CSI: Miami s04e15 Episode Script


Some good seats right here.
Avoiding me much? Come on, ou know better than that.
How you been? You'd know if you called.
I've been busy.
At least he's not lying.
Same thing he told me.
Hey Man, Delko Uh, ladies, this is D.
We work together.
Give him a second.
He'll get up to two syllables.
Good seats.
Yeah, we have to get here at, like, dawn.
Check it out.
Wet t-shirt contest.
You all right? Hey, man.
Take it easy.
Be a little careful, all right? How 'bout I break your nose? You don't want to do that? Oh, yeah? Why the hell not? 'Cause aside from giving you a beating, I'm a cop.
Oh, wow.
My bad.
You want to cuff me? You guys better take your friend out of here.
So, anyway Walsh attacks it.
Digging deep.
Holly puts the game in limbo! Holly McFee Time.
Oh, my God.
What's going on? Everybody stand back, alright? Just stand back.
Yeah, we got a problem here at Lumus beach.
Patrol's doing a canvas for witnesses.
Half the spectators have been here since dawn and they didn't see anything.
Big volleyball fans, I take it.
It's Casper's day off.
I figured he could use the sun.
This is a very strange place to bury a body.
Unless you want that body to be found.
Alexx? No id.
His pockets are empty.
Not exactly beachwear, now is it, honey? Contusions on his neck.
I'm thinking ligature strangulation.
Something unibodied, malleable with a side stitch.
You mean like a belt.
Maybe a maybe a man's belt.
Very possible.
You say that like it means something, H.
Could be, Eric.
You think the killer might be trying to get our attention? I don't know, but he just got mine.
That's odd.
Look at his arms, Eric.
Yeah, one side's darker than the other.
Sun exposure, like a driver who hangs his arm out an open window.
But it's his right arm.
Maybe he's a mailman.
They do drive on the right.
Best theory we have.
Delko! Check this out.
You okay? You look a little green.
Did you see the body over there? That's gross.
Aren't you supposed to be back at the lab? Little thing called blood caught my attention.
We know our vic wasn't killed here, but he was probably transported in this.
Hang on.
All right.
Get this directly to Valera in DNA, all right? Should I get some from the vic? No, Alexx will take care of that.
Shouldn't you do that back at the lab? Little thing called a case breaker just caught my eye.
Belt clasp, but it's broken.
Yeah, kind you see on military belts.
Among others.
I think it's time we go to the guard shack and find out who's in charge of the trash.
I stopped by the place of that girl you mentioned.
Jennifer Wikson.
She wasn't home.
No sign of foul play.
Weird thing is though her protection unit was nowhere to be found.
She let them go is morning.
Jessop's her day guy.
You want me to round him up? No need.
Thank you, Frank.
Officer Jessop.
The Jennifer Wikson detail.
Like I said on the phone, she said either we pull back or she'd give us a the slip.
D she give you a reason? Said she doesn't need our help any more.
Yes, in spite of the fact that her stalker killed her parents.
I tried to tell her, sir, this guy is still out there, but she wouldn't listen to reason.
She's stening to someone, isn't she? I'll take it from here.
Thank you.
You have police pick me up at my grocery store as if I were a common criminal? Jennifer, I am sorry but you dismissed your protection this morning.
Why? I want to be normal, live a regular life, have a relationship.
So you're seeing someone? Yes.
As a matter of fact.
I met him on the internet at a dating site.
What's his name? His name is Lee.
He's a really great guy.
We even met a few times.
You've met with Lee? On Collins, in public, Horatio.
I knew you would react like this.
Jennifer, whether you realize it or not, you're in trouble.
Let me see your Blackberry, please.
I can't live every day of my life hiding from Resden.
He took my parents' life.
I refuse to give him mine.
I understand.
Here's what I need from you.
Please- officer- please wait inside until you hear from me.
I need to check into Lee, okay? Please do this.
- All right.
- Thank you.
There you are.
I've beeoking all over for you.
Oh, I was inhe lady's.
I, uh, need a favor.
Delko just had some blood dropped off with Valera.
Oh, trashcan from the beach? Yeah.
Want me to compare to my unsolved's? I'm thinking it may help us nail down the vic's ID.
Consider it done.
Are you okay? Just have a touch of the flu.
Didn't you just have the flu? Yeah, my luck, right? Are you sure that you're all right, 'cause you're really pale.
Well, it's worse in the morning.
Well, if it's worth anything, chicken soup always works for me when I have the flu.
Chicken soup.
Okay, thanks.
I'll get on this.
Hey, what's up? This is Eric.
Leave me a message.
Hey, Eric.
It's Natalia.
I'm just, uh, just calling to say hi and, uh, call me back.
What can I do for you? You work the beach this morning? Why? 'Cause one of your cans was used in a murder.
- No way.
- Yeah.
Guy weighed about a buck-eighty.
Would've taken one of those tractors and a guy ke you to get him out there.
I don't know anything about no murder.
You're missing the belt buckle from your uniform.
Oh, must have fallen off.
Guess I lost it.
Well, don't worry, I found it- right next to my dead guy.
He was strangled with a belt.
I didn't strangle no one.
Well, then you better start talking.
All right.
This guy, right? He pulls up, he drops a thousand bucks in my hand, cash.
What'd he want you to do? Dump a body.
And you, you're just, uh, you're just in the habit of dumping bodies for anyone? I never done it before.
I got scared and covered it up in the sand.
What'd this guy look like? Come on, man, it was dark.
All I saw was the green.
Turn around.
You and your belt are coming with me.
This the body from the beach? Yeah.
I ran his prints federal employee.
Delivered the mail in Aventura.
Did you get a name? Oscar Vega, 36.
The reason I called you down, Horatio Remember a TV show, Ripley's believe it or not? I do, Alexx.
A key.
Maybe left there, Alexx, for us to find.
Most likely postmortem.
It's all yours.
Did we get an address on mr.
Vega? Thank you very much.
Miami-dade police! Open up! We might need a door buster.
You know what, Frank? Try that.
Right key, wrong door.
Hang on a second.
Frank I'm going in.
Are we clear? We're clear.
This one's gone.
Yeah, this one, too.
Frank, this is Resden work.
Resden? You sure? The bodies are configured in the same way that Jennifer Wikson's parents were.
The Wikson bodies up in New York? That's correct.
Female dragged.
Eyes open.
Not in proximity of the phone.
Male prone and belt missing.
Frank, know where he leaves a child? In a closet.
Is it safe? Empty.
According to the file, our mailman's a bachelor, no kids.
Small favors, huh? No such luck for this couple, Frank.
Jennifer, stay at the station.
Stay right where you are.
Resden is back.
I thought today was your day off.
Helping Delko with a case.
Oh, have you seen him? He got a call and took off.
Probably one of the babes from the volleyball tournament.
What? Yeah.
We were at the championships this morning.
Beach volleyball.
Wall-to-wall thongs.
Really? Yeah.
Delko knew every chick there.
I am talking playa.
I should definitely hang out with him more, take some of his rejects.
Hey, Boa Vista, I'll let him know you're looking for him.
Hey, Natalia, I just got your message.
Sure you did.
What's with Boa Vista? You got me.
She was just here.
You say anything to her? No.
What? We were talking about the tournament.
I was telling her about all the hot chicks, how you got all their phone numbers You got a big mouth.
What'd I do? You opened it.
Oh, you and Boa Vista are? Are none of your business.
Dude, I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
This is Resden's work.
Maybe someone saw the pictures of my parents' murder in the paper and copied it.
Jennifer, it's him.
But something else is going on, Horatio.
What is it? The man you're seeing is Walter Resden.
I don't believe you.
Jennifer, we traced Lee's e-mails to a cafe on Flagler, and the owner identified Lee as Walter Resden.
Lee is Walter's middle name.
No, I would recognize him.
I saw the man that murdered my parents.
I'll never forget his face.
You were ten years old.
It's for your own good.
I I asked Lee to meet me here.
That's him? What are you doing, Walter? I'm here for Jennifer.
We're in love.
Lee, is it true you're Walter Resden? Walter Lee Resden.
I dropped the Walter years ago.
What else have you lied about? Walter, don't you think you'd better tell her? Nothing, nothing.
We met each other on an anonymous dating site.
I didn't know you, and you didn't know me.
It was only until we actually met that I figured out who you were.
By then, it was too late.
I already was in love with you.
You could have told me you were a suspect in my parents' murder.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
But I'm telling you now, I had absolutely nothing to do with your pares' murder.
I left New York, I changed my name to get away from this man and his debilitating accusations.
Jennifer, he's lying to you.
He left New York because I almost had him on murder.
- Isn't that true, Walter? - He didn't have anything; he doesn't know what he's talking about- are you ready to go? You're not going anywhere, Walter.
You are going inside for an interrogation.
Interrogation, for what? We are processing a crime scene that has your signature all over it.
I'm happy to indulge the lieutenant, but this is all a very big mistake.
Take him.
What if you're wrong about him? What if I'm not? I don't get it.
Resden kills the mail carrier, gets someone to dump his body at the beach, then he brings two vics to the guy's house? Killer's logic.
Only understood backward.
You clear a path? Suspect did it for us.
Resden's a bit of a neat freak.
Multiple stab wounds.
No blood pool.
No marks on her neck.
If he didn't strangle them, what's the belt for? I think he's big into messages.
He's left a man's belt at every crime scene, whether he ligatured his vic or not.
Hey, what's the ambient temperature in here? Air's off.
I would say it's got to be about 90 degrees.
This body's cool.
Like it's been here awhile? No, I mean cool.
This body feels colder than the surrounding temperature.
That's impossible.
Impossible without some kind of help.
Her liver temp is 72 degrees.
Do you think they were refrigerated? At this core temp, I think they were frozen.
Then the TOD's way off.
At least until I get back to the office.
I'm going to let Horatio know TOD is pending.
Thanks, Alexx.
Pine cleaner.
What? I smell pine cleaner.
You're right.
This place has been cleaned.
Suspect wanted to make sure he didn't leave any evidence behind.
Yeah, but aromas are airborne.
I bet he got some on himself.
I'll be at PD.
Look, Manuel, your belt is not the murder weapon, but you are still sitting in the hot seat.
I can't be sure.
It was dark.
You said a man paid you to dump the postal worker.
Well, if that's true, he murdered him.
Now, if you can't ID him, you're going to ha for this.
I got no problem giving him up.
I just can't tell.
Nothing like a little jail time to help your memory.
Let's go.
Texan's working the case.
Doesn't look too happy.
Eyewitness fell through.
There's all kinds of eyewitnesses.
Stand up, please.
What is that? Lieutenant Caine mentioned that your clothing smelled like pine cleaner, which we found at the crime scene.
Bodies at the mail carrier's were frozen.
How odd.
What exactly is this device doing? Identifying the components in the pine cleaner to determine if you were there at the crime scene.
Well, I don't know about your crime scene, but I did clean out my trunk this morning.
No kidding.
Yeah, I got some mud in there.
New plants for the lanai.
New plants.
Mind if I take a look at that trunk? Of course not.
I have nothing to hide.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I tested the trunk for blood.
It's negative.
Doesn't clear Resden.
The mail carrier was strangled, so there wouldn't be much blood to begin with.
Well, that's true.
Someone cleaned all the evidence- saliva, hair.
There's nothing here.
There pine components here and on Resden match the stuff we found around the dead couple.
Is pine cleaner enough to arrest him? I honestly don't know.
It's up to the state attorney.
Horatio's going to want to make the call.
Yes, sir, this man is extremely dangerous and the pine cleaner is directly connected.
Yes, to the crime scene.
Yes, sir I understand.
Yes, sir.
According to the, uh, state attorney, we don't we don't have enough to hold our friend Walter here.
We got to cut him loose? Mm-hmm.
So I guess I'm free to go.
For now.
Well, I'll just collect Jennifer and be on my way.
Isn't she something? Walter, if you do anything to this girl I hope you write this down, detective Tripp.
This man is threatening me.
Walter, why are you here? You don't care about Jennifer.
What do you want? Oh, I want what you want, Horatio.
Ready? Hey.
Hey, I've been looking for you.
Yeah, I've been busy.
Look, hear me out, okay? You have until the elevator gets here.
Dan Cooper has a big mouth.
Yeah, but is he a liar? No, he just talks too much.
But pretty pntedly, though, I would say.
Beach volleyball with half-naked girls writhing in the sand.
And those are just the fans.
Look, Natalia, you and I weren't exclusive.
I mean, we said that, didn't we? We did.
I think I said it first, actually.
So then, why all the drama? Eric What? Forget it.
Look, I don't want to forget it.
You were going to tell me something.
What? There are just complications, okay? Complications like what? I'm late.
For what? I'm late.
Oh, God.
W- wait, Natalia, wait.
It's easier if you press the button.
Thanks, Paula.
Come with me.
What do you want me to say? Look, you can't drop some news on me like that and then run.
Now, are you sure about this? Those home tests don't really work on me, and my doctor can't see me till this afternoon.
All right, and then after you see him? - Her.
- Her.
Then then what do we do? What? It's nothing.
What? It's just nice that you said we.
Takes two to tango.
Look, you know I haven't been with anyone since my divorce.
- I know.
- No, I mean, anyone.
Look, I know.
I believe you, Talia.
Okay? Now, look, I'd go with you this afternoon, but I just I can't get off this case.
It's-it's okay.
No worries.
Please call me as soon as you know something.
I promise.
Tox, huh? You're working double duty? They haven't found my replacement yet, and Alexx needed a rush on the couple's stomach content analysis.
That the couple they found at postal worker's house? Alexx couldn't id them, but she diget an approximate TOD.
They had freezer burn, and that takes three months to form.
So, they've been dead three months plus.
No decomp.
Three months even.
Missing persons may have something.
Not florida's.
I hit a dead end in the sunshine state.
Well, there are 49 other states.
That is exactly why I decided to come at it from a different angle.
Take a look.
The couple's stomach contents- it's chili.
Yeah? Ll, there's a lot of that around.
The white stuff in it- it's pasta.
Pasta in chili? That is the unofficial grub of southern Ohio.
That, my friend, is Cincinnati chili.
Okay, so, maybe our missing couple's from Ohio? Great.
I already put an inquiry into the Cincinnati PD missing persons.
Clint and Beverly Holtz.
Reported missing from their house three months ago.
Why would you freeze a couple in Ohio, and th transport them to Florida? I don't know, but three months, 2,000 miles? He had to have a freezer truck.
I'll call homicide, have them put out a BOLO.
I'll meet you in layout.
So, I've gotten the murder books from all the cases potentially linked to Resden.
Multiple murders, multiple cities.
The Wilsons? No.
Horatio said that murder was about his old partner.
So, we've got nine vics and a lot of geography.
What do all those cases have in common? Well, I'm thinking, since they're all adults, and from different states, we should start from the childhood and work forward.
Preschools, music lessons, summer camp.
There are at least 1,000 pages in this one.
Okay, two for you, two for me.
The vics were born between 1964 and 1967.
Brett Flanders, '64, Keith Oakland They both have New York driver's licenses issued in the same town.
Yeah, all the male vic except for the Orlando guy, lived in New York in the early '80s.
Case has to be conneed.
I- I just can't find a New York tie for the husband.
Maybe the target was the wife.
Check out her maiden name.
That's still Florida.
If it was the early '80s, they would have all been around 16 years old.
See if you can pull up her first driver's license.
Nassau county, New York.
Pull up the driver's licenses of the other two guys.
Look at the addresses.
They all lived in the same house.
They were foster kids.
For 26 months, the early '80s, these vics and walter Resden lived with foster parents Morris and Helen Yates.
According to the file, the mother died of natural causes ten years ago.
But before that, they took in seven foster kids.
Wait a second.
You said seven.
There's only six here.
Somebody's missing, Ryan.
John Massry.
Lives here in Miami.
Think he's our next victim? I don't know.
We need an address on him.
- I'll run him.
- Do it.
Yeah, Frank, we just found a house to fit our key.
Miami Dade PD! Miami Dade PD.
What's going on? You John Massry? Yes.
What the hell are you doing in my house? I'here to talk about Walter Resden.
What about him? You two were foster brothers together? Us and five other kids.
And you were arrested for choking your foster father, Morris Yates? Report says, you were using a belt.
I'm a little vague on the details.
It was a long time ago.
How did you get in here? Used your key.
We found it in a dead man's throat.
What?! Have you been to the beach lately? I haven't been out of the house all day.
Well, you got sand on your carpet.
So? One of our murder victims was covered in sand.
You use that a lot? Yeah.
Mind if we take a look around? Okay.
Check it out.
Hey-hey, the Detective? Well, what do you know.
Got to be at least 50 bottles there.
It's enough to cover up quite a few murders.
Are you working with Walter Resden? No.
Sure you're not.
Outside, Einstein.
I swear the sand came from the delivery guy.
What about the pine cleaner, John? I use it around the house.
And at the letter carrier's house, too, right? I don't know what you're talking about.
You and Walter, John, were in the same foster home, weren't you? It was the worst time in my life.
The Yates were pigs.
The place was filthy.
If it wasn't mud, it was blood.
Old man Yates beat you, didn't he? Wally got the worst of it.
Dad beat the crap out of him.
With a belt, right? His belt.
We'd hear him taking it off, and we would run.
But Wally was slow.
He'd throw him in a closet, lock him in there.
Sometimes overnight.
You're not worth the county checks.
No, please, not the closet.
You're lucky it's not the grave.
One day, I coul't take it anymore.
So you stood up to him? I tried to.
He was beating Wally again.
Get off of him! You think you can take me? Yeah, I do.
Ow! I'm sorry, Wally.
I'm really sorry.
It's all right, Johnny.
You tried.
He tossed me out.
I ended up in juvie.
I guess Wally ended up even worse.
You know that Walter has killed his other foster siblings, right? All? Well, why not me? You stood up for him.
Yeah, but it got worse for Wally after that.
I mean, the old man took it out on him.
Why did he steal my key? Because he wanted you to tell me his story, John.
I understand.
Stay on it, please.
Just found an abandoned ice truck near the orange bowl.
- All right, I'll bring it in and process it.
- Do it.
Thought you were going to call me as soon as you got out.
Battery died.
So? False alarm.
Oh, man.
Is she sure? Positive, 100%- she said I must have picked up the flu.
Oh, that's good.
I mean No, it's great, it's great.
Big relief.
Well, should we, uh Well, that's what got us into this.
Uh I think maybe we went a little too fast.
Yeah, probably.
All right.
Well, I'm running on a case.
Oh, go, go;we'll talk later.
According to homicide, this freezer truck was stolen in Ohio just over three months ago.
Yeah, that's consistent with the time of death of our vics from Ohio.
So we need to find evidence of the victims in the freezer and evidence of the driver in the cab.
You want to flip a coin? No.
I've had all my luck for the day.
I'll take the front.
More pine cleaner here.
He definitely wiped the cab down.
Looking bad for Resden.
Anything where you are? Looks like Resden didn't clean back here.
I got hair and biologicals Yeah, well, I don't think he cared about us tying the truck to the victims.
He cared about us tying the truck back to him.
Gold mine.
I got zero.
Resden wiped the cab clean, smart guy.
I got to be smarter.
Suspect only cleans what they can see.
Here it is, lieutenant.
Thank you.
Okay, this puts Resden in the truck.
And behind bars.
So what's next? First, we find him, Eric.
What do you mean? I thought he was with Jennifer.
No note, no explanation, he just left.
So now what? Where is the next clue? Back to the beginning.
The new york case, Jennifer's parents? And the file he gave me.
The photographs on the table are from the New York file.
And these are from the Resden file.
Right, the one that he sent you six months ago.
Is there something new? Eric, there is something new.
What's the difference? There's no mail.
Bring that light over, please.
He photoshopped the letters in.
It's another clue.
Return address is 510 Hibiscus, Florida City.
Is that the brother's condo? No, that's out near the Glades.
The other end of the spectrum.
I knew I'd find you, just like I found everyone else.
Saved you for last.
You're the worst kid I ever took care of.
Wimpy Wally.
Took care of?! You locked me in a closet! Walter.
Put the gun down, Walter.
Get out! I can't do that now, Walter.
Two against one, now.
That it? You always needed someone to stick up for you.
I'll take you out myself.
Go on.
You're not man enough to kill me.
Walter, put the gun down.
He ain't got the stomach.
Shut up! You're pitiful.
Boy's defective, came to me that way.
Walter, listen to me.
He is not worth it.
Put it down.
You were supposed to help me.
Hold it right there, old man.
Don't move.
Go ahead, you finish him off.
You already did that a long time ago.
Real man doesn't need help.
And a real man doesn't beat his kids, either.
You know, without that gun, you're just a little punk like him.
And here's what I'm going to do for you.
I am going to let you take you best shot at me.
Okay, Morris? Take your shot.
Go ahead.
that's what I thought.
You can't do it, can you, Morris? Not only are you a bully, but you're a coward.
Lieutenant caine, sir! Take him outside, and call the paramedics.
Hang on a second, please.
I envy you.
You envy me? What for, Walter? You see an old man.
I see a monster.
Is that why you needed my help? Because you coul't face him yourself? Jennifer.
Tell Jennifer I am going to tell Jennifer that you will never be heard from or seen again.
Take him, please.
He did target me.
I can't believe I was so stupid.
Oh, Jennifer not stupid.
How did he know that you'd find him? Well I guess I always have.
But how did he know that you'd stand up to his father? Walter and I walter and I have similar family histories.
Your childhood was violent? It was.
Your dad was like old man Yates? He was.
Do you forgive me, or doubting you? Already done.