CSI: Miami s05e17 Episode Script

A Grizzly Murder

What the hell, man? You can't find us a cleared path? Wildlife knows to stay away from the public park.
You want to hunt game, cut your own path.
Oh, you're a badass, Denny.
Still got the price tag on your pants.
Leave it, dude.
Shut up.
We won't see any game if you guys keep yapping.
Something's behind those pes.
White-tailed deer feed around here.
Well, let's go get them.
Slow down.
Find a spot and then wait and let them come to you.
Rob, you see anything? No Dennis? Watch carefully, gentlemen.
This is how it's done.
Hey, way to go, Rambo.
Hey, guys, isn't it weird that they're running towards us? Don't run! Yell, wave your arms! He'll think you're larger than you are! Yogi over there is one big-ass bear.
Close to 800 pounds.
He's park services problem now.
Our victim's Dennis West.
He's a hunter down from Tallahassee.
What do you think he was doing out here? Part of a hunting package.
Guide's name is Chuck Greene.
Greene Was this man an experienced hunter? No.
Neither were his friends.
More interested in the toys than bringing home any meat.
Where were you during the attack? Right over there.
I tried to tell them the worst thing you can do is turn your back anrun.
I don't think the problem was turning his back.
Take a look at this vest.
It's coated with some kind of substance.
Vanilla gel.
That's bear lure.
So that would attract bears from miles, wouldn't it? No hunter would knowingly lather himself up with that stuff.
So that means our victim was the bait.
Who would want Dennis dead? I don't know.
We're not even from here.
No one knows us.
We're old college buddies, and we're just here on a vacation pkage.
What kind of package? It's called a "man-cation.
" It's a weekend trip.
You know, vacation for men.
Look, we're We just needed to get out.
desk jockeys, okay? Mr.
Wolfe, check them, please.
What, are we radioactive or something? I got moderate levels of glycerin and vanillin.
What that means, gentlemen, is the same attractant is all over you.
How'd it get on us? That's what we need to find out, isn't it? So how you doing? Good.
I'm 100%.
Lab get a new piece of equipment while I was down? Eric, this is the MiniRae.
Remember you showed it to me? Well, what are we using it for here? Well, vanilla' a pretty strong scent.
Hopefully, the MiniRae can follow the lure to its source.
Tha's right.
Find the lure and we find the guy who put it on the hunters.
Got the first sign of blood starts here.
Well, the victim was attacked here and probably dragged to where we found him.
Yeah, that bear came on him really quickly.
You know, these guys were all in decent shape.
­ I'm surprised ey didn't get a little farther than they did.
They were running for their lives.
It was hardly a track meet.
Wait a minute.
I've got something.
The, uh scent's getting stronger.
It's up to 60.
Get off my property.
Miami-Dade Police Department, sir.
We need to ask you a few questions.
What's your name? Chadwick.
You liveere alone, Mr.
Chadwick? Yep.
We're investigating the murder of a hunter that happened this morning.
About a mile from here.
I don't know nothin' about that.
What do you use this glycerin for? Make my own lure.
Wi game.
Is that a crime? Not unless you used it for one.
Hey, you want to be careful with that, Hoss? I don't need the bears come snooping around here.
This is vanilla.
Just like on our dead hunter.
Hey, don't look at me.
I sell the stuff.
Hunters photographers movie big shots they all want to see what's hidden out here in the swamps.
You don't happen to have a list of the people you sell it to, do you? I keep my receipts.
Well, I'm going to need to see that receipt book.
Greene, you bought homemade vanilla bear lure from a guy in the Glades, is that correct? We, Billy makes the best stuff.
Can virtually guarantee a bear sighting at any one of my hunts.
These city boys pay good money for their hunting weekends.
They want the whole experiefce.
Does the whole experience include putting bear lure on them? No way.
I just put a little bit on the trees nearby.
I'm real sorry about what happened, but it wasn't my fault.
All these guys wanted to do was party.
Play around with the guns like they were big-game hunting.
That was the experience they wanted.
Well, then I guess they got more than they paid for.
yes, Alexx.
What you got on our dead hunter? Huh.
Massive soft tissue damage.
Liver, stomach and intestines are absent.
Long bone fractures.
All consistent with mauling.
You know, the scene indicated he didn't run very far.
Well, according to his medical records he was healthy.
Save for a twisted ankle running the Boston Marathon last year.
So he should have been able to put more than a f feet distance between him and that bear.
Not with this knee, honey.
That bruise looks fresh.
Baby boy had a comminuted fracture of the patella.
See the stellate pattern? A busted kneecap.
You think he did that in the attack? Nope.
I would expect to see less of a fracture and more cartilage damage.
I would expect to see less of a fracture and more cartilage damage.
The bruise has a rectangular shape.
With a crisscross pattern.
I know exactly what made it.
That was fast.
Butt of a rifle.
Dennis was put down by one of his own.
That is a bruise on Dennis West's leg.
We matched it to the stock of your rifle.
You crippled him.
It was chaos.
We were all scrambling.
I don't even remember what happened.
's one thing to outrun soone, it's another thing to take them out.
I can't remember any specific details.
So you going to arrest me or something? Not at this time.
Well, okay.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
All right, so we go over his every move.
Yes, we start where they stayed.
This is an awfully nice hotel room for a hunting weekend.
There's definitely more to the story.
That is a significant amount of blood.
Yeah, they tried to clean it up but they didn't realize the tile was loose.
Bear's not the only killer in Mmi.
I think we have another victim.
Let's find out what these guys were really hunting.
There's more blood over here.
It's gravitational drops.
Yeah, maybe the suspect was injured.
You got all the hunters' DNA references at the Everglades scene,didn't you? Yeah.
Primed and ready to go.
I got Natalia waiting back at the lab.
Hey Do you think this came with the room? No, this place has a built-in sound system.
Then I wonder who brought this here.
Maybe we can identify the owner from the personal playlist.
Could lead us to our blood donor.
I have a theory.
You can tell a lot about a person by what they have on their MP3 player.
What you got? With five Tori Amos albums on this thing, we're looking for a girl.
Okay, but I need aame.
There wasn't one on the player? Nothing.
BuI am going to get you that name from the music on the player.
Kelly Clarkson, Ludacris I mean, half the country has these songs.
See, when you purchase a song from the Mystx-Trax website, it comes from a server farm allowing Mystx-Trax to record the purchase.
They know every song a customer has downloaded.
And they gave yourtruly temporary access.
So if you match the downloaded songs on the player to Mystx's records, you can find out who owns it? Aha.
And there it is.
Told you it was a girl.
Anna Sivarro.
Yeah, it's mine.
It got stolen out of my car.
Did you report it? Oh, I'm sure you would've rushed right down to investigate.
What am I doing here exactly? Ms.
Sivarro, I brought you in to make sure you're okay.
Well, aren't you all "protect and serve.
" You weren't at the Copper Palms.
And there's an indication that someone was injured there.
It's like I said, my tunes got stolen out of my car last week.
Sivarro It's Anna.
Anna were you in the room with Andy, Rob and Dennis? Did someone try and hurt you? Look, you can check me out.
I don't have a mark on me.
I'll do whatever you need to prove that I wasn't there fingerprints, blood.
I would appreciate it.
Look, you don't have to protect me, Lieutenant.
I hope you're right Anna.
We caught them going north on 95.
Looked like they were heading out of town.
So, you boys headed north? We wanted to inform Dennis' family in person.
Were you going to tell them about the girl at the hotel last night? Going to have to wait.
We need to search your vehicle.
Find something? Yeah, looks like blood.
Pandora's box.
So is this animal blood? Well, we'll know it in a second.
Oh, boy.
You gentlemen have a problem.
The blood is definitely human.
I will take a polygraph.
I don't know anything about that.
I will, too.
Yeah, well, you're going to have to take a ride with our officers first 'cause we got a lot of questns to ask you about what went on in thatotel room.
Okay, so what now? Got some questions of our own to answer first.
Starting with how did human blood get in this cooler? Were you ever away from your clients during the hunt? No.
The first day, I drove them out.
And then this morning, they asked to meet me.
I thought that was a little strange, but it saved me a trip to South Beach.
Is there any place along the road where they could've dumped the body? At this end of the Glades, it's one way innd one way out.
So you're saying that I'll need to search the entire road.
Maybe not.
Did you tell me they all had bear lure on their clothes? That's right.
I only put the scent in one spot.
You can show me.
I put the lure all over these trees.
This must be the girl from the hotel room.
They must've thought the animals would finish her off.
Lucky for us, they thought wrong.
So, gentlemen why don't u tell me what happened in that hotel room.
What do you mean? We just hung out.
We drank, we played some cards.
Was this before or after you dumped the girl in the Everglades? I don't know what you're talking about.
We we never Andy.
Forget it.
Dennis is dead.
Why are we still protecting him? Protecting him? How do you mean? Dennis is the one.
He was wasted.
He wanted to party.
Really party.
Called for a stripper.
And it was way too intense for us, so we left to hit a couple clubs and when we got back it was alrdy over.
What's wrong wi her? She's dead.
What do you mean she's dead? She went to the bathroom, she came out, her nose was bleeding, and she collapsed.
So let me get this straight, gentlemen.
You're implicating a dead man? It's true.
Dennis killed her.
We helped him move her, but that was it.
And moving a body isn't a crime I looked it up.
You looked it up, how studious of you.
I'm charging you with accessory after the fact.
Look that up.
Any ID on our dead girl? No, but I ran the blood you collected from the hotel room.
Does it match our female victim? The blood drops do, but the blood that came from under the tile is from a male.
Doesn't match our weekend warriors or their instructor.
How many people in that room? That I cannot answer.
But I'm hoping to be able to tell you who he was.
Out of prison.
He got right back on the horse, didn't he? Pull up his current info The Pink Velvet Gentlemen's Club.
Know where that is? Yeah, I know.
Joey Mazzaro.
What can I help you with today? We need to ask you some questions, Mr.
We're friends of the rce.
We got enough friends.
But I bet you want to know who has enemies.
Does he have enemies? Rocco's one of my bodyguards here.
He's an enemy of every guy he won't let touch the girls.
What about last night? He, uh, he get any threats? Nope.
Sent him out on a private last night with one of my dancers to the Copper Palms Hotel.
I need to talk to him.
Yeah, so do I.
He hasn't checked in.
Neither has my girl.
Well, I wouldn't expect a call from her.
Why's that? We may have found her body dumped in the Glades.
Anna's dead? Did you say Anna? Yeah.
Anna Sivarro.
New kid.
Shows some real talent.
Anna, you lied to me.
You were in that hotel room last night.
I wasn't.
I was supposed to be.
But I gave the job to Tess.
Is that Tess? Yeah.
That's Tess Gowan.
You gave the job to Tess because you knew whoever went would be in danger.
I swear.
Look, it was just a job.
I even gave her my music.
Why didn't you want to go to work? I was at a recording studio, trying to put together my demo.
Your demo? Well, that's grt.
Now you're an artist? Frank.
Give me a minute, will you? Yeah.
Anna, tell me what happened.
I've been waiting for some studio time, so I can record some music.
An opening came up, so I asked Tess if she could cover for me.
When my session was over, I I called her.
When she didn't answer, I got worried.
And so you went to the hotel.
To check on her, yes.
What'd you see? A man.
It was dark, so I really couldn't make out his face.
He was carrying a body in a rug.
I knew from the tattoo that it was Rocco.
I knew that if Rocco was dead, something horrible must have happened to Tess.
I got scared, so I ran.
Anna, why didn't why didn't you mention this before? 'Cause I don't trust cops.
Anna, you need to trust me.
All right? What can I help you with? Alexx is taking a long time to document all the animal activity.
Well, we need to find the bodyguard's bo.
And according to Anna, it was transported in a rug.
Well, Tripp's cadets are searching the area where we recoved Tess's body as we speak.
Yeah, but that cooler is too small to transport two bodie I think the bodyguard was dumped somewhere else.
You think they used the rug from the hotel room and put it back? Yeah, that's why I'm examining it right now.
Well, in that case, trace on the rug could lead us to the body.
You found anything? Oh, yeah, plant material from a Roystonea regia.
What's that? It's a palm tree.
Well, that doesn't exactly narrow the search.
This insect might.
What is it? It's a royal palm bug.
And, uh, and how does that he us? Well, seeing as they only live in the palm trees, at least 12 feet in the air, what's this little guy doing on the ground? This plant material has a clean, mechanized looking cut.
Maybe the palms were being trimmed.
If we can find some freshly cut royal palms, maybe we can find our dump site.
And I think I know where to start they were cutting palms when I was there this morning.
Ryan! Guess he didn't make it very far from the hotel, did he? I'm sure someone wanted to get rid of the body before anyone discovered it.
There are at lea five stab wounds here.
Yeah, and this shower liner explains why no blood got on the rug.
Fiber from the rug? No, I don't thinso.
The rug was light green.
It's a feather.
Yeah, it's a feather from a duck.
Wait a minute, you're saying that first of all there was a killer bear, and now there's a killer duck? I'm saying the fiber you found on Rocco's body was eider duck.
It's used as fill in the most expensive, high-quality down jackets.
Our dead hunter was wearing a down-filled vest.
But here's the interesting thing the bear shredded this vest, but I don't thin he did this.
It's been cut.
All three of our hunters had knives.
The other two guys didn't have any cuts or tears in their jackets.
So his own knife cut the vest on the way out.
And Rocco had to be close enough to get the feathers on him.
Dennis killed the bodyguard.
Andy and Rob were telling the truth about Dennis.
So the dead guy is a murderer, but we still haven't confirmed who killed Tess Gowan.
I'm going to pay Alexx a visit.
Lieutenant, I've got a business to run.
Yes, you do, and that business is pandering, Joey.
I employ strippers, and I don't encourage them to do anything more than that.
No, you may not, but either way, you get a cut, don't you? As long as they pay, I don't ask.
Where's Anna? You just missed her.
I got her out on a private.
Where'd you send her? Can't tell you.
He's one of those clits in high places.
He was a regular for Tess.
Now that she's gone, I sent Anna.
She should like it.
He pays ten large for a private lap dance.
You and I both know that nobody pays $10,000 to watch, do they? Lieutenant, you're so sure I'm a pimp what does that make Anna? Why don't you tell me.
Everything I do is legal, Lieutenant.
I don't have to tell you anything, and you can't do a thing about it.
That is where you're wrong.
Yeah, Frank.
Tell room service leave it on the table.
Get back in here What do you want? Supervisor O'Shay.
I'll call your director; we'll work this out.
Supervisor, I have a source that says you're up here paying women $10,000 for s.
Well, you see, this is our first date, we haven't done anything, so If you're trying to entrap me, it's not going to work.
Ma'am, did the supervisor pay you for sex? You're a lieutenant.
That means you're a smart man.
Then you understand my conflict.
This is clearly solicitation, Supervisor.
And you realize you're never going to make captain if you go ahead with this.
You're making a career move.
So are you.
See you later, honey.
Are you okay? Joey said that I owed him.
He's blaming me for Tess.
He made me meet this guy.
I believe you.
She has a fractured sternum, associated spinal injuries.
Something heavy compressed her chest.
Like a person? Based on the shape of the congestion and cyanosis, related confluent petechiae then yeah.
He sat on her.
COD was positional asphyxia.
Now it doesn't happen quick, so she suggled for a couple of minutes.
He had to have known she was suffocating.
Well, that wasn't the only thing he did.
I took an oral swab.
Semen doesn't live long in the mouth of a live person beuse of saliva, does it? If that's positive, it was the last thing she did.
If it's positive, we have our killer.
Why isn't Rob in here? Because he didn't kill Tess Gowan.
You did that all by yourself.
Well did Rob try to put this on me? Did did he say something? No.
Your DNA said it all.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, listen, you've got to know this whole thing it was just an accident, okay? She Look.
I don't want to hear it.
It was not an accident.
Tess struggled under your weight, fighting for air, okay? You're too heavy.
Get off me.
Stop, stop.
I got carried away.
You raped and killed her.
How come Rob and Dennis didn't try and stop you? They were passed out.
Too many vodka shots.
They woke up and freaked out.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
What did you do? I didn't do anything, man.
She j she just died.
It's thbodyguard.
Just go tell him she left.
Tell him she left.
But Denny killed the bodyguard.
And then you all covered it up together.
It would have worked if Denny hadn't grown a conscience.
I- I think we hould go to the cops.
You crazy, man? They fry in this state.
I don't think I can do this, guys, you know, even if we don't get caught.
It's not just you who's going down here.
We're friends.
We stick together.
That's when Rob and I knew we had to get rid of Dennis.
Rob wanted to shoot him.
Wanted it to look like a hunting accident.
Bear saved us the trouble.
Well, actually, the bear ruined it for you.
If it hadn't have been for the bear attack, you might have gotten away with it.
But I, f one, am very glad you didn't.
Clearing a path for Supervisor O'Shay, Rick? It's not really a surprise the brass cut him loose on this.
You know how these things work.
All too well.
So you're going to fix the system by confronting him as he walks out of jail? He took the same oath we did, didn't he? I know he hired a prostitute, but you ought to save this battle for something bigger.
Rick, I am not letting this go.
If this goes down, I can't help you.
Just like old tis, huh? And move that golf tournament to the end of the month.
Yes, I wouldn't make plans that far in advance, Supervisor.
Hope you're not here asking fomore funds, Lieutenant.
Not feeling that generous towards your lab these days.
It's a pity because I have an idea for a new project.
Wish I could help, but the budget's a bit tight.
Might even have to have a few cutbacks.
Stay away from Anna Sivarro.
How did you get this far in your career, Caine? You really want to throw it all away over a girl like tt? You know what I'm curious about, Supervisor? How an elected official like you affords $10,000 for a dance.
I think we're done here, Lieutenant.
I sincerely hope so for your sake, Supervisor.
I reallyo.
Thanks for meeting me here.
Of course.
So you got Tess's killer? That's right; we arrested him this afternoon.
Good, good.
Tess's mom will be glad.
How about you? I'm still feeling guilty about Tess.
Anna, this is not your fault.
I know.
Something lls me you don't buy that either when you try telling that to yourself.
I heard they let the big shot go.
That's true.
They did, but he will not bother you again.
You really do believe all that protect and serve stuff, don't you? It's the only thing the only thing that I know how to do.