CSI: Miami s04e09 Episode Script

Urban Hellraisers

Have a nice day.
I'll do that.
You got to be kidding me.
Your machine ate my card.
Well, I'm sorry, Mr.
Delko, but your checking account is overdrawn.
That's impossible.
I just deposited my last paycheck.
Well, it's depleted.
Mostly cash withdrawals.
Okay, fine.
Who do I need to see about a loan? Everybody down! Get down! Do it, get down! I said everyone down on the floor! Get down on the floor! Get down! Get down, yeah! Everybody down! Not you up, up, up! Money in your bottom drawer, put it in that.
You! You the manager? You're coming with us.
Let's go! Let's go! Move it! Come on! Hurry up! All of it, all of it.
Now come on.
You're coming with us! Come on! All of it! All of it! Let's go, let's go.
Ooh Bonus round! Tap that stuff.
Please Chill.
It'll be over before you know it.
Miami-Dade PD! Cop! Take him out! You kill us, you kill him! Miss, you hold on, okay? You hold on.
Hold on.
This is Delko, CSI.
Armed robbery just occurred at Dade Mutual Bank on Flagler.
Suspects heavily armed and in flight.
I need rescue immediately! I've got three gunshot victims, at least one critical.
Hold on, Miss.
Don't give up, fight it.
Come on! Miss? Hold on, Miss.
Stay with me.
Come on! Miss! That's some piece of hardware, Alexx.
Who do we have here? He's just a boy, Horatio.
No ID.
But I did find this.
Some kind of a clicker.
Club bouncers use them to keep track of how many patrons they let in.
I think we'll agree this is no bouncer.
Nothing about this makes sense.
The vault's untouched.
There are eight teller stations filled with cash and they only rob one? Then attempted a rape in the middle of a hot crime? Nothing they've done was logical.
Maybe not to us.
What's going on, Horatio? Alexx Miami has a new breed of criminal.
Bronson, do me a favor and make sure Wolfe gets a picture of this.
One of these guys was wearing Heelys.
Get down right now! Your eye looks better, guess the antibiotic's working.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Ryan, can I have word? No.
No, no, no.
No comment.
Zero, zip.
Ryan, if you don't deal with this, it's going to bite you in Look, my colleague almost got killed.
So, until we catch these guys, I'm not going to say another word to you.
It's your loss.
I'll survive.
The bank's security system indicates you were the first to activate your alarm.
Yeah, I had a bad feeling as soon as I saw them at the door.
Those masks? It's never Halloween at a bank.
What'd you do after you activated the alarm? I gave him everything in my drawer.
Eighteen thousand.
Did you manage to insert a dye pack? Yeah.
I thought they'd notice.
You up, up, up! Money in the bottom drawer.
Put it in that bag.
Move it! Come on! Now! Come on! But when they didn't shoot me, I realized they didn't know much about banks.
Just enough to be dangerous.
Thanks a lot.
We'll be in touch.
Robbers got 18,000 in toto.
Good news is, the teller managed to insert a dye pack.
Which is impossible to wash off.
Is the bank manager still in the wind, Frank? Yeah, Greg Welch.
Patrol checked his home, no sign of him.
What about the thieves' vehicle, any description? They were all proned out, nobody saw a thing.
Okay, not necessarily true.
Eric? So according to procedure, I'm on desk duty, right? No, actually, you're an eyewitness.
How long after they entered did they start shooting the cameras? Immediately.
Get down! Get down! Okay, where were you? I was talking to the bank manager.
But before that, I was at the ATM.
Eric, the ATM has a camera.
Yeah, I'm going to get a hold of the video tapes, I'll get them over to A.
Keep me posted.
Will do.
The bank had two cameras outside, one on the ATM machine itself, and another positioned to capture a view of the parking lot.
They were set to take photos at six-second intervals.
All right, can you split-screen it? Yeah.
I can sync them up.
At least your day started out well.
Yeah, I almost forgot why I was there.
You didn't get her number? Well, here's the robbers' vehicle.
Go back a few frames.
Look at that they drive by and then they back up before they park.
Okay, they spotted the Hummer.
That means they knew there was a cop inside.
Then why'd they go into the bank? I don't know.
Keep going.
I thought there were three.
Well, the driver's obstructed by the tree.
Jump ahead.
Okay, there they are, they're leaving the bank they have the manager.
What about the car? Plate's obstructed, it's not much.
Wait, what's that on the windshield? Some kind of sticker.
"Miami University.
" Yeah, put me through to the campus police at Miami U.
This is Ryan Wolfe, CSI.
We think a couple of your students robbed a bank today.
One of them parks in parking lot 23A.
You did? Well, what's her name? Okay, thank you.
What's up? A dye pack exploded on a female student at Miami University.
Really? Yeah, campus police called P.
They're bringing her here right now.
Thank you.
Campus police said that you came running out of the dorm laundry room screaming.
When they checked inside, they found that.
Eighteen-thousand dollars.
Same amount missing from the bank teller.
I don't know anything about this money.
Really? You just stumble on it? Yeah.
I was washing clothes in the dorm basement, I saw the bag, and I figured somebody left their laundry behind.
I'm nosy, so I looked in and.
Kim, that just doesn't make sense.
The dye packs explode ten seconds after they pass the bank sensors.
The university is five miles away from the bank.
I don't know what to tell you.
I'm not lying.
You guilty about something.
Well I was never supposed to be in the Y dorm.
I live in the Quad, which is a zoo.
The machines there are always full if they're even working at all.
The Y dorms are, like, way new and empty.
Does this stuff come off? It's methylamino-anthraquinone.
It's built for longevity, it may take awhile.
Am I allowed to leave now? That depends.
On what? On if your story checks out.
You going to call in that Treasury guy? Special Agent Elliott? Yeah.
Does any of that sound hinky to you? No more than the rest of this case.
Why would guys rob a bank and toss out the money? Maybe they don't want it.
Well, who doesn't want money? I didn't say that it made sense.
All right.
I'll look at ROs for the vehicles in parking lot 23A, see if I can find the driver.
All right, I'm going to get that to Trace.
Money bag? Yeah.
I'll see you later.
All right.
Wolfe is that the money bag? Dye pack pretty much obliterated any chance of finding anything inside.
That leaves the outside, doesn't it? Water mark? Might get us something.
There's one way to find out.
It'll take some time.
Okay, not a problem.
I'll be on the cell.
Wolfe, I got a call from Erica Sikes.
Damn it.
I'm really sorry she bothered you.
I I told her I wouldn't give her a quote.
It wasn't about a quote.
What's going on? I don't want you to worry about it, okay? I'll take care of it.
Yeah, that's a coolant mixed into water.
It keeps water circulating in subfreezing temperatures.
I can think of one place at a university that has that.
This is it.
We don't need to see the ice.
We need to see where they make it.
So this is secure all the time, huh? Hey, I locked this myself last night.
Hey that's the bank manager.
Hey Get me out of here, please.
All right, all right, hang tight.
Welch, do you remember me? Eric Delko.
I was at the bank today.
Did you get a look at the guys who put you in here? They never took their masks off.
Did they say anything, anything at all that might help us? They said they'd kill me if I didn't tell them.
Tell them what? About the money drop this afternoon.
What money drop? The Federal Reserve brings in fresh currency for the retail banks in metro Miami, once a week, at a specific time.
So the $18,000 was just a cover to take you hostage, and go after a bigger payday? Yeah, a huge payday.
Where's the drop? It's at the main branch on West Seventh.
That's in 20 minutes.
, listen, I've got the hostage, and the location of their next hit.
Nice and slow.
That's it, keep coming.
Okay, stop! Yeah, right there, right there's good.
Yeah, that's good.
Okay, now, drop the money.
And drop your guns.
I suggest you do the same thing, my friend.
Put the weapon down, and get on the ground right now.
Put your hands behind your head! Eric, get that mask off him.
Better watch your grill, Johnny Law.
We're still in play.
Is that right? What did you say? Ah, you heard me.
Put him in the car.
Ryan what did that mean? H.
, I got something I got to show you.
Let's do that.
I kept thinking the bank was like an old case.
The thing is, I couldn't remember which old case.
Then that kid said what he said up there.
He said, "We're still in play.
" Hit the floor! Level two.
Everything, just like it happened in the bank.
Ready? And then this.
Still in play.
Wolfe They seem to be recreating a game.
A video game.
Which explains why they robbed the bank and tossed the money.
That's why they kill people without provocation.
None of this is real to them.
It will all be very real soon, Mr.
Quite real.
You got here fast.
Always do when it's a Calleigh Duquesne 9-1-1.
So, dye packs? College student, Kim Mills, she stumbled onto a money bag on campus, said the dye pack exploded on her.
Is there any way the dye pack malfunctioned back at the bank? Can happen if the thieves somehow bypassed the bank's sensors, yeah.
Have you ever seen it happen? Sure.
Especially when they take a scared employee with them as hostage, someone to show them the ropes.
Yeah, the suspects got the bank manager, and he checks out all the way down the line.
I think your girl's authentic, but I'll interview her just to cover our bases.
Oh, that'd be great, thanks.
And as long as I'm here, any chance I can look at the recovered money? Sure.
It's over in Q.
Have at it.
Calleigh? It's good to see you again.
It's great to see you, too.
Miss Mills, I'm Special Agent Peter Elliott with the Treasury Department.
I going to have to ask you some questions.
Empty your pockets.
We found one of those on your dead partner, Junior.
He's not my partner.
Besides, you guys will never guess what the clicker's for.
You use them to add up points, because you're playing a game, aren't you? You played that game so much, it got boring.
So you felt you had to go out and do it for real.
You're crazy.
That's why you chose Dade Mutual.
That photograph puts you there.
Your Heelys.
You saw the Hummer parked outside, just like in the game.
You followed the cop inside.
Because a bank with a police officer is worth more points.
Isn't it? Thousand bonus.
Five, if you waste him.
And what if one of your running buddies gets shot in the process? Scream? Everybody buys it sometime.
That's part of the game.
We're looking for your friend with the demon mask? If I dime him out, that's minus, what, 500 points.
If you don't, it's 25 to life.
I'm already ahead on points.
Besides, good behavior I'll be out in ten.
Take him.
Come on.
So what's the next step? Well, we figure out Demon's next step, Frank.
If he's still playing, he'll hit whatever's next on the game, won't he? Let's talk to the man who wrote the game.
You are the president of Trans International? Urban Hellraiser is our top seller.
I'm gonna need a breakdown on your game.
Where the player goes, what he has to do, when and how.
Sorry, but that's proprietary.
You wouldn't ask Colonel Sanders about his 11 herbs and spices, right? But here's the difference: there's a crime spree in Miami based on your game.
Our in-house counsel informs me that any similarities between this morning's events and our game are purely coincidental.
I want you to tell that to the family of the dead bank teller.
Look I have a board to answer to stockholders.
My hands are tied.
Well, maybe a night in lockup will help untie them.
Guys, I'd love to help, really.
But if you want to know what's in the game, well I suggest you play it.
But in the meantime, Detective Tripp here is going to arrest you for obstruction of justice.
Wolfe, I want you to do me a favor.
Play the game.
You seen Peter Elliott? Is that that federal guy, with the salt and pepper hair? Yeah.
Yeah, he poked his head in, and he wanted the Questioned Documents lab.
You sent him to Fingerprints, right? Yeah, of course.
He's just here to see Calleigh, anyway.
Yeah, he's had a thing for Calleigh since the first money case they worked together.
You get anything yet? I can't get past the second level 'cause you keep shooting me! What? It's not you, it's the cop in this game.
You're dead.
Try again.
That's weird.
It's just like this morning, in the bank.
I wish I could have saved that teller.
At least you were there for the girl.
In the game, she's worth a thousand points.
For raping her? Yeah.
Now you know why I stopped playing this game at home.
Anyways, game pretty much follows everything that's happened so far.
You rob the bank, you grab the bank manager, you kill the teller.
Level two.
Manager tells them where the money drop is.
But getting busted by CSI wasn't part of the plan.
Yeah, or the game.
What the hell is that? It says, "Sniper mode.
" Sniper? I didn't see a sniper there today.
Doesn't mean there wasn't one on a nearby building, watching.
Well, then why didn't he take a shot? Only one way to find out.
Let's go.
Hold on, not you.
You stay and play the game.
You're the only one that knows how.
Yeah, but then I lose the collar.
I guess so.
Keep playing, game boy.
Got a jacketed casing.
It's a 3-0-8.
That's a sniper's round, Eric.
Well, if there was a sniper here, why didn't he fire on us? That's how it works in the game.
Area looks pretty clear to me.
Yes, but it wasn't a couple of hours ago, was it? A couple of hours ago, the Fed helicopter was here.
The position was different than it is in the game.
It must have blocked any shot he might have had.
What did he do after we arrested his his partner? Eric, do you see that? Yeah.
Looks like the mask Demon wore in the robbery.
You think leaving this mask behind was part of the game? I don't know, but if we can get his DNA off it, we can beat him at his own game.
Did Valera swab it for DNA? Yeah, she said the guy salivated all over it, just breathing.
So she's analyzing it now.
Maybe the mask will give us something while we wait.
That's right, biometrics.
So these things are custom fitted? Yeah, most jocks insist on it.
They usually mold the mask straight off the athlete's face.
Our suspect must have customized it.
So we could know what Demon looks like.
Some work to do first.
There are 80 nodal points on the human face.
And we need about 17 for the facial recognition program to make a comparison.
You got to love it.
The guy wears the mask for protection and it ends up nailing him.
What are you using for a database? The Miami U.
Student Facebook.
Why not start with the athletes? Already spoke to the athletic director.
He said that no current athlete wears one of these masks.
How many students are in there? About 17,000 guys.
Oh, my God.
You're gonna be in for some overtime.
All right, let me know.
Will do.
Level two.
Want to get the door for me? Congratulations.
You are entering a new level.
Level three.
How's our coed? She checked out.
Homicide released her.
Did you visit the stolen money? Eventually.
One of your video guys sent me on a wild goose chase.
Rank on the federal agent.
I am so sorry.
I apologize on their behalf.
Not necessary.
But I could play it up, ask you to grab a drink with me when you get off tonight.
Um well, I tell you what.
We catch these gamers, I'll make it a whole dinner.
- Horatio.
- Yeah.
I just got to the next level.
Talk to me.
It's a police station.
Player has to go in and steal the evidence against him.
In real life, we store the evidence here at CSI.
Wolfe, go down and alert security right now.
Give me the mask! Give me the mask! Do it or I'll blow your head off! Do it, now! bitch! Add 'em up! Don't do it! Hey! Peter.
It's your call.
Same type of gun used at the bank.
Expensive arsenal for a college budget.
It sure is.
Tripp traced the serial numbers from the bank Tech-Nine to a stolen shipment out of Tampa, and I bet we'll find this gun matches.
Okay, what's your name, son? Glasses.
Not your game name, what's your real name? Michael Page.
Okay, get him up, please.
That hurts! Real bullets are funny like that, Michael.
Get him a paramedic, but put him in the box.
How's Agent Elliott? Calleigh is at the E.
with him right now.
This gang is bigger than we thought.
Or the game is bigger.
We're at a dead end now.
Not necessarily, Eric.
'Cause Glasses left his glasses.
Hey, how you doing? I- I really I want to apologize for leaving the evidence locker open.
It's okay.
Look, nothing got taken.
You're okay.
That's what's important.
Guy who was just holding a gun to my head was wearing those.
Check this out.
What is that? That's what your guy was looking at before the bullets started flying.
Like virtual reality.
Sort of.
Yeah, there's a camera built on to the frame of these things.
And the camera projects an image onto the left lens.
Lens is optic-embedded.
Looks like a blueprint, but in 3-D.
It's sort of familiar.
Matter of fact, that's the remodeled lab.
Yeah, that's DNA, right there.
I specified a few changes after the floor plans were drawn up, but And the plans for the lab have to be secure.
I worked with an architectural firm.
What was the name of the firm? KNB Design.
Big loft space.
That's good.
I'm gonna call and get a list of their employees.
You look like you're in pain, Michael.
I want Demon's real name.
I don't know how it got this far.
Yes, you do, Michael.
Yes, you do.
You had an internship at an architectural firm, you got the blueprints for CSI, you broke in and shot a lot of innocent people.
So what's his name? I don't know.
Michael, the faster you tell me, the faster you go to the hospital.
It's up to you.
I met Demon online.
That's how I met all the other players.
I only know him by his screen name.
Where is he? Where would he hang out? The only place we have in common is the research library at Miami U.
Why the library? We bring our stuff so the points can be validated.
Guy named Wizard keeps track.
Maybe he can tell you where Demon is.
The scorekeeper.
Evan Walsh.
He's always there.
Okay, take him to the hospital.
Eric, Miami University, meet me there.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead He's gone.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Your dead.
Eric, turn that off, please.
Well, this kid was at the center of the game.
He knew ever player and every crime.
Yup, and he lost his life for it.
I'll call the M.
Alexx? One day.
Three bodies under the age of 21.
I don't like it, Horatio.
Neither will their parents, Alexx.
Cause of death? From the crystals on his skin, I'd say he went into renal failure.
Computer log says that he's been playing non-stop for 70 hours.
Level two.
A look around this place confirms that, Eric.
Looks like he urinated in these bottles, too.
Drank diuretics for three days, didn't sleep, didn't eat.
The poor baby's heart gave out.
So, he played to death, Alexx.
Thank you.
Here's his scoreboard.
Says Demon has over 20,000 points.
Life and death reduced to points on a board, Eric.
Well, we've got items brought here for validation, just like the kid said.
And we have some more Tech-Nines right there.
Well, this Wizard kept a record of everything.
"1312 Surf Street.
" Surf Street? I know where that is.
Come on, Eric.
All right, we'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.
Police! Everybody down! Hold it right there.
Don't move.
Eric, who do we have here? His name's Carl Hiatt.
Hey, what is this? I have clients coming any minute.
Hiatt, you're gonna have to reschedule those clients.
Got more Tech-Nines there, too.
No doubt, part of the stolen shipment Detective Tripp is looking for.
I don't know anything about that.
Look, the guy delivers me the guns, pays me some cash to give them to these kids.
They knock on the door, give me a password, I give them up.
That's it.
Who's the guy? No idea.
I never see him.
Everything's online.
You're gonna have to do better than that, Carl.
Maybe not, Eric.
Well Trance International.
That's familiar.
Forrest, dial 118, please.
Forrest, please dial You're sure you should be released? It's a couple stitches.
It's no big deal.
I- I just need my release papers.
You don't hurt anywhere else? I'm okay, Calleigh Nightingale.
Oh, excuse me.
I got a medical, GSW.
Uniforms are with him in the waiting room.
Take your time with him.
Hey, Frank.
I've got the little twerp shooter from CSI.
How's your guy? Tough as nails.
I better get back.
My guy's probably up.
All right.
I'll see you back there.
All right.
Agent Peter Elliott I was told he was transported here.
Can you help me? Are you from the Treasury Department? I'm his fiancèe.
Uh, I was told that he was rushed here? Uh, yeah.
I-I brought him.
You're the one.
Thank you so much.
I don't know what he would have done without you.
Is he okay? Yeah, he's fine.
He's right over there.
Thank you.
Trance International, Chris.
I understand that's your holding company.
That's a matter of public record, Lieutenant.
Your company owns quite a bit of real estate, particularly a building at 1312 Surf Street.
I own many investment properties.
Yes, but this building, Chris, is used for the trafficking of weapons to juveniles.
I don't know what you're talking about.
That doesn't matter, because your friend over there is doing quite a bit of talking, Chris.
You used these kids to sell that video game, didn't you? The gaming business is competitive.
I needed an edge.
Real weapons, real locations, and real lives were lost, Chris.
I'm not saying anything else till I see my lawyer.
You don't have to.
I'm gonna talk.
You're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder and the trafficking of illegal firearms.
I'll never serve one day in prison.
No, you're right.
You are right, sir, because you are gonna serve thousands of them.
Take him away, please.
See you, Chris.
Good thing the gunman didn't get away with my swabs.
Yeah, they didn't even break the seal.
I'll process them.
Can you put a rush on it this time? Cute, Eric.
That the face print program? Yeah, I've been running characteristics of Miami University students for hours.
H got the guy who was selling the guns, but we still don't know who Demon is.
Looks like you got a winner.
John Berg.
He used to play ball.
I'll run the DNA, but it feels anticlimactic now.
Cross the Ts, Valera.
John Berg.
That is not mine.
Biometrics says it is.
Mask I had was clear.
Paid 300 bucks for it.
It's worth it for a ball player.
Former player.
Blew my knee out a year ago.
Haven't played since.
But you kept your locker key, didn't you? I haven't gone into that locker room in a year.
Just another reminder that I couldn't play.
Well, this mask was found near a crime scene.
I got rid of that mask, threw it away.
Didn't need it.
You didn't until you found another game to play.
No, no, wait.
I'm not one of those guys you're looking for.
I'm no gamer.
Valera, what's up? John Berg is not our guy.
In fact, our guy is not a guy.
The amylogenin was X-X.
The mask was worn by a female? Yeah.
Well, you were in the bank.
Could a female have pulled that off? Tech-Nine's pretty much unisex to me.
Thanks, Valera.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I dropped my creds in the melee.
Well, I'm glad to see that you're up and okay.
Heard you met Monica.
Yeah, I did.
She's a nice girl.
Reason I wanted to take you out for drinks was to tell you.
Well, that's not necessary.
I'm happy for you.
I know, it's just, I was so into you, Calleigh, and Hagen told me to back off.
John Hagen told you to back off? Last year, said you two were getting back together.
Showed me a ring and everything.
John was laboring under a lot of misconceptions.
You guys weren't No.
I should've asked you.
You're mad.
No, um, yes, I am.
Look, personal relationships are very complicated No, for business reasons.
What? Well, to be honest with you, if this is how you conduct an investigation, I don't think the girl with the red dye should've been released from custody.
Kim Mills? I questioned her very thoroughly.
That's what I'm worried about.
I'm just thinking that your thorough and my thorough are two very different things.
Will you excuse me? Homicide, it's Duquesne.
I need you to pick up a young lady for me Miami University.
I didn't do anything.
You did plenty.
You robbed a bank, you killed a teller.
We have the mask you wore.
It's opaque.
How do you know that? Because it has your DNA on it.
Whoever wore it left saliva behind.
Our CSIs have a sample of it as we speak.
Do you care to test yours against it? Everybody down! Eat the floor! Eat the floor! Get down! No.
I didn't think so.
We, of course, will, for the trial.
The guys play games 24-7.
They don't even look at you if you're not a gamer.
So you were going to outdo them.
I've got more points than any other guy on the board.
Well, you may get credit for that.
In fact, you may get more time than anyone else in the game if it makes you proud.