CSI: Miami s04e08 Episode Script


Wolfe! You stay with me, Wolfe! You stay with me! We're almost there.
- I got to pull it out! - No, don't you dare pull it out, Wolfe! Get your hand off your eye! You take that nail out, you could die! This is car 529 heading east on Flagler.
I need all units available for traffic assistance! Officer down.
Repeat, officer down.
Wolfe, you stay with me, Wolfe, all right? Stay with me, Wolfe.
Come on! No, Wolfe, you're not going into shock! Come on! Stay with me! This is Eric Delko, Miami-Dade P.
I need a trauma team available at the entrance of the E.
Check his vitals and contain the bleeding.
Get me radiology now.
Sir, sir, you need to wait here.
Hey, I want to go with him.
I'm afraid that won't be possible.
Well, tell me what you're going to do to him.
Won't know until I can take X rays, - see if he's suffered brain or optical damage.
- That's fine.
The minute that you know something, I want to know.
What happened, Eric? I was about a block away when I heard Dispatch.
I never made it to the original crime scene.
Did you? Five hours ago.
You calling this a homicide? It's not a pretty one, either.
Brenda Hall.
Shot with a nail gun.
Contractor found her on the siteabout a half hour ago.
I guess the new master bedroom got christened in the worst way.
I guess so.
Is that her family? Yeah.
Rounding 'em up right now.
They were inside, asleep.
Ten-year-old's on a sleepover.
Okay What's going on? Ma'am, hang on a second.
This is a crime scene.
A crime scene? What happened?! Gary! Ma'am, ma'am, you're going to have to identify yourself.
I'm Charlene Hartford.
I'm engaged to Gary.
I live here.
Did the first Mrs.
Hall live here with you all? Not on your life.
Can I go now? Go ahead, ma'am.
Come on, honey.
That's Hall's next wife? No matter how you cut it, divorce sucks.
Frank it's a killer.
So, the wedding's on.
I know what this looks like, but you got to believe me.
I didn't kill my ex-wife.
And why do you think she was here? I don't know.
Maybe it was topick up the china.
I told her I'd leave it for her in the garage.
She'd take the wallpaper if she could.
So your son and fiancée were here all night long, and no one heard a sound? Not a sound.
How long were you married to Brenda? Brenda was having a difficult time letting go.
How do you mean, difficult? Well, she wouldn't sign the divorce papers, and you know why? Because she knew that my fiancée and I couldn't get married until she did.
We had to postpone the wedding three times.
When was the last time you talked to her? I haven't.
Since we separated ten months ago, we only talk through our lawyers.
You wouldn't describe your divorce as amicable.
You ever heard of one that was? Not so far.
Is that a nail gun? What are you doing here? Exactly.
I thought this was your day off.
Should be, after, uh, Eric didn't answer the call out? Yeah.
That's starting to become a habit.
It's not the only one, if you know what I mean.
I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.
What do we got? Found herself at the business end of a nail gun.
Got spent nails.
That's burnt grass.
Wonder if it's got something to do with her death.
Is it a contained burn? Yeah.
I think an accelerant was used.
I'll get a sample to Trace.
Alexx, these wounds are from a crime of rage.
Divorce does bring out the worst in people.
Four nails in her neck and torso.
You better believe it.
Did one of the nails puncture a blood vessel? Sure did.
Her axillary artery.
After that, every beat of her heart drained the life out of her, literally.
Baby girl bled out.
Are those bruises? A few of them, and they're fresh.
On her wrists, back, legs.
And she's got scratches on her arms.
I see those.
So she was fighting for her life, Alexx.
Sure was, Horatio.
Now let's see who she was fighting with.
Horatio, you got a minute? I do.
I'll be right out, Rick.
Alexx, get that to DNA, please? Welcome back, Horatio.
It's good to be back, Rick.
How's New York? New York was busy.
Yeah, I heard.
Uh, you had to postpone a court appearance on a "personal matter"? A case from over 20 years ago? That's true.
I also hear you're a suspect in a homicide investigation.
That's true, too.
That's pretty hypocritical, isn't it? Hmm.
Um, not from where I'm standing, Rick.
Will there be anything else? Uh, yeah.
Y- You want to tell me what happened? You want to know what happened? Yeah.
Okay, Rick, I'll tell you.
In an attempt to save my mother's life, I intervened on a situation, and her killer wound up dead.
That's what happened.
And so did she? That's correct.
New York D.
's going after you on this? That's correct.
Do you have any idea why? Rick, I was hoping you could tell me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
Okay, I'm sorry.
So I guess you can take the girl out of firearms but no, you can't, 'cause it's you.
Markham's at court.
Apparently, he's perfected the magic act of disappearing.
That guy gives county workers a bad name.
You get anything? Try it.
Really? - I can shoot this? - Yeah.
Go ahead.
All right, cool.
Yeah, like these things are going to stop a nail.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, be careful.
It-it doesn't work.
I know that.
That's because there's a safety in the front.
You can pull the trigger all you want, but unless the safety is depressed, it won't work.
So someone would have to press the gun against a person in order to shoot them.
But that didn't happen, because the nails were sticking out of the victim.
So the nails were airborne.
They're "eight penny" nails.
Two and a half inches long.
So is there any way to determine whether or not that's the murder weapon? Do nails have striations? No, but they do have tool marks.
Each time the piston hits the head of the nail, it leaves a unique impression.
Let's see what we've got.
Tool marks don't match.
The imperfections are different.
- Are you kidding? - No.
The nail gun found at the scene was not used to kill Brenda Hall.
We got to get back to that house.
Ah, there he is.
Nice of you to show up.
What's your problem, Wolfe? Must be nice to work on "Delko time.
" Cherry pick cases, show up when you want.
I had something I had to take care of.
You need any help, Calleigh? Yo, Eric, it's too little, too late.
If I thought that you could even understand what I'm going through, I'd explain it to you.
Okay, you know what? That is enough.
I get it.
Eric, we're fine.
If I need extra help, I will call you.
You, in the elevator with me; we're leaving now.
You always take his side.
Funny he always says the same thing about you.
I mean, this is the construction site, there's got to be more than one nail gun.
Will you check the on-site office? Okay Any luck? No nail gun.
Hey! Hey! Hey, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Miami-Dade, P.
Hold up Thanks.
It's your turn.
I dove that Dumpster at Joe's Stone Crab.
I'll help you.
Ugh Oh, check it out.
Looks like a bunch of burned clothes.
Charred grass is starting to make sense.
I think I found the accelerant.
It's lighter fluid.
It's probably from the family barbecue pit.
They were cooking Donna Karan, size two.
Daughter's too young, first wife's size 10.
Leaves one female.
We found these on your property, doused in lighter fluid.
Yes, Brenda burned my clothes.
My entire wardrobe.
The char looks recent.
It happened two days ago.
I just got back from dropping Lucas off at school What's the hell? Brenda, what are you doing?! I didn't put Gary through law school so he could fill your walk-in closet, you whore! That's it! I'm calling the police! Did you call the police, Charlene? No.
I felt bad for her.
You felt bad, or you felt guilty? You know, homicide tells us that before you were Gary's fiancée? you were his secretary.
I put through all of her phone calls.
She berated Gary, belittled him constantly.
Their relationship was over long before I came along.
All I had to do to "steal" him was be nice to him.
And your confrontation never turned physical when she burned your clothes? I never touched her.
Excuse me a minute.
So Charlene denies ever having a physical altercation with Brenda.
She may be telling the truth.
Valera just tested the epithelials under Brenda's nails.
She found male DNA.
Male? Unknown donor.
Not for long.
Call Horatio.
Hey, what's this? Gary, you lied to me.
You saw Brenda recently, didn't you? I mean, very recently.
This swab is going to verify that.
I did.
Our relationship was complicated.
You really took the high road after you separated from Brenda, didn't you? And what's that supposed to mean? Well, you tied up every divorce attorney in town, and then cut her off financially after she raised your children for 17 years, that's what it's supposed to mean.
I told her, if she wanted money, she needed to sign the papers.
She refused.
Now, that's why I went to her place yesterday: get her to sign once and for all.
Yes, but it got physical, which would explain your skin under her fingernails, wouldn't it? Yeah it got physical.
But not like you think.
All you have to do is sign, Brenda.
You always said you wanted it rough.
Rough enough for you? You know, they say "ex-sex" is the hottest, and what can I tell you.
If she was like that before, we'd probably still be together.
You are a real class act.
So I'm human.
Yes, it's a shame there's not a swab that can confirm that.
Excuse me.
Calleigh, would you go over to Brenda Hall's apartment.
Gary just admitted he's been there.
Looks like Brenda downsized after the separation.
Injuries say violence, her husband says sex.
Hopefully, we can figure out what's true.
Well, it's a fine line with some people.
Broken fruit bowl.
Looks like there was a fight.
Or it could be sex.
Ever pushed aside the dinner plate to get some? Can you focus on the task at hand, please? There's no evidence of biologicals.
And there was no seminal fluid found in the victim, either.
Nothing on the table.
He could've worn a condom.
Could be equivocal.
It's hard to prove.
I'll tell you one thing, Gary said he was coming over here to get his divorce papers signed.
You see any? No, I don't.
Something's definitely weird.
One saved message.
Sunday, November 13, 5:00 p.
You crazy bitch! I am sick of this! We need to meet.
Come over tonight, let's settle this once and for all.
Gary left that message yesterday afternoon.
That's seven hours after they tore this place up.
Sounds like a threat.
Or a promise.
So, uh, wow, we went to Brenda's apartment, that's a big come down from your house in Key Biscayne.
Brenda made her choices.
You know, there's no evidence that says that you had sex with her.
All we see is a fight.
And the divorce papers, they weren't in the apartment.
Where did those go? She flushed them down the toilet.
Is that why you left her this? You crazy bitch! I am sick of this! We need to meet.
Come over tonight, let's settle this once and for all.
I said a lot of things on her machine.
Heat of the moment.
What time was that exactly? Yesterday at 5:00 p.
And I've got phone records to provethat the call came from your house.
I was with my son, Lucas, at 5:00.
His baseball team made the playoffs.
They played yesterday.
So you were at the game.
I attend all my son's games.
We'll see about that.
Lucas, what are you doing here? It's the last place she was alive.
Lucas, I'm going to find who did this.
But I need your help.
Okay? Okay.
I want to talk about your baseball game yesterday.
What about it? Was your dad there? Yeah.
What time was that? I don't know, game started at 4:00, Dad was there for my opening pitch.
He stay for the whole time? No, he left early, like usual.
What time did he leave? I don't know.
Second inning? I looked up, he was gone.
Okay, maybe 4:30? I know what you're trying to get me to say.
But my dad would never do something like this to my mom I don't care how much they hated each other.
I hear you, okay?Come here.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Hello, Dan.
I hope you have something on the answering machine.
Let's listen to the message.
I digitized it.
You crazy bitch! I am sick of this! We need to meet.
Come over tonight, let's settle this once and for all.
You hear the popsin-between each sentence? What does that mean? Each time you stop and start an analog tape, it leaves a magnetic signature.
You crazy bitch! When you play that back on standard equipment, that magnetic signature turns into an audible pop.
There was one after each sentence.
So, each sentence was taken from a separate recording.
Listen to the first sentence again.
You crazy bitch! Notice the hiss? Sounds like traffic noise recorded outside.
You crazy bitch! And then there's the second sentence.
I am sick of this! There's no hiss and there's some reverb on it.
Probably recorded inside.
I am sick of this! All five sentences have different ambient sounds in the background.
So, separately, the sentences could be innocuous, but put together, they sound like a threat.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to set this guy up.
Then we should talk to the one person who doesn't have an alibi.
Set up Gary? That's insane.
Why would I do that? Maybe you were concerned Gary and his wife were getting back together.
Them? Right.
Why, is there something you're trying to tell me? My concern is who killed Brenda Hall.
Well, it wasn't me.
I wouldn't hurt Brenda.
I was afraid of her.
Gary and I both were.
That woman will never be the mother of my children! Do you hear me?! - I will not be replaced! - I can't take this anymore.
Gary, do something.
Just wait, wait, wait.
Maybe she'll go away.
Every week it was a different meltdown.
She was a nightmare.
But I'd put up with anything to be with Gary, to have the life that we have.
Well, if you didn't set him up, someone else did.
Who else had access to your home? Who doesn't? We're undergoing renovations.
Half our walls are made of plastic.
Would you mind if I had one of my colleagues test your phones for fingerprints? Fine.
Check away.
Hey, Calleigh, it's me.
Can you get to the print lab? I got something coming at you.
bye Hey, Ryan, are you still at the house? Yeah.
Got a hit? Sure did.
From the upstairs phone.
Belongs to Karl Lampley.
- The contractor.
- Mm-hmm, and guess what.
He's got a rap sheet.
Second degree murder.
I'm gonna call patrol and see if they can round him up.
Okay, I'll poke around Lampley's trailer, I'll see if we get lucky.
Lampley? Karl, you in here? That's Ryan.
Wolfe! Wolfe, you here? Hold tight, man.
Just hold tight.
We got the call.
Rescue's on the way.
No, there's no time for that.
I've got to get him to the hospital now.
Shooter can't be far behind.
I'll search the area.
Get the door! Get the door! This car 529 heading east on Flagler.
I need all units available for traffic assistance.
Officer down.
Repeat, officer down! I was about a block away when I heard Dispatch.
I never made it to the original crime scene.
Did you? I was there five hours ago.
I didn't see you.
Yeah, well, I never got the page.
Dispatch was supposed to try me three times, they went straight to Wolfe.
This is becoming a pattern, isn't it? I've got some things going on.
We all do, Eric.
Yeah? Okay, just hold him there.
We found the contractor.
We'll talk later.
Get him out of there.
Right now.
Let me go.
I wasn't doing anything.
It's called murder and the attempted murder of a police officer, Karl.
You're kidding me.
Why would I do that? For the same reason you killed somebody in Hialeah six years ago.
Look, I did my time.
Yeah, and you're gonna do some more.
What's this? That's nothing, man.
Just a little under-the-table cash for a construction gig.
Let's cut the crap.
Somebody hired you to kill Brenda Hall.
You're attempting to cover your tracks.
And now a police officer's in the hospital.
Look, you're not pinning those on me.
I'm not going back to jail.
Karl, if I find that weapon, you're going back to jail.
Put him in the car, please.
Eric, the contractor's trailer, process it, please.
Okay, Mr.
Uh, you know, Alexx, you don't have to Hey, save it, tough guy.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're not gonna feel anything.
I know this is difficult, but please don't move.
It feels like it's still in there.
That'll change.
What do you got? It's gummy.
Some kind of adhesive.
What do you think it is? I don't know.
Get it to Trace and then to Firearms.
We checked this place earlier.
That nail gun wasn't here.
Do me a favor, Frank.
Check to see if Gary Hall or his fiancée have any open accounts at Miami Shore Savings.
So you paid Karl Lampley to kill your ex-wife, didn't you? Yesterday afternoon there was a $5,000 withdrawal from your account.
The exact amount we found on your contractor.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I haven't been to the bank.
Is your girlfriend authorized to make withdrawals from your account? No, she's not.
But my son is.
I don't know what he's talking about.
Does that help jog your memory? It was taken by the bank security camera.
Yeah, fine, I took out the money.
So, what? Dad doesn't even notice.
What'd you use it for? Stuff.
Going towards my car.
Oh, that's funny, because we just found the money on Karl Lampley.
You give it to him? What, the builder guy? Why would I do that? Lucas, listen.
I need you to be honest with me, okay? This man's a suspect in your mother's murder.
He is? Yeah.
He is.
And the more you can tell me, the more it will help with the investigation.
My mom asked me for it, all right? Your mother? Said she needed the money.
Luke, you have to help me.
Your father took me off all the accounts.
But what if he finds out? You know what this man has done to me.
I have nothing.
He's left me with nothing.
Just sign the papers, you'll get alimony.
Okay, fine, Mom, I'll do it.
Whatever you want.
Thank you.
She wanted 20 grand, but the bank would only let me take out five.
Karl, we traced the 5,000 to the Hall family.
You got it from Brenda, didn't you? Brenda did give me the money as payment.
To kill her ex-husband.
I got your money.
Five now, the rest when it's done.
But not here.
You want to get us busted? You sure you want to do this? I want that bastard off the planet.
Make Britney a widow before she's a wife.
She said the back door would be unlocked, to get there at 9:00 p.
,that everyone would be out of the house but Gary.
No one would notice me, 'cause I was always there.
Then what happened? I was supposed to go to the study.
She said he always worked late.
I did what she said, but he wasn't there.
What are you doing here? Family night at the club.
They shouldn't be home till midnight.
Look, if this is some kind of setup It isn't, but I still want you to kill someone.
Let me guess.
His fiancée? No.
You know, Karl, that is a terrific story.
See, I knew you wouldn't believe me.
I told her to go to hell.
Hey, hey! I didn't think you would do it if I told you the truth! - Yeah, you got that right.
- You've killed before.
What, suddenly you grew a conscience? You actually want to commit suicide? No.
I want to be murdered, and I want Gary to pay.
- You're crazy, lady.
- Am I? I've have his DNA under my fingernails.
Phone messages.
I'm in his house.
I'm in his bedroom.
You and I have never met.
You agreed to kill Gary! Money is money! You want someone dead, do it yourself.
I got my standards.
I'm out of here.
And that was the last I saw of her until this morning.
Look, I'm the one who called it in.
And that's because you're a good citizen, right, Karl? Look, say what you want, but I didn't kill her.
Brenda Hall premeditated her own murder.
That's correct.
Karl didn't kill her, so who did? Well, we're gonna have a better idea once we retrieve all the evidence.
I thought we did.
What did I miss? Eric, visiting hours at the hospital conclude this evening at 8:00 p.
The nail in Wolfe's eye.
That's correct.
Mari? Eric.
What are you doing here? Just an appointment with my doctor.
Well, how come you didn't tell me this this morning? I didn't want you to worry.
Marisol I just need to make sure.
Look, let me go in with you, okay? No, no, no.
You can't spend all your time with me.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Hey, Eric.
She's a pretty girl.
Look, I was I was on my way to go see Wolfe's doctor, get that nail.
I already picked it up.
Beat me to it.
Hey, Eric, whatever you've got going on with that girl, you need to do it on your own time, okay? Before I lose my job? Before you lose respect.
Calleigh? Hey.
Is this the, uh, gun that shot Ryan? Yeah.
It's also the murder weapon.
You see this? The safety's broken.
It's how they were able to fire it from a distance.
Were there any prints on the gun? No, but Eric found some trace.
It should be ready about now.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Trace asked me to give that to you.
Hey, Horatio, does resin narrow things? Really? Good.
All right, I'll get it to you ASAP.
Lucas, we need to talk about the night your mom died.
What for? Well, for starters, you handled the murder weapon.
What are you talking about? Lucas, we found a resin-based glove oil on the handle of the nail gun.
The same type of oil you used at your baseball game yesterday.
Lucas, I know you want to talk to somebody, so talk to me.
Can I trust you? You can trust me.
So, tell me what happened.
Well, it was after the game.
I heard them talking.
You heard who talking? My mom and the guy Karl.
I am in his house, I am in his bedroom.
- You and I have never met.
- You agreed to kill Gary.
Money is money! You want someone dead, do it yourself.
I got my standards.
I'm out of here.
And they were talking about killing your dad, weren't they? I couldn't believe my ears.
No, no, no.
No, no.
I heard.
I heard everything.
Lucas what did you hear? You're trying to kill Dad? Oh, you heard us.
I'm not gonna let you kill him.
Then you're gonna have to kill me, Lucas.
Come on, kill me, or I will kill him myself.
I will! Kill me, Lucas! Come on, kill me! I didn't want her to hurt him.
She was counting on it, son.
She wanted me to? That nail gun was also used to shoot one of my CSIs.
What? I didn't do it, I swear.
You know what? I believe you.
So, what happens now? I am going to talk to the person who did.
I was just trying to protect Lucas.
Yes, because you were taking care of Gary's kids.
It was after the police left.
I- I was cleaning up.
Charlene, you concealed evidence in a murder investigation.
I figured I'd put the nail gun back in the trailer, the contractor would move on to the next job, and we'd all be okay.
Yes, but it didn't work out that way, did it? I thought the contractor was coming back for something.
Karl, you in here? Only, it wasn't him.
Charlene, you left my officer to die.
Lieutenant, I'm sorry.
I truly am.
And now, you're gonna have plenty of time to prove that.
Heard they were letting you out.
Well, I promised I wouldn't drive.
I know.
That's why I came by give you a lift.
Look, I'm- I'm going by your place anyway.
That's cool.
I'm just gonna take a cab.
Listen I know this is my fault.
What is? Your eye.
What are you talking about? I'm talking about, it-it was my call.
Okay, no matter what's going on in my life, I should I should have rolled.
And take a nail in your eye? I don't think so.
Look, Eric, I went in there without any backup.
I went in there without my gun drawn.
This is my fault.
thank you very much for driving me to the E.
That was some crazy driving.
It's no problem.
All right.
Look, you ever mention anything about "Delko time" again, you're gonna need to rent a room in this place.
Fair enough.