CSI: Miami s04e16 Episode Script


Let's get him! Get him! Get him! You better run.
Head him off! Head him off! Over there! We got him now.
You can't run forever! We're going to get you! He's trapped.
Get him! Get him! We've got him! We've got him, man! Who is he, Frank? According to his I.
, our victim's name is Philip Gordon.
Witness saw four men chasing him.
Four men.
Philip certainly knows how to draw a crowd, doesn't he? Yeah.
I ran him.
Turns out he's a registered sex offender.
Released from Westgate State Prison less than a month ago.
Well, that will do it, won't it? Dead child molester.
Some people might say that's a problem that took care of itself.
So he went from child molester to murder victim.
Alexx, you know the area.
Too well, Horatio.
My kids play in this park.
Did you know you had a registered sex offender in your neighborhood? Everybody did.
His face has been all over the Websites.
The entire neighborhood was up in arms over it.
That certainly increases the suspect pool, doesn't it? And the number of killers.
This body is badly beaten.
I'm expecting to find several more injuries and broken bones.
Mob mentality can turn a Boy Scout into a killer.
And makes it hard to determine which man killed him.
Or maybe not.
That's a stab wound.
Alexx, that just narrowed us down to one.
Stop, guys.
Hold on a second.
Those are perfectly round drops of blood.
They're gravitational.
Means he bled while he was still standing, Alexx.
So he was stabbed before he ran.
It also means he left a blood trail.
Thanks, guys.
Eric, got anything? Yeah.
I found this at the start of the blood trail.
Cell phone for kids.
He wasn't supposed to be within 100 feet of those kids.
It doesn't look good for him right now.
That could explain the attack, too.
That should be easy to find out.
These phones, they speed dial 911 and the kids' parents.
Let's do a reverse directory on the parents.
Name is Victor Terraza.
And, uh he lives right around the corner.
Some man tried to grab my daughter.
I yelled at the guy to get him away from her, and I guess somebody heard me because a few guys took off after him.
I just grabbed Isabel and ran home.
Did you recognize the man? No.
I was just focused on Isabel, you know? Would you mind if I spoke to her? No.
Go ahead.
Isabel Hi.
You want to tell me what happened? My tights got ripped.
That's too bad, isn't it? I told my dad I don't like to wear dresses.
I understand.
Isabel, did the man hurt you? Yeah.
He made me fall down.
Who brought you here? What? Who did you come here with? My daddy.
Where where is your daddy? I don't know.
Daddy, where are you? I screamed really loud like Daddy taught me.
And then he ran away? Thank you very much.
I like your elephant.
Terraza, how much time did he spend with her? A few minutes? I don't know.
I'm going to need to, uh process her.
Process? She's got, as you may have noticed, some blood on her dress.
Boy, this guy really took a beating.
But it was the running that got him.
The running? Yeah.
The stab wound caused massive internal bleeding, but the fatty tissue sealed the laceration, containing the bleeding.
Now, this guy was going to die either way, but the running sped it up.
The physical exertion accelerated his heart rate, filling his peritoneum with blood.
Now, I also found some green material in his hair- like fibers.
The little girl had that on her, too.
When I processed her, I sent it to Trace.
Alexx, what is that on his cheek? Some kind of pattern.
Like a shoeprint.
What's up? Just dropping this off.
It's a mysterious green fiber from Philip's clothes.
It's not a fiber.
It's acrylamide polymer, a.
You're good.
Not that good.
Calleigh found the same stuff earlier.
Must have gotten it during the fall? It's not just any fertilizer.
It's hydromulch a mix of wood fibers and bonding agents used to keep grass growing in areas with lots of foot traffic.
Well, all that tells us is that Philip died in the park, which is something we already knew.
Park manager said they sprayed for the first time this morning.
So, we find the suspects with mulch, we find the mob.
Now all you need is a few suspects.
I think Calleigh can help with that.
She just paged me from Layout.
See ya.
So somebody stepped on Philip's face.
Let's see what kind of shoes that somebody had on.
Give me the class characteristics.
The majority of the sole is a chevron pattern.
The treads are approximately one centimeter in width at two-centimeter intervals.
And the border is single-lined continuous.
Let me see.
The latest Transverse Five Stars.
Lieutenant Caine.
What's the news? The news is, you lied to me.
What? You didn't rush your daughter home this morning.
Your shoeprints were found all over Philip Gordon's face.
Well, what would you do if some pervert came after your kid? Why don't you tell me what you did, Victor? Look, I was talking to some of the other dads.
I thought I was keeping an eye on Isabel the whole time.
Then, all of a sudden, I hear her crying.
Daddy! Where are you, Daddy?! That's that pervert.
Let's get him.
Get him! Get him! Got him! And then you stabbed him to protect your daughter.
Stabbed? Hey, I didn't stab anybody.
Like I said, I chased the guy, and then I gave him a good whaling.
That's it.
This morning, you told us you didn't recognize him.
Everybody knew that freak.
From the Website? No.
The posters.
They're all over my street.
Excuse me, Frank.
Eric, get Mr.
Wolfe, and go back to that neighborhood.
Thank you.
Hey, check this out.
There were posters here, now there are just staples and corners.
Somebody took them all down.
Guilty conscience.
Or it's a consciousness of guilt.
You keep your kids on a short leash? I don't have kids.
Oh, I just figured with all the "dating" you do Yeah, well, I'm very careful.
Well, better safe than sorry.
What about you, you been dating? Taking a little bit of a break right now.
A break- that's what they call it? Look, why don't you go to that side of the street, take a look, and I'll stay on this side of the street.
I got one.
Wow, somebody really had it out for him.
Let's find out who.
Of course I put them up.
I also went to PTA meetings and signed up for Neighborhood Watch.
When did you post them, Alexx? It wasn't like I was targeting Philip.
I look at the FDLE website all the time.
When I saw this guy was only a few blocks away, I put up a few posters.
Come on, Horatio, you know the recidivism rate for sex offenders is huge.
And there is no known cure.
I just wanted the parents to be informed so they could protect their chil Wait a minute.
Can I be charged criminally with this? An aggressive attorney might move for a civil suit.
Horatio, I was protecting my children.
Oh, my Lord, there's one on my block.
Are you gonna move? I'm gonna move my gun safe into my bedroom.
But you wouldn't put a poster up.
It's not illegal.
But I mean as a county employee, right? Alexx should've known better.
Well, she has two kids.
And as a county employee, she has every right.
We have firsthand knowledge of how dangerous these guys can be.
She also has firsthand knowledge of how quickly people escalate to violence.
She should've thought of that.
Would you rather her little girl end up on her table instead? I would rather no one end up on her table.
That's not always an option in the real world.
I work patrol- I think I know a little something about the real world.
Guys? Is there going to be a rumble here? We were just discussing the case.
What's up? Phil Gordon's residence, that's what's up- it turns out he wasn't the only one that lives there.
Who would live with a sex offender? Someone with the same last name- Gordon.
Sounds like family.
I'm on my way over there with Tripp to check it out.
Take it easy on each other, all right? We were just letting Philip stay here while he got back on his feet.
So, he was your brother? Yeah, nobody else would give him a break.
You took these posters down? You bet I did.
They were like neon arrows to our front door.
Hayley and I were being harassed.
That rock through the window was the last straw.
So why let him live here? 'Cause he's my brother.
Couldn't say no.
How'd you feel about that, Mrs.
Gordon? I understood.
But it hasn't been easy.
I mean, I've been getting these migraines ever since he moved in.
Why don't you go lie down, honey, okay? Okay.
This has been hard on her.
Since the vandalism started, we can't go out anymore.
One of us has to stay home at all times just to protect the house.
So you were home all morning? I was working; Hayley was here, sick in bed.
We're gonna need that projectile that came through the window.
I threw it in the trash.
All right, well, then we're gonna need to confiscate the trash.
It's all yours.
You want to, uh, show us Philip's room? Okay.
It's this way.
Is this his? Yeah.
Lots of death threats.
Smells like ammonia.
Was he using that to get high? No, no, nothing like that.
Philip said he would inhale those anytime he had an unhealthy thought.
Like a reverse Pavlov.
So he was self-correcting? Yeah.
He really wanted to get better.
Looks like he had a long way to go.
That kiddie porn on Philip's computer? Wasn't his.
How could that be? It's his laptop.
Someone sent him a "pornado".
Philip got an e-mail that said he won a free trip to Hawaii, but when he clicked on the link to collect his prize, there was no free tickets, there was only porns.
Trying to stop it only makes it worse.
Virtual porn bomb.
I don't get why someone would send porn to a child molester.
Because somebody wanted him to look guilty.
Can we find out who? MDPD's running on the address.
Okay, good.
I'm there.
Lieutenant Caine.
We meet again, Ned.
I haven't done anything.
I wouldn't say you haven't done anything, Ned.
You, uh, sent a virus to Philip Gordon's computer.
Well, yeah.
And now Philip Gordon's dead, Ned.
Dead? I-I had nothing to do with that.
I've been home all day.
Ned, you wanted Philip gone, and you got your wish.
Yeah, but I didn't want him dead.
I just wanted him to move.
I thought if he got caught with the porn, it would violate his terms of release, and-and-and they'd send him back to prison.
Why did you care? Ever since he moved to the Gables, I've been getting harassed.
By who? Neighbors.
It was bad enough you caught me for peeping on Ashley Anders.
People hear a guy like that is moving in, and-and-and they check out the Web sites, and then my picture pops up, and they think I'm the same as him.
But you are a sex offender, Ned.
But I'm not a predator.
And I'm not a pedophile.
I- I would never hurt a child.
I just like adult actresses.
A little too much.
But you have bigger problems that that- distributing child pornography is a felony, Ned.
It's not like I looked at it.
You don't have to.
This the trash from the brother's place? Yep.
Delko said the object that went through their window's in here.
You gonna help? So, hey, uh, what happened between you and Calleigh? Big fight? It's not really my place to discuss Calleigh's business.
It's your business, too.
It's not yours.
You know Calleigh will just tell me later anyway.
She'll probably tell it better.
This looks like it could do some damage.
There's some writing on it.
What's it say? "You ruined everything".
That sounds personal.
Yeah, maybe it was Ned, the porn stalker.
Or one of Philip's victims.
I'll run its DNA.
To run against the old cases? Yeah, it's worth a try.
See if you can find anything else here.
Hey, Natalia.
So, do you want the good news or the bad news? Always the good news.
You're invited to my party.
Thank you very much.
That's great.
Uh, what about the bad news? The bad news is the epis from the rock don't match any of Philip Gordon's molested victims.
Maybe it was Ned.
Mm-mm, amelogenin is XX.
It was a girl that threw that rock.
Let's look at all of Philip's previous victims.
Did she check Hannah Brooks in '91? Yeah.
Uh, what about Amanda Clarkston, '93? Yes.
Mary Pressman? Ryan, Valera assured me that she checked all of Philip Gordon's victims.
This just doesn't make sense.
Oh, wow.
Now this really doesn't make sense.
According to his rap sheet, Philip went from breaking and entering to sexual assault ten years ago.
The classic escalation of a sexual predator.
Yeah, exactly.
Except at the height of his sex crimes, he committed one more burglary.
These guys don't go backwards.
Burglary? That was over ten years ago.
Yeah, it was.
But yesterday, someone threw one of these rocks through that burglar's window.
They're out there for anyone to take.
Can you tell us about that night ten years ago? Where was your daughter? What does that have to do with anything? Philip Gordon wasn't just a burglar.
He was also a sexual predator.
More than a burglary happened that night, didn't it? You're wrong.
Criminals like Philip Gordon have a progressive disorder.
That means they don't revert from sexual assault back to nonviolent crime.
There's a first time for everything.
No, they're right.
Julia, don't say another word.
You wouldn't let me talk back then, but you can't stop me now.
What happened? I woke up, and he was in my bedroom.
My mother, she wouldn't let me say anything.
She said that the court case would be too hard and that it would follow me forever.
Well, guess what, Mom.
It did anyway.
I was only trying to protect you.
But you couldn't.
So you decided to get your own revenge.
I saw those posters.
I couldn't believe that he would move into our neighborhood.
I wanted him to know that I remembered.
I was still so angry.
I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us to the station and make a statement.
Halliwell? Alexx, have a seat.
I understand you were being questioned in relation to a murder.
Gary, I put up posters, that's it.
Hey, I'm on your side, Alexx.
So what's the problem? I just think it would be a good thing for you to take a break from the day shift, Lieutenant Caine and his team.
This won't affect my work.
It already has.
Today you were being questioned about a murder, Alexx, and a few months ago you wrote a prescription for CSI Wolfe.
Ryan needed antibiotics.
He should've seen his doctor.
I was helping a friend.
They're your friends, I am your boss.
So you're punishing me.
I'm helping you.
You're an excellent forensic pathologist, Alexx.
Thank you, Doctor.
As you know, I make the deputy chief appointment.
I see no reason why it shouldn't be you someday.
I'm flattered.
But that appointment is based on politics as much as merit.
Meaning? I'm looking out for your reputation.
I want you to switch to night shift.
Working with an unfamiliar crew will help keep you objective.
You're making a good decision.
So you think the young girl did it? No.
There's no hydromulch on her clothes or shoes.
Eh, doesn't mean she wasn't involved.
Yeah, we're checking her story.
Walk all the way over here for this? You're taking a real interest in this case.
And I also wanted to make sure your eye infection has cleared.
Yeah, it's all good.
My doctor is looking into nerve damage.
Nerve damage? I can't help you anymore.
I have my own doctor now.
Ryan, who did you tell I wrote you that prescription? No one.
Well, the news traveled all the way to the chief medical examiner's office.
Well, Alexx, you know there's a mole in the lab.
Which is why I can't do any more favors.
I really put myself out on a limb for you, baby.
I got it.
I don't know if I can keep this up, H.
Wolfe, I understand, but I need you to trust me.
Did you page me? Yeah.
I went through the rest of the trash from Philip's house.
Check this out.
Yeah, that's hydromulch from the park.
This is a failed delivery notice from WorldSend.
Are you telling me the WorldSend man killed Philip? No, the wife said she was home all morning.
But according to this, WorldSend tried to deliver a notice at 10:10 and no one was there.
So it blows her alibi.
Yep, sure does.
It must have been hard to let Philip into your home.
Like Robert said, he's family.
He's not your family.
I consider him to be.
Look, what is this about? You weren't home all day like you said you were.
WorldSend tried to deliver a package and no one was there.
I did go out for a bit.
I went to the doctor, since I wasn't feeling well.
Like I told the detective, I've been getting migraines.
We found evidence from the park on that note.
I walked to the appointment.
I thought fresh air might help.
Look, call my doctor.
He'll tell you.
We will.
Hey, Tripp.
Yeah? Anything on the wife? Yeah, her alibi checks out.
Doctor's office called and confirmed an appointment.
So why was she acting so weird? Probably conflicted; didn't want to live with Philip, but she's married to his brother.
And people think you're a tough guy.
I need to see Lieutenant Caine ASAP! What's going on? Oh, no, no, no.
I will only speak to Horatio Caine.
Okay, we'll take you to him.
No, this is important! Someone just tried to kill me! Thought I was a child molester.
I know.
I know I shouldn't have done the pornado.
But Lieutenant, my life's in danger.
Who attacked you, Ned? I don't know.
I couldn't see his face.
So, tell me exactly what happened.
I never, never should have opened the door.
You touch any kid in this neighborhood Please, don't! I'm not like that! Can you describe him, Ned? Male, six feet, average size.
Hey, when you catch him, can I sue? Ned, first I need to catch him.
Why the camera? I have to take a photograph of your bruise.
I don't have a bruise.
Not that you can see.
Can you stand up, please? Pull your shirt aside.
When you get a bruise, blood vessels break under your skin.
It can take a few days for the bruise to visibly form.
UV light penetrates the skin deeper than visible light, so this camera can figure out what's going on underneath.
You can see under my skin? I'm about to.
Whoa, you, uh you planning on going postal? I'm planning on catching the vigilante.
I measured that photograph that Ryan took of Ned's bruise, and I've determined that the mark was made by either a.
45 or a nine-millimeter.
Well, that narrows it down to half the population of Miami.
Well, this actually narrows it down a bit more.
Two Colts and a Smith are the only models that make this figure-eight barrel.
So what now? Play the match game.
This barrel plug ratio is not proportional.
Muzzle diameter is a few millimeters short.
We got it.
This is the barrel that made the impression.
Colt nine-mill, 19-11.
All right.
I'm going to check the computer, see if anyone in Ned's neighborhood owns one.
Yeah, got several names.
Michael Cohen, Milo Jenkins, Keith Gretson, Victor Terraza Victor Terraza.
That name keeps popping up.
I'm going to let Horatio know.
This morning, you left the part out about your sex-offender welcome wagon.
I just like to scare punks like Ned.
Then how can you explain to me, Victor, that Philip ended up dead? That guy was a threat.
Hanging around that park every morning? It was only a matter of time before he snatched up some little girl.
You knew Philip was going to be at the park, and yet you took Isabel anyway.
I can protect her.
You have a swing set in your own backyard, yet you chose to go to the park.
Isabel likes it.
I don't think that's what happened, Victor.
I think that you targeted Philip.
You think a lot of things.
And I also think that you used Isabel as bait.
All right.
You play here, baby.
Papi has something he has to do.
If any man comes up to you, you scream, okay? Okay, Daddy.
Okay, go ahead.
You dressed her up and took her to the park, knowing there was a sexual predator there.
I still didn't stab the guy, so I'm out of here.
Hold up.
Actually that's not true.
You're not going anywhere.
Raise your arms up.
You assaulted Ned Ostroff.
You'll be sticking around here for a little while.
Well, what do we have here? Wow, that's sharp.
You take this to the park this morning? No comment.
Arrest him, Frank.
Let's go.
Horatio wants us to compare the wounds on the victim to the knife we found on Victor Terraza.
Double-edge blade.
A knife like this leaves a clean, symmetrical wound.
Philip's wound was ragged.
Meaning that the murder weapon would have to be a single-edge serrated knife, so that is not the murder weapon.
Afraid not.
The only other bleeder is this.
Look at this laceration.
I thought he got it from the fence.
But the edges are curved.
From a serrated knife.
It's not torn.
So? Philip had a knife wound on his back.
Well, how'd that happen? He was carrying the knife in his belt.
And he got the scratch when the killer pulled it out.
Which means he brought the murder weapon with him, either for protection or who knows? Philip was killed with his own knife.
What's this about? Dr.
Warner is gonna trade shifts with me next month.
I'm back on days.
That's my decision, not yours.
This team treats me like family, and Horatio Caine is personally responsible for saving my life.
You don't owe him anything.
Yes, I do.
And I want to work with people I respect.
Excuse me? Dr.
Halliwell, Lieutenant Caine and his team are at the top of their field.
and I want to work with the best.
Now, if that blocks my chance at having a corner office and a few extra bucks a week, so be it.
You realize what you're giving up.
My decision is made.
And now you have to live with it.
W- What do you want with my kitchen? Philip was found with a knife on him this morning, ma'am, and it may turn out to be the murder weapon.
But all of my knives are here.
It couldn't be one of mine.
Unless somebody put it back.
We'll know as soon as we find it.
This one tested positive for blood.
We've got our murder weapon.
So someone in this house killed Philip.
I did it.
No, you didn't.
You were at the doctor, just like you said.
No, I'm confessing.
Arrest me.
After what you've been through, I doubt very much you could have overpowered Philip.
Want to tell me what happened? We've been trying to get pregnant for three years.
All we wanted was our own family.
And then Philip got out of prison.
I I came home and I saw the graffiti and the broken window.
The stress I started bleeding, and I lost the baby.
So you blamed Philip.
The doctor said there could be a million reasons why.
I couldn't help but think that maybe if he hadn't moved in I'd still be pregnant.
And at what point, Hayley, did you inform Robert? Robert Um As soon as it happened.
Thank you, ma'am.
My parents taught us that family was everything.
I wanted to believe that Philip could get better.
Yes, because Philip was your brother, right? But then Hayley told me about the miscarriage.
And that's when you went over the edge.
I was just gonna tell him that he had to move out.
So you went to look for him at the park.
What is this? A knife? It's nothing.
I-I need I need protection.
When I saw that knife, I knew he was never going to be normal.
Why are you even at this playground? You are not supposed to be within a hundred feet.
I'm just testing myself.
I won't do anything, I promise.
You need to stop.
I- I don't think that I can.
And I thought I was the good brother.
I stood up for him.
You stood up for him by killing him.
I had to do it.
He was gonna hurt someone else.
He already hurt my family.
No, you did that.
You hurt your family.
I feel bad for that guy.
I hope the jury takes it easy on him.
A killer is a killer.
You believe that? Personally? No.
Professionally, yeah.
And I'm still on the clock.
You want to ask me again in about an hour over a beer? Oh, you're not mad at me? 'Cause, um, I heard we got in a really big fight today.
Don't believe everything you hear.