CSI: Miami s05e15 Episode Script

Man Down (2)

Both from gunshot, one to the left mastoid, one to the right thigh.
- Vitals? - Crashed twice en route, but he's stable now, barely.
BP's 50 over palp.
Pulse is 48.
Cancel that.
He just zeroed out.
Clear! Clear.
Again! Clear! Still nothing.
She has five minutes left, Eric.
H, maybe she's in there.
Eric? Doctor.
It's been ten minutes.
Doctor, shouldn't we call it? Doctor? Okay.
Time1:04 p.
Dispatch said that Eric is dead.
What is going on? I don't know.
I'm trying to find out.
Excuse me.
Is there a place where we can give blood to CSI Delko? Your friend's not going to need that anymore.
Are you saying he's dead? No, no.
I mean, he's lost too much blood.
He's on plasma now to get his volume up.
I don't understand.
Is he okay, or is he not okay? They're doing everything they can.
Excuse me, could we please just get a straight answer? Professional to professional.
They've been trying to resuscitate him for the last 11 minutes.
If he doesn't respond in the next five, they'll call it.
Give me an amp of intercardiac epi.
He's back.
Okay, let's stabilize him and get a CT, then prep him for the OR.
What do you want to do? Catch the guy.
They find that girl yet? The, huh, that court stenographer, Cathy Gibson, because I really need some good news.
Natalia and Tripp are working on it.
Let's hope she's still alive.
223 assault rifle with an evidence tag on it, so it's definitely from the gunmelt truck.
The heist that keeps on giving.
Let me ask you something.
How do we know that that guy and that gun didn't put the bullet in Delko's head? H said the head shot happened after that guy was dead.
Also, Eric's wound was consistent with a small caliber weapon.
It's a miracle that Eric's still alive.
Horatio said the last shot came from over there.
Really? Calleigh! I got a GSR cone.
The shooter used that car to steady his aim.
Isn't even a sniper shot.
He chose the car with the best vantage point.
Or maybe he created a vantage point.
Look at the way it's parked.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
It's taking up two parking spots.
Whoever owned this car made sure that they had the front row seat.
That's a front row seat he'll be sorry he got.
Let's go talk to him.
You're a security guard on the lot, right? Yeah.
Which side do you wear your holster on? Uhright.
Why? Want to do me a favoruh, give me your right hand.
Why two parking spaces? I park that way so I don't get my car scratched.
That car's all I got.
Shouldn't have even bought the thing on my salary.
What's this about? You were working today, weren't you? Uh, yeah.
Then you were there for the shooting.
No, negative.
Were you there, Mr Keeler? Kind of.
Kind of? What does that mean? Well, I was down on level two when I heard the shots.
I ran to help when I see this guy, like, booking it down the stairs.
Did you, uh, did you get a good look at this guy? Dark hair, I think, medium build.
Wearing a dark jacket and a baseball cap.
Why didn't you call it in? I was embarrassed.
The place hires an armed guard, and I didn't do a thing.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could have done more.
I wish you would have.
A CSI was shot.
Any news on Eric? He's still critical.
I swear to God, when we find Clavo, it's going to be hard for me not to pull the trigger myself.
It's - it's all that I can think about, but right now, I've got to focus because Clavo's still got a hostage.
Yeah, Cathy Gibson, court stenographer.
We still got patrols out looking for her.
We'll find her.
I think we just did.
Horatio had the bank manager slip a GPS locator in that money bag, didn't he? Yup, Clavo and his bags are at the beach.
Black Point.
Let's go.
The bag's here.
Clavo's not.
Hacked his cuffs off.
He left behind the GPS.
That's not the only thing he left behind.
Take a look at this.
I'm Natalia, I'm with Miami - Dade Police Department.
It's okay, you're safe now.
Let's get these restraints off.
Anything you can tell us about what happened will help us? I was in the trunk for I don't know, forever, and we stopped, and then I heard him talking to someone, and then they cut off his handcuffs.
And then right after that, they found the thing in the money, and he got so pissed, he said he was going to kill me.
And when he took me down to the water, I thought But then he just tied me up and left.
It's going to be all right; you're safe now.
We're going to get you to the hospital, we're going to get you cleaned up and taken care of, and then after that, can we collect all your clothes and take some pictures of your injuries? Yeah, of course.
All right, let's go.
Have we finished processing her yet? Yeah.
Sort of.
How do you mean? Cathy said that Clavo assaulted her.
Take a look at the picture of her cuts.
That's not a defensive wound, is it? No, it's not.
Do me a favor and run her most recent court assignments.
Will do.
So how's the hand? The nurse put some stuff on it.
It feels better.
Can I go home soon? No, you can't, Miss Gibson.
It turns out that you lied to me about your hand.
What? You got that cut removing Clavo's handcuffs, didn't you? So you're not his victim.
You're his accomplice.
He kidnapped me.
Miss Gibson, we recovered the hacksaw in your car.
We can print it, if you'd like, so why don't you tell me what really happened? Whenever he was in court, he'd look at me.
He was He was polite and funny and I don't know.
We had a connection.
That wasn't the only connection she had.
You work in the 21st Criminal District court.
Same one that signed off on the gunmelt.
You knew the route and the time.
And you shared that with Clavo, didn't you? His people killed cops to get to that truck.
They blew up the courthouse to break him out.
I didn't know he was going to do that.
I thought he was What did you think? You thought he was going to be nice, with a whole truckload of guns? He said he would take me to his country.
We'd be royalty.
Then he just left me in the water to die.
After all I did.
We call that a confession.
Oh, God.
Miss Gibson, if my CSI dies, you're going to be charged with murder.
It's all your fault, you know.
You made his father turn on him.
Made him hate his own father.
We ran the DNA, General, and it turns out that Clavo and his brother .
have different fathers.
I need to remind you now you have the power to rescind his immunity at any time.
Rescind it.
You ruined his life.
Miss Gibson, Clavo is a big boy who ruined his own life.
He's a killer who brought this on himself.
Horatio, I tracked down Clavo's father, General Cruz.
Turns out he is in town since yesterday.
You going to tell me what this is all about? This is about revenge, Frank.
That's what Clavo's after.
You think the general's in trouble? I do.
Well, this is odd.
Where's all the security? Yes.
Maybe the general has company, Frank.
Have your men cover the exits, and I will go through the front.
So glad I found you, Pop.
Horatio, I'll cover the rear.
Now, stay right there so we can have a little talk.
How do you do that, huh? How do you just disown me like that? It was my only choice.
That was your choice, huh? To turn your back on your son? Please, hijo.
Oh, nownow you want to call me hijo.
You know what, my friend, you are a serious playa.
You could learn something from this man, Pop.
He never gives up.
And I love that about you, Caine.
Clavo, put it down.
You know what? That's a good idea.
Violence is bad.
Clavo, especially for you.
You know what, Caine? I do not think that you're in a position to negotiate.
You shoot me, I shoot him.
And I know you- you'd lose some major sleep over that one.
Clavo Don't even think it.
Put it down.
How bad you want me dead right now, Caine? That's up to you, my friend.
Been real, Pops.
Clavo! Horatio! Frank! Yeah, I got him.
General, hang on a second.
How did I raise such a man? General, it's not your fault.
Promise me, Lieutenant.
Promise me you'll end this for good.
General, I promise you.
General? So he had to come through here.
Every exit had an officer stationed at it.
How did he get out? Ma'am I think I may know.
Very Indiana Jones.
Most consulates have escape exits.
This must be one.
What's that? What'd you get? Piece of glass? That's an uncut diamond.
Okay, so Clavo came here for a lot more than his father.
How many of these do you think he has? Probably more than he could leave the country with.
He's going to have to try to sell them somewhere.
Yes, I agree.
And that's exactly how we're going to find him.
I'm going to take it to Trace.
So this is where the security guard said he saw that guy run past him.
I found a paper clip.
Bag it.
You never know.
Ryan! What? Jacket and a hat.
Well, it looks like our, uh, security guard was telling the truth.
Guess the guy ditched his clothes in here after he saw the security guard.
So, what are the chances they belong to the guy who shot Eric? There's only one way to find out.
Got a hit.
Tanner Wilcox.
B&E, armed robbery.
And attempted murder.
It's negative.
What'd you do, Did you washed your hands? No, I didn't.
- I just didn't shoot anyone, man.
- No, it's not anyone.
He's a cop.
He's my friend.
He's got a name.
His name is Eric Delko.
Heard about that on the radio.
That's unfortunate.
Don't do that.
Don't give me attitude.
I know you were there - I know you pulled the trigger.
- No.
No, I didn't.
Really? What's this? These all have your DNA on it.
They belong to you.
Okay! I was there.
Start talking.
I was doing a walk - through.
Checking for unlocked cars.
Found one.
Sweet laptop inside.
Grabbed it.
That's when I heard sirens.
Thought maybe they were for me.
I took off.
What about the shooting? Yeah.
Scared the hell out of me.
I was halfway down the stairs.
Then I saw that security guard Figured I better toss my clothes.
So you can charge me for theft, but I ain't taking heat, on this other thing.
We'll see about that, won't we? Hey, Calleigh, where are you at with this because this guy doesn't have any GSR on his hands, unless you've got a bullet or a gun.
Well, then we're halfway there.
I'm at the hospital.
They just recovered the bullet from Delko's head.
That's great.
How is, uh How's he doing? I'm about to find out.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
It's Calleigh.
You look good.
Your, uh your parents are on the way.
They're going to be here really soon, and, um Horatio was here and Alexx.
Where's my sister? What? Marisol.
Where's my sister? I want to see my sister.
Hey Why don't you rest.
Just rest.
You okay? It's what they could get of the bullet.
I have to warn you, it's not much.
The rest is lodged in his temporal lobe.
He's different.
I tried to catch you before you went in.
Patients with a hematoma like Eric's, loss of oxygen, deficits are natural.
Like what? Compromised motor skills, slow speech He thinks Marisol is still alive.
Memory loss.
So what's going to happen? It already has, honey.
He just might not be the Eric we know him to be.
Lieutenant, this is Judith Freeman with your bank.
You asked me to try to trace who wired that money into your account for Clavo Cruz? Yes.
Any progress? Ran a reverse trace on the transfer; found a bank in the Caymans.
Yes, unmarked accounts, no doubt.
But our bank investigators turned up a social, which took us to a name.
A Joseph Trevi.
Joseph Trevi? I hope this helps.
It does help, Ms.
Thank you.
I hear you found my money.
Trevi you transferred that money into my account so Clavo could get his hands on it.
- I didn't wire that money.
- Your name, Mr.
Trevi, is on that account.
Oh, believe me, I'm getting into it with my accountants.
Heads will roll.
I mean, a million dollars doesn't make or break me, but it's the principle of the thing.
You understand.
Here's what I understand.
You bankrolled Clavo, there are three dead police officers, and I have a CSI at death's door.
And I'll make sure that I donate more to the Policeman's Fund next year.
Trevi, I would be careful if I were you.
You are the one who should be careful.
The way I heard it, you gave Mr.
Cruz the million, Lieutenant.
If I were a betting man, Mr.
Trevi, I would say that you've been in contact with Clavo, and the payoff is diamonds.
I'll tell you what.
I'll let my lawyer take that bet.
And you both gonna loose.
Suspect vehicle located four blocks from Baracan Consulate.
MDPD! Get out of the car! Car is clear.
Calleigh, Frank.
I just found what's supposed to be Clavo's getaway car a couple of, uh, blocks from the consulate.
What about Clavo? No.
I think he had to improvise when he went out the back way.
Good news is, I've got 50, maybe more of the gunmelt guns inside.
Bring'em in let's get started.
Hopefully, I'll have something to compare them to.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Heard you recovered some diamonds at the consulate.
Yeah, well, not some diamonds, just one.
Singular, one.
That is a weird - looking rock.
This is a raw diamond.
It's uncut and unpolished they don't just come out of the ground looking like engagement stones.
A lot of hands figure into the process.
How does the diamond and Clavo fit together? Well, I scraped the surface of the diamond and I ran it for trace.
High in sulfite and nickel.
Nat, I'm a DNA girl.
You're going to have to help me out on this one.
Well, basically it means it's consistent with sources in Sierra Leone.
You think these are blood diamonds? I think this diamond's come full circle.
While he had diplomatic immunity, Clavo smuggled raw diamonds into Miami using the Baracan diplomatic pouch.
And here, Clavo steals guns to get his diamonds.
I think he's been stockpiling these diamonds at the consulate for a while, and the only thing that stopped his little business is the fact that we stuck him in jail two years ago.
I think he was just waiting for the right time to sell those diamonds, and he got arrested before he got the chance.
Now that he has them back, I wonder who he's going to sell them to.
It would have to be someone who really knows what they're doing.
It's not just the terrorists that Customs and Border Protection are keeping track of.
That's what I was hoping.
They flag people who make repeated trips to the same country.
Let's try Belgium.
Why Belgium? are distributed from there.
How many trips per year? Five to ten.
Well, okay, we got about Well, let's see who's traveled the most recently.
Audrey Van Der Mere.
Got here about three days ago.
It's convenient timing.
Who's she work for? Duncroft Diamonds.
Clavo Cruz.
He looks dangerous.
I've never seen him.
We have reason to believe that he may be selling illicit diamonds on the black market.
Well, I can assure you, I'm a reputable dealer.
I'm just saying maybe he sold them to someone else who sold them to you.
There's always politics involved when it comes to diamonds.
My job is to make sure they come into hands of the people who want them.
Do you ever worry about the hands of the people who made them? Everybody works hard.
People don't want to hear about that.
They just want to know they're getting quality.
I'm sure.
Do me a favor and look at one more picture.
This is Joseph Trevi.
Do you know him? Officer, really.
I'm very busy.
Pretty simple question, Ms.
Van Der Mere.
Well, it's one I'm not inclined to answer.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
I have something I think you're going to want to see.
That's Joseph Trevi.
He's deep in this thing.
The diamond lady's attitude confirmed it, so I Googled him.
It turns out, he's from a really wealthy family.
They're like the Kennedy's over there.
This is a Baracan newspaper.
Look who he's standing next to.
I see that.
General Cruz.
That's from 27 years ago.
So I did a little more digging.
Turns out he left the country just a few months after this picture was taken.
Right at the time of Clavo's birth.
So, Clavo's lost one father.
Maybe he found another.
Let's get a warrant for DNA.
I told you, I don't know Clavo Cruz.
You're lying.
Such a confident man.
We ranour DNA, Mr.
Trevi, and it turns out you're his father.
Only by blood.
You have something else in common with him.
You're an accessory to murder, now.
The wire transfer.
No way a judge will believe that was stolen now.
Not between father and son.
Seven weeks ago Clavo contacted me.
He said he had a plan to get out.
Needed a million.
I figured it was for lawyers fees.
So you were clueless of the gun heist and the courthouse bombing.
Of course.
I'm a businessman.
A legitimate one.
Why would I get involved? Well, I can think of about 45 million reasons.
As I said before, we have your bank account.
$45 million was just deposited in that Cayman account.
That money came from a pile of blood diamonds, didn't it? Clavo presented me some diamonds, I had no reason to believe they weren't clean.
We met a woman, we sold them.
I put the money into a Cayman back account.
There's nothing illegal about that.
You're not planning to share that money with him, are you? He's not my son.
I don't even know him.
His mother must have told him who I am.
Where is he? I'm supposed to call him, but I have no intention of doing it.
Change your mind.
Call him.
He just called me.
What took you so long? I was visiting someone in intensive care, Clavo.
Lieutenant Caine.
Now my parade has officially been rained on.
So, I'm sitting here with Joseph Trevi, your biological father.
And how is Dad? Well, he's given you up, and he has no plans to contact you, Clavo.
No, no, he wouldn't do that.
As a matter of fact he would, my friend.
Which makes you all alone, doesn't it? You know what? You're wrong, Caine.
You're wrong'cause I got you.
I got you in my face every minute of every day, and this cat and mouse thing, it's just about to start getting fun.
Clavo, I want you to listen to me.
This is your opportunity to turn yourself in.
Over my dead body, Caine.
And over your dead body, it's gonna be.
Well, at least we got most of the gunmelt guns back.
These were the ones taken from Clavo's car.
How's it coming with the bullet? I've only got about but I think there's enough stria to get a hit.
It's a.
223 caliber bullet, which helps narrow the search.
You'll get it.
I don't believe it.
I got it.
All right.
Let's do the gun.
This is interesting.
Ruger 1022 rifle with a scope.
It's a gunmelt gun.
Rifle? I thought we were looking for a handgun.
223 can fit either a handgun or a rifle.
We were looking for the wrong gun.
It's right here.
Wait a minute.
If Delko was shot with a rifle GSR test.
We swabbed the wrong hand.
You shot my friend.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Easy! Ryan! - Hey, man, you want to play a game with me? Easy! Look, whatever happened, okay, I didn't have anything to do with it.
You can deny it all you want, but the proof is right there.
You took a shooter's stance and that's why the gunshot residue ended up on your left hand instead your right.
When you fire a bullet, the gunpowder doesn't always burn.
The bullet comes out, so does gunpowder, ends up on you.
Clavo said he was going to give me a hundred grand.
I'd finally get to pay my car off.
You put a bullet in my partner's brain.
I don't give a damn about your car.
Get him out of here.
Hey, Ryan.
Is this my file on Audrey Van Der Mere? Yeah.
I figured that if Clavo's out there with nothing, maybe he'd try to get something back.
The diamonds.
But I searched Duncroft's showroom.
There's no uncut diamonds.
Right, there's no uncut diamonds.
She's just a wholesaler.
She doesn't process diamonds.
Well, she didn't, but take a look at this.
This is a work visa that was obtained by Audrey Van Der Mere.
Negandra Padir? What's his story? He entered the country three days ago.
And he was traveling with five children.
Natalia he's a diamond cutter.
She is laundering the diamonds, she's just getting somebody else to do her dirty work.
Take a look at what he listed as his residence.
That's Duncroft.
If the diamonds are there, maybe Clavo will be.
Miami - Dade P.
We have a search warrant.
You've already searched the store.
That was for the showroom.
This is for the whole premises.
This Clavo you're looking for isn't here.
Yeah, well, we're going to see about that.
Hey, what's behind this door? It's storage.
Nothing that concerns you.
Either you open this door or we will.
You see? It's just supplies in there.
What king of storage closet has stairs and another door? Where does that door lead? No use stalling, Ms.
Van Der Mere.
Just keep those policemen out.
They'll scare my staff.
Work, work.
Well, this is something you don't see every day, Natalia.
Children working in a sweatshop in Bal Harbor.
How old are these children? I give them a good life, I can assure you.
Better than they had.
They have meals, a place to sleep, money for their families.
They are children.
You're using kids to cleanse conflict diamonds? Some of the world's most beautiful diamonds comefrom some very ugly places.
I am merely answering a retail demand.
Nobody wants diamonds made like this.
We're taking everything.
Everything in my store is not made from conflict diamonds.
Unfortunately for you, once they're polished, you can't tell the difference, so we're going to seize it all, including the children.
Let's get these kids out of here.
I decided to take you up on your offer and turn myself in.
So to speak.
You're here because you want me to kill you.
Yet another startling revelation on the obvious.
I will kill you, Clavo.
This ends right now.
I know.
I know.
So you take care.
Take care, Clavo.
We got him, Eric.
H? Yeah.
I don't remember anything.
You were shot in the line of duty, Eric.
You're in the hospital.
Where's Marisol? Where's my sister? Why isn't she here? She's, um