CSI: Miami s05e19 Episode Script


Oh, Anna.
Slow down, Mr.
You got somewhere to be? Have a seat.
Whatever you say.
Let's take our time.
Look, you don't have to protect me, Lieutenant.
I hope you're right, Anna.
Anna? You got to help me! Where are you? I don't know.
I'm outside.
It looks like the Tierra Bay Hotel.
Oh, my God! Help me, please! Something terrible's happened.
I want you to stay right there.
I'm coming to you.
Stay there.
Anna! Anna! Stay right there.
Horatio Anna, are you hurt? I don't know.
Anna, listen to me.
Is that your blood? No, I don't think so.
Tell me what happened.
I- I-I didn't do it.
You gotta believe me! I didn't do anything wrong! I believe you, but tell me what happened.
God, I can't.
I can't remember.
Empty your pockets.
What's in your pockets? What do you got? Let me see.
Miami-Dade Police.
So you're telling me she says he fell on the ground, she got all woozy, woke up 20 minutes later covered in blood? Anna couldn't have done this, Frank.
I hope you're right, Horatio.
I really do.
She's covered in blood, and right now she's our #1 suspect.
I can't release her.
I understand.
Nothing personal.
It is now.
Anna, what's the last thing you can remember? Dinner.
I- I remember dinner.
Who did you have dinner with? Doug.
Yeah, he owns a big company, like cable TV or something.
Did you meet him at the hotel? Yeah.
It was a date.
We were in one of those cabana suites.
I think he ordered us room service.
All right.
What else? I can't remember the rest.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
Then I went outside, and that's when I called you.
Okay, um, I'm gonna have this gentleman take a look at you.
A good look.
It's okay, Anna, you're gonna be all right.
Definite stab wound.
Punctured his abdomen.
So who's our lucky recipient? Tripp ID'd him, and it's Doug Lansing.
Should I know who that is? He is the president of the Holfcroff Communications Syndicate.
They basically own and run every media outlet in Miami.
Shame you can't take all that capital with ya, honey.
So, uh, what do you think happened to the top of his head? Well, looks like Mr.
Lansing's scalp is retracted.
Retracted? Mm-hmm.
- His scalp is retracted? - Yep.
Someone scalped this guy? Oh, yeah.
What, are we in the Wild West? Lozado Street Gang is responsible for the resurgence.
Put a couple guys on my table last year, scalps sheared off.
Where'd the rest of his head go? Well, I hear they like to keep 'em as trophies.
It's an awful way to go.
This room service tray could, um, put someone else in the suite.
What'd you find? The rest of his head.
- Hey.
- Yeah? CSI Wolfe, mitts off, honey.
Body parts are mine.
Stick to the physical evidence.
You got it, Doctor.
I got here as soon as I heard it was Anna.
I'm gonna collect her clothes.
That blood is a passive transfer.
She might have wiped her hands.
But if it's equivocal, we side with the suspect, don't we? Right, I know, but I won't know if it's equivocal until I process it.
Do it.
I'm gonna need your clothes, one article at a time.
Break room is down the hall on the right.
That's cute.
But this is room service left over from the cabana suite.
Ryan brought it in.
You testing it for the presence of drugs? Yeah, I ran it through mass spec.
It's a benzodiazepine derivative.
Yeah, Schedule II.
Most hospitals use it as anesthesia.
Could it be used for anything else? Yeah, it can be used to treat epilepsy.
It affects as a short-term hypnotic; fast-acting, loss of memory, loss of consciousness.
That's exactly what Anna described.
Well,both of these sandwiches show trace amounts.
This should get her off the hook for Doug Lansing's murder.
Let's go pay a visit to room service.
I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
This is Eric Delko.
We're with Miami-Dade Police Department.
I understand you served dinner last night to cabana suite four, is that correct? Probably.
Why? Someone was murdered in that suite.
It started when their food was dosed.
Well, I'm not the only one with access to food around here.
There's a whole kitchen staff.
Yeah, we know.
We're starting with you.
I didn't dose anybody.
Look, I'm in the middle of a double shift.
If I could help you, I would, but I just deliver the food.
Well, if that's true, we'll just need to get some elimination samples from you fingerprints, DNA.
I just need to get back to work.
So, a little piece of advice: skip the turkey club at the Tierra Bay Hotel.
Yeah, right? I heard Anna and the vic were both drugged.
And then someone comes in and scalps the guy.
Yeah, I saw the scalp, and the tox reports on both of them confirmed that there was the presence of benzos.
Well, Anna's clothes says that she was laying down next to the vic as he bled.
Take a look.
Yeah, that's the dried delineation of blood.
The blood pooled around her as she was laying down, left that line on her pants.
What about the victim's clothes? Is there anything in there that's gonna tell us who murdered him? I'm going to start going through it right now.
Okay, I'll help you log.
Thank you.
We've got keys to a Mercedes Yeah.
Change Lip balm And a pin with a county seal.
It's engraved.
Whoever it belonged to was from District 30.
" Isn't the county supervisor over there O'Shay? Scott O'Shay.
Stay away from Anna Sivarro.
You really want to throw it all away over a girl like that? Horatio's best friend.
Really? No, not really.
Yeah, I think I got something.
Is there something I can do for you, Lieutenant? Matter of fact, there is, Supervisor.
We found your campaign pin on a dead man.
It's not exactly mine.
I give them away to campaign contributors.
There are hundreds of them.
Who knows who that belongs to.
I believe this contributor's name was Doug Lansing.
Yeah, I heard about his death this morning.
It's a terrible loss.
Doug was a friend.
Yes, I'm sure he was.
Did you see Doug this morning? Your answer's no.
You obviously missed my speech on the morning news.
You talk to your hooker friend Anna? Yes, I have, and she's been cleared.
I'm sure she has.
You saw to that,didn't you? Be careful, Caine.
You don't really know who she is.
- And you do? - I've done some digging.
She try to tell you she's from Galveston? A man has been killed.
This is not about Anna.
You're not careful, she could wind up making you look bad.
Just some advice.
Yes, and you are not in a position to give advice, Supervisor.
Oh! Some foods.
Yeah,we moved on to the mini-bar.
Went over Doug Lansing's bill for the cabana suite, and he was charged for every one of these items, even though they were unopened and in the mini-bar when we processed the room.
Well, you know, if you pull something out, you're charged automatically.
Yeah, but the weird thing is that all of these charges came at virtually the same time.
That's strange.
Why would Lansing pull everything out of the mini-bar at once? Someone was looking to lock something in its place because the room safe was too small.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking whatever it was was swapped out before Ryan processed the suite.
Can you think of anyone who would've put all this back in the mini-bar before Ryan got to the room? Ah, most of the prints lead back to Lansing.
But not all? I found a partial.
It wasn't Jesse Stark's, the room service guy.
Ran it through AFIS, I got nothing back.
I'm now searching the Hotel Workers' Union.
Ross Miller.
He's a bellman.
Yeah, the Tierra Bay Hotel.
It's never the bellman's job to restock the mini-bar, is it? No.
No, it's definitely not in his job description.
Ross Miller.
Yeah? I'm CSI Duquesne.
CSI Delko.
We just want to ask you a few questions.
All right, fire away.
They involve cabana suite four.
Where the body was found today.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well I was probably there, along with all the other suites in that wing.
Is it customary to help yourself to the mini-bar in those suites? What kind of question is that? What, are you guys the food police? Do yourself a favor, Ross.
We found your fingerprints on the mini-bar contents.
What were you looking for? Why don't you open up the trunk, Ross? Come on.
Couple hundred grand here.
All right.
Lansing's girl left her keys in the lobby.
Just don't forget to tell him, Anna, he'll see the rest next week.
Then I saw the money.
What are you doing here? Uh, the woman forgot her car keys.
Thank you.
It was open.
So you drugged the room service tray, then went back and killed Mr.
Lansing for the money.
Scalped him with a knife.
No, they were sleeping when I got there, and they were sleeping when I left.
Wha? Come on, they weren't dead, they were alive.
You're under arrest.
Theft, false imprisonment.
- Ryan? - Yeah? Have you seen Horatio? No, I haven't.
Why, what's up? Think I found a connection between our dead guy and O'Shay.
Is that right? State lets the American Indian put casinos on the reservations.
Right, as reparations for stealing the land out from under them.
Since then, the Kipayo Casinos have made them all millionaires.
And the revenues divided up amongst the tribe members, isn't it? Uh-huh.
O'Shay's getting a piece of the action.
You're kidding me.
How'd he manage that? Pushed the casino bill forward.
And he arranged for our victim, Doug Lansing, to get on the Indian Legislative Board.
Lansing is pulling the legal strings and O'Shay's getting the kickbacks.
Yeah, that couple hundred thou we snatched from the bellboy? Yeah Tip of the iceberg.
I'll tell H.
I was moving money for O'Shay.
But I wasn't getting any of it.
I was just taking it from one place to another.
And how long did this go on? Two years.
Why? What does he have on you? I can't.
I can't say You mean you won't say.
So what, you're giving up on me now? No.
I'm driving you home.
Come on.
Thank you, Horatio.
Oh, my God! Someone's broken in.
Step back.
Oh, no! What are you doing? Anna is something missing? My book.
What book? It had names and phone numbers and clients.
Not my clients, Tess's.
Why do you have it? It was left to me when she died.
Horatio, everybody's in it.
We'd better find that book.
Attention all South Beach units.
Suspect last seen in the area of 14th and Collins.
Miami-Dade PD.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Get your hands up.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What are you doing? I'm just getting some footage of your investigation, that's all.
Well, if you're looking to up your ratings, you've come to the wrong place.
We're just investigating a burglary.
Oh, I know.
- How's that? - Because I saw the guy ripping this place off about 90 minutes ago.
He broke in through the front door.
I shot the whole thing.
Really? You just happened to be here? Well, you make your own luck.
I was down the street, I got wind of a domestic disturbance over the police scanner, but, uh, this was better.
You're a stringer.
Yeah, I videotape crime scenes and accidents.
You ever hear of us, onthescenenews.
com? Nope.
You can't live without us, they pay top dollar for my stuff.
Did you see who broke into this apartment? Already got two stations interested.
You guys,uh,you want in on the bidding? Aw, come on, now.
You know Miami-Dade doesn't bid for evidence.
That's that's too bad.
I'll just put you under a microscope.
Unlawful business practice, trespassing, harassment.
Here's the tape.
Thank you kindly.
Hey, Leo.
What are you doing here? Filling in.
Cooper has a Graphical User Interface seminar.
I must have missed that one.
You here about the video Calleigh brought in? Yeah.
So is this stringer guy going to be able to help us? Well, he's definitely got footage from the break-in.
This is your bad guy coming out.
And there's Anna Sivarro's place.
There's the book.
Could we get a better look at his face? No.
Our cameraman was hiding.
He had a lousy vantage point.
I can't help but feel like Cooper would find a way, but Hmm.
Working the new guy.
That's right.
Okay, okay.
Are you sharpening the image? Uh, no.
Rebuilding it.
See, our image is blurry, so I'm replacing each bad pixel with a clear one from a neighboring frame.
There's his face.
That's great.
Now, is this enough for us to use to compare in the photo database? I think so.
Louis Sullivan.
Looks like breaking and entering is a hobby.
Yeah, I'm going to have Homicide pick him up.
And Leo, not bad.
You got to be kidding me.
Somebody videotaped me? You're lucky you didn't make it onto the news.
So let me ask you something.
What kind of thief breaks into an apartment but passes on the cash and passes on the credit cards? A thief that is looking for a black book.
Right, Louis? Who paid you to steal it? Nobody yet.
The dude who hired me wanted proof that I had it.
So I photocopied a couple of pages and sent them over to him.
? He said we'd be in touch.
Who wanted the book? I think it's time for my free lawyer.
'Cause if I start opening my mouth, things are going to get a whole lot worse for me.
Louis, you have no idea.
Tess Gowan's infamous black book.
Reads like a who's who of Miami.
Athletes, business leaders, judges Imagine the lives ruined if this made the press,Eric.
No doubt.
Got our victim Doug Lansing.
And Supervisor Scott O'Shay.
Who is this guy Reggie Veston? Well, the handwriting below the name and number is inconsistent with the other entries.
Probably because Anna made that entry, and Tess didn't.
This one, too.
Karl Bennett.
It's a 404 area code.
That's Atlanta.
That's a long way to travel.
It certainly is.
There must be a reason.
Excuse me.
Karl Bennett, please.
Who is this? Yes, Karl.
This is Horatio Caine, from the Miami Crime Lab.
I'm calling about Anna Sivarro.
Is she dead? Uh, no, she's not, Karl.
What is the nature of your relationship? She knows not to contact me.
Nobody she knows is ever to call me.
It's a direct violation of our agreement.
Your agreement? Would you mind describing that? A court order for custody.
Um custody? As in child custody.
Yes, it is.
Anything else? Uh No, Karl.
That's all I need.
Thank you.
Hi, Alexx.
So, we get a COD on Doug Lansing? Exsanguination.
Severed pulmonary artery.
But that's not why I called you over.
It's the victim's scalp.
Take a look at the soft tissue on the leading edge.
Is that a shard of his skull? Mm-mm.
No bone was fragmented.
So this came from whatever scalped him.
Say hello to your murder weapon.
I heard that Alexx found a piece of the murder weapon in the victim's scalp.
She did, and it's definitely skeletal.
Animal? Yeah.
It's calcified.
It's brittle.
It's got a protein base.
So it's not mineral.
That rules out ivory.
The outer surface is rough, inner cavity spongy yet vascular.
Bet it could be a deer antler.
Deer antler, huh? What are you basing that on? My dad used to hunt.
This is old and discolored.
It's like it's an artifact.
Well, that's not something the general public's walking around with, is it? You know, I think it's time we visit the Kipayo Indian casino.
O'Shay did get Lansing on the Indian Legislative Board.
You know, this place is actually, uh it's kind of hip.
There's a lot of money that flows in and out of here.
I would expect nothing less.
I think the office is this way.
and Mrs.
Veston? Hi.
We're from the Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
We're surprised to find CSI out here on our land.
We're investigating a murder that occurred early this morning.
Specifically with an antique knife.
Someone kills with an antique knife, and you immediately come to us? Do you go to the Russians if it's an AK-47? This is not a racial issue, Mrs.
The person who was murdered had financial ties to your casino.
Doug Lansing.
Doug was one of our first non-Indian investors.
He was a board member.
More like a financial godfather.
Someone we learned to hate.
That's a pretty strong word.
Lansing and his partners changed the meaning of our tribal agreements.
Regulating your people right out of their own money.
And Lansing walked away with the rest of it.
He and O'Shay.
Scott O'Shay won't show his face around here.
He knows better.
This money was earmarked for schools and healthcare.
If it wasn't for Reggie, none of this revenue would flow back to the people.
So every person on this reservation has motive to kill Lansing.
Looks that way.
I just spoke to Karl Bennett, Anna.
So you know.
I know about your son.
Why don't you tell me about him? He's almost three.
It just happened.
I wanted to keep him.
For a while, I was doing pretty good, but Anna, if you don't tell me everything, I can't help you.
His father has some money, but I want to give my son everything he needs.
And O'Shay offered to help.
Help how? He makes sure money goes to my son every month.
Okay, explain that to me.
How does it work? Passing casino payoffs.
I do it for my son.
What's next? O'Shay had his sights on Reggie Veston.
He was always asking me for that black book.
Which explains why he had it stolen from you.
He's blackmailing Veston.
And now that I have the information, he's going to go direct to Veston.
Miami-Dade PD! Reggie! Reggie! Clear.
It's too late.
it's second person from book to die today You're not leaving any stone unturned, are you, Lieutenant? You're making my associates very uncomfortable.
Yes, with Doug Lansing out of the way you're going to need a new front man for your casino investments.
Casinos? Now that would be unethical for a man in my position.
Which is why you were blackmailing Reggie Veston.
That's a hefty accusation.
I got another news flash for you.
We found him dead at the Kipayo Casino Hotel.
You're kidding? No, and by the looks of him, he wasn't easily persuadable, was he? I wasn't persuading anyone.
I know you had Tess' black book stolen.
Can you really prove it was me? Anna can.
You won't have her in court.
She won't testify.
Is that because you're supporting her child? You can't pull me in here for every crime in Miami.
Not every crime just the ones you're guilty of.
Guilty? Where are your prints, DNA? Your lab runs on money.
Everyone on your team has a salary.
Harassment is not without consequences.
My team thrives on consequences.
Everyone has a price.
Yeah, even you.
Reggie Veston well-liked, well-respected.
He ends up dead in a bungalow.
Yeah, well, everybody's got a secret.
His finally got out.
H says that O'Shay was blackmailing him for kickbacks from the casino.
Do you think that's who killed him? Whoever it was, they were pissed off.
You stab somebody in the face that's personal.
He was the leader of a tight knit community, a wealthy one I don't know that personal is going to narrow the field.
What have you got? Some sort of a paper product.
Maybe our victim carried it in.
Maybe they did.
So you're running the trace from Reggie Veston's hotel room through FTIR? I am, and the GCMS.
You've got high hopes for a little piece of paper.
It's not just paper, it's more than that.
It's confetti.
And how is that better? Because it's the kind they throw at the casino.
Calleigh, 50,000 people stomp through there every day.
True, but the mass spec found eight percent ethanol on the confetti.
It could be hair spray.
How does that I.
a suspect? FTIR results.
The suspect uses a hair spray that has a raspberry leaf extract? More than likely female.
Anna Sivarro's the only woman involved in this case.
Yeah,but she was at P.
when Reggie Veston was murdered, so it rules her out.
Who else would want him dead? Maybe someone with new information.
Is that what this is about? It's confetti.
You left it behind with your husband.
Is my name on it or something? Sort of.
It's the same confetti that's used at your casino.
It allowed us to obtain a search warrant for your place.
This hair spray from your bathroom it contains raspberry leaf extract.
Where are we going with all of this? This hair spray was found on this confetti.
Long odds.
You had opportunity.
You had means.
I know you were there.
Somebody sent me a copy of a black book this morning, and my husband's name was in it.
Reggie was having sex with a prostitute.
I promise you, it was just that one time.
O'Shay sent her to me.
Her name was Tess.
You've got to be kidding me.
Okay Why are you telling me now? Because I think they're going to use it against me.
O'Shay is trying to set me up.
He called me an hour ago.
Asked to be cut into the casino.
And I refused.
So you weren't going to tell me about her until now? I couldn't, Adrienne.
Why? Because you're afraid of hurting me? Or our people? No, it was always you.
I don't believe you! How could you be so stupid?! You're under arrest.
Heard you got some info on the Doug Lansing murder.
Yeah, I had all the case reference samples tested for their ancestry and formative markers.
Any member of the tribe could be a suspect.
Well, here's the results.
One of our suspects tested positive for haplogroup B.
Allele groupings consistent with Native American populations.
A "B" haplotype is the minimum finding to be entitled to casino earnings.
Jesse Stark, huh? He is, uh the kid from room service.
You know, I wouldn't peg him as being Native American.
Turns out he's 1/16 Kipayo, and that earns him Native American status.
Yeah, but is it enough to collect a piece of the casino revenue? I've never seen it before.
Really? That's interesting.
We found it wrapped in a T-shirt in your garage.
And there's a chip of it thatas found in the scalp of our victim.
So? You never said you were 1/16 Kipayo.
You filed for a certificate of authenticity of Indian blood with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in D.
three years ago.
You provided supporting documents.
And you, uh you provided ancestral artifacts.
This is your knife.
See, the government lets us own a casino.
Then white fat cats like Doug Lansing swoop in.
I knew about Lansing from the papers.
Saw him around the hotel.
I could hear him hiring attorneys deciding who gets rich, who gets tossed aside.
I'm tired of these Indians.
Well, then get them disqualified.
I don't care if they're full-blooded.
Tell them to get a job.
The money's ours.
My people have generated a half billion in revenue.
And you think you deserve part of that? Hell, yeah.
Then I see him drugged out of his mind with this girl.
Room service.
And there he was,laying there.
Doug Lansing he bought his way into tribal affairs.
He changed the rules.
He cut you out of your racial inheritance.
I didn't tell you a lot of things.
You were protecting your son, Anna.
Like any good mother.
And Scott O'Shay what happens? I want you to stay away from him.
You understand? Stay away from him.
I got to figure things out.
The child's important I don't want you to worry about that either, okay? Is this where I get my life back? It is, but this time, you can't let it get away.
Agreed? Okay?