CSI: Miami s05e03 Episode Script

Death Pool 100

- You want some champagne ? - I'd love some champagne, but I didn't see any at the bar.
This must be your first Mr.
Ice party.
It wouldn't be at the bar.
What ? Beautiful day, and the only way to stay cool is - How you doin', mama ? - plenty of ice.
- Hey.
There she is.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Want to get a room ? Hello ? I don't even know your name.
I know yours.
Who doesn't ? Yeah, I made her the baby version of the bling.
You know.
That reminds me.
I think we're gonna have to change that up.
A little more diamonds.
- OMG.
- You could use a glass, but, uh No way.
Hey, Mr.
Ice, you're the man.
Everybody ! Everybody give me all the stuff right now.
Give me your jewelry ! Take off your jewelry ! I said give me all your stuff ! Take off your jewelry ! This is not a game ! Take it off ! Now ! Wow ! Dakota Hudson.
Give me all your jewelry ! Give me the rocks.
Get'em right now.
Take everything off right now.
You are moving too slow.
we got to get out of here ! Move, let's go.
Come on ! Let's move ! Oh, my God ! Ethan ! Somebody help me ! He's been shot ! We have an armed robbery in progress.
Shots fired.
Possible homicide.
Party was held by one Mr.
The real name is Bernard Hegland.
- They call him "Jeweler to the A-list.
" - Dispatch said two gunmen, Frank.
One fatality gunshot wound.
Ethan Parker.
Family goes back in Florida five generations.
The family history ends here.
Unsubstantiated witness said that one of the guys dropped a nylon mask.
What do we got ? Oh, my God, it's Dakota.
Look ! It's Dakota.
We got a second fatality, Frank.
These bums get away with diamond trinkets.
But they're not going to get away with murder.
You want me to put a dollar value on it ? You put a dollar value on your kids ? I handcrafted every piece of jewelry my clients were wearing.
Okay, ballpark.
Under or over a million ? You're clowning, right ? Try $30 million.
fancied-up keychains ? You got to understand quality, shape, heft, clarity.
Nobody hits the red carpet without my stuff.
Well, I can think of two people that won't make that appearance.
I need a detailed description of the jewelry your clients were wearing.
I'll give you the sales list, not the designs.
Those are trademarked.
Okay, fine, Edison, but I need'em by yesterday.
You get a list of stolen merchandise, Frank ? Ice is compiling it.
Should help us track down our thieves.
We hit the pawnshops and the metal exchanges.
We do it right now.
Yeah, before they unload it and disappear in the Bahamas.
Keep me posted.
Gunshot to the chest.
Still wearing his bling.
Well, he didn't want to give up his jewelry, so he gave up his life.
- Help me out, Ryan, please ? - Yeah, sure.
What was Dakota Hudson famous for, anyway ? Lip-syncing, club openings, red carpet events.
She was in the video for that Australian band that was from England.
Oh, basically, she had no talent.
I guess she had talent for being a star.
- Doesn't make sense.
- Tell me about it.
No, she has a a gunshot wound on her chest.
Tommy Lee wanna be over there said she gave up her jewelry.
Means they had no reason for killing her.
Or they had a reason we didn't know about.
Hey ! Hey ! Put that down.
Hey, look I think I found something big.
Do me a favor.
Put it down.
Somebody said that the robbers were wearing nylon masks.
You're going to contaminate our only DNA link to the guys.
Please put it down.
I photo'd it and measured it.
I learn from my mistakes.
Let's see who you are, Mr.
Masked Man.
Rodrigo Garza.
You're even scary without the mask.
I shoot nobody at no Ice party, man.
We can put you at the scene, Rodrigo.
Turns out the mask was more valuable to us than it was to you.
Stick out your hands.
What's-what's that blue mean ? That means that you shot Ethan Parker, Rodrigo.
Well, I don't I didn't know his name, all right ? All I know is I told him to come up off his stuff, he refused, he tried to get away, so, yo.
Now ! Hey.
What about the Hudson girl Dakota ? My boy had that side of the party locked down.
What's your buddy's name ? I get some kind of deal ? Not in this lifetime, Rodrigo.
Well, I ain't talking, papa.
I beg to differ.
COD is percussive injury to Dakota's heart.
Pulverized it.
Wound tract has macerated.
Do you need some leverage getting that out ? I shouldn't.
It's not that deep.
It only penetrated a couple of inches.
It's just caught on something.
Well, I'll say - it mushroomed.
- That's odd.
Penetration was shallow.
It shouldn't have mushroomed.
It had to have hit something before it hit her.
May is see it ? There's no trace of anything else on the bullet.
You know, it's almost like one of my test-fires in the tank.
The hollow points always mushroom.
'Cause water's denser than air.
It slows down the projectile.
So if the bullet was fired outside of the water, it never would have mushroomed like this.
- You know what that means.
- Dakota's shooter was in the pool.
Thank you, Alexx.
Got a casing.
All the thieves used nines to steal the jewelry This one's different.
It's a.
Confirms there was a third shooter.
It's starting to look like Dakota's shooting didn't have anything to do with the robbery.
Yeah, well, you can check that on IBIS, right ? Firing pin impression is as unique as a gun barrel.
- Yes ? - Miami-Dade PD.
Is your husband home, ma'am ? Kevin Iverson.
What has he done this time ? My gun was used to kill someone ? Yeah.
Any chance you were holding it at the time ? No.
My gun was stolen a couple months ago.
You file a police report ? Yes.
I can find you a copy of it.
That's okay.
I'll call and check on it.
Kevin Iverson.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Hey, Frank, take a look at this.
- What is it ? - This is a death pool list.
Hover Gambling.
It's totally legal, Lieutenant.
Called our family lawyer to make sure.
What in the Sam Hill do you gamble on ? He is gambling on human lives.
It's a death pool.
I bet on when famous people are going to die.
Henry Kissinger, Abe Vigoda, Artie Lange, Don Ho ? You mean you make picks like a horse race.
Pot's better.
Mine's 100K.
His story checks out.
He reported the gun stolen three months ago.
Told you so.
You made $100,000 when someone shot Dakota Hudson.
I didn't kill her but it did put my total at 157.
Closest person to me in the pool was at 149.
On the last day of the pool.
- Couldn't believe my luck.
- Neither can we, Mr.
Did a little digging on Hover Gambling.
It's a 50 million dollar a-year business.
All the payments are made in person on the ship.
They get around Florida's ban on gambling by anchoring their ship offshore.
Yeah, three miles offshore.
Behind that line, gambling is 100% legit.
And beyond our jurisdiction.
And that's their ship.
"The FortuneMaker.
" You got to wonder what else they're betting on for 50 million.
Who gets the big paycheck over at Hover Gambling ? His identity is a well-kept secret, Frank.
- I say we bust on the boat and ask.
- We can't board the vessel.
They haven't broken a law.
Wouldn't hurt to have a look-see.
It's already in motion.
Are you serious ? A death pool party ? Well, it's the same old group, just a new death pool, and it turns out Iverson wasn't the only person to pick Dakota Hudson.
This is the list H got at Iverson's.
Lamar picked Dakota.
She also had motive.
Okay, so these people bet at sea and then they meet on shore ? Most of them to research their picks, to handicap, it's a social thing.
- You think Lamar will be there ? - I don't know, but it's worth a shot.
Okay, okay, let's get started.
Take your seat please.
Thank you.
For you new people, you get to pick seven names for your death list.
List goes six months from midnight tonight.
Each pick begins at 100 points.
If your guy is 80 years old when he dies, you subtract his age, You get 20 points for that pick.
You're going to make your picks and your points in long shots.
Floor's open.
I'll start, let me start, let me start.
You guys know Alina Barranco, the opera singer ? Friend at the Manhattan ER says she has lung cancer.
Lung cancer ? Good.
- That and her weight she's a sure thing.
- Yeah, in six months, though ? I've got relatives who've hung in for years with lung cancer.
Then don't pick her.
More for me when I win.
Yeah, okay, listen.
The groundskeeper at the university said Spencer Mason got sacked so bad at practice, he may have to quit the team.
Concussion or just a contusion ? All right, I heard Michael Ware let his fall show tank because he's back on heroin.
Is he mainlining or just smoking ? The needle.
He won't last two months.
Oh, hey, I heard Dakota Hudson sustained a gunshot wound to the torso this morning.
You can't pick her.
She's dead.
Yeah, we know that.
She was my long shot last time.
So you must be Lamar.
Rebecca Lamar.
You're going to need to come with us.
Mommy ? I'm going to need to bring my son.
Won't be a problem.
Do you know Kevin Iverson ? Yeah, he's a death pooler.
I know him from the parties.
Is there any chance you borrowed his gun ? He told us his gun was stolen.
We're looking into the stolen gun report.
However, you and Kevin were the only ones who stood to benefit from Dakota's death.
Wait, you think - I didn't shoot anyone.
- She was young, healthy, 25 years old, that's worth 75 points.
Too healthy for a death pooler.
I traded her a month ago when she checked herself into rehab.
To whom ? To Todd 321.
Was Todd 321 at the death pool party ? No.
He's paranoid.
He thinks we're all going to steal his picks.
Will you write down any information - you may have about him ? - Sure.
Do you know when my mom will be finished ? It shouldn't take that much longer.
- What's your name ? - Tyler.
That's a cool name.
Is my mom in trouble for not paying bills again ? Partner, right now, we're just asking her some questions, but here's what I want you to do.
If you need my help, anything at all, I want you to call that number, okay, and I'll be there.
Okay, thanks.
I'm gonna keep this.
- You ready, Tyler ? - Yes, Mom.
Ma'am, your son is very concerned about you.
I love him very much.
Come on, let's go.
See you, Tyler.
Can we ride water bikes ? We'll see.
Let's not miss the bus.
What do you think ? She checks out.
She gave us information on a Todd.
She traded him Dakota Hudson in the death pool.
Here's the address.
She's all yours.
Take care of her.
- Hey, Todd.
- Too late, I just sold it.
Todd Baransky ? I guess you're not making enough on the death pool, huh, Todd ? Oh, man, I should have stuck to weather.
Weather ? - You mean rain, sleet ? - Yeah.
I was on a roll, man.
I called four flash storms in a row.
Highest recorded temperature of September.
Lowest humidity in the panhandle.
Okay ? Then my luck changed a little.
Till you found a winner with Dakota Hudson, right ? Dakota was shot this morning.
No, I ended up eight points short.
Yes, to Kevin Iverson; we know about it.
Man, I needed that win.
That's why I sold my car back payment.
Yes, to Hover Gambling.
I got a little behind, big deal.
Guy sprained my wrist ! He threw my head up against the wall ! I spent the night in the hospital ! I didn't get out till after lunch today ! How long have you been gambling with Hover ? Three years.
One by one, I've seen it all go, man.
The dental practice, house, car.
Todd, let us help you.
How ? Offshore betting is legal.
Yes, but assault and battery aren't.
His name is Shin.
I don't know if it's a first or last name, but he hangs out at the bar at the National.
That's a good start.
Shin ? Should I know you ? You do now.
Last night, you beat somebody over a gambling debt.
His name is Todd Baransky.
Does that ring a bell ? He fell, I helped him up.
How many times ? Stand up.
- Knuckle duster.
- Mr.
Shin, if I find Todd Baransky's DNA on that, you're going to prison for ten years.
The Tekko is for protection.
I do promotions for Hover Gambling.
Promotions ? We give incentives to hotels and restaurants to encourage tourists to visit our gambling ships.
In Texas, we call that a bribe.
Look at that.
Well, there you go.
Is that for promotions, Mr.
Shin ? Gotta spend money to make money.
Probably print it in your cousin's garage.
However, I hate to say this, but this looks perfect.
Maybe too perfect.
Hook him up, Frank.
Thank you, Mr.
I'll make bail in an hour.
I believe you have a phone number I need.
We need to call the Treasury.
You think these bills are authentic ? I think so.
Paper is three-quarters cotton, one-quarter linen.
There's watermark, color-shifting ink, and security strips.
Right on all counts.
They're even made by an Intaglio press, but But what ? - They're counterfeit.
- I don't understand.
I thought that Intaglio presses were only available to governments.
They are, which tells me, Calleigh, this is a supernote.
Good enough to undermine an entire economy.
What makes it a supernote ? The ink on a supernote lies flat on the currency while on a genuine note, the ink is slightly raised.
The plates they use for a supernote leave a slightly sharper edge than on the genuine one.
It's especially obvious on the hands of the clock tower.
Can you see that ? I guess.
I don't know.
I think I just can't see it.
All right, the easiest way is if you compare bills.
- I only have 20s.
- You got a hundred on you ? Yeah, I brought one just in case.
Okay, so Calleigh, this is a supernote, too.
What ? The hands on the clock are pristine.
Really ? Either their fake currency has already been introduced into the local economy, or you're betting with Hover Gambling.
I'm going to have to seize this.
Of course.
Yeah, excuse me.
I'm going to need to find Horatio.
You remember that iPod I picked up for your niece ? Oh, yeah.
When I was doing my extended shifts last week.
I meant to thank you for that.
Then hundred dollar bill you paid me back with, it was counterfeit.
What ? Not only is it counterfeit, it's a supernote.
Peter Elliot has it and he's sending it to his bosses in Washington.
You play the death pool ? Yeah, once.
I should have known, the way you talked about it, your familiarity with the handicap system.
I gave some money to my friend, he placed a bet.
It was Lou Rawls on January six, and I don't know, it was a total fluke it paid out.
Do you realize what you've done ? Let's see, it's off-shore, so it's legal.
The payouts aren't.
- Hover Gambling is dirty.
- All right, you know what ? - I'll deal with Peter myself.
- No ! It's done.
You know what ? I don't need you to take the heat for me on this.
If this goes any deeper into this lab, there's going to be a full-blown investigation, we will lose our accreditation.
The buck stops with me.
You got it ? Yeah, I got it.
Attention, FortuneMaker, prepare to be boarded.
Miami-Dade Police Department.
You've got quite an operation here.
I'm just providing a first-class venue for people to do what they're going to do anyway.
Gambling is America's new pastime.
You must be thrilled about that.
I'd like to take a look around.
I'll give you a personal tour.
This is our main hall.
It's not just about gambling.
It's about entertaining.
Not only do we have no-limit wages, but our service is no-limit.
And gambling is truly a victimless crime.
Dakota Hudson's family may feel differently, Mr.
- Death is the ultimate gamble.
- Yes, but in this case, no matter who dies, the house wins, doesn't it ? We don't control the names on the death pool.
- We're only responsible for the payout.
- Okay Your payouts are counterfeit, and you're making the bills aboard this ship.
Those fake hundreds have diesel fuel on them.
My lab confirmed it.
You're out of your jurisdiction.
But you know this.
I don't have to show you anything.
Then I'm here as a guest.
Hey, Frank.
Have you had any leads on the second thief's name ? - Oh, sorry.
- Zip.
Any leads on the jewelry ? Pawn shops, estate sales.
You know, if the second guy unloaded the jewelry You know what ? I'm talking to a diamond broker.
No ? All right, thanks for your trouble.
Jewels aren't being fenced anywhere, at least locally.
It doesn't make any sense to me a guy would drive a trunk-load full of jewelry outside of Miami and risk getting arrested by a Statie.
This is got What did I miss ? Take a look at Dakota's earlobe, the inflammation.
Witnesses said the thief ripped out her earrings.
I don't think that's what caused this red, swollen area.
I think it's infected.
You know, I had this same problem back in college.
From what ? Cheap jewelry.
That Ethan's jewelry ? It's the only jewelry we collected,'cause this is the only one who wouldn't give it up.
Chain, watch, cell phone, all valued at a quarter million dollars.
All right.
Testing mineral fracture toughness ? How many mega-pascals do you want to start with ? diamond's ten on the Mohs'scale.
You want to try seven ? Sure.
Busted at seven.
It's glass.
Well, lookie there.
It's no wonder nobody's hocking Mr.
Ice's wares.
They're fake.
Well, I'm going to get Ryan and pay Mr.
Ice a visit.
Miami-Dade PD ! Don't move ! Don't move ! - Don't move ! - Let me see the hands.
Let me see the hands.
Don't move ! Pretty creative way to destroy evidence.
Did you know that you need a permit to use a woodchipper near the water ? You arresting me for that ? No, grand theft and fraud.
A lot of rich people are going to want to see you in prison.
I didn't start out using glass stones.
I just realized I could make bigger money using fakes.
You had to figure someone was going to find out eventually.
A secret like that can't last forever.
I decided to throw a party, invite all my customers.
I knew they'd wear my jewelry.
Right and you got this thug and his little pal Garza to show up, take all the jewelry ? You figured the rich people would file insurance claims.
They'd get their money back.
I remain "Jeweler to the A-list.
" Go back to using real bling.
So then why'd your guys kill Ethan Parker ? That was them, not me.
- Liar ! - Hey, hey ! - All I wanted was a simple heist.
- Hey, man, he told me and Garza to cap that kid.
Just Garza got to him first.
- He's fronting.
- Put him in the car ! What if I told you that your little rich kid client, Ethan, figured out that the jewelry you sold him was fake ? These aren't real diamonds.
You're a fraud.
- Who else knows besides you ? - No one yet, but I've got a big mouth.
- You'd better shut up.
- I don't think you can make me shut up.
I do.
So you had him killed.
Get him to MDPD.
You're both going down.
Excuse me.
That stain on your hand ? You know, Lieutenant, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Don't bother, Mr.
I got what I came for.
Lieutenant Caine.
You're poking around my jurisdiction now ? I guess that means that you're investigating Hover Gambling, as well, Agent Cole.
We're keeping a close watch on The FortuneMaker.
Are you aware that they're manufacturing bogus currency aboard that ship ? I just met a man, Agent Cole, that had a very curious ink stain on his hands.
That could get you a warrant if you chose.
We know all about the supernotes.
You know about the notes ? Lee Choi works for the North Korean government.
Of course, he does.
That's how he got the press.
But we don't want to arrest him for the money.
Who are you planning to arrest ? We are trying to get to their top government officials for that and more.
Selling missile technology, illegal weapons sales to our enemies.
Phony currency could collapse the economy of Miami, Agent Cole.
- We're not going to let it get that bad.
- Neither do I.
Hey, Cooper ? I thought you were working the Ice party case with us.
I am.
Just showing a little initiative.
Oh, fantastic.
What have you got ? We know for certain that Dakota Hudson was shot with Kevin Iverson's gun, right ? Yeah, Tripp just found it three blocks from the crime scene.
That might explain this.
I pulled that case file.
Turns out the detective on the burglary saved the 911 tape.
- I'm listening.
- Good.
Listen to this.
- What is your emergency ? - Someone broke into my house.
They took my TV and gun.
Yeah, that is odd.
As Tripp would say, it's hinky.
I can him missing his television right away, but his gun ? He's lying.
I'm going to take a look at that gun.
I'm going to give you credit.
Thank you.
When cops find the murder weapon three blocks from the crime scene, they want results.
You know, Frank, it is not going to help the case if I do a sloppy job.
Well, I mean how hard is it ? Just test fire Iverson's gun and compare the rounds.
I am getting into it.
Hey, you know what ? I think there's some fabric caught in the slide.
Let me see.
Iverson's wife's a fan.
You know, your knowledge of the fashion world, it's-it's impressive.
Do you have something you want to tell me ? What ? It's my ex-wife's favorite designer.
She put me in hock with that stuff.
If that's your story.
So tell me how fast you can get Mrs.
Iverson here.
The gun dealer ID'd your photo.
You bought your husband's gun back.
His father gave it to him.
He loved that gun.
You went to the Ice party to shoot Dakota.
It was the last day of the death pool, and I guess you figured with her stint in rehab, it'd be an easy opportunity to put one in the win column for your husband.
Can you prove that ? Yes.
We're executing a search warrant on your house as we speak to look for this.
It's a match of the Agostina dress you were wearing.
It caught in the gun slide as you shot Dakota.
There's gotta be hundreds of dresses - that look like that.
- No, you were the only one with the gun and the dress.
Katrina, we got you.
Kevin Kevin finally got his big win so we could start fresh.
All I want is a fresh start.
I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is Horatio Caine.
I'm sorry, I can't Tyler ? Tyler ! Tyler, where are you ? Tyler ? Rebecca.
Rebecca, where's Tyler ? You were supposed to bring him.
- He's with a babysitter.
- He's not with a babysitter.
Where is he ? - He's fine.
- Rebecca, where is he ? I owed some money, and I used him as collateral.
- So you sold him.
- No, they're just holding on to him.
I'm going to win him back.
Who did you sell him to ? A pony-tailed guy who works for Mr.
You make me sick.
Agent Cole.
Horatio Caine.
I'm looking for your phone taps on the gambling ship, a specific number.
- Give it to me.
- Right.
The number is I'm checking.
They called that number from the ship's office a half-hour ago.
Who's number is it ? It's mine.
FortuneMaker, this is the US Coast Guard.
Prepare to be boarded.
Where's my mom ? You shut up.
Choi ? That'll be enough.
I'm closing you down.
You have no right to do this.
Everything on this ship is legal.
Everything but the boy.
Now stand up, turn around and put your hands on your head right now.
Do it.
- Gentlemen.
- US Coast Guard.
You're under arrest for false imprisonment and kidnapping of a minor.
You okay, son ? I knew you'd find me.
I wasn't going to leave you, Tyler.
Come on.
We found over a million dollars in supernotes, so far.
Printing press is gone.
Don't worry, Agent Cole, it's going to turn up.
Just so it's not in Miami, right ? Not if they're smart.
Agent Cole ? Take care.
Tyler ? I love you, baby.
Mommy ? People gambling their lives away and getting paid in fake hundreds.
Yeah, well, I hope we never see them again.
Yeah, well, me, too.
So, just how good were those bills ? More real than you can imagine.
I guess somebody will always think it's easy to make a hundred.
But we we know different, don't we ?