybody that Darius dealt with at Attica, okay? I'll tell him.
Thank you.
I waited till the kid got out of the car.
He was about six, seven years old.
Johnson's son.
What did you do after that? I got in the car and held a gun to her head.
Scream and I'll blow your head off.
And I'll do the same to your little boy.
She was fighting, screaming, so I took care of it.
Took care of it how? Shot her.
She didn't make a peep after that.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Where did you bury her body? Now, you dig deeper than that.
And there's no reason for you to take me all the way from New York to Miami to show you her body, is there? Miami-Dade's not putting you on a plane without something.
She had on a pearl Rolex.
A fake pearl Rolex.
Lieutenant, I own the largest conglomerate of radio stations in Florida, so, of course, I heard the news, but I would have appreciated a phone call.
Sir, I understand, and I'm sorry you had to find out like this.
So, you guys found the guy who kied my wife, and you let him get away? Mr.
Johnson, it's possible that Darius did not kill your wife.
Then why did you bring him down here from a New York prison? To provide us with information about where she's buried.
I said it a year ago, and I'm still holding out hope that Lydia's alive.
I understand, but with the amount of blood that we recovered from her vehicle, I think that's unlikely.
My son still waits for his mother to come home.
He won't let me turn out the porch light.
If we could have some closure, it'd help.
Johnson, I am going to do everything in my power to find your wife, okay? Thank you.
What are we looking for? I don't know yet.
Shot her.
Let me ask you again.
Where did you bury her body? Dead eyes.
It's the scariest kind of criminal.
Hoberman helped me.
Now, you dig deeper than that Interesting.
What? Mr.
Hoberman helped me.
Did you look into the files on Darius? Homicide did.
They looked at the files here and in New York, but there's no mention of a Hoberman.
Now, you dip deeper Now, you dig deeper Dig deeper.
He's playing with us.
He's playing how? I don't know.
Let's pull up all the newspapers surrounding the day Mrs.
Johnson went missing.
Got an ad here for new condos on Collins.
Digging begins winter of '06.
No Hoberman.
I go an archeological dig up in St.
Any mention of Hoberman? No.
Got an ad here for Hobie boards.
Maybe it's a bastardization of Hoberman.
It could happen.
What? Obituaries.
Atticus Hoberman, died October 31, 2004.
That's the day before Lydia Johnson went missing.
But he was interred November 2.
That was the day after she went missing.
"Dig deep.
" Does it say what cemetery? Yeah.
Montefiore Acres, Surfglide Way.
We're gonna need a warrant.
And some heavy equipment.
Coffin's wood.
Still looks new.
Let's see if Lydia Johnson's inside.
According to the file, Mr.
Hoberman died peacefully of natural causes.
Everything looks consistent.
No Lydia.
She's not under him? Not in this casket.
He's in here alone.
It's a shovel.
It was under the coffin.
"Dig deeper.
" It's surrounder by cement.
Crypts are set the day before.
So, Lydia couldn't be buried here.
Well, she had to be buried somewhere, and there's blood on the shovel.
Bet if we test it, it's hers.
Your Darius is one tricky guy.
Looked in the paper for burials, showed up before the ceremony, put the shovel in a stranger's freshly dug grave.
Where no one would ever think to look.
You know, the funny thing is, by burying the shovel in the crypt, he may have preserved the evidence.
The black box.
I got it, but the feds swooped in and took it.
I did get the pilot's transcripts, though.
Okay, that's good enough.
He told Miami International he was diverting to Opa-Locka.
There was a lot of stress in his voice.
Wait a second diverting to Opa-Locka Airport? Yeah, then mechanical problems brought him down a couple of miles short he crash landed.
What are you thinking? Somebody may still be waiting for him, Eric.
All right, I'll tell Tripp.
Have him meet me there.
He's not gonna make it, ma'am.
Excuse me? Henry Darius.
He's not gonna show.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Ma'am, we have a list of his pen pals from Attica.
Prisoners troll the Internet.
Freedom of speech b.
and those lowlifes reel in women like you.
Women that fall in love with serial killers.
Henry and I did correspond.
He's very nice, thoughtful, and caring, exceptionally intelligent.
So you thought you'd spring him from prison.
He diverts a plane, you're here to whisk him away to your villa, is that right? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Then you won't mind us checking that bag.
Looks like about 20 large.
It's mine.
Ma'am, if I were to guess, I would say that's expense money for Mr.
You prove that.
You can reach me on Hibiscus Island.
All right.
Cops found the kids car on sight 57th and Flagler.
One male driver.
Tell them to use the pulse I'll meet them there.
Ma'am, don't leave town.
That's far enough, gentlemen.
Where's Darius, Ken? I don't know.
Who brought the plane down, you or him? I didn't want any part of this.
I was supposed to stand trial in a fraud case.
I'm strictly white collar.
So it was you hat's a gas burn on your arm.
Darius said he'd let me go.
As soon as you got to Opa-Locka.
You should probably go to the bathroom now.
Timed it wrong.
We fell short.
I notice that blood on your pants, Ken.
What's that from? The plane crash.
No, it's not.
What did you guys do? I didn't do anything, I ran.
Ken Did Darius just kill someone? Did he just kill someone? I want a location right now.
Miami U building, at the edge of campus.
Theta Gamma something.
You don't understand.
Look in that guy's eyes, it's too late.
For you, too.
Looks like the girls tried to fight him off.
Yes, it does.
You think a guy like Darius can stop on his own, Horatio? He's not gonna stop until we make him stop.
So the blood on the shovel matches Lydia Johnson.
Yes, but Darius did not bury Lydia.
Then how'd he get specific information? Did he have a partner, did he hear it through the prison grapevine? It's not his MO.
How about the soil on the shovel did it help? Depends how you look at it it's marl soil.
Marl soil, calcium from the summer wet season.
Right, means she was buried in low-lying land in Dade County.
Still, it's a large area.
Okay, stay on it, Mr.
Wolfe, stay on it.
Young girls just hanging out watching soaps, not expecting to have to confront a killer.
No one ever does.
Life and death at 18.
These blood stains seem out of place.
Where you going? Alexx, we've got a live one! You're okay, you're gonna be okay.
You're safe.
We're gonna move you out.
She's almost suffocated.
Rescue to 1818 Mirabella Street.
He he.
She's going into shock.
It's okay, you're gonna be okay.
Johnson, I'd like to talk to your son about the day your wife disappeared.
We've been through this.
He didn't see anything.
I understand that, but if it would be okay, I'd like to determine that for myself.
What, a year later? You see, Mr.
Johnson, sometimes with a trauma like this, it can take some time for it to dissipate.
I'm telling you, he didn't see anything.
Fine, let's go.
I meant alone.
If that would be okay.
That's exactly right, Adam, It's just like the big shield, only smaller.
I like the way it feels.
Now, Adam, tell me what's special about the gold shield.
It has an eagle on top of it? It does.
You see, now, you have a good eye.
I do? You do, son.
Adam, what I want to do is going to be hard, but I want to ask you a few questions about the day your mom disappeared.
Could you help me with that? Okay, good.
Now, your mom your mom drove you to soccer practice, and then what happened? Here's your ball.
Have a good practice.
I'll see you at 5:00.
Scream, and I'll blow your head off, and I'll do the same to your little boy.
I saw a guy in the front seat close to my mom whispering.
He was in the front seat? Adam, I I thought you were in the front seat.
Mom never let me sit in the front.
Air bags.
Okay, and he he was whispering.
How could you tell? 'Cause I couldn't hear them.
He turned the music up crazy loud.
I should have protected her.
I didn't do anything to stop it.
Adam, sometimes the smartest thing to do is to do nothing.
Now, what else do you remember about him? Hair.
He had long hair, down his back.
He tied it, with a rubber band.
Okay, you mean you mean like a ponytail? Like a ponytail.
Adam, that is perfect.
Now, this lady is our sketch artist.
She's gonna help you remember what his face looks like, all right? Thanks for the pin.
You bet, partner, you bet.
Go ahead, ma'am.
We need to go back to Lydia Johnson's van and have another look.
Have another look at what? The killer was in the front seat.
He may have touched something.
All right.
Hope you're not allergic to dust.
This is Lydia Johnson's mini-van.
Can't print these.
You have the keys, Frank? Yeah.
Johnson kid said the music was crazy loud, right? Yeah, but not on that station.
That's housewife music.
Homemade CD and a memade label.
The wife's? No, I don't think so.
Guy's picture's on it, his address, too.
Fort Lauderdale.
Let's go.
You the, uh, lead singer or just a solo act? Who are you? Miami CSI.
We found a homemade copy of your CD in a murder victim's vehicle.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I suppose you don't know Lydia Johnson, either.
Who? Wife of the owner of Florida's largest media conglomerate, James Johnson.
Has Uan eight-year-old son who saw somebody kill his mom right in front of him.
I didn't kill anybody, all right? I'm no hater.
What was your CD doing inside their minivan? Why don't you ask Mr.
Johnson about the CD? I jumped in his car that morning.
I told him to take a listen.
I don't see what the big deal is.
On t day that your wife disappears, a kid that you don't know forces his way into your car and makes you listen to his song.
You don't think that's a big deal.
You think that's the first kid to pull a Rupert Pupkin on me? Pass.
Give it to Mellow 101.
Let them put their listeners to sleep.
Hey, whoa.
Johnson, I'm so sorry about this.
You got to hear this.
This is called "Flyami.
" Check it out.
This is the worst song I have ever heard in my life.
Here's my card.
en you get some talent, give me a call.
Just gave him my card to get rid of him.
You should have locked your doors, James.
Well, I would've if I could've found the auto lock.
It's my wife's car.
We swapped that morning.
You and your wife swapped cars on the day she disappeared, and you didn't think it was important to tell the police.
I didn't think it was important.
You think this guy has something to do with Lydia's disappearance.
I mean, how could I possibly know? I mean, I'm getting this information a year later.
When you find out more, give me a call.
I have your card, James.
But thank you.
Let's go back into his financial records, please.
A year ago.
Let's do it again.
Kimberly, the man who broke into your sorority house, did he look like this? His name is Henry Darius.
Can you tell me what happened? Um, I missed the tournament bus.
When I walked into the house, and, um there was blood everywhere.
The girls were still on the floor, and Katie was still moaning.
I tiptoed right past his back.
You did good to hide in the laundry room.
Did he say anything? Did he talk to anyone? Uh "Where's Alexa? Where is she?" Who is Alexa? Alexa Endecott.
Third year sister.
He kept asking where she was.
Is she in Fort Lauderdale with the others? No.
I know she was ditching the tournament, but I can't remember what for.
Okay, Kimberly, I need you to think.
I need you to remember where she is.
Coco Riding Club.
She went around 11:00 a.
this morning.
I know where that is, Calleigh.
Thank you.
Lieutenant Caine.
Detective Mac Taylor.
Could've used a tailwind.
No worries.
Heard Darius had already hit a sorority house.
Yes, Miami University.
He's looking for somebody specific, Mac.
Have a name? Alexa Endecott, 21.
No longer using her cell phone.
We know where she is? We do.
The bad news, Mac, so does he.
Please explain why I just had six police officers barge onto club property.
It's called a murder investigation.
You're kidding, right? He's a fugitive from New York.
He's on a killing spree in Miami.
He's targeting Alexa Endecott.
Is she here? Uh, she was jumping steeples earlier, down that way.
Thank you.
He's a little spooked.
Alexa Endecott.
Take a look at this, Mac.
Still wet, too.
That blood is Alexa's.
We found something.
Rescue's on its way.
He's security for the club.
Sir, you okay? What happened? We're lookg for Alexa Endecott.
Guy took my car.
Where's your gun? He-he took it.
Yeah, I've got a police emergency.
Connect me to the security car assigned to the Coco Riding Club.
Based on past behavior, he'll ditch the car first chance he gets.
We don't have much time.
We're connecting you right now.
Nobody knows him better than you do, Mac.
Henry Darius? Detective Mac Taylor, all the way from New York City.
Hey, those nurses' apartment, did you ever get the blood out of the carpet? I'm here with Lieutenant Horatio Caine, Miami-Dade PD.
You had to call for backup.
I'm flattered.
Darius, I want to speak to Alexa right now.
She can't talk right now.
I've got roadblocks, and all of Miami is looking for you, my friend.
Well, I would expect no less.
Car has GPS, we'll find you.
You will find me when I want you to find me.
Alexa Endecott, the Endecotts? The Endecotts, sugar cane and railways.
Philanthropy in every big city in America.
He picked very rich girl.
GPS kicked out the vehicle.
Did you touch anything else? No.
Just popped the trunk, sir.
Car's empty.
We're gonna have a look.
Sure thing.
Darius disabled the radio, but not the video camera.
It's a projected image, no tape inside.
I'll call the security company, see what they have.
Something else.
You get some? "6601-C6.
" Sounds like it could be map coordinates.
It's not like him to telegraph where he's going.
Maybe it's where he's been, Mac.
Burial site for your Lydia Johnson.
That's what I'm thinking.
Why don't I ge that security video.
Take one of my officers, if you need one.
Yeah, Eric.
Run some coordinates, please.
Talk to me.
Looks like a Florida street guide.
Page definitely corresponds to a location in Dade County.
Yeah, factoring in the soil evidence from the shovel, he's pointing us to a wetlands area in Homestead.
All right, I'll meet you there.
Underground scanning.
What branch of the military did we get this from? Technology's not perfected, but it'll get us there.
What are they listening for? Lydia Johnson's Rolex is a fake, Eric.
Meaning it ticks instead of sweeps.
Good thing her husband was cheap.
Let's just hope the battery holds up.
He found something.
Alexx? The clothes and the jewelry are a match to Lydia Johnson I'll take dental records to be sure.
The family has waited a year.
I'm on it.
Horatio a business card.
When you find out more give me a call.
It's the husband's business card.
Maybe Lydia's pointi us to her killer.
James, we found your business card on your wife's body.
This is my wife.
I'm just glad you found her.
Yeah, I bet you are.
What is that supposed to mean? You took out a $5 million life insurance policy on your wife.
The way the policy is designed, you don't get a penny until you produce her body.
You also called the department every week for a year, James.
Family fiscal planning.
Nothing more.
Took the policy out the week our son was born.
Need I remind you that I found your business card on your dead wife's body? Folded in half.
That's how I hand them out.
Must have given it to somebody who gave it to her.
To who? Who would that be? I told you, I meet hundreds of people a week, it could be anyone.
ID'd the print on the card.
Thank you, Eric.
Well, James sit tight.
It's about to get interesting.
Brian, right now I have enough to charge you with murder.
I did not kill that lady, man.
Then how do you explain to me how your fingerprint on that business card in Lydia's grave? My God, I-I I don't know how this got so screwed up.
You want some help with it? I followed Mr.
Johnson for weeks.
and I had his car information, his schedule, everything about him.
And then he refused to help you with your music? He treated me like I was a no-talent.
So I went to Plan B.
What was "Plan B", Brian? I hired someone to scare him.
Scare him.
I gave him his card, his address, I told him to get him after lunch.
He had the same schedule every day, Johnson had.
Except for the day that he swapped cars with his wife.
That moron told me "The wife's just as good as the husband.
" Have a good practice.
I'll see you at five.
- See you.
- Okay.
Scream and I'll blow your head off, and I'll do the same to your little boy.
You know, scare her to scare him.
Only he tells me, he accidentally shot her.
" Drive.
And all this time, Brian, you told no one? I was afraid.
I know about felony murder it's like I killed her myself, right? Yeah, that's exactly right, my friend.
You do know the law.
Brian Is that the man that you hired? His name is Henry Darius.
Who did you hire then? I only knew him as "Rosie.
" I have his Internet address, but it was canceled the day she disappeared.
That should have been the tip off for you, my friend.
Hook him up, please.
Excuse me Frank.
Mac's chasing down video from the security car.
Okay, you hear anything, you let me know.
How's that loser fit in? That loser hired somebody named Rosie who probably knows Darius.
How? That is a good question, Frank.
You need me, I'll be with Lydia Johnson, all right? All right.
The body's intact.
Held together by her clothing.
They're a mess, but I did notice one thing.
She was shot.
Hole in the clothes on the side of the blouse, and her waist.
Projectile recovered from her scapula.
That's an odd angle, Alexx.
Right to left.
Front to back.
Could it have been an accident? Not this one.
Right in the temple.
Right in the temple that's an execution.
You know how much head shots bleed.
Right, so that explains the blood spatter in the van, doesn't it.
Oh, please, God, I have a baby! Now it makes sense why everyone bought Darius' story.
Just by the volume of blood, fits his MO.
But it wasn't Darius.
It was this Rosie guy who killed her and left the shovel in the grave.
I hope you've got a lead on the real killer.
There he is.
Thanks for finding my mom.
Well, I did it with your help, Adam.
Did you find the ponytail man? I haven't found him yet, but I will.
And I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
As soon as I find him, I'm going to call you first.
All right? So we got a deal? Okay.
We got a deal.
He switched cars.
Killed the driver to get the car.
Rescue's out and rolling.
Tripp's running the plates as we speak.
Stop the video.
Rewind that, please.
I saw his lips move.
He said something.
"Happy birthday.
" How did he know that? He's wearing a black Entek cap.
If he took it with him, he could wear it for disguise.
I'm going to let Miami P.
You know, this road intersects with I-95.
It was over four hours ago, he could be anywhere by now.
How far do you think he got? I may have the answer to that.
Alexa Endecott just left a message on our home machine.
Anyone, it's Alexa, I've been taken by some guy.
He's got, uh, brown hair Got to go before he comes.
I'm shutting my phone off.
Wait a second, play that again.
There was a sound after she said "guy.
" Sounds like a horn.
taken by some guy he's got, uh, brown hair He's got, uh, brown hair If I've heard that sound once, I've heard it a thousand times.
Horatio, you worked Manhattan.
Sounds and arrivals and departures in and out of the city.
That's the Staten Island Ferry.
They're already in New York.
Question is how'd they get there so fast? Ms.
Nivens? Turn around, please, Ma'am.
You have a G-4 don't you?.
Why? That is the plane that Darius just flew away on.
And he left me here because of you.
You let him take your private plane to New York? With a younger woman, if that doesn't that beat all.
That younger woman is a hostage.
Why New York? I don't know.
He said he had some kind of business there.
What kind of business? He told me he was going to New York City to make things right.