CSI: Miami s05e16 Episode Script

Broken Home

Hello? I'm watching you, babysitter.
Who is this? Justin, is that you? I'm closer than you think.
Who is this? I'm in the house.
Oh, my god! Damn it, Justin, you scared me! Did you just say a cuss word? You have no idea what Wait here.
Who's the girl, Frank? Girl's name is Heather Crowley, she's 16.
Babysitting Justin Montavo, who's 12.
How's she holding up? Right now, not very well.
Okay, who's our victim? Well, believe it or not, it's the babysitter's father- Edward Crowley.
What was he doing here? Not sure.
Families are next door neighbors, though.
Okay, the homeowners? The Montavos, Dave and Renee.
No sign of them.
Sounds like they were sharing more than a driveway, doesn't it? That's the thing about these neighborhoods.
big houses, big secrets.
They won't be secrets for long.
Heather, where do you think your mom is? I don't know.
I keep calling her and calling her, and she doesn't answer.
Do you think she's okay? You know what? We're going to find her.
Why don't you tell me what happened.
This whole night's been weird.
The Montavos never came home.
And I saw this shadowy figure in the window, and then Horatio.
Yeah? Excuse me.
What do you got, Frank? Take a look at this.
Blood trail leads around to the back.
Okay, Frank, follow it, and I'll catch up.
Heather, I'll be right back, okay? You sit tight.
I hate to say it, she fits the description of the babysitter's mother.
So a bad night just got worse.
Poor baby Heather.
Witnessed her father die, and then Id'd her mother half an hour later.
Get a COD? Yeah.
Neck was slashed.
Severed her carotid.
We got a blood pool here.
Probably from where the father got assaulted.
Think I found what killed the mom.
Textured surface on this handle's going to be impossible to print.
Instrument like that, blood all over the body, means the killer could have blood on them, too.
I'll test the witnesses for blood.
Check the babysitter's hands.
See if she handled the weapon.
You, um you sure you're ready? If we don't do this now, we risk losing the evidence.
Yeah, I'm ready.
It's nice seeing Eric back at work.
I know.
It's pretty amazing.
It's only been a few weeks since he was shot.
Looks like there's a little bit of grass in the wound and some kind of insect.
Isn't it a little early for infestation? You know, insects are attracted to hydrocarbons released postmortem.
It's a pretty immediate reaction.
Yeah, but I would think we'd only see maggot larvae or blowflies on a body that's been dead more than 12 hours.
Maybe Mr.
Crowley was attacked a lot earlier than his wife.
Could have laid there for several hours, and then have gone to the front door for help.
Think it changes our timeline? I don't know.
Maybe this little guy's going to tell us.
So the babysitter said she saw someone at this window, right? Possible Peeping Tom.
Maybe Tom was doing more than peeping.
How can you tell? There's fresh tool marks.
He tried to pry the window open.
Maybe whoever it was left behind something more than tool marks.
Yes, it's a glass window.
Good surface for prints.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
My fingerprints on the Montavo window? How do you know they're mine? We have your fingerprints from an old DUI charge.
I was in med school.
Yes, and I must tell you that you're a person of interest, Mr.
What were you doing looking through the window? Dave Montavo borrowed some tools from me.
Last night, I stopped by to see if they were home.
And what did you see? Heather Crowley.
The babysitter.
Oh, she was she was doing a lot more than babysitting.
Believe me.
Well, I guess we'll see if that checks out.
Come on, really? You're honestly looking at me for this? I honestly am.
I know the last 12 hours have been really difficult on you.
But you've got to tell me the truth, okay? I was alone.
I swear.
Heather, we have an eyewitness that tells us something different.
The man in the window? Yeah.
He, uh he claims that you were in a state of, uh undress.
Do you want to tell me what you were doing? I know I wasn't supposed to, but I was trying on Mrs.
Montavo's clothes.
She shops at all the high-end stores.
I'm sorry Excuse me one second.
How're you doing? Good.
What's up? Patrol radioed in.
They just picked up Dave and Renee Montavo.
Okay, thanks.
Is Justin okay? He's in good hands.
He's with Child Services.
Can we take him home? Right after you tell me what you did last night.
Actually, um we passed out in our car.
She drank too much.
I drank? Excuse me? You couldn't even stand up straight.
Oh, no, I was the designated driver.
All I had was orange juice.
Orange juice and God knows what else he had.
Please answer the question.
Truth is, Lieutenant, we don't know what happened.
We went to a party at our neighbor's house, Oliver Brenner.
Afterwards, we just blacked out.
Okay, let me get this straight.
A double murder occurs in your home, and you're claiming you were blacked out in your car.
I realize how this looks.
I'm not sure that you do.
I'm going to need the address to that party.
I need these tables in the truck now.
We have a wedding in Biscayne tonight.
I'm here about Miami Dade, CSI a murder investigation.
Oh, um, I don't know what goes on at the parties, I just plan them.
Do you know anything about the glasses that were used at last night's event? I know that I need to have them washed and in Biscayne by 4:00.
So they haven't been cleaned? No, we do that at base.
Not today.
They're evidence in a murder investigation.
I'm going to be taking them all with me.
I'm going to need the backup stemware.
Ivan! I'm also going to need a list of everyone that was at that party last night.
I will give you whatever you need.
Just keep my company's name out of it.
Yeah, I'll try my best.
So what did we get on the Montavos? Well, I printed everything from the Brenner party, and I did find the Montavos' drinking glasses.
But both their blood-alcohol tests cameack negative, so they didn't have much to drink.
But that doesn't mean they weren't dosed, does it? Two for two.
Positive for GHB.
Makes sense.
GHB hits the brain fast, the body metabolizes it as oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Leaves no trace behind.
That mixed even with a little bit of alcohol, would knock them out completely.
So the Montavos are telling the truth? See, if you ask me,someone didnt want them to come, last night.
Oh, my gosh.
You took the entire window.
Oh, yeah.
You know, I was figuring that the only reason why you would drug the Montavo family is to rob them.
Maybe the Crowleys interrupted a burglary.
Did you find anything? Yeah, hit the UV.
Take a look, uh, right here.
What is that? I don't know, so I'm running it through the FTIR now.
You know what, this stuff is on the inside of the window.
Someone wanted out, not in.
Well, it's, uh, benzoyl peroxide and sodium carbomer.
Is that some kind of antiaging antiwrinkle type cream? Think younger benzoyl peroxide is for acne.
You mean the kid.
Maybe he was trying to sneak out of the house.
Yeah, gives him the perfect window of opportunity.
He wasn't at the party, so he couldn't have spiked the drinks.
I just got the guest list from the party planner.
Anybody we'd be interested in? Dr.
Mike Lasker.
Looks like it's time to make another appointment with the doctor.
Lasker, you lied to me.
Lied about what? Witnesses can put you at the Brenner party, and that's a lie by omission.
Dave Montavo is a thief.
The guy stole from me.
Do you have anything to back that up? After every party, things go missing from the host's house.
Not two weeks ago, I had a party.
Last weekend, my house was hit.
How did you know it was Montavo? He's always nosing around your stuff wanting to know how valuable it is.
Kept asking me about my '69 World Series ball.
Last weekend, it was gone.
So you went to the party and dosed their drinks? I didn't want this to get out of hand.
Yes, well, it's far too late for that.
Okay truth? Uh-huh.
I slipped a safe amount of GHB into their drinks.
I just needed time to search their place.
Or to commit a double murder.
No, I needed to be certain before I pointed the finger.
Yes, well, that finger is now pointing at you.
The Crowleys are dead and you show up with a warrant to search my house? What is this for? The warrant's for stolen property.
Could be motive for a double murder.
Wait, what? That's ridiculous.
When was the last time you were at Dr.
Lasker's residence? Uh it was a few weeks ago.
Mike had a party.
Half the neighborhood was there.
You people seem to like to party around here.
Lieutenant, we don't understand.
What does this have to do with the Crowleys? There have been allegations of a theft.
We haven't stolen anything.
Hey, did you get something? H! Hey, you can't just tear up my house.
Signed baseball.
It's, uh Miracle Mets.
Just like Lasker said.
I swear neither of us knew that that was there.
There's also a Rolex Professional in here which was reported missing last night by one of your neighbors.
Last night? When we were both unconscious.
You see? We had nothing to do with this.
Montavo, where's your son? You've been sneaking out of the house, Justin.
No way.
I didn't go anywhere.
Evidence that we recovered from the window says you have.
Okay, so maybe I snuck out a few times.
We found your stash in the heating duct, which means you've been stealing from your neighbors.
Justin I need your help.
I wasn't the only one doing someing bad.
How do you mean, son? My baby-sitter, Heather, she had a guy over.
- What guy? - Her boyfriend.
Doesn't that help? You know what, Justin? I think it might.
I was alone.
I swear.
Heather don't add to your tragedy by trying to protect someone else.
Believe me, it's not worth it.
Now, we know someone was there with you.
So I had someone over.
But no one was supposed to know.
And why was that? 'Cause of my parents.
They don't like him.
They didn't want us together.
Listen to me, Heather.
I'm going to need the name of your boyfriend.
Give me the phone.
Come on.
Give it to me.
Zach Griffith.
You can take her.
Thank you.
Is this Zach Griffith? Who is this? Zach, my name is Ryan Wolfe.
I'm with Miami-Dade Police Department.
I want you to come down here and talk to us.
Why would I do that? Because, Zach, I'm investigating a double homicide.
Now do you want to come down Zach Griffith spotted on Eighth and Collins.
Suspect is fleeing.
Pursuit in progress.
Don't move! Stay exactly where you are.
Zach Griffith, you're under arrest.
For what? Felony fleeing and eluding.
But if I had to put my money down, I would add a charge of murder.
We just wanted to bring you in as a witness, and you ran.
Well, I-I freaked, you know? I'm sorry.
I know you and Heather were having sex.
So? Is that why you killed the Crowleys, because they caught you together? Okay, here here's what happened.
I was with Heather last night.
She was babysitting.
I tried to sneak out the back, and-and her dad jumped me.
Look, I know you're sleeping with her.
Stay away from her.
Hey, if you can't control her, it's not my problem.
You know what I can't figure out is how you mustered up all the force to kill him.
You keep saying kill him.
I didn't kill anybody.
Her dad got in my face, and so, I pumped it out of there.
Zach, if you're lying to me, I'll find out.
It's what I do.
Is there anything you want to tell me? No.
Next time I won't be so understanding.
Did you find something? Maybe.
I just took a closer look at the insects in Mr.
Crowley's wound, and there are no blowflies.
There are only houseflies.
- Houseflies aren't from decomp.
- Exactly.
But I'm thinking they might still give us a timeline.
How's that? Well, houseflies are dormant at night.
So maybe Mr.
Crowley was attacked earlier than we thought? Yeah, but that's not all.
Come take a look at this micro view.
Wings, legs, but no thorax.
Mm-hmm, which means they were hit by something with a lot of force.
Or someone? Well, the average punch is under 20 miles an hour, so to make an insect look like this, they'd have to be hit by a force of at least 40.
So if it was someone, we're looking for a very strong man.
I was drugged at a party last night.
I There's no way I gonna kill them.
You were a boxer in college.
I bet you can still pack a punch.
I- I was either years ago.
Well, as it turns out, we think that Mr.
Crowley may have been murdered before we previously thought.
I was at work all day.
What about you and Mrs.
Crowley, your neighbor? What about her? Just how neighborly were you? What are you talking about? - Were you having an affair with her? - I didn't kill anyone.
And I'm not cheating on my wife.
We'd like you to prove it.
How? We'd like to take your DNA.
Do you have a problem with that? Do what you got to do.
Open up.
You having any luck identifying all these stolen items? Well, besides the baseball, everything was reported stolen from the neighborhood.
Except this.
Let's see.
Wow, that's a beauty.
Someone's definitely missing it.
I can tell you who.
Yeah? What you got? Bracelet popped up on a theft report, but not from around the neighborhood.
Call came out of Golden Beach.
There's the case number.
Golden Beach? That's miles from Coconut Grove.
- Yeah.
- It doesn't fit the pattern of a 12-year-old kleptomaniac.
Why would the Montavos have it? That's a good question.
Horatio's gonna ask the daughter.
Why the daughter? The original owner, Lucille Clarke, died last month.
Her daughter, Amelia, is on her way in.
Miss Clarke? I'm Lieutenant Caine.
Thank you for coming in.
Thank you for calling.
Mother's bracelet means the world to me.
Is that her bracelet? Dad gave it to her when they were first married.
Had no business spending that kind of money, he used to say.
But he just had to.
Can I keep it? As soon as I clear this up, you can keep it, okay? I need to know how she lost it.
My mom never took it off.
Even when she got sick.
We thought that she was going to make it.
The last time that she went to see Matthews, that's when it was stolen.
Do you recall the doctor's name? Dr.
Mike Lasker.
Do you know him? As a matter of fact, I do.
Forrest, dial 118, please.
Lieutenant Caine, I'm in the middle of rounds, so I only Did you find my baseball? As a matter of fact, we did.
Along the way, we stumbled onto this.
Do you recognize that bracelet? Yes, it belonged to, uh, Lucille Clarke.
She was a patient of mine.
She wanted me to have it.
Not according to her daughter.
Well, maybe Mrs.
Clarke didn't have time to tell her.
She died a month ago.
I'm happy to return it to the family.
That won't be necessary.
Lasker, have you ever received a gift from another patient? Lieutenant Caine I've done nothing wrong.
Investigate me all you want.
Horatio? I looked into the good doctor like you asked.
And what did you get, Frank? Dr.
Mike Lasker- it's his third job in many years.
He's made appearances before the Georgia and Louisiana state medical boards.
And let me guess.
Where other patients died under his care.
Try six.
One family cried malpractice, but the autopsy confirmed death by respiratory failure.
Doesn't mean it was natural, does it? I'm thinking serial killer.
The good doctor goes in, kills them, takes his trophies before the families can claim the bodies.
Clarke was his most recent victim, wn't she? Yeah.
He went to the Montavo house to steal back the only thing that could tie him to the crime.
Yes, but we beat him to it.
You, uh wanted me to bring my kit.
Why, what's up? Well, the babysitter was lying, and I'm just trying to figure out if she's covering for Mr.
By going over my evidence reports? I'm just making sure that we crossed all our Ts.
I swabbed the babysitter for blood, and she's clean.
So, if there's a confidence issue, Calleigh, why don't you just say so? You're recovering from a brain injury.
I don't think it hurts anybody to be absolutely certain.
I know I've been a little slow lately.
I've had to relearn the basics.
For a lot of things.
But I do them all step-by-step, and I get em right.
I'm looking at these reports, and your phenolphthalein test is out of order.
Well, that can't be.
I need to see your kit.
Do you normally keep these reagents in order of application? Yeah, of course.
Then I think we have a problem.
The peroxide and the water are switched, which creates a false negative.
That can't be.
You've got, um H2O H2O2.
It's a really easy mistake.
It's a big one.
I wouldn't have done that.
You did.
We may have lost our shot at the killer.
We need to figure out how to get this guy.
What are you doing? Going over all of the evidence I handled today.
I feel horrible.
I really messed up.
You're still recovering, Eric.
I messed up today, and I don't even have an excuse.
What did you do? I was so busy looking at insect evidence, that I completely missed the bigger picture.
What do you mean? The fly that we found in Mr.
Crowley's wound was hit at a high velocity.
But his head doesn't show signifiant impact.
How was the man going at one speed, and the fly at another? I think the killer used a weapon that had a dead fly on it.
And then it was transferred.
Well, it doesn't make sense.
I know my math was right, so whatever hit that fly was going at least 40 miles an hour.
Like a car windshield.
Or a motorcycle helmet.
Are you ready? I'm not going in.
Come on.
It'll be good for your confidence.
No, you were right.
I made a rookie mistake.
Hey, you were the one who figured out the murder weapon.
You were the one who broke the case.
I came back too soon.
All right.
I'll go this one alone.
But we can't make it without you.
What do you want now? Really? How about this.
I told you I'd figure it out and I did.
I know how you killed Edwar Crowley.
What do you mean? We found traces of his DNA on your motorcycle helmet.
So I hit him.
It wasn't my fault, though, he attacked me.
Look! I know you're sleeping with her.
Stay away from her.
Hey, if you can't control her, it's not my problem.
If it was self-defense, how come you killed Heather's mom? I didn't.
You lied to me about one murder.
Don't lie to me again.
Aren't I supposed to, like, get a lawyer or something? If that's your request.
It is.
Just finished the post on Kimberly Crowley.
Got some physical findings.
You ran a sexual assault kit? Yeah, found some minor tearing.
Indication of recent sexual intercourse.
I'll, um run it against the husband.
And all the parties on that block, honey, I'd run it against the entire neighborhood.
Well, whatever takes.
Hey, did you call? Yeah.
I found a very interesting DNA match from the sexual examination on the babysitter's mom.
The neighborhood just got kinkier.
Well, Heather Heather we know that your boyfriend killed your dad.
Why don't you, uh why don't you tell us the rest? No, I can't do that to him.
Him? I was talking about you.
What? I didn't have any blood on me.
Your officer cleared me this morning.
Well, that's because you washed your hands after you stabbed your mom.
What do you mean? Lift up your shirt.
Go ahead, lift up your shirt.
You could never understand.
This has to do with Zach, doesn't it? We recovered evidence that he and your mother had sex last night.
I couldn't believe my mom would do that with my boyfriend.
When did you find out? Last night.
I thought my dad and Zach were fighting about me.
Look, I know you're sleeping with her.
Stay away from her.
Hey, if you can't control her, it's not my problem.
Oh, he found the card you gave me.
I tried to stop him.
Baby, are you okay? Kim, not now.
No, it's okay.
Now we can be together.
We don't have to worry.
Mom? Are you and Zach? Honey I didn't want you to find out this way.
I'm sorry.
Sorry?! Stay away from him! Oh, my God.
You didn't see me, and I didn't see you.
Status on Mrs.
Clarke, please.
Our exhumed body? Lucille Clarke was positive for pancuronium.
Which mimics respiratory failure.
The doctor was smart.
Or so he would think.
Sir, I think we've got something over here.
Three states, seven victims.
You've got quite a body of work, Dr.
Every doctor loses patients.
These patients lost their lives to a serial killer you.
You don't believe that.
Lucille Clarke was killed by this drug.
I took the oath to help people, save them from suffering.
You ended their lives.
They were all terminally ill, on life support.
You stole from them and then murdered them, Dr.
I gave them their dignity.
Their families were merely postponing the inevitable.
Lasker, the inevitable has arrived.