CSI: Miami s04e17 Episode Script


Why are you doing this? Horatio? Hang on a second, Frank.
You got to see this.
Pop that trunk, will you? Yeah.
Interesting use of cargo space.
That would explain why our driver was moving so fast.
One thing's for sure: she was hauling ass.
Yes, Frank.
A dead body can have that effect on you.
Anything on our vics? The guy in the trunk's a John Doe.
What about the driver? Her license says her name's Angela Ross.
I've got Tripp running it.
H wants a reconstruction of this, but whole lot left to work with.
I think she was hit by another car.
What gives you that? There's a collapsed rear quarter panel.
It's inconsistent with this accident.
We're going to need as much crash data as we can get.
Unfortunately, at 6:00 A.
, There aren't any witnesses.
No witnesses? You sure about that? What do you mean? Check it out.
There's a traffic camera.
Traffic cameras take pictures of speeders.
Maybe it caught something worth seeing.
That's good.
Check it out.
Any ID yet on the guy from the trunk? Nada.
All right.
What do we have? Looking at strangulation.
And there's a gash on his side that caused loss of blood.
Now, I'm thinking it's postmortem.
Buy I'll know more at the post.
All right.
Anything else? There was one interesting thing.
Baby boy has red dye on both his hands.
You have any theories? Working on it.
Let me guess.
You'll know more at the post.
Always do.
Hey, Alexx, what's your take on Angela Ross, our female driver? Well eyes are clear.
Her pallor's good.
I think She was definitely into something hinky.
I'm just waiting for tox to tell me more.
She didn't have any track marks.
Body weight's normal.
No sign of hep or other diseases.
Meaning? There's a look they have when they hit my table.
The bad ones.
This one- she didn't have that look.
She was speeding out of town at sunup with a, uh with a body in her trunk.
You asked my opinion.
I'll tell you mine.
I think she was up to no good.
If she was, Ryan, let her tell us.
Hey, Calleigh.
I sent a patrol unit out to our female driver's address.
What'd you find? Vacant lot.
Really? Angela's id was a fake? Yeah.
Our girl just became a Jane Doe.
So, we don't have an ID on either victim.
So, what's next? Run with what we've got.
Red ink, white fibers from the guy in the trunk.
Anything yet? Yeah, these fibers you called about- they're all over the trunk.
Seat covers.
Trace confirmed it.
Well, maybe they were on John Doe's body when he was dumped in the trunk.
What are you thinking? I'm still thinking that this supports my second car theory.
Come here.
There's damage here in the quarter panel and bumper.
She did impact at over 60 miles per hour.
It could have happened then.
Well, there's also paint transfer.
Now, it could be incidental, or it could be road rage.
What about the body in the trunk? I didn't say it wasn't a strange case.
We need to get these paint samples to trace, have them analyzed.
Every paint has a distinct signature, so We find the collision car, we find a witness.
That's right.
Or a murder suspect.
So, you got something.
I certainly did.
Victim's car is a silver frost metallic.
Gray base coat, ultragloss sealer.
Okay, what about the other sample? Arctic silver metallic, zinc chromium primer.
A second car.
She was run off the road.
Okay, let's plug into the automotive paint database and see what we come up with.
Porsche boxster 986.
I'll put the word out.
We're looking for an arctic silver boxster.
That look silver to you, Eric? Yeah, as silver as a new dime.
Front end damage, too.
It's consistent with the collision damage on the victim's car.
Sheepskin seat covers.
Yeah, just like the fibers on our John Doe.
Did you get something? Yeah.
Rental contract.
Sunstar rents.
"The car of your dreams, weekend rates".
The question is, whose dream is it, Eric? His name's Russell Miller.
Staying at the Copper Palms hotel on Collins.
Call the Copper Palms and tell them to hang on to our dreamer.
Miller? Yeah, I'm Russell Miller.
What can I do for you? A car rented in your name was involved in a traffic incident this morning.
What kind of incident? Man was found dead in a trunk.
Well, I valeted my car last night.
I've been in a seminar all morning.
You recognize that man? Never seen him before.
Material from your seat cover was found on his clothing.
Yes, it was, and there was ink on his hands, just like the ink on your shirt right now, Mr.
All right.
All right, look.
They guy's name is Luis.
He's a valet here.
He set me up with a girl.
You know, for a fee.
Car jockey was also a pimp? We agreed on a price.
Then he wanted more money.
I refused.
We had a fight.
You had a fight? Where did the fight take place? In the car.
We agreed on a price! That was for her.
This is for my cut.
You don't get a cut.
Either I do, or you do.
Look, I I'm a married man.
This could be very bad for me.
Not as bad, mr.
Miller, as it was for Luis.
Put him in the car, please.
You think the hooker might be ourissing driver? If she exists at all, Frank.
Pimps usually sleep with their employees.
Yes, they do.
Alexx, let's run a sexual activity kit on our John Doe.
Thank you.
Where's Valera? She had a meeting at the state attorney's office.
The state attorney? You know why? Don't know, but you're stuck with me.
Since I am, let me bounce something off you.
You know that Luis Reyes weighed 160 pounds, right? Right.
And Russell Miller says that some mystery hooker tossed him in e trunk of a car.
And you're wondering how she did it.
I'm wondering if she even exists.
She does not.
Here's the results of Valera's test swabs.
DNA, on his privates was male.
There was no hooker.
It was just Russell.
I'll tell Horatio.
We found male DNA on Luis, south of the border.
We think it might be yours.
What do you mean? You killed Luis, put him in the trunk of the car, and then walked away.
He was blackmailing me.
Blackmailing you how? Okay, truth.
We had sex.
Just a one-time thing.
Then he threatened to tell my wife.
Give me $500, closet boy, and it all goes away.
What happens if I don't? Then I pay a visit to your wife.
Tell her that the man of the house is not so manly.
You can't do that.
Watch me That lady that lady drove by at just the wrong time.
She saw it all.
And you ran her off the road.
I did what I had to do.
I made a mistake.
I know it's wrong.
I tried to hide my guilt.
I just I thought, somehow, it might just go away.
But it didn't go away, did it, Russell? Speaking of which, Frank, read him his rights.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Alexx, what did you get? That the man from the collision car? Yes, nd he just admitted to strangling Luis.
I just finished my post.
Our lady driver was killed after the crash.
After the crash? Where does that leave us? We've got one killer in custody and one on the loose.
This homicide was buried deep within the trauma.
Now, these are the injuries she sustained in the crash.
The fractures radiate outward from the point of impact, to the back of her skull, and that's where things get weird.
Instead of a radial fracture, I found a compression, which couldn't have been caused by anything her head hit in the accident.
So she was hit her in the back of the head.
With something other than a fist.
Ah, what do you think the weapon was, Alexx? Horatio, I don't know.
I'm going to have to shave her head and cast it to determine.
Okay, and we need to go back to the car.
So this time, we approach it from the front.
That's right, from the front, where the killer must have stood.
This door was shut when you got to the scene, right? Yeah, the window was blown out, and access to the door was blocked by a tree.
So the killer had to reach in through the windshield.
All windshields are made up of two pieces of glass held together in the middle by a layer of polyvinyl butyral.
It acts as an adhesive.
When her head hit the windshield, it blew through this layer but it wouldn't have been peeled out and curled around like this.
Someone peeled it back.
Rescue? No.
No, rescue never touched the glass, but whoever did might have left some prints or some other trace.
I've got a diamond.
You sure it's not a piece of broken glass? Polished, precision-cut.
If it fell out of its setting, it could be part of a larger piece.
There was no mention of Angela wearing a necklace or ring.
Maybe the killer took it.
Maybe we just got motive.
Checking out the carat weight? Carat weight is its value in the real world, my friend.
I'm checking out its value to us.
Which is? The girdle.
Excuse me? On a diamond, the girdle is the rim that's formed at the top of the stone, and that's where they place the DIA number.
Right: Diamond Index of America.
They register all the high-quality diamonds.
They inscribe across the diamond with a laser.
So our diamond is registered? Yep, and the DIA will tell us exactly who the rightful owner is.
Um welcome to Fieldcrest jewelers.
I'm Chris Kaiser.
Is there something I can help you find? Actually, yes.
Big day coming up for both of you, hmm? No, we're with the crime lab.
Is everything okay? Yeah, we're actually looking for the rest of this.
Uh, yes, it seems to be a diamond from a piece that was stolen la night.
Afsana necklace, it's worth $4 million.
Do you know this woman? Yeah, that's Barbara.
You're certain that her name is Barbara? It's not Angela? No, Barbara.
Barbara Sommers.
She works here.
At least we know who she is.
Yeah, but not why she changed her identity? I'm sorry, but why are you asking about her? Do you think she's the one that stole the necklace? She was killed this morning.
What? We think she was murdered.
That's impossible, I mean um she was one of the nicest people.
Who would do something like that? We were actually hoping that you might have an idea.
No, um, she really kept to herself.
The necklace- I have to ask: did you No, but now that we know what it is, we'll alert the local pawn shops.
They'll be on the lookout.
Thank you.
If there's anything else I can do to help Yeah, actually do you have Barbara's address.
This is where the jewelry store owner says she lived.
Somebody kicked the pet door in.
Yes, let's let's get that to the lab.
Did you see that? Yeah.
Hold off on that a second.
Hold off.
Hey, Danny? Danny? Danny? Danny, you can come out.
It's safe.
Are you okay? Okay.
Is there anyone else here, Danny? No.
Okay, where's your dad? Heaven.
Your dad's in heaven.
Okay, Danny, I am a police officer, and it is safe to come out.
I want you to take my hand.
Come on, pal.
Good man.
Come on.
That the victim's son with the social worker? Yes, and he is terrified to talk.
Abused? Possibly.
Mother's a jewel thief and father's dead: that will screw up a kid.
Yes, that will do it.
Ma'am, how's he doing? I told him about his mother.
He's processing.
Looks like he's been trained to remain silent.
Seems like it.
So he's afraid of telling the truth? It's possible.
Fear levels off the chart.
We can't tell why.
This is going to be a difficult case.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thanks, lieutenant.
Miss Boa Vista are you okay? Yeah.
No, I'm fine Alexx, the casts.
On barbara? Yeah.
Was on my way down to start.
Okay, I want you to hold off so we can fluoroscope the body.
Looking for anything special? I am, but I don't want to lead you.
Mm, keeps it interesting.
Give me 30 minutes.
Got it.
Got a hit on the windshield? Well, we're getting there.
Lucky to get anything at all.
Luck had nothing to do with it.
Howard Benchley: One DUl; lives in Michigan.
Let's find out what brought him to Miami.
Let's do that.
What are you doing in Miami, mr.
Benchley? Been a long winter in Detroit.
Thought I'd get a little Miami sun.
But you're on probation.
I reported my whereabouts to my PO.
That's how you found me.
How did your fingerprints get on Barbara Sommers' windshield? That's her name? Poor lady.
Answer the question, mr.
I was on my way back from the Mikasuki casino.
Saw a car sitting there, so I pulled over to help.
Are you okay? She was dead.
So I called it in.
But didn't hang around.
Didn't see the point.
Or you were drunk when you were leaving the casino.
Come on.
This long after? Breathalyzer won't register anything.
Look, there was nothing I could do.
Really? 'Cause you could have killed her and stolen a $4 million necklace.
Do I look like a guy that just came into a fortune? I don't know, mr.
But you don't look like a guy who's innocent.
Hey, Natalia.
Hey, how's the case going with the lady from the crash? I hear you guys are stuck.
Yore hearing a lot of things, aren't you? Yeah.
No, no, I get it that there's a mole in the lab, and I'm the new girl, so it must be me.
You're right.
It's silly.
Let's start over, okay? The case is weird.
Barbara Sommers.
Well, if that's even her name.
Her kid won't talk.
Her identity keeps changing.
She stole this necklace, and someone killed her.
Maybe her past caught up with her.
What does that mean? Nothing, it's just you know, some people have secret lives.
What kind of secret lives? I've already said enough, okay? Just try to think of her as a person.
Hey, wait a minute.
You know something you're not saying? No.
You know, you say something like this, and you tell me you're not the mole, and I'm supposed to believe that.
I need to know the truth.
You know what? Forget I tried to help.
So what do we got? I processed the pet door from Barbara Sommers' place.
Okay, what'd you find? Nothing significant, except this.
Is that some kind of metal shavings? Yeah, and these are the SEM results.
It's 92.
5% silver, 7.
5% copper alloy.
I recognize this.
It's the properties of sterling silver.
Sterling silver shavings.
Makes perfect sense.
From the pet door? What's that mean? It means that our jewelry store manager's lying.
You do engraving at the store, don't you? Is that against the law? We found sterling silver residue inside Barbara's house.
She worked at a jewelry store.
As a clerk.
Okay, so I went looking for the necklace.
But that's all.
Were you going to hock it yourself? No.
Don't lie to me, Chris.
I'm telling the truth.
I was in a jam either way.
Why? I hired the girl who ripped the store off.
We're insured, but it still looks bad.
I lose my job.
I just got promoted to manager.
I didn't kill her, I swear.
It's a $4 million necklace, Chris.
People have killed for less.
Why didn't you report the thef when you first discovered it? I told you, she was my hire.
It was on me.
So you were going to find it yourself.
You bitch, open this door! I've already called the police, Chris.
I know you got it! I know you took that necklace, and you're giving it back! You bitch! It was my only option.
I have one thing to say to you.
If you had reported it missing, then Barbara Sommers might still be alive.
And no necklace is worth that.
I downloaded the images from the traffic cam.
Your victim's car.
God, what's she doing, 90, 100? She's moving for sure.
Wait a second.
She's heading north.
So? The accident happened in the southbound lane.
I was wrong.
I think our victim might have had a conscience.
I fluoroscoped the body, Horatio.
What I found made me sick.
I don't blame you, Alexx.
This is abuse.
Ribs, nose, fingers, arms, ankles, soup to nuts.
I counted 14 breaks, and it couldn't have come from the crash because they've all healed.
Beaten to within an inch of her life.
For years, judging from the density of the knitted bone.
This is why she was running, and this is why the boy won't talk.
Natalia, Eric said you may have info on this case, and it's possible that she's part of an organization, an underground organization that protects abused women.
I think she is.
I belong to the same thing.
I'm sorry.
It's an organization that prides itself on its anonymity.
But I think I can help.
This is obviously a big decision for you.
Why don't you take some time with it? Give me an hour.
I'm going to call some of my contacts.
They're spread out everywhere; it's like a big family.
I understand.
Thank you.
Horatio, we've got someone trying to move the necklace.
Frank, I'm on my way.
Let me go! Pawning property isn't illegal.
It is when it's stolen.
Look, I found it.
Found it at a murder scene.
That could make you an accessory.
So you want to take the question again? I was on my way back into town from Biscayne.
I came up on this wreck.
She was already dead.
So what are you, a roadkill pirate? I called in the accident.
That's got to count for something.
What counts is your rap sheet.
We've got you on a string of robberies.
Wallet from a pedestrian in a hit-and-run, CD player from another crash, set of water skis off an SUV that broke down on highway 1.
I need you to tell me what you saw at the wreck site.
Just before I stopped, a car was pulling away.
A silver car, like a sports car? No, it was big, like a truck.
Like an SUV? The sun was in my eyes, but, yes, like an SUV.
can I go now? Let me see.
How can I put this? No.
Officer, hang on to her for a second.
Frank, I've got to take this.
Boa vista? Lieutenant.
Did you get something? Yes, Barbara Sommers' married name.
It's Benchley.
Does that mean anything? That means that Howard Benchley drives an SUV.
Howard, you neglected to tell us that Barbara was your ex-wife.
Didn't seem pertinent.
You honestly expect us to believe that? Look.
I hate the fact that she was ever my wife.
So I guess I block it out when talking about her.
Yes, and yet you came you came to Miami to see her.
No, not her.
My son.
Then what were you doing following her? Trying to get some dirt.
Regain custody.
She's the crazy one.
Yes, and now she's the dead one, Howard, so, mission accomplished for you.
I didn't kill her.
Everything's coming up roses for you, isn't it, Howard? Why don't you think about it in holding for a while.
Guy's cagey.
There's one way to make him talk, Frank.
What's that? Find the murder weapon.
I'm stepping out for a bite.
You want something? No, no, I'm cool.
You come in and look at this for one sec? Sure.
Officers executed a warrant on Howard's car.
These were all the possessions that could have done the damage.
None of them are.
That's a plaster cast that Alexx made of Barbara's head wound.
But none of Howard's things fit.
He could have tossed what he used, but, uh he's an amateur, so I'm hoping he didn't.
I know what he used.
A gun.
First blow glanced off the side of her head, leaving a groove.
next one hit her bluntly.
the coup de grace: edge of the handle.
all combined, it would have killed her.
But there were no guns found in either vehicle, or at the crime scene.
It's got to be somewhere.
I think it's time we questioned Howard again.
Well, maybe not.
Wasn't the necklace recovered at a pawnshop? Yeah, maybe it's not the only thing she pawned.
Looks like lunch is a drive-through.
Already did my civic service today.
Gave up a sweet sheet of ice.
Ah, come on, I know you love the repeat business.
Why do I think this ends badly for me? Well, it depends on how helpful you are.
When Rita pawned the necklace, that wasn't all she had, was it? Make it easy on yourself- I know how many hot, unregistered guns you've got in there.
Now, why would you go say something like that? I'm guessing Rita pawned a gun.
You give me the one I'm looking for, we're good.
She pawned a nine-millimeter.
See? That wasn't so hard.
Pawnshop guy said he wiped it down before he planned to move it.
You know, no one wants to buy dirty gun.
Well, there's pawnshop clean, and there's CSI clean, if you had a gun, why wouldn't you fire it? If it wasn't loaded.
And how would you know it wasn't loaded? Check the magazine.
See ya.
You won't believe me, but I didn't come to town to kill her.
You're right.
I don't believe you.
I just wanted to see her.
To get her back.
I was the only man for her.
But she disagreed with you.
She just needed convincing.
So in order to convince her, you killed her, Howard.
She was past help.
And ditching Danny? I did her a favor.
Typical Barb- keeps a gun for protection, then forgets to load it.
Barb? Where's Danny?! Tou're as bad a mother as you were a wife! Leave me alone You've made your son an orphan.
He's still got a dad.
At this point, Howard, he doesn't think so.
Barb told him I was dead? That's correct, and I understand her instinct.
Well, legally, I am still that boy's father.
That is true.
But being someone's father is not a right; it's a gift.
Take him.
Hey? Let it go.
Look, I'm sorry.
For what? For things that I couldn't have known.
Well, then, why the apology? Because I think you deserve one.
I heard how you helped break the case.
Barbara's background.
Well, uh, it's still stuff at happened in my past that's not your fault.
Well, earlier today is the past.
So, I'm sorry.
Are you safe now? He-he's in jail.
I'm okay, Eric.
And, you know, we're okay.
Well, some things you can count on.
Danny, I know it doesn't feel like it right now, but you're going to be okay.
My mom was killed, just like yours.
- Really? - Yeah.
You mean by your dad? I do.
I do mean by my dad.
So so I want you to know that you're not alone.
You really do know what it's like.
I also want you to know that I am going to be right in there every day if you need to talk.
All right? Good man.
You, too.
You too, partner.