CSI: Miami s05e06 Episode Script

Curse of the Coffin

Oh, my God.
Oh no, God.
Please Go! Go! Miami-Dade PD.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
The killer he's still inside.
She's already gone, Frank.
So the killer.
House is clear.
Body's still warm.
She hasn't been dead long.
Look at this, Horatio.
It's a little coffin.
Think the killer left it? Could be.
Maybe it's a message.
Someone trying to scare us off the case.
Maybe but we don't scare that easy, do we, Alexx? Alissa was my best friend.
I was just trying to help her.
By stealing a car? No, I wasn't stealing it.
You don't understand.
I was saving my life.
Look, my car is in the shop.
The navigation system is busted.
I swear.
You can call my mechanic.
All due respect, Ms Madison, but you're covered in blood.
When I got to Alissa's condo, the door was open and she was lying on the floor in blood.
I thought that she might still be alive.
Alissa? You here? Oh, my God.
Then I heard this noise and I freaked out and I got out of there as quickly as I could.
Mr Wolfe, full process on the clothes and the car.
Ms Madison, you're going to go with this officer, please.
Detective Lloyd, Auto Theft Detail.
I'm Ryan Wolfe.
So, uh, what happened with the car that our suspect stole? Her bad luck was a bait car.
Bait car? What's that? Every morning, we leave these cars keyed up in crime-prone locations, control them remotely to catch car thieves.
So how do you know when one of these cars is stolen? When a thief turns the ignition, it activates a surveillance camera along with a wireless signal.
Computers are programmed to remotely shut off the engine and lock all the doors.
That signal gets sent to our computers along with the car's location.
We're there in minutes, sometimes seconds.
I'm going to need to take that car to our garage.
I can't say for sure, Eric, but it looks like blunt force trauma.
Golf club as a murder weapon? Wouldn't be the first time.
Alissa's got skin under her nails.
Probably the killer's.
I'll get this to DNA.
Thanks, Alexx.
Well, Eric, what do we got so far? Ryan, we have a golf club, coffin .
and signs of a struggle.
Wait a second.
Oh, God, that's an actual goat head.
Oh, this is Santeria.
Look, I'll do all the sketchings and photographs, but I'm not touching anything.
Why? Because I'm Catholic.
What does being Catholic have to do with it? Santeria is a mix of African voodoo and Catholicism.
Its purpose is to invoke the spirits.
With a goat's head? They use animal sacrifice to ask for blessings and curses.
So let me get this straight.
You're scared of being cursed and that's why you're not gonna collect the little coffin over there? Yeah.
It's not out of fear, though.
It's out of respect.
These are holy offerings.
It's sacrilege to mess with them.
Well, uh, this is evidence.
That's why you're here.
Okay, fine.
I'm not scared.
Get anything? There's a lot of victim's blood, but nothing conclusive.
I guess the only thing we know right now for sure is the victim was a golfer.
I beg to differ.
You do? This club is as long as mine.
It's got to be over 43 inches.
What does that mean? Tall people buy tall clubs.
Whoever used this was at least six feet.
Our victim was just over five.
These weren't her clubs.
Alissa was the only one living at the condo, though.
I wonder who they could belong to.
Well, let's see.
He's a lefty.
Judging by the rigidity of this club, he's very strong or he's a very serious golfer.
That's a good observation.
See? You don't have to use a mass spec to figure out everything.
What about the other men in her life? What do you know? Boyfriends, brother, anybody? How about an ex-husband? A neighbor said she was in the middle of a divorce.
You, uh you play golf, Trevor? Yeah.
Is that illegal? No, but killing your ex-wife is, Trevor.
What? When? It's been weeks since I've spoken to Alissa.
Really? Because she was beaten with your five wood this morning.
Oh, God.
I haven't seen those clubs in as long as I haven't seen her.
So your concern is the clubs? $10,000 custom-made.
She was hoarding them.
If I'd have been there, I wouldn't have left without them.
What about Santeria? Was Alissa into that? Ugh.
Yoga, Krav Maga.
Alissa's always into something.
Could have been her latest phase.
Am I at least going to get my clubs back? I would say that would be unlikely.
The body under this sheet sat up? This isn't the guy.
The guy I saw was blond.
I know it sounds crazy, but this happened.
Ryan, this body is 100% dead.
Crushed torso.
Any movement would be impossible.
That's not the guy.
There's got to be an explanation for all this.
Right? There is.
The Santeria stuff has got you spooked.
I don't know, I don't know.
When I first started working in the morgue, my mind played tricks on me, too.
I mean, you're sure he didn't move? Why don't you go on back over to CSI and take a little break, okay? Okay.
Must be your lucky day.
I got a hit on the epis from the vic's fingernails.
Alissa put up a fight, got us plenty of DNA, and it belongs to Ed Smith.
Armed robbery of Alan Solner's gold exchange six months ago.
Held a gun to the guy's head.
Got away with four mil in bars.
Never recovered.
Hmm, and look, his trial starts tomorrow.
Guess he wanted to commit one more crime before he went to prison.
Let me see this guy.
That's the guy.
What guy? That's the guy in the morgue.
You mean he's dead? Yeah, I'm not crazy.
I don't know about that.
You're saying our victim was killed by a ghost.
No, I'm just saying there's something weird going on in the morgue.
Ed Smith used to be right here.
Well, I still don't understand how my body put another body here and walked out of the morgue.
Well I'm about to find out.
You gonna pick that up? I can't feel my hands.
You messin' with me? No, they're completely numb.
Is there something on them? Okay, don't worry.
I can fix this.
It's the curse.
Oh, my God, Alexx.
I think it's the curse.
I told Ryan that that coffin was bad news.
Was it the coffin that made his hands numb? Actually, no.
It was tetrodotoxin powder from when he touched the gurney.
That's blowfish poison.
What is Ed Smith doing with blowfish poison? Ed Smith tried to pull one over on us.
Are you saying he faked his own death? Yeah.
How? When tetrodotoxin is applied to the skin, it's absorbed into the body and carried by the blood to all the major organs.
The toxin slows down your breathing, reduces your heart rate, and induces a state of temporary paralysis, mimicking death for a period of hours, even days.
The right dose, and you wake up a few hours later, the wrong dose, and you're dead for real.
He faked his own death to get out of an armed robbery charge? That is crazy.
Guess what religion's been known to use the powder.
Santeria? Yeah.
So I guess that means you are headed to Calle Ocho.
You mean, zombie powder? Yeah.
That's illegal, and you can only get it if you have a prescription Oh, now, Clarisa, come on.
You and I both know that sometimes there's a very big difference between what's legal and what's sold here.
It's regulated by the government, okay? None of the other Botanicas can even get a hold of it.
All right.
What about these two? Have you seen them? Him I don't know, but yeah, I seen her.
She came in the other day with her boyfriend.
And he bought some stuff.
Don't remember much about him, but he's big into Santeria.
He use a credit card? No, he paid with a check.
All right.
Well, I need you to write down everything you remember about the transaction the boyfriend's name or anything that would be helpful.
Jeremy, tell us why you bought blowfish poison at the Botanica.
Blowfish poison? That's way out of my realm.
What about the Santeria curses we found at your girlfriend Alissa's condo.
Those are mine, but they're not curses.
They're symbols of love and divination.
If they were curses, you'd have found much more blood.
And the goat's head? The goat was a prosperity sacrifice.
I just didn't have a chance to dispose of the remains.
What kind of sacrifice was Alissa? My religion doesn't make me a murderer.
Well, what about the little coffin we found next to Alissa? There were prints on it that I bet we could match to you.
I never put that anywhere near her.
Where is that now? It's in our lab.
You need to burn that thing.
Why is that? 'Cause if you don't get rid of it, someone else is going to die.
Starting to believe me now? About the coffin and the curse? It's getting harder not to.
But do you really believe someone's going to die? I think that the sooner we solve this case, the sooner this curse, or whatever it is, is gonna disappear.
What I want to know is how did Ed get up and get out of here without anyone seeing him? Hey, my staff isn't trained to watch the living.
I'm more interested in how he got in.
Is that his file? Yeah.
Looks like the paramedics thought he was a coroner's case, so they brought him to the morgue instead of taking him to funeral home.
A funeral home? Yeah.
Who signed his death certificate? Doctor Trevor Valone.
That's Alissa's ex-husband.
I think we just found our connection.
Ed was my patient for many years.
He had a heart condition.
You signed his death certificate.
You helped him fake his own death.
Tetrodotoxin can only be bought by a doctor, and a search of your office revealed you bought some.
Look, Ed was my friend.
We played Little League together, he was best man in my wedding.
He just took a wrong turn somewhere, ended up stealing millions in gold, and I couldn't bear to see him go to prison for the rest of his life.
You sure you want to do this? It's the only way.
Patient died on the table.
Time of death, 8:32.
Myocardial infarction.
So you help Ed die, and in turn, he kills Alissa.
Is that the deal? There was no deal.
Then why was Ed's DNA found under your ex-wife's fingernails? When Alissa and I were arguing over assets, Ed tried to reason with her.
He said it was a total nightmare.
Aren't you in jail yet? Trevor sent me.
You're just his lapdog.
Be reasonable.
Reasonable? When did that happen? Yesterday.
Ed came to my office right after he saw Danielle.
Oh, wonderful.
So both you and Ed have alibis.
Look, if I were you, I would check Alissa's office computer.
Why's that? Her work was her life.
It's practically why we got divorced.
Thank you.
Looks like, uh, Alissa Valone's doing pretty well for herself, huh? She was the president of this advertising agency.
You know, all this bad stuff started happening when I touched that coffin.
You don't think that that's a coincidence, do you? Alissa was cursed by it, and now I am.
Don't be silly.
I believe in science.
Yeah, I do, too, I'm just, I'm just saying, it's kind of weird.
Not weird.
We're just here to pick up Alissa's computer.
It's right there.
We'll shut it down, bring it to the lab, and have Cooper analyze the hard drive.
It's very simple.
Coincidence? Husband sends you to check the computer and the battery blows.
Can we get anything off of it? Even though the plastic components were melted, the electronic board and the hard drive may have some information.
So I Frankensteined this little contraption together you see before your eyes.
It's my little monster.
It's kind of fitting for the case, don't you think? Yes, it's very cute.
In fact, I can't believe you put all this together today.
It took me a week to set up my TiVo.
I just attach this one last wire, and then transfer what data's left on the burnt drive to a clean one.
So now what? Well, we see if it actually works.
" You'll get what you deserve.
" That's a vicious one.
Can we find out who sent that? Danielle Madison.
The girl from the bait car.
Isn't she supposed to be Alissa's best friend? Nothing is what it seems today.
You told the officer this morning that you and Alissa are good friends.
That's right.
You know, I just don't think that close friends send each other threatening e-mails.
" I hope you die, bitch.
" Rot in hell for what you did.
" What exactly did she do? Look, she's my friend and my boss.
I had been working for weeks on my marketing portfolio to get promoted, and she just gives the job to some guy, some random guy from Human Resources.
So you went to her condo to confront her, and things got out of control? No, no.
I know I overreacted when I yelled at her in the office.
So I went to the condo to apologize.
But when I got there, the door was open, and she was just lying on the floor.
So I never actually got to tell her.
I just I really feel awful about that.
Is there any way you can prove that? No.
I know this looks bad for me.
But I didn't do it.
Time is of the essence, Officer Lloyd.
I got the tape from the bait car as soon as I could.
I know you need to see it to confirm Danielle's alibi.
Those blips are the bait cars.
They move, we move.
Here's from this morning.
So what do we got? Cameras are only activated when the motor is started.
What you're looking at is my officer who drove it to the bait location.
Could you, Officer, speed this up for me, please? There's your suspect.
There's Danielle.
The car sat for two full hours before she drove it off.
Okay, go back to the break before she entered the car, and play it for me slowly.
In between your suspect and my officer, the camera shifted.
It looked like somebody bumped it.
Yes, they did.
And that means that somebody was in that car before she was.
Boa Vista, the car.
So what did we get, ma'am? Whoever was in that car before Danielle didn't see the lipstick cam, but they definitely touched it.
So I've got AFIS running it right now.
Javier Ravez.
So how did Auto Theft Detail miss him? He never started the car.
You're right.
The sensors and cameras are activated by the ignition.
Okay, well, why would Ravez get into the car and not steal it? Let's go find out.
I didn't steal that car.
No, you didn't steal it but you were in it this morning.
I don't think so.
Javier, we recovered your fingerprint from the car.
I was looking for change to take the bus home.
Didn't find any, I skipped.
You skipped.
Is that it? That's it.
Can I go? Don't go far.
Something up with that kid? I want to take a look into his background.
What are we looking for? We're looking for the reason he was in that car.
Can I talk to somebody? Yeah, what about? It's about my court case against Ed smith.
You must be the guy he robbed? Yeah.
Four million of my gold gone, and today the judge tells me the thief is asking for a continuance.
What the hell is going on? Look, the court case will continue as soon as it possibly can.
All right.
Well, the rumor is Ed's dead.
I'm offering a reward for my stolen property.
One million cash for gold, no questions asked.
That's a mighty generous reward.
Ed Smith isn't dead.
What do you mean? He died last night.
Uh, that was misreported.
He held a gun to my head, made me fear for my life and now he's just walking around? Well, if you feel you're in danger, we can offer you police protection.
If I wanted protection, I wouldn't ask you guys.
You can't even keep watch over a dead body.
We'll find Ed Smith.
Well, you better hope I don't find him first.
Starting to believe? Well, uh, there's a dead guy walking around and I suffered temporary paralysis.
And there was some spontaneous combustion and all that since we brought this thing in here, so I would have to say, yeah, Santeria's might have something to do with Alissa's death, sure.
Maybe not.
I decided to look deeper into her divorce.
Went to the court to obtain the Petition for Dissolution.
Oh, yeah, what are they fighting over? A condo or car or something? No, their burial plots.
They already have burial plots? It's what happy couples do.
Trevor was desperate for them.
He was willing to give up the condo, wedding china, even his plasma screen television.
But she wasn't budging.
You know an unused burial plot's a pretty good place to hide something.
Yeah, something like gold.
A graveyard.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, Wolfe, no flashlight all right.
I know it's dark but I don't want to alert anyone to our presence.
Oh, okay, I won't alert anyone to our presence here in the pitch dark Did you see that? Just take it easy, Wolfe, all right.
Yeah, not a word, Wolfe.
Take it easy, Delko.
Not a word.
The Valones' burial plot should be right up here.
Somebody's here.
Miami-Dade PD.
Identify yourself.
You okay, Wolfe? I hate this case.
Yeah, tell me about it.
That's Ed Smith.
Now, he's really dead.
But the gold is gone.
Whoever did this, they were smart.
They raked the ground so we can't get any shoeprints.
What? See that red light over there? Is that a camera? Looks like a microphone.
What the hell is going on? Someone's recording death.
Relax, I come in peace.
I got nothing off the recorder so I sent it to Cooper.
All right.
Careful, Eric.
These tables are glass after all.
Okay, they can take it.
Heard somebody died twice today.
Yeah, well, I know somebody killed twice today.
There's nothing better than a wooden handle.
Yeah, the killer raked the scene, but he forgot that his hands got raked, too.
Thank God they always forget something.
I'll run it against the reference samples in this case.
Jeremy Fordham.
Isn't that the vic's boyfriend? So why am I here again? You killed Ed Smith, Jeremy.
Yeah, I don't even know who that is.
Be that as it may, Jeremy, you did swing the ax intoji the man's abdomen, killed him.
And you left evidence on the handle.
I heard Alissa talk about her ex and about the gold.
His what? Gold.
He and his buddy, Ed, from grade school.
Some crazy plan.
Where is it? If I knew, don't you think I'd have it.
You mean we'd have it.
And I figured out it was in her burial plot from the way her idiot husband was whining about it.
So you killed her, too? Why would I? Hell, I-I didn't want to kill Ed what's-his-name, but he got in the way.
Where's the gold now, Jeremy? It's not at your place.
I won't be telling you.
I guess that goat's head didn't work after all, huh? Not much of a prosperity spell.
It will.
That gold will be worth millions when I get out.
But, Jeremy, you're not getting out.
Hey, was there anything on the graveyard recorder? I contacted the owner.
His name was on the back of it.
Did he know anything about the murder? Murderno, deathyes.
He was trying to listen to Greta his mother.
What was his mother doing at the cemetery? Rotting.
He was trying to record the dead.
It's called Electronic Voice Phenomena.
People think the recorders can pick up the unheard voices of the dead.
I know it sounds hokey.
But listen.
This is a frequency below human range.
This is the frequency of the dead.
There right there.
Here, let me isolate that for you.
Out of the grave Has to go Kill him.
Go Ow That's not EVP, Cooper.
That's audio parallax.
It also means that Jeremy wasn't acting alone.
So he had an accomplice.
See, I don't think this place is so scary in the daytime.
And you? What? No.
Come on, I wasn't scared.
You know I listened to the entire tape, don't you, Ryan? So there was an accomplice here? Way to change the subject.
There is definitely evidence of an accomplice, yes.
And that person took the gold.
So I'm thinking, our best bet is to look for something capable of conducted sound.
Like a mausoleum.
Well, ghosts don't bleed.
Why would the accomplice be 100 yards from the grave site? We should probably catch our suspect before he becomes one.
Besides his one, uh, B&E, Javier's clean, but get this, he's got a brother named Carlos.
Continue please.
Carlos picked up his third strike a couple months ago.
For doing what? Stealing the exact same bait car Javier broke into this morning.
Uh, I guess you learned about it from the trial.
Okay, what were the first two convictions for? Meth.
Possession and distribution.
Now, we know there's a lab out there somewhere, but he didn't give up a location.
But maybe Javier knows.
You called.
I came.
And we are deeply grateful, Javier.
Have a seat.
For you? Okay.
What's up? We need to swab your hands.
Too bad I can't help you.
Think again, Javier.
You got to tell me what that's for, 'cause the law tells me I got a right to know.
It's really good that you're up on all the laws you're breaking.
We think you're into meth production.
Just like your brother, Javier.
And my skin tells you that? We're going to know soon enough.
You think you're so smart.
Well, I've got to be smarter than you.
Well, I've been here twice and you've got nothing but a Q-tip.
That's all I need.
Here we go.
No evidence of meth on the surface, and that means that he hasn't been around crystal meth.
What's that? That's RDX.
That's an explosive.
It is an explosive.
There's a bomb in that car.
Well, there you go.
That's why Javier snuck into the car.
He thought this car would be back at the depot by now.
He meant to kill the cops that arrested his brother.
This is totally about revenge.
It's just our luck.
Can you defuse it? Not with four minutes, Frank.
What are you going to do? Going for a ride, Frank.
Aren't you a little freaked out? I mean, the curse said that someone was going to die.
BangEd died.
But you do realize that the person that told us about the curse was the person who killed Ed, don't you? Oh, yeah, I guess you have a point.
Burn, baby, burn.
Are you okay? I won't know for a while.
There were 12 samples in that centrifuge and they all came in contact with my skin.
Have you seen Alexx? Has she drawn your blood for the EMIT tests? No, not yet because we're trying to get this murder solved.
I guess the table must've splintered when Delko slammed that pickax down on it.
The vibrations from the centrifuge must've finished the job.
Is everything compromised? Believe it or not, no.
Only what was being analyzed, it was a concentrated sample.
These the results? Amylogenin, XX, on the mausoleum blood.
Which means the sample was from a woman.
So Trevor Valone wasn't the accomplice after all.
It's looking more and more like Danielle.
Danielle said she found Alissa dead, heard a killer, freaked out and ran.
All of which checked out.
But does it? I mean, why is there no evidence of Danielle inside Alissa's condo? We printed everything, even the doorknob.
There is zip on Danielle.
Unless she wiped everything down.
That's it.
That's what happened.
And everything she wiped away was either prints or blood.
Okay, so whatever she used has to be here with Alissa's possessions, right? It's right on the murder weapon.
And if she wore it like a glove, there'll be epithelials on the inside.
So Danielle was Jeremy's partner.
Her job was to get rid of Alissa, use the golf clubs to frame Trevor, the ex, then get away as fast as she could.
You don't want to do this, Danielle.
I get to have Jeremy and the gold.
I don't need you.
They used the mausoleum to sort the gold.
She must've cut her hand while moving the gold bars.
Her voice was picked up by the graveside microphone.
But she took the wrong car.
Which means she could be in her own car right now.
Homicide confirmed she picked it up this afternoon.
And her navigation system is activated.
Officer Delko? I see you got your gold back.
Rewards have a way of compelling people.
A million in cash is a nice incentive.
Yeah, well, someone killed to collect it.
Killed the man who took it.
You'll forgive me if I'm not too broken up.
Where's the woman who returned the gold? Danielle Madison? Oh, see, the deal was no questions asked.
I'm a man of my word.
No, you're aiding a killer.
Good luck proving that.
But, if I was a betting man, and I am I'd say she's nowhere near Miami.
Left her car behind, put one over on you.
Give me time, Solner.
I'm going to find her.
Heard you had a close call today.
Well, we all did.
Did you get a chance to see Alexx? Yeah, I feel like a total pincushion.
But I should know if I'm healthy in about about a week.
If you, um if you feel you need to take some time, that's okay.
Thank you.
I think I'm going to be of more use here though.
I guess you just you never know when death is coming.
No, we don't, and that's why we shouldn't live in fear of it.
You're right.
You're right.
Then I will see you tomorrow.
You will see me tomorrow.
All that, and we didn't even find our killer.
Miami International has no records of Danielle's departure.
I checked with the Port.
So, uh, looks like she got away with it.
And you still don't believe that there's a curse? I mean, if you ask me, it seems like Danielle is being protected by some sort of unseen force.
No, the only thing protecting her was luck.
She'll screw up eventually.
So, what, none of this means anything to you? Hm-mm.
I don't believe in curses.
I believe in Karma.
Well, at least this case is over, and to, um, whichever one of you put away that little coffin, thank you, because I don't ever want to see that thing again.
One of you guys put it away, right? I didn't.
You know how I feel about Santeria.
I never touched it.
Are you messing with me? I don't think that would be very good Karma.
Hold SeƱora.
Thank you.
* Muito obrigado * Thank you so much