CSI: Miami s05e11 Episode Script


Court is now session.
The Honor judge Warson presides.
This is the State of Florida v.
Sonya Barak.
The charges alleged are accessory to kidnapping.
Chandler, you can call your first witness.
Lieutenant Caine, do you recognize Sonya Barak in the courtroom today? I do.
The name we had at the time was Sonya Moreta.
Lieutenant, when you asked Ms.
Barak to reveal her plan, what did she say? My plan is to just sit back, relax, and watch as the world we know changes forever.
Did she tell you anymore? My world believes in the death of America.
It's already in motion.
I wouldn't stop it even if I could.
Her plan was to blow up the nuclear power plant at Turkey Point, but we took care of that.
I object.
Not relevant to the case.
Your Honor, State will show Ms.
Barak has direct ties to the Al-Qaida terrorist organization.
Baseless assertions that have no bearing on these proceedings.
Chandler, limit your questions to the charges at hand.
Nothing further.
Lieutenant Caine, you testified that Sonya Barak was involved with the kidnapping of the Kinkella family, is that correct? That's correct.
And do you have any evidence connecting her to this crime? She had specific knowledge as to the whereabouts of the family.
And she provided authorities with that information, didn't she? She did.
Information that led to their safe return? Yes, in exchange for a reduction of charges.
Just answer the question, Lieutenant Caine.
Did Ms.
Barak provide authorities with information that led to their safe return? As I stated, as part of legal maneuvering, she provided the information.
Nothing further.
Your Honor, as Lieutenant Caine has just confirmed, were it not for Ms.
Barak, the Kinkella family would not be alive today.
For that, I ask that she be released on bond.
Barak's admission of involvement provides the court sufficient cause to the bind the charge of accessory to kidnapping over for trial.
Bail is set at one million dollars.
Barak will return to stand trial four weeks from this day.
Lieutenant Caine! What happened in there? I thought you were going to put me on the stand? Now hang on a second, Mr.
Kinkella That's why we cut the immunity deal, so I could testify against her.
Kinkella, I understand your confusion.
My confusion? That woman is a terrorist.
She kidnapped my family.
Barak is going to be dealt with in due time.
Due? I never should have trusted you.
Shooter left behind a cartridge casing.
Dead defense attorney a long line of suspects.
Starting with Sonya's people.
Her attorney pulled off the impossible got her out on bail.
So, here's my question.
Why kill the guy? That is a good question.
Did you run the plates on the shooter's car? I did.
Meet the owner.
This kid? Apparently.
Craig Edwards He looks like a beach bum.
It's not what I expected.
That's exactly why we need to talk to him.
Hold out your hands, Mr.
Edwards, your Corvette was in the courthouse parking lot this morning, so you shot the defense attorney.
Some of my buds took the 'vette for a spin.
Talk to them.
I'm talking to you.
Whoever did it, can't say I'm sorry.
Why do you say that? You think Sonya's getting a fair shake in the court system? You're kidding yourself.
Your whole legal system's corrupt, just like your country.
Son, aren't you from Pensacola? Pensacola means nothing to me now.
You're positive for GSR, Mr.
- GSR? What's? - Gunshot residue.
It means you shot the attorney.
He deserved it.
Some people would call me a hero.
I'd call you a terrorist.
Now, you're Al-Qadr, aren't you? Craig! Don't answer that.
Who are you? Larry Fremont, Craig's attorney.
Your his attorney? If I were you, I'd get a bodyguard, immediately.
Now, was Sonya in on this? Aw, come on, I object.
Okay, this is not a court of law, Counselor.
Last I checked, we're still the United States.
I understand.
Was she in on it or not? Speak to my attorney.
Edwards will be taking the Fifth Amendment so as not to incriminate.
If you ask him one more question, we will sue you on constutional grounds.
So, you gentlemen despise our justice system until you need it.
Book him.
Tell me the address again.
Okay, I'm on my way.
So, what's up? Homicide just pulled over Tanninger's car.
The dead lawyer? So, did they find Sonya? No, one male, they're holding him.
All right, let's go over there.
Let's get him away from the car.
What's your name? Hector Rivera.
Well, Hector, you want to tell us where Sonya Barak is? I don't know who that is.
She's the woman last seen driving this car.
How'd you get it? Uh, found it.
The keys was in the ignition.
Why do I doubt that? Let's step away from the car.
You got the trunk? Yeah.
Is that the killer? Is that him? Doyle,what are you doing here? I thought you switched to nights.
Film's not as pretty.
Besides, you guys get all the hot cases.
CSIs have reason to believe the runway defendant is in the trunk.
Just do me a favor, be seen and not heard, okay? I'm here on mayor's orders, remember? Look, just give me a little room.
Oh, man.
Cal, I've got a DB multiple stab wounds.
Bet you didn't know him either, did you Hector? Come on, let's take a ride.
You working on our defense attorney? Just about to.
Hey, I thought that little terrorist suspect already confessed to shooting him.
Craig Edwards? Yeah, he did.
But you know these Al-Qadr types, we have to make sure there's no loopholes.
Well, from what I can see so far, Mr.
Tanninger took a round in the neck entrance and exit.
So through and through.
So where's the projectile? It's got to be somewhere back at the crime scene.
Then, that's where Horatio and I will be.
So, the shot that killed Tanninger went through him, which means the round came this way.
Could be a nine-millimeter.
It's got blood on it.
Could be the kill shot.
Horatio, if the shooter was driving by the front of the car, he couldn't possibly have shot him from there.
I agree, Ms.
Boa Vista.
Will you move the bendy, please? This bullet ricocheted.
It wasn't aimed at Tanninger.
It was aimed at the passenger.
They were trying to kill Sonya.
Yes, they were.
That means she's in a lot of danger.
And, possibly, from her own people.
But she was helping them in a plot to blow up Miami.
It just doesn't make sense.
None of this does.
I got your call.
Did you get an ID on the dead body in the trunk? Yeah.
Gabriel Cervantes.
28 years young.
And C.
is from stabbing? Yeah.
Multiple wounds to his chest.
Internally bled out.
Ryan's with the suspects, so I'll let you know what we find out.
Why are you whispering? That's the victim's daughter down there.
She and her aunt came to the morgue.
She may have seen something.
I thought you'd want to talk to her.
Yeah, I do.
Thank you.
My name is Calleigh.
I work here.
What's your name? Emma.
Hi, Emma.
I know that something bad happened today, didn't it? A man hurt my daddy.
Did you see the man do this? Yeah.
At our store.
I was hiding.
Come on, everybody pays, right? Everybody has to kick up.
Come on, you understand.
I'm done paying.
I'm not giving you another dime.
Okay, it's your call.
Did the man see you in your hiding place? No.
Emma, I want you to know that the man who did this is not going get away with it.
Do I have to go to a courthouse to look at him again? No.
My aunt says I might have to.
I won't let that happen.
I promise.
Alexx are these his personal effects? Yes.
I was just about to go through them.
I don't see his phone.
The EMS guys said they didn't find one.
They didn't find one.
Does he have a business card? Never met a lawyer without one.
Russell Tanninger.
All of his numbers are right there.
Thank you.
What's going on, Horatio? I don't know yet, Alexx.
Thank you.
Ran the swabs from the hands of Craig Edwards, our homegrown shooter.
O kay.
They tested positive for GSR, so we know he fired a gun, but negative for selenium the trace on the cartridges you found at the scene.
Bottom line: he never touched those cartridges.
So Edwards is not our shooter.
No, but why would a guy who didn't commit a murder confess to it? Because if Edwards goes down, then we stop looking for Sonya's killer, Eric.
So the killer's still out there looking for Sonya? Sonya? Listen to me, Sonya.
I know that you are not involved in the shooting.
How do you know for sure? Sonya, the shooter was after the passenger that's you.
Most people in your position would have let them have me.
Sonya, I'm not like most people, and I want you to come in.
How do I know I can trust you? Because I'm the only one that can keep you alive, Sonya.
Does he have to have that camera in my face? It's for educational purposes, Hector.
Say hi to your mommy.
Start from the beginning.
Did you kill Gabriel Cervantes in his bodega? I didn't kill anybody.
I don't do that.
So you just happened to be driving around with the guy's dead body in your trunk? That dead body was in the trunk way before I jacked it.
Oh, now you jacked it? You jacked it.
Where'd that happen? On the corner of Eighth and Sola.
This chick was sitting at a stop sign.
I pull her out of the car.
I drove off with it.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car! Don't hurt me.
Take it.
Take it.
It was the easiest thing I ever copped in my life.
Is this the woman? Oh, yeah, that's her.
She looked good.
She looked real good.
And you know what? I think she was feeling me.
A lot.
I think she wanted me to hit it.
Do me a favor.
Take off your jacket.
Why? Because if you killed Cervantes, you probably washed your hands, your sleeves.
But I don't think you're smart enough to know to change your clothes.
So, come on, take off the jacket.
Come on.
Let's go.
H, Hector gave us a " last seen " on Sonya.
Hector, the guy who jacked her car? Yeah.
He said it was the corner of Eighth and Sola.
Suspect's a mutt, but I think it's worth taking a look at.
Eighth and Sola.
That's where we'll be.
So this is where Hector said he carjacked Sonya.
So what remains? - Plenty of tire marks.
- What else? I don't know, I'm going to canvass the area for witnesses, see if anyone saw her next move.
Wait a second, Eric.
She was on foot 'cause she was carjacked, right? That's right.
Maybe she rented a car.
Excuse me? Can we talk to you a minute.
Can I help you? I hope so.
Have you seen this woman? Sure have.
She rented a truck from me a couple hours ago.
Say where she was going? No, she didn't.
I don't think she wanted me to know either.
Why do you say that? She asked me for an Escalade with tinted windows.
Made sure the GPS wasn't attached.
I'm going to need a copy of that security tape up there.
I'm going to have to ask my manager, man.
There won't be time.
Talk me through what you're doing.
Okay, this is the jacket worn by our suspect, Hector Rivera.
We believe that he stabbed Gabriel Cervantes, so I'm going to run what's called a luminol test.
What's luminol? Luminol is a compound that, when it interacts with the iron in hemoglobin, uh Oh, you're there.
Luminol is a compound that, when it interacts with the iron in hemoglobin, will, uh, luminesce.
You mean blood? Yeah.
Nothing vanishes without a trace, especially blood.
Stabbings are very bloody, so if there is blood on this jacket, the luminol will cause it to glow.
Oh, cool.
Another, uh, word for it is,uh, " evidence.
" Can we even can get that to be even brighter? Okay, I just want it to really pop on film.
Yeah, give me a sec.
Oh, yeah, that's my money shot.
Yeah, it's, uh, it's mine, too.
So we just got to get this to the DNA lab, have them confirm it is our victim's blood, and then,um case closed.
Hey, Valera, what'd you get from Hector's jacket? Would you mind turning the camera off? Come on, don't be shy.
We're doing a public service.
Seriously, Ryan, turn it off.
He's, uh, he's harmless, so don't worry about him.
Okay, suit yourself.
My results are zero.
There's no DNA on the jacket.
I don't see how that's possible.
The luminol gave a significant blood spatter.
It was actually, uh more than significant.
You should have seen it glow.
It was amazing.
Oh, I bet it was.
The problem, is, the more luminol you spray, the more you dilute the blood.
All right.
I get it.
So what have we really got here? Ryan, too much luminol.
There's no DNA.
What do you mean? If you want to get this guy, you're gonna have to find some other way.
You're gonna have to get that thing out of my face.
Get it out of my face.
Is this Gabriel Cervantes? It's the guy from the trunk, yeah.
I don't know if, uh you heard.
That you compromised the only evidence linking the killer to the victim? Yeah, I heard.
Look, I don't want an explanation.
Let's just find something to link it to the driver, Hector.
Trunk guy likes his tats, huh? Three skulls cross Anything unique? Alexx says the cross tattoo is new.
Looks raw.
Cervantes has the markings of a rough life.
Let's see if we can find a way to tie Hector to it.
What are the chances of these helping bust Hector? For your sake, hope high.
When you were on gang detail, did you see any of these tats? Oh, yeah.
Your guy was definitely in a gang.
Los Craneos.
The Skulls.
That's cute.
They left a bloody trail from Miami all the way down the turnpike.
What's his name? Gabriel Cervantes.
Fresh tat.
Couple of days old.
Might as well have had a target on his chest.
What do you mean? Well, it's a cross.
It means he gave up the life.
He was trying to go straight.
Bought a little bodega.
He's got a he's got a little girl.
Well, if he'd gone straight, that's an automatic death sentence.
As far as the gang's concerned.
You think someone could be pulling the strings from the inside? Yeah, you're gonna want to talk to Rulon Domingo.
He's the top Craneo shot- caller in Miami-West Prison.
He is one cold bastard.
Well, he's about to get a temporary release.
Domingo, are you familiar with a man named Gabriel Cervantes? I'm doing three life sentences, little one.
You know what that means? Means you got nothing to lose by talking to me.
Gabriel Cervantes is dead.
Do you have any idea why? Gabriel turned his back on us.
Went straight.
Because he bought a bodega and wouldn't give you kickbacks? Is that why you had Hector kill him? I ain't copping to nothing.
Look I know that we can shackle your hands.
We can remove you from society, but I can tell that your arms have a very long reach.
You're already in for life.
What's one more count of murder? Yeah.
I gave the okay on Gabriel.
Had Hector do it.
He's a good soldier.
When you talk to Hector, you tell him he made his bones.
I'll tell you what.
I'm going to let you tell him yourself.
So, you get anything on these security tapes? From the corner where Sonya was carjacked? Haven't gotten to it yet.
Something else took precedence.
All right, well, this better be good, Coop.
Dead lawyer's cell phone.
H told me to try it since Sonya hung up on him.
- And? - And she just got back on-line.
All right, bring up a grid.
Already on it.
Can you locate the signal? There she is.
What I don't get is why Sonya would keep this cell phone.
The important thing is that she has it.
Give me something I can tell H.
Great thing about global positioning, Delko.
Lets me deliver you to her.
So Where's Sonya? She turned on us.
She betrayed the cause.
You're Al-Qadr? Two weeks ago, we had a truck headed to the Everglades, financed by her, to blow up a nuclear plant.
And suddenly you were there.
She betrayed all of Al-Qadr.
Call him an ambulance.
She's alive, Frank.
- He say anything about Sonya? - Yeah, he, uh he thinks she's one of us.
Fat chance.
She planned that explosion a few weeks back, got us to this warehouse to get us killed.
We got to find her, Frank.
Find her right now.
Did you shake the documenter? For now.
What happened to the state attorney? It, um looks like we're going to need Emma to testimony.
No, I nailed Rulon's admission down myself.
It's just the State feels that a jury isn't really going to respond well to a to a three-time lifer.
Now, she did see him kill her Dad.
She's going to be able to ID him.
Absolutely not, forget it.
All she's going to have to do is put it on tape.
I really feel like, uh, like they're going to be able to protect her.
Are you kidding me? They don't even know she exists.
You really think I want to tell a gang that she witnessed their murder? No.
Okay, let's find another way.
Is this the rental agency tape? Where Sonya was carjacked? Just cued it up.
There's Sonya, inside the Mercedes.
It's a little hard to tell, but it looks like Hector is opening the door.
Zoom in on it, please.
Let me try something.
She's She's smiling.
Nervous response, maybe? Roll forward.
He's helping her out, she's handing him those keys.
That's odd behavior for a carjacking.
This was no carjacking.
Hector definitely knew Sonya Barak.
That is a fact.
Wolfe, is this Hector Rivera's jacket.
Yeah, I've been doing a little overkill.
I'm running sample through the mass spec trying to tie it to the stabbing at the bodega, but I got nothing.
Wait a second.
We may have something bigger P.
? What's that? Plastic explosive, Mr.
There were traces of nitropyrene.
That's diesel exhaust.
Those are the same components that were found on the truck that was going to the power plant.
The truck we stopped.
But the driver died in that explosion.
And we never knew who loaded it till now.
Hector,you didn't carjack Sonya.
I've got the whole thing on film.
She handed you her keys.
And I didn't stab that dude in the car trunk, either.
Yes,you did,Hector, and you made a little girl an orphan.
Prove it.
I've got you for loading explosives onto an Al-Qadr truck.
Trace from your jacket ties you to the payload, so don't lie to me.
It's a job, man, okay? It's not like I'm a terrorist, all right? I'm just a player.
I'm just trying to get my hustle on.
- I'm in it for the money.
- Where's Sonya? Last I heard, I don't know.
Hector, I'm going to cover it again.
Where's Sonya? I have no idea.
She called me this morning, and I had to meet her downtown.
How you doing? Oh, you're just going to give me this car? Someone from Al-Qadr shot my lawyer.
I don't want to be implicated.
So this car is hot? Dump it if you have to.
And remember, you never saw me.
All right, you know, I got you.
I already had to dump a body, so I figured I'd kill two birds in one stone.
Under the Patriot Act, this is your last hour of freedom.
What do you want to do? Let's make a deal.
Maybe I can help you find Sonya.
You had your chance, Hector.
No deal.
You're looking for that little girl, Emma Cervantes, aren't you? Went missing after the lab lost evidence.
She's your star witness, right? Have to find her first.
But you need you need you need her testimony to put the father's killer away, right? Nope.
Just put him away for life on a charge of sedition.
The little girl doesn't know that? It's none of your business.
It'd be great to see you tell her you put Hector away.
Elevator's full.
You have to take the next one.
Emma? Emma? Emma, it's safe to come out.
Did you get him? We did.
The man in the jacket? We got the man in the jacket.
I was scared.
I think that's a very brave thing to admit.
You're safe now.
Okay? Do I need to talk in court? No.
You don't need to talk to anybody if you don't want to.
Can I talk to you? Of course.
You can talk to me about anything you want.
Nafi's weapon from the warehouse? Yes,he left me a clear print and the striations match the round that killed Tanninger.
Nafi's been busy today.
I'll have him brought up from booking.
There's one other thing, Eric.
What's that? I found a smear of blood on the slide and I want to match it to another suspect.
Who? I don't understand.
What are striations? Striations tell us that the handgun we recovered at the warehouse was used to kill the defense attorney.
So the gun was used.
But you have nothing to tie my client to the murder of Russell Tanninger.
And I have no desire to, Mr.
DNA spectra.
DNA spectra confirming that you, Mr.
Fremont you killed Mr.
Oh, this is just this is just typical government B.
You can't get a " terrorist ", so you go after the attorney.
You're a part of this.
You're Al-Qadr, aren't you? You got a slide bite when you shot Tanninger.
Your problem is the bullet ricocheted when you missed Sonya.
Lucky for us, your DNA's in the system on an old assault charge.
And Mr.
Nafi didn't notice the blood on the weapon when you handed it to him, did you, Mr.
Nafi? You tried to set me up? Shut up.
You gave me this gun to kill Sonya.
We know where Sonya is.
Do what you have to do.
Right after his attempt failed this morning.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Fremont? Just stay strong.
We have to be aware of our weakest link.
Sonya set us up.
She didn't set you up.
We didn't need her to.
Book these two animals.
What about Sonya? There's no sign of her anywhere.
I think she's running out of friends.
She's still got one.
I just spoke to the clerk - in Judge Porterson's courtroom.
- Okay, who posted bail? Ready for this? Peter Kinkella.
Is this guy crazy? I mean,she tried to kidnap his family.
What did he use for collateral? His yacht.
It sounds like Sonya found a new partner.
It certainly does.
Taking a cruise, Mr.
Kinkella? Matter of fact, we are.
Ask Sonya.
We're going to watch the sunset.
Could be your last, Sonya.
What? Why don't you tell her, Peter? Don't listen to him, Sonya.
He's trying to screw up our cruise.
Sonya, he posted your bail on the hopes that your people would kill you.
When that failed, he developed his own plan.
That's what today is about, isn't it, Peter? Peter? Do you have any idea what it's like to have your family taken from you? As a matter of fact, I do, Peter.
Then you understand.
I do understand, but you still have your family.
Go back to them.
I'm telling you, this woman is evil.
Then get out while you can.
Peter, this is this is above your head.
Now I need you to believe me.
Leave now.
Enjoy the sunset.
You venture outside these local waters, you violate your bail.
I know my boundaries.
Do you? You have nothing to hold me on, Lieutenant.
I'm free until the trial.
You're still in danger, Sonya.
I can take care of myself.
Can you? I'll see you in court.
I'll be there.