CSI: Miami s05e10 Episode Script

Come As You Are

No joy with the flare.
I cannot make out the target, over.
This is Perry.
I'll proceed to the next checkpoint.
I repeat, I've got the target.
Moving to target two.
Be advised, be advised.
Clear and lock all weapons.
Return to HQ once you have a safe weapon.
It's going to be a hot one in Miami today with a high of 98 degrees.
We will have some relief with a nice tropical breeze blowing in from the southeast.
This is Johnny Mountain, WKOR Weather.
What do you think you were doing? They rushed the clock.
We could have had a perfect score, that was my last target.
Matt, what's wrong? You killed someone.
Our victim is a dead U.
Marine, Frank.
Sergeant Timothy Hicks, he's a recruiter here in Miami.
Who came out to a civilian gun range.
Except none of these wannabes claim they saw our victim today.
Till Derrick Perry there put five in his back.
Look, I told you already, I didn't mean to.
I saw it, sir, it was an accident.
And you are? Matthew Batra.
Derrick and I come here all the time.
I know you're thinking I was all battle crazy and didn't see him but that guy didn't make a sound.
That's because he was already dead.
He was shot somewhere else and dumped here.
Which is why there's no blood, Frank.
No blood.
So we're, like, free to go? Yeah, you're free to go, but don't go far.
Somebody wanted us to think our vic died here in this playground war.
Frank, the war may be staged, but the murder is real.
So the victim was a Marine recruiter? That's probably motive right there, right.
You got something against the military, Wolfe? No, but with what's going on in Iraq right now, it makes sense there are a lot of people who have it out for the military, don't you think? All I know is he wears the uniform, so he gets our best.
Lividity puts his time of death several hours before he was shot.
That's why there wasn't any blood.
He was definitely killed somewhere else.
Do you get a cause of death yet? Blunt force trauma to the forehead, and I do mean blunt.
Whatever hit him was flat and very hard.
I'll start my recon.
Hey, Eric I'm also thinking kidnapping.
His hands were bound with something.
Except his feet weren't.
Killer bound his hands, probably used them like a handle to drag him up here.
Got the drag marks over here to prove it.
Probably not going to be able to get any impression, though.
Maybe they can tell us where they came from.
Yeah, it looks like there was a struggle, but it's hard to believe that anybody could overpower a guy that big.
This is his truck.
It's registered to a Timothy and Donna Hicks.
He left a wife behind.
He left his blood behind, too.
I think this is where our recruiter was killed.
You ready for me? Calleigh, baby, have I ever made you wait? Man in uniform.
And looks like he went through a lot of them.
What do you mean? Today wasn't the first time he was shot.
See these scars? They're old bullet wounds.
Barely a piece of him without a scar.
Tim Hicks was a fighter.
You know, I bet he got some of them saving people's lives.
He was awarded the Bronze Star.
That makes this even harder to say.
I found traces of a white powder in his nasal cavity.
Oh, I do not think that he is the type.
Well, things aren't always as they seem.
You know, I bet that powder could help explain how someone overpowered a trained soldier.
I sent it to Tox.
And you'll be the first to know.
Thanks, Alexx.
I heard you got the tox report back on our dead recruiter, so, uh, what's his poison? Ketamine.
Ketamine? Is a cat tranquilizer, Yep.
Commonly known on the street as Special K.
It won't kill anybody, but it's the perfect drug to overpower someone.
Well, they found powder up his nose, so how do you get someone to snort a drug? Trust.
I don't follow.
Well, I just found out his wife is a veterinarian, so she'd have access to the drug and to his trust.
Let's go.
I'll drive.
You work out of your home, Dr.
Hicks? Yeah.
Kennel's out back, as if you couldn't tell.
Is that where you kept the ketamine? Among other drugs I use to treat the animals, yes.
We found high doses of ketamine in your husband's system.
Do you know anything about that? Oh, my God.
Tim asked me about ketamine if it would relax him.
So he took the ketamine from your office? I guess so.
He's never done anything like that before.
You don't understand.
Tim doesn't just sign recruits and then forget about them.
He cares about his recruits.
Sometimes we'd get two death notices a day from Iraq.
He put his trust in me.
He was 20 years old.
You were always honest with him.
You need some sleep.
We're going to need to check your medical supplies, Dr.
Uh, we had a break-in a couple days ago.
Some things were taken.
Were any of these things ketamine? Maybe I'm don't know what all was taken.
Did you file a police report? No.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
Would you mind if we checked point of entry? It's the back window.
I haven't even cleaned up the glass yet.
Well, that's a good thing for us.
Am I going to lose my license? There's a possibility you may lose more than that.
Hey, I just finished running trace on the victim's wrists.
Yeah, anything useful? Micropore elastic paper with cotton overlay and a Uro-Bond adhesive.
Medical tape.
But that's among other things.
It's got such a wide range of uses.
Okay, well, let's hope we get something.
I just pulled a fat, juicy print off the victim's nametag.
I'm running it through AFIS now.
Sean Reynolds, charged with assault a couple of years ago; charges were dismissed.
Look what he's got for a work address.
Yeah, that's a little more than a coincidence.
Wolfe's out in the field; I'm going to have him pay a visit.
Sean Reynolds? You tired of hamburger? You ready to eat steak? You've come to the right place.
Yeah, um, Ryan Wolfe.
Look like a leader, Wolfe.
Marine Corps needs leaders like you.
I'm a CSI.
I'm here to talk to you about Tim Hicks.
Hicks He was a good man.
And a top-notch recruiter.
He'll be missed.
You two recruit together? Let's just say we both went after them.
You mean you competed.
Competition keeps you frosty.
That's the Marine Corps way.
The thing about competition is, sometimes it can get out of hand.
See, your fingerprints were found on Sergeant Hicks's uniform.
You're looking to pin his death on me? You want to tell me why your hands were on the victim's chest? Couple days back, Hicks got this letter.
It just set him off.
Hate mail's one thing, but this guy's threatening my life.
Listen to me, it's just some whack job.
All right? All right.
Where's that letter now? Probably his desk.
"You killed me.
"Killed me with your lies.
My blood is on your hands.
" There isn't a return address.
That's okay.
The challenge keeps us frosty.
It's the CSI way.
Damn What's wrong? I just ran the sample from envelope.
I got a really good clean sample.
But there's nothing coming out of CODIS? Did you try the military DNA database? Because if you ask me, it sounds like that letter was written by a soldier.
Does that database track criminals in the military? It has all the people in the military.
Every recruits' DNA is cataloged.
It's mainly used for identifying remains.
How did we get access to that? It a perk when you cooperate with JAG.
Marine Corporal Kevin Kirby.
Let's see, where's he stationed? He was on the ground in Fallah, but he's back home on bereavement leave here in Miami.
Who died? His brother.
The funeral is tomorrow, viewing is today.
I'll let Horatio know.
All right.
Did you serve with my Patrick in Iraq? No, Mrs.
Kirby, I'm not military.
My name is Horatio Caine.
I'm with CSI.
Both of my sons served but only one came back alive, Kevin.
Ma'am, when you're ready, I'd like to talk to Kevin.
Kevin isn't really Kevin anymore.
Being over there did something.
You know all he does is stare at the TV.
He's right outside.
Kevin? Sir.
Kevin, I wanted to talk to you about Sergeant Hicks.
Yes, sir.
Why don't you have a seat? I understand, Kevin, you wrote quite an angry letter to the sergeant.
I did, sir.
Why did you do that? He, uh, told me that I could make a lot of money if I got somebody to join the Marine Corp, and that they would make a lot of money, too.
So you brought your brother, Patrick.
And now he's dead.
Kevin, what if I were to tell you that Sergeant Hicks is dead, too? It's my fault, sir.
Sergeant Hicks? No.
P atrick.
I killed my brother, sir.
In Iraq, I killed him.
- I killed my brother, sir! - He doesn't mean that.
Kevin, you don't mean that, baby.
Why don't you go inside, okay? Come on.
Come on.
I told you he's not well.
He says these kinds of things all the time.
He's not right.
I understand, ma'am.
Ma'am, if you would ever like to talk to me about this further, I would appreciate a call, okay? That the glass from the Hicks's window? How long were you watching? Long enough to know you found something.
Okay, yeah, I did.
Some kind of staple fiber, got Kevlar in it.
It's Nomex.
It's a flame resistant material used in military gloves.
SWAT uses it as well.
So Dr.
Hicks was telling the truth, someone did break in.
Okay, well, I'll swab it for epithelials, and I'll run it through CODIS and the military databases.
You know what? I think we already met the guys who were wearing those gloves.
Which database? Neither.
We already told Tex everything there is to tell back at the gun range.
Did you forget to tell Detective Tripp that you recently broke into the victim's house, and that you took drugs from his wife's veterinary practice? You can't prove that.
We found a piece of Nomex on the window.
All I have to do is take a look at your gloves to see which one of you did it.
Don't fold, Matt.
Then you tell.
No way.
Not on your life.
Tell her or she's going to think it's something worse.
Worse than being a chicken? Chicken about what? Hicks and his partner came to our school.
He looked so cool, you know, in his uniforms and everything? Hicks was talking about how we could make a difference over there, change history.
Make history.
Save lives.
So we signed up.
Today, you've taken the first step to becoming men.
We're going to shoot some big-ass guns.
Just wait till the ladies see us after boot, we'll be ripped.
Then Derrick started having second thoughts.
So we figured if we stole back his file, there wouldn't be a way to prove he enlisted.
We wanted to hit up his office, but he took the files home with him.
Why didn't you just tell us you that you knew Sergeant Hicks in the first place? Because we thought it'd look bad.
And yours was the only application that you took? There was a bunch.
We didn't know which one, so we took them all.
I'm going to need to take a look at those files.
Well, that's the thing.
We, uh we got rid of them.
We burned them.
Well, then you're right about one thing, this looks really bad.
Thank you for returning my call, Lieutenant.
They've arrested Kevin.
Um, who's arrested him? JAG.
They accused him of murdering Patrick.
But it was just rambling.
Kirby, have they released Patrick's body yet? Yes.
Would you mind if my team took a look at him? I don't know, Lieutenant.
Patrick has been through so much already.
Kirby, Patrick is our chance to save Kevin.
Go home and think about it.
Have him take a seat, please.
I don't think you can talk to me.
I spoke to the officer in charge of your case and it's okay to talk to me.
Did my mother say it was? She asked me to visit with you.
I guess she trusts you then.
So what I need now, Kevin, is for you to trust me.
I suppose you want to hear about my brother.
That's correct.
I don't even remember the last thing he said to me that day.
But I know the first.
You're dead, Kevin.
Bring it on, baby, bring it on! Set.
Hey, Patrick, I'm open.
Come on, get that guy.
Tackle him.
Get him That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah! Chow is on you, bro.
Kobe steak, baked potato, maybe a banana split.
Three scoops.
Just like the brochure promised.
Eyes are open 24/7.
It's that one blink that they catch you.
Man, this stuff is better than anything my mom made.
Maybe that's 'cause you was always dissin' her like that.
I'm about to take your bread, too, brother.
Huh? Ok.
Incoming! Patrick! Patrick! Your unit was attacked.
Off the radar.
And the whole world went sideways.
Patrick! I knew it was him.
But he didn't stop, so I emptied my mag.
I was trained to kill, so I killed.
I don't care what JAG does with me - 'cause I'm already dead.
- Kevin, I don't think you killed your brother.
Don't tell me that! Kevin You said that I could trust you.
You just stated that you emptied your entire mag into him.
That's not possible, Kevin.
He only had one bullet hole in his chest.
We're done here, sir.
Kevin, I'm not gonna give up on you.
Let's go.
I fluoroscoped his body.
I found this buried in his chest cavity.
- That's not a bullet, is it? - No.
The unit corpsman dug that out during their field autopsy in Iraq.
But they missed this.
Is it shrapnel? Only one entrance wound on that boy.
So it entered with the bullet.
My guess the bullet passed through something before it entered Patrick, and whatever that was, this is a piece of it.
Let me see that.
Alexx, I think that's paint.
Camouflage, maybe? No, vehicle paint.
I'm going to get it to Trace.
Thank you.
How am I gonna find a vehicle in Iraq? It's the first Internet war, Coop; soldiers carry those DV cameras everywhere they go now.
Yeah, I know, every homemade battle video is posted on the Internet.
That's what I'm hoping for.
Someone had to record the firefight that Patrick Kirby died in.
I'll let you know what I find.
Ok man, thank you.
Patrick Kirby's personal effects I take it.
His mother sent over everything that he'd had in Iraq, including the uniform that he died in.
What else did we get? Well I found these hairs that were too long for a military haircut, so I ran them domestically for DNA.
Brad Hoffman.
You know him? I'm about to.
I've never been to Iraq.
I know Patrick from Miami.
I grew up with both brothers.
In fact, they were going to work for my company when they got back from there.
See the problem, Brad, is that we found one of your hairs inside the boot that Patrick was killed in on the battlefield.
Well, that must've happened this morning.
This morning? Yeah, I went to pay my respects to Kev and his mom.
The boots were at the wake.
And his mom can confirm this? Ask her, man.
You know, isn't Iraq a little out of your jurisdiction? Not anymore, Brad.
Not anymore.
Is there a chance you'd go to The Rack? Sure there is.
Would you rather fight them in their backyard or later in your own? You think that over.
I'll be here till 7:00, we'll get you squared away.
Well, Willy Loman's got nothing on you.
I do my job.
Puts more boots on the ground.
Means less of our servicemen and women get killed.
I will not apologize for my mission.
Nobody's asking you to.
Well, you're here for something.
A couple of recruits broke into Sergeant Hicks's house and burnt their applications.
Ah, takes more than that to get out of your promise to the Marine Corps.
We keep the originals here under lock and key.
That's what I was hoping you were going to say.
I'm gonna need to see everything that they stole.
Here you go.
Thank you.
"Security risk.
" What's that mean? Washington flags applications they think are questionable.
Like if a name appears on the terrorist watch list.
The watch list? Can't take a chance with national security.
There are a hundred applications in here.
Do you know which one of these files was flagged as a "security risk"? Don't know.
Those are Hicks's poolies.
I'm gonna need copies of all these.
Hey, Natalia, uh I need the results from that tape we found on Hicks's body.
Um, why? Did you-did you find a candidate? Yes and no.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
Um, the tape had traces of formaldehyde all over it.
- Meaning? - Meaning formaldehyde pickles body parts, animal parts, that kind of thing.
Tape is from some place of research.
- Take good pictures.
- Yeah, will do.
Hey, um was was he just asking about me? Nick? Not at all.
So my ex-husband just comes into the lab just to hang out? He asked me out.
What did you say? I said yes.
Are you mad? Not at you.
You found the Kirby footage? I think I have post-traumatic stress after all the battle scenes I went through.
But check this out.
Kirby brothers.
Mama, we coming home, okay.
We coming home soon.
We coming home soon.
We are on the way.
Need that meal, everything.
There were three different cameras out that day.
A couple of corpsmen and a staff sergeant.
Hi, baby.
I miss you.
I'll be home soon.
And this is where the day turns upside down.
Incoming! Patrick! Okay, that's Kevin taking the hit from a grenade.
He's concused, He could be out for a couple of minutes.
Fast forward.
There's Patrick.
Kevin! According to the time stamp, Kevin was unconscious while Patrick was still alive.
And when he was killed.
Check this out.
I never actually found any footage where we see Patrick getting shot.
All three cameras went out during the battle.
But there's no way that your guy could have shot his brother.
He was unconscious.
Wait a minute, Coop, freeze that.
License plates on that water truck are from Florida.
Contractors in Iraq don't have to register their vehicles.
They just keep their own.
Run those plates for me please.
You think this truck has something to do with Patrick's death? Brad Hoffman.
Hoffman told us he'd never been to Iraq.
So these are Hoffman's trucks.
They were unloaded off a transport a couple of days ago.
Flagman says Hoffman Trucking just returned from a two-year stint in Iraq.
Which means he was there at the same time as the Kirby's.
Eric, this truck on the end, check that paint.
It's the same truck from the video.
I think you're right.
Piece of metal Alexx found in Patrick's body is from this truck.
It's from the door.
The angle says that the shooter was sitting in the driver's seat.
So that means Brad Hoffman shot Patrick Kirby and then left him there to die, doesn't it? Problem is no one's heard from Hoffman for a few days.
He hasn't called about picking up his trucks.
And he's not going to, Eric.
What do you think, he's a flight risk? He's an approved contractor.
He makes it back to Iraq, he'll disappear off the map.
Let's stop him.
How'd you get your hot little hands on a terrorist watch list? The DOD is giving us full cooperation.
Boy, there are thousands of names on this thing, huh? Yep.
But all we need is one.
One of a hundred recruit plicants.
Corey Stanich cleared.
Bobby Childs.
Feed in Derrick Perry.
The blonde kid from the shooting range.
You know, being on this list is motive enough.
Once you're on it, your life is hell in this country.
Yeah, you can't get a flight, no government jobs.
It's not Derrick.
Try Matthew.
Lakshmi and Rishad Batra? It's not Matthew.
No, but those are his parents.
Does it list their occupation? They're pathologists.
Does that mean anything to you? Pickled body parts.
Means they use formaldehyde.
My parents are good people, okay.
Only reason why they're on that list is where they were born.
They're doctors.
They pay taxes, vote.
They're not terrorists.
I understand.
You didn't know that's why you were rejected until you stole the application, did you? Hicks lied to me.
He said it was because of a medical reason.
Is that why you killed him? No.
I didn't.
I was pissed, but I didn't kill him.
Matthew, I know that you did.
The tape that was used to bind Hicks's hand had formaldehyde on it.
Your parents are research pathologists, I know that you got the tape from the lab.
I was just trying to appeal my case, okay, that's it.
Sergeant Hicks always stopped at the gun range on the way home.
I need to talk to you.
Not now.
I swear I hardly touched him.
He was tranquilized.
I didn't mean to hurt him, he just went down.
You could have called it in.
Instead you bound his hands and you dragged him to the range.
I figured if he was found there it would look like an accident.
If I called it in, with my name, do you know how that would look? Then you know how this ends.
I could have been the best marine, you know that? I got 20/10 eyesight.
I could run the 100 yard dash under ten.
Hold my breath for two minutes Matthew, Matthew, stop.
Marines are looking for people who want to stop the killing.
Not cover it up.
Major Brenton, thank you for coming in.
JAG headquarters appreciates what you're doing.
Anything we can do to help.
Actually there is, Major.
I need information on a contractor named Brad Hoffman.
I have reason to believe that Mr.
Hoffman murdered Patrick Kirby, Major.
You have proof of this? Yes, I do.
When is the next contractor flight scheduled out of Miami due into Baghdad? Those are pretty deep waters you're swimming there.
Need I remind you that a US Marine has been killed.
Look, all I know, contractors are always hitching flights on corporate planes.
Duhamel Industries.
They carry the pharmaceutical contract for Iraq.
Has a plane bound for Baghdad, leaving in half an hour.
Thank you.
Brad Hoffman.
Going somewhere, Brad? What, this is a private plane.
Connected to a very public murder.
And we've got video, with your truck pulling away.
And a piece of that truck in Patrick Kirby's body.
When Pat and Kev were getting sent over, I thought I'd go make big bucks and be near my friends.
But it didn't work out that way, did it, Brad? It happened so fast.
Kevin! Kevin! So you saved your own skin and left Kevin to take the fall.
It was a war zone, man.
You don't understand.
I bet Mr.
Kirby does, Brad I bet he does.