CSI: Miami s04e13 Episode Script


What happened here, Frank? People gathered for a concert.
Next thing you know, two shots ring out.
These two get dropped.
Witnesses? Those who stuck around didn't see or hear anything.
Just another day in Miami.
Frank take a look at this.
These three points converge to from a pitchfork.
Does that seem familiar to you? Mala Noche.
So they've made their way to the beach.
Who's the lady? License ID'd her as, uh, Claire Trinner.
Nice business dress, probably on her break, got caught in the crossfire.
That's what happens when worlds collide.
Hell of a place for a gang shooting.
We found two casings out by the curb.
They're both .
That's an assault rifle, isn't it? And a Noche caliber.
The music was loud enough so they didn't hear the gunfire, but they did hear the tires squeal.
Seems consistent with a drive-by.
The rest of it isn't.
There were only two shots, precision-fired.
You know gang shootings.
They usually spray multiple bullets.
So Jose was targeted.
I'll get the bullets ASAP.
See if that'll help.
I appreciate it.
They said I might find you here.
I, um, I was just hoping to talk to you for a second.
What's going on? I had a wonderful time last night.
So did I.
I'm just worried about you.
Me? Why? You made my arrest go away.
I'm just, I'm afraid that somebody could twist that, turn it into something ugly.
First of all, I don't want you to worry about that, all right? And, uh, Marisol, what's bothering you? It's my brother.
I just, I don't want to do anything to interrupt, disrupt what you guys have.
I mean, you're his boss.
Okay, um, how about if I talk to Eric? You would do that? Of course I would.
Okay then.
Um I guess I, uh, I have to go back to work.
Uh Okay.
All right.
We'll, uh We'll talk later.
All right.
Till then.
Take a look at this, Horatio.
Some kind of white residue.
Now, these two were in close proximity, so he may have smeared it on her.
Okay, let's get that to Trace.
There's one more thing.
His Noche tat.
Now, some of this is red ink, and some of it's blood.
But it takes a couple of days for a tattoo to set.
That notch makes ten, Alexx.
And the red ink means he got a promotion.
Red ink's more than a promotion.
This man got made.
Hang on a second.
Eric, I want to find out who does the tattoo work for the Mala Noche.
Take Frank with you.
Thank you, Alexx.
Hold that right there.
Be right back.
I hear you do the ink for all the Noches in Miami.
Yeah, I do ink for a lot of people.
What, you looking for a tat? Do I look like I want one? We're here for info.
You're in the wrong place, brother.
Well, I'm gonna tell you something, brother.
Your pal Jose Sambrano's dead.
He was a useless punk.
Good at B&Es, but he's better at getting caught.
Yeah, you tatted him up a few days ago.
Yeah, I know skin, not names.
Then you better recognize this.
Yeah, he was here last week.
I just got made.
That's number ten, bro.
I count that, brother.
Much congrats.
This one's on the house.
Who wants him dead? I don't know.
I do tats.
Try to stay out of people's business.
Who's in the picture with Jose? Whose arm is that next to him? I had to try, right? I'm gonna keep it anyway.
If that means you're leaving, be my guest.
I got to get back to work.
Work? How'd we do? I'm taking a look at the bullets that Alexx pulled out of the body.
The striations are odd.
Odd how? Well, the .
223 has a twist, six right.
But the bullet was grooved in addition to the striation, so something definitely acted upon it after it left the barrel.
Somebody used a silencer, didn't they? That's what I'm thinking.
A silencer would leave its own striae, independent of a firearm.
People toss firearms, but they keep silencers, don't they? They're more expensive and harder to get.
I'm gonna run the information through IBIS and see if maybe it was used on another gun.
If we can find the silencer, Calleigh, we find the killer.
Aaron, you get results on the trace that Alexx sent you? Stuff off the woman's leg? No.
No? What's the problem.
Is the Mass Spec busted? Just 'cause I didn't get the results doesn't mean I didn't run it.
It doesn't exist.
It's not in our library? Or the FBI's.
It's like we've discovered a whole new mountain range.
A brand-new drug.
Well, if that's the case, we better figure out what it is before it hits the streets.
You think you can sketch the compound based on the spectra? It's like a blueprint.
I convert each peak into its functional group and determine the chemical structure of the compound.
It's been a while since organic chemistry, but I'll give it a shot.
Good luck with that.
You obviously want the guy we can't see.
So obvious, I don't even have to answer.
Okay let's lose Jose.
I hope we find something.
We only started logging tats a year ago.
Oh, that's more than enough time for a lot of these guys to make the cut.
"Carlos Mojena.
" So Jose's dead.
Come on, Carlos.
You knew that already.
Eh, I heard about it.
Some drive-by.
That's what you wanted us to think, Carlos.
I don't want anything.
But you know what? We do.
We know the Noche ranks.
Jose was made.
He should have been safe.
His tattoo told you that.
Why don't you tell me, Carlos? Why aren't you talking to the rival gangs? Because we like you for this.
You wanted it to look like a drive-by, but the car was parked.
So you picked up a silencer, you chose a target, and an innocent woman got shot in the crossfire, right? Maybe she was the target, huh? I'm not saying nothing.
Get him out of here.
What next? We figure out the relationship between Claire Trinner and the Noche, ad we've got our killer.
Excuse me.
Someone did not take the on-line harassment seminar.
Is that how you feel, harassed? Maybe.
You wish.
What are you doing? I'm working.
Looking for the Callahan case.
I've got to rerun some DNA evidence.
Let me help.
So, you really like that stuff, huh? What stuff? That green stuff.
Midori? Yeah.
I drink it.
I drink it.
Well, I picked up a bottle for you.
I put it on my shelf, way in the back.
I found it.
Stop it.
Hey, Eric.
Hi, Natalia.
Thank you.
I just wanted to update You're welcome.
Big help.
Never mind.
I think Wolfe knows now.
So I failed Organic.
What the hell is this? Tell you what it isn't: a street drug.
It's a derivative of atorvastatin calcium.
Which is an analgesic used in pain medications.
So all that work, and it didn't help? No, it, uh, puts things in perspective.
Meaning? Homicide ran our victim, Claire Trinner.
She worked at a company called Cantor Pharmaceutical.
She was the, uh, head of PR.
That helps explain where the sample came from, but not what it is.
Then it's time to figure it out, and why it's worth killing over.
Here's the cost analysis for Alyssa.
Thanks, Andrew.
When can we see Alyssa? She's still in her meeting.
You sure I can't get you anything? Water? No, we're fine.
Thank you.
No, actually, I'd-I'd like a water, please.
Thank you.
That Sally, she is something, huh? What do you guys do? We're just here to talk to your boss.
Well, I-I guess she's technically my boss.
You guys from Iten Drugs? We're from the county.
The county? Wow.
Trouble brewing? Sally, could you Alyssa Prince.
You're with the crime lab.
Eric Delko.
This is Ryan Wolfe.
Tell Sally no interruptions, okay? Of course, Miss Prince.
Well, a CEO's office really is her home.
Do you have any leads on what happened to Claire? The news is saying it's gang-related.
Where were you this morning? I know you have to ask that, so I'll dignify it.
I was on a teleconference with Europe all morning.
Uh, Claire had traces of this substance on her.
It appears to be an analgesic, but there's no substances that match in our database.
It's called Xorax.
It'll take care of everything from a toothache to a migraine, and all over the counter.
Is it on the market yet? We're awaiting FDA approval today.
Once we get it, look out.
Did Claire have occasion to handle the drug? No.
Then why did she have it on her? I have no idea.
So, who does handle the drug? Our head of research, Paul Burton.
You're the chemist.
This is about Claire, huh? She sure picked a bad day to die.
She didn't exactly pick the day, Mr.
You know what I mean.
No, I don't think I do.
Now, the drug that's awaiting FDA approval- how'd it end up on Claire's thigh? I don't know.
We, um we checked with security, Paul, and they said you got back late from lunch.
Where were you? Claire was teaching me how to dance.
Dance? You might be surprised to know that I have a girlfriend who loves to dance.
And me, I've got two left feet.
Claire's been using her lunch breaks to teach me.
We go to a local studio.
Uh, place your hand here.
Like this? Perfect.
That's called the llevada.
Now you're going to carry me back across the floor.
That's okay.
There's only one problem with that, Mr.
Yeah? What? You use gloves to handle the drugs at all times.
There's no way it would've been on your fingers.
I've been sneaking Xorax, okay? To relieve my muscle pain from the dancing.
For a guy who claims he has nothing to hide, you sure do seem guilty.
Yeah, well, I'm not, no matter what that stupid blog says.
I was just learning how to dance.
Blog? Blog? What blog? That's why you came down here, isn't it? It's a company blog.
I don't know who writes it, but they get all their facts wrong.
Why don't you give us the link? Maybe they got something right.
Here but it's just gossip in print.
These are from today.
Igor Inga, Pablo I guess the nicknames keep you from getting fired.
Yeah, well, they don't help us much.
Take a look at the next entry.
Everything you never wanted to know about the people you work with.
Every entry has motive.
We just got to figure out who's who.
I wonder what a blog about this place would say.
You and Boa Vista? You're crazy, man.
Come on.
I saw you guys.
We weren't doing anything.
Oh, okay.
I'm actually glad I saw you guys.
Yeah? Why? I was, uh I was thinking of asking her out.
You? She came by my crime scene a couple weeks ago.
I thought she might be interested.
She was probably just looking for me.
No, you know what? It's actually probably better this way.
Yeah? Why is that? Well, office relationships usually end badly.
All right, there's one more entry.
Take a look.
"The Hardy Boys.
" Hey, they're talking about us.
"They're clueless, "but the girls at work are psyched.
One of them looks like A-Rod.
" Mm, A-Rod- I get that all the time.
Really? You don't get Ricky Martin? No.
I don't.
"The other one looks like, uh, Jake Guy-len-hall.
" Actually, uh, it's "Gyllenhaal.
" Oh.
He's a movie star or something.
Okay, so that's why you wear your movie star jackets? Actually, it's-it's in the eyes.
I get it all the time, A-Rod.
You get it in the eyes all the time? All right, well, whoever's blogging is doing this from their desk.
How do you think it relates to the Noches? For all we know, they could be Pablo.
We get a hit? You bet.
Sometimes, a liability becomes an asset.
The groove.
Bullet from an earlier crime definitely passed through the same silencer.
Crime happened two days ago.
It was an armed robbery of a little botanica down by the Roads.
Suspect's name is, uh, Mario Pilar.
Where is Mario right now? He's waiting for prelim.
He didn't make a statement.
Break his silence, Calleigh.
I'm on it.
I got a bullet from a murder today that matches the silencer from the robbery you were picked up on two days ago.
That botanica? Please believe me, I'm innocent.
Mario, you've been charged with armed robbery.
You had gunshot residue on your hands when they arrested you outside the store.
I was set up by the Mala Noches.
I keep trying to tell you guys that.
I just moved here from Panama.
I got work right away in nice houses.
What were you doing at the store? Buying breakfast.
I was on my way to work.
You just happen to be outside the botanica when the Mala Noches robbed it? I stand there every morning, drinking my coffee.
They ran out, and someone threw the gun at me.
I just picked it up.
I I didn't even hear a shot.
When they handed you the gun, was there a silencer on it? I don't know what that is.
The gun looked regular.
I tossed it in the trash.
The police tied it to me.
You said nice houses.
I landscape.
I need you to write down the addresses of those houses for me.
If you don't, I can't help you.
Heard you talked to our boy.
He's obviously terrified of the Mala Noches, but he did help us.
Nice addresses.
He landscapes in The Gables, Hibiscus Island, Miramar.
So this is where they're hiding their weapons.
Yeah, when there's too much police presence in their territory, they go upscale.
Hang on a second.
This Hibiscus address.
That's Claire Trinner's.
Our victim? Worlds collide.
You want to come out of there, please? I know this doesn't look good.
Well, this is as far from good as anything could look.
I got the news about Claire this morning.
I'm devastated.
I can see your grief.
Who's the young lady? Cindy lives next door.
She saw it on the news.
Came over to check on me.
I love my wife.
What do you think we'll find when we take a look in your pool house? What? I don't know.
What do you think you'll find? I don't know.
Maybe you let a gang keep an arsenal in it.
Wh-Why would I do that? So they could kill your wife.
You could swim with Cindy every other afternoon.
Does that sound like an accurate description? You won't find anything.
I never made a deal with anyone to kill my wife.
But you are banging the neighbor lady.
We call that motive.
Yes, we do.
Heard you picked up Claire Trinner's husband.
No weapons found, but he's definitely a suspect.
The company blog.
Found no less than four different people at that company who are either having affairs or getting into some other sort of trouble.
Who are they? That's the problem.
Everyone's name is in code.
So break the code, Mr.
Break it.
Will do.
You guys just can't get enough of me today, can you? Don't let it go to your head.
This head? No, never.
So, okay time to find your blogger.
Can you do that? I thought all the information provided was false.
It was- as far as the blogger knew.
But the one detail that has to be legit to start a blog is the email address.
Okay, great.
Let's look at that.
Not so simple.
First, I have to track it back to its server.
I do that by using the base address.
Which is blogdaze.
And we know by reading, that entries were made at 8:04, 9:56 and 12:20.
So I just type in these entries.
And that's the IP address, right? You're catching on.
That's cute.
So, we just convert that to its attendant email and Well, I'll be.
It's the Perky assistant.
Hey, guys.
Is there a problem? Well, if we tell you, how soon does it end up on your blog? What? Drop the act, Sally.
We know you're the beginning and end of information around here.
You can check my computer.
I'm not doing anything.
That's because company policy states you can't use their computers to write a blog.
And I follow company policy to a T.
Yeah, right.
Do me a favor.
Just move back for a second, please.
Thank you.
At least you wrote nice stuff about us.
Right, A-Rod? This is very sneaky, Sally.
What the hell is that? It's a virtual keyboard.
Bluetooth this to your PDA and you can use it like a regular keyboard.
How does it work? Two lasers are projected- one creates the keypad, and the other one can tell which letters you're hitting once you break the horizontal plane.
So I have a blog.
What's that prove? We'll see when you decipher those names for us.
How often are these desks cleaned? Every day.
Why? Just means that your prints are fresh.
You'll be able to lift prints from that mess? Sometimes the prints themselves aren't as important as where they're found.
But I just told you I'll decode it.
That doesn't mean you're not still hiding something.
So what now? We're looking for hidden motives.
The more a key got hit, the darker green it appears.
So we got the usual suspects- the 'E', the'S', the'T'.
Yeah, but there's a bunch on 'X'.
So? So, look at the most recent blogs.
You see any 'X's? Maybe she sent a message to someone else.
No, I don't think so.
Look at the last sentence.
"Stay tuned for this week's highlights.
" Guess that's not gonna happen.
Or it already did.
Bloggers like to hide messages in the text.
You have to highlight it to read it.
And then read between the lines.
Looks like Sally was sharing company secrets.
And there's only one other person that would have that info before she did.
The CEO.
Look at the time of the last blog.
We know she was on a teleconference call at that time.
So that leaves just one other person.
You need to put on a lab coat.
Oh, no, I don't.
You need to tell me the truth.
About what? About everything.
Let's start with the FDA approval.
You knew this morning that you didn't get it.
Not true.
You told Sally and she posted it on her blog.
Look, please don't get her into trouble.
She's just trying to help.
And then you started dumping your shares which I call motive.
For what? For wanting Claire dead.
I mean, it's her job to announce all the findings, no matter how bad they are.
She is the head of PR.
You can't prove anything.
Well, the SEC can.
And then I'll be back.
So no luck, huh? Yeah.
Ran warrants on all of Mario's employers.
Most people don't even have an outside storage area A.
The ones that did came up clean.
Do you mind? I'm gonna cross-check all the names against any Florida database- residential, professional, educational.
If there is a dot, this'll connect them.
Two of the people he landscaped for attended the University of Florida.
Another two drove Mercedes, although that's not too compelling.
Three of them work for Cantor Pharmaceutical.
What does that mean? It means they share their help.
And Mario's holding out on us.
You lied to me, didn't you? I didn't.
No, I know, Mario, that this is a high-risk situation for you.
The Noches are everywhere.
Are you going to help me or not, Mario? What do you need to know? Someone is missing from your list.
And I need to know who it is right now.
I will die.
I am your last chance.
Miss Prince.
What's going on? I just came home to feed my dogs.
Well, your dogs are going to have to wait.
What's this about? I have a warrant to search your premises, ma'am.
Search my premises? For guns, ma'am.
What else did you get? Boxes- just got to open them up.
Get them to Firearms.
Prince? Would you come with me, please? We found an arsenal in your shed, Ms.
Prince- guns, ammunition.
I promise you I had no idea that those were in there.
The gardener shows up when I'm not home.
I need a list of the names of the people that come to your house.
I don't know the yard people.
Or the pool man.
Sally takes care of these things for me.
Sally, your assistant.
There was one one nice young man, uh, who used to come.
The young man's name is Mario Pilar.
That's him.
He must have moved on, but his friends keep showing up and I figured as long as the work gets done.
You're aware that the Mala Noche killed Claire Trinner, aren't you? I had nothing to do with that.
So, until you can prove otherwise, I'll be at the office.
I wouldn't.
Plan on working laid, Miss Prince.
This is the arsenal from Alyssa Prince's house.
Any sign of our murder weapon? Chances are it's not here.
But these are.
I found two of them.
I just have to finish unpacking, see what I'm dealing with.
We can solve a lot of cases with these.
Well, let's slam the door on this one first.
You hit the jackpot? Almost.
This was the silencer used in the beach killing.
So what's the problem? No problem.
I feel like there's something more on it.
Oh, yeah, there's a thin film of something.
May I? Trace from the exterior of the silencer contained isopropanol and trimethyl ammonium chloride.
Liquid flux.
Yeah, used in the manufacture of needles to solder them to needle arms.
You think it was someone back at Cantor Pharmaceutical? I think somebody's using these needles for something else, Mr.
Nice ride.
Stay right where you are.
A lot of nice artwork here, Hector.
You make your own equipment, don't you? Needles, that sort of thing.
Yeah, it cuts down overhead.
Yes, but it has a nasty habit of implicating you, Hector.
In what? In a murder.
You left evidence on the silencer.
Should have never given Jose that tat.
Is that how you got picked for the job? Catch you later, Carlos.
You just gave him his mark? Without checking? Nobody would ask for one without earning it, man.
Jose just did.
Make it right.
Go to the shed, and get a piece.
I'm sorry, boss.
I need you to take care of someone else, too.
So, what, Claire was just a bonus? Jose thought he was supposed to kidnap her.
Got them close enough to do the deed.
That's cold.
It was either him or me.
Hector, I want to know who hired the Noches to kill Claire.
That I don't know.
Then how'd you know who to kill? Got a picture.
Where's the picture now? Second drawer.
Check it.
There's trace on it, H.
See? I'm cooperating.
Too little, too late, Hector.
The picture had Xorax all over it.
Whoever hired the Noches to kill Claire definitely worked at Cantor Pharmaceutical.
Paul Burton just lawyered up.
The chemist? We got him for insider trading.
Yeah, I definitely don't think that he put the hit out on Claire.
Well, who else could it be? He's the only one that handled the drugs, and it was all over the picture.
Someone was handling him.
He mentioned a girlfriend.
And since he spent every waking moment at the lab He must have met her there.
I understand when lovebirds work together, they steal time whenever they can.
Ryan say something to you? About what? Never mind.
No, really, what are you talking about? Nothing.
Forget about it.
I'm gonna go back to that office and find Burton's girlfriend.
Based on? An educated guess.
This is becoming a real inconvenience.
I've got a lot of damage control to do here at the company.
You've got quite a bit to do with me, too.
Like what? Like why you hired a Mala Noche member to kill Claire Trinner.
That's absurd.
No, it's not absurd, Alyssa.
It's the truth.
Now we found the guns at your house, and Hector gave us a picture of Claire.
Why would I want her dead? Because you thought she was sleeping with your boyfriend.
Sally decoded everything.
Paul and Claire were Igor and Inga.
You were Pablo, as in Escobar, head of the drug cartel.
The blog made it clear they were sneaking off together, every day.
The whole office knew.
And that just burned you up, didn't it? Yes.
Paul and I made a great team.
Claire- she had no right.
So do as I say, not as I do.
It's my company.
Not for long.
Now, how did you meet the Mala Noches? Through Mario? He was clearly scared of them.
Then I saw them putting guns in my shed.
And instead of being frightened, you turned it around, hired them to kill Claire.
I don't like to lose.
I don't want to know anything about it except that it's happened and soon.
You got the cash? This is her.
Just get it done.
You're one crazy lady.
You know what's sad about this, Alyssa? You were wrong.
About what? Claire was teaching Paul how to dance to make you happy.
Obviously, that was a waste of time.
Guess everyone's out for one of their own today.
Certainly looks that way, doesn't it? Yeah.
Eric I heard.
Marisol made you dinner last night.
She did.
Look, I was a little freaked out about my boss seeing my sister.
But seeing how happy she is, I can't argue with it.
No concerns? None for her.
But you need to know that she's a lot sicker than she looks.
Doctors think, uh months.
Can you live with that? I can.
All right.
We are gonna be all right.