CSI: Miami s04e10 Episode Script


His name's Jay Fisher.
Known jeweler, suspected drug lord.
He own the house, Frank? Yeah.
Neighbors called, said they heard multiple gunshots.
Judging by the bullet holes in his chest, I suggest there were three gunshots.
Does he live here alone? Yeah.
Nobody else was here.
Do not move.
Hold it right there.
What's your name, jackass.
Johnny Nixon.
What were you doing on the roof, Johnny? - Hiding.
- From the cops.
From the bullets, man.
I notice that blood on you.
I just got this, just now, when I fell on Fish.
Right after you shot him? I didn't shoot nobody, man.
Take him away, please.
Okay, so I guess you don't want to hear about what I got on one of your cops.
The dope.
Hang on a second.
Oh, no, man, you said to go I don't want to obstruct What are you talking about, Johnny? Cubano guy Delko.
He buys drugs, man.
I sell it to him.
That's a bunch of crap, you're lying.
If I'm lying, how come I got his phone number? Check it, Frank.
Under "D.
" You got this from the website.
It's his personal number, dawg.
Let me see that, Frank.
Call it.
Hey, what's up, this is Eric, leave a message.
Get him out of here.
What are you gonna do? I am going to get to the truth.
I was just there buying dope, man.
I wouldn't shoot Fish.
So the GSR test from you hands should come back negative then.
Hell yeah, it should.
I was upstairs, on the head, when the whole thing went down, man.
There was all this screaming, and hell'a shooting.
No, you need to get my permission, bitch.
I'm not your bitch.
What you need to do is stay the hell out my territory.
- Come on, man, put that away.
- We're just talking.
Well, we're not no more.
Only part I believe is the part about the guns.
There was somebody else there, man.
Well, you're good at dropping names who was it? I didn't see him.
What a shock.
His name is Johnny Nixon, Eric.
You two know each other, don't you? What did he tell you? He told me that he sold you marijuana.
That true? Yeah, it is.
There were extenuating circumstances, H.
Eric, listen to me, I don't want you to say anything to anybody, especially Internal Affairs, circumstances or not, okay? So you definitely think there will be an investigation? Gentlemen.
As expected, Rick.
Just doing my job, Horatio.
And loving every minute.
Rick, Eric has requested to speak to a union rep before he talks to you.
First order of business, I need a urine test from you.
- That's fine.
- Okay, second, I need to speak with all his colleagues and get a statement.
And that will include you.
That's not going to be a problem, Rick.
Okay, where's the witness? The suspect is right in that room, currently being interrogated for murder, Rick.
If you'll excuse me, gentlemen.
Look, H.
,I'm telling you the truth.
I don't smoke pot.
So somebody really did fall through the skylight.
Used my boy here as a landing pad.
Be careful of the glass, honey.
Already tore up my pants.
Hey, Alexx, how many wounds did you say he had? Three big, nasty ones.
I've got four casings.
All 9-mil.
Maybe our shooter missed.
Might have been what weakened the skylight.
Still won't give us our shooter's location.
Neither will the casings.
They were scattered when he fell through the skylight.
Yeah, you know, he did a really good job of contaminating the crime scene.
That's not all he did.
Guy's a drug dealer.
Said Eric is one of his clients.
- Really? - Yeah I don't believe that, do you? Eric Delko, using drugs? No way.
Can I Yeah, yeah, sure, I cleared the area.
What are you doing here? I just live up the street, and I heard all the sirens.
What's going on? You live up the street? In this area? It's a long story.
It can't be a bad one if it ended up in this neighborhood.
I'm kind of locked in the lab my whole life, and I'm just wondering, could I observe? I mean, I won't touch anything, I promise.
Yeah, sure, I guess so.
Um, you know what, put these on, just in case.
Where are you going to start? Patrol said somebody hit the intercom.
You think the killer did it? Maybe.
So this your first time to a crime scene? Second first by choice.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay, just don't move, I'm coming, all right? You know what? You may have uncovered a key piece of evidence.
Next time, look with your eyes, not with your feet, okay? Absolutely.
It's tempered.
Yeah, it's safety glass.
If we're lucky, it came from the getaway car's window.
Why is that lucky? Because it will tell us exactly what make and model it's from.
Those are numbers.
They're called bugs.
They look like numbers.
They're Department of Transportation numbers.
Oh, security etching.
They tell you the make and model of the car.
Yeah, they tell you the make, the model, where it was made, what month and year.
They even tell you the VIN number.
Here, read them to me, and I'll run them.
That's all I got.
I'll give it a shot.
Solstice Coupe.
You got the R.
? Should pop up with the VIN number.
Deana Walters.
Here we come.
Get off me, you bitch-ass punk! I know law! This is a case of excessive force, I ever seen it.
Help Miss Walters up.
Bitch-ass! Dee-Nasty.
And I don't need no po-po telling me what to do.
Well, Miss Nasty, you commit murder, I'll tell you whatever I want to tell you.
What? Man, I wasn't anywhere near no murder.
Why don't you try again.
We found glass from your car at the scene.
Yeah, screwed up my ride, so what? So you shot Jay Fisher, and took off in that ride.
Man, you leanin'.
I ain't shot nobody.
You want to tell me about that cut on your lip? - Got it off my grill.
- Your grill? What about the scratches? Whatever, man, I ain't got nothing to hide.
Fish sold me this grill, then decided he wanted it back.
Man, I already gave you five G's.
Do I look like I do layaway? You're gonna give me my full ten.
Come on, Fish, quit trippin'.
How about I rush it to you in a couple of weeks? - You're gonna rush it to me in a couple - Yeah, baby, what.
Is that what you're gonna do for me, baby? I don't think so.
No guns involved? Straight-up truth, man.
I left, he was alive.
Pissed, but alive.
Then you won't mind me checking your car, will you? Under the seat? That's not too sly, sweetheart.
We had 9-mil casings at the scene.
You want to explain that? Look, T.
Hooker, it's a coincidence.
No such thing.
Did you hear anything about Delko? Not yet.
Is IAB investigating? I believe they are.
Duquesne, Mr.
Sure you've heard about the investigation into Eric Delko.
Protocol dictates I interview his colleagues.
Dude, are those rolling papers in there? They're not mine.
What if we refuse? You're either a witness or a suspect.
It's kind of brutal, isn't it? I mean, we're all cops here.
That is why it should be brutal.
As moral governors of the community, we should be held to a higher standard.
Who wants to go first? I will.
You know what to do with that.
Have you ever seen Eric Delko smoke marijuana or use any other kind of drug? No.
Have you ever seen him purchase marijuana or any other kind of drug? No.
Have you ever seen Eric Delko with any drug paraphernalia of any kind? No.
Have you ever seen Eric Delko smoke marijuana or do drugs of any kind? No.
Have you ever seen him purchase marijuana or any other drugs? No.
Have you ever seen him with any drug paraphernalia? I've, um I've never seen him with anything illegal.
Not everything's illegal.
A pipe that's legal.
Certain syringes they're not.
What'd you see him with? Need I remind you we are under oath here? I know.
Then what did you see him with? Rolling papers.
Now, what did you think they were for? Tobacco.
Have you ever known Eric Delko to smoke cigarettes? No.
Then you didn't think they were for tobacco.
Hey, Jim, did you test the 9-mil from the girl's car yet? Nope, not yet.
Why not? Because I'm organizing the firearms locker.
Markham, do you know what this case is about? It's about test firing the confiscated weapon, then comparing the test rounds to the 9- mil bullets collected from your victim.
Actually, it's about a homicide.
Dope dealer shot dope dealer.
Come on, it's a victimless crime.
It's about a man, a citizen of Miami, who was found dead in his home.
And maybe he made some mistakes in his life, but it's not for you to judge.
And that is what this crime is about, and that is why I'm taking back my lab.
What? I mean, you can't fire a county employee, Calleigh.
No, but I can have you transferred.
No match.
So Miss Dee-Nasty's not our shooter.
And Johnny's hands tested negative for GSR.
So that means somebody else had to be there.
I'm going to do a reconstruction.
- Are those the crime scene photos? - Yeah.
Just picked 'em up.
What's wrong with your photos? What do you mean? They're out of focus.
Something must be wrong with my camera.
Is your eye okay? Yeah, it's fine.
Don't lie to me.
Calleigh, I'm fine.
I think I got to get a new camera, though.
You know what I think? You should see a doctor.
I assume I got this house call because you don't want an emergency eye exam on your county medical record.
Well, you never know what some county doctor will come up with.
It's probably just some pinkeye.
Pinkeye, huh? In the same eye you had a big rusty-ass nail sticking out of two weeks ago? You have a diagnosis? Yeah.
You've got an infection.
An infection.
That's not a big deal, right? Infection could be a sign of something more serious.
How are you feeling? You got any headaches? No.
What about your vision? Cloudiness, sensitivity to light, dark spots? No, no.
Ryan, you need to see an ophthalmologist.
I know a good one.
If it was something I'd lose my job, wouldn't I? Sweetie right now, you need to be worried about losing your eyesight.
More antibiotics.
And I need you to take them for the full two weeks.
None of this "I feel better so I'm going to stop" thing.
Thank you, Alexx.
I'm not done.
Promise you'll make an appointment.
Bob here's not getting any lighter.
That's okay.
You can put him down.
Which way do I face him? Well, that's what we need to figure out.
Alexx found two 9-mil rounds in the body, but the last one was a through-and-through.
That's the one that will tell us where the shooter stood? Exactly, but first, we need to find out where the victim stood.
So if you turn on the laser in his back It's a .
45 caliber.
Thought you said all the other bullets and casings were, uh - 9-mil.
- I did.
We got two guns.
We got two shooters.
Could be anywhere along that line all the way to the window.
Someone was standing out here.
And we may have prints.
This may be our killer.
Nothing in Florida.
I'll go national.
Duane "Bull" Merrick.
California address.
He's far from home.
Yes, so he's got to stay somewhere.
- I'll run his credit cards.
- Do that, please.
All right What the hell? Cameras, maps, guns Oh, my.
So, what's this all about? He's got a .
45 here.
What are you, some sort of a stalker? He's a bounty hunter, Frank.
Isn't that right, friend? Card-carrying.
What was the price on Fisher? Fisher who? The man you killed this morning.
What was his price? Easy enough to find out.
I'll run Fisher's warrants.
You got no right to look at those.
Actually, we do.
This is a murder investigation.
I notice that you have plenty of photographs of Mr.
If I was trying to catch him for bounty, why would I kill him? Because maybe he didn't want to get caught.
What are you doing? Looking at the surveillance photos from the bounty hunter.
See if I can find anything to nail him.
Doesn't his.
45 match the through-and-through bullet? Yeah, but that wasn't the bullet that killed Fisher.
The two 9-mil rounds did.
So we only have him for attempted homicide.
Is that the crime scene? Yeah, that is.
Unless Fisher wears the same thing every day, this was taken this morning.
Look at that.
There's someone behind him in the mirror.
I'm gonna zoom in.
Who is that? That is our second shooter.
I'm a little confused.
You want to tell me why you were at Fisher's house? 'Cause he's got no warrants.
You want to tell me why you're hitting me for murder when your own people say my bullet didn't kill the guy? Bull you were after this man, weren't you? I want to know his name.
You got a job to do, so do I.
What's his name? I tell you, you just arrest and eradicate, and then I don't get my money.
Your bail jumper just became our suspect.
Yeah, my guy's been real bad stepping on Fisher's toes, selling dope, stealing clients.
No, you need to get my permission, bitch.
I'm not your bitch.
Yeah, you my bitch.
What you need to do is stay the hell out my territory.
Come on, man, put that away.
We're just talking.
Yeah, well, we not no more! I couldn't just let him shoot my ATM.
Your jumper picked up the 9-mil? I told you, he's the real bad guy.
And now he's our suspect, Bull, so who is he? Your suspect, my paycheck.
Now if you don't mind, I'd like to call my attorney, post bail and go catch this character.
Turns out that we're after the same man, doesn't it? May the best man win.
I intend to Bull.
What? You popped positive for THC.
That's a key ingredient in marijuana.
I'm not saying anything.
You're not working here, either.
You're relieved of duty.
No, no, no, just stop.
Put that down.
Sir, take care of this, please.
Let's go.
I don't need to be led out.
Actually, protocol says you do.
Where are you taking him, Rick? He popped positive, Horatio.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
Can you explain why one of his colleagues ratted him out? No, I can't.
- He's going to IAB for questioning.
- He knows the way.
- Protocol says - I don't care about protocol.
He is not a criminal.
I'm not saying he is.
I'm just saying procedure states that he not drive a county vehicle.
Then I will drive him.
Eric, I'll meet you downstairs.
What are you doing? I don't know what you're asking.
This is not about Eric, is it? This is about you and me.
I don't have time for this, Horatio.
I want an answer.
You want an answer? Okay, I'll give you an answer.
Your name wasn't the only one on lieutenant's list for promotion.
I scored better than you.
I interviewed better than you.
And I don't know what favor you pulled for the chief, but the promotion was mine.
Now the only thing I can do to make lieutenant is this IAB crap.
And everybody hates IAB.
Don't punish my lab over it.
I'm just evening the score.
This is a dangerous game.
It's one I intend to win.
We'll see you.
That guy, there.
He's in profile.
We gonna be able to use facial recognition? Uh let me try something.
Okay, first, I need to enhance.
Now what? It gets creepy.
Looks like Robocop.
Faces aren't symmetrical unless you're Gisele.
So now I tweak the left side, until hopefully I get a hit on my recognition software.
This could take a while.
Okay, Oo, this is frustrating.
- No ID yet? - No.
Okay, let's think.
What do we know about this guy? Nothing, except our bounty hunter followed him from California.
And he was standing in the crime scene.
And so was Johnny.
Because he fell on it.
Take your clothes off.
What? Why? Because we said so.
Not in front of her, man.
That's embarrassing.
Delko had to pee in a cup 'cause of you, so strip.
Wait a minute.
It's gum.
There's glass in it.
That came from the crime scene.
Could belong to our mystery man.
We were talking.
And now we're not.
I'll take it to DNA.
Saliva on the gum doesn't match your victim, Johnny or the bounty hunter.
Which is actually a good thing.
We need to ID our mystery thug.
It's in CODIS now.
Start with California, 'cause that's where he's from.
California? Really? Yeah.
Why? 'Cause I saw a car parked just down from my house, this morning, California plates.
Did you get a plate number? No.
But it was a truck black, I think.
That could help us find him.
Got a hit on the gum.
Byron Diller.
Wanted for vehicular manslaughter and DUl.
Plowed into a family with his Beemer.
Probably downed ten Jack and Cokes at the country club.
He kind of looks like the guy from the mirror, but I don't know.
Something's off.
Yeah, it is.
Guy's got four aliases.
I wonder if he's got as many faces.
Hey, Tripp, you got a minute? Yeah.
Did you get an ID? Yeah, check it out.
This guy's gonna be hard to find.
His face was rearranged.
I'm thinking now would be a good time to do more, too.
Guy's running from his second murder charge.
Miami's plastic surgery central.
It's bad plastic surgery central.
More unlicensed doctors here than any other part of the country.
I know one that works for cash.
I thought you looked a little tight around the eyes.
I busted him a while back.
He was working on felons.
It's worth a shot.
You got an address? Yep.
I'm gonna grab Horatio.
This could be a long shot, Horatio.
Maybe not, Frank.
Maybe not.
Make a call.
Requests two unit back up.
Here we go.
Get back here! Damn it! Doctor? Doctor, put it down.
Miami-Dade Police.
Put it down slowly.
The guy took my boat! Put your hands behind your back.
I have two suspects heading southbound on Keystone Island, I know you.
They're in a MAS-28.
I repeat, they are armed and dangerous.
He took my boat.
Tell me what happened.
The guy came in, had a gun.
Took my patient right off the table.
Then he stole my boat.
Found your damn boat.
Dumped near Indian Creek Village.
- What about the suspect? - No sign.
Just some blood in the boat.
Yeah, I just started the surgery.
He's probably still bleeding.
Could be on their way to California by now.
Not if he's smart, Frank.
Welcome home, boy.
I need a medic down here.
Bail Enforcement Agent.
Got an outstanding warrant from California.
Need to book this guy.
I think I can help with that.
All right.
All right.
He's all yours, right after I get his booking receipt.
Merrick, I'm losing my patience with you.
You should be thanking me.
You got Fisher's killer.
What are you talking about? I didn't kill Fisher.
You did.
Yeah, nice try.
I don't know what this jackass has told you, but I saw him shoot Fisher.
I'm listening.
I'm arguing with Fish, he hits me.
I'm on the ground, then bang Fisher gets shot.
Not no more.
I see him in the window with a gun.
So I take off.
I heard two shots.
He killed him.
That's it.
It's his word against mine.
Now, who are you gonna believe, a felon, or someone who catches them? I will believe the evidence.
Well, good luck with that.
'Cause last I checked, you didn't have any.
But I will, Mr.
Merrick, I will.
You remember where it was parked? Yeah, it was right about here behind this tree because I remember I could only see the back part of it from my kitchen window.
So right about here.
So, why do you think he'd toss it here?I mean, it was really sort of stupid.
It was broad daylight.
You know, the dumbest thing a criminal can do is hang on to a murder weapon.
He was a bounty hunter, so he was a pro.
So, if he shot someone, he'd know to toss the gun.
Yeah, exactly.
This would have been the first chance he got.
I found it.
Now, let's hope we can find some prints.
Found the gun where you tossed it.
Your prints were all over it.
It was self-defense.
It was greed.
You shot Fisher to protect your paycheck.
No one was shooting at you because no one ever saw you.
Not until you shot Fisher.
Who the hell are you? Come on, dawg, let's work this out.
We got a bunch of lasers to prove that.
And we got you for murder.
This time, you're not gonna get bail, either.
Well, live by the sword, die by it.
Somebody tipped you to the drug feud.
I want to know who it is.
Didn't just tip me.
He gave me directions.
He led you to Diller and Fisher? Who are we talking about? The kid Johnny Nixon.
That makes Johnny an accomplice.
That'll add some time to his sentence.
It may do more than that.
Hang on to Bull here, please.
Marisol? You're Lieutenant Caine.
You're Eric's sister.
How did you know that? The blonde that worked with Eric.
She saw us at the hospital.
And you put it together.
My brother doesn't do drugs, Lieutenant.
You know what? Let's, um let's have a seat.
I didn't think so.
He's just around when I do.
About eight months ago, I found a lump, and, uh, I started chemo a little bit after that.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So, you So, you smoke for the pain? The nausea mostly.
Can hardly keep anything down.
Eric sits with me while I medicate, and, um then he helps me eat.
And without Eric I don't know.
I can't, uh I can't work anymore.
He pays my rent, my bills.
And I know that he's been late.
The poor guy's been driving me around everywhere.
Deserved an award for taking care of me.
I'm not exactly, you know, low maintenance.
Instead, he is getting fired.
Um, that's not gonna happen.
Well, not if I tell whoever I need to what's going on.
No, it's not what I mean.
What I mean is, I'm not gonna let that happen.
This is my fault.
I cannot let him lose his job.
Marisol, it would be a whole lot worse to lose you.
Horatio, this is Monica West from the State's Attorney's office.
Sergeant Stetler, on what grounds did you test Eric Delko? Grounds? - Reasonable suspicion.
- Based on? Based on the identification of said employee as a suspect in a criminal investigation involving illegal drugs.
"Through reliable and credible sources.
" That's how the policy goes, right? Who was your source, Sergeant Stetler? Uh, Mr.
,uh, Johnny Nixon.
Let me get this clear.
Your source is a known drug trafficker and accomplice to murder? Is that right? What about the urine test? Delko tested positive.
His exposure was passive.
Do you have any evidence that the THC came from active use? Well, there is really no way to tell if No.
Sergeant Stetler, if that's all you have, then I'm afraid my office could never take the word of a doper over that of a cop.
- Miss West, there are other considerations - We're done here.
I would agree.
I want to apologize for not coming to you sooner.
Eric, you were taking care of your family.
Yeah, if anyone can understand that, it's you.
Eric Look, H I understand the damage this could have caused all of us.
You have my word, it won't happen again.
Good, because it can't.
You understand? - I know.
- All right.
She's lucky to have you.
- It's the other way around.
- Yeah.