CSI: Miami s04e12 Episode Script

The Score

Sorry, private party.
Come on, like you're going to say no to these? Time to lock and load.
Gentlemen, pick a target.
Bottom of the stairs.
Nice rack.
Legs to the floor.
Take her down.
Won't know what hit her.
By the wall.
Black hair.
Long neck.
Model hot.
This is your final set, boys, so make it count.
You work the game, you drop your negs and you shoot to kill.
This, uh this was on your blouse.
Oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed.
It'll be our little secret.
Hey- pick a number between one and ten.
Okay, um seven.
How did you do that? It wasn't me.
It was us.
Love your hair.
Those are extensions, right? Take it somewhere else.
Come on! No, I can close her, I know I can.
Never chase.
Move on.
New horse.
I need a woman's opinion.
Which is better: True love or great sex? Can't I have both? Oh, yeah.
Do you have protection? Oh Always.
I'll race you.
Let me just hang this up.
Oh, my God! What do we know, Frank? Party ended ugly for, uh Paul Sanders.
Did you get a murder weapon? Yeah- ice pick.
Used repeatedly.
Found it in that ice bucket.
What about the place? Private club.
Private parties.
You know the drill- anything goes.
The homeowner? Uh, Wayne Reynolds.
Runs some kind of seminar.
Teaches single guys how to pick up girls.
Runs a seminar? Found that in a drawer.
"Score at will.
" "Nail chicks like a rock star.
" He's got the corner on this dirt-bag market.
He's also got quite a little business on his hands.
Yes, he does, Frank.
He also has murder one.
Yeah! Somebody was very angry at our party boy, Alexx.
Angry enough to leave their mark.
They wrote an "L" on his chest.
Neck punctures are ragged.
Evidence of rage.
Multiple hits to the carotid.
Baby boy bled out with his eyes open.
Let's get him to autopsy, please.
Wolfe? Something definitely came in contact with the vic's shirt.
What do you think it was? I'm not sure, but it's littered with an odd kind of fiber.
I'll get it to the lab.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Alexx.
Yeah, Horat Yes.
Yes, officer.
I'll be right there.
Thank you, Alexx.
Officer Brown.
Thanks for coming, lieutenant.
Not a problem.
What do we got? Well, like I said on the phone, picked up a girl scoring dope on the boardwalk.
I ask her for her ID, and she said call you.
Let me see her, please.
Could you step out of the vehicle, please? You said the dealer got away? We swooped, he ran, and we couldn't find what he tossed.
You search the girl? Yeah.
Female officer found five baggies of green plant material, could be marijuana.
Five baggies.
We need to run a presumptive test and weigh it.
Yes, you do.
Bag it, tag it, and get it to my lab, please.
Yes, sir.
What about the girl? I'll transport her, thank you.
You got it, lieutenant.
Lieutenant Caine, I am so sorry.
I just I didn't want to call Eric.
What happened? I made a buy for myself, and the police saw the whole thing.
Am I under arrest? You are.
You want to come with me? Come on.
I'd never hurt Paul Sanders.
The guy was my friend.
We trained in the seminar together.
Listen, you got to help me out here.
Couple things I don't understand.
Okay Now, you went up to this room last night to have sex, right? Had the girl with you? It's the ultimate close.
Kind of an end game for pickup artists? Yeah, the big kahuna.
Then I open the closet, and Paul's body falls out.
Okay, see, here's where I don't get.
You're getting ready to jump in bed, and you're looking for a closet? This jacket cost 1,500 bucks.
Well, who the hell worries about a jacket when you're getting ready to get into somebody's pants? Women notice neatness.
You learn that in your little seminar? Yeah.
"Wardrobe is a weapon.
" It's one of our first lessons.
Well, let me tell you a little secret about PD seminars: The guy that calls in a murder usually knows a lot more than he's saying.
Now, we're going to keep your wardrobe right here with us.
How's that sound? How well did you know the victim? Paul was one of my students.
Yeah, we heard about your seminar.
What exactly is it that you teach? I instruct confidence-challenged men in the art of picking up women.
You do that here at your club? Look, my class had nothing to do with this murder.
We'll see about that.
You don't understand.
I can't be connected to this.
I got a book coming out.
My seminar's going worldwide.
I'm about to become a household name.
I appreciate your PR problem, but we have a homicide to investigate.
What's in the jar? That's how we build our target database.
"Target?" It's a seminar term.
Girls write their names, numbers, they put them in the jar, they get on our list.
Anthen they invite their friends.
And they come to our parties.
Maybe one of them was put off by being referred to as a target.
We should take it to t lab.
Reynolds, we're going to need ur clothes for exclusionary purposes.
Just make sure I get it back this is my lucky shirt.
So, did you get anything from our victim's shirt? Paul Sanders? Your basic polyester blend- cheap and cheesy.
What about that weird fiber I gave you that I lifted from his shirt? They are weird.
Check this out.
The fibers I pulled are like silk, but look at this cross-section.
Oh, yeah looks like a-a dumbbell.
The breaking strength is the highest I've seen in a natural fiber.
So it's from a plant? That's right.
What is it, hemp? Nope.
You're looking at soy.
Whoever attacked him had on clothes made of woven soy fibers.
Well, I've got two suspects, that narrows things.
They both had red shirts.
Wayne Reynolds? And Todd Manning.
Do me a favor, uh, run the soy fiber against their shirts, and let me know.
So, Valera said all victim blood on th iece pick and Joseph found no prints.
Well, I may have something.
I entered all of the information cards from the club jar as writing samples into the spec comparator.
Running them against? The "L" on the victim's chest.
Known against the unknown.
All these women thought that they were dates, not targets.
Yeah, well, one of 'em doubles back on her L's.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Why? Because you're squinting.
I'm-I'm tired.
It's not from the nail injury? Oh, that's old news.
Okay, you're not having eye trouble? Yeah, I am, because I'm working a double, and my eyes are fried.
So looped L's.
Looks like Heather Larkin.
All right, I'll talk to her, and you find out about my soy shirt, okay? All right, you got a plan.
Yeah, I was there at the private party.
Did you meet our victim, Paul Sanders? Matter of fact, I did.
I met him at the bar.
We spoke.
He seemed nice.
Something's on your blouse.
Oh, my God, I'm so embarrassed.
It'll be our little secret.
So, what happened next? Everything turned, that's what happened.
Turned how? The guy started working a game on me.
Game? The lint game.
Apparently, that's the ice breaker.
The neg, the intentional insult.
The kiss close.
It was pathetic.
Pick a number between one and ten.
How did you do that? It wasn't me.
It was us.
Did he pick you up? You mean, did I go upstairs with him? Yes.
Yes, I did.
I gave him a pass.
I thought things would get better.
What happened when you got upstairs? It got worse.
Come on, babe.
We both know why we're here.
You thought I would just fall into bed with you? Yeah.
You disgust me.
Loser! Ow! What a bitch! So, you wrote the "L" on his chest, and it stood for "loser.
" That's what the guy was.
When I ran out of there, he was still calling me names.
Very much alive.
You know, the problem is that we can't confirm that.
Look, I'm sorry the guy's dead, but I'm not surprised.
That's kind of callous, isn't it? I'm callous? These guys-they treat women like they're disposable.
Little door prizes in their game.
They don't even want us.
They just want to be able to show each other that they got us.
So what were you doing there, then? Getting disillusioned, and I'm not the only one.
It could be any girl out there.
Lieutenant Caine.
I got your page.
This just came in from MDPD, special processing.
This is priority one, Aaron.
Five baggies, sizable amount.
Follow routine protocol? To the letter.
Random sample, two of the bags.
You must weight and analyze this accurately, okay? Yes, sir.
And the name? Just as it appears in the report.
Yes, sir.
I'll find you.
Thank you.
Mari? Eric.
I thought we weren't having lunch until tomorrow.
We're not.
So, what's my sister doing here in the middle of the day? Eric, I, um Eric? You got a minute? Somebody want to tell me what's going on? Marisol is in trouble.
Marisol, talk to me.
I- I made a buy near the pier.
I intervened on the arrest.
And? I lied to lieutenant Caine.
I said it was just for me, but I, um I also bought for my group.
You bought for your entire cancer support group? They're in so much pain, Eric.
Most of them can't get around.
How much, H? Five bags total.
Marisol, you realize what you've done? I did it f them.
Look, I don't care who you did it for.
You buy more than an ounce with intention to distribute, it gets kicked up to a felony.
You could do ten years.
Well-well, what do I do? Okay, here's what I want you to do.
Marisol, you talk to no one, and Eric, you've got to stay away from this.
You understand? H, I can't let you take the fall on this one.
Okay, I don't want you to worry about that right now.
Marisol? Where-where are we going? We're going to booking.
You hang in there, Eric.
Come on.
Right here.
Soy clothes- Good for the environment, women love them.
Everybody wins.
Not you.
We processed your clothes and found soy fibers from your shirt on the shirt of the victim.
Paul was my student.
There's nothing unusual about that.
We're buddies, we're all just hanging out.
Unfortunately for you, we found hundreds of fibers on your buddy's shirt that was murdered.
So, what are you saying? Transfer wasn't passive.
It most likely got there from some sort of friction.
It tells me the two of you had an altercation.
Smart and beautiful.
It's a rare combination.
Let's talk about the altercation.
Too bad you're a woman in a man's world, you know? I bet they call you a secretary with a gun when you're not around.
Actually, I do type almost as well as I shoot.
Throwing a neg doesn't work on me.
What's your beef with the victim? When Paul first came to me, he couldn't pick up a chick, let alone a girl.
I sharpened his instincts.
I turned paul into a pro.
Then I find out he's going out on his own, starting his own seminar.
You can't do this.
You can't stop me.
Yeah? This is my life's work.
Hey, I got my own version, and I'm going to get rich off it.
I'll take you down.
Yeah we argued, I admit it, but I didn't kill him.
Look, I lead my first seminar in New York City tomorrow.
My website's getting a thousand hits a day.
You're not going anywhere, mr.
You're a suspect in a murder investigation.
Hey, Yan, it's Calleigh.
Would you do something for me? Hey, Alexx.
Did you post Paul Sanders, yet? Just about to start.
What do you need, honey? We're running cold on suspects.
I just want to take another look through his things, see if I can find anything.
Hmm, they're in those bags.
Did he have a belt pack with him? Mm-hmm.
Boy had some freaky stuff in it, too.
Pack of break mints, condoms.
Doesn't sound so freaky.
He had a bag of lint.
Oh, yeah, they hand those out at the seminars.
They're like, uh, props for pickup artists.
Whatever happened to dinner and a movie? I don't know.
It's like a war to these guys.
Well, that's just wrong.
And so's this.
What? What is it? He has a ring indentation.
What's that tell you? Evidence of a wedding ring.
Paul Sanders is married? Well, that's what his finger's telling me.
Let me see.
Where-where is it? Band of indented skin, right there.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I see that.
That's interesting.
You can't see it, can you? Yes, I can.
Your eye's worse.
Don't lie to me, Ryan.
No, my eye got better.
You took all the pills prescribed you? Yes.
Then it's not getting better, 'cause an infection would've cleared up by now Look, Alexx, I really appreciate your concern.
I really do, but I'm working on a case right now.
I got to find this guy's wife.
Tell her she's a widow.
Someone stabbed him? With an ice pick.
Look, I-I know this is difficult for you, mrs.
Sanders, but were you at the club with your husband last night? What? I was at home last night.
Do you mind if I? No.
How did you burn your arm? Oh, I I had an accident in the kitchen.
That's a unique burn pattern.
It's caused by potassium nitrate in combination with titanium and sulfur.
I don't even know what that means.
Waitresses at the club carry them with their drink orders.
It's a sort of a signature of the place.
Okay, I was in the club last night, but its not like you think.
Paul had to go to those clubs to do research.
He was starting a similar business.
We know.
Or was that just what he told you? I wanted to believe him, but I wasn't sure, so I followed him.
When I saw him with that girl, I knew that he wasn't just doing research.
I was so angry.
Angry enough to stab him with an ice pick? Of course not.
I was too crushed to do anything.
Paul was my whole world.
I just went home and cried.
Weren't you worried about him when he didn't come home? I just thought he went home with a girl.
So he's done this before? No.
We've only been married four months.
You're newlyweds? Yes.
Why? I'm gonna need you to wait here while I go look into something, okay? A wedding registry.
That's a first.
Need to buy a gift for someone? No, I need to see what gifts were bought for my suspect.
Paul and Brenda Sander? Yeah, they were married about four months ago.
Oh, did you see Delko's sister in the lobby? No.
I think she's in trouble again.
Last thing she needs.
Worst kind of cancer.
Keep searching.
Don't tell anyone this, but I think she's got a thing for H.
Cooper, are you writing a blog? I got a suspect on ice.
Paul and Brenda Sanders.
I've tapped into their wedding registry.
All right, about time.
That's pricey stuff.
Crystal punch bowl, bone china fondue set? Who eats fondue? I do.
That's my point.
Wait, stop.
Ice pick.
Who pays 800 bucks for an ice pick? All that matters is it's marked "purchased" and was delivered to the newlyweds' house.
There it is.
Sterling silver, six inch, diamond point.
Just like our murder weapon.
Sanders, I'm gonna be blunt.
You're looking very guilty.
I don't know what you mean.
Looks like you used one of your wedding gifts to murder your husband.
That's not true.
If I get a search warrant, and I search your house, am I gonna find ice pick? Okay.
Truth is, we had a burglary in our home.
When? A week ago.
Somebody broke into our garage where we stored all our wedding gifts.
Why didn't you tell me about this before? I didn't think you'd believe me.
Well, I don't now.
Did you call the cops? I went down to the police station, I filled out a report and everything.
I need to see that report.
Where's Aaron? He had to go to court.
I was just looking, uh I was looking at his results.
I can see that.
Tested positive for marijuana.
What was the total weight of the seizure? Over an ounce.
Whh makes it a felony, doesn't it? Marisol could be facing mandatory jail time.
She won't make it in her condition.
I agree.
What she needs is a lawyer, and I've got some names, Eric.
She doesn't have anything, and I'm I'm tapped out.
I'm gonna take care of it.
H, you're doing enough Hang on a second.
It's the state attorney.
You think it's about Marisol? That would be my guess.
Yeah, I'll hold.
How could they know already? Eric, somebody must have talked.
Lieutenant? Lieutenant Caine? You wanted to see me.
I really would prefer if we did this in my office.
Would it be okay if we did it here? Fine.
Last week, Eric Delko almost went down on a dope charge.
This week, his sister's facing possession with intent to sell? Yes.
Uh Ms.
West, there are extenuating circumstances in this case.
Like what? The girl the girl has cancer.
And she buys to alleviate nausea from chemotherapy.
That's very convenient.
Well, it happens to be the truth.
You don't need over an ounce to alleviate nausea.
She was planning to sell.
This isn't going away.
Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about it? Eric Delko is one of your CSIs.
There's obviously something wrong in that family, and, by association, your lab.
I hear your concern, but you're not answering my question.
How did you hear about this? I won't give up my source.
You have a source in my lab.
Don't try and turn this on me.
I'm the least of your problems.
- We'll talk.
- Ms.
West So tell me, why are we back here at the crime scene? You take a look at that police report on a burglary at the Sanders' house? Yeah, I did.
It checked.
So the wife's in the clear.
For now.
And our case is stalled.
Well, what are we looking for, anyway? I don't I'm-I'm not sure.
You did sweep the room already, didn't you? Yeah, which means we're probably not gonna find anything.
What's that? That is that is a pen.
It's a pen.
Cannot believe I didn't find this.
The barrel is a smooth, printable surface.
You use the same two fingers when you're writing- forefinger and thumb in opposing positions.
So we're looking at partials.
As long as there's enough ridge detail.
Karen Manning? Wait.
What, you know her? We've interviewed her, but that's not her name.
Do you think she's related to the guy that found the body? You told us your name was Heather Larkin.
Heather Larkin's my pen name.
So you're telling me you're a writer? I write a column for the Miami Globe.
That's what I was doing at that club.
I went undercover to do an exposé on professional pickup artists.
I see.
So, uh so, it was research.
I let Paul Sanders pick me up so I could learn his techniques.
You disgust me.
Soon as my column's published, you'll never hurt another woman again.
Loser! Ow! Bitch! And then he turned up dead.
Not by me.
How about another relative? Your brother Todd was at the club last night.
I didn't see him.
You know, he found Paul Sanders' body.
Are you trying to tell me you didn't know that? I had no idea.
Come off it, lady.
What, is he working for you? Is he a stringer? No, I learned about this group from my brother.
He was into it.
I didn't like what it did to him.
Did you confront him? I tried.
He got defensive.
He said it was helping him, that it was changing his life.
More like ruining it.
They came up with this nickname, "the magician," like he had some magical touch over women.
It was disgusting.
So by outing them in an exposé you were trying to save your brother.
They exploit and dehumanize women.
Somebody had to stop them.
And you didn't see your brother there? No.
And believe me, if I did, I would have told him that Told him what? That he'd become something I hate.
Aaron, what'd you get? I analyzed the other three baggies, like you asked.
Weight of the three baggies puts the total over an ounce.
Okay, and what does that mean? There's a curveball.
The first two baggies I sampled were pure marijuana.
The last three, bunk.
Okay, w-wait a second, wait a minute, wait.
Define "bunk.
" Herb.
Dutch haze, hydroponic buds.
All plant material, all legal.
Thank you, Aaron.
What? I'm gonna say this because I feel I have to, all right? I'm not comfortable that Eric Delko was in this lab alone.
Aaron, I've already dealt with it.
But thank you.
H, I don't care what they say.
I didn't compromise the evidence.
I know that, Eric.
But the state attorney is on her way up right now.
H, I swear on my sister, I didn't touch a thing.
I believe you.
Let me work on it.
Here she is.
Now that's what I call an effective source.
I don't have a source, I have a case.
Turns out, you don't have a case, ma'am.
The product that was seized on the street is bunk.
Fake? All of it? I only need 20 grams.
Guess what? You're not gonna have them.
Was Eric Delko involved in this testing? He was not.
But Eric Delko was working in the lab when it was analyzed.
He is a crime scene inveigator, ma'am.
Who, just last week, popped positive for dope.
Now that is common knowledge, isn't it? I will be informing the accreditation board of this anomaly.
You are up for re-accreditation in the spring? Ye we are, and we will be ready for the inspection.
Your lab just tampered with evidence.
I'm not letting you get away with it.
I have no doubt.
Why would she do that? It's called career management, Eric.
All right, well, what do we do? We need to find this dealer.
Thought he was in the wind.
Not anymore.
Marisol said she scored always from the same guy at the same place.
She give you his M.
? Yeah, he'd pull up to the park, hang out and wait for customers.
Okay, so we're looking for his calling card.
Got a soda can.
Maybe get some prints.
Well, what do you know? Hang on.
I think we'll be able to get something from that.
Yes, I bet we will.
come on.
Any luck? Got to lick a joint to seal it.
You sound like an expert.
Not me.
I put the DNA into CODIS.
Keith Gifford.
Priors for possession.
Give me his last known address.
Report doesn't list address.
It's got employers.
Will that help? Yeah, it just might.
What the hell's this about? You sold weed to my sister.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I got a legitimate job.
I don't deal.
I don't think you understand the situation, Keith.
You're going to jail.
Jail? I'm going back to work.
We got a baggie full of joints with your DNA on it.
And to my knowledge, you have three priors in this state for dealing, and you know what that means, don't you? Your ride is here.
Okay okay.
What can I do? How can I fix this? For starters, you can tell the state attorney the truth about your product.
What are you talking about? It's been stepped on, Keith, that's what I'm talking about.
What do you want to do? If I tell you the truth, will that reduce my jail time? It'll go a long way.
Bring him.
Business has been bad.
I needed a little extra to keep me afloat, so I move a little herb.
Did you, or did you not sell five baggies of marijuana to this woman? Yeah, the other day.
Only, it wasn't all marijuana.
What was it? Some of the bags were just some phony stuff I got off the internet.
How many? A lot.
Be specific.
Do you swear, under oath, that lieutenant Caine did not promise you something in exchange for this statement? No way.
Look, that's how I make my money.
Most of the time, people don't even notice.
West? Ms.
West? Fine.
It's off my radar.
But your lab isn't.
I have never had so many suspects and so little useful evidence.
Did this come from the crime scene? Um yeah, it was on a bedside table.
It's an aromatic disbursement unit.
What? Fragrances are stored on a disc, then broadcast into a room.
Like a high-tech air freshener? Yeah, exactly.
it's on a timer.
Why do you have that look? We may have just broke the case.
Okay, I think I've got this thing figured out.
There are five different fragrances per disc.
And each room is dispersed for half an hour.
"Country pine, jasmine spring, ocean rain, orange spice and sea breeze.
" So, each disc plays for two and a half hours.
And we know what time the machine was turned on.
Yeah, 9:30.
So, we know which fragrance was being disbursed at which time.
You're going to love this.
I had the lab check the disc, and everything's typical- except for the last scent.
What is it? Human pheromones.
Airborne hydrocarbon molecules.
That's all part of the seduction.
Okay, so human pheromones were the last scent disbursed.
Which gives us a time frame.
Let's go back to the shirts.
Todd manning's.
Along with everyone else in the room.
How'd we do? Heather Larkin's satin top was exposed to osmanthus oil, citric acid and eucalyptus.
Orange spice.
Yeah, exactly.
Wayne Reynolds' shirt had traces of champagne, cigar smoke and cologne.
What about our victim? Paul Sanders' shirt was exposed to smoke, sweat, orange spice and a heavy dose of pheromones.
What about Todd Manning? He didn't discover the body till around 1:00.
He was saturated in pheromones.
Which we know were being disbursed into the room between 11:30 and midnight.
Which was right around the time of the death.
Todd Manning was in that room at the time of the murder.
I'll call MDPD.
Have them pick up the pickup artist.
Hey, could've happened when I brought that chick up there.
You-you can't prove a thing.
Actually, we can.
Here's the thing that aroma dispenser it was on a timer.
We were able to pinpoint exactly what time the pheromones were disbursed into the room.
We have an instrument called a z-nose, and it will tell us specifically what odors are found in your shirt.
Your clothes were saturated in pheromones between the hours of 11:30 and midnight.
That's when our M.
tells us the victim was murdered.
Dude! That girl's my sister, man.
What'd you do to her? Did her, dude.
She was begging me to do it again.
Can't wait.
Chick's a winning horse.
That's messed up, man.
She's my sister.
Every chick is somebody's sister.
Get over it.
You didn't bring the ice pick? Sanders brought it.
It was part of the seminar.
Bring your own high-end stuff to impress the women.
He brought one of his wedding gifts? Yeah.
Dude was cold.
Now you know why I did it.
A man's got to stand up for his sister.
I mean, blood is blood, you know? Yeah.
Except Paul Sanders lied to you.
What? He didn't "close the sale.
" What are you talking about? Your sister didn't let him touch her.
He lied to save face.
She was there to save you magic man.
Oh, God.
The irony is, where you're going, you may end up being the target.
Lieutenant Caine? Lieutenant? Marisol.
I- I don't understand- they released me.
Well that can't happen again, can it? Point taken.
Lieutenant, how can I ever thank you? That's not necessary.
Could I make you dinner? It's the least that I could do.
You know you know, I don't, uh I don't think that would be a very good idea.
Because my brother works for you.
That's a part of it.
You know? It's just dinner.
You know, I make a mean ropa vieja.
You do, huh? Um okay.
Um what time were you thinking? Eight o'clock? Eight o'clock.
I am looking forward to it.
See you then.