CSI: Miami s05e07 Episode Script

High Octane

Yo, check it out, it's Dex.
He's going to do it.
Oh, dude, it's the Jack-in-the-Box.
Whoo! Oh, my God, he's got no head.
Cops are coming.
Let's get out of here.
Wolfe, you got the head over there? Yeah.
But how did it get Maybe, gentlemen, maybe it had some help.
Well, vic needed some elevation to make contact with this wire.
sideshow going on over here.
What do you mean sideshow? It's a party.
Kids in tricked-out cars doing stunts.
That's the only way our vic could have got that high.
Well, if this was a stunt gone wrong, then how come everybody took off? Because this was not an accident.
What, no Alexx? Falls under "obvious death.
" What's his name? Name's Dexter Gilman.
Let me ask you something.
What are all these lights and cables doing in the middle of a parking lot? Yeah, well, uh, PD said there was a street fair here a couple of days ago.
City's not scheduled to take them down.
Oh, yeah? And our headless horseman decided to utilize them in his act? Yeah, well, based on these tread marks, he wasn't the only one performing.
That means we're going to have to collect everything.
All right? Beer bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts.
Who's that guy? You know him? Nah.
Never seen him before.
Hey, this is an active crime scene.
Can I help you? Yeah.
Mike Doyle.
Documentary filmmaker.
Here to get some footage.
Oh, yeah? Of what? Scanner said decapitation.
Figured it might be pretty good.
Looks like the ME, uh the ME already bagged he body? And the head? Look, Mike, I don't know who you think you are, but this isn't a scene in one of your movies.
This is real life.
That's exactly why I'm here.
They want factual accounts of what you CSIs do.
Who's they? The mayor's office.
The City signed off on filming us? Yeah.
Horatio said they might try this.
It's a public relations move.
To cast a better light on your department.
Why, because we had a mole? Look, take your camera and your film and go somewhere else.
Fair enough.
Here's my card.
Here's my card.
We'll be in touch.
Alexx, did we get anything? His head was severed between the first and second cervical vertebrae.
No soft tissue bridges.
The incision is clean.
Consistent with the cable that we found at the scene.
A soup spoon can kill you with enough velocity.
The boy was moving, Horatio.
What about those markings on the arm? Based on the orange color, it's postmortem.
Look like a tire tread.
This baby boy was run over after the fact.
The tread pattern is odd, Horatio, like nothing I've seen.
Yeah, it's no ordinary tire.
Do you need a Microsil impression of it? I'll send Boa Vista in.
Thank you, Alexx.
* * Nice work.
Almost documentary worthy, wouldn't you say? By the way, I would've done the same exact thing you and Eric did today.
The last thing that this department needs is more scrutiny.
Scrutiny like your covert investigation of our lab? You know, Ryan, when I started here, I really did start with the best intentions.
And when it all came crumbling down, I lost almost every friend I had.
So I would really hate to see somebody else make that same mistake.
Well, I agreed to do it.
And let a camera crew follow you around? Mm-hmm.
And Horatio okayed that? As long as it doesn't interfere with my work, yeah.
Natalia, somebody had to do it.
So, you're going to fall on the sword The lab needs a clean slate.
And you know what they say: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
" So, is this thing going to tell us who ran him over? Well, it has a unique pattern, minimal tread.
And I did little digging.
The tires with this kind of tread are called "racing slicks.
" Hey,oosiers.
They're made for serious abuse.
They use them, actually, over at the Miami Speedway.
Someone's been testing their street performance at sideshows.
Maybe that someone knows what happened to Dexter Gilman.
Only one place that sells them here in town.
Place called Tread On Me.
Then that's where I'll be.
Yeah, I recognize the tread.
They're Hoosier R6s.
Racing tires.
You sell these to teenagers? I run a business.
Had one kid used them for drifting.
What's drifting? It's a stunt.
Driver turns the front wheels in the opposite direction of the turn.
Tires have a good bite, but they get destroyed pretty quickly.
He was replacing them every couple of weeks.
He, huh? Who's he? His name is Dex Gilman.
Dex Gilman's the vic from this morning.
You telling me he ran himself over with his own car? I don't think that car was totally his own.
Oh, yeah? What do you mean? He drove it.
But some girl by the name of, uh, Brynn Roberts paid for every new set of rubber.
Brynn Roberts, huh? Anything else? Yeah, keep these tires on the pro circuit.
Stop selling them to teenagers, okay? I didn't kill that kid.
But you didn't care if he lived or died, did you? So I understand that you and Dex Gilman had a relationship.
I guess you could call him my boyfriend, yes.
I need to take this.
Let it go to voice mail, please.
I also understand that Dex was buying Hoosier racing tires and you were footing the bill.
I paid for the whole car.
I was his sponsor.
Do you know where the car is right now? Someone drove off with it.
I had to report it stolen.
That's a hard day.
What happened this morning wasn't part of the plan.
What is your plan? Dad said he'll match any money that I make before I turn 25.
These sideshows could be my huge moneymaker with the right marketing.
What kind of marketing? The Web.
When you're breaking a new sport, it is all about video.
So, you film these sideshows? It's my plan to attract investors.
Well, in that case, I'd like to see all the footage from this morning's event.
I'd be more than happy to show you.
As soon as you show me a warrant.
99 bottles of beer on the wall.
You and Ryan collect all those from the parking lot? Yeah, he's running extracted liquids, cigarette butts and drug paraphernalia.
So he's got DNA and Trace.
You win the coin toss? No.
I pulled my seniority card.
Hey, I heard that you had a visitor at the crime scene.
Some Michael Moore wannabe.
I told him to get lost.
Unfortunately, I'm afraid someone's gonna get stuck with the guy.
Well, I can tell you that that somebody is not going to be me.
All right.
Start your engines.
Look like a tented arch to you? Yeah, it does.
That's rare.
That's very rare.
Less than five percent of the population has it.
And every one of these bottles has the identical print.
That would mean that the same guy would have had to have passed all of them out.
Must have been the life of the party.
I got it.
"Evan Dunlar.
Internship at Lasgrove Electronics Corporation.
" Let's go see if the intern likes fast cars.
You know, the guys said "Make yourself useful," so I did.
I manned the coolers.
We found your prints on each of these bottles.
It was a sideshow.
These guys trick out their cars, drive all crazy and stuff.
Just want to hang out with them, that's all.
It's reckless driving, Evan.
And it's against the law.
You giving these guys an audience only makes you part of the problem.
Evan, this morning, a young man named Dexter Gilman was killed.
How well did you know him? He was one of the best drivers.
Did the Jack-in-the-Box.
What's that? Peddle-free, cruise control, feet on the wheel, head out the top.
And the girls loved him.
Not enough to stick around after he was decapitated.
How 'bout you, Evan? Did you feel the need to stick around? Dex's car came up stolen.
Did you take it? No, I didn't steal Dex's car.
I ran.
Look, the cops come, you break for it.
It's just it's what you do.
You know? I mean, it's that or spend the night in jail.
Man, the cops were on us fast this time.
Evan, we need names.
I can't.
If something happens, they're gonna know that I'm talking to you guys.
Evan, listen to me.
We know you're involved, and you could go to jail for this, son.
So don't go far.
Heard a kid had his head taken off at a sideshow this morning.
That's true.
I need you to look into something for me, please.
You wondering who organized it? No.
Quite the contrary- who broke it up.
The kid said that the police were there in record time.
Somebody on the inside tipped them? It's possible.
Let's see who made the call.
I'll call 911, track it down.
Thank you.
I had some information, I thoughthe police should know about it.
I overheard my son, Evan, talking about one of these sideshows a few days ago where it would be.
I'm a single parent.
I got home from my job, and my son wasn't there.
Did he mention anyone else's involvement? No, he didn't.
This is my fault.
I was the one encouraging him to make new friends.
I just never thought he'd get wrapped up in this.
Well, he's a teenager, Mr.
Dunlar, so don't don't be too hard on yourself.
Evan was into cars as a kid.
Toys, models, remote control.
But now, he's playing with the real thing.
He could've been killed today.
Yes, he could've.
So here's what I'd like you to do: go home and make sure he's safe.
Okay? Thank you.
Thanks for coming in.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
I'm headed to Judge Harrison's for a warrant.
What do you need? Trying to save you the trip.
Brynn Roberts already posted her sideshow footage online.
I don't need a warrant? I am loving you.
I don't know if this helps.
Camera's in a fixed position.
She must've set up a tripod.
Go ahead and run it.
There's our vic.
I really wish I could un-see that.
I'm sorry, can you play it again? Why didn't he clear the last cable? No idea.
Ryan said they were all hung at the same height.
Okay, again.
Maybe the height of the car changed.
Can you measure the height of the bumper? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think so.
And get a measurement as he clears the second to the last cable.
Six inches.
What's the measurement as he collides with the last cable? The car was raised.
Maybe he accidentally set them off himself? I don't know.
He was hanging out the sunroof, he was driving with his feet.
I doubt it.
Okay, that leaves, what? A malfunction? Maybe.
Could be premeditated murder.
Well, I know one person who would profit from this.
You weren't ilding a sport, you were trading in sleaze.
I bet you couldn't wait to upload the footage.
It's a male-dominated sport.
You grab their attention any way you can.
I get all sorts of stuff for this site.
Well, the high tension wires were certainly a success.
Did you pick the location? A matter of fact, I did.
But I didn't kill Dex, if that's where you're going with all of this.
What about the hydraulics that killed him? What are you talking about? Are you serious? Look, Dex wanted those in.
He did it all himself.
Gable and Third.
Sounds like a sideshow.
You know what? I'm gonna see how they like our cars.
This is Dexter Gilman's car.
Dex and I did a few tandem stunts.
Drifts and stuff.
You guys teammates? More like friendly competitors.
You're some friend, Luke.
He's in the morgue and you're driving his car.
I didn't have anything to do with Dex's accident.
I feel bad.
Yeah, clearly.
Luke, you ran over your friend when you took his car.
I couldn't just let this beauty get impounded.
Dex would have wanted me to take it.
I guess we'll never know, will we? Officer.
Book him on auto theft.
Why you sweating us for, man? Why you need the registration for anyway? Why you trying to run our plates, man? Run this guy's plates.
He's the one with the problem.
Man, we was just here watching.
We didn't even do anything.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Shut up.
Okay? Sound like a couple of busted leaf blowers.
We're just trying to ride, mister.
Look, man, it's about what's under the hood, man.
I don't give a damn what's in the glove compartment.
This vehicle's stolen, smart-ass.
No way.
Well, the VIN number says way.
All right? Take Tweedledee and Tweedledum here for a ride.
Six of these rides are hot, so now we're looking at car thieves.
Something else going on here, Frank, bigger than this.
I'll look into auto thefts over the last few days.
Think there's a connection to our murder? The car, Frank, is going to tell us.
Okay, so the kids we busted at the sideshow are throwing up all overhemselves to give us information.
Beats six months in jail.
Yeah, unfortunately, none of them knows a single thing about the death of Dexter Gilman.
Selective memory.
Is that the blood that's left after the cleanup? Yeah, we're not going to need to run DNA on it.
This is, um This is definitely the car Dexter got killed in.
What we really need to do is figure out how this car's hydraulic lift was activated.
Well, what about this? Is this the on-off switch? Yeah, but based on the stunt that he was performing at the time, ther's no way he could have reached that with his feet.
Yeah, he's definitely not tall enough to pull that move off.
Little warning, please.
Sorry about that.
On a positive note, we now know that that works.
Glad your video guy didn't see that.
He's supposed to start in a couple of weeks.
What is this? I don't know.
Looks like a transmitter.
Well, that would allow the hydraulics to be activated remotely.
And at exactly the right time.
Whoo! Okay, so now our big question is: who activated it and how? You know, Horatio talked to a guy whose son is into radio-controlled cars.
I know it's kind of a stretch.
Not by much.
So, Wolfe, you're dragging me out here because of Evan Dunlar's vast knowledge of electronics, huh? Dex's head came off 'cause that car got triggered, and, uh, this kid admitted to being there, so Hot lead, Wolfe.
You gonna get a camera on us? Yeah, at's that supposed to mean? Supposed to mean I heard you signed up to represent us.
So what's next, your own TV show? You know what, pal, you can get one if you want.
Nah, that's all right, 'll leave that to you.
Don't move! Don't move! Help me.
You got him, Wolfe? Help me.
I got him! I'll go get a fire extinguisher.
What are you running from, Evan? I can't breathe.
You probably just cracked your rib.
Just lie still.
I think I think someone's trying to kill me.
What just happened here? You smell that? Yeah, that isn't gasoline, is it? No, it's jet fuel.
Burns 200 degrees hotter, cooked this car.
Can't exactly get jet fuel at a gas station.
Well, it couldn't be stolen, could it? Nah, nah, airports, refineries- they guard their supplies 24-7.
Would have made big news.
Maybe they got it from underground.
What are you thinking? I read this article.
Refineries deliver their fuel supply to airports through high-pressured pipelines.
But get this, it's five feet under the city.
It's six miles long and it delivers the equivalent of 1800 tanker trucks a day.
So the jet fuel pipeline runs underneath all these subdivisions? Yeah, it's underneath everything.
You think the sideshow kids are tapping into it? I don't know.
Department of Public Works says this half mile of the pipe has been shut down this morning for construction, so it's a very good time to try it.
And the MiniRae will tell us where to go? Yeah, HazMat uses it to detect contamination leaks.
This is the highest reading I've gotten so far.
It's 12 parts per million.
Excuse me, ma'am, can we talk to you? Can I help you? I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
This is Ryan Wolfe.
We're with Miami-Dade PD.
Do you own this house? Yes.
Can we take a look around your property? Sure.
You still getting something? Yeah, it's off the charts.
What kind of construction are you doing back here? I'm putting in a pool.
Well, at least I was until a few days ago.
Who's your contractor? Dunlar Construction.
Steve Dunlar? Yeah.
That's the sideshow kid's dad, isn't it? So there definitely is a connection.
He told me he broke a water main, said he had to talk to the city before he could do anything.
When's the, uh,ast time you saw Mr.
Dunlar? This morning.
He woke me up.
Backed in a tanker truck.
Made a lot of noise for 6:00 in the morning.
Said he was moving the main.
Do you smell that? Did he hit a gas line? It's jet fuel.
He hit it on purpose.
That thing on top wasn't there before.
Dunlar built his own gas pump.
We're gonna need to take those tools with us.
I'll call H.
I'm sure he has some questions for Mr.
Tapping into an underground pipeline is destruction of city property, Mr.
I was breaking ground for the woman, putting in a pool.
I found a pipeline, but I never tampered with anything.
Then, explain the jet fuel found in your son's car.
I have no idea.
The homeowner said you had a tanker truck.
She's a housewife.
She probably doesn't even know what one looks like.
Look talk to my son about it.
He's the one you found with the jet fuel, right? He's the one that's racing around with these street racers.
Was he aware of what you found? No, because I knew he'd tell people.
He'll do anything to get in with those kids.
I can't trust him.
You set quite an example for him.
I'm gonna go now.
'm a good contractor, a reputable contractor, and as far as I can see, all you got on me is suspicious behavior.
Dunlar, that's going to change.
I had a chat with the guys over at Auto Theft.
And? They're saying stolen cars are up 300% in two weeks.
Toyotas, Mazdas, Hondas.
Frank, this is not street racing.
Have you called the refinery? Yeah, control center's latest count says they're short fuel worth 47 grand.
I don't think Dunlar would give his son up for that, do you? No.
We executed a search warrant on his home and business.
Came up nothing.
It's, uh it's just not adding up.
Not yet, Frank.
Not yet.
Is that everything from the jet fuel pipeline? Yeah, straight from the ground.
Diverting pipe, wrenches.
Whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing.
Well, Public Works said that they shut down the pipeline for repairs between 5:00 and 7:30 this morning.
That's the same time as the sideshow.
Wait a minute.
WhatWhat is it? Blood.
Good eye.
I'm starting to feel like this murder is covering up something bigger.
Did Natalia tell you about the remote transmitter we found.
Yeah, and I think I figured out how it activated the car's hydraulics.
Dial that number.
What the hell just happened? Uh, the trigger r this car's hydraulics was a cell phone.
So the killer activated Dex's hydraulics with a phone call.
The receiver in this car was a circuit board from a stripped down cell phone.
When it received the signal, it sent an electric current.
In this case, bypassed the ringer and was wired directly into the car's hydraulic master switch.
Well, that would mean that the caller's number is still in the memory chip, right? Exactly.
I'll pull up the call log.
You know I would narrow it down by time.
The, uh, the murder occurred around 6:00 a.
I would, but I don't need to.
There's only one number.
Aren't you going to get it? Let it go to voice mail.
I don't know the number.
Oh, I think you do.
You want my phone? Talk to my lawyers.
I did one better.
I talked to a judge.
This is a warrant.
Yeah, that number you don't recognize, you called it this morning.
We know your phone call was sent the exact moment Dex was killed.
It's the phone call that killed him.
I didn't mean for it to happen that way.
I didn't want him to die.
Well, I'm sure it didn't hurt.
A good crash brings millio of eyeballs.
That's a fantastic business plan.
What, you don't slow down at the side of a road to see an accident? Everyone does it.
Nobody even pays attention at a speedway until there's a pileup.
It's human nature.
It's a human life, Ms.
And I'm sure that's all the explanation a jury is going to need.
Get her out of here.
So what do we got from the lady's pool? The blood on the valve from the pool matches the DNA profile of your headless victim.
Dex Gilman.
What? No, that doesn't make sense.
He died ten miles away.
How'd his blood get on the pipe? The blood would have to be wet to transfer.
There was a kid who jumped in the car with him- Luke Baylor.
Guys, I didn't kill Dex.
That's not why you're here.
How did you know Mr.
Dunlar? I didn't know him.
I knew his kid.
Drove him home a couple times.
How do you explain the peline? Pipeline? Yeah, the pipeline that's missing The pipeline had blood on it.
Which means you're connected to Steve Dunlar and you two work together.
I'm not saying another word.
Not until I have a lawyer in here with me.
Frank, call Customs, cargo manifest for all departing flights please.
Will do.
What do you need $47,000 worth of jet fuel for? Are you a world traveler, Luke? Is that a crime? No, but traveling with stolen cars is.
I'll be out on bail before he dials his first phone call.
Well, I guess the race is on.
Wolfe, you were looking for me? Yeah, two things.
Tripp sent the air cargo manifests.
There are 21 planes scheduled for departure today.
What kind of cargo? Uh, Express mail, produce, construction equipment, seafood Wait a second.
Construction equipment shipping from where? Risedale Airstrip.
Private airstrip, private jet.
Yeah, the second thing, Luke Baylor made bail.
I'll be at the airstrip.
Come on, man, open it up.
I'm out.
Time to get paid.
You made bail pretty fast.
Who put the money up? What can I say? I told you I was going to get out.
You've got quite a collection here, Luke.
Is this the last car? It's a business.
We fix cars.
You fix up stolen cars, Luke.
Your fleet here looks like cargo.
Dunlar came to me.
He knew I boosted cars.
You Baylor? Well, if what I hear is true, I might have a job for you.
Said he would get me five thou for every car.
So I deliver 'em here, and I walk.
The rest is his deal.
Where's Steve Dunlar right now? Frank, I think I know.
Look, I don't care, just get it done.
Almost, Steve.
Dunlar, you planning on going somewhere with these stolen cars? I got paperwork back everything you see here.
Luke Baylor's ready to bust in song about every gallon you stole from the pipeline.
You're trying to leave while your kid is lying in a hospital bed alone.
? Could've filled this plane ten times over my kid doesn't screw around with the fuel.
He didn't know you were smuggling jet fuel, did he? You used him You called 911 pretending you were concerned about him.
All you cared about was diverting the police away from you.
Luke offers up free cars, you truck in free fuel.
Did you make a deal on this plane, too? Look, this was my shot.
Nobody got hurt here.
You know what they'll pay for these cars in Venezuela? Almost three times the sticker.
Now your son's an orphan.
What's the price tag on that? Evan's a big boy.
He'll learn to forgive.
And hopefully hopefully forget.