CSI: Miami s04e19 Episode Script


All right, ladies! Everyone up! On your feet now! Up! Everyone out of the water! Move it! Move! On your feet! Now! Let's go! Move now! Let's go! Hold it! Down on the ground, right now! Do it! All right, everybody through being heroes now, huh?! Move it! Everyone in the lockers! Come on now! Get in there now! I want those lockers open now! I want your purses in my bag and your keys in my hand! Hurry it up! Give me that.
Come on.
Let's go.
You, where's your keys? Oh Hurry up! Come on.
Hurry up! Somebody help me, please.
I've been shot.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We got 'em.
We got 'em.
Let's go.
Let's go.
The keys Come on! Which one goes to which car? Frank? Three men in masks, armed robbery.
Weird thing is, they weren't even armed before they took the gun off the security guard.
Dispatch says shots fired, Frank.
Victoria Morena fought back with OC spray.
Took one in the chest for it.
She had pepper spray.
Yeah, which means one of our guys has got Mace face.
When we find him, we'll know it.
And all the hospitals have been contacted.
How's she doing? She's, uh, hanging in there for now.
She's with the paramedics.
You're going to be okay.
All right, witnesses? What's going on? Horatio, there's something you ought to know.
She's okay, but, uh, one of the witnesses is Marisol.
Give us a minute, please.
Will you? Marisol The one day I decide to pamper myself, right? Marisol, I don't like the look of that.
I'm going to send you to the hospital and have you checked out.
No, I'm fine.
I I just fell.
Marisol, what happened? I don't know.
It just happened so fast.
They were just suddenly there, and I keep seeing them- you know, those masks.
Let's go! Move! Horatio, you get them.
Okay? I will.
Horatio, looks like cars were the focus.
The type of rides parked outside this place was like an invitation.
What'd they get, Frank? Lambo, Viper, Aston Martin.
Not bad for a day's work.
The good news is these exotic cars all had tracking devices.
Okay, put out a broadcast.
H! Hey, H! Where's my sister? She's at the hospital.
She's going to be fine.
What happened? She's got a gash over the eye, and I think she may have a concussion, but she's going to be fine.
I'm going to the hospital.
Eric, she's going to be okay.
I need you here.
I'll call you from the hospital when I get something.
You guys detectives? CSIs.
Found something weird on the victim you should know about.
What's that? Blood spray around her mouth.
What's weird about that? Someone gave her CPR? One, two, three, four It was there when we found her.
Maybe a civilian revived her.
Did a good job, too.
It's why she's alive.
I wonder why they didn't say anything.
Maybe they helped her out of guilt.
You think whoever helped her could be involved in the robbery? I'll ask around and find out.
I'm going to go inside and look for a casing.
Might find a bullet, too.
Her wound's a through- and-through.
Excuse me, guys.
I need to talk to you for a second.
Oh, yeah, sure.
What's up? Well, thanks for saving the victim's life.
The blood on your shirt- you gave her CPR, right? Oh, yeah.
Uh, my pleasure.
Just glad I could help.
Just I'm curious.
Why didn't you tell anyone? She dies, I get sued.
I understand.
No good deed goes unpunished, right? Yeah, something like that.
So are we done here? No, no, no, actually, we're just we're just getting started.
Found you.
I'm, I'm confused, uh Pete.
No men are allowed in the women's pool area, right, not even a massage therapist? Well no.
You walked in after the shooting, past the sauna where the women were held, right? That's right.
How come no one saw you? Because he came from the closet.
I found the a peephole in the wall.
You involved in this, Pete? You let these men in? No.
No way.
I just I watch.
That's it.
I don't believe you.
Why not? Because you lied to me already twice.
Let's go.
Got something? Yeah.
Cooper called.
He accessed the Viper's GPS unit, and it's transmitting from the pier of Miami.
So you think the carjackers are getting ready to ship it overseas? Yeah, looks that way.
I'm going to grab Cooper in the mobile track unit.
We're going to find out for sure.
All right.
It's Tripp.
Detain him till somebody can pick him up.
All right.
Got a guy trying to check himself into Miami General.
Guess what he got.
Mace burn.
Let's divide and conquer.
Well, that's gotta hurt.
I got stung by a bee.
It's nothing really.
Enough to get you in Miami General Hospital.
Yeah, I'm allergic.
But not to bees; to pepper spray.
Where are your keys?! You! Come on.
Hurry up! You robbed the spa this morning, Billy.
No idea what you're talking about.
We're talking about where you got that.
We found it parked around the corner of the hospital.
It's an Aston Martin.
That's a pretty nice car.
It ain't mine, though.
Empty your pockets.
Empty your pockets, Billy.
Well, I guess that clears up the car thing since you've got the keys.
And the zip ties that were used to bind the security guard at the spa.
I didn't hurt anybody.
Who are your friends, Mr.
Robinson? Look, we were just supposed to tie up the guard, okay? Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
But they did get hurt, Billy, didn't they? Witnesses said the guy that got Maced didn't shoot anyone, so do yourself a favor and tell us who did.
I can't.
It's better to be in jail than dead.
Then jail it is.
Please be advised: we followed the GPS unit of our Viper to the Lion's Gate Shipyard on Pike Street.
We're requesting backup, please.
Thank you.
What? Signal's moving.
Okay, so are we.
You gotta stay here, man.
No way.
Cooper, you're unarmed.
Hey, you brought me out here, and somebody's gotta to read the receiver.
Hang back.
Signal's on the move again.
No way.
Hey, stop.
Is that the GPS unit? They took the damn thing out of the Viper.
I feel stupid.
They could be the stupid ones.
It could give us something.
Let's get back to the lab.
Patrols rolling Code 3 in pursuit of a 2005 Lamborghini, orange color, Florida license 16W649, heading southbound on I-95.
I swear I didn't even see you guys.
You know, the sun and my music was blasting.
You got an excuse for going 150 miles an hour? Too much caffeine? What about for shooting Victoria Morena? What? What are you talking about? Talking about where'd you get the Lamborghini from, Andretti? It's Hayden.
Hayden Cruise.
And I got the car from my car guy.
He's been looking for a Lambo for, like two months for me.
Your car guy? Yeah, Joe.
You can call him if you want.
Speed dial 11.
The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
That's shocking.
It's disconnected.
What? Hey, look, these cars are like organs, you know? You get on a list, you wait.
And then when they call, you buy it.
Otherwise, somebody else will.
And you didn't think the car was maybe stolen? No, absolutely not.
You got a last name for this Joe guy? No.
But I gave him, like, a hundred grand cash.
It's a big chunk of my trust fund.
That big chunk's about to be impounded, Hayden.
Hey, if you catch this guy, do I get my money back or what? Look, a woman was shot today.
I'm sorry.
It's just, it's a lot of money.
Get his car keys.
I heard we recovered all three stolen cars.
Is that right? Two and a half.
Got the bait and switch at the shipyard.
All that was left of the Viper was the tracking device.
You mean they chopped it.
Yeah, problem is it looks like they used an acetylene torch, and heat doesn't leave a tool mark.
But the torch would make it too hot to handle.
Think he used something to hold it? He used a vise grip.
And imperfections can make a unique match.
I'm going to Impound to look at recently chopped cars to compare tool marks.
Meet me at the garage.
This one's barely a car.
Better for us.
Frame's exposed.
Hey, hand me the magnifier, would you? I think I got something.
Hand me the picture of the GPS from the Viper.
Who's the proud illegal owner of these tool marks? This ring was run by Carvell Watson.
His case is pending for chopping cars.
He's probably out on bail.
We can change that.
I'll get you an address.
Hi, Hey.
how you doing? Good.
What can I do for you? Save my life, I hope.
I, uh, got a new car and I kinda had a little accident.
Yeah? What kind of car is it? A Viper SRT.
And what's the damage? Well, the driver side door is smushed in.
I can't even open it.
I called the dealer about getting a new one, but they're, like, five grand.
We might have something for you.
Let me go get the owner.
How you doing? Fine, thanks.
You're lucky.
Got a couple Viper doors in today.
I bet you did.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em, Mr.
What now? I'm going to call for a warrant.
I'll let you know in about two minutes.
Victoria Morena.
Her heart suffered too much trauma.
She died of cardiac arrest.
Bullets will do that to you.
So we go from robbery to murder.
Witnesses said the shooter kicked her in the head.
Have Eric look for trace.
The woman you shot this morning just died, Carvell, so you're looking at murder.
I didn't shoot anyone.
Somebody's trying to set me up.
Here's some proof.
Here's a photograph of the door from the stolen vehicle from the women's day spa where there was an armed robbery this morning.
It was at your shop.
You received stolen property.
I had no idea they were stolen.
What about these purses from the women at the spa? What about 'em? We found 'em in the dumpster behind your store.
Come on.
Everyone at the shop uses that trash can.
Everybody else checks out.
This is crazy.
I told you I'm being messed with! You know, I feel exactly the same way.
Book him.
Is that Victoria? Hey.
Who are you? I'm her husband.
Look, Mr.
Morena, you shouldn't be here.
What are you doing to her? I know that this is upsetting, okay, but we have to process your wife's body.
Hasn't she been through enough already? I want to catch the man that did this to your wife and this is going to help.
I was at the hospital with her.
She was stable.
I left Maria for an hour.
And when I returned, she Look, I'm sorry.
I should have been there.
Please, just wait outside in the lobby, okay? I promise I'll take good care of her.
The results on the trace I pulled from the victim's hair.
Just printed up.
I don't mean to criticize, but what took you so long to collect it? You can't process a victim's body until they're dead.
Got it.
So, I got C12, H22 and O11.
That's sucrose.
Add dithiocarbamate and you got a sugar mill.
How many of those are there in Miami? Only one with a high concentration of potassium carbamate.
You lost me.
It's the chemical composition of wood ash.
The fire at the Sullivan sugar mill.
Three weeks ago.
That's enough time to put in a chop shop.
There's the Viper.
Damn, they can do a lot in a few hours.
Surgical strip.
I've seen cars completely pieced out in under two hours.
Here we go.
MDPD! Down, everybody down! Hands on your head! H, I-I don't know what happened.
Wolfe, you didn't have the shot.
I- I just froze.
Wolfe, you didn't have the shot, you understand? I understand.
You want to walk me through it? I staged at the door.
Two suspects visible.
I made entry.
You ID yourselves? Yeah.
Announced on entry.
Badges were clearly in view.
Go on.
I approached one guy to pat him down next thing I know another guy come out of nowhere with a gauge.
Your weapon's drawn? Yeah.
Well, you perceived a threat? Yeah.
In Horatio's interview he said that, uh, you didn't have a clear shot; is that what happened? Ryan is that what happened? Yeah, that's right.
Pepper spray has a UV marking dye.
If this guy was near his buddy when he got shot, we'll know it.
There it is, H.
So he was there.
Come on, hurry up! Oh, God! Yeah.
Now we got two out of three, but he's not our shooter.
Witnesses said the shooter stood about five feet from the others.
If he was standing that far away, he wouldn't get hit by pepper spray.
So we've got one more to go.
Listen, we just went through the purses from the dumpster.
Credit cards are there, but the IDs are missing.
I know car thieves don't change their MO, but they've got keys and addresses.
Eric, we are talking about home invasions.
Should I send cars? Send one to every house.
Ma'am, it's okay.
That man It was the same man.
The one from this morning at the spa.
Did you see his face? No.
He had that mask.
But it was him, his voice.
The one who shot that girl.
Okay, I want you to try and relax.
My friends All my friends You have to do something.
Everyone from the spa is safe.
No, no, he took my Blackberry.
He said all my rich friends were gonna get it.
Paramedics are here.
What have you got? We, uh, we got patrol cars at all the other ladies' homes, including Marisol's.
It's not gonna be enough, Frank.
Why not? He's got her PDA and all her contacts.
That's too many to cover.
No way we can protect everyone.
That's exactly what he's counting on.
So I guess this eliminates Carvell, right? 'Cause he was in custody when all this went down.
So who the hell is this guy? I've never seen a GTA escalate to houses.
Whoever he is, he's desperate.
That's the worst kind.
No print? No, I've got ridge detail, but nothing makeable.
But ridge detail means that he wasn't wearing gloves.
That's right- epithelials on the rope.
That's good.
We'll get it to DNA.
Hey, you got any results on that rope? Almost.
Look, I'm sorry about earlier, okay? I didn't mean to be rude.
You know what? I was just really worried about Marisol.
And not everything is something.
No, I know that.
It's just that Got a hit on the DNA from the rope.
Prior B&E.
Javier Morena.
Let me see that.
Isn't that the spa victim's last name? Yeah.
It is.
I can't believe I felt sorry for you.
For God's sake, I didn't kill my wife.
I must say, it was a good cover-up.
The whole robbery thing.
Look, I wish you'd listen to me.
I was never near that spa.
What about Cynthia Gilmore's house, huh? How you gonna lie about that, Javier? We have your DNA.
All right, I've been to Cynthia's house.
But I wasn't there to hurt her.
What, tying her up and scaring her to death, that was for what, for pleasure? Yeah, I tied her up.
But not this morning.
And I swear it was consensual.
So you're having an affair.
You want proof, I got pictures.
Well, hey, that's a perfect motive for killing your wife.
Look, I'm telling you.
I didn't kill Victoria.
Come on, man.
Our sex life was, uh But but I loved her.
Don't even.
Don't even.
I'm sorry.
You should be.
What's his story? He says he was S&M buddies with Cynthia Gilmore.
Victim of the home invasion? Well, it doesn't eliminate him as a suspect in our shooting.
Yeah, well, we need proof.
Let's start by confirming their relationship with Cynthia.
We won't have to.
He says he has pictures.
What are you thinking? I just got an idea.
Is this everything? I guess Peeping Pete travels light.
You want to tell me why I got all this stuff out of booking? Voyeurs like to document, so I'm thinking he might have pictures of the spa crime scene.
Tripp says he checked this one.
It's not a camera phone.
Wait a minute.
This is a pretty big pen for a massage therapist to carry around.
Is there a hole in the side of it? It has a lens.
Not that I'm not enjoying these, but this guy's gross.
Well, maybe he can help us.
Whoa our guy did get some shots.
The creep liked skin and blood.
Okay, there's the guy with the gun.
Let's compare him to the husband of the dead girl.
It's gonna be kind of hard with the mask on.
What about height? Yeah, I could do that if we have a reference point.
Okay, the thing with the towel on it.
Nice, okay.
It's called a coat rack, by the way.
Standard one is 51/2 feet.
So we just apply that scale to our guy and calculate the difference.
No, five-foot-ten.
Morena's over six feet.
That excludes him.
Oh, hang on.
See something that could help, at least when you do find the guy.
Guy's got a tattoo on his wrist, the hand holding the gun.
Okay, print that out.
I'll give it to everyone.
Good eye.
Speaking of, what happened at the chop shop, dude? Heard you pulled a Statue of Liberty.
Who told you that? No, just thinking it was funny, 'cause you told me to hang back at the dock.
I told you, you didn't have a weapon.
And I would have used one if I had one.
You go out on one damn case, you think you're Serpico? Wolfe, I I didn't have a clean shot.
Okay? That's it.
Eric, what's going on? Where's Marisol? She's at the hospital.
You're sure? She's not answering her cell phone and the alarm just went off at her house.
Let's go.
Eric, check his pulse.
He's dead.
That tattoo.
It matches the one Ryan and Cooper found on Pete's pictures.
This is the guy that shot Victoria.
Put a gun in my sister's face.
You son of a bitch.
You know him? His name's Greg Everest.
Questioned him when we picked up Carvell.
Worked at the shop.
Came up clean.
Yes, so the question is, Eric, who killed him? How are You feeling Much better, now that I am out of the Hospital, but They dont want me go home.
I know, ahm the shooter from this morning Marisol, has escalated to home invasion.
It seem they are turning on each other, he was found dead at your house today.
What do I do? I want you to stay at my place till this is over.
They won't look for you there.
You've done so much for me.
You don't have to I know that, but I think it would be a good idea.
Are you sure? I am.
I'm going to have the officer take you over there right now.
Go ahead.
I can't believe I let this guy go.
At the car place? Don't beat yourself up, Calleigh.
The boy looks like Charlie Brown.
It doesn't matter.
We're taught not to pay attention to type.
You're also taught to follow the evidence.
But he had a tattoo.
If I had looked more closely, I would've seen it.
It would've been out of context if you had.
I hope you're right.
Of course I am, honey.
It's a 38.
Same type pulled from Victoria Morena.
I'd have to confirm it, but I'd say it's possible he was shot with his own gun.
Well, makes sense.
There are definite signs of struggle on the body.
Really? Yeah.
Besides the laceration, he's got at least one broken rib and a nasty contusion.
That's a weird pattern.
Do you think somebody hit him with something? Or grabbed him.
That would mean that there would've had to have been something between their hand and his skin.
Well, I can tell you Greg wasn't wearing long sleeves when I got to him.
Maybe our killer was wearing gloves.
Would be enough to leave a pattern.
So, what did you and Alexx come up with? There's a patterned bruise on Greg Everest's arm.
So what, you think, uh, his killer was wearing gloves? I'm comparing every pair I could find.
These are close, but they'd have to have stitching across the fingers to make this line.
Maybe stitching didn't cause it.
Maybe our killer wore gloves that stop halfway up the fingers.
Like weight- lifting gloves? Like driving gloves.
Bring up the gloves I got off Hayden.
He's our man.
I'll tell H.
Greg Everest sold you a stolen car, and you wanted him dead.
Look I studied business law at Harvard for two years.
The judge is never going to hold me on this.
Hayden, this is a criminal case.
It's not going to matter.
Oh, yes, it will.
Do you know who my father is? I hope he's a lawyer.
You're going to need one.
This is ridiculous.
I don't even own a gun.
And that's why you used Greg's.
Your own people said they didn't find any of that gun residue stuff on my hands.
That's because you were wearing driving gloves.
Prove it.
I'm going to.
We confiscated this glove when you got pulled over in the Lamborghini.
Your glove matches that bruise on Greg.
I went to the guy's work.
I watched him leave.
I followed him to some house, and we had an argument.
That car was hot.
Like you didn't know.
I want my money.
I don't have it.
Now get the hell out of here! It was just an argument.
I didn't kill anybody.
Drop the act, Hayden, okay? Based on your education, you should know we have enough for a conviction.
He took off with 100 grand of my money.
Wouldn't you try to get it back? I suppose I would, but I don't think I'd kill him over it.
I want my money.
Give it to me.
Listen, you rich little brat, I'll give you something.
I couldn't let him get away with that.
A street punk like him pulling a gun on someone with my background? Well, now, Hayden, you can add "killer" to your resume.
Hey, we got our guy.
Good job with the Viper.
You, uh you headed out? Yeah.
Hey, Ryan, I promise I'm only going to ask you this once, but the shooting had nothing to do with your eye, did it? I wish it did.
You know, when I first stared patrol, I was on nights, and then they moved me to days, and after about a year, they put me back on nights.
I don't follow.
Well, in all my time on days, I had lost my night eyes.
And I never said anything to anyone about it 'cause I was scared.
I couldn't see.
You know it was broad daylight this afternoon.
What I'm saying is that sometimes change can throw you off.
You were on patrol.
You went into the lab.
It's easy to forget how to be in the field.
Did you ever freeze? Not yet but it could happen to any of us at any time.
Thank you.
You'd do the same thing for me if I were having a bad day.
See you later.
Marisol, I thought you at home.
What's going on? You know, it's funny.
I I've been fighting this stupid cancer, and I don't know.
I guess I never really thought about things.
Like what things? Like what I'd be missing.
You know, this morning that woman, she was shot right in front of me.
I don't know.
Sometimes I think I've been trying so hard not to die that I forget to live.
There's so much that I-I've never done.
You know, I've never traveled- really traveled.
You can do those things now.
I've never had a baby.
It's not too late.
What did you say? I said it's not too late.
When you say that I believe you.
That's because it's true.