CSI: Miami s05e02 Episode Script

Going Under

Hey, Alexx, you get anything on the jumper ? Wasn't a jumper, Calleigh, he was shot.
Got an entrance wound, no exit.
That doesn't make any sense.
There are no signs of a struggle in his apartment.
Did the landlord say he was a visitor or renter ? He's a renter.
Name's Billy Gault.
Well, Billy Boy upset somebody.
You get anything on firearms, will you call me ? Oh, you'll have to take a number, sweetheart.
I've got another stop.
A triple on the Causeway.
Three on the Causeway ? Looks like I'm taking the back road.
The jumper on 38th Street is a 782-4.
I collected some evidence from the street and the vic's apartment.
I think I could get us the shooter.
All righty, I'll see you in 20.
Calleigh ? Calleigh.
I don't want you to move till we check you out.
The paramedics are on the way.
The evidence is Right now, sweetheart, that's not important.
But it's all compromised.
Yes, everything but you, ma'am.
What can you remember ? It was a blur, it It just came out of nowhere.
I'm an unreliable witness.
No worries.
Calleigh, you okay ? Yeah, I'm okay.
Somebody doesn't want your evidence to see the light of day.
Can you think of anything, something for us to go on ? The car was black maybe.
I don't know.
No worries, ma'am.
Eric ? I'm going to need you in the water, Eric.
- What am I looking for ? - Anything from the other vehicle.
And Eric, that Hummer doesn't leave your sight.
Hey, I thought they sent you home.
They did.
I'm fine.
Unfortunately, the canal water has contaminated anything with prints or DNA.
And the clothes are all drenched, so that just leaves us with photographs and documents.
The mud scraped the emulsion right off the film.
What is that ? Looks like a note.
The leather of the wallet may have protected just enough of it.
There isn't much handwriting, but there's a definite imprint.
Let me get this to QD.
It's a long shot, but maybe they can save some of this.
And hey, I'm glad you're okay.
Thanks, babe.
- Duquesne.
- Yeah, Calleigh.
Listen, you were right.
The vehicle that ran you off the road was black.
I turned up a piece of grille work.
Are you going to be able to get a make off of it ? As soon as I do, I'll put out a BOLO, all right ? Fantastic.
Thanks, Eric.
You got it.
Is this the waterlogged paper ? Yeah.
Take a look at this.
When you write on a piece of paper, the pigment remains on the surface, but the solvent it gets absorbed into the fibers.
So the water washes away the pigment, but not the solvent.
Exactly, but by adding and subtracting different light and filters, we can actually make the solvent reveal itself to us.
Okay, I'm going to go below 400 nanometers.
"4 :00 p.
Tell them V-Ray sent you.
" Unfortunately, ultraviolet light can't tell you who V-Ray is.
But that insignia right there just might.
What is it ? That is a symbol for a motorcycle gang patch.
Didn't take you for a biker chick.
No, but my ex broke a gang member's jaw in a bar fight, six years ago in Atlanta, and that insignia was on his patch.
Sounds scary.
Yeah, they're the scariest.
Called the Crypt Kings and they are known as being one-percenters.
One-percenters ? ride, but that one percent they're into everything criminal : Girls, guns, dope.
So this V-Ray's got to be pretty hardcore.
So mister V-Ray, where do the Crypt Kings operate out of ? No can do.
You know, I find that hard to believe.
Listen, we didn't have anything to do with Billy's death.
Hell, he was one of us.
Look at our rival gang : the Iron Reapers.
- That's where the war is.
- I've heard enough.
- Officer.
- Come on, let's go.
We've got to find his gang.
- I'll put out a BOLO.
- That will take too long.
- What are you thinking ? - Frank, this city has ears, so let's use them.
Cooper you remember the acoustic speakers PD put up around the city a couple years ago ? You mean the sensors to pinpoint gunfire.
Yeah, uh can you tap the records ? Pull the block on the Billy Gault murder ? Yeah, but with all the Harleys at the scene, sensors might not pick up a gunshot.
Track the backfire.
Follow them like bread crumbs to the gang's front door.
Man, I'm impressed.
Yeah ? Thank you.
Okay, this is where the shooting occurred.
So that's the path the motorcycles took out of that grid.
Okay, I'll search further, look for similar incident markers.
Could give us direction.
- Why'd it stop ? - I don't know.
Scent just went cold.
Well, maybe that was their destination.
What's there ? Nothing but a few warehouses.
All a motorcycle gang needs.
Horatio, we found them.
Miami-Dade PD ! Get your hands up ! Angela, out the back, out the back ! Calm down.
Turn it off ! Keep your hands where I can see them.
You, too, ma'am.
He didn't do anything.
- Hawk was just - Shut it ! Now, remove your weapon and lay it on the ground slowly.
I got a permit to carry.
I don't care.
Put it down.
So, what were you running from ? Nothing, man.
Hey, if you're trying to corner me, forget it.
I didn't kill Billy Gault.
You just happened to be outside the scene, right ? Yeah, well, we run there every week.
- It's our territory.
- Not anymore, my friend.
Now it's mine.
So, you got something to charge me with or what ? You will be the first to know.
All right, listen up.
Give up your I.
All we want to do is talk.
Let's make this as painless as possible.
You need to step back right now.
Oh, I would, but I don't take orders from broads.
Do as she says, cowboy.
Line up.
You best keep this bitch on a shorter leash, Tex.
So I guess you'll be answering for everybody.
So, you work under an alias ? For you, it's Jake Berkeley.
When did you lateral to the Feds ? I let you take me down.
You know that, right ? Oh, that's right.
I forgot.
Let's see you were first in our class, the academy star.
Only scared of failure.
I mean, you could've been in first.
If you weren't so distracted by that guy you were seeing.
What was his name ? Oh, yeah, that was me.
Billy Gault was a biker with the Crypt Kings.
How well did you know him ? Well enough to know his real name was Ken McCarthy.
Are you saying he's one of us ? Yeah.
We were both investigating an ongoing criminal conspiracy.
Conspiracy to what ? That's classified.
Someone ran me off the road to stall the investigation.
If you don't help me, I can't find out who killed your partner.
I'm sorry that happened to you.
But I do that, and I blow the indictments and compromise two years worth of work.
You know, you're the perfect man to infiltrate a biker gang.
Your relationships always have ulterior motive.
Look, I do care what happened to our agent but I can't step out for you, Calleigh.
Some things never change.
Lieutenant Caine ? Mrs.
McCarthy, I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you for calling.
Ken's colleagues at ATF- they won't answer my questions or let me see his body.
He was my husband.
How much did you know about what your husband was doing ? He couldn't tell me anything.
Last time he was home, he mentioned he was getting closer to indictments.
I just wanted him out of the whole thing.
But he couldn't get out, could he ? It was like talking to an addict.
The end was always tomorrow.
The flash drive you mentioned on the phone, do you still have it ? Yeah I found this minus computer.
Okay, Mrs.
McCarthy, if there's anything else I can do, you don't hesitate to call me, all right ? I'll be here.
- Thank you.
- Okay - Is that Gault's wife ? - It was.
Wolfe, please do your magic on that.
Will do.
Is this the wife's flash drive ? Yeah, it's got a bunch of notes.
Her husband was building a case toward an indictment.
Take a look at these photos.
Think about how good you got to be to get in tight with these guys.
Hard to get in, easy to stay.
According to those notes, the gang's running guns.
Yeah, several calibers were mentioned.
Including one called a C S.
What is that, a CS ? I don't know.
Well, is it a rifle, or a bazooka, or a handgun ? I mean, you're the firearms expert.
I don't know.
I haven't heard of CS in any of my weapons seminars.
I do know, however, that the only reason to design a new gun is for a better way to kill people.
So we're looking for something pretty unique.
Is this the one that ran Calleigh off the road ? Yeah.
We got it at the warehouse bust.
You sound disappointed.
Whoever was driving it was a pro.
They wiped down everything the steering wheel, dash, gear shift.
Can I take a look at it ? Natalia, you don't need to ask permission to work a case, okay ? As a matter of fact, the more you ask, the more we think you can't do it.
Then get out of my way.
That's what I'm talking about.
Would you say the guys in the gang are about six feet tall ? Yeah.
Give or take.
Because the seat's pretty close to the steering wheel.
And it looks like it's adjusted for somebody closer to five feet, which would suggest a female.
I'll bet the driver forgot to wipe that part down.
We found your skin cells in the pickup truck.
You ran our CSI off the road.
And you killed Billy Gault, too ? Let's go, Angela.
Okay, you've got a record.
It's not exactly spotless.
Look, a lot of the guys were starting to talk.
That maybe Billy was skimming off the top.
What do you mean ? He balanced our books, handled all our money.
What, was he, like, the gang treasurer ? Yeah.
Yeah, we're an organization, lady.
We got a president, a secretary, all that.
What do you do ? I just do what I'm told, that's all.
That's my place.
I'm okay with that.
You're not a piece of property, Angela.
I know what that kind of fear feels like.
Don't take the fall for him.
I ain't scared like you.
Really ? See, if that was true, you wouldn't have killed for him.
Look, my job was to run that chick off the road.
That's all.
What are you trying to cover up ? What does Billy have on your gang ? You won't get that from me.
Concerned about her testimony, Hawk ? No.
She knows what's good for her.
I know you're running guns.
Oh ? Won't let up, huh ? You're so hard up to get me on something ? Hey, I didn't pay the license on my rottweiler.
Maybe I'll add that to the list.
Beat it.
Did you recover the round from our vic, Billy Gault ? It was lodged in his scapula.
That doesn't make any sense.
If it entered in his stomach, how did it end up all the way in his shoulder blade ? It entered at a steep initial angle, passed through the stomach, then his heart up to the shoulder blade.
That doesn't make any sense.
That means the shooter would've had to have been in the apartment, - lying on the floor.
- Oh, that would be close proximity.
There's no GSR on his body.
There's no GSR on the floor, either.
What about his clothes ? Lab results were negative, baby.
Then that means, the shot had to have come from below and at a distance.
All right, I'm going to go back to the scene.
Thank you.
Wound tract was front to back at an upwards 75 degree angle.
Means our vic stood on the balcony when he got hit.
No way the shooter was on the sidewalk.
There's too many witnesses.
Maybe he wasn't leaning that far forward.
Let's check out those columns.
So the shooter used these columns for concealment.
But you can't even see the building from here.
Shooter'd have to be out here in the open.
Would you give a lady a boost, kind sir ? Sure.
I've got flakes and scrapes.
Something came in contact with the column here.
It's positive for GSR.
The gun rested on this corner.
Will you get me down ? Okay.
Still doesn't explain how the suspect could stand here and hit the target.
You know what ? I think he used a CS.
A what ? In Billy Gault's notes, he said that the Crypt Kings were dealing a large number of CS's.
In this case I think "CS" means Corner Shot.
What is it ? It's a high-tech restricted weapon.
The Israelis were working on a prototype.
I didn't even realize they'd perfected it.
So, it's a a gun that shoots around corners ? It's actually housing for a pistol.
The pistol goes inside, the housing pivots, it allows the shooter to aim around the corner.
It's a great way to hide from plain sight.
- Perfect for urban warfare.
- Yep.
But fruit can hold DNA.
A little brown.
Recently eaten.
Worth a try.
Jake, I know about the corner shots.
And it has come to my attention that you and Billy had a problem.
So you've been speaking to the Bureau execs.
Okay, we weren't the best of friends.
The guy wanted to be the case ace.
- Be the hero.
- It's deeper than that Jake.
He didn't trust you.
Hey, in our world, - you can't trust anyone.
- I would agree.
All right Billy told me that he backed up everything that he turned in to the Bureau.
Photos, notes, everything.
It's on a disk or something.
Maybe the answer's there.
Yeah let's hope so.
What did DNA say ? They couldn't extract enough genetic material from the apple for a profile.
Can you can get prints off a piece of fruit ? It's not in my research books.
Well, you got to keep up on the journals, too.
Skin of some fruits and vegetables are actually a great surface to lift prints from.
So the smoother the skin, the longer the shelf life.
Is there any kind of special technique for it ? Yep, magnetic powder.
Provides the best contrast.
The dead agent's wife ? Grieving widow.
I didn't kill my husband.
But you admit you were there.
I used to go by his place a couple times a week.
When I saw him I felt better knowing he was safe.
How come you didn't tell us about your criminal record, Suzanne ? the breaking and entering ? It was last year, when Ken first got the assignment.
I thought he was cheating on me.
I wanted to catch him in the act and I got a little irrational.
And he denied it, of course.
Said it was all "part of the job.
" So, were you acting irrational today ? You're a cop.
You ever date someone undercover ? At first, you think it's a little exciting.
Kind of like you're living in a movie.
Then after about a hundred dinners alone, it starts to sink in that this man I've met and married, he's gotten so used to living the movie that, suddenly I'm not real.
Nothing normal is.
I'm really sorry.
I was archiving these files from the wife's flash drive.
One of these photos isn't like the rest.
Check it out.
That looks like Mrs.
Gault may have been right about her husband.
Look at the size of that file : 5.
6 megabytes.
The rest of the photos on this flash drive are all low-resolution.
Only 500 K a piece.
This photo's ten times that size, isn't it ? And if I'm right, the pixels of another photo are fused into the data of this one.
It's called Steganography.
Terrorists use it to communicate worldwide.
Okay, so it's encrypted information.
Can you separate it ? Oh, I think so.
Well, there's our boy, Hawk Reed.
Bring up one of those crates, please.
So they're offloading guns at Bayfront Port.
A couple hundred of these Corner Shots here.
About 9,000 apiece.
Worth two million dollars purchased from the Crypt Kings for sale to whom, Mr.
Andrews ? I purchased them for my friends.
- They like to hunt.
- These weapons are restricted to law enforcement and military.
Which means they're illegal.
My dealer has a Federal Firearms License.
It's all perfectly legitimate.
You're a war profiteer dealing with an outlaw biker named Hawk, and I want to know where he is.
I don't much care, Lieutenant.
Got the last shipment.
It's all I want.
You're under arrest for suspicion of receiving stolen property.
Put out a broadcast, armed and dangerous, and I want birds in the air.
To Ground Unit, outstanding suspect identified as Hawk Reed.
Male, white, 35.
Considered armed and dangerous.
Last seen driving a Florida plate : 455-140.
Heard you ran into Seth Andrews at the port.
What's going on ? Well, since you drove all the way over here, Rick, why don't you tell me.
Well, he's a Miami heavyweight.
law firm in his back pocket.
Are you sitting in that same back pocket ? No.
I'm just saying he's a guy you might want to leave alone.
He's tied to this motorcycle gang, Rick.
Gun runners, we've seen that before.
These are tactical weapons.
On the streets of Miami ? Give me a break.
My guess is that he's re-selling them to someone in the Middle East.
Now, here's my question to you, are you going to help me or not ? I'll start with ATF, see what they know.
ATF is too low on the food chain, Rick.
Start higher, these are weapons are for warfare.
I'll get into it.
Oh, good.
Keep them there.
Lieutenant Caine.
Well, well, guns and money.
Check the rest, Eric, please.
Hey, you got no probable cause.
Yo, man, that's an illegal search, right there.
Not if it's in plain sight, If I need a jailhouse lawyer, I'll let you know.
And while you're at it, impound those bikes.
Check out the one we got from Hawk's bike.
Oh, yeah, what is this ? Some sort of residue from the column across the street from the vic's apartment.
Tile or grout.
Okay, so it places this Corner Shot at the scene.
Now, what about the Glock that was in the housing ? I checked out Automated Firearms there's no record, so I'm going to run it through DOJ.
Glock, semi-automatic, nine mil.
It's registered to ATF.
Special Agent Jake Berkeley ? Could I have a minute ? Yeah, okay, I'll step out.
The murder of Billy Gault is tied to you, Jake.
What are you talking about ? We found a nine mil Glock registered to you in the Corner Shot that killed him.
The bikers deal with Corner Shot systems.
Doesn't mean I've handled it.
What about the Glock mounted to it ? It's a standard issue firearm, Calleigh.
I know that.
Well, there must be some kind of mix-up with your your records.
All right, well, then let's make it easy : give me your Bureau gun, I'll do a comparison.
It's not that easy.
My gun is missing.
You know what, Jake, in my line of work, we call that convenient.
Are you familiar with motive in your line of work ? What would mine be ? For killing Gault, my partner.
Horatio told me what kind of partners you were.
This isn't about you and me, is it ? I've got one dead ATF agent, and you're missing your standard-issue firearm.
Trust me, Jake.
This time, It's all about you.
Hey, Ryan said you might have a break.
I recovered gunpowder from the live rounds in Jake Berkeley's gun.
Take a look.
The grains are round.
Now, here's a swab from the ejection port we recovered from Hawk's Corner Shot.
Those are diamond-shaped.
It's different ammunition.
This gunpowder's from a separate weapon.
Jake wasn't the shooter.
No, someone slid the gun into the housing after the shooting.
So, basically, he was set up.
So, Hawk, we looked into the weapons that you sold to Seth Andrews at Bayfront Port.
Yeah ? And what did the country club ingrate Seth have to say ? He took the deal and rolled over.
Then Lieutenant Caine here called a contact in D.
with the feds.
Your gang was making a buck off stolen Israeli weapons.
Then Seth Andrews was reselling them to the Palestinian Army, Hawk.
- They're a world away, brother.
- Not quite.
Heard of the Patriot Act ? Makes you a terrorist on American soil.
You can't drop that on me.
We already have, Hawk.
Wait, wait, wait.
I want to make a deal.
You want to admit to shooting Billy Gault ? But I didn't do that.
But you did have your girlfriend run my CSI off the road.
You knew we had all the evidence on your gun running.
I couldn't afford to let that out.
So, yeah, I'll take a fall for it.
I'll sign a confession.
And it will be too late.
Take him.
What have you got ? The trigger guard there looks like there's some kind of transfer on it.
It's oily, like packing grease, maybe.
Could be from the real shooter.
Let's have Eric take a look at it.
You brought me out here for some window shopping ? Not quite.
Could use a hand.
Trace found on the Corner Shot was motor oil.
Viscosity says it's from a motorcycle.
Here you go.
Glove up.
So we have to collect oil samples from all of these.
That's right.
Problem, Coop ? No, no, no problem.
You don't know where the oil cap is, do you ? It's just more of a four-wheel type guy.
I got you.
Step out.
Watch and learn.
The oil cap.
You got it ? Got it.
You sure these are different enough to register with the mass spec ? Yeah.
Detergents and additives, they vary from brand to brand.
Okay, so what if some of these guys use the same brand ? Then we rely on the bikes.
When engine parts rub together, they slough off particles of iron and zinc.
- And every bike is different.
- That's right.
Custom bike leaves us with custom motor oil.
Now, the ICP mass spec, it's like a microscopic metal detector.
It'll tell us if our samples match.
We've got a match.
V- Ray Groves.
So much for brotherhood.
We found the motor oil from your Harley on the trigger of the murder weapon.
You killed Billy Gault and framed one of your brothers.
No, I brought Billy in.
I vouched for him.
If Hawk had found out he was a cop, I'd be dead.
How'd you make him for a cop ? This broad, always hanging out around his pad.
She'd hide every time he left.
I found a way to run her plates.
Got an address.
She was his old lady.
And in that neighborhood man, he was definitely a cop.
Survival of the fittest.
So you used your gang's bikes to drown out the sound of the gunshot.
Well, congratulations.
Job well done.
He's dead, she's a widow.
He looked me in the eye for two years, said he'd always have my back.
You say that to a Crypt King you better mean it.
You got him.
We did.
I keep wondering, you know wondering if I could've done something to change what happened to him.
Your husband made a choice.
There was nothing you could have done.
I'm mad at him.
But I'm proud of him.
You should be.
Takes a very special human being to be able to do that kind of a job.
Thanks, man.
I heard you've been reassigned, Jake.
Yeah, one too many visits with you guys.
It's bad for business.
So is becoming one of them, Jake.
Hey, I'm a lot of things, but outlaw biker isn't one of them.
I looked into Billy's files, and it turns out that you crossed the line.
Bikes and booze.
It's part of the game a UC has to play.
What about the drugs ? Listen, you got a gun to your ear and some amped-up biker saying you're a cop, you do what you have to do.
Yes, but Billy didn't play it that way, did he, Jake ? Billy played it clean.
Yeah, and he got himself killed.
Sometimes it's safer to be on the dark side.
I want you to listen to me.
I had a brother who worked undercover, just like you.
And he crossed to the dark side and never came back, Jake.
He never came back.
Well, that won't happen to me.
Let's hope so, son.
Let's hope so.