CSI: Miami s04e20 Episode Script

Free Fall

Turn around and raise your arms! Hey, take it easy.
Turn around! It wasn't us.
You got it wrong.
Don't lie to me.
If we took that money- think about it- would we be standing here with you? I said, turn around! Don't shoot, please! Put your hands up! We're telling you the truth.
Oh, man, check this out.
Everyone came through here.
Sinatra, his Rat Pack Yeah, I know, Capone.
Look, we're running out of room in my truck.
And that light in the window- that's the sun.
Look at the gold leafing on these pillars.
We can't take the pillars, Wayno.
New owner will strip it down, slap a coat of white gloss over the whole thing.
At least it'd brighten this place up.
This place gives me the creeps.
Hey, check behind the concierge desk.
There might be some cool stuff.
There's nothing back here.
TJ, you okay? TJ? Deep breaths.
Hang in there, sir.
Both guys were shot in the back of the head.
One rots, one lives- for now.
IDs? They're brothers.
Mariano and Garcia Vargas.
And get this: They were both packing 45s.
Both holstered.
Those young kids called it in.
They, uh, Wayne Leonard and Tom Jennings.
Call themselves urban explorers.
Fancy label for pilfering.
Hotel was scheduled to be gutted next week.
Someone was counting on that.
The boys were inside looking for souvenirs.
Well they found more than that.
You going to visit that guy in the hospital? Uh No comment.
Saw him go in the ambulance.
Head wound.
Doubt you'll get anything out of him.
That's why we rely on evidence, like his clothes and his property.
This building's the perfect place for a cover-up.
A cover-up.
You're kidding.
Anything in there's going to be rubble soon.
Erica, why are you looking for a story in this? It's just another day in Miami.
Don't make this bigger than it is.
Bigger opens doors for me in Atlanta.
Yeah, well, fabricating stories closes doors for you in Miami.
Room conditions, daylight cycle.
How long you think he's been in here? Well, my entomologist will confirm.
Based on the size of this fly larvae, he's been here almost three days.
Entrance wound says nine-mil or 38.
Yeah, but through-and-through to where? The direction of this spatter means the round could be all the way out in the street.
The other victim had a head wound, too, is that right? Yeah, but that bullet isn't yours, Calleigh, honey.
It went on an ambulance ride.
He's critical.
And you think he lasted three days in here with him? Yeah.
Based on his level of dehydration, he went into the tub at the same time.
And he couldn't get out.
The maggots devoured the infected tissue surrounding the entrance wound, keeping it clean.
And that's what kept him alive.
That's amazing.
I think he'd use other words to describe it.
Listen, I don't know either one of these Vargas brothers.
I bought this old hotel with the idea that I would restore it to its original glory.
I noticed that you, uh that you haveno security.
My advisor told me to quit blowing money on it.
I figured there was nothing left to steal, so I cut back.
We're not talking about somebody walking away with a couple of lumpy mattresses.
Someone took lives here.
Listen, I understand, but I cannot afford delays.
My structural engineer says, if I file for an extension now, I won't be cutting ribbon in 11 months.
I'm crying inside, Mr.
We'll need a list of employees from your contractor.
As well as everybody on your payroll.
We will be in touch.
This is Mariano Vargas's condo.
Looks like we weren't the only ones interested in what the Vargas brothers were doing.
Background check says he and Garcia were part-time janitors.
A lot of bags here.
What were they cleaning up with these? Well, something smells hinky.
I'll run his background.
Looks like Mariano found work that paid better.
Take a look at this.
Well, that's a nice chunk of cabbage.
He was hiding money.
Yeah, but why? Illegal gambling, drugs? Never anything good.
We found his van down in the parking lot.
We'll have it impounded.
Let me get this back to the lab, see where it takes us.
Hey, Calleigh.
These the bills you called me about? Yeah.
I was wondering if you could run the serial numbers.
I'll run the plate and stack numbers, too.
See what comes up in the system.
So, we're working together on this one? You called, Cal.
For an expert opinion.
Do not try and bigfoot my case.
Is this the way it's gonna be? What? From now on, you and I, just 'cause I got engaged? It is not because you got engaged.
It is because you didn't tell me.
I was looking for the right time.
There is no right time.
You just have to stand and deliver.
So, do you think you can find anything else off these bills? Okay, my hundred-dollar bill, all right? Must be nice to work for the feds.
You see the difference? Yeah the portrait of Benjamin Franklin's bigger.
That's not all.
You see the gray Yeah.
It's not gray.
It's actually the text USA100 imbedded a classified number of times within the bill.
That's a nice security feature to prevent counterfeiting.
It's called microprinting.
Introduced in 1990 on this denomination.
Now look at your mystery bill.
There's no microprinting.
Your bill's at least 16 years old.
Average hundred is normally in circulation for only nine.
So, how did these survive the cut? These were kept underground.
I've seen this before on drug cartel cases.
You can't tell that by looking at them.
Can, too.
See the edges? They're frayed.
I noticed that.
You're looking at rat bites.
Rat bites? Drug cartels have a cash flow problem.
Too much currency to move, so while it sits, waiting to be laundered, rats snack on it.
Does it help us? Only if you have something to compare it to.
It's a start.
The license plate on Mariano Vargas's van turned up something today.
A parking ticket in front of Miami-Dade Bank three days ago.
Three days ago? That's the same day his brother died.
You tell that to H? I'm gonna meet him over at the bank for a little knock-and-talk.
All right.
Well, look, I can hook you up with some photos of the hundred-dollar bills.
Somebody's got to start talking.
Anybody try to pass on this currency at your bank that you know of? No.
This is outdated.
It's damaged.
We would have taken this note out of circulation.
Did someone tell you it came from here? We recovered it from Mariano Vargas's apartment.
He got a parking ticket in front of your bank three days ago.
You recognize him? No, I don't.
Anything out of the ordinary happen that day around here? Not in the bank, no.
Okay, well, how about outside the bank? Well, a client's car got stolen out by the ATM.
What kind of a car? It was a, uh, a Corvette, I think.
It was a red Corvette.
Did your security cameras see anything? Unfortunately, no.
Our ATM camera was down.
It was actually scheduled for service that afternoon.
That's convenient.
What are you insinuating? I am insinuating no one is telling us anything, including you.
Horatio said a red Corvette was stolen outside Miami-Dade Bank.
Yeah, I'm searching the impound database.
We got a match.
Yeah, Leo and Sienna.
Remember them? That's the car they stole.
We caught them on the drawbridge with a bag of cash that same day we got the two-fer.
Don't make me shoot you.
They're in County.
Prelim's in 23 days.
Hello? Yeah, Wolfe.
It's Delko.
Listen, pull the evidence box on Leo Riggs and Sienna Stone.
From the drawbridge? Yeah.
I think they might be connected to the shootings at the Delgado Hotel.
You got it.
Thanks, Tripp.
Okay, Leo and Sienna's case.
What did we recover from them? Uh Nine-mil.
The arrest report said the gun was dirty.
Could've been fired.
What caliber gun was used to shoot the Vargas brothers? .
38 caliber, or a nine-mil.
And how much time between the Corvette being stolen and Leo and Sienna surrendering at the drawbridge? An hour and a half.
That's plenty of time to meet the Vargas brothers at the Delgado Hotel and shoot them.
Let's take a look at the money we caught them with.
Rest was donated to the citizens of Miami.
Wait a minute.
What? Rat bites.
What's that mean? It means that Leo and Sienna were moving the same money as the Vargas brothers.
You two seem to have an incredibly calm disposition, almost like you've been through this before.
Well, Sienna and I aren't very good at staying out of trouble.
Seems to follow us wherever we go.
Having to return for a preliminary hearing- does that change anything for you? We'll need one of those appointment books, I guess.
That's all for now.
Back to you in the newsroom.
And we're clear.
Another roadblock.
We just have a question.
They've been released on bail, haven't they? I mean, we were live.
Get that microphone out of here now.
Okay, fine.
Just don't start doing the badge thing.
We're off to the Fairmark.
Can we do this there? A couple mojitos may warm your blood.
What do you say? We'll pass.
The cash we caught you with on the drawbridge- where'd it come from? What's it matter? We gave it all away.
What? You don't watch the news? Mariano and Garcia Vargas.
You know them? No, sorry.
I can't say we do.
So we good? They were shot at the Delgado Hotel.
One's in surgery.
The other's dead.
So, no, we're not good.
Such a violent city- Miami.
Protecting it must be such a burden.
You get off work, come meet us at the bar, okay? They're tied to this.
Well, we have their gun from the drawbridge.
We just don't have anything to match it to.
See if Mariano Vargas is out of surgery.
We need that bullet.
I'll find it.
Hey! Come here for a second.
I want to talk to you.
Do you realize what you're doing? What am I doing? These people are into something.
Cartel money, murder.
They're dangerous.
What cartel? What kind of drugs? I haven't gotten it out of them yet.
Erica, this isn't a game show.
You could be putting yourself in harm's way.
This is my career.
It could be enogh.
You go to the hospital? Yeah, just got back.
You get the bullet? No.
They can't give it to us.
The surgeon says it's a nine-millimeter round, and it's the only thing keeping Mariano Vargas alive.
They pull it out of him, he's gonna bleed to death.
The hospital did give me his clothes and his personal property.
I was gonna run it over to Trace.
Okay, before you do, go back to the hotel and get the second bullet.
Through-and-through that killed Garcia.
That's the one.
I thought Peter Elliott was helping us.
He is.
At my request.
Doesn't want to get his, uh, pretty suit dirty? Where is he? I don't know.
Maybe he's e-mailing Quantico having lunch with his fiancee Any luck finding the bullet on the street? Oh, a couple guys with metal detectors.
We're striking out.
Well we know it has to be on this end of the room, because the direction of the blood spatter on the sink means the round would have had to travel that way.
Maybe it never made it outside.
There's a dust void.
I think the bullet hit whatever was here.
Those teenagers combing through this place.
I think I'll find out what they went home with.
How long have you been doing this? Uh about a year.
You call yourself an urban explorer, but you do realize you're a thief.
Look, nobody wants this stuff.
If they did, it wouldn't just be lying around.
It's still private property, Wayne.
Think about it.
Is this from the Delgado Hotel? Yeah, it's a Royal Quiet Deluxe.
before the cops came.
The model comes with a bullet.
Is it new or old? It's old enough.
Calleigh? The typewriter round's pretty mangled.
Too mangled to work with? I had enough to tell that the striations didn't match.
So, Leo and Sienna's gun from the drawbridge was not used on the Vargas brothers.
They didn't kill them, but they did have some of their money.
I don't know.
Maybe they were couriers.
Okay, it's time to pay them a visit.
Come on, guys.
We only have four minutes till our live shot.
How do I look? Composition's better if your heads are closer together.
Is it better if I move in like this? Hello.
What are you doing here? Well, Leo and Sienna mentioned mojitos at the Fairmark.
Nobody said anything about the penthouse suite.
Other markets want a piece of the action now.
So, you're hiding them.
I have to keep them under wraps if I want to have creative control over my story.
I already warned you about this.
Listen, Ryan: this is gonna get me on cable news.
Looks like you're set up for an exclusive.
Look at the ratings.
They've tripled in three days.
People are launching Leo and Sienna Web sites.
It's huge.
Stay down, stay down! Is everybody okay? You see muzzle flash out there? No.
Shooter could be anywhere.
This is CSI Duquesne.
We've got shots fired at the Fairmark Hotel.
Requesting immediate backup.
Erica? They say I have to go to the ER.
Am I? They just want to make sure they got all the glass out.
But the EMT says you're fine.
You're dying to say "I told you so," aren't you? No.
I'm not.
I'm just glad it wasn't worse.
Maybe I'm crazy, but for a big story, I don't mind a little flesh wound.
You are crazy.
You got a nail through your eye on a case.
How's that different? Well, for one thing, Erica, I'm a cop.
Get to the hospital.
Who's trying to kill you, Leo? I was hoping you could tell us.
It's gotta be some crazed groupie.
We have a huge fan base.
This is not a fan.
You threw somebody else's money off the drawbridge.
And now they're coming to get you.
When Sienna and I stole that car, the money was already in it.
And that's as far as our story goes.
Leo, in my humble opinion, you're over your head.
Well, that's all I got.
Until you find something more- nice knowing ya.
I am offering you police protection right now.
I'll take my chances.
You're making a mistake.
You done, Leo? We're outta here.
Sonny and Cher came into this city with the clothes on their back.
When we arrested them, all they had was a gun and that bag of money.
What about the car? PD tow yard released it yesterday.
To who? Back to the registered owner.
Okay, Frank, bring him in here before somebody else dies.
Danny Harper, you're the registered owner of a car that's been pretty busy lately.
Danny are you involved in this? Involved in what? Look, this whole Leo and Sienna thing on the news- it doesn't involve me.
Police report said you left the keys in the ignition outside the bank.
Did you leave your brain in the glove compartment, too? I mean, who does that? All right.
Look, I just couldn't keep up with the payments.
So you wanted to ditch the vehicle.
Figured I'd collect some insurance, cut my losses.
And it happened real quick.
You know, corner of my eye, I see this couple approaching down the sidewalk.
You put it on a platter, man.
Have a nice day! It was supposed to just disappear, right? I mean, that's what happens when a car gets stolen.
Mine ends up on the Leo and Sienna show- drawbridges and flying money.
That money came from your car.
If I had a bag of cash sitting in my car, why would I be stopping at an ATM? They grabbed a bag out of a van parked near my car.
You wanna? I don't wanna go there no more.
You don't even know what's in there.
We're in front of a bank, baby.
Let's take one and find out.
I love you.
Danny the bag that Leo was carrying was heavy, wasn't it? He was struggling with it, yeah.
Units on the scene said Sienna was waving the bag all over the place.
Which means we're missing a whole lot of dough.
Yes, it does- back to the Corvette.
I know where the rest of Leo and Sienna's money went.
Both door panels were pulled and stuffed.
There's got to be over a million dollars there, Eric, stashed before they got to the drawbridge.
Maybe they were going to come back for the car after it got released from the impound.
But we beat them to it, Eric.
Looks like it was munched by rats.
It's probably cartel money.
They're safer without it.
Not if the shooter thinks they still have it.
Is that the one of the rounds from the penthouse? I pulled it out of the wall after EMT took Erica away.
Is she still at the hospital? I doubt it.
She thinks this story's going to take her to cable news.
Well, it may.
The gun used at the Fairmark penthouse also fired the round that killed Garcia Vargas that I pulled from the typewriter.
They match striations.
The Vargas brothers paid for the missing million with their lives.
Leo and Sienna are going to be next.
So, what do you want to do? Chase Leo and Sienna or who's after them? I think we need to find the source of that cash.
The camera at the ATM at the bank was out of order.
Could have been helpful.
Mariano had a parking ticket in front of Miami-Dade Bank.
What about the parking meters? Aren't they testing the new ones at 23rd Street? Prototype parking meter looks like a gas pump.
Photo Violation Meter- it's brand-new.
I pulled these shots off of Violation Link.
That's Garcia Vargas carrying the bags.
Yeah, but take a look.
He wasn't taking them into the bank.
He's loading them in the van.
Horatio's going to want to have another chat with our banker.
Adams, Leo Riggs and Sienna Stone stole a million dollars in drug profits from this bank.
I can't say anything.
I can't.
I You got to understand.
He will kill my family.
I do understand, so protect your family and talk to me.
I had a deal with Nicolas Suero.
Owner of the Delgado Hotel.
Yeah, he sells his US currency to me.
I convert them into pesos for his family in Colombia.
And you deposit his US currency in Florida bank accounts.
Makes him a rich man in two countries.
Money laundering in the new millennium.
Why was the money taken out of this bank? I was getting paranoid.
I didn't want to get caught around bad money, so I asked him to send his guys over to get the money out of here.
And that's all you know? Yes, that's all I know, and I swear.
I need you guys to understand something: Suero, he means he means what he says.
So do I.
Nicolas, I guess dirty money is a way into the real estate business, huh? Doesn't matter how hard you work, in this community, you get labeled.
Here's what I'm after, Nicolas: Two men under your employ were shot at your hotel.
I want to know if you pulled the trigger, Nicolas.
Why would I do something like that? It works against everything that I'm trying to achieve.
Look I'm an idealist.
This hotel will breath life into our city, return some of its old luster Yes, and launder your drug money.
Call me when you prove any of this.
It's been a real pleasure, Lieutenant.
Nicolas? Don't go far.
Hey, I analyzed the stain on Mariano Vargas's shirt that Ryan got from the hospital.
What did you get? All I got was some kind of transfer: it's an aromatic hydrocarbon, tri-methyl benzene and an ultraviolet dye.
An ink.
Yeah, it's from a UV pen.
Banks tend to use them to sign documents, prevent forgeries.
And to track money.
This bank manager is bad news.
What's this about? Lieutenant Caine? What's going on? I have more to discuss with you, Mr.
Don't know what else I can tell you.
We'll take it from here, Lieutenant.
Agent Elliott, what is going on? Department of Treasury is closing the bank.
$15 million in fraudulent loans to land developers in Florida and Louisiana in the last two years, fake socials, the works.
FinCEN and the SEC are involved.
You almost tipped the whole thing.
A heads-up would have been appreciated.
Too many singing canaries in your lab, Horatio.
I am going to examine everything that you seize- do you understand? What we've uncovered in the last three years he'll do more federal time than he ever will for your murder.
Why don't we let a court decide that? I'll direct your request to my superiors.
What the hell happened? I'm not sure.
Well, I got another one for you.
Leo and Sienna just robbed a convenience store near Vizcaya.
That's right: you're being robbed by Leo and Sienna.
Open the cash drawer.
Took off with a few thousand dollars, and a civilian helped them get away.
Now, do you believe that? I'm afraid, I do.
What's going on? WFOR.
Sikes is back on the hunt.
So Leo and Sienna asked if they could stay with you? Yeah.
Were you aware that they just robbed a convenience store? No.
I was just kind of excited to meet them.
So you heard the shot? Sounded like a gunshot.
Uh, I heard tires squealing.
Came outside.
Saw that my car was gone.
Whose Cadillac is this in your driveway? I have no idea.
My silver BMW was gone, and it was there.
It's not mine.
And yet another disappearing act for Leo and Sienna.
They're on the run again.
This is Erica Sikes reporting live for CBS 4 News.
He heard gunfire.
They should have found them.
Leo and Sienna are in a silver BMW convertible.
What about the Cadillac? It's registered to Nicolas Suero.
Well, how do you like that? Why would he leave his car? Because maybe maybe he ended up on the wrong end of the stick.
Find them.
I'm on it.
Agent Elliott.
Found some documentation that may connect your banker Jason Adams to your Colombian Suero.
I'm still wrestling with the Inspector General for them.
Thought you might want to take a look at this in the meantime.
A nine-mil.
That is what we're looking for.
Found in his briefcase.
He was obviously surprised to see us.
Okay, I need to search his residence now.
It's all yours.
What's over there? Another surprise.
What, what's that? That is the gun that killed Garcia Vargas and put his brother in a coma, Jason.
We found it in your briefcase.
I didn't kill anybody.
Suero gave that to me.
Told me to hide it.
Yeah, not quite.
Laundry- that's interesting.
That shirt was found at your house.
Ink from a UV pen stained the breast pocket.
So what? That same ink was transferred to Mariano Vargas.
And it puts you at the scene.
So let's start talking.
I told Suero to come get his money, to get it out of there.
Then he sends those two goons over there.
Mariano and Garcia delivered it to Suero a million dollars short.
You thought they stole the money.
When Suero calls me and tells me he's a mil short.
Yes, I did.
So I told Mariano and Vargas to meet me at the Delgado Hotel.
Look, don't lie to me, all right? Don't! It was all there when you left my bank! Wasn't us.
You got it wrong.
If we took that money- think about it- would we be standing here with you? They look at me straight in the eye, tell me they had nothing to do with it.
Turn around.
Turn around! Now put your hands up! So killing them at the Delgado Hotel, leaving them in the bathtub, that was all a plan to set up Suero? Suero threatens every member of my family, tells me he's going to kill them one at a time if I don't get his mil back.
After they lied to my face, I go to Mariano's condo and I turn it upside down.
It's not there.
And when we came to visit you at the bank you realized that Sienna and Leo had Suero's money, right? I saw them on television.
And I couldn't get near them.
But you got close enough, Jason.
My life is in serious danger over this.
They're ordering room service at the Fairmark penthouse.
I wasn't going to let them get away with it.
They didn't get away with it, Jason.
And neither will you.
The stolen BMW has a SunPass.
Finally we get a break.
Can we use that? Yeah.
Cooper says he got the court order.
That'll tell us where they're headed, at least.
Yeah, data's coming in.
SunPass recorded a paid toll at Golden Glades Toll Plaza.
It's headed east.
I guess they're leaving the state.
All of Monroe County is gonna be standing by when they get through.
Is that them? Yeah.
Leo it's time.
We're going to make history.
Drop the weapon! Drop the bag! Put your hands in the air! I love you, baby.
I love you, Leo.
Suspects have jumped the bridge.
Requesting water recovery.
Suero came looking for his million.
It proves Leo and Sienna are crazy.
They killed a cartel boss.
Hey, you okay? Field agent told me about the Leo and Sienna thing on the bridge.
Crazy stuff.
Word travels fast.
I'm surprised you're willing to set foot in our lab with all the information leaks around here.
If you're referring to our fraud case, I'm sorry.
You knew that bank was part of our investigation and you said nothing.
The bank closure was in front of a judge.
If ownership found out, they could've blocked it.
There was too much at stake, Calleigh.
We're on the same team.
I know that.
But right now, your lab has a credibility problem.
We have to be careful until it blows over.
I don't think this is going to blow over.
Every time I see you, there's a new reason not to trust you.
Excuse me.
And so here in Miami, on the Riverton Bridge, the story of Leo and Sienna comes to a tragic end.
Erica Sikes.
Would you like to add a comment? Turn it off.
What do you want? I want the tapes from the bridge.
I can't do that.
I have a responsibility to see this story through.
I have a responsibility to this city.
I didn't make them do what they did.
No, you didn't.
But you glamorized it.
Everyone wants to see how this ends.
And you're going to be the first.
I want the tape.
I guess I'll see you on the next crime scene.
I'll be here.