CSI: Miami s05e01 Episode Script

Rio (4)

I'll keep taking everything you love.
What are you talking about? We're returning Riaz to stand trial in Brazil.
H it's our move.
We're going to Brazil.
I know you thought we'd be turning Antonio Riaz over to you.
- I still do.
- Unfortunately, Mr.
Riaz is about to become a free man.
You can't free that man.
He murdered my sister.
To charge Mr.
Riaz, we require a list of all witnesses and contact information.
Which we gave to you six weeks ago.
We gave you the police reports, the witness statements, even the crime scene photos.
Everything you needed to go to trial.
Because of his Mala Noche affiliations, names were omitted.
Your prosecutor sanitized them.
- We believe in witness protection.
- And we believe in full disclosure.
And without that information, my hands are tied.
Now, you understand the importance of paperwork.
That man commissioned the murder of my sister.
You're making a huge mistake.
I am sorry.
Not as sorry as you're going to be.
I don't think you know how this is going to end, Caine.
I know exactly how it's going to end.
Go home.
I will, Antonio, when this is over.
Where's Riaz headed? My guess is one of the favelas.
The most dangerous parts of town.
The shanties are built onto the hillsides.
Cops say rumor is that Riaz is something like - the mayor of one of those.
- I have no doubt.
- Which way do you think he's headed? - I don't know, but, Eric I know someone who does.
I heard about your wife.
I'm very sorry, Horatio.
Then you know why I'm here : I'm after a man named Riaz.
I think Raymond can help me find him.
What makes you think that Ray has anything to do with that world? Because I know Raymond, Yelina.
A leopard doesn't change its spots.
I didn't want you to know.
I'm sorry, I - You sent us here for a clean start.
- It's not your fault.
Could we go inside, please? I'm scared, Horatio.
- I think he's gone over completely.
- Does he go to the favelas? Drugs.
He says he only collects payment, but I don't believe him.
He comes home, changes clothes, disappears again.
I think he deals with people at high levels.
Is he with Riaz? With Riaz? Against Riaz? I don't know.
He says he does it for us.
That's a lie.
The only person Ray Caine cares about is Ray Caine.
Don't listen to her, Uncle Horatio.
She has no idea.
Ray please.
You're always talking trash about him.
My dad puts his life on the line every day for us.
If Dad's with Riaz, it's because he wants to help us.
Get to school.
Raymond, do what your mother says.
Go ahead, son.
He idolizes his father.
I'm afraid he's going to become just like him.
Yelina, are those Raymond's shoes? Yes.
Let me see those, please.
Could you hold that up, please? Just like that.
What are you going to do? I'm going to get this to the lab.
Got it.
You think they'll manage to find Ray? This vegetation will help us find where he hangs out.
You know, it suits you.
What? Being boss.
It's temporary.
Okay, Lieutenant Duquesne.
Pay scale would be nice, though.
- Find me.
- All right.
Calleigh Duquesne.
Large and in charge.
By large, you know I mean in terms of your reputation and responsibility, and You look very beautiful today.
Well, that's a that's a nice save.
Let me ask you something.
You gonna make any changes while they're gone? Because - you can, you know.
- Like what? Like, I don't know Like her I can't believe she's a CSI now.
She's worked hard for it, and history aside, she'll make a good one.
Just got a call out on a female vic in Coral Gables.
What are you waiting for? No.
There's nothing that says I got to take a trainee with me.
Okay? I mean, I can I can process a crime scene myself, thank you.
That's true, but you won't.
Are you sure you want this to be your first act as - boss for the day? - It's my fifth.
Get going.
- How's Brazil? - Ah, the leaf.
The petioles are hidden and the lamina are ten centimeters.
It's a Drosera villosa.
This thing's carnivorous, so we are looking at the face of a killer.
That's interesting.
Can it be found in Rio? I doubt it.
It's indigenous to the rain forest.
Their job just got a lot harder.
Hey, how's it going? - It's been tough.
- Is everything okay? No.
They released Riaz.
I heard.
What's it like down there? It's beautiful.
It couldn't be farther from Miami other than the weather.
Everywhere you turn, there's a skyscraper or mountain.
Shantytowns here, they wield all the power.
They've already had two police actions today.
And what about the people ? The people are great.
Are they just everywhere? No, that's the thing: 11 million and, it feels less crowded than Miami.
- It's like they're waiting for something.
- For what? I don't know.
I don't know if I want to find out.
Look, what have you got on Ray's location? I am confused but why are you looking for Ray? Because we hear he's with Riaz.
Bad news.
The leaf, it's a Drosera villosa.
It's indigenous to the rain forest, which means he's working outside the city.
I forgot to tell you.
Rio has an inner-city rain forest.
It's right next to one favella.
Oh, well, in that case, I'm glad we could help you.
A forest in the middle of Rio, Eric? Yeah.
Favella starts right up here.
Hold a second! - You hear that? - I do hear that.
Come on.
He's alive.
H it's your brother.
Get help, Eric.
Easy, easy.
All right.
- Big brother? - Yeah.
Ray, who did this to you? Riaz.
I just wanted to help my family.
Right now, let me help you, okay? Not me - He doesn't understand.
- Ray - He's just a kid.
- I know.
I want you to let me worry - about Ray Jr.
- You have to help him.
Riaz has got his hooks in him.
He's in danger.
I want you to listen to me, I'm going to take care of that boy.
Ray, okay? I'm going to take care of him.
I love you.
The authorities have his body.
I'm making the arrangements right now.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Somehow, I always knew he would end up like this.
Yelina, there's one other thing.
Ray Jr.
Is he okay? - Where is he? - I can find him.
You gave him a GPS watch.
When he started hanging around with those favella boys, I was scared something like this would happen.
That's the elevated rail.
- By the aqueduct.
- That's Riaz country.
This is my new man in town.
I want you to remember him, okay? Hey, Ray.
Ray, this is not a good idea.
I think he's doing fine, Caine.
So are you.
You found me.
Ray, I want you to come with me.
Stay out of this.
- You don't understand.
- I do understand, and that's why I want you to come with me.
I told you, Caine.
I was going to take everything you loved.
Ray! Ray! That trolley heads into the heart of the favellas - most dangerous part of the town.
- Then you know what Eric? that's where we are working on.
All we have is Ray Jr.
's watch - to go on, huh? - That's it.
There's a blue substance smeared on here.
It smells like pepper spray but that doesn't explain the color.
Not true, Eric.
They use it to stop riots.
That's right, the bullet fires a combination of the two.
The dye identifies the agitators.
We find this morning's police action, we find that favella and Riaz.
This beauty is Pamela Silvers.
First responders say her husband Carl found her.
It's a botched robbery? That's what he's saying.
She's beaten pretty bad.
- Yeah.
- C.
D's head trauma, right? See these? Thin rings of blood on her lips? That's expiration.
Now, I think her lungs collapsed sending blood into her esophagus.
Her saliva mixed with the blood, creating these droplets, eventually leading to full esophogeal blockage.
She drowned in her own blood.
Okay, I'll start collection.
You start over there with the murder weapon.
You photo, you sketch, you measure before you collect anything, - you got that? - Got it, check.
Do you recognize this, Mr.
Silvers? That's the shirt you made me take off at my house.
And you see the tiny bubbles in the blood? That's your wife's saliva, which can only be there if you were there while she was alive.
All right? You told me she was dead when you got home.
Okay, okay, she was flailing.
But I tried.
Okay, I tried to save her.
Hang on, Honey.
Hang on.
I've called an ambulance.
And you didn't tell us this why? Because I thought it would make me look guilty.
Wolfe, let's tell the man what he won.
I swear All right.
I-I gave her CPR until the paramedics arrived, but it was too late.
It's never too late.
Let's start from when you got home.
Can I help you? That man killed my mother.
Carl Silvers is your father? Stepfather.
He killed her, didn't he? Well, I assure you that we're on top of it.
And those guys in there, they're very good.
They'll get him.
- Okay? - Okay.
But you really shouldn't be in here right now, all right? How'd it go in interrogation? Husband's sticking to his story and I can't budge him.
Well, he may just have a good reason.
All physical evidence is equivocal.
So if the evidence isn't telling us anything, - what do you got? - Meet air DNA.
It captures and analyses the signatures - of any volatile organic compounds.
- So anything airborne.
- Basically any invisible evidence.
- So the killer? Could have left behind some evidence he didn't even know existed.
Such as cologne or aftershave.
You already processed her clothes? Yeah.
There's benzene, octyl acetate Let me guess, there's Texanol, because it's house paint.
I'm such an idiot.
One of the guys we interviewed was a painter doing the siding.
Why are you beating yourself up? You just broke the case.
I gave you guys a statement.
We found traces of the exact paint you used on the victim's body.
The Z-nose indicates you were in close proximity to Mrs.
Please! We're executing a search warrant for your vehicle as we speak.
Do you want to tell me anything that may help you? Yeah.
So, okay.
She did come out and talk to me, and neighbor ladies only do that for one reason.
So I went in there at lunch.
Get out of my house.
Come on.
I just want to have a little fun.
Please, please! Nothing gets me angrier than a tease.
Sue me.
I will do more than that.
I'm going to go and bury my wife now.
I'm really sorry, Mr.
But you understand, we have to follow protocol, - procedures.
- No.
No, I don't have to understand.
"We are so sorry.
" Did you just apologize to him? Yeah, I okay I know, I know.
I'm supposed to leave the emotion - out of it.
- If you knew, you wouldn't do it.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm new.
Let's go.
Come on Hold still.
Scott?! You said they'd get him.
- You promised.
- Come on move.
Did you tell him his stepfather did this? No, I didn't! I don't I don't know, I don't know - I don't think so.
- You don't know You don't think so? What is it? The kid thought that the husband did it.
Just because your husband was a bastard doesn't mean that they all are.
That's low, Ryan.
No, Natalia, that's low.
Chief Braga said that this was the location of the police action this morning after Riaz's release.
Than Ray Jr.
can't be far.
They know you are cops.
You better go.
There's danger.
Where's Riaz? He is usually there.
Not now.
He's waiting for collections.
Where? We light bottle rockets off in different city areas.
He sees, and others collect.
For the heroin that you package and sell.
Only one place you can see the whole city from that's the hill of Corcovado.
Was he with a boy? I'm going to ask you again.
Where's the boy? He got into an auto with a lady.
What lady? A pretty lady.
And other boys, like me.
Where were they heading? - Ciao.
- Hey, Hey! I got to find that boy.
- Have you found him? - He got into a car with a woman.
Did he say anything to you about it? No.
But he left his backpack behind, and he never leaves the house without it.
Scotch tape, carbon paper and Why would anyone cut off the tips of latex gloves? To make heroin pellets.
Are you saying my son is muling drugs? Excuse me.
I've been better.
Is Delko with you? No, he's not.
Why? His signal just died.
I've been monitoring you guys.
Okay, I know where to find him.
I got to go.
Antonio, I unwisely showed you compassion the last time we met.
This time, you won't be so lucky.
Where is my nephew? You'll never find your nephew.
Easy, Eric.
Now, Antonio, this is your last chance.
Where's my nephew? You still don't understand, huh, Caine? Don't I? Don't I, Antonio? Scribble.
"Flag L.
" That's Flagler, Eric.
It's got to be where he sent Ray Jr.
I'd bet money on it.
We headed home? We are going home.
I didn't tell Scott Satlin anything.
Did he or did he not see his stepfather in interrogation? He did.
But I didn't know it was his son until he told me.
But the second you found out, you should have taken him outside.
I know that now.
His attorney is pleading the insanity defense.
He claims you put him in a murderous state.
Okay, so think.
What exactly did you say to him? I told him that Tripp and Ryan were good and that we'd get him.
- "Him" as in the stepfather? - "Him" as in the killer.
Are you sure? I don't I don't know.
Okay, look, Boa Vista, your career isn't over because of this, but you see how hard things can be when people take what you say out of context.
That's a mole dig, isn't it? No.
No, it absolutely isn't.
It's a reality.
We're on the same team now.
We present a unified front to the world, regardless of how we're feeling at the moment, okay? I- I never explicitly said the stepfather did it.
we've got one question left to answer.
What? Where'd Scott get the firearm? Hey.
I heard you were here.
Welcome back.
So, I heard it didn't go down like it was supposed to.
Courts dropped the ball, let Riaz out? Yeah.
But, uh, we took care of it.
You okay? It doesn't bring Marisol back.
I know, Eric.
Look, if there's anything I can do, anything at all There isn't, but thanks, Alexx.
I got to get to Questioned Documents, okay? See you later.
Got anything on the Satlin case? Found a theft report.
The guy's condo was broken into four days ago.
Only item missing is a nine-mil.
Yeah, and take a look at that address.
Gun owner resides in the Keys.
Looks like I need to have another conversation with Scott Satlin.
Do you remember anything about the shooting? Barely.
I saw him, and then just black.
Then I was cuffed.
Do you remember stealing the gun? What? The gun you used, you stole it four days ago.
What? You told Homicide that you had been in the Keys.
That's where the gun was stolen.
It was reported three days ago when you were down there.
I stole the gun from the neighbor at the beach house for protection, from my step-dad.
Let me tell you something.
People who fail an insanity defense are five times more likely to get a life sentence than those who just simply admit they're guilty.
I hated that man.
He made my mother so unhappy.
She called me while I was on vacation.
Said he threatened to hit her.
And when you saw Boa Vista, you found a chance to hide behind insanity.
It was wrong, I know.
Incidentally, so are my statistics.
Frankly, I haven't a clue which way the jury will rule.
Get him out of here.
Anything? It's just going to take one minute, Eric.
These kids are like a ticking time bomb.
I know.
Just give me one second here.
How much you figure they're carrying? compressed powder heroin.
It's a million dollars a kid, provided they don't burst.
Right from their stomach acid.
Once heroin enters the system, it shuts everything down.
Blood stops flowing, lungs stop breathing, kid stops living.
Which is exactly why I need this to go faster.
One of those kids is Horatio's nephew.
Does that address mean anything to you? That's where they're hiding the kids.
Ma'am? Stand back, please.
I didn't do this.
It's not Ray.
Well, it's somebody's son.
All right, tell us again how it all happened.
I escort these boys for Riaz.
I drop them off, and then I return home.
I only come up here for my family.
- The money is very good.
- And illegal.
I know.
I'm so ashamed.
How did you get up here? Charter flight.
Private airfield.
I drove the boys here, and then this one boy he started to sweat.
He looked so sick.
There is a number that I'm told to call.
Then what happened? A man came and he did that to the boy.
He cut open the boy to get the pellets.
All he cared about were the drugs.
What about the other two boys? They ran.
I didn't stop them.
I was afraid for their lives.
How do you get in contact this man? With this cell phone.
Redial it, Eric.
Eric? See this little tiny bit of circuitry right there? That is like a teeny, tiny cheese grater for epithelials.
Well, let's hope it pans out.
Angel Demorte.
Works with Tiago Matos.
He's a big-time Miami mover.
Not Mala Noche, though? Means Riaz was dealing outside of his gang.
If you bring in Angel, maybe you can get to Matos.
H, we got a lead.
You guys got nothing.
Cabron We found the murder weapon on you, Angel.
Keep telling you to help yourself out and give us something to charge Tiago Matos with.
I do that, I sign my death warrant.
Well, it's you or the state.
Doesn't matter to me.
Man, you got the wrong guy.
Me entiende Lieutenant Caine? Tiago Matos.
- Where are you taking my driver? - I'm taking him to prison.
He murdered a young boy over your drugs.
If you know so much, why am I still a free man? Because I want it that way.
- Now where are the other two kids? - There's two others? I don't know If they're full of packets as you say, the morgue will get them soon.
I sincerely hope for your sake that doesn't happen, Tiago.
Tell you what, Lieutenant.
I'll do better than that.
I help you look.
When I find them, I'll make sure to give you a call.
Are you sure you wanna waste that call on me, Tiago? Hello.
Mom? Ray! Oh, my God, where are you? I'm okay, Mom.
Ray, honey, I'm in Miami.
I've been looking for you.
You're what?! Listen to me.
I know what you're doing, and you're in real danger.
I am if you're here, Mom.
Go home.
Ray, please listen to me.
I have to do this, to save Dad.
And if you try to stop me, they'll kill him.
About your father, I There's something I have to tell you.
I don't want to hear it.
And don't try to trace this call,'cause I'm throwing this phone away.
Ray, please.
Ray! What else did he say? Nothing, unfortunately.
Just said he was trying to save his father.
- At least we know he's still alive.
- There's more.
I got in touch with one of his friends, Dominic.
Dominic gave Ray Jr.
a gun.
And there's one more thing.
Pablo, one of the boys Ray traveled from Brazil with, got sick.
- He's in a hospital.
- What do you mean sick? He's in surgery.
They're removing their heroin pellets.
We'll talk later.
Is this what H got at the hospital? Yeah, from the third kid, Pablo.
Okay, so what exactly are we looking for? If we can find a byproduct in these things, we can target it on the street.
So what's all this? It's the wax, it's the tape.
and there's a carbon layer.
And there's the tip of the latex glove it was originally packed in.
Hang on a second.
You got a print.
That was packed in Brazil, so I'm not sure how a print's going to help us.
Has a print ever hurt us? You lied to us, Ana.
About what? An innocent chaperone to these kids? You packed those pills down in Brazil.
I did nothing of the sort.
That's funny because we found your print packed inside one of these heroin pellets.
If I pack them, they pay me triple.
The money is too good to say no.
So you put these kids'lives at risk.
They're no angels, - believe me.
- One of these kids was killed, Ana.
- That never happened before.
- And it's not going to happen again, I can assure you.
It's Delko.
All right.
H, the kid in the hospital he's conscious.
He knows where Ray is meeting Matos to give him the drugs.
I want my dad.
After you give me what I came for.
Gentlemen, put your weapons down.
I want my dad.
Matos, put it down.
You too, Ray.
Let me speak to my dad.
Ray, your dad is gone.
He's gone, son.
- You killed him?! - Ray.
- Ray, don't do it.
- No.
- He deserves to die.
- If you cross this line, you can't come back, son.
Shoot me.
- Shoot me, or I'll shoot you.
- Ray, this is the last thing that your dad would want you to do.
You got to believe me.
I want you to put it down.
Put it down! Put it down.
Very good.
Hey! You okay, son? Are you okay? I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Why don't you catch the car? - Bye, Uncle Horatio.
- See you soon.
Raymond? His body is being transported as we speak.
There's a Brazilian term.
It's the sadness we feel for happy memories.
Like I have for Ray and you have for Marisol.
What are you going to do? Brazil is saudade now, too.
Although I'm not really sure what there is here for us.
I do.
What? Family.