CSI: Miami s05e18 Episode Script

Triple Threat

Excuse me.
Excuse me.
If I may have your attention, everyone, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Many people criticized my husband and me for wanting to turn prime, tourist-friendly real estate into a children's hospital.
But they don't understand.
Those young lives are the future.
Now, the wealthy often find it easier to part with their money than their time.
Right? But in doing both, you have put your Palm Beach counterparts to shame.
And so, a toast! To you! Cheers! Can't say there's a protocol for this one, Horatio.
Going to have to keep our guy chilled until I can post him.
The murder weapon is, uh, melting.
Alexx, I think someone got here first.
Take a look at that.
A gunshot wound.
Some of the guests heard it.
Shot in the light of day in a house filled with people? That's cold-blooded, Horatio.
It's as cold as ice.
Open Open Officer? You seem to be the one in charge here.
I guess that depends who you ask.
My name's Josh Brockner.
I'm Mr.
Whitford's uh was Mr.
Whitford's executive assistant.
If I can be of any help Who do you think would want to kill him, Josh? Well, he was a real estate developer one of the richest and most influential in Miami.
Swam with sharks on a daily basis.
For every friend, he had three enemies.
Okay, I need a list of all of those people.
Sure, anything.
I just want to help get Mrs.
Whitford home to her baby.
She's really been through a lot.
And you will, as soon as you're done here.
Back in line, please.
Is this where the victim was shot? Yeah.
Right there.
Then he fell backwards, over the balcony.
Killer made it easier for us.
He left the gun behind.
38 with a two-inch barrel.
I'll get it to Firearms.
Wait a minute, Eric.
This is another blood drop.
Separate from the rest.
And it's still wet, so it could be from our killer.
I'll have Valera run it, ASAP.
It's okay, you know.
What is? To experience a relearning curve.
What are you talking about? Evidence markers three and four.
You put two markers on the same blood drop, man.
I can't make a simple mistake? That's what I kept telling myself last year.
After I got shot.
I'm fine, Wolfe.
And I'd be even better if everyone would stop giving me the third degree.
I said that, too.
Hey, Alexx, were you able to recover the projectile from the victim yet? Yeah.
Sing GSW.
Round penetrated the chest.
Came to rest in the pericardial sack, which caused massive internal bleeding.
But Whitford's days were already numbered.
There was massive scar tissue on the muscle, which caused several of the vessels to become narrow or completely occluded.
Not even 40 years old and he's already had a heart attack.
Doesn't mean he didn't do some hard living.
He's got a perforated stum in the nasal cavity.
Chronic cocaine use.
His heart would've given out soon enough.
The killer just beat him to it.
Which brings us back to the bullet.
Looks like a.
It'the same caliber as the weapon Ryan recovered.
It's in nice shape.
Should make my job a lot easier.
Thanks, Alexx.
I'll see you later.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Eric said the.
38 came back with no viable prints.
Unfortunately, no.
I was however able to match the spent round to the recovered firearm, making it a definite as our murder weapon.
And the serial number wasn't altered.
So Automated Firearms is searching for a registered owner.
There you go.
Neil Massey.
The trust fund playboy, who's always in Ocean Drive.
That's the guy.
I wonder what Neil has to say for himself.
Massey, we recovered your firearm from a murder scene.
38? That thing was stolen, few years ago.
Is that a fact? It's hard to find good help.
People think just because I got money that I don't notice when things disappear.
So I shouldn't expect to uncover a police report along the way.
I got better things to do than to get someone into a beef with INS.
I understand.
Where were you this morning? At my family's attorney's office, getting my monthly allowance.
My parents get some kind of a thrill out of tightening the reins.
Well, we hare a common interest.
I'm going to keep you in a holding cell till I can verify your story, okay? Here's another blood drop.
Separate from the rest.
It could be from our killer.
I'll have Valera run it, ASAP.
I hope you got something on that blood.
Neil Massey's story checked out, and we had to spring him.
Well, I can see why.
That lone blood drop you found, it came back XX.
Female? - Yep.
- So whose blood is it? Did you check it against the reference samples? Everyone who attended the party.
And guess what? The blood's consistent with Ashley Whitford.
The victim's wife? Uh-huh.
All right, thanks.
I got a nose bleed, about five minutes before my speech.
Public speaking makes me nervous.
So you admit though that you were in the bathroom.
Yes, I was.
But I was alone.
My husband hadn't arrived yet.
So you and your husband, you put on this event together- when you gave your speech, he's not there with you? We usually arrive separately.
He hates these events.
Always just shows up at the end.
I swear I didn't see him until Ashley, let's just- let's be honest, okay? This doesn't look good.
You stood to gain everything from your husband's death.
We're talking a huge estate.
Because everything in this world's about money.
I lost a husband today.
And my baby just lost his father.
I did not kill Dominic.
Thanks, Ms.
We'll be in touch.
What do you think? I don't buy it.
Well, the evidence is equivocal.
The blood drop she left behind was gravitational.
That's consistent with a nosebleed.
And her alibi's about as airtight as you can get.
Because she was downstairs when he fell.
She forgot her glasses.
I'll catch up to her.
Hey, your glasses.
What have we got? When I chased Ashley outside of MDPD, I got worried I was seeing things, so I compared the fingerprints off her sunglasses the sample print we took at the party.
They don't match.
The Ashley Whitford we interviewed- it's not her.
Eric, I think it's likely that Ashley Whitford has an identical twin.
And she played us.
They played us.
They're playing everyone.
Would you like your sunglasses back? Miss? Cayla Selby.
She's my sister.
Boy, you guys really tried to pull a face one.
Which one of you murdered Dominic Whitford? Neither.
Just because we're twins doesn't make us murderers.
It doesn't make you innocent either, Cayla.
You just posed as your sister.
That means you're looking at obstruction of justice and giving false information.
But everything Cayla said was true.
I told her exactly what to say to you guys.
It may as we have been me.
So do you remember what to say? Don't worry, Ashley.
I've always been great being you.
I'll call you when I'm done? Wait.
My ring.
But it wasn't you, Ashley.
Were you afraid that you couldn't pull off the lies? I just wanted to be with my son.
He's only a year old.
He doesn't get that his daddy is never coming home.
Ashley could barely speak to anyone, let alone cops.
We've always covered for each other.
You know, like tests in school, creepy dates.
And Dominic knew you were twins? No.
He didn't need to know.
Makes it easier to cover up murder.
Ashley did not kill Dominic.
Here's the thing.
You have different fingerprints, but identical twins share the same DNA, so the blood that we found at the crime scene puts you there as well.
I told you guys already.
It's mine.
My nose started bleeding.
No, actually, Cayla told us that, which means that I don't know really who is covering for who.
Okay, Ashley was outside at the time, and I wasn't even at the party, okay? I was at the gym.
Feel free to check.
- I will.
- Okay.
I will.
In fact, I'll double check.
Hey, I got your message.
There's new information? I checked Dominic Whitford's medical records.
In 39 years, he's only checked into the hospital twice.
He jammed a Q-tip in his ear when he was 11 and was treated for a case of pleurisy at 27.
Otherwise, perfect health.
There's nothing anywhere about a myocardial infarction.
Well, if he didn't have a heart attack, then what caused the s tissue on his heart muscle? A heart attack.
The twins thought they had a secret.
Whitford had an even bigger secret.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying that this is not Dominic Whitford? Are you saying this is another twin? No, but he tried really hard to be him.
I don't know what you mean.
See this scar along the hairline? Well, this is where plastic surgeons like to hide their handiwork.
He had a face lift.
But not to lose a few wrinkles.
He changed his whole appearance.
Scars inside the mouth.
That indicates cheek implants and chin augmentation.
There's another scar right here.
A bilateral otoplasty.
Had both ears pinned back, capped it off with a nose job and color contact lenses.
We're not talking a reasonable facsimile, honey.
This man paid big money.
Maybe Dominic Whitford picked up the tab.
You think he was paid to be Dominic's look-alike? I don't know.
He's a hotshot real estate developer, needs to be in two places at once.
And he had a lot of enemies.
I mean, someone thought they had killed him.
You know, if that's true, Dominic Whitford is still alive.
MrWhitford has had at least three attempts on his life.
Development displaces people and people get angry.
You should see the hate mail.
So you knew he had a look-alike.
Knew? I I helped hire the guy.
Greg Ramsey.
He gave up his identity for 100K a year.
He also gave up his life.
So you knew the victim wasn't Whitford, and you knew that we were investigating the murder of a look-alike, and yet you said nothing.
Why? I couldn't.
When Greg nt down I- I thought my boss could be in danger.
H- He went to great lengths to create this decoy.
I'm the only one who knows.
Even his wife doesn't know.
Well, if your boss is in danger, we need to find him.
Do you have any idea where he is? I don't know.
I haven't been able to reach him all day.
Okay, let me put it to you this way.
Whitford, like yourself, could be a suspect, so I suggest that you start cooperating with me, all right? He's been spending a lot of time at the Ambrose Estates property.
They just broke ground.
That wasn't so bad, was it? Thanks, leave right now.
The dead shall rise.
You seem to be in a hurry, Mr.
Uh, no, I didn't realize you guys were cops.
I I heard about the shooting.
Figured I might be next.
Whitford, I'll be frank.
Either you killed Greg Ramsey or you know who did.
My look-alike does promotional events for me all the time.
Given, this is obviously the worst-case scenario, but he knew the risks.
What do you mean risks? When you're as high profile as I am, sometimes even leaving the house is dangerous.
I'm a very recognizable person in Miami.
I just used my double for added security, plain and simple.
Maybe you were attempting to fake your own death to disappear, and your double became expendable.
I had nothing to do with Greg Ramsey's death.
Excuse me.
The cadaver dogs, please.
I had no idea anyone was buried here.
Well, you know, this isn't the first dead body you've been associated with today.
I don't understand.
I really don't.
I mean, I swear I'm innocent.
Then you'll be okay with protective custody till we prove it.
Whitford, have you called your wife and told her that you're still alive? No, I figured it was safer her not knowing.
You know, until I got to the bottom of it.
Well, then you're both in for a big surprise.
- Hi.
- Hey.
That's the girl from the construction site.
Yeah, I did my best to put the poor baby back together.
Almost done fluoroscoping.
Were you able to get an ID? Dental records match on a missing person.
Mia Graham.
Mia Graham? That name sounds so familiar.
I think this girl used to work for Dominic Whitford.
I came across her name in one of his files.
COD's pressed skull fracture.
Any thoughts on what the murder weapon might be? I think you might have more luck identifying what cut her up.
I guess saw marks are easier to identify than depression marks.
Wait a minute.
I think I just found a piece of it.
Has teeth.
Looks like a saw blade.
It could be from a, uh Sawzall? Think you can get a print? I know I can.
Your boss said you'd be here, Josh.
And I guess he was right.
I, uh, you know, I was just cleaning up.
Yes, I can imagine you are.
Well, I run this job site so anything goes missing, I take the hit.
I would get used to that if I were you.
We found your fingerprint on the blade that killed Mia Graham, your former supervisor.
It's a perfect match.
Why would I kill her? You killed Mia because she was Mr.
Whitford's assistant and you wanted her job A job would have been out of your reach.
Someday all this will be yours.
Really? You think Mr.
Whitford will let me manage the site? No.
You'll be running the machinery.
I've told Dominic that that's on a par with your skill level.
Except for the heavy stuff.
Never figured anyone would find her.
And that's because killers like you, Josh, never do Take him.
We're not going to tell Ashley her husband's still alive? That seems kind of cruel.
Hey, they don't want to be straight with us, we return the favor.
Besides, H.
doesn't want anyone in on this until we know who we can trust.
All right.
I have a police report from the first attempt on Dominic Whitford's life.
You think it was the same person tried again today? If at first you don't succeed Says here Mr.
and Mrs.
Whitford were shot at outside the country club polo grounds.
Ashley was eight months pregnant.
Bullet missed them both, but Ashley fell.
She was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section.
Looks like the only piece of ballistic evidence we got was this 9mm round.
Couldn't tie it back to a gun.
Tell you what we do have, we have a list of witnesses and suspects.
Anyone of interest? Yeah.
Take a look at this.
Neil Massey.
Same guy that owns the gun involved in the shooting this morning.
Now he's connected to two attempts on Whitford's life.
So I'm thinking that shooting at Dominic Whitford was target practice? - Mr.
Massey? - I assume you're talking about the incident at the country club.
I am talking about the incident at the country club.
I was at the clubhouse when it happened.
A cop questioned me as a witness not a suspect.
It was a year ago and they agree it was a coincidence.
Why didn't you mention it before? Because I knew it would look bad.
But believe me, it was just a coincidence.
Seeing as Dominic Whitford is dead, I don't believe there are any coincidences, and I think a jury will agree with me.
Let's book him.
Get him out.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute I I did shoot at the Whitfords last year.
But it had nothing to do with Dominic.
I was aiming at his wife.
His wife? Why Whitford's wife? We dated three years ago.
I kept a lot of cash in the house and one day it was gone.
Along with my.
Now Ashley was with me when it happened, so I thought it couldn't have been her.
But then I found out about her sister.
Why didn't you report it? No proof.
And to be honest, I was embarrassed.
You know, duped by twins.
Like a joke.
I felt like I was stuck in one of them gum commercials.
Well since you've copped to it, you're going to be stuck in prison for attempted murder.
I just wanted to scare her.
Look, you're lucky she didn't lose the baby.
If she had, you'd be in there for murder.
Let's go.
Hey, Natalia.
It's Calleigh.
Listen, I think we need to pay the twins another visit.
And would you pick up a copy of Ocean Drive on your way in? Oh, you'll see.
What stolen money? Neil's lying.
Oh, I I'm sure.
I can't wait to hear the truth.
He was scary jealous.
He went into a rage when I left him for Dominic.
The guy was practically stalking Ashley.
He couldn't kill Ashley, so he went after Dominic.
I'm just grateful that Noah's safe.
Yes to him.
Uh You had a cesarean delivery, right? I had to.
During the shooting, I fell.
There was bleeding.
Well, maybe you can explain this picture that I found of you in Ocean Drive magazine.
It's really cute to you.
But there's no scar.
Oh They must've airbrushed it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Do you know that I can get a warrant to have your body searched for surgical scars? All right.
Ashley found out she couldn't have children.
I had the baby, okay.
So you covered for each other like back in high school, but this time you slept with him.
I couldn't tell him.
I was afraid that he'd leave me.
Children were so important to him.
Hey give me a second.
- Okay? - Okay.
Any tips? He likes enthusiasm.
Blow in his ear, it'll be over before you know it.
Ready? As'm ever going to be.
You're the most beautiful woman in the world.
So you're telling me that you switched places for nine whole months without Dominic knowing? Yes.
I know it was wrong.
Yeah, you are wrong, Cayla, because we checked your passport and you weren't in the country.
You were in Africa the entire pregnancy.
I already called Child Services.
They're going to take Noah away and send him to foster care unless you tell me the whole truth right now.
Wait! Please don't take him.
He's mine.
Noah's mine.
That's well, that's perfect.
All three of you are coming with me.
I really shouldn't talk without Ashley and Cayla.
I already spoke to them, I'd like to hear your story.
I don't know how it got this far.
Why don't you tell me how it started? It was always just a game.
Cheatng on tests.
Fooling bosses, boyfriends.
So you three went after Dominic? We grew up poor.
This was a way to make sure we were okay forever.
Ashley was supposed to marry him.
Anytime it got old, Cayla and I'd step in.
Then Ashley would divorce him, and then get a big chunk of change.
But he wanted a pregnant.
Well, then Ashley had to get pregnant since the money always goes with the kid.
But she couldn't do it.
Ashley's infertile.
So I did.
Having a baby- that is not a game.
I know.
I love Noah so much.
I miss him.
Did you kill Dominic so that you could get him back? No.
God, no.
Dom was actually a really good guy.
Who killed him? We have the blood from the crime scene.
We know it was one of you.
I don't know.
You're going to lose Noah, Beth, if you don't help me out here.
I'm sorry.
, I heard you caught Josh Brockner.
Yes, we did.
What about the triplets? Dead end.
We know one of them did it, but we just can't tie it to them individually.
Identical blood and identical DNA.
Just got to figure out which one of them it belongs to.
Antibodies, Eric.
All the girls were born with the same blood.
What they don't know is that every time the body experiences a specific trauma, it builds antibodies to fight it.
So you got different lives, different traumas.
And Beth Selby's blood is going to show presence of anti-RH positive antibodies, which a woman's body produces when she's pregnant.
Well, we find that in the blood, she's our killer.
And thus, the antigen antibody test.
I add a specific reagent to the sample, give her a quick spin in the centrifuge, and if it precipitates, then we've got her.
Sorry, Eric.
There's no evidence of any anti-RH positive antibodies.
Eliminates Beth as the killer.
Try this.
This reagent may show us something else on the next blood sample.
You know that this is the very last blood sample from the scene.
We test this one, we're out of crime scene samples.
Just call it hunch.
If it doesn't pay off, we've got nothing.
I know.
A killer could walk.
Is it clotting? Yes, it is.
Indicates the presence of specific IgG and IgM antibodies.
You know what that shows.
The presence of a killer.
You know, as a CSI, I spend a lot of time looking at things that to the naked eye seem identical, but aren't.
Likes prints and DNA, tool marks.
It's just what I do really well.
- So? - So, triplets are no problem.
I have to say, though, you girls were really good.
I mean, Ashley, you lured Dominic in like a pro.
You used your MBA background to spark aittle interest.
Maybe there was even love.
Who knows? Then, Beth, you stepped in and did the one thing that Ashley couldn't and had a child.
But I didn't kill anybody.
I told you that.
Oh, and you know what, Beth? I believe you.
I think that's the one thing you couldn't do.
The blood from the crime scene showed the presence of IgG and IgM.
Meaning? Meaning that person was immunized against an infectious disease.
Dengue fever, to be exact, which is contracted in Africa.
And, Cayla only you have been there.
I was told to shoot Dominic when I heard the champagne corks pop.
While Beth was at the gym.
Which provided you with a really nice little alibi.
Exse me.
If I may have your attention, please? It wasn't glamorous enough, didn't generate enough tax revenue to ensure the city a rich future.
But they don't understand.
Those young lives are the future.
The wealthy often find it easier to part with their money than their time.
counterparts to shame.
So, a toast to you! Ashley, I thought you were downstairs.
Damn it, Cayla.
We both said that trip was a stupid idea.
It wasn't a trip.
I was a student.
Then you got one of your little nosebleeds, didn't you? So? So, we did all the work, and you messed up.
Are you kidding me, Bethie? You lay there.
He told me how disinterested I seemed all those months before I got pregnant.
Okay, okay, okay, ladies, if it's of any comfort, you're all guilty of murder.
What's going to happen to my baby? He'll be raised by his father.
Excuse me? His father? He's dead.
How is that possible? Because I can spot differences, and you three can't.
When you've got money, everyby wants a piece of you.
I spent so much time suspecting the people I work with, I never thought to look next to me.
My whole life people have told me lies.
You know, despite all that's happened, I still have the only thing that's important my son.
Well, he's a lucky kid.
And why is that? Because his father is a good man.