CSI: Miami s05e13 Episode Script

Throwing Heat

I can't believe, i'm really here.
Horatio this boy is Cuban.
It's not surprising, Alexx.
This is a popular entry point for refugees.
Poor baby, he lived the American dream for about one second.
Horatio, I think I found something.
Frank, that looks like a pressure plate from a land mine.
Well, it explains all this plastic frag in the body.
They say Miami beaches still have land mines left over from the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I thought that was a myth.
Somebody could be using that myth to disguise a murder, Frank.
Well,he should've done his homework.
I'll call the Coast Guard.
See if they can find that missing boat.
Okay, do it.
Don't move.
Whoa, whoa.
Easy, Frank.
Horatio, you should take cover.
Frank, I'm staying right here.
That's the Torch, isn't it? It's the most effective way.
Uses aluminum, barium nitrate, and PVC to burn out the mine's TNT without detonating it.
That's why you've got the detective's legs covered, right? High temp silica.
Protects up to 2,700 degrees.
You know, we don't usually defuse these things with someone standing on it.
We've taken every precaution.
He's gonna be all right, isn't he? You're gonna be all right, Frank.
It's getting hot.
I think it's gonna blow.
Why don't you get out of here.
No,the heat means it's working don't move.
Frank, we're almost there.
It's all right.
You can step off now.
Frank, you're okay.
Are you absolutely sure? Go ahead.
Well, that's a hell of a way to start the day.
And it's only 8:00.
Fire in the hole! My God.
They just blew up the three other mines.
Yeah, well, it's the easiest way to counter-charge them.
I understand, but we need them for evidence.
How are we going to find out the signature? The Bomb Squad will sift through the pieces.
Don't worry,they'll send them to Calleigh.
You don't think the plastic components are going to be trashed? That's why, my friend, we have to find something else to go on.
These tire treads, they look too small to be from a county vehicle, don't you think? Yeah,dark to light, that means acceleration.
So maybe our bomber made a fast getaway.
Well, we're gonna find out.
I think I found something.
Looks like some sort of eyepiece.
Binoculars? Yeah.
Maybe we've got a witness.
Or we've got a killer who likes to watch.
Here are the results from the stomach contents.
Is the the frag from our Cuban gentleman? Yeah.
Oh, good, I'm gonna add it to what I get from the beach.
You know, it was actually the frag that killed him, well in a way.
Really? How's that? When he stepped on that land mine, the shock went straight up his legs.
His feet get the worst of it.
But that blast actually blew one of his metatarsals right into his lung.
If you don't mind my asking, since you know how he was killed and when he was killed, why did you send the stomach contents to Trace? Calleigh, gut feeling okay no pun intended.
But this guy is in amazing shape.
And his clothes he just seemed too nice for a refugee.
Well, you're right.
His stomach contents were lobster, caviar, and maraschino cherries.
Yeah, definitely not rationed food.
I bet if you have money, you can buy your way to the top of Cuba's visa list.
So why go by boat in the middle of the night? I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Hey, hot stuff.
I thought this was your day off.
Yeah, they called me in to testify, but I'm done now, so Too guilty to take a day off? You're the same way, you know how it is.
- That's true.
- What are you working on? A Cuban refugee stepped on a land mine this morning.
It's not the typical case.
It seems the refugee had quite a bit of money.
Really? Well, if he had a lot of money, someone would've been waiting for him.
Look, I know a bar where Cubans go to get help with their citizenship papers.
Really, where? Somewhere you'd have a little trouble fitting in.
You have a picture? You sure? It's your day off.
No, no.
I'll go.
It's on my way home.
- All right.
- All right.
I'll call you if I get anything.
He doesn't look familiar.
You expecting any Cuban refugees this morning? Whoa, man, come on.
Illegals? I don't know anything about that.
I just serve the drinks.
My man, everybody knows this is the first stop off the boat for papers and jobs.
Must be thinking of some other place.
Just leave me alone.
Every night I pick you up from here and I pay the tab.
I am tired of it.
Then stop picking me up.
How about you stop drinking? Touch me again, I swear I'll kill you! Hey! No! Hey! Get the cops on the phone! I thought you were the cops.
Just tell them an off-duty officer needs assistance.
Are you okay? Are you okay? I think you're bleeding.
I'll be fine.
I'm okay.
What are you doing with this guy? He's my husband.
That's unfortunate.
We're usually not like this.
You're lucky you're a cop.
Huh? I'm not a cop now.
You want to do something? Huh? It's not even worth it.
That's what I thought.
You got the cops? Hey.
Anything on that rubber eyepiece from the beach? Yeah, I got a lot, actually.
I found some epithelials.
I also got a DNA profile.
Walter Dunley.
Well, he's, uh, guilty of owning binoculars.
Well, no, I think he might be guilty of a lot more than that.
You must read on, CSI Wolfe.
Harassment, vandalism, aggravated assault, hate crimes against immigrants.
Yeah, I think our binocular boy might be an expert in hate crimes.
He had a front-row seat for this one.
Thanks, Natalia.
A dead refugee on the beach.
I don't know, maybe he was a bad swimmer.
He was actually killed on shore, uh, by a land mine.
You should know that.
You were there.
This is from your binoculars.
I was protecting my country.
Excuse me? My family has been here since before the Civil War.
These Cubans they're coming here, they're stealing our jobs, our resources, acting like they earned something.
So you're playing Border Patrol with land mines? No.
I was there watching for boats to come in.
Call it in if I saw one.
That's it.
The land mines? I don't know.
Another brother in arms, I guess.
While you were on watch there, Paul Revere, you didn't see anyone setting them? I fell asleep.
That's when I heard the explosion.
So there was another refugee? Yeah, he jumped into a car.
What type of car? A foreign piece, took off fast.
Did you see a license plate? It was Florida, I know that.
There was a three and a two, I think.
H? Yeah, I think I got a lead on that car.
The tire tracks from the crime scene.
Do they take us anywhere, Mr.
Cooper? Yeah, crime scene photos got a few bites on the Motor Vehicles uplink.
Walter Dunley drives a Ford pickup,doesn't he? Well, then he didn't leave these tracks.
It was definitely a Porsche.
It was either a Boxster or a 911.
I wish I could narrow it down.
As a matter of fact, you can.
Run it against any Florida plate, focus on the number 32.
You got it.
An '07 Porsche 911.
Barry Ellis.
Big sports agent.
Big wallet.
Now he's got a big problem.
Call Dispatch, impound his vehicle, and bring him in.
A mine buried on Miami Beach? You gotta be kidding me.
We found plastic shrapnel embedded in your car, Barry.
Ario and Jorge were going to be my clients.
One fireball pitcher, one power hitter.
You were smuggling baseball players.
I'm not about to let politics stop me from signing some of the best players in the world.
Did you know Fidel Castro he tried out for the Cincinnati Reds back in the '40s? I did not know that, Barry.
What happened to Ario this morning? Man, I wish I knew more.
I had contracts waiting for them.
One year in the minors and they'd go straight to the bigs.
All they had to do was get here.
Ario and Jorge were running towards the car.
Then - Esta muerto, esta muerto! - What? Rapido! And Ario, he just he's gone.
I couldn't believe it.
Where's George? The hitter? He's at practice.
Dobson Field.
So, Ario out you still have George.
Hey, hey, hey, I lost millions in that explosion.
This is going to take some time, believe me.
I did not kill that kid, so we're done here, right? Tell it to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
I have a signing meeting this afternoon.
The only thing that you will be signing, Barry, is a booking slip.
Bad date? No, actually, got in the middle of someone else's.
A guy was wailing on his girl, his wife.
And when a girl's in trouble Nah, anyone would have done the same thing.
No, no.
- You're a good guy, Eric.
- Yeah.
Well, being a good guy doesn't get you much.
I try to help out on the Cuba case and now I'm stuck, filling out this report.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you help me? You must have a big sign on your back.
Yeah, I can help you out.
- What do you need? - I think that I'm lost.
Is this the police station lobby? No, no, this is the crime lab, but I can take you over to the police station lobby if you'd like.
Oh, thank you so much, Officer? Delko.
Eric Delko.
You don't have to take me anywhere.
This is for you.
What is this? You've been served.
I don't know, Eric.
I mean, my dad's the lawyer, not me.
That's fine, but w-what do you think? It's not good.
Vince Henney filed a civil action against you, alleging personal injury.
All right, look, I'm gonna talk to our union rep, see if he can help.
I don't know if that would help since you were off duty.
Well, I can't be out on my own on this.
The guy's suing me for a quarter of a million dollars.
I badged the bartender.
Oh, that's great.
That means you were taking police action.
Yeah, but then I said to him, " I'm not a cop right now.
" That's bad.
Were there any witnesses? Yeah, the wife of the guy suing me and the bartender.
Start there.
See if you can get them on your side.
I'm sorry, man.
I don't remember any badge.
Yeah, you're conveniently forgetting a lot of things today.
Look, man, is Vince threatening you? The guy's suing me for $250,000.
How about giving me a little help? My bar's worth a lot more than that.
I start ratting on customers, they stop coming in.
What about the guy's wife? Yeah, those two are regulars.
If she's not in the bathroom, she's out back on her phone.
What, she's still here? I didn't want to go home.
My husband's there.
You know he filed a civil suit against me? I'm not surprised.
He's crazy.
Will you testify to that in court? Do I have to? As his wife, you can't be compelled to testify, but you can choose to.
I don't want you to lie.
I just want you to tell the court what happened.
No, I don't think I can.
I know you think I'm awful, taking your help, but you don't know him.
I'm sorry, I can't.
You change your mind, you call me, all right? George Zamareno! He's at the plate.
Yeah, I don't think he speaks English.
You need a translator? That won't be necessary.
Hey, if you're gonna talk, at least get out of the box.
I'm legal, okay? M - My team is taking care of my papers.
I mean, they, they told me political asylum.
Wet foot, dry foot.
George, that's not why I'm here.
He died this morning, but, um I think you already knew that.
I did nothing wrong.
Why don't you tell me what happened.
Ario running and a blast came out of nowhere.
Who do you think would want to kill you and him? I don't know.
Who knew you were coming today? My agent, and an another man who was with us.
Wait a second.
There was a third man on the boat.
Was he a baseball player? No, no.
He was bad.
And he wanted to do evil things here.
He just said that the guy's here to do evil? That's exactly what he said.
He wanted to scare us with this.
223 round.
That's a rifle round.
I got this, too.
It's a laser boresighter.
You put this in the muzzle to assure accuracy.
Think we got a sniper? I think we're looking for an assassin.
An assassin from Cuba.
How we gonna stop an assassination when we don't know who the killer is or his target? Miami is the center of the anti-Castro movement.
Perfect place for his mark.
So, we follow the gun.
Thank you, George.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So anything yet on the cartridges from the assassin's gun? Well, based on the extractor and ejector marks, I know that they were fired from an HK SL8.
Oh, well, that's some serious firepower.
Do we know who has one? Yeah,I'm searching IBIS as we speak.
What about the land mines? Bomb Squad gave me what they recovered, but the fragments were so mangled, there was no discernable signature.
Yeah, well, between the explosions and the ocean, I'm not surprised about that.
Oh, there's IBIS.
Wow, our assassin's gun has quite a history.
Three previous crimes.
Okay, well, let's take a look at the latest.
It was last on record for murder in 2001.
It's probably been in Cuba since then.
Did we know who pulled the trigger in the 2001 case? Yeah, we had a suspect, but we were never able to put the gun in his hand.
His name is Alejandro Moyano.
It's not the first time he's been a suspect for murder.
He seems like a Cuban hit man.
And he's not in prison? No.
Horatio's been trying to put him behind bars for a year.
Thinks he's even linked to the congressman's murder.
There seems to be a sharp drop off in his criminal activity.
Word was, his gun was stolen.
He runs a cigar shop down in Calle Ocho now.
Looks like Alejandro just came out of retirement.
So who's your next target, Alejandro? Lieutenant Caine, if you only knew how much I've missed these conversations.
You should come to my shop sometimes.
I just received the finest shipment of Cuban cigars.
I'll save you one.
Actually, interested in another shipment you received.
A bullet casing? Yes, from your gun, fired off a boat from Cuba last night.
You have anything tying this to me, or do you just miss me? I couldn't charge you because I couldn't find the rifle.
But it is back in Miami now.
Must have made that trip by itself.
Lieutenant Caine, why would I go to Cuba? I'm living the American dream.
Maybe it was delivered along with your next job assignment.
This business, killing for money, it's a younger man's game.
But it looks like that some young man is trying to live up to my legend.
Lieutenant Caine, I'd be wary.
You may have another Alejandro on your hands.
Well, then, I guess I guess you better hope I don't find his rifle, Alejandro.
All units report to Dixie Canal.
Suspect boat located.
The guy who rented this slip called us.
This boat showed up, it's not his.
This is part of the land mine.
It's scorched.
Yeah, this is definitely the boat that the ballplayers and the assassin came in on.
Okay, well, no refugee that made it onto dry land would ever go near the water again.
Probably didn't even get off at Haulover.
Probably came here to be among these rich houses here.
Officer down! I repeat, officer down! Status! - Vest caught the round.
Took one in the arm, sir.
- Shooter's gone.
He's gone.
Wolfe, We'll do better find it before he find another target.
Well, the place was empty, except for these casings.
They look like the ones the ballplayer gave us.
And this " For Sale " sign explains why he chose this location.
Yeah, shooter waited in here for the time to be right.
Nice mansion by the water.
I'll start printing.
Wolfe, he's not gonna be in the system.
Officer Delko? Yeah, who's this? This is Carmen Henney.
What do you want? It's my husband Vince.
Look, Mrs.
Henney, I don't know if you have a case of amnesia, but your husband is suing me.
I know, but something bad has happened.
Well, look,if it's an emergency why don't you call 911? It's too late for that.
What do you mean it's too late? Vince is dead! Where are you? The alley behind Garden Vista.
All right, give me five minutes, I'll be there.
Thank you for coming so quickly.
Look, just save your story, all right? Detective Tripp will be handling the investigation.
Were you here at the time of your husband's death? No.
Just found him like this.
Anyone want Vince dead? Not that I could think of.
Didn't you tell your husband you'd kill him the next time he touched you? Kind of.
I mean, I was upset.
Look, if you're thinking it was me, you're way off.
I didn't kill Vince.
I'll be the judge of that.
Ma'am, this way.
Blood on the pipe.
Could be our murder weapon.
Well, I'm no CSI, Delko, but why's there no blood on our victim? Good eye, Tripp.
Blood could belong to our killer.
In that case, Miss Henney, we're gonna need a DNA sample.
What are you doing with my bomb evidence? Some debris from the explosion blasted into the assassin's boat.
I think I found the missing piece to your bomb.
What do you mean " missing piece "? Well, land mines are self-contained.
They're plastic-coated, and when you step on one, you activate a pressure switch.
So why didn't the land mine detonate when the bomber put it in the sand? Because of the safety pin.
It's the last thing the bomber pulls once the mine is in place.
And he left a little something on it when he touched it.
The peaks indicate mineral oil.
Turpentine and rosin.
Why would you mix those together? You put the gunk in your throwing hand, it helps grip the ball better and makes the ball move more.
Also makes Lou Pennington a suspect.
He's at the plate.
I don't think he speaks English.
You need a translator? So, Mr.
Pennington, last season, you got a ten-game suspension for using foreign substances to improve your grip, rosin, turpentine, mineral oil.
I'm playing again now.
It was no big deal.
Blowing someone up is a big deal.
We found some of your special mixture on a component of the land mine that killed Ario Pastano.
I never even met the guy.
Let me refresh your memory.
He's a right-handed pitcher, just like you, except he's about seven years younger, an-hour fastball.
My agent came for a visit, and then he takes a phone call.
He just assumes I can't habla.
Dieciocho anos.
Estan un poco inestables en esaposicion.
Mismo arreglo que antes.
Laentra de en Playa Haulover.
Cuatrode la manana, el Sabado.
What's that about? Nothing.
Listen, you don't get your ERA under three this season, you're gonna drop to double-A.
And, you know, Lou, I only represent guys on their way up.
I've been waiting three years for my chance at the show.
Now my agent's bringing in a new guy and threatening to drop me? So you decided to get rid of the competition by using a black market land mine? I read an article about some old mines buried on Miami beaches during the missile crisis.
Except, those mines, they're an urban legend.
Yours was real.
It's not enough that I have to compete with all the American talent, my own agent smuggles in a Cuban as my competition.
Competition should be good for the sport.
I couldn't let that guy come in and ruin my baseball career.
Well, it looks like he didn't have to.
You did it yourself.
Looks like things are going your way today.
Blood on your husband's murder weapon was not yours.
That means I'm innocent.
That means it wasn't your blood.
Well, can I go? Yeah, I'll have a uniform take you out to the car.
But I want to say something first.
I am sorry for your loss, Mrs.
I'm not sorry to see Vince's civil suit go away.
What makes you think it will go? Plaintiff dies, case is dismissed.
Officer Delko's pretty much off the hook.
Actually, it's a little more complicated than that.
How do you mean? According to Florida law, Vince's claim can survive his death.
As beneficiary of his estate, I recover the value of lost support and services.
In Officer Delko's case, it means the quarter mil goes to me.
This isn't happening.
Really? Hey.
You have no right to do this.
I defended you.
That's an admission of fact, by the way.
Look, you need money, get a job like everyone else.
You're about to spend an awful long time in court,do you really want to string this out? What do you think, I'm gonna lay down without a fight?! Are you crazy? I'm crazy? For all I know,you killed Vince to save yourself some cash.
If I find out anything like that, I'll have the complaint amended to include a count of wrongful death.
Get her out of here.
And, gentlemen, have a nice day.
That bloodsucker and her husband had me set up from the beginning.
She's a snake, Eric.
You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
I have to find out who I'm dealing with here.
Is that the pipe that killed Vince Henney? It is.
I just processed it.
I didn't get any hit on the blood, and the prints were unusable.
His wife's threatening me with wrongful death.
I'll be damned if she's going to get away with murder and I pay for it.
You really think she did it? Could very well be.
Carmen Henney's an expert in deception.
What do you mean? She's a slip-and-fall artist from Tampa.
She won half a dozen personal injury suits under her maiden name.
I wish I had something for you.
I I mean,there was something weird about the prints.
There was a pattern, but there was no ridge detail.
Take a look.
Someone has paronychia.
That sounds contagious.
It's an affliction that plagues bartenders.
Okay,you repackage it.
No, I can't touch it.
Remember? Thank you.
Thank you.
I bet you use real limes in your mojitos, am I right? Are you asking the questions, now? I thought you were in trouble.
No, you're the one who's in trouble, so shut up and hold out your hand.
Yeah, you have paronychia aka bar rot.
Excuse me? The citric acid in the lemons and limes it kills your skin and cuticles.
Couple that with the bacteria in dirty dishwater and you have bar rot.
Unfortunately for you, disease patterns can be matched.
We matched the ones on that autopsy photo that you touched to Vince's murder weapon.
Why did you kill Vince? I knew what he and his wife were doing.
Their big scam.
I told him I wanted in on it.
You get a rich guy to hit you, then you sue for personal injury.
That's the scam, right? What if it was? It's my bar I want my share.
That's not gonna happen.
I can always tell the cops.
You do, I'll tell them you're in on it.
Look, there's a reason you're still a bartender.
Stick with the tips, loser.
Who the hell does he think he is, hmm? Telling me I'm not good enough for his small-time con.
So you showed him you were good enough to kill him.
How do I make some kind of deal here? Start by telling me the truth about your bar.
Your officer was right.
A lot of F.
Cubans come in there for papers.
One come in this morning? Yeah.
Name's Guillermo.
Tall guy with some kind of case.
Like a gun case? Could've been.
Did he say where he was going, mention any names? I heard him talking about some guy Miguel Santora.
Wolfe, Miguel Santora everything.
So the bartender heard right.
It turns out Miguel Santora is part of the anti-Castro movement.
He actually provides a significant amount of their financial backing.
So killing him could be a setback to the movement.
That makes him a perfect target.
Where is he? I tried calling him on his cell phone, but it went straight to voice mail.
His assistant said that he is on the job.
A job? Yeah, he's a builder-investor.
He's got five corporate properties right now in Miami, so there's really no telling which one he's at.
Okay, so we pull the plans from the job sites.
Maybe there's a reason he's not calling back.
I have that info you wanted.
What are you doing? Public Works sent me some satellite photos, including the five sites that Miguel Santora has under construction.
So, I'm, uh, scanning them into the imaging software.
And the image is All of his buildings are downtown.
How'd he get all those prime locations? He must know something we don't.
We know something that he definitely doesn't, so We're running out of time.
His buildings are the ones in red.
And now is when your information helps.
Well, Santora's cell phone provider is TeleShore.
Okay, let's look for all the antennas and shared towers.
Okay, so he's got really great cell coverage.
So what? No, no.
He doesn't have good coverage today.
His cell phone is unreachable.
You think one of his buildings is in a dead zone? Exactly.
What causes loss of reception? Air traffic control that disturbs all kinds of radio waves.
No, none of the buildings are close enough to an airport for that.
A tall building between a phone and a cell tower.
Okay, I'll factor that in.
Movies? - What? - AMV theaters just installed cell jammers in all their theaters so people can't talk during the show.
That's it.
Santora's building is right in the middle of a dead zone.
Yeah, in more ways than one.
The building next to it is a perfect vantage point for a sniper.
H I found the assassin.
It's all over, Guillermo.
Not in Cuba, senor.
Take your finger off that trigger.
I made a promise to Fidel, I cannot stop now.
Yes, you can, Guillermo.
This is your chance.
What's it gonna be? We both have our laws.
There's only one law, Guillermo.
Get down I don't know how to thank you, Lieutenant.
Just keep up the good work, Miguel.
You, too.
We both tried to make Miami a better place.
And we are.
I'm also preparing my people for a day when they can do the same for Cuba.
And that day is going to come, Miguel.
But you see how high passions run when it comes to Cuba's future.
So we've got to make sure of one thing,don't we? What's that? That you're still around to see it.
Take care, Miguel.
Are you signing out? I won't be signing out for a while.
Are you having your wages garnished? Yeah, 20% of every check now goes straight to the court.
To pay off the con artist? She wins.
Eric, let me ask you something: Why did you decide to settle instead of going to court? Because I don't want anyone looking into this lab anymore than they have to.
But you didn't do anything wrong.
Not in this country.
But Horatio and I going to Brazil that wasn't exactly sanctioned.
I have to make this go away, it's going to take money to do that.
Is there anything that I can do? Yeah, I'm going to have to start pulling some extra shifts, so All right, I got your back, don't worry.
It's hard not to but thanks.