CSI: Miami s05e14 Episode Script

No Man's Land (1)

Let's get this over with.
Almost there.
Almost there.
What the hell's this guy doing behind us? Wave him around.
Come on.
Go! Look out! What the hell's going on? I don't know.
Let's get outta here.
- Go, go, go! - All right.
Matt? Matt, you okay? Matt.
Miami PD, drop those weapons now! That's county property! I repeat, drop those guns immediately! This is Charlie Seven.
I got an officer down.
Cargo's been compromised, I need backup now! Miami - Dade Police.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Turn around! Do it! This is Officer Chris Ryder.
His partner is Officer Matt Cranby.
They were headed to the Folton Steel Mill incinerator.
Had an annual shipment of confiscated guns scheduled to be melted down.
Alex, this is his nine millimeter.
He may have had it turned on him during the struggle.
Horatio, I'll run it in for prints.
What's that in his hand? Our boy managed to grab you some evidence, Horatio, it's hair.
He went down fighting.
A cop to the end.
Horatio, if you wouldn't mind, will you ask DNA to put a rush on this.
Priority number one.
The empty trailer provided the perfect barricade.
PD says it was stolen from the port.
What do you think launched this delivery truck? I don't know.
It's definitely some sort of explosive.
Fuel tank, maybe? No, it's intact.
Take a look at this.
What do you think caused that? I don't know.
The truck alone weighs about four tons.
With cargo another two.
Well, whatever it is, it packed a punch.
I know what it is.
It's a manhole cover.
This is it.
This is where it came from.
Someone's placed a conical - shaped charge in here.
Yeah, probably C - 4.
It's a big - time explosive.
Turned the manhole cover into a high velocity missile.
Then the 18 - wheeler just steered them right into it.
Physics took over from there.
It dumped the truck on its side, doors broke open, it's Christmas in Miami.
What they didn't count on, was leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind.
That's a shock tube.
It's just a fancy word for fuse.
Someone had to be on the other end of that tube to flip a switch.
And whoever it was needed to have a clear line of sight so they knew when to trigger it.
Look, we follow that tube to a nearby manhole cover, maybe we'll find the initiator.
Let's follow it, see where it goes.
Found the initiator.
It's a good vantage point.
This is where it all began.
All he had to do was flip the switch.
What the hell's going on? I don't know.
Let's get outta here.
- Go, go, go! - All right.
There's some smudging.
It's good.
Oil's good.
It enhances ridge detail.
Detail being the operative word.
Let's hope there's enough.
Any, uh, any results on that hair? Oh, yeah.
Cop killings don't wait.
DNA from the follicular tags matches this guy.
He's got some gun possession charges.
Pedro Salvado.
One of his aka's isCruz.
You remember that name from somewhere? Yeah, we put a guy away a couple years ago.
Same last name.
Well, in this neck of the woods, Cruz is a pretty common surname.
I mean, it might as well be Smith.
That's fine, just roll with me on this.
Okay, rolling.
This Pedro became a U.
citizen in'97.
Pull up the next page, see where he's from.
El Satori, Baracas.
That's, that's Clavo's hometown.
Who is this Clavo? Clavo Cruz.
Ex - prince of Baracas.
Rode his father's coattails, uh, diplomatic immunity, that sort of thing, until H figured out that his father, the general, wasn't his biological father.
What's he doing now? We put him behind bars on the murder of a woman named Tess Kimball.
Ran her down with a car.
When I saw that girl fly through the air like that that was sick.
Get him out of here.
Yeah, well, looks like killing people runs in his family.
Clavo's spectra's in the system, and ten of the alleles are similar to Pedro's.
This is good.
H, listen, we got a break.
That's right.
Officer Ryder worked under this very roof.
DNA says you killed him.
I didn't kill nobody.
Didn't kill nobody? How the hell do you explain your hair in Officer Ryder's hand, you tell me that.
We also dusted his gun.
Are those partial prints from your paws? Did you kill Ryder with his own gun? Turn around! Do it! Cop wouldn't give it up.
Pedro, I want you to tell me about your cousin, Clavo.
You're funny, man.
I got nothing to say.
Then we'll take it from here.
Lieutenant Caine requested a visitation list from Miami Federal Prison.
Looks like Clavo had some guests.
Five this week.
What, I can't visit my cousin? He got you to hijack the weapons truck, didn't he? He's my cousin.
That's all.
You're a liar.
Prove it.
That is what I do.
You know, you got some nerve, dawg.
pulled me out of my yard time for this little visit with you.
It turns out, Clavo, that your cousin, Pedro, killed a police officer.
What does my sorry, incarcerated ass have to do with that? Why don't you tell me? Ooh, you've got me shakin' in my jumps now, H.
What are you two up to? Blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah.
'Cause of you, I got nothing, Caine.
I got no father, I got no home, I got no country.
I don't owe you a damn thing.
Clavo, if you're after my attention, you have it.
So why don't you be a man and tell me what you're up to? Hey, guard.
You the one that set me up on a blind date with this hater? Bounce me up out of here, won't you, please? Clavo.
This isn't over.
Lieutenant Caine.
The master of the obvious.
I'm still entitled to a fair trial, right, Caine? Take him.
Heard Clavo did a little prison PR today, shanked a guy.
Think he's trying to make his bones with a high - profile kill? He did it behind closed doors, Frank.
He do that for your benefit? I know he did.
When is he due to be arraigned? I don't know, but I can find out.
Where you going? I'm going to talk to the man who blew up the weapon's truck.
Jefferson and Fifth, I'm on my way.
You running late? I have to testify on a cold case.
Got to be up at Department B of the Graham Courthouse.
Yo 11- year- old boy, shot in his front yard.
A thousand guns hitting the street this morning.
Fasten your seat belt, honey, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
You okay? Yeah.
There's an evidence tag right here.
Yeah, it's from one of the stolen guns from the heist around the corner.
There's something else right here.
Oh, good, it's a shoe print.
It's certainly too large to be the little boy's.
I'll run the tread.
We're going to get this guy.
No, you won't.
Did you say something? Cops don't care about murders down here.
Why should Jesse be any different? Was Jesse your brother? Our brother.
We're very sorry.
Are your parents around? They died a few years ago.
I'm Camille Tavez, I'm their guardian.
Did any of you happen to see what happened? We were inside the house when we heard the shot.
They won't take Ben and Danny away from me, will they? I mean, I am their sister.
Well, let's worry about first things first.
Let's find whoever did this to Jesse.
Metcraft work boots.
Those are prison issue, aren't they? Yeah, and they're also the only thing that ex - cons take with them when they get out so I'm searching the Department of Corrections database.
May not have to.
Gilberto Tavez.
It's their dad.
He did seven years, Miami - West Prison for manslaughter.
He just got out nine days ago.
All right, then let's track him down.
What's this about? Your son Jesse is dead, Mr.
We got some blood.
Not to mention a footprint that matches your prison shoe.
Have you got anything you want to tell me? I got nothing to hide.
I just got sprung out of Miami - West.
That hundred gate goes fast.
So I stopped by my house, hit up my kid, Camille, for some cash.
Did she give it to you? She wasn't home, you know? I was gonna wait, but then I heard this gun go off.
And that was it for me.
Last thing I want is to go back to lock - up.
What about your son? You just left him there? What could I do? Be a human being, for starters.
Lock him up.
Impound the truck, please.
He's saying Camille wasn't home at the time of the shooting.
She said she was.
I hate to say it, but, um I think the truth lies in that family.
Calleigh said you were in the print lab working some of your magic.
That remains to be seen.
I took the one and only partial we found on the initiator and ran it through AFIS.
Gave me this guy.
Richard Williams? Yeah.
Criminal history says he's been arrested for burglary and arson, but I think it's time to find out if he dabbles in explosives.
What's that? A garage door opener? It's an initiator.
Fingerprints say that you handled it.
Used in a gun heist this morning.
It was used to detonate a bomb.
Yeah, heard about it on the news.
I didn't blow up anything.
I sold a bunch of these.
Made 15 grand.
Who bought them, Richard? Couple of guys from Baracas.
Paid cash.
Knew exactly what they wanted.
I should've held out for more.
You detonated the bomb.
You work for Clavo Cruz, don't you? If I did, why would I ever admit to being a part of this heist? From what I saw on WFOR, pretty sloppy.
Neighborhood walked off with half the cargo.
We're interested in the c go you did get.
Try zero.
Swab Richard, Eric.
Now, we can put Clavo's cousin at the scene he killed a cop.
We can put you there, too.
Hold out your hands.
For what? Gonna get your confession in a different way.
Trace results show that Richard handled the explosives from the manhole cover.
But the most interesting thing is that GC/MS says that his hands were covered in nitroglycerin.
The LC/MS says that there were also traces of potassium perchlorate which packs a bigger punch.
You think it's commercial? It certainly does.
It may be military ordnance.
Do we have a list of weapons targeted for disposal? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll bring it up.
It's lot of weapons.
Yes, it is, but Mr.
Williams was only interested in one.
Wait a second.
Go back to that.
A LAW rocket.
He stole a LAW rocket.
A rocket launcher? Williams wants that kind of firepower, it's to break into something.
Or break someone out.
Flag on the play, gentlemen.
Clavo Cruz is being walked over to the courthouse, Department B, for his arraignment as we speak.
He planned the stabbing 'cause it's easier to escape from the courthouse.
That's correct.
Frank, call that courthouse and tell them to evacuate the building immediately.
Courthouse security.
This is Detective Tripp, Miami - Dade.
We have an imminent bomb threat.
Evacuate that building immediately.
This arraignment for Clavo Cruz is now over.
Next case on the docket.
- Horatio? - She's down there, Frank.
- Alexx? - Yeah? Alexx, sweetheart, where are you? Just walked into a courtroom.
What's wrong, H? Alexx, I need you to get out of there right now.
Alexx? Alexx? - Alexx! - Horatio! Alexx.
Are you okay? What the hell just happened here, Horatio? That's what we're going to find out.
It's the bailiff.
The bailiff, and his weapon is missing.
Clavo Cruz is gone.
Clavo Cruz.
Clavo Cruz, Alexx, was scheduled to be arraigned in this courtroom.
Put out a broadcast.
He's armed and dangerous.
Will do.
Alexx, you need to be looked at.
Get looked at, okay? Later.
I'm okay, Horatio.
I'm needed here.
This one has blood coming out of his ears.
It might be internal bleeding.
He needs to go first, okay? This guy fired the rocket.
Weapon's exhaust must've cooked him.
More concerned about being concealed than his own safety, Frank.
I'm going to need surveillance tapes from the courtroom.
Are my brothers okay out there? They'll be fine.
They've got an officer with them.
Why do we have to be here? Because I know that you lied to me, Camille.
Your father just got out of prison, but you told me he was dead.
My mom is.
He might as well be.
You also said that you were home today when the shot was fired.
Where were you? I was working.
I picked up an extra cleaning job.
Two bus rides away.
Big house, pays extra.
Can anyone verify that? Nobody was there.
Key was on top of the door frame.
Money under the coffee can.
Two 20s and a ten.
Why didn't you tell me this before? I only have temporary custody of my brothers.
If I get caught leaving them on their own, my father will get the boys.
Did you shoot your little brother? Look, there was a weapons truck that overturned near your house today, and a lot of people scooped up weapons.
People who aren't trained to use them.
I realize that Jesse's shooting could have been an accident.
And if you level with me, I can help you.
Nobody helps me.
Well, the blood drops that they found in the back of the truck, those are from our victim, right? Yeah, DNA evidence confirms that.
So we got the truck here to recreate the scene.
This is aevidence photo.
The blood drops are gravitational.
So that means that Jesse was upright in the back of the truck, when he was shot.
So where did the bullet come from? Alexx's report said that the gunshot wound was from front to back and that the round lodged in his thoracic vertebrae.
Had to have come from a second - story window.
Just like that one.
I'm going to go check out that room.
What do you want in my room? Why is my dad's truck here? Now that's where your brother was, when he got shot.
This laser tells us that, uh Laser tells us that the, uh the bullet came from this room.
I found the gun in our trash barrel.
I mean I just brought it up here to check it out.
Oh, God! I gonna miss my little brother.
So stupid.
I don't think you're stupid.
I think that you're probably just, uh probably just scared.
I always swore I'd never go to prison like my dad.
But I deserve it.
No, you don't.
I killed my little brother.
You know, uh you don't go to prison for for accidents.
What happens now? Well, I'm gonna take your statement.
And then you're gonna tell your sister what happened.
Surveillance from the courthouse? Yeah, but nothing from the courtroom.
Those cameras were destroyed.
I understand.
Try the parking structure.
I've been through that, too.
No sign of Clavo Cruz.
But that is public parking.
Try employee.
- Oh, yeah.
- Let me check that out.
Now you see your timecode says 6:00 a.
Move it up to the time of the explosion.
Elevator doors, no one's there.
Try the stairs.
H, there he is He's got someone with him.
He's got his ride, Mr.
H, they were parked in space 227.
Frank, he's got a hostage.
What did we get on the parking space, Frank? Parking space belongs to a Cathy Gibson.
She was the court stenographer for Cruz's arraignment.
Contact information? Yeah.
Home phone and cell phone.
Cathy, this is Horatio Caine.
Cathy? Cathy, are you there? No.
It's me, dude.
I knew you'd find me.
Looks like we're in play again.
What do you want, Clavo? You just be in front of the Golden Beach National Bank on Eleventh Street, and I'll get you up to speed, okay, compadre? And, Horatio come alone.
Don't be late or she dies.
Clavo, I want you to listen to me.
If you harm this woman, you are going to die.
Are you going to keep making threats or you going to catch me? Clavo.
This bank look familiar, Caine? It should.
It's where you deposit your little city wage.
Where's the girl? She's safe for now.
Why don't you take me to her.
Take it easy, huh? First I need your to do a little business for me.
Now you're going to walk into that bank, and you're going to withdraw one million dollars from your account.
It's quite a city wage.
I had it wired from overseas.
See, the banks in this country got no love for me anymore, thanks to you.
So I was forced to improvise.
And why would I do this? That's why.
She's cute, huh? She's tied up in the trunk of a Mercedes.
Soon as I get my Benjamins, you get her.
And, Caine my people are watching.
Use your phone, she's all done.
Clavo, this is about you and me.
Why don't we leave her out of this? You took everything from me.
And now it's time for you to give something back.
You can't pull this off, Clavo.
Giddyup, cowboy.
And get me a mojito while you're in there, huh? I have your account right here, Mr.
Your balance is And that overseas transfer came through without a problem.
Just as you requested.
Thank you very much.
I'd like to make a withdrawal.
In what amount? $1 million.
Certainly, Mr.
But an amount that large will take some time.
It's okay.
Right? I see.
Wait here.
How's it feel to be a millionaire, Lieutenant? Kind of puts a spring in your step, don't it? Get the bag.
Where's the girl? I already told you she's in the trunk of a Mercedes.
Waiting for you, hero.
In that garage.
And, Lieutenant Caine, she's only got five minutes worth of air left.
Eric, Eleventh and Colby.
We're on the clock.
H! She's not up here, Eric.
Let's go.
Clavo said a Mercedes, right? That's what he said.
You call for backup? Yeah, an ambulance, too.
I hope she's still alive.
Cathy? Easy.
Go ahead.
This could take hours, H.
Eric not necessarily.
Eric! Eric? Yeah? Can you hold on, Eric? I'm going to be fine.