CSI: Miami s05e09 Episode Script

Going, Going, Gone

Gentlemen let's start the bidding.
Look at these beautiful ladies.
Gorgeous twins.
They can be your girlfriends for the day.
Remember folks, all your money goes to charity.
Stan, your tech company just went public.
Going, going Gone.
Gorgeous twins for $100,000.
Next we have the beautiful Rebecca.
Shall we start the bidding at 20,000.
Guys, this is all tax-deductible.
C'mon, man, you already got a stunner.
She's all yours.
Sixty thousand dollars.
Come on, Katie.
Ready for this? Wow.
It's so nice of Peter to let you use his bedroom.
I just gave him a ton of money for his charity.
He owes me.
You want to get those curtains, Rebecca? Why? It adds to the mystery.
So should we have a drink? Why don't you help me with my tie? Okay.
Just give me one minute.
Where are you going? I I have to get something.
Just give me one minute.
What do you say? Let's close the rest of these curtains.
Sorry for the wait.
Oh, it's going to be worth it.
Girls? I hope you didn't start without me.
This is gonna be worth every penny.
There's a lake What's this, chocolate sauce? I just left the room a few minutes.
I know how this looks.
Why'd you leave the room? To take a Viagra.
I dropped some major dough here.
I wanted to get my money's worth.
Well, looks like you're going have to stick with the tax deduction.
Where'the other girl? There was another girl? I bought two.
You bought two.
What? Thank you, Mr.
Get his horsepower, will you? Yes, sir.
Frank, What about an ID? We found our victim's purse.
Her name's Rebecca Roth.
She's 19.
Good, Frank.
Tell me about this auction.
Well, they're raising money for underprivileged kids so they can go to summer camp.
It's called, uh, Project Campfire.
It's hosted by the homeowner, Peter Kinkella.
I want to know who bid what for whom and how much they paid.
This must have been one kinky party.
Don't know whether she was blindfolded in fun or in fear.
Either way I'll take that.
She sustained several stab wounds to the torso.
Any defense wounds? Not that I can see.
Looks like she's missing a ring, though.
Maybe a robbery.
That would be odd to target her with so much bling at the party other than hers.
Stabbed with a letter opener.
Look at that: blood on the blade, but also looks like blood on the handle.
So our killer may have been injured during the attack.
Looks like our best bet.
I'm going to take it to DNA.
Hey, Ryan.
I found a long black hair.
Could be African American.
Well, Delko got the prime assignmeas of interviewing the girls.
This could make it easy for him.
Yeah, I got it.
Watson, we found a long black hair on our victim's body.
Any idea how it might have gotten there? I was in-in that bedroom with her.
And George.
He bid on both of us.
It must have gotten on her then.
Well, we found George half clothed and Rebecca dead.
How'd you fare so well? Well, when we met to discuss the details of our date, George told us that he wanted a three-way.
And I went along at first, looking for a graceful way out.
You know, I started to get undressed.
George was having trouble staying focused.
That's when he went for some medicinal courage? And then what? Then I told Rebecca I was getting out of there and that she should too.
Why didn't she? She said she felt guilty because he had spent a lot of money and that she couldn't leave.
How did the blindfold fit in? Rebecca was a little nervous and I thought it might calm her down.
You are so sexy.
Close your eyes.
Trust me.
So you just left her there, blindfolded with George's tie.
Rebecca made her choice.
I don't care how much money he donated.
I wasn't going to sleep with him.
Did you notice if Rebecca was wearing a ring when you left? honestly don't remember.
That's a convenient time for a memory lapse.
It's the truth.
I make it my business to know the most beautiful women in Miami.
Blonde, Latino, Greek, Asian.
Something for everyone.
So what does the highest bidder get for his money? Well, I paid $50,000 for my date with Sonya.
I assure you, it's all on the up-and-up.
For yo date with Sonya.
My guests receive an evening of conversation with the women they bid for.
The details are worked out between the two parties.
Where were you when this happened? With Sonya.
We went upstairs to the private terrace to enjoy an intimate lunch.
Which was interrupted by all this.
Yes, sounds like an inconvenience.
I going to need a list of your guests, please.
I'll get it right now.
Do that.
Look at you.
Can't wait to grow up.
It's a miracle I don't see more kids like you.
All right, let's work our magic.
You ready, Ryan? Oh, Alexx, I was born ready.
I've got your image.
Let me know if the angle is right.
This stitching technology requires that there's a perpendicular photo of each side of her finger.
Next angle.
Then your computer stitches them together in a three-dimensional image.
It's basically going to look like a black and white photo of the ring she wore.
Getting a perpendicular image of all sides of a decedent's finger is a lot harder than it looks.
You got that, Ryan? Alexx, do me a favor: make the image more perpendicular, please.
You want come down here and try it from my end, honey? No, Alexx, you-you're doing a wonderful job.
All right, now.
Now let's get the last side.
Is that her missing ring? Looks small.
What size is it It's a 4- and-a-half.
Got a lot of detail, though.
This is basically what the ring would look like.
Great job.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey! What about me? You're fabulous.
Unfortunately, finding that ring is going to be the hard part.
We'll do what we do.
Let's start with estate sales and pawnshops.
Thornton, next time you steal something, you might want to find a pawnshop that's a little less cooperative with the police.
Last time I checked, selling your own property to a pawnshop was completely legal.
I didn't steal anything.
That ring's a little too small to be yours, isn't it? I had it made for my girlfriend.
Rebecca Roth.
Why were you selling her ring? Becca broke up with me this morning.
I thought we were getting married.
She broke my heart.
I can't keep the ring.
I don't want to be engaged.
I want to experience life.
That was crap.
Is that why you killed her? Becca's dead? Miss Roth was found murdered at a party today.
Was there any chance you were there? No.
After Becca broke up with me, I followed her.
She went to some fancy party, but I never went inside.
I got my proof right out front.
Proof of what? She left me for another guy.
Is there any chance you'd recognize that man if you saw him again? Yeah, I can do better than that.
I got a I got a picture of him.
That creep stole my girlfriend.
I'm going to need to take this phone with me.
Where are you going? That creep's name is Jake Berkeley.
I'm going to find out what he's up to.
Hey, Ryan said there was blood on the murder weapon's handle.
Yeah, and it's different from our victim, whose blood was all over the blade.
That sounds promising.
Just waiting on CODIS.
Did you find out what Jake was doing with the victim today? I paged him; let's see if he calls back.
Oh, there we go.
Ah, that's what I'm talking abouin CODIS hit on the blood on the handle.
Peter Kinkella.
That was our party host.
Arrested for solicitation.
Maybe the party was really just a way to solicit legally.
Kinkella, your charity auctions women for money, and, yet, you were busted for soliciting prostitution.
It was a one-time thing.
I learned my lesson.
Ruined my life; my wife left me, took my kids.
You do see the irony of it, though, don't you? My charity donates thousands of dollars to underprivileged kids.
I thought an auction with hot women would bring in more money from our wealthy male benefactors.
What was your connection to Rebecca Roth? I never met her before today.
Then how do you explain your blood on the handle of the murder weapon? That's impossible.
So you didn't use your letter-opener to stab Rebecca, then? My letter-opener I can explain.
I cut myself this morning opening my mail.
I cut my hand; it doesn't make me a murderer.
Well, it certainly doesn't eliminate you either.
It's my house, my letter-opener, and my bedroom.
You find any of that criminal, I'm sure you'll let me know.
That's what I do.
It isn't what it seems.
Yeah, well, you know what? It never is with you, Jake.
I had to find out from ATF that you had lateralled to MDPD? Well, I thought you'd find out.
Why'd you leave ATF? Because you guys blew my cover.
I couldn't do that anymore.
Word is, Rebecca's your girlfriend.
She's just a kid, Calleigh.
Well, now she's a murder victim, so if you have an explanation, you better bring it.
We're building a case against Peter Kinkella.
I needed someone on the inside.
So you thought it was a good idea to turn a young girl into a CI? Rebecca Roth is no angel, believe me.
And I busted her for meth possession, so So you threatened a first-timer with a stint in jail.
All she was supposed to do was get in, look for his stash and see what she could find out.
You had nothing on this guy.
Yes, I did.
You're wrong.
Kinkella's dealing heroin out of his clubs in Miami.
He's got toe worth millions.
Well, if you're so sure, why send in the girl? Because I couldn't get in, and they were auctioning off beautiful girls.
And you couldn't have found a young police officer? Well, not unless they let me use you.
Calleigh, you know how this works.
You get one shot at a guy like this.
ll, it looks like you missed.
Detective Tripp.
Checked into Kinkella's background.
If his wife left him, it's not official.
Only thing on record is their marriage certificate.
Do they have kids? Yeah, two boys, elementary school.
Okay, income.
He does well.
No stockpiled cash.
Pays his taxes.
All shy activity seems recent.
Wait a second.
What does he do with the money? I don't know.
I checked into his charity and there is not a damn thing charitable about it.
Okay, so it doesn't come back nonprofit.
Anything but.
Has all the earmarks of a shell corporation.
I'll have to dig deeper to see if he's taking the money.
Was the account offshore, Frank? Yeah, Bahamas.
So what next? Let's go shake his tree.
Lieutenant Caine.
This certainly is a beautiful home, Mr.
How did you pay for it? If you've got financial questions, see my accountant.
I have a lot more than financial questions for you.
What's the dog for? It's a drug-sniffing dog.
I have a warrant to search your premises.
You can't just barge into my home.
I can when it's a crime scene.
Excuse me.
Let me see that.
Let's see what we have.
There's nothing here, just some papers.
If there were drugs here, somebody moved them.
Maybe he was reacting to a residue.
Hey, here we go.
You got something? Yeah, a listening device.
Now to remove it without compromising the potential for prints.
Is that the stuff that preserves the sticky side of the tape? That's right.
It contains heptane.
You spray it in a mist.
It negates the adhesive bond long enough to remove the device and preserve the potential for prints.
Yeah, that's a short-range transmitter.
It's got a signal strength of about a hundred yards.
Who do you think put it there? Do you have something to tell me, Jake? I don't have to tell you everything about my cases.
No you don't, but, my friend, you just put a young girl in harm's way and she got killed.
What do you want from me, man? I want the recordings from Kinkella's house.
What recordings? The recordings from the microphone that you had Rebecca plant- those recordings.
Look, I never gave her any mike.
We found the mike, Jake; it's standard-issue.
I know you think that I got that girl kied.
But all I was doing was having her gather information, strictly eyes and ears.
Jake, if your fingerprints are on that microphone, you're finished.
You understand? Fine.
Someone wasn't careful.
Whoever planted this microphone touched the adhesive on the back.
Okay, then this should be easy.
Yeah, should be.
Except, it's not his.
Try running it through AFIS.
Who else would want to bug Kinkella's house? Apparently someone who doesn't want us to know.
It's restricted.
You think it was a Fed? Or intelligence.
Maybe Horatio can get clearance.
Who are we missing here? I mean, who else was in that room? Look, Heff Jr.
doesn't seem like the spy type.
Well, what about your friend? The girl you interrogated? Katie Watson? You think she's one of us? Why don't you ask her? You interrupted my spa treatment for this? How many times do I have to tell you: I left girlie in the room.
It turns out that you left something else there, too.
What is that? Cut the act, Ms.
If that's even your real name.
Yes, who do you work for? Let's just say I do my best to keep you safe at home.
Mm, so you're claiming the Homeland Security Agency.
So posing as a girlfriend was just a cover? I do whatever the job requires.
Was Rebecca involved in the job? No, she wasn't.
I never even saw her before that creep bought us both in the auction.
That's why I had to improvise once we got to the room.
Improvise by killing her? No.
I blindfolded her, so she wouldn't see me plant the bug.
You want to have some fun? I guess.
Close your eyes.
Okay, now get comfortable, darling.
You are so sexy.
I mean, just hot.
Then I got out of there.
What is your interest in Kinkella? That's a need-to-know.
I need to know.
I can't help you.
Well, what about Rebecca? Can you help her? I don't follow.
Your microphone recorded her murder.
Let me see what I can do.
I'll call it in.
Don't make me wait.
Where you going? Give me one minute.
I got to get something.
Okay, that's George leaving for the Viagra You want to have some fun? I guess.
Close your eyes.
Eric, jump ahead to when Katie leaves.
She's out.
George? Someone just walked in.
Why don't we invite that other guy to join us - Peter? You ow, 'cause he was kind of cute.
Oh, my G I never heard hesomeone die before.
You're awfully quiet, ladies.
That''s George.
Hope you didn't start without me.
This is gonna be worth every penny.
There's one leg.
What's this, chocolate sauce? Excellent.
What the? S Somebody! Something happened! Help! Help! George, what did you do?! That's Kinkella in the room.
You got to help me! I'll go get you a towel.
Eric, rewind that part.
It sounds like he took something and left, doesn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, the dog went crazy, barking near the bedside table.
Something was removed.
Let's find out Eeic.
What his real emergency was.
Where's Lieutenant Caine? Mr.
Kinkella, you left out a small detail.
You were the first one to find George.
Uh, yeah.
He started screaming.
At first, I thought he was having a good time.
But then I knew there was trouble.
And you decided to help him by gng to get a towel? Right.
Only, you never got George a towel.
You took something from the room.
Something heavy, like a case.
How do you know about that? The drug dogs smelled it, Peter.
But I took the drugs out Dogs have an amazing sense of smell.
What kind of drugs Heroin.
In my book safe.
Somebody! Help! George.
George, what did you do?! You got to help me.
I'll, uh I'll go get you a towel.
It was right nexto the bed.
I couldn't let? You're quite an investor.
Pandering, drug dealing, money laundering.
Wasn't always that way.
It seems to have started in the last few months.
Common denominator though is that you need to make money fast.
Why is that? Peter, murder is gonna round out the rest of these charges really nicely.
But I-I didn't I want that safe.
It's in the trunk of my car.
Let's go.
Hey, man, what'd we get? It's what the dope dog hit on.
It's a dictionary.
No, it's not.
It's a book safe.
It w concealing his drugs.
Doesn't look like it could hold very much, besides a personal stash.
He kept pure heroin in there.
Cut it up, in the street, it's wortx a million dollars.
So he kept it close to him, and it was near the body.
And I'd say it was at the killer's feet.
What is that, plastic? Looks like an aglet.
The covering of a tip of a shoelace? That's right.
Some light-colored threads inside.
The frayed aglet must have got stuck in wet blood.
Light-colored threads means light-colored shoelace.
Means that our killer was wearing tennis shoes at a formal party.
So we're looking for the one person who didn't dress to impress.
What are you doing? I'm seizing it.
It's evidence.
You see the frayed aglet from your shoelace? We found the other half at Rebecca's murder scene.
You said you never went in the house.
Yet, somehow, the tip of your shoelace got stuck in her wet blood.
Sort of hard to explain, don't you think? Why'd you do it? Wasn't bad enough that she left me for the guy I saw her with.
Be right back.
Close your eyes.
Trust me.
George? Why don't we invite that Peter guy to join us? You know, he's kind of cute.
George? She was selling herself like a common whore.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
We're from Virginia.
We met in church, if you can believe that.
We made promises to each other.
And once she moved to South Beach, she forgot everything.
How so? She made new friends.
Didn't come home for days.
I found drugs in her purse.
Then that guy Rebecca didn't leave you for that guy.
He's a cop.
She was helping him to work a case.
What? I don't get it.
That's right; you don't.
Maybe she would have explained it to you.
But you never gave her the chance.
You took her life.
Now we're gonna take yours.
Peter Kinkella has been laundering money and selling drugs, and yet you're not focused on him.
Why not? We need to keep his operation going.
So the monitoring device is for someone bigger.
Kinkella's only raising capital.
We want who's getting that money.
Which is for who? I'm afraidhat's classified.
For now.
Richard Kinkella, are you aware that Homeland Security Agency is looking into you? Why? Because your money is being used to fund a terrorist organization, that's why.
I would never help terrorists.
Not intentionally.
Up until six months ago, you were a legitimate businessman with a family.
So? You're still married, but no one has seen your family recently.
Where are they? Dead, if you keep this up.
Please, I beg of you.
You can't help me.
I think I can.
I drained my accounts.
Borrowed against my business.
Every time, they promised it would be enough.
But it never was.
Three weeks ago, my wife was driving my sons to school.
They took them.
everything they asked after that.
I need names.
I want to tell you.
I do.
But if anything happenedo them Mr.
Kinkella, help me, so I can help your family, okay? No, I-I can't.
Thought you didn't need my help? I would take help from anybody right now, Jake, even you.
So what's going on? You were running surveillance on Kinkella, weren't you? Shadowed him 24/7.
Only place I couldn't get to him was inside his house.
Why the photos? His family was kidnapped.
Kidnapped for what? Money.
Kinkella was being blackmailed into funding a terrorist cell.
My God.
I was thinking maybe your camera might've caught one of the kidnappers.
Thesguys ran Peter's clubs.
Now that's his cutter.
He prepared the roin for the dealers.
What about this girl? Who's she? She's unidentified.
She was with Peter at the party.
Really? Yeah, she s pretending to be his girlfriend.
Well, she's giving him hell.
I wouldn't take that from somebody I paid for.
Good to know.
We've got to find her.
I want in.
I thought I wasn't any fun.
Maybe I feel bad because I got Rebecca in the middle of this.
Maybe you just feel bad 'cause you're not in the middle of it.
I'm sorry, Jake, I can't.
Moreta, you led us to believe that you were purchased at an auction, when, in reality, the money went to you.
You needed Peter's full cooperation.
So you kidnapped his family to fund your terrorist cell.
That's crazy.
Is it? What's the plan, Ms.
Moreta? My plan is to just sit back, relax, and watch as the world we know changes forever.
And how is that gonna happen? My world believes in the death of America.
Your world.
What is your world planning to do? It's already in motion.
I wouldn't stop it even if I could.
I believe you.
Yeah, we don't know what they're going to hit or when.
Okay, here what we do: we look into Kinkella's last six months.
As far as we know, he's an unwitting facilitator.
And he lawyered up.
So what about Sonya? She pulls the strings and there's a reason she chose him.
Yeah, his resources.
He must know someone who is helping Sonya's group transport whatever they're using.
Someone important.
What've you got, Frank? A lot of bigwigs at that auction: old money, new money, tech money.
Anybody out of place? Yeah.
George Kornspan.
The guy who bought our three-way? Mm-hmm, he's a stevedore at the Miami port.
Works with shipping containers.
Well, 20 bucks says he has something to do with which ones get inspected.
Hands where I can see them, Kornspan.
I didn't come this far to be taken down.
Don't make a mistake that'll cost you your life; put the gun down.
Calleigh! Calleigh! Calleigh! Calleigh! Calleigh! Are you okay? Thank God for Kevlar.
I will deal with you later.
Are you okay? I'll be fine.
Jake, huh? Yeah.
Dang well, I brought you the new gadget from Homeland Security.
Oh, great.
It's a portable explosive detector.
It detects in parts per trillion.
This was the lt shipping container that Kornspan signed off on.
Let's see.
This should tell us what was in it.
That's reading PETN.
That's plastique explosive.
This container could hold about 10,000 pounds.
That's twice as much as they used in the Oklahoma City bombing.
So why not just blow up the port? I don't know.
I guess sometimes it takes an even larger explosion to create a larger disaster.
How're we going to find out where they're going? Found it.
Homeland Security.
What are they looking for? The same thing we are.
A vehicle carrying 10,000 pounds of plastique explosives.
A mobile bomb.
The contents were unloaded at the dock than half an hour ago.
Well, factoring in the size of a vehicle necessary to carry that much weight and the dr This should give us a viable radius of the truck's location.
Route 821.
They've got to be headed somewhere big, huh? Where's that lead? That's Turkey Point.
It's a suicide mission.
They're going to blow up a nuclear power plant.
And cover Miami in 30,000 pounds of nuclear fallout.
H they're headed to Turkey Point.
?Set up a roadblock at Turkey Point and notify Homeland Security immediately.
AGENT Spotted vehicle fitting criteria on 281.
Red cab, 18-wheeler The roadblock is in place.
Standing by for authorization to engage.
Subject's vehicle is one mile out.
We've got it in our sight.
Permission to engage.
We have the green light to fire.
I cannot believe I took a bullet for you.
What are you talking about? I can't believe I shot a man for you.
I'm the one in pain.
I got the emotional scars.
You're not losing any sleep over this.
Maybe you're right.
What'd you say? You're right, Calleigh.
Nice to hear.
Gotta admit We are a good team.
We have our moments.
What happens to Kinkella? He was just a pawn.
My boss agreed that if he fully cooperated with the investigation, he could have a chance at immunity.
You know, ma'am, our agencies really need to learn to communicate.
Trust me, Lieutenant, from now on when it comes to Miami, you'll be the first one I call.
Yes, well, you've got the number.
My plan is to just sit back, relax, and watch as the world we know changes forever.