CSI: Miami s04e22 Episode Script

Open Water

Help me! Can anyone hear me?! Man overboard! Help! Get me out! Sir! Are you all right?! Can you swim? Just hang in there! We'll get you some help! Get me out! Mike, is that you? That's my husband, Mike! Man overboard! Someone, please, do something! Help him! They're everywhere! Get me out of here! You swim, Mike! You kick your feet right now! Swim! Sharks! Sharks! Somebody do something! Someone help! I've got a man overboard on the port side.
Let me get a rescue craft in the water now.
Help! I got sharks in the water! Where's that craft?! Talk to me, baby! Oh, God.
Come on! Let's get that boat in the water! I expected to see the FBI.
Someone dies within three miles of Miami shoreline, you're stuck with us.
So who alerted you? No one.
I heard the screams.
So there were witnesses.
Well, no one that actually saw him go over.
There weren't a lot of people on deck at that time it was 6:00 a.
So, Captain, you fired three shots in the water in an attempt to save the victim who is Mike Harris, is that right? That's right.
We couldn't get a boat in the water in time to save him.
I had to do whatever I could to try to scare them off.
I've never seen sharks in this close.
I hit one of them, but it wasn't enough.
So you wouldn't consider this to be a normal rescue procedure.
It wasn't a normal situation.
I had to make a judgment call.
Do you know where he went over? Could have been any one of our five decks.
Frank, I've got blood right here.
And there's a shoe print.
Scuff marks, too.
Signs of a struggle.
Railing's pretty high.
Looks like Mike didn't dive in there by choice.
So if he didn't dive, he was pushed.
Dive team's doing a routine search on the underside of the boat.
Gonna need more than that, Eric.
You want to find a body? And, Eric, there are blacktip sharks out there be careful.
You know me, I love fish.
Mike Harris was traveling with Gwen Creighton and her daughter, Mandy.
What was their relationship? Newlyweds, actually.
They met onboard the ship.
I performed the ceremony myself.
That's quite a brief honeymoon.
Brief relationship.
They met the first day of the cruise.
So they only knew each other a week.
Oh, it happens all the time on these cruises.
They're like floating singles bars.
Okay, I need to speak to the Creightons.
Where are you holding the passengers? We're not the passengers disembarked when we arrived.
You let them go? This is a cruise ship, Lieutenant.
Most of these people were on vacation.
Not anymore.
Is there anyone in here? Did you run that glass I got from Mike's stateroom? You are scary good.
Someone slipped Mike a Mickey.
Good old-fashioned sleeping pills.
So, I got a lead.
Me, too.
Well, we'll save the best for last.
You go first.
Well, for starters, found out from the wife, And Mike was drugged.
It would make it very easy to throw him overboard.
Beat that.
Shoe print that Horatio found by the railing.
It's a Pelgado.
Mm-hmm, that's a unique shoe.
Who wears those? Every male officer on board the ship, they're standard issue.
So that narrows it down to, like, what, 40 officers? Oh, less than that.
It's a size 14.
I was on the Sun Deck early this morning, and I ran into this guy.
His name is Mike Harris.
That's right.
He was drunk.
He could barely stand up.
I tried to help him out, but he wanted nothing to do with me.
Sir, why don't you take it back Leave me alone.
Just take it easy.
It took some convincing.
How far did you take it? Enough to get him to get him to go back to his room.
Yes, but he didn't make it back to his room, did he? Why would I throw the man overboard, Lieutenant? $70,000 may have been a factor.
What $70,000? $70,000 was missing from his safe.
Look, I didn't touch Mike Harris, or his safe check the database.
Keycard access is all recorded.
I'm going to.
I heard Horatio's got that deck officer squirming.
You think he's our guy? I'm about to find out.
I'm going through the ship's keycard log.
It tracks card usage.
So every time someone swipes their keycard it gets recorded.
Exactly if you, uh if you open a door, you pay a bill at a restaurant Open a safe? Right.
This is Mike's stateroom.
Let's see.
So, the last time the safe was opened was at 5:00 a.
It's an hour before Mike went overboard.
Who opened it, size 14? No, his wife.
Of three days.
Somebody must've taken my card.
Well, is it missing? Maybe whoever took it put it back.
Why would I kill Mike for 70 grand when he was worth more than 21 million? You've been married to Mike for three days and you know his exact net worth.
The point is, it doesn't make sense.
Maybe you took the 70 grand to throw us off.
Then you could collect the big life insurance policy and we'd be looking for some petty thief.
Like you said, we've only been married three days.
Mike didn't have time to contact his lawyers about me yet.
Where were you last night, Miss Creighton? Having a drink at the Mango Bar.
All night? Ask the wait staff.
I was there killing time while Mike was at the show.
Mike was at the show? Why Why weren't you with him? I mean, you're newlyweds.
He asked me not to go.
Mike wanted to bond with Mandy.
Mandy, your daughter, Mandy? Yeah, she's waiting for me over there.
Sit tight, Miss Creighton.
Mandy, your mom said that you went to the show with Mike last night, is that right? We were supposed to, but he never showed.
Didn't you wonder what happened to him? I just thought he got sidetracked.
That just seems strange to me.
You weren't worried? Now, though, I wish I went looking for him.
Did you find the body? Yeah, of a dead shark.
It's got a small caliber round in the front of its head.
From the captain's service pistol.
If this is the shark that attacked our victim, it's going to tell us plenty more.
I'm going to need some help getting it out.
Ho, ho, hold on there, cowboy.
I'll get somebody down here.
Are you okay? I- I don't know.
What do you mean? I was brought in today for questioning.
Questioned by who, sweetheart? Um, it was some federal agent.
I guess the FBI? Okay.
What did he ask you? He he asked me about you and about Eric.
He wanted to know everything I knew about the lab.
I told him I don't know anything.
He just he wouldn't stop.
It scared me.
I understand.
What was his name? Oh, wait, he gave me a card.
Special Agent Wynn.
You know him? No, I don't.
Hey, are you in trouble? No, but he is.
That looks like a guppy.
What took you so long? Little shortage of volunteers.
Something stuck in its teeth.
It's not a piece of fish.
It's a human belly button.
That means maybe there's more inside.
All right, we'll get this shark back to the lab and have them start a necropsy.
Do me a favor, crank it up a little bit.
Whoa, whoa, all right.
Looks like trash from the cruise ship.
May be the reason the sharks were in so close.
Illegal dumping.
Sharks can smell that from a mile away.
That's right.
Captain had to know about this.
I'd bet on it.
If any trash came from my ship, it must've been an accident.
You've had a number of those recently.
Are you going to accuse me of throwing that man overboard, too? Did you? I don't have time for this.
I have a ship sitting in the port of Miami like a lame duck and that is bad for business.
So is negligence.
I have nothing to hide, Lieutenant.
Okay, well, you won't mind if I look into the history of your ship then.
Please, be my guest.
Agent Wynn.
Lieutenant Caine.
Oh, I hope you don't mind me dropping in.
It doesn't work to call ahead.
What do you want? Well, actually, I need your help, Lieutenant.
Something doesn't smell right to me.
The woman central to the investigation against Officer Delko becomes your girlfriend, thus protecting her from further scrutiny and, suddenly, her own drug charges just disappear.
Agent Wynn, you should've done better research.
There were no charges filed on the Delkos.
You know, I did you a favor, Lieutenant.
I could've subpoenaed Marisol.
Stuck her in front of a white light and a grand jury.
I was just trying to see if there was something there.
So you wasted your time.
An investigation into a dirty lab is never a waste of time.
Agent Wynn, I don't know who you are or who you work for, but if you ever contact Marisol again, it'll be the last thing you ever do.
How's our gunshot victim? I'm never eating seafood again.
These guys really are garbage disposals.
Chicken bones, vegetables.
Mmm, that looks delicious.
Doubt the cruise line serves this.
Mike Harris's leg.
My God, those bite marks look like daggers.
Hold on.
One of these was caused by a dagger.
That a work.
This laceration is larger.
No tears in the associated tissue.
Doesn't match the other shark bites.
This victim has sharp force trauma injury.
So he was stabbed.
That explains why Horatio found blood on the railing.
How much blood did he find? Couple of drops, a smear.
Why? What are you thinking? Well, I mean, I won't know until I see the rest of the body, but based on the location of this wound, I'd be surprised if Mike was stabbed just once.
If that's true, there should be a lot more blood on that deck.
So our victim was stabbed, but there's no mess? Yeah, I know.
I think our killer cleaned up.
Well, lucky for us, other people's idea of what clean is is different than ours.
I heard the field agent hit your sister pretty hard, man.
Who? What are you talking about? The fed that interviewed Marisol.
I thought you knew about that.
No, Wolfe, I don't know why don't you tell me? Cooper said that Marisol came by the lab, that she was very upset, and that she wanted to talk to Horatio.
Why is the FBI talking to my sister? I think it's about you.
What the hell about? About the the marijuana.
Look, I don't know, man, they want to talk about Horatio, or something.
It's wrong, okay, she's a civilian.
Yeah, I think it was pretty messed up It's more than than messed up, Wolfe.
All right, Eric, relax, I'm just the messenger, man.
I- I know.
All right, I know that.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
All right, we're going to drop it.
I'm sorry.
Smell that? It's paint.
These moldings are glossy.
Yeah, they're still tacky.
Hey, it looks like there's gravitational spatter under this paint.
It's blood.
This could be where Mike was stabbed, and someone tried to cover it up.
Yeah, the infirmary is right here.
Maybe he was running in to see a doctor.
Maybe not.
Look at the directionality of the spatter.
He was coming out.
We had an 12-year-old boy come in yesterday with a cut on his foot.
Was he bleeding when he left? Of course not.
Well, somebody was, and the blood was covered with a fresh coat of paint.
I found where the blood came from.
Hang on.
This doesn't have anything to do with Mike Harris.
Who does it have to do with? Rebecca Farraday.
What was this patient's prognosis, Doctor? I should clear this with the captain first.
Okay, well, you don't use restraints for someone with seasickness.
And there's blood here.
So what happened? Rebecca Farraday was brought in with an eye infection and acute respiratory distress.
She was delirious and resistant to treatment.
Lay still, Miss Farraday.
Please, take it easy.
I restrained her so my staff wouldn't get hurt.
Did you suspected avian influenza? Her symptoms were consistent with the bird flu, yes.
Where is she now? She got out of the restraints.
We can't find her.
Rebecca, no! Did you fly a blood sample to the CDC? Uh, no, I was, um, asked to wait.
That we were less than 24 hours away from shore.
And I suppose that you were asked to wait by Captain Taylor, those are his orders? Yes.
So what the hell kind of ship are you running, Captain? Excuse me who are you? The man that just found those bloody restraints in your infirmary.
Now, holding Rebecca Farraday against her will, that's kidnapping.
It was for her own safety.
And if she dies as a result of her injuries, that constitutes murder.
Dies? From a small cut? Or the bird flu.
Bird flu? Yeah, so you're going to deny that, too? This is getting ridiculous.
So you are lying.
We have charts and a statement from the doctor.
I didn't want to cause any panic.
So you put the city at risk instead of your boat? Okay, you need to step away from me.
Now! I don't need to do anything.
You're the suspect in a murder investigation.
Are you going to arrest me, Officer? Not yet.
All right, then.
I have a ship to prepare for a cruise.
I have 20 years at sea, and I have never missed a launch.
First time for everything.
Good day.
The blood on the restraints, Frank? CDC said it was too degraded.
Still don't know if it's bird flu.
We have to find Rebecca Farraday.
You think she's still on the ship? I don't know, but that ship is not leaving port till we know for sure.
What if she got off with everyone else? If she did, she did not get off alive, Frank.
Could have two murders.
Two and counting.
Eric, I spoke to Jessop.
Jessop? Why? Said he was concerned about a conversation you had with a suspect.
What, is everyone a mole now? Eric, somebody's watching us.
The feds? I don't know, but every move we make on and off the job is being scrutinized.
Why? I think someone is planning to destroy this lab, and they're about to make their move.
I don't want to help them.
Did you page me? Got a lead on the man overboard case.
The results off the new wife's keypad? That is correct.
What took you so long? Someone's not returning her pages.
That is because someone has been below deck.
Got a lot of smudges, but decent partial.
Is it Gwen Creighton's? Nope.
Ran it through all the databases, nothing popped.
What about the cruise line's employee manifest? Good call.
What kind of entertainer? Every cruise has one.
I read the manifest.
He's a magician.
Our murder victim was worth a fortune.
Looks like Mr.
Judd made it disappear.
So, you're a magician? Yeah, and no stage.
My magic's up close and personal.
So that's how you got Gwen Creighton's ID card? The wife of the guy who went overboard? Yeah.
Every cruise, there's some woman who flashes you the eyes, and you just know she'll be fun to work with.
Gwen was here, a little lit up, friendly.
And you took advantage of that.
I entertained her.
Nothing here, right? Nope.
Is this your room key? Oh, my God.
You can keep searching me, if you want.
She wanted me to go back to her room with her.
Instead, you went back alone.
Why would I do that? To take the 70 grand that she had in her safe.
That's absurd.
Look, you can search me if you want.
I'd rather check your kit.
Go ahead.
So I lifted the card.
She kept bragging about all the money she had in the safe.
Said her family was out for the night.
And you thought you'd up your salary.
Hey, hey, who? That's the last I saw of him.
I swear I didn't kill him.
I went right back to her and slipped the card into her purse.
You know, I'm afraid it just doesn't mean very much coming from a guy who deceives people for a living.
Hey, I heard you guys found the 70 grand.
Yeah, we did.
So Trace said they sent you the glass from Mike Harris's room.
What's up? Yeah, they said there may have been biologicals in addition to the diazepam.
And? They were right.
Found desiccated cranial epithelials on the edge of the glass.
Dandruff? And DNA matches one of the elimination samples you got off the ship.
Mandy Creighton.
Do you really think the victim's own stepdaughter drugged him? So I slipped a sleeping thing in his drink.
It's no big deal.
He's dead now.
It's a very big deal.
Yeah, I know.
Look, I know that this is gonna sound lame, but I was really happy for my mom.
I- I don't want her to be alone.
Then why did you drug Mike? I just I didn't want to spend my last night on the ship with him.
So you knocked him out? It was my only way that I could spend time with other people.
Who were you with, Mandy? I don't want him to lose his job.
I think you need to worry about yourself right now.
All right.
I met Keith the very first day.
Keith Murray.
The first mate? Yeah.
There you go.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Anything else I could do for you? We said that- that we'd meet on the deck to say good-bye that morning.
But then your new stepdad caught you.
Oh, my God, that's my stepdad.
How did he find us? It's okay.
I'll take care of it.
Go up there.
Was Keith the one who gave you the diazepam, too? Yeah, but, they get to keep whatever passengers leave behind.
It's not illegal.
But murder is, Mandy.
So, I was I was with her.
Why would I want to kill her stepfather? 'Cause he caught you with his 16-year-old daughter.
All right, all right.
Uh things did happen a little different.
I'm listening.
Um, Mike was pissed.
And I didn't want him to see me with Mandy.
So you roughed him up.
I tried to get him to calm down, and point him in the right direction.
Away from you and Mandy.
Look, I I left right after he did.
She's 16 years old.
Okay, that's all it took for me to come to my senses.
It's against the rules for us to get involved with the guests.
Keith, you don't seem concerned about the rules.
I don't want to lose my job.
You know, right now, my friend, that is the least of your problems.
All right.
Damn it.
That's never a good sign.
Rebecca Farraday's a Miami native, so I contacted her family, checked the local hospitals, morgues.
What about the ship? Searched all the common areas, ship's quarters, you name it.
That girl is not on the boat.
You checked everything? Unless I don't know the meaning of the word.
Checked the bilge, septic tanks, garbage room? Why would she be in the garbage? Cause that's the only place you didn't check, Tripp.
Come on, come with me, let's go.
Jessop? Sir? I got a job for you.
Come on, Jessop, let's go.
It's a nice move, Frank.
Delko? Yeah? Am I being punished? What do you mean? Because I said something to Horatio about your interrogation techniques.
You have a guilty conscience, Jessop? Never asked me to work anything else with you before.
I didn't ask you to work this, either.
Tripp did.
This is feeling like a bit of a message.
Well, it is.
Really? Yeah.
Message is, I have confidence that you can do the work.
Got it.
Can tell us two things.
What's that? Well, I think you just found Rebecca Farraday.
And she was definitely murdered.
How do you know that? Ligature marks on her neck.
She was strangled.
So, Eric, what was used to strangle Rebecca? Well, whatever it was, it left a deep impression but no obvious pattern.
So it wasn't a rope.
I'm thinking a belt.
You see this indentation here? It looks like it's from a small buckle.
An adjustment clasp.
Yeah, like on a strap from a camera.
No, binoculars.
Welcome aboard, sir, enjoy your trip.
Welcome, young lady.
Please, thank you for coming.
Welcome aboard, sir.
Thank you, ma'am, thank you for coming aboard.
You're going to have a great trip ahead of you.
Thank you for coming.
Welc Captain? Lieutenant, I'm working.
You can contact the ship's legal counsel.
You are relieved of command, effective immediately, Captain.
What? A warrant got us into your quarters, where we found these.
Take a look at that.
That strap was used to strangle Rebecca Farraday.
A lot of people have the same binoculars, especially on a cruise.
But not every one of them has a DNA match to the victim.
Miss Farraday was running around bleeding.
I tried to calm her down, but she was delirious.
She left the infirmary.
She was endangering the entire ship.
So you neutralized the threat.
You would have done exactly the same thing, Lieutenant.
She was infected with avian flu.
She was misdiagnosed.
I had to make a split-second decision.
There were 2,000 lives to protect.
Along with your reputation, Captain.
I have been a sea captain for 20 years.
Well, consider this a career change.
Take him.
Wait a minute.
Hey, Alexx, we got your page.
What's the 911? Yeah.
You and Calleigh have a job to do.
I work in a morgue.
If I say something smells it smells.
Well, what is that? The rest of the contents from the shark's stomach.
And, guys, I need this room back ASAP.
Okay, we'll get it logged.
Wait, hold on, but we got Mike's leg.
Anything that touches the body is evidence.
Ryan, honey, procrastinating is only going to prolong the agony.
That looks like it was ripped off something.
I've seen it before.
Mandy's dress.
We just found out who killed Mike.
Mandy, would you remove your cover-up, please? Why? Remove your cover-up.
Mike scratched you when you pushed him off the ledge, didn't he? No, the ship has a rock wall.
I was rock climbing.
Mandy, it's too late.
Why don't you just tell me what happened? Mike ruined everything.
Is it because he caught you with Keith? Did you know that this is my mom's fifth marriage? She said that this trip was "for us".
Our chance to finally spend some time together.
But she met Mike, and she married him.
Every three years, it is a different guy wanting me to call him "Dad".
They don't care about me.
They just want me out of the way so that they can sleep with my mom.
You know, Mandy, I think it's entirely possible that Mike did want to get to know you.
I mean, isn't that why you had to drug him? Yeah, well, I didn't want to get to know him.
I thought we were going to the show, Mandy.
I hate you! I hate you! You ruined everything! Mandy! I hate you! Mandy, no! I didn't mean for this to happen.
I didn't plan on it.
I know you didn't.
I just didn't want to lose my mom again.
Why am I not enough for her? I don't know.
I wish I did.
There she is.
Are you okay? I just want to be clear about something.
Go ahead.
Last week, during my treatment, you said you were there for me.
What does that mean? I, um, I thought we agreed that we would do whatever we wanted.
Does that Does that include marriage? It does.
It does.