CSI: Miami s04e21 Episode Script

Dead Air

Dude checking us out.
Where? Black T.
Why? He's a hottie.
What did I tell you? Yeah, yeah, surf the watch.
Right, and he's wearing a cheap knock-off.
The plan is to find guys with more money than us.
Yeah, what up? Help me, please! What? I can't hear you.
He's gonna kill me.
You have to help find Mitch.
Mitch? Very funny! Please! Who is this? Is that you, Stace? I think you dropped something.
You have to help.
Very funny.
I don't have time to play games, okay? Bye-bye.
No, don't hang up.
I've been kidnapped.
He's gonna kill me.
You're my only hope.
Oh, my God.
Okay, just chill.
I'm getting help.
Help! Chelse? Somebody! Help! Help! Please! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Ma'am, Stop.
You can't be in here.
What's the problem? I got a call.
A girl.
Says he's going to kill her.
You got to help her.
Officer? Let me see that, please.
Help me, please.
I'm freaking out.
You've got to help her.
Please, help me.
Who is this, please? Mitch.
Oh, God help me.
Ma'am, this is Horatio Caine.
I'm a police officer.
Where are you? I don't know.
I don't Give me the phone.
Ma'am It's over.
Who am I speaking with, please? I told you to keep your mouth shut.
Ma'am! Lieutenant? Here's what I need you to do.
Call this in.
We've got a female kidnap vic, location unknown.
Anything else to go on? All we've got is that phone.
What's her status? She's either dead or dying.
Got a rush.
Is this the cell phone Horatio had sent over? Clock's ticking, so this is priority one.
I'm getting a warrant to subpoena the service provider for a log of the incoming calls.
It's gonna take too long.
It'd be quicker to find out who she intended to call.
How do you want to do it? Predictive pattern analysis.
People have habitual dialing patterns.
Means they make predictable mistakes.
Because most people dial with their thumb.
Let's start with what we know.
Beach girl's phone number.
The number's gonna be close, so if the victim intended to dial a two, she could accidentally hit a five, three.
So you're inputting percentage probabilities on misdialed digits.
Narrows the search, gives us a list of possible phone numbers she may have been trying to reach.
You should also know the caller asked for Mitch.
Oh, nice.
Gives me something else to cross reference.
Here it is, only two digits off from the beach girl's number.
Looks like it's an office number.
Mitchell Collett, Abex Corporation.
Mitch is short for Mitchell.
I'm gonna call Horatio.
All right.
Mitchell Collett? Miami-Dade.
Collett, we have reason to believe that your wife has been kidnapped.
I know.
You know? Look, I shouldn't even be talking to you people.
The guy on the phone said no cops.
So, you've been contacted? Call came in this morning on my private line.
What did he say? He said he'd kill her.
They always threaten.
That's how they get your attention.
This may just be an exercise in criminal behavior to you, but this is my wife.
Mitch, uh, everything all right? Heard the police were here.
I'm Dane Daniels.
I'm the CEO here.
I'm afraid this has us all a little rattled.
I understand.
Collett, it is good that they contacted you.
Now what did the voice on the phone sound like? We're a financial institution.
All our phone calls are monitored.
You want to hear the tape? I would.
Got your wife, Mitch.
Who the hell is this? You know who you're talking to? Do you? Wouldn't play tough guy if I were you, Mitch.
Brenda could get hurt.
Let me talk to my wife right now! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Down boy.
You want to see her again, it's gonna cost.
I'll pay everything I have, but it's not a lot.
Start getting the money together, I'll call back.
Oh, and, uh, no cops, or she dies.
Collett, does your wife have enemies? No.
She's a homemaker.
How about you? Our company had massive layoffs this year.
We're under investigation.
Do the math.
Everybody knows on Wall Street.
Okay, what do you need from me to get Brenda back? I need you to stay close and wait for the next call.
Can you do that? You mind if we search your residence? I'll get my keys.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine the point of entry.
Watch your step.
Nice crib.
Looks like executive bonuses were up last year.
Yeah, signs of struggle.
We've got a plastic frag.
Looks like it impacted here.
What do you think it is? Hatch work pattern.
Looks like the grip from a gun.
Should be enough to run.
If we get a suspect, it'd be nice to tie it back to someone.
Is that the broken gun grip? Yeah.
I sent a swab to DNA.
You started without me.
You're late.
So, uh that girl, Gloria, you still seeing her? Not in a while.
You and Natalia is, uh is everything good there? What's up, Wolfe? I went to a party at her house the other night.
You weren't there.
I was the last one to leave.
So, uh I was wondering.
Wondering what? Uh You and Natalia.
You guys still doing your thing? No.
We're not.
We backed off.
Yeah, really.
Because we were talking and, uh You know, I got the feeling that she was interested.
Yeah? Interested in what? Me.
She's interested in you? Yeah.
It was just a vibe she was throwing me.
A vibe, huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And before I did anything, before it went any further, I just want to clear it with you.
You want to clear it with me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I wanted to, uh I wanted to get the green light.
You're good to go, man.
Clear for landing.
Thank you.
What's up? Just grabbing my unsolveds here.
A little job security.
Yeah, I'm dealing with a bit of a jigsaw puzzle myself.
Epithelials from the broken gun grip at the kidnap scene.
No hits on CODIS.
Good luck with that.
Heard you had a party.
Well, I mean, it wasn't really like a party party.
I just had some people over.
Well, my phone didn't ring.
Because I thought you were working.
You would have known if you called.
You know, I thought that we both decided that we were moving too fast so I guess I was just putting up some boundaries.
Mission accomplished.
Sorry to interrupt you guys, kidnap case.
Brenda Collett's cell phone is back on and Cooper's tracked the GPS.
Where? A house in Kendall, SWAT's contained it, they're waiting for us.
Stay down.
Stay down.
What've we got on the kidnap case? Thermal sensor.
Reads heat.
Gives us a view inside the house.
We have a clear heat signature of the occupants.
Size, stance, says male.
We think he's armed.
Any sign of a woman? Second body, right here, prone, giving off heat.
Gotta be alive to do that.
You think it's our kidnap vic? Her cell phone led us here, so.
Wait a minute.
He's pulling something out of his waistband.
You see that? He's moving down the hall.
He's moving toward the door.
He's coming out the front door! Confirmed! He's got a gun! Suspect is armed! Red Team, he's on the move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Go! Go! Move! Go! Go! Let's find the girl.
We're looking for Brenda Collett.
Search the house.
Go, go, go, go.
Rear containment.
We've made entry.
We've got a female.
Possible kidnap victim, Brenda Collett.
Is she alive? Johnny? Officer.
Is that Brenda Collett? No.
She's the common law.
High as a kite.
Did you find the phone? Still looking.
And there's no sign of Brenda Collett.
Unless he stashed her somewhere.
Unfortunately, now he can't tell us where.
There is a problem, Eric.
Check his dental work, please.
His jaw's wired shut.
This injury's at least a couple of weeks old.
Dental wire's already yellow.
Ma'am, hang on a second.
Where are you? I- I don't know.
Ma'am? Give me the phone.
It's over! Who am I speaking with, please? I told you to keep your mouth shut! He wouldn't be able to yell with his mouth wired shut.
Bottom line is this is not the man on the phone.
I bagged a cell phone inside.
I found it on the couch next to where you were lying.
We know it's not yours.
Come on, Kelly, your boyfriend's dead.
Who are you protecting? Where'd you get the phone? I was looking to score, okay? When I went to cop, I heard a backfire, I went into the alley and free phone.
I know what you're thinking.
I didn't steal the phone.
Show us where you found it.
So according to Olive Oyl, she found the phone around here.
Well, if she's lying, we'll know soon enough.
There's tire tracks.
You can barely see them, but they're recent.
I've got a casing.
It's a 45.
Well, I guess our doper was telling the truth.
This is where our vic called from.
That's right.
She connected with the girl from the cafe.
Who gets Horatio on the line, suspect hears Brenda's voice Mitch.
Oh, God, help me.
I don't know.
I don't Yeah, but if you're a kidnapper, why shoot your meal ticket? Hopefully, he was just trying to scare her.
All right, I'll get this cell phone to Cooper.
I'm going to get this under the scope.
Horatio, it's Calleigh.
The 45 casing from the alley got an IBIS hit.
Rick Miller.
Look, I told you I don't know Brenda Collett.
That's not true, is it, Rick? Really? You also have a 45 that's registered to you.
Isn't that right, Frank? Yeah, says here you shot an alligator in the Everglades six months ago.
What is that, some sort of macho target practice? Come on, man, they never found a gun.
Plus, I like the outdoors, man.
Fish and Game recovered casings.
You were there.
Where's the gun now? It was stolen in a burglary.
Did you report it? What's the difference, man? Difference is it was used in a kidnapping this morning, Rick.
Why don't you take another look at that girl, sweet cheeks.
Me and Brenda had a little thing.
She wanted to break it off.
Rick, it's over, okay? This was all a mistake.
Nothing that feels this good could be a mistake, baby.
I love my husband, Rick.
You're saying being with him compares to what we have? It's over.
She broke your heart? Where'd you meet her? Abex.
I was working the loading dock over Christmas.
Her husband's company? Her husband counted beans, you know? It made no sense she stayed with that pencil neck over me.
I was desperate.
Figured she'd change her mind, you know? Turn to a real man for protection.
Tell me what happened.
And I want to know right now.
I met this guy in a club the other night.
Paid him 500 bucks to scare her a little.
Scare her? We call that "felony stupid".
He didn't have a gun.
I gave him mine, told him to grab her, drive her around.
Haven't seen him since.
She was supposed to call me, you know? Yes, but she didn't call you, she called her husband.
So your plan backfired, didn't it? Yeah, and a lot of good he's done her.
I want to know what his name is, the guy at the club.
Grey Goose and Seven.
Don't know a last.
Hey, man I just wanted her back.
So do we, Rick.
Rick Miller said this is where he met Charlie.
Excuse me.
Yeah? We're looking for Charlie.
Corner booth? Grey Goose? He would have been with this guy, Rick Miller.
Sound familiar? Nope.
Good luck.
Excuse me? Look, there's a lot of foot traffic through here and everybody's name is Charlie.
Okay, I catch your drift.
I know Charlie.
He came in here last night with this guy, Rick.
What can you tell us about Charlie? Crappy tipper.
You always remember the ones that stiff you.
I'm sorry, babe.
I'll have to catch you later.
I'll have a little more month at the end of the money.
He gave me a keychain.
Cheap bastard.
I was going to throw it at him the next time he came in.
You wouldn't happen to still have it on you, would you? Actually Huh.
You can have it.
" Could be initials.
Hey, Cooper.
Yeah, have Tripp run it.
I'll be right there.
Waitress said you gave her that.
Club valet said you live down the street.
Those your initials, Charlie? Just for business.
Charles Pelson Enterprises.
Rick Miller gave you up, Charlie.
Said he paid you $500 to drive the girl around.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Brenda Collett, you idiot! We already know about the kidnapping.
Where's Brenda? I don't know.
All right, that's it.
You're under arrest.
Stand up.
Stand up! All right, wait! Just wait! Look, I meet this guy Rick.
Dude starts crying.
He wants me to help him get his girlfriend back.
Just show her this.
Man, it'll scare the hell out of her.
Even wrote up a phony note, make it look legit.
I know that.
I want something new.
Sobered up.
Realized I couldn't nab her on my own, so I got a partner.
The smart thing would have been to call the whole thing off.
Yeah, well, I spent the money already.
Me and the guy were supposed to just drive her to the beach.
Then Dillinger, he changes the plan.
Wants to do it for real.
The husband's rich.
We got his wife.
Let's send the ransom note and get the money.
Are you crazy? Next thing I know, I'm standing on the side of the road.
The last time I saw her, she was alive.
I don't know where she is.
Well, we got news for you.
You and your buddy just bought a kidnapping charge.
I want to know your buddy's name, Charlie.
Give it up or you buy the whole enchilada.
I ain't saying nothing.
You better hope she's still alive.
Started running the call history.
Brenda Collett's phone.
Take a look.
For every call Brenda placed or answered, a call was simultaneously made.
Found out the number's being forwarded to a recording system.
Hey, honey, it's me.
Running late, a little late.
Call me back.
Hey, Brenda, it's Patty.
Where are you? Call me back.
Hey, honey, it's me, I just told the Kellers we're gonna have to cancel.
Let me know when you're going to be home.
I'll be therein a little while.
Talk to you later.
But we already know the company monitors they're calls.
Yeah, the company phones.
This is a cell phone.
Can you trace the recording service? The recording system's not really going to help us.
We need to find out who's listening to it.
Page me when you know.
Marisol? Our appointment's at 6:00.
I needed to talk to you.
What's going on? After tonight, I want to stop my chemo.
I know I'm going to get sick again, and I'm scared.
Marisol I just don't want to take that chance.
I understand, but if we lose you, then nothing can happen.
Well, if this is your decision, you, uh, you have my full support.
Okay? You're still coming? Of course I'm coming with you.
As long as you're with me, I know I'm going to be fine.
And you will be.
So I'll see you at 6:00.
Yeah, I'll see you at 6:00.
Lieutenant Caine where is he? Hold on.
What's going on? They just dropped this off.
Who's they? I don't know.
They kidnapped my wife, they were supposed to call me.
I started to open it, but I couldn't.
Please, hurry, somebody's kidnapped my wife.
They were supposed to call me.
They never call Sir, you keep saying "they".
Who's "they"? I don't know who they are.
If I know who they are Just hang on.
Just hang on.
All right? Please, hurry.
Make sure we do this right.
I wanted to open it, but I got scared.
All right, give me the box.
Oh, my God.
Oh Oh, my God.
Brenda that's her earring.
There's a note inside, okay? What does it say? It says five million by the end of the day or Brenda's dead.
Alexx, have you seen Eric? He hand-carried the ransom note to QD.
I took a preliminary look.
There's something interesting about this ear.
I don't see any blood Alexx.
Exactly my point.
Sharp pointed weapon slicing through capillaries full of blood would indicate a victim was living.
There's no hemorrhagic tissue.
So what are you saying? Maybe he killed the girl and then cut her ear off.
So the ear was removed after she was dead.
But there was a ransom note with the ear.
Alexx, this is a game.
He wants us to think she's still alive.
We need to verify it's her ear.
Should I ask the husband to bring a DNA reference? You know what, I'll do it.
Brenda's hairbrush.
Thank you.
This will be very helpful.
Hanna, the lab, please.
Collett, I know this is a difficult time.
What are the odds my wife is still alive? I need to believe in something.
Collett $5 million I can't come up with that.
My bosses are rich, not me.
I just make the deals, crunch the numbers.
Collett, someone is monitoring calls from your wife's phone.
The cell phone? Who would that be? I swear to you, Lieutenant, I don't know anything about that.
Please, find Brenda.
I will.
Knock, knock.
Hey, got a minute? Uh, yeah.
What's up? Um, what do you think about Mexican wrestling? Is that a trick question? No, my friend got two tickets at the Miami Olympic Arena.
It's not really something I'm into, but it's hilarious.
They wear masks.
And I thought you and I could go, and we could laugh at it together.
So what do you say? Well, um Wait a minute, are you Are you asking me out? Uh yeah.
Yeah, I guess in a way I am.
Well, uh Because, uh I mean, you know that I'm seeing someone, right? Oh.
I'd heard that it was over.
From who? The, uh the person you're seeing.
Really? Yeah, he gave me the go-ahead in fact.
The go I mean, he actually said "the go-ahead"? He said that? I think what he said was that you were cleared for landing.
Uh, so I'm like locker room talk then.
No, no, no.
We were just we were sitting there and comparing notes Comparing notes? Uh You know what? Forget I asked.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
You know what, actually, if you want to go to a boxing match, that's good, I'm good.
Really? Great.
It's Mexican wrestling.
And I thought we'd go out to dinner first.
I'm in.
Calleigh I finally traced the recording system on the cell phone.
Did you get a location? The voice recordings were digitized and then downloaded to audio files that can be listened to remotely.
Audio files accessed by an e-mail account.
I mean, it's hard to be loyal.
This Abex investigation, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Mitch, maybe you better talk to Dane about it.
This corporation procures the cell phones for employee use, Lieutenant, and as CEO, I have the right to monitor them as I see fit.
Yes, unfortunately, the federal court system doesn't agree with you.
Well, it's a competitive world.
And in finance, you live and die by your decisions.
And mine are designed to protect me as well as my employees.
Which explains why you spy on their conversations.
We need to identify those who are disclosing company secrets.
As in Mitch Collett's conversations, right? Mr.
Daniels, as the company accountant, Mr.
Collett knows where the bodies are buried You think that I kidnapped Mitch's wife to keep him quiet? Yes, well, have fun proving that.
I'll contact my lawyer.
I think that's a good idea.
DNA results on Brenda Collett's ear.
There's a curve ball.
It's not hers.
What? DNA doesn't lie.
That doesn't make any sense.
Is there any ID on the donor? Female unknown.
Whoever she is, not in the database.
It's a goose egg.
The husband ID'd the earring as Brenda's.
Isn't he the one who brought it in? Yeah, he is.
Starting to look a little convenient, huh? I'm going to check the ransom note.
Ransom note tell you anything? Latent prints were negative.
So was DNA.
What about the instrument? Author used a pen.
Standard ballpoint from any office supply store.
But take a look at this.
A watermark.
That's a true watermark.
Made during the paper manufacturing process.
Can you clean that up? It's an "A.
" It's Abex.
We got to get over there.
We're looking for Mitch Collett.
Everybody down! Everybody downstairs! I've done everything for you.
This is my wife.
How does it feel to have your life in somebody else's hands? Someone who doesn't care if you die? Mitch, Mitch.
Put the gun down.
I asked him for the money to save Brenda.
You've got half a billion! Mitch, you're under a lot of pressure.
I don't know what he's talking about.
I can prove it! You ripped off the money.
You made me hide the paper trail.
Mitch, this is not going to help us find Brenda.
Put it down.
You said you'd help me.
I am going to help you, Mitch, but I need time.
I just need a few more hours.
Give me a few more hours, Mitch.
Mitch, please.
I just need a few more hours.
Do it for Brenda.
I'm going to find her, Mitch.
I'm going to find her.
I heard Wolfe asked you out.
I heard you gave him the go-ahead.
The way I understood it, it was the other way around.
So what are you guys gonna do, you gonna drink Midori cocktails? Watch movies on the couch? No, as a matter of fact, we're gonna go out in public 'cause Ryan actually made plans.
Well, have fun at the ballet.
Wait a minute.
You pimp me out to your friend, and it's my fault? Pimped you out? Yeah, I'm cleared for landing? It wasn't like that.
But you said it, right? Okay here's what I know.
You and I actually had a chance and you blew it.
Got some kind of trace off of Brenda's earring.
Looks like wax.
Yeah, let's find out.
Take a look.
Yeah, that's asbestos.
It's pretty common.
I'm not sure how that helps us.
Wolfe, that's your problem, man.
You don't think big.
What's that supposed to mean? It means you got a misdemeanor mind in a felony world.
We know the vic had the earring on, okay? Chrysotile asbestos.
It's used for its fire-retardant and insulative abilities.
Yeah, asbestos doesn't just appear on its own.
These fibers are fragmented, they're splintered.
For these asbestos pieces to be broken, they'd have to be removed from something.
Older buildings.
I put myself through college scraping those cottage cheese ceilings.
But there's got to be thousands of buildings with that stuff.
Abatement like that requires a permit.
Okay, I'll make a call to the city.
No, don't worry about it.
I know a guy.
Valera The M.
log says that you have the ear checked out.
Yeah, it's right here.
I really got to look at this ear.
Where does a guy get ahold of an ear like this? Gravediggers? No, it's too well kept.
What do these look like to you? I don't know piercings? No, the punctures are posterior, they're erratic, they're uneven.
I think they were made by a suture post mortem.
Alexx said the ear was sliced with something sharp, probably by an amateur.
An amateur with professional tools.
Now Miami is the plastic surgery capital, right? You gotta learn somewhere.
Students practice on cadavers at the university, right? Hello.
Hey, Alexx.
It's Ryan.
I need to know who has access to cadavers at the university.
Your incision should rise just in front of the cartilage of the ear, and around the sideburn.
Now make an incision just under the rim of the helix in front of the ear Excuse me.
Can I help you with something? You can't, but Jack can.
Thought you worked at a nightclub, Jack.
Jack? Would you excuse us please? Of course.
That's my night job.
I moonlight.
Day job is disposing of medical waste.
Did you drop an ear along the way? I don't know what you're talking about.
Look, I'm earning a living here, okay? Is that's a crime? It's not a crime unless it's a $5 million pay day.
Where is she, Jack? We know what happened.
Rick hired Charlie, you two partnered up.
Then you changed the plan.
Are you crazy? Come on, just think about it.
You bet big, you win big.
Its an opportunity of a lifetime.
Man, we are just supposed to scare her.
I'm calling this off.
You say a word, I'll find you.
So she's either dead, Jack, or you've got her stashed somewhere.
Which is it? Feel free to look around.
Jack? What? I'm gonna ask you again.
Where is she? This is Wolfe.
Hold on.
Just hold on.
Okay, Jack Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What do I get for it? It's Delko.
Jack here has an asbestos permit.
We've got an address.
Okay, Jack, to answer your question you get a jail cell.
Officer hook him up.
Let's go.
Clear! Clear.
Brenda? I want you to lie still.
I was so afraid he was coming back.
Brenda, you're fine.
We got him.
Your voice.
I talked to you on the phone.
That's right, that's me.
Wolfe, the paramedics, please.
It made a difference.
And I never can thank you enough.
You don't have to.
You hang in there.
I want you to lie still.
Do you have any cash? I left mine on the dresser, and Natalia and I are leaving from here.
You serious? Yeah.
You want me to pay for your date? I'll pay you back.
Should be enough for lobster and dessert.
Thank you.
How you doing? You ready to go to dinner? Yeah.
You like calamari? I yes, I do.
You do? Slight pinch, okay? You okay? Okay.
Are you ready? Okay, everything looks fine.
I'll be down the hall if you need anything.
Thank you.
Thank you, nurse.
She's great.
Here we go.
You know what? We're gonna be here for awhile.
Why don't you get some rest, okay? Yeah.
Horatio? It's okay.
I'm here.
I'm here.