CSI: Miami s05e04 Episode Script

If Looks Could Kill

Oh, my God, it's Jimmy ! I thought you said he was in St.
I thought he was.
Go now ! He'll kill you, I swear.
Tina, I know you're in there ! Oh, God ! - Jimmy, it's not what it looks like.
- Shut up ! Whoa ! Whoa, man ! Please.
- She said she was single.
- Liar, liar ! He's lying ! Come on ! Come on ! You sleep with my wife in my house ! Did you get an ID, Alexx ? No, I pulled him from under that boat, Horatio.
Extensive propeller damage.
It took part of his leg.
What about you, Frank, you get anything ? Witnesses don't know who he is either.
They seem reliable, Frank ? Maybe for now.
Alexx ? We won't be able to fingerprint him.
Hands and fingers are pruned.
The injuries from the boat appear to be postmortem.
I think he was dead before he met that propeller.
That means somebody dumped him.
Poor guy.
Just thrown away like garbage.
Who would do that ? Somebody who has no regard for life.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for the morgue.
Uh, what's the name of the deceased ? Actually, I'm here to apply for a job.
Oh, you're looking for Human Resources.
- All right, uh, look - Nick ? Natalia.
Oh, I was hoping I'd run into you.
You two know each other ? Yeah.
Uh, could you just, could you just give us a sec ? - Please ? - Yeah.
I don't know how the hell you got out of jail.
Early release.
- You were my first stop.
- But they're supposed to tell me.
I guess your little group doesn't know everything.
I want you I want you out of here.
Look, Nat, I am just I'm just here to get a job.
Ad online for body-hauler.
I still have a restraining order and I can have you put right back in.
I checked.
You are not going to do this to me.
You're not going to do this to me.
Get out of here ! Who was that guy ? My husband.
My ex-husband.
I better go talk to Human Resources to make sure they don't hire him.
This the vic from the marina ? Still trying to get ID.
So far no luck.
All I know is baby boy met a terrible end.
Does he look familiar to you ? No.
Should he ? I don't know.
I just feel like I've seen him somewhere before.
I heard that the boat didn't kill him.
- You know what did ? - A different kind of vehicle.
Massive head trauma, leg and arm fractures, all at different levels.
He was hit by a car.
And that explains all of the bruising on his torso.
His heart continued to beat after his brain activity ceased.
Must have been a brutal impact.
How do you suppose he ended up in the water ? No idea, but maybe this will tell us.
What is it ? Looks like plastic.
Or some kind of electrical component.
I'll take it Trace, see what we come up with.
All yours.
I heard you found something in our vic's leg.
- Any idea what ? - Seems to be some sort of electrical device which happens to be covered in ethylene glycol, - aka auto coolant.
- So it's part of the air-conditioning.
Yeah, I'm thinking maybe the automotive thermometer.
All right.
Luckily, we have a database.
If we can't ID the victim, at least we can ID the car.
Bob Norwood, Miami-Dade PD.
Easy, girl.
Can I help you ? Is this the car you towed in this morning ? Like I said on the phone, I picked her up before dawn.
- Who called it in ? - Nobody.
She's a dead head.
abandoned car.
Find her, she's yours.
Have a look, Eric.
Is there a problem ? Yes, it may have been used in a felony hit-and-run.
- Definitely.
There's a piece of skin here.
It looks like it's from a scalp.
It's a shock to me.
We got some kind of substance on the driver-side door.
I'll get it to the lab.
And then there's this.
I'll bag it and get it to Trace.
You never contacted the registered owner.
Matter of fact, I was just about to.
Car's leased to a Jason Hollings, a company called J.
- Where'd you pick it up ? - 1400 block of Lincoln.
Thank you very much.
All right, I'll head over to Lincoln.
That could be our primary crime scene.
And I will take a look at Mr.
So, Mr.
Hollings, you drive a black Mercedes convertible.
Sure do.
It's a bad ride.
- My agency leases it for me.
- J.
Models ? Exactly.
I'm a model.
What, you don't recognize me ? Afraid not.
Eh, you will.
I'm about to bust out.
I could be Cole Haus's newest face.
Speaking of new faces, Frank, why don't you show him that one ? - That's Steve.
- Steve who ? Dixon.
Both repped by J.
What happened to him ? He was hit by a car, Mr.
Hollings, and is currently dead.
- No way.
- Way ? And your car did the damage.
We also found a red sticky substance on the driver's side door.
Energy drink mixed with an over-the-counter steroid.
Yeah, that was Steve's thing.
He was a'roid head.
He must have spilled it in my car, man.
I gave my car to Steve last night.
So you were with Steve last night.
Yeah, a photo shoot.
Said he wanted to see his lady after.
Didn't have transpo, let him use mine.
Give us the name of his girlfriend.
Well, I do that, I could lose my job.
You don't, and you're going to lose everything.
Do you recognize this man, Miss Biggs ? Oh, my God, it's Steve.
I just can't believe this.
I understand that there was a relationship.
Business relationship.
We found these in a car that was leased to one of your clients Jason Hollings.
Jason's car ? Jason loaned Steve his car to come and see you.
That's crazy.
Okay, well, in that case, we're going to need a DNA sample from you.
Okay, fine.
They're mine.
But not from last night.
I've been seeing Steve for months.
But please, please, don't tell my partner.
- She'll kill me.
- Why would she do that ? Janet and I have a rule.
No getting involved with the talent.
And you, uh you broke that rule.
I've been sleeping with Steve.
Promise me you won't tell Janet.
Ma'am, this is a homicide investigation.
We also found trace of a performance-enhancing hormone - in the car.
- Was the victim on steroids ? Absolutely not.
Steve was allergic.
Steroids would have killed him.
Was there any reason Jason would want Steve dead ? They're models.
They all want to kill each other.
This is where the car was towed from, right here.
All right, we just we need the point of impact.
I've got tire marks.
Possibly brake marks ? They're darker at the inception.
Whent the rubber sloughs off, means the driver was accelerating.
Whoever was driving that car definitely wanted Dixon dead.
Steve carry a cell phone ? He's a model.
He probably lived on one.
Camera phone.
Well, well.
- Look who's out of the lab.
- What the hell are you doing here, Nick ? Bought myself a scanner.
- Keep up on all - It's stalking.
I'm just looking for work in the private sector.
You barred me from County.
You went to prison for breaking my arm.
A man can change.
Not you, Nick.
Come on, Nat, let's just hug it out.
Stay away from me.
Just stay away from me ! Check the perimeter for debris.
You're inside a crime scene.
You need to leave.
Oh, I get it.
She slept with you.
Am I right ? - You and about a hundred other guys.
- Get the hell out of here.
She got something from you, didn't she ? That's her style.
Tit for tat.
You got about two seconds.
You want my advice ? Run.
Run from this chick.
You got no idea who she is.
I heard you had an unwelcome visitor today.
He's just concerned about you, and quite frankly, so am I.
What's going on ? It's not good.
You want to talk about it ? I'm terrified of him, Calleigh.
And he's capable of anything.
And you know what's even crazier is that my therapist thinks this is some kind of suppressed attraction.
What do you think it is ? I don't know.
I don't know, but I just want to kill him.
I can understand that but you might not want to say it out loud.
That's good advice.
Thank you.
Well, I've come up dry with the Mercedes, I've got no distinguishable prints.
What about you ? Have you got anything ? Matter of fact, I do.
Our victim Steve was carrying this.
And this is a MicroSD memory card.
Powered by a 1.
2 megahertz cell, and it carries 200 high-resolution photos.
Well, I would say that's something.
I'll take this to AV if you don't mind.
I'm going to check on you later, okay ? I appreciate that.
These are the photos I downloaded from the phone.
Well, it definitely belonged to Steve Dixon.
Must have flown out of his hand when he got hit.
It's a freaky thing, but the photo capture button looks like it got jammed.
Maybe he caught our driver.
Or a witness.
That last shot.
Can you get any closer ? As close as you want.
There are no plates.
What's that on the bumper ? Some kind of sticker.
Here, Let me enhance it.
Exotic animals on board.
" What would an animal truck be doing at the scene of a murder ? I'm in the middle of a cattle call, and Abby's not here.
Do you have any idea where she is, Janet ? Personal time.
She's traumatized over the loss of her boyfriend.
So you knew about Abby and Steve Dixon ? It may be called J.
Models, but I am the head of this agency.
I know everything that goes on around here.
Because we're going to need to know everything about Steve Dixon's life.
This photo was taken on the street right before Steve was mowed down.
Any chance that truck was following him ? Bumper sticker says that truck houses exotic animals.
Would a tiger count ? A tiger ? Well, what did Steve Dixon have to do with a tiger ? He was attacked by one on a photo shoot.
Animal Control destroyed the cat.
The trainer took it very hard.
Looks like our trainer just went from witness to accomplice.
That scratch was nothing.
They made me put Veena down.
So you and Dixon had an ax to grind ? Thought you'd put him down ? We have evidence that puts you at the scene of a hit-and-run.
Your truck was in a cell phone picture, taken right before Steven died.
Look, I was following Steve, but not to hurt him.
To prove he wasn't hurt.
I'm not following you.
Dixon sued.
I had to pay 500 grand for a leg injury that didn't exist.
He said he couldn't do runway, - but he was running when I saw him.
- What was he running from ? Some Mercedes.
Why did you leave the scene ? - I didn't want to get involved.
- Well, now you are.
Francis, we have a disconnection.
The location where our victim was hit was not where we recovered his body, was it ? No, it wasn't.
You're right.
Body's got to get from point A to point B.
So how did the body travel ? Calleigh ? Yes.
I need you to go to the beach.
So, we're looking at Biscayne Bay between Bicentennial Park and Coral Gables.
Show me on the map where Steve Dixon's body was found.
Well, that would be Biscayne Harbor.
Bay Tide Marina.
Boat slip number ten.
It's nice real estate.
Well, not if you're Steve Dixon.
Hey, what have you got on current ocean conditions ? Surf is weak.
Today's current's flowing south from Miami River to the Gulf.
So those currents weren't strong enough for Dixon to have drifted into the marina.
So that narrows our drop point to the beach between Biscayne Harbor and the river.
So we just need to find the shortest distance between two points.
Hit-and-run was here.
This happens to be right by Coral Sands Beach.
Really ? Well, that may be all we need to solve Steve Dixon's murder.
Yeah, these are from this morning's beach shoot.
At Bayside, but we're more interested in what happened at Coral Sands Beach.
It seems that in this case there's a reason why they call them proof sheets.
Not bad.
- Yeah, they really feature my face.
- And your feet.
Take your shoes off, please.
What are you going to take off for me ? Take you shoes off, and put your foot on the table.
You cut your foot on the coral when you dumped Steve Dixon's body.
We checked the spot in between where Steve was hit and where the body was recovered.
There was blood on the coral.
We're testing it now.
You know, you said Steve was driving.
I want the truth, Hollings.
Okay Steve and I were going to the shoot.
Yeah, I was at the wheel.
Dude, I think I hit something back there.
You want to check the front ? Yeah.
I'm on it, bro.
It's not fair.
Cover of Ocean Drive- that was mine, but he got it.
The agency stopped sending me out.
The "go sees", the big interviews.
They sent him, because he was sleeping with Abby.
so you fix that.
What the hell, dude ! Dude, watch it ! Then I threw him in the back seat.
So, I'm sorry you killed him for a modeling job ? I was the one.
I had the cheek implants in Mexico.
I did the steroids.
I risked my life for this look.
I think you are going to take a fantastic booking photo.
Judge Chambers.
To what do I owe this honor ? Yeah, um, well, she's a coworker.
I'd really rather not get involved.
All right, I'll be right there.
Listen, uh, I've got a problem.
Horatio, you wanted to talk to me ? Yeah.
Eric has just been over to see Judge Chambers.
- Why ? - It seems that your ex-husband has filed a temporary restraining order on you and has named Eric as a witness.
You know, this this is this is what he does, Horatio.
This is what he does.
He comes in and he wrecks everything.
- I understand.
- No, you don't understand.
He really wants to hurt me and he's just waiting for the chance.
Boa Vista, it's not going to happen this time.
Hey, good news.
Just closed this case.
Calleigh got a confession.
All that's left is to release the body to the family.
Well, guess what, it all begins again.
What do you mean ? I just got a call from Dade PD.
They said they found another dead model.
You are kidding.
Where ? Down by the beach.
I'll fill you in on the way.
What's his name ? ID says Cody Lane.
Modeling is suddenly the most dangerous job in miami.
Think he fell ? Or was pushed.
I vote pushed.
Seems too far from the building.
Yeah, the horizontal distance does appear pretty wide.
I'll call Ryan and we'll get the UV camera - to see if he was pushed or jumped.
- Sorry I'm late.
Do you mind if I just have a word with you for a sec ? Heard you talked to Chambers.
- Thanks a lot.
- Look, I just told him what I saw.
That's exactly what he wanted you to do.
This isn't the time or the place.
So how do we know which balcony ? We go old school.
Which is what ? We knock and talk.
Yeah he was definitely pushed.
Looks like Cody here had a very, very bad day.
What's that, Ryan ? It's an obstruction.
I don't know, it's jewelry ? But it's kind of big to be a ring.
You know, we should check the rest of him just to make sure there's no more bruising.
Looks like Cody didn't have such a bad day after all.
There's, uh there's lipstick.
Little Cody's got a little ring around the collar.
Ran the sample from the current model's private area.
Does it match any woman in the system ? No, but it does match a woman in our investigation.
Turns out your partner's not the only one who was, uh sleeping with the help.
Found your DNA on Cody Lane's body.
Last time I checked, sex was legal.
Means nothing.
What's the matter, baby ? I've just been so stressed.
Well, I think I can help with that.
It means you were with him when he died.
I was with him this morning.
And believe me, when I left him, things were looking up.
You want to give me the room number where you had your little rendez-vous ? - Can I go now ? - Don't go far.
I wouldn't dream of it.
And by the way that, uh, look is so last season.
Hey, Delko.
I got the room number.
Apparently the owner loaned the place out for a high-fashion photo shoot.
So it could have been a lot of people out here on this balcony.
Let's find the one that doesn't fit.
I got something.
This might help us out.
It's short and bowed.
Rules out our two ladies.
It's banded.
You thinking animal ? I think it's a tiger.
- I'll get it to the lab.
- Okay.
Get out of here right now.
This is my crime scene.
Mine, too.
Crime scene cleanup.
Not a county job.
Well, you're early, okay ? Crime scene cleanup doesn't come in until after we're finished.
New guy enthusiasm.
But, hey, since I'm here, she's got to go.
A temporary restraining order.
You gotta keep a hundred feet from me.
In case you lose control again.
Is this real ? I don't really have to leave, do I ? Until we figure it out.
Just go.
A hundred feet.
- Hey, thanks for having my back.
- I don't have your back.
- Was I right, tiger ? - Maybe not.
Take a look.
The scale structure's flat.
Cuticle from a tiger is spinuous, petal-like.
Most common animal to have an imbricate cuticle's a dog.
- A dog hair ? - Right in the middle of a crime scene.
Well you're going to have to talk to her about that,'cause I I'm innocent.
Do you always hold your keys like that ? Yeah, so ? Those keys prove you killed Cody Lane.
I've got a little girl with leukemia.
She's in the hospital.
I don't have health insurance.
So you needed the money.
My wife stays with her up at Johns Hopkins.
It costs a fortune.
- Who put you up to it ? - I can't talk about that.
You mean you won't talk to me about it.
If I want her to continue getting treatment, I can't talk about it.
Suit yourself, my friend.
Hook him up, please.
Wolfe, we have a problem.
Let me guess the tow man isn't talking.
He killed Cody Lane.
I need to find out who put him up to it.
You got any tips ? Mr.
Wolfe, follow the money.
Ian Did you look in those accounting records ? I did.
What'd you get ? Well, my search through the books for the tow truck driver's money leads back to Steve Dixon.
Steve Dixon ? We already found his killer.
So we only wasted about a half a day.
Not necessarily.
Remember how Dixon was mauled by a tiger ? Ended up with a damage award of 500 grand ? Yeah.
Turns out only half of that ended up in his account.
What about the other $250,000 ? Look whose account it went into.
I let him sue me.
They cut him a check, no questions asked.
So you were following him to get pictures of Steve running.
For my countersuit.
we were splitting everything 50-50.
We were partners.
I'm sure Cody Lane was also your partner, wasn't he ? - Who ? - Cody Lane.
He's our latest victim.
You paid thetow truck driver to push him off so you could collect money on him.
No, I've never heard of him.
I swear.
So the tiger guy in here won't budge on Cody Lane.
It's because he doesn't have anything to do with Cody Lane.
- So we're at a dead end.
- Not at all.
Forensic accounting continued their research and found out that there was a pretty hefty life insurance policy on Cody : two mil.
- Really ? So who's the beneficiary ? You're never going to guess.
This is a misunderstanding.
We take out insurance on all of our models.
Of course we do.
It's how we protect our investment.
Your investment ? Our boys come to us with nothing, so we buy them clothes and we pay for their pictures, gym memberships.
Veneers, liposuction.
You have to understand that models are flakes.
They run off, they get fat, they get hooked on drugs.
And they end up dead.
Think what you want.
I have a business to run.
So do I.
Hey, Calleigh, I found something interesting in our agents'past.
Talk to me.
Kyle Jordan, male model, client of Abby and Janet's and he died from a heart attack in the sauna.
He wore a nitroglycerine patch to treat a congenital heart problem.
So the heat from the sauna increased his blood flow and his dosage absorption.
Slipped into a coma and then he eventually died.
See, I think that this is when the girls got their first taste of insurance money.
It's a classic inciting incident, and at some point they went from these accidents to actual murder.
You know what ? I think that Janet may have gotten a payout before then.
Janet Sterling's marriage certificate, May'99.
The brunette, she's married ? Jake Bolton, newlywed at 47, dead at 48.
He fell 11 storeys.
Oh, now that sounds familiar.
It was our first anniversary.
He had a little too much to drink and he fell.
You stood to gain from his death which makes you the prime suspect.
I can't help that I got the insurance.
How fortunate for you.
Kyle Jordan died on you guys.
Must have been the easiest money you ever made.
His death was an accident.
That's true, it was.
But that's when Janet took the lead and hired the tow truck driver to kill Cody Lane.
She didn't pay for any murder.
Someone is setting her up.
I don't know Janet would show you the same kind of loyalty.
It's called a "Key Man" policy.
It's life insurance for business partners.
What does it have to do with me ? You're the insured.
Death benefits of $6 million.
Do you want to guess who took the policy out on you ? - Help me.
- If you help us.
I can't.
Thanks for coming, Nick.
This is new, you inviting me.
Yeah, is this how it's going to be ? Am I going to have to leave every crime scene that you work ? That's the law.
You know I'll lose my job.
I would consider rescinding.
If? If we put the past behind us and you start treating me like a human being.
You be civil to me at crime scenes.
Okay, deal.
I have to get back to work.
I look forward to working with you, Nat.
Are you sure you want to do this ? No.
But I got to pay the rent.
I got a text message from Homicide.
Look at the address.
Cop out front is thinking suicide.
Check out this picture.
Looks like it was moved.
Bullet hole.
Well, Janet's not going to test fire and then move a picture to cover a hole.
That's not how suicides are done.
It's time to find Abby.
Lip gloss down, Miss Biggs.
I didn't shoot Janet.
She was my friend.
My business partner.
You washed your hands, didn't you ? Change your clothes, too ? I always do.
I get bored of the same outfit.
It's no big deal.
Doesn't mean anything.
It means you're covering up the crime.
You're a smart girl.
Not that smart.
You forgot to take off your bracelet.
You fired that gun, didn't you ? She attacked me.
I was protecting myself.
It was her or me ! I can't I can't breathe ! - She's not faking it.
- We need a medic in here.
She's dying ! Eric, don't ! It's cyanide ! No antidote.
It was her ! I love that color.
Good because I got one for you.