CSI: Miami s05e08 Episode Script


Another runner.
Did you get a plate? Are you kidding me? Total disrespect.
Don't these idiots get it? If you're going to roll, you pay the toll.
Well, if we don't catch them, the camera will.
Stop, you're hurting me.
What about your change? Oh, my God.
What is it? I'm calling the police.
Tollbooth witness couldn't see the driver.
Said the car was charcoal gray.
What about the passenger? Nothing, except she was female.
Female, no hard ID.
Our mystery girl did leave us this.
Looks like blood.
"He's going to kill me!" Think it's a prank? No such luck, Frank.
Ma'am, what did Hemotrace say? Blood's human.
Dispatch says you wanted the AV equipment.
Let's check the cameras in these booths.
They may have something.
If I find something, where you going to be? We just found a body, right down this road.
Powdery substance on her leg.
Could be soil.
Doesn't look like it's from around here.
Who found the body? Jet skier.
Taking a break.
Horatio, she was definitely restrained.
Marks are parallel.
Looks like something rigid.
Maybe from handcuffs.
What about those nails, Alexx? Broken, worn down.
Could be acrylic.
Wherever she was, she tried to claw her way out.
Miss Leslie Anderson.
Pretty girl.
Think she's the one from the tollbooth? Could be.
This the surveillance video? Yeah, it was downloaded from the tollbooth.
Okay, here's where the car comes in.
The passenger compartment's no good at this angle.
You get a plate? It doesn't make any sense.
The numbers are distorted, but the car is in focus.
They got a PhotoShield; people use them to beat overhead cameras at traffic lights.
But I can't make out anything.
Well, it's transparent; it uses a thin diffusion lens.
Light at an oblique angle causes the cover to reflect and refract.
It makes it impossibleo read unless you're directly behind it.
So somebody really wanted this car to be anonymous.
This missing girl's in a lot of trouble, huh? Yeah.
You got another angle? It's hard to see the driver because there's sunlight reflected off the windshield.
There's something under the wiper blade.
It's a valet stub.
Those numbers or that logo could help us find the neighborhood.
You know what? Let's see if we can take a better look at the passenger.
All right, so this is where she hands the bloody bill to the witness.
Wait a minute.
Check out her arm.
It's ligature marks.
Oh, yeah, look at the bruising.
Horatio said that the victim at the jetty had the same thing.
I finished the post from our vic on the rocks, Leslie Anderson.
She had a broken frenulum.
So she was suffocated.
I also did a photo comparison with the girl from the car and our vic.
Ligature marks are consistent.
The bottom line, Alexx: they were attacked by the same predator.
Leslie Anderson was dead at least two days before she was discovered.
And our missing girl is still out there.
Thank you, Alexx.
It's the trace from Leslie Anderson's pants.
Silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide.
It's clay dust.
No, I get that, but what's the gray stuff? It's mortar.
Like from a clay tile? Mm-hmm.
without additional fasteners.
Now it's wired or nailed secured.
So this could be like from an historical building? Yeah.
Well, this amount of trace, the vic had to be around a lot of clay dust.
Sorry to interrupt, you guys.
Uh, valet stub.
I ID'd the company logo.
You got an address? Yeah, it's a neighborhood restaurant in the Gables.
You know who eats there.
People who live in the neighborhood.
This restaurant puts us a block away from a building that's over 100 years old.
According to the bank records, this place is in foreclosure.
So what, our suspect is squatting here? No rent, no questions asked.
Looks abandoned to me.
Clay tile.
A trace from our victim.
Stop it! Our murder vic was definitely here.
Freeze! Don't move! Hands, mister.
I'll shoot you where you stand.
You the owner? Tommy Boyer.
Hook him up.
I'll call Horatio.
I don't know Leslie Anderson.
She was suffocated two days ago d evidence leads us to you.
My-my fiance, Jill Girrard, we're supposed to be married in a week.
She went off with some friends, never came back.
That still doesn't explain why you were in the building.
I got desperate.
Jill and I are on the TeleAid account for the Mercedes.
They gave me the address.
I figured she got cold feet.
Ran off with some rich guy.
Didn't have the guts to tell me.
I went inside to take a look.
Her car was there.
She wasn't.
That's when you guys found me.
I - I don't know Leslie Anderson.
I certainly didn't suffocate her.
Do you have a photograph of Jill? Yeah, I do.
I'm also going to need a personaltem, like a hairbrush.
Please, help me find her, Lieutenant.
I'll do that.
That's one solid safe.
You know, my uncle was a safecracker.
He taught me when I was 11.
That's pretty cool.
Hope there's not a body inside.
They're not bodies.
I think they're something worse.
They're trophies.
Necklace, underwear, glasses? This is a picture of Leslie Anderson.
Let's get this stuff out of here.
And, Frank, put on some gloves.
These are our only link to the killer.
Did you process the fiance's Meedes? Yeah, nothing.
The onlyhing that we have to go on for the passenger in the tollbooth is the five-dollar bill.
Yeah, well, the blood on the bill didn't match Leslie Anderson or the DNA from Jill Girrard's hairbrush.
So there's a chance our mystery girl could be one of these.
I think these pictures were taken by somebody they trusted.
Yeah, you're right.
They don't look afraid.
It's like he got them to go with him willingly somehow.
These the photos from the safe? Yeah, Ryan found them.
We're processing the blood from DNA.
We're going to see if one of these girls kicks out.
Oh, my God.
What? That-That's Anya.
Who's Anya? Voicemail.
Anya, it's me, um, I'm I'm worried, so call me.
Will you just keep hitting "redial"? I'm gonna go check something out.
Who's Anya? Are those the samples for the DNA bill? Yeah.
They're almost ready for the 310.
I've got one more sample for you.
You worked in here, Natalia.
You know the evidence submissions are processed in order.
So you can wait for the next run.
Valera, one of those pictures is of my sister.
That rates a jump.
Please compare this against these other samples.
I'm sorry.
I Just do it now, okay? Miss Boa Vista? What's going on? The girl in the tollbooth car is my sister.
We have to find her, Lieutenant.
We will.
Lieutenant Caine, who are the women in these photographs? As you can see, some of the women behind me have yet to be identified.
Where did these photographs come from? We recovered the photographs from a locked safe during the execution of a search warrant.
Is that person a suspect? Is there anyone in custody? Lieutenant, who are these girls? While I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of an ongoing investigation, I can say that any help that the public gives us in identifying these women will be deeply, and I mean deeply, appreciated.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lieutenant, thank you for not mentioning my sister.
No problem.
How do you think her photograph ended up in this gallery? Ever since she was a little girl, she always wanted to be a star.
She loved having her picture taken.
Okay, when was the last time you talked to her? A few days.
Take a uniform, go to her apartment, and go through it with a fine-tooth comb.
What am I looking for? Anything related to her last 24 hours.
You're gonna have to get your soundbites somewhere else.
Actually, I wanted to ask you a favor The answer is "no.
" Come on, I heard you were letting a documentary film guy follow you around.
No comment.
I got to get back to work.
Boa Vista's missing sister? You're not fooling me this time.
I've already got it in deep background that it's her sister.
Ex-husband says she has two.
Is it Christine or Anya? You're literally the worst.
You know that, right? You can't release that.
You could get the girl killed.
What do you want to bet in under 20 minutes, I'll know which girl? Natalia? Is everything okay? She lives here.
I just got back from a tryout for a reality show- South Beach Babes.
I think I really have a chance this time.
Where's Anya? Um, that's why I'm here.
Anya's missing.
When was the last time you saw her? Um, yeah, I talked to her two days ago.
She got a callback for a modeling shoot.
She's so lucky.
The guy promised her a cover.
Do you know anything about this guy? He was, like, really old, like 35.
But, I mean, he sounded nice on the machine.
Do you mind if I take it with me? Yeah, sure, I give out my cell number for callbacks.
I'm sure she's fine.
She's very careful.
Okay, look, Sasha, do me a favor, please.
Don't go on any callbacks until this is over.
But she's fine.
There's nothing.
Whoever these belong to was very careful.
Horatio seems to think the guy's a photographer.
That makes sense.
You think that these are color copies? No, take a look.
Oh, yeah, that's pretty grainy.
Rules out digital.
Film is black and white.
Why would a photographer prefer a low-resolution image? Going for a distinct look.
There's not a lot of places that develop black and white film.
I'll go make some calls.
To photo shops in Miami, the model shoot capital of the world? I think you're gonna be making a lot of phone calls.
Have fun.
That's it, baby.
Give me sexy.
Hold that look.
All right, I want sexy, not slutty.
Come on.
Give me sexy.
Did you get a name for the black and white specialist? Well, Homicide pointed me towards this photo developing place downtown.
All the high-end photographers use it.
It's owned by this German guy, and he says that our man's name is John Stockman.
Calleigh Duquesne, ueRyan Wolfe, MDPD.
These girls are all of age.
I've checked every one of them out, personally.
What about the photographers? Do you check them out, as well? Look, what is this? We're looking for John Stockman.
Shoots in black and white; thinks he's Ansel Adams.
Thank you.
Give me sensual.
All these girls, they have the wrong dreams.
I don't know that their dreams are bad, just the people who promise to make them come true.
John Stockman? Yeah, what do you need? Your DNA.
Excuse me? I don't understand what I'm doing here.
Oh, no, I think you do.
You took all the photos of these girls.
I take a lot of photos.
Yeah, but your camera's a single lens reflex.
That's right.
And you use dual-edge black and white film.
It gives my work detail.
And the fact that you keep these in a safe with murder trophies in an abandoned building- is that just a coincidence? You want to pin that on me? I hope you have proof.
This is Wolfe.
Your DNA matches the semen we found in Leslie Anderson's underwear.
You feeling pinned? That proves I had sex with her.
It's a photographer's perk.
Where'd this little hookup occur? In her dressing room, after the shoot.
* * It was sex.
Nothing criminal.
Anyone could've stolen my photos and put them in that safe.
Well, then I'm gonna need a list of those "anyones.
" Erica Sikes reporting.
Sources say there's a personal connection at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab to the current murder case.
MDPD Criminalist Natalia Boa Vista, this morning identified her own sister's picture from among the photos of the missing girls.
That's right.
One of the missing and perhaps dead There's something you should know about.
What? Oh, my God.
It's my sister.
Anya? ANYA Natalia.
Where are you? I only have a second.
I'm in a house.
I think it's near the water.
I don't know An They're going to kill her, Ryan.
Listen, no, listen.
If she called, it means she's still alive, right? So focus.
What'd you get from the answering machine? Um nothing.
I got nothing.
I have listened to this a thousand times.
There's no ambient sound.
MALE VOICE Anya, it's me.
Your pics are ready.
These are the ones, baby.
Call me.
You've got the number.
See? There's no accent.
I mean, this could be any guy out there.
Not really.
I think I know that voice.
From where? The model shoot.
Laporte, you placed a call to Anya Boa Vista.
I did? You did.
LAPORTE Anya, it's me.
Your pics are ready.
These are the ones, baby.
Call me.
You've got the number.
Yeah, her.
I called her to let her know her proofs were ready.
Go on.
You should really be talking to Stockman.
All right, he's the one doing all the models.
You have quite a history, too, which includes a rape charge, doesn't it? I was acquitted.
Yes, but that doesn't mean you're innocent.
Does it? I'm just a guy who processed her proofs.
But I can help you, Lieutenant.
I know what goes on between model and photographer.
Describe it me.
All about fame.
Hey, and these girls, they all want it so bad.
So you point a camera at them, you get them to do whatever you want.
They'll take their shirts off.
They'll hop into bed with you.
That's what you did, Mr.
Isn't it? You prove that, let me know.
I guarantee it.
No, no.
That's too much backlight there.
To the right.
To the right.
News chick.
Do you realize that you signed my sister's death warrant? I know you're angry, but I'm just reporting the facts.
You tied her to law enforcement.
That makes her a primary target.
Do you deny that? This is exactly what she wants.
Don't give it to her, okay? I'll meet you inside.
You do understand where I'm coming from, don't you? I do.
I understand you have a job to do just like the rest of us.
Thank you.
I also understand that your need for attention may have put these girls' lives in even more danger.
My need for attention? Mm-hmm.
You didn't just report the news; you chose a salacious angle.
That's more attention for you.
I'm a journalist.
I want my attention on my stories.
If that were true, sweet pea, you'd be writing for a newspaper not planting your face on the evening news.
Have a nice day.
Lieutenant Caine.
I just got home and found this in the mail.
It's a letter from Jill.
What does it say? It says that we're through.
The wedding's off, that I shouldn't even bother trying to find her.
Man, this doesn't sound like her.
After your press conference, I know something's wrong.
Boyer, I need you to leave that letter with me.
You think it'll help? I know it's gonna help.
So Horatio told me you're processing the paper.
Why aren't you in QD? 'Cause I got what I needed in there.
Which was what? This paper's store-bought.
It's, um it's untraceable.
But this logo's gonna help us.
See that? It's embossed.
So someone modified the paper themselves? The paper passes through and each time, uh the sheet gets pressed.
All right.
Well, again, why are we in here? Embossing machines have many uses.
I noticed there was a little bit of trace on the outer edge of the imprint.
A little trace from whatever was being embossed before the paper.
"Trivalent chromium sulfate.
" That's used in the pparation of leather.
That's right; the higher the concentration of the tannins, the higher the quality.
So whatever this business is, it deals in high-quality leathers.
I'll call Calleigh.
Good afternoon, officers.
Bill Starr.
Bill Starr's Custom Upholstery.
No snappy catchphrase? Look around.
I don't need one.
Maybe you can explain to us why a missing girl would write a "Dear Jo" on your letterhead.
I don't know.
Busy place.
Hand those out like candy.
What? We have our own theories.
Can you read that plate for me? It's blocked like the car at the tollbooth.
I got Anya's blood.
She cut herself on purpose so we could ID her.
Pay the toll, bitch.
Who owns that car? I don't know.
Uh, I forget.
The guy dropped it off for reupholstery.
He didn't leave his name, only an address.
I t the info inside.
Oh, great.
You can give me the address.
You can give him the car.
Miami-Dade Police.
Who is ever behind that door, I want you to open it slowly by the count of three or I'going to kick it down.
One Two three.
Jill? Yes.
Jill Girrard.
You're okay now.
Let me help you up.
Jill, we know this is incredibly difficult, but is there anything that you can tell us about what happened? I answered an ad to get my portrait taken.
It was supposed to be an engagement gift for my fiance.
Your fiance, Tommy.
The guy left a message on my answering machine.
Okay, did he leave a name? No, he just told me to meet him at his place in the Gables.
Hello? Hello? Do you by any chance have the answering machine message or? I erased it.
Did his voice sound familiar? Just a guy.
All I remember is being put in a car.
He had something over my head.
So you couldn't identify him.
What about when you were in the car, did you hear noise? Could you notice anything? There was another girl.
Was it Anya? I don't know what her name was.
She couldn't stop crying; we drove around for a bit, made a stop and then suddenly she was gone.
I figured I was next.
Did he hurt you in any way? Ma'am.
We're gonna get you to the hospital.
Hang in there.
Remember: eyes, no hands.
What is it? Do you see something? Yeah, this door locks on both sides.
If you want to keep someone in a room, why would you have it keyed fromhe inside? Unless you want to be locked in here with them.
I, uh, I didn't mean to imply No, no, um we need to know what we're dealing with.
Oh, my God.
Natalia, don't touch that.
Okay, but that's Anya's.
I got that for her last Christmas.
Okay, but you can't collect evidence in this case.
She was here.
And we just missed her.
Calleigh, honey, Horatio asked me to check in on your victim Jill Girrard at the hospital.
Yeah, how's she doing? Well, I spoke to the SART nurse, and she found several contusions on Jill that were consistent with her account of the attack.
What about the sexual assault exam? Get this.
There were no physical findings.
Really? In fact, based on the exam, she's never even had sexual intercourse.
That doesn't make sense.
Why would somebody lie about being raped? Take a look at this.
She swallowed a key.
Miami-Dade Police What about this one? Anya Boa Vista.
I've never seen her.
You weren't being held captive, were you? What are you talking about? An abdominal x-ray shows that you swallowed a key, and my bet is that that key opens the lock on the boat.
He told me I was special.
I've never done it before.
That I was different than the rest.
Tell me what happened.
He made me watch.
Please! No! He called me his girlfriend.
He made me write that letter to Tommy.
So Tommy wouldn't try and find you.
I was so scared.
Told me to go to the boat.
Pick up a necklace.
He let you go to the boat alone? No.
I was never alone.
He was testing me.
When the cops showed up at the boat, I had to do something.
I couldn't screw it up.
So you protected him.
He said bad girls always die the slowest.
What's his name? I I can't.
I'm sorry.
Why me? Why did he spare me? Just be gratful that he did.
So, uh, the runaway bride, Jill, went Stockholm on us.
That poor girl, man, she's so messed up.
She won't be so poor after she signs a book deal.
You think she's faking? I think she's getting her wish.
To be famous? She'll be living off of this for years.
You know, she's really traumatized.
That kind of hell she went through, it's not easy to deal with.
Yeah, well, ask Natalia about that.
All I know, is this girl could be saving Anya's life and she's not talking.
Well, you know what? She's not going to tell us, maybe this car will.
I got something.
Some kind of rock or mineral.
You mean clay? No, it's coarse.
Looks like granite.
Killers have a comfort zone for body dumps.
If that's granite There's only one place: jetty.
It's government cut.
Officers, she's going to be somewhere underneath these rocks.
The tide's rising.
Let's pick up our pace.
This quadrant's clear.
Moving to the next section.
Eric, we're running out of time; this tide is rising.
H, move to your right.
She's two rocks over.
Two rocks ahead of you right there.
Yeah, right there.
She's right there.
Ma'am, hang on.
Gentlemen, hurry please.
Ma'am, we're going to get you out of there right now.
Who did this to you? Gavin.
He's got another girl.
It's got to be Anya.
Where are they? They're at the studio.
What you crying for? This is it.
This is what you want.
This is your dream, baby.
You're making it all happen.
Get on your knees.
I'll make you a star.
Gavin Laporte.
Miami-Dade Police.
Let her go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Move it.
Help! Please I'm here, Anya.
Here I come.
Let's go.
That's far enough, Gavin.
Now, put the gun on the ground or I blow your brains out.
Do it.
You're under arrest.
Get him up.
Get him up.
All right, let's go.
Move it.
You okay, Anya? Come on.
Are you mad at me? Yes, I am so, so, so mad ayou.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
Not a problem.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Come on.
There are more girls out there, Gavin, and I'm nna find them.
I've been all over this country, Lieutenant.
A lot of cities along the way.
Take him.
Miss Boa Vista.
How's Anya doing? Time will tell.
She's lucky to have you.
Horatio did you know that Laporte lawyered up and that there's another case in California? Different suspect, same MO.
I'm not surprised.
All those women.
They could be anywhere.
Where do we start? We take it nationwide.