CSI: Miami s04e25 Episode Script

One of Our Own (3)

is it him? No.
It's not riaz.
Not this one either.
He's not here.
Who we trying to find? Antonio riaz.
Mala noche.
Riaz gave the order to shoot marisol.
Guess he stepped out before his buddies got cut down.
Yeah,the guy seems to have nine lives.
He can run,but he can't hide,H.
We'll get him,eric.
I'll call it in.
I'll take a look around.
I'll be out back.
Jessop,run! Proudly Presents Season 04 Episode 25 This boy was only 27 years old,horatio.
- What about the five dead around the pool? - Jessop takes priority,alexx.
He took some frag.
Wait a minute.
Take a look at this,horatio.
It's a hand grenade pin.
Looks like fishing wire.
This is a booby-trap,alexx.
I'd like to get my hands on the sadistic bastard who did this.
I'll save you a piece.
How well did you know jessop? He was starting patrol when I was leaving.
He was a nice guy.
I hope it was over fast.
Noches have firearms.
I guess the question is why didn't they fight back.
Probably a surprise attack.
Besides I don't think a .
9 mil would have worked against these.
Cyrillic writing on the headstamp.
This is russian-made ammo.
Russian?Machinegun,an ak? We won't know more until i get it under magnification.
Will you help me scoop these up? - Maxine valera? - Yeah? You're going to need to come with us.
Special agent perry,fbi.
Where are you taking me? We need to ask you a few questions.
I'll just grab my stuff.
I need a few files.
Don't touch anything,just walk.
What's going on? Who are they? Damn.
What was that about? I'll tell you what that was about.
Valera's the mole.
What? Yeah,that's how the feds operate.
Yeah,'cause you're a big fbi expert.
That's what they do.
They start an investigation,put in an operative.
An operative.
Which they me sure they get out before the fur starts to fly.
Cooper,you've seen way too many tom clancy movies.
Trust me on this.
Things are about to go down.
Cabinet had traces of trinitrotoluene.
Consistent with the grenade.
What else? I did a reconstruction.
When jessop opened the cabinet door he pulled the fishing line and released the pin.
The spoon flies,initiates the striker.
You got a three or four-second delay and boom.
That's a signature.
I'll enter it into the system, see if we get a hit.
Narrow it to the mala noche.
Carlos santigo.
Planted a car bomb in tampa six monthsgo.
Says that the feds couldn't make the case, so they deported him.
Well,he's back now.
Excuse me,who are you? Can I help you with something? Csi wolfe? Yeah.
And who are you? Special agent heather landry.
This lab is under federal investigation.
Since when? Sinceoh last fall.
We've had a break in the case.
Things are accelerating.
You want to do me a favor,man, and back up? If there are orders to give, they'll come from us.
I don't know if yourealize this or not, but one of our guys,officer jessop, he just went down,and I'm handling some time-sensitive material here.
Book what you have here.
I'll accompany you to the lab for analysis.
Wait a minute.
You're baby-sitting me? Fed outranks local.
Every time.
Got it.
We have liftoff.
I'll take that.
Hey,that's the evidence from the noche takedown last week.
We got a tip it's been tampered with.
It's ours now.
Oh,and csi wolfe? Thanks for your cooperation.
for the recordI didn't cooperate.
Horatio,it's ryan.
We got a situation.
I will ask you again.
What did you do when you handled the cash found at last week's takedown? I was the first one to analyze it after collection.
I ran it for biologicals.
Every analyst has to make a fresh opening.
We're prohibited from breaking another analyst's seal.
Did you count it? Record the serial numbers? Answer the question,miss valera.
No,I did not.
Am I in trouble here? We won't know that until this investigation's over.
You're aware that I had an officer killed this morning.
I am,and I'm sorry for your loss, but despite that,we got a job to do.
Why now? There was a takedown on star island last week.
I did that takedown.
Well,then you know,there was a cash seizure.
Made by my csi let's get these guys out of here.
The house is secure.
who did nothing wrong.
Then someone in your lab did.
There's $12,000 missing from the evidence envelope.
According to your source.
The source is irrelevant.
I want you out of here.
What are you talking about? I need that room,and I want you out of here.
If I find any evidence of wrongdoing, I'll shut your lab.
And you,lieutenant,will go down with it.
Duly noted.
Now beat it.
Airport security picked up santigo at ten minutes of.
Well,now we've got a room.
Homeland security,code red,gate 11.
Why am I here? You'd think an explosives expert would know what type of machinery gives him up.
I don't know anything about explosives.
Airport security detained you because you handled explosives.
You have a signature-- fishing line,an eyelet,fishing hook.
That's not me.
I'm scared of bombs.
You rigged a grenade that killed one of my officers, so don't come in here and insult me.
I want to know why you were at the riaz house.
Riaz said this was my last job.
He said that he wanted us noches to make a statement.
Because we crashed his universal,right? But I didn't know who the target was.
And I sure as hell never intended for a cop to get killed.
Carlos,officer jessop is dead.
Where is riaz right now? He wired 100 grand into my account.
I never saw him.
I don't know where he's at.
He ordered the hit on my sister! You tell me where he is.
I don't know,all right? Carlos, here's what i want you to do.
I want you to give him a message.
I want you to tell riaz that if he doesn't talk to me, he's a dead man.
Please document that I am transporting all casings recovered from the pool area to the southwest corner of the lab.
I've been dying to slip out to the bathroom.
Nice to know you're human.
Firearms? The marks on the casings are from a russian-made krinkov.
The noche do not use russian weaponry.
Tells me the shooting of the five noches by the pool was done by an outsider.
Maybe a rival gang.
It's possible.
I'm really sorry I can't get you closer to riaz.
No worries.
Lieutenant caine.
You rang? I heard you contacted the jail.
You're having fierro brought down from keep away? I need to speak with him.
What possible reason could you have to talk to the man who shot your wife? He may have information that's specific to her death.
It already looks like you beat him up when you arrested him out in the everglades.
He attacked my officer during his arrest.
Don't make this worse or I won't take this to trial.
Could it get worse,ma'am? Looks like horatio and monica have agreed to disagree.
Might want to talk to your fiancee about tone of voice.
I'll work on that.
What's with all the blue lab coats? Federal tax dollars at work.
We've each got a babysitter.
Mine's in the loo.
I'm here for the evidence you collected at the mala noche universal.
So's the fbi,but I assume you know that.
I'm not fbi.
I'm here because that money was used to bribe a federal official six months ago.
Well,apparently some of it's missing.
They think that someone in the lab might have taken it.
- I can't believe that.
- Me,either.
Duquesne,you're up.
I'll walyou over.
I'll walk you.
Give 'em hell,calleigh.
You got a wife,memmo? At home in nicaragua.
Then you'll understand my position.
I think you've shown me that-- you and that other cop.
You attacked my investigator during your arrest.
I was following orders.
Why are you here? I'm here to give you a warning,memmo.
a warning.
Mira, I'm mala noche.
I'm untouchable.
Untouchable just like your dead friends at the biscayne house? Someone killed them all today,except riaz.
What do you want? I want riaz.
I want the man who ordered the hit on my wife.
What do I get out of it? I may be able to help keep you alive in here.
I don't know where he's at, but I got someone who might.
I'm listening.
Riaz was doing business with this arab dude, rafik ohmad.
Who is he? All I know,the guy works out of a warehouse.
Dodge island.
We good? For now.
Miami-dade police department show us your hands Rafik ohmad.
What's going on here? We have a warrant to search your premises.
What's all of this? It's plastic sheeting.
Protecting my shipping inventory.
What kind of inventory? I import bronze goods.
Decorative vases.
That's a lot of plastic for vases.
I want to talk to you about antonio riaz.
I've heard of him,but only from the papers.
lieutenant caine I found this in the back.
Bring that over here,please.
Is that a krinkov? That's the same type of weapon that was used to murder five mala noche soldiers this morning.
Now that's what i call a decorative vase.
So ten years with with the crime lab,huh? Yes,you have several letters of commendation and outstanding performance evaluations,but but? I'm more interested in what is not in here.
I don't follow you.
I know that your boyfriend, detective john hagen, recently killed himself.
In your firearms lab.
Public record,private matter.
Same as your father's drinking problem.
Is it true that you interfered in a murder investigation in which he was a subject? Csi wolfe was the primary.
I oversaw its progress.
What does this have to do with the missing money? What is your lab's protocol for the collection of any monetary evidence? Upon collection of any monetary evidence we photograph it we count it twice,we record the denomination of every serial number of every bill.
We place it in an evidence envelope.
We seal it and we initial it.
Did you follow that protocol? $64,700.
Here is a copy of all of my notes, including photographs of every serial number.
- Are you okay? - Good god.
That guy reminds me of my junior high principal.
He knows more about me than my principal ever did.
He knew about some shortcuts I took.
That I didn't write the serial numbers down or count the money.
I think they think I took it.
Maybe not.
What do you mean? They're still interviewing everyone in the chain of custody.
Good luck,aaron.
Stick it to him.
And you followed all laboratory procedures? Absolutely.
Here's a copy of my notes.
Have you noticed any impropriety in the lab since you've been assigned here? No,not really.
Is that "no" or "not really"? No.
You called about something several months ago.
Never followed up.
Dope evidence found on his sister? I'm not comfortable that eric delko was in this lab alone.
I've already dealt with it, but thank you.
That worked itself out.
Tell me something.
If you had to implicate any of your colleagues,who would that be? This is ridiculous.
Wolfe,you were the last person to handle the evidence.
Obviously not,or there wouldn't be any money missing.
And according to your notes and statement, you followed all procedures.
- You put all the money into the envelope? - Yes,I did.
- No chance you missed some? - No.
Wolfe,we understand that you have keratitis.
One of the symptoms of this condition is blurred vision.
What did you just say? I understand your concern.
Keratitis could be a career-ender.
The department could force an early retirement.
I get it.
I do not have keratitis, but believe me i am seeing everything very clearly right now.
Can I go? Hey,wolfe,what's up? - What the hell's the matter with you?! - You told the feds i have keratitis! You said you did! I told you to draw out the mole,and I guess it worked'cause you told the feds!You told the feds! Hey,I had a few beers with some of the feds after basketball,man.
It must have slipped out! You let it slip out about the money,too! No,I don't know anything about the money! Ryan! Ryan!Let him go now! He's a snitch.
He's a snitch.
He told the feds about my eye.
The two of you need to cut this crap out.
- You're the mole.
- Hey,I told you it slipped out.
It doesn't matter.
We're trying to figure out the murder of a police officer.
I hired the mala noche for security.
They'll do anything for a price.
Yes,and as part of the deal, you killed five of their men.
I was looking for one in particular.
His men wouldn't tell me where he was.
His name is antonio riaz,right? Riaz! Where is riaz? that's right.
He ripped me off.
I paid him to bring me something.
He kept it and the money.
I haven't seen him in a week.
Where did this transaction take place? Brickell and 14th.
Brickell and 14th,H.
- The financial district.
- Banks on every corner.
And banks have cameras.
I'm,I'm so sorry.
I am sorry.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
What are these? Security cam tapes from all the banks at 14th and brickell.
We're hoping to find riaz on them.
How you holding up since your sister's funeral? not as well as I thought.
the hits just keep coming.
It's the feds.
I guess I'm up next.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
You talk to them yet? No.
I'm sure they'll get to you before the day's out.
They're,they're not going to talk to me.
Why? What do you mean? They're just not going to talk to me.
You're the mole.
- I knew I should have told you before - that was your heads up? You know me a year and you wait for the day that the feds swoop in to tell us you've been reporting on the lab? It's not a job that I wanted.
I didn't ask for it.
- I didn't want it.
- Save it,save it.
- They thought they had a rogue lab.
- Save it,natalia,okay? I don't care.
Look,I got to go,okay? I got to take these to av.
I can take these for you.
I can take 'em.
Don't touch anything.
I told you the total was $64,700.
I printed every bill myself.
A lot of money.
A lot of temptation.
Almost understandable,especially with the responsibilities you have.
And what's that supposed to mean? It's been a rough year for you.
Popped positive on a random drug test.
Your badge was used in a murder.
And I know medical care can get expensive.
Don't you drag my sister into this,okay? The feds want to accuse me of stealing something,make it about something real.
Like what? Like the information you got from your mole about me? She got it because she was sleeping with me.
And I'm not the only one.
Really? Well,that is some fresh information, but I'm just looking for a thief in this lab.
Your mole got information on this lab by using sexual favors.
That's a thief.
And don't think I won't testify to that in federal court.
Sit down.
This is not over.
It is for me.
Are these the bank tapes? Got a clean shot of ohmad from one week ago.
This tape is from miami-dade bank.
There's rafik walking up.
Riaz is at the wheel.
That is a payoff.
Did you get anything else? Found two more shots of antonio riaz twice in the same week three months ago.
There's his escalade.
I can't tell who he's with.
It's a female passenger.
Maybe his girlfriend? Yeah.
Do you have another angle on her? Not on this one,but i got less obstruction on the second tape.
Still can't see her face.
Go closer on the reflection.
Could I have a minute alone? Yeah,sure,H.
eric I'm in the av lab.
Please join me.
Got here as soon as I could.
I was with that fed.
What is riaz doing with my sister? That is a surveillance tape we had on riaz.
She met with him more than once.
It doesn't make sense.
Well,it does to somebody.
I'll get her personal things.
Let's do that.
Riaz had to be trying to get to you.
It's the only thing that makes sense.
Eric,the problem is the video is three months old and marisol and I, we weren't together at that point.
How did he get to her? What is the exact date on the tape? - It's february 20.
- February 20.
Compare it to her day planner.
"Meet diego for lunch.
" Who's diego? She told me about him.
Said he bought marijuana for a cancer-support group.
Hang on a second.
Does riaz have an alias? Check it.
Antonio riaz.
Known aliases "diego riaz.
" Check and see if there's a phone number there.
- I got a number.
- Eric,we can track that phone by gps.
Diegoor should I say antonio? You know you're going to have to answer to me,antonio.
Why marisol? I'm going to find you.
I may be closer than you think.
Transmission ended.
We've lost the signal.
Riaz is in the wind.
Copy that,air unit.
Eric,this is from ohmad's warehouse.
It's actually plastic shrink wrap, so it has a memory.
It seems to be holding some kind of case.
Based on what we know, probably a weapons case,right? Too big for ak'S.
Eric,this is for military use.
This is used to house surface-to-air missiles.
Surface-to-air missile means one thing.
They're gonna take down a plane.
Attention,airport units and air support.
Potential suspect in possession of surface-to-air missiles in vicinity of the airport.
Suspect spotted.
South perimeter of runway 1-6-left.
stay down.
Stay down.
Don't move.
I stopped you,antonio.
Didn't I? Come on.
you know,antonio I believe you.
I really do.
you want him,eric? He's all yours.
take him.
Bad news,wolfe.
Everyone checks out but you,and you were the last one to handle the evidence.
I want to see that envelope,'cause I got a right to see the evidence against me.
You can look,but you can't touch.
I can see the problem from here.
This has been cut and resealed.
There's a second piece of tape.
Do you,in fact,have keratitis? I give up on you people.
I know corn starch powder when I see it.
What? From latex gloves.
We don't wear powdered gloves in this lab, because it can compromise the evidence.
You're after the wrong lab.
Look,I know that you probably hate me.
Let's just say it's trying right now.
- Can I explain, please? - I wish you would.
When the feds put me here to run unsolveds, they asked me to report on any suspected malfeasance.
To spy on us.
But I only supplied them with positive information.
I have been nothing but a support to this lab.
Well,until money went missing.
- I didn't make that call.
- Well,then who did? They said it was a blind tip.
I mean,the feds have been looking at this lab long before I ever got here.
What was the impetus? I have no idea.
They said that investigations were being compromised because this lab mishandled evidence.
So you're saying that this started locally? excuse me.
Calleigh,it's wolfe.
I'm here with the envelope.
I think I know who took the money.
I think I know who called it in.
Yeah, well, that's not happening trying to get go, next couple of days Okay great thanks hey,calleigh.
What's up? You signed for the mala noche money three days ago.
Yeah,that's right.
To process.
Then how'd the envelope get back here? - I returned it.
- $12,000 lighter,peter.
And with no initials on it.
What are you insinuating? I'm not insinuating anything.
This sort of thing is my job.
You wore powdered gloves,and the powder from the glove got on the envelope when you resealed it.
Special agent perry,please report to operations.
Okay, why did you come back here this morning and pretend to process the money? To put this back.
Are you kidding? You are throwing away your entire career.
I am trying to do the right thing,calleigh.
Will you admit to what you've done? I can'T.
Then it's too late.
You called the feds about the money.
I was going to fix it for you.
I am not going to apologize for trying to protect the people from a shoddy crime lab.
Boyfriends who commit suicide and firearms, siblings with drug habits that was information i gave you in private.
You never should have used that to get the fbi to start an investigation.
Peter,in clear conscience, I could not let that lab go unchecked.
But you had an informant.
Boa vista was useless.
Is that why you stole the money? You did steal it,right? Turn the heat back up on the lab.
Well,it worked.
Special agent perry,please report to operations.
You ready for dinner? Yeah,almost done with the mala noche seizure.
it's the director.
I got to take this.
The fbi has swarmed to that lab.
They could conceivably lose their accreditation,be shut down I think you'll lose yours,first.
- Peter.
- What are you? I'm gonna take this back to our shoddy lab.
You were taping me? If it's any consolation,he really didn't want to.
We had to talk him into it.
Peter,you set me up? Feels terrible,doesn't it? Officers,would you help us,please? Oh,my god,peter I can't help you.
Hands behind your back,please.
Oh,and,uh,ryan wolfe sends his regards.
night, Maxin Lieutenant caine.
Agent park.
What do you want? We appreciate all you've done to help eradicate the mala noches.
- Both here in miami and elsewhere.
- Come to the point,please.
Riaz made a deal.
Riaz made a deal.
What are you talking about? He's providing detailed information about rafik ohmad,and the location of an afghan terrorist cell.
Money transfers,bank accounts,armories so you're letting him go.
We're returning him to stand trial in brazil.
He's not going to stand trial anywhere, agent park, and you know it-- you're letting him go.
Lieutenant, I understand your reservation.
Have the stones,agent park, to answer my question.
Look,this is not just a miami matter now.
Do you understand what I'm saying? You have to think global.
What did he want? They are deporting riaz,eric.
They're letting him go.
H it's our move.
We're going to brazil.
" CSI:Miami Season 04 EP 25 " -=END=-