CSI: Miami s05e20 Episode Script


Cut! Are you good? Uh, yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
That was hot! Yeah! Rod! - Thank you.
- Rod! What happened? Woo! What the hell? Shot's ruined.
Who popped the trunk? Wasn't me.
Must've been open before we rolled.
Talk to transport.
Hey, come quick! What is it? You got to see this.
What's going on? Oh, my God.
It's Brody.
Somebody call an ambulance! I'm live on the scene where actor Brody Lassiter was found dead of his latest movie Full Tilt.
The body of movie star Brody Lassiter was discovered while filming a dangerous high-speed car chase this morning No information has been released yet on how Lassiter died or even if he was part of the stunt.
No, he wasn't part of the stunt.
It's too dangerous.
Apparently so.
How'd he end up in there? People don't just put themselves in trunks.
I have no idea.
Why don't you guys do whatever cops do and find out.
'Cause your stunt crew destroyed my crime scene.
If you're saying we tried to cover something up, extinguishers are protocol.
You were in charge of the car, weren't you? Yeah, checked everything last night after the dry run.
Locked it up before I left.
Apparently not well enough.
Look I'm sorry.
I've just been doing this so long.
It's always been fake.
I keep thinking Brody's gonna be okay.
Well, he's not going to walk away from this one.
And neither will his killer.
All right, careful.
Careful, let's do this right.
Going to be plenty of eyes watching this one.
Was Mr.
Lassiter working this morning? Well, that's what's so weird.
His call time wasn't till noon.
How about last night? No, Brody wraps at 6:00 sharp.
Every 15 minutes we go over, costs us 20 grand.
His contract had a lot of rules.
His wardrobe had to be organic cotton.
Fresh pomegranate juice every morning, no pulp.
Let's just say, a lot of people wanted him off the movie.
Hold up, hold up, hold up.
Where you going with that? Is that for Brody? Excuse me.
Can I help you? Yeah, I'm Eddie Corbett.
I'm in charge of Brody.
Gentlemen, continue, please.
Thank you, ma'am.
Corbett, what can I do for you? His family's on their way down from Pennsylvania and they want a funeral.
And they're going to get a funeral.
Not for a few days.
I know how these things work.
Then you understand that we do have jurisdiction over the body.
You're gonna cut him up now, right? What am I going to tell his family? They want an open casket.
I'm sure his family wants me to find out who did this, don't they? This is my fault.
I should've been watching him.
What did you do for Brody? Babysit.
Brody's been known to party.
This movie's huge for the studio.
They already greenlit two sequels.
They paid me to get him to work in one piece.
Guess I failed.
How long did you know him? Grew up together.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Look it's no secret that Brody could be difficult sometimes.
But he didn't deserve to die like this.
Corbett, no one does.
Brody Lassiter, I don't believe it.
You're a fan? I only sawBlitzed three times.
It's that whole bad boy thing.
I guess I like it.
Any idea what killed him? Well, won't know much until I get this flame-retardant powder off him.
Honey, what is in that trunk? Because baby boy is glowing.
What does it look like? Well Antifreeze is this color, but no one's gonna use that in Miami, and it definitely doesn't glow.
Wait a minute.
I got it.
It's a broken glow stick.
It's got to be fresh if it's still working.
Maybe they used it in the stunt.
I don't think so.
Says it's from a nightclub.
There are no tool marks on the trunk and the lock hasn't been tampered with.
So no one broke in.
And the stunt guy had the only key.
Stunt guy is lying.
Someone must've stolen it last night after wrap.
The steering column was intact and you're the only one with the key.
So, why don't you try again.
I took the car out.
Me and Brody went clubbing in it.
So, what happened? You and Brody have too much drink, get in a fight? No, no way.
Brody was stone-cold sober.
That's the good part about going out with a guy in rehab.
Brody Lassiter was in rehab? Yeah, inpatient with work privileges.
Where've you been? So, Brody snuck out last night.
Sweet for me- a designated driver who's a movie star.
I could get hammered and get into every club in the city.
Why don't you get to the part where Brody ends up in the trunk.
Believe me, I have no idea.
He was fine when I dropped him off at White Sands.
White Sands, that's the, uh, that's the rehab center for the rich and famous? After he went inside, I was too wasted to drive, so, I thought I'd sleep it off a little bit in the parking lot.
Oh! Damn, dude, the way you drive, you should be doing your own stunts.
Nah, too many pads and helmets.
This is more fun.
Oh, man.
I think I'm going to hurl.
See you later, Rod.
When I woke up, it was an hour to call time.
So I left.
Why didn't you say anything before? I took a production car.
It wasn't even insured.
I could lose my stunt accreditation.
Oh, I think you can lose a lot more than that.
Look, I told you, I had nothing to do with Brody dying.
We're going to hold you for a little while just to make sure of that.
I don't trust you actors.
I'm a stunt guy.
Brody didn't die in the car, Ryan.
What do you mean? He has a ligature mark on his neck.
The mark's at an angle, above the laryngeal prominence.
And that's consistent with a hanging.
It was suicide.
Look at the laceration on his neck.
He tried to pull the rope off.
That's right.
And you don't typically find marks like these in a true suicide.
Only do that if you don't want to die.
Okay, so explain to me how you hang a 170-pound guy against his will? Didn't someone hear him screaming? It's rehab.
Everyone's screaming.
You ever seen someone go through detox? See, that reminds me, I gotta get over there, but thank you, Alex.
I knew you could do it.
Do what, honey? Get me probable cause for a warrant.
You are wasting your time, gentlemen.
White Sands saved Brody's life.
He couldn't have been killed here.
Trust me.
This is a safe place.
Well, we looked into the history of this place.
It's, um it's not that safe.
What do you mean by that? Two people died here, Mr.
Those were suicides.
We've made changes since then.
Define changes, please.
When a patient checks in, we confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon.
Please remove your shoes, Mr.
I'm also going to need your belt, your cell phone.
Do you have any sharp objects on your person? No.
I don't know if I can do this, man.
I know it doesn't seem likit right now it gets easier.
Now, you have any problems, you come to me personally okay? Thanks.
And look around.
Glasses are plastic, not even a butter knife.
I think we're gonna look a little harder than that.
What's this? That is a search warrant.
Oh, no.
You're not gonna turn this place into a circus.
These people pay a lot of money to protect their confidentiality.
We're only looking into Brody Lassiter's room.
You won't find anything.
I guess time will tell.
Yeah, got it.
The noose? No, where the rope was hung.
There's a There's a groove in the wood.
So this is definitely where Brody died.
So much for being the, uh safest place in Miami, you know? Yeah, well, Ashford was right about one thing.
There's nothing in this room that can be used like a noose.
I found something.
Yeah? What's that? It's a hair.
Black, but it's too long to be Brody's.
Bet you it's female.
Well, yeah.
He's a big star.
Probably had his pick of any of the girls in here.
Hey, Natalia.
Yeah? The walls of the bathroom aren't painted green, are they? No.
'Cause there's a mark on this shelf that's green.
And it looks like Looks like somebody had wet paint on their fingers.
There are green pots outside.
Did you see those? Yeah, the ones lining the walkway.
Somebody had to have painted them.
Yeah, I painted the pots.
Anything I can do to stay away from all those celebutantes.
So it sounds like it's a common practice for the patients to tend the grounds.
It's part of their treatment plan.
Doing manual labor's supposed to get you in touch with your inner self, or some Zen BS like that.
You're up at White Sands under court order.
This pansy judge spun a tale that I'm a violent drunk.
But I'm not like those brats.
I don't belong there.
I would agree.
I think you belong in jail.
What were you doing in Brody Lassiter's room? So this third degree is about Mr.
Hollywood? I thought you guys found his body on some movie set.
We also found your paint in his room.
These kids get any drug they want smuggled in there.
Rumor was he was hiding vodka in his water bottle.
So a couple days ago, I went looking.
Look, Lieutenant, you can't pin this on me.
I know this game.
I've been in the hot seat before.
Then get comfortable.
So I heard that Natalia didn't get a hit with CODIS on the black hair we found in Brody's room.
That is true, but that might be of some help.
Turns out, it's not really black.
It's dyed.
That's pretty great.
It's a lead.
Well, in theory.
White Sands isn't gonna give us a list of their patients with dyed hair.
Medical confidentiality even covers murder.
It's a good thing it doesn't cover gossip.
Come with me.
It's a guilty pleasure.
Have not read it yet, but Holly Reese is on the cover.
She just went into rehab.
Is that right? I thought she was the one celebrity with a good reputation.
I know.
So much for the bubble gum image, right? And her blonde hair - look at that.
Yeah, used to be blonde.
All right.
Looks like Brody's helping her through her addiction.
White Sands is known for its privacy, but that photo was taken inside Brody's room, wasn't it? Well, how'd the paparazzi get in there? I don't know.
Why don't you go there, and I'm gonna go talk to Holly.
That sounds good.
Sorry for dragging you out here.
It's just never know who's taking notes inside.
Paparazzi's everywhere.
Yeah, I read the article inTelltale.
So I just want to ask you a few questions.
Does this mean I'm a suspect? Or just one of those persons of interest? Well, it really just depends on how you explain what you were doing in Brody's room.
We have evidence that puts you there.
Am I in trouble? Oh, my God,you're gonna arrest me.
Okay, quick, just do it before someone sees me.
No, uh, Miss Reese, you can turn around.
I'm just here to ask you a few questions.
I just want to know what you were doing in Brody's room.
Um Well It's hard to have fun in this place without your cell phone, you know? So, um, we have sex.
Beats therapy.
Oh, I feel cured.
How about you? Wasn't serious.
Okay, did you see him last night? No.
I was "hallway monitor" last night.
Really? Did you see something, someone, anything unusual? Well, no.
I, uh Truth is, I passed out.
From what? This is rehab.
Uh, yeah.
Side effect, from being an addict.
Sometimes I get blackouts.
When you need an alibi? No.
No, I cared about Brody.
I mean, we started out just hooking up, but then, I don't know, he got me.
He understood the whole "I want to be normal, but I'm famous" thing.
I'd never kill him.
I think it's a good thing that you can't leave.
I know.
This place is like prison.
Trust me, it's nothing like prison.
Well, we got to figure out where the photographer was if we're gonna figure out who he is, 'cause maybe he snapped some pictures the night of the murder.
Well, from the angle of the shot, they had to have taken it through this window.
Yeah, paparazzi with a telephoto lens.
Maybe they took it from one of those rooms.
Something's weird.
From that distance, they'd never get that vantage point.
The angle is it's too steep.
Yeah, they would've had to be closer to the room.
Or in it.
Boy, I can't even imagine the things this camera's seen.
That's the camera from Brody's room? Yeah.
Unfortunately, it's only pointed at the bed.
Since the murder happened in the main room, we don't get to see the killing.
But there is one interesting thing.
The bedspread.
It was never in any crime scene photos.
Okay, continue, please.
Wait a minute.
There's somebody there.
But his face is never on screen.
Wait a minute.
Right there.
The ring.
Yes, in its reflection.
Let me resolve that image.
Is that the head of the clinic? Not for long.
Taking out the trash? Bag on the table and step away from it.
Clients aren't the only ones who do chores around here.
We like to set a good example.
You can't touch that.
Your warrant only covers Brody's room.
The warrant has been amended.
Gave up your rights once you compromised your patients, Mr.
Put cameras in those rooms, you took pictures, and you sold them to the tabloids.
So much for privacy.
Look, you've got to understand.
White Sands does not advertise.
Good publicity is how we keep these rooms full.
How a little invasion of privacy and they love the exposure.
Looks like we found our noose.
Ashford, you adjusted that camera angle to cover the murder, didn't you? No.
I didn't kill Brody.
I found him hanging there this morning.
I moved the camera so it didn't catch me moving his body.
Lieutenant, suicides are bad for my business.
So is murder.
So if you didn't stringim up, who did? I don't know.
But there are plenty of people who had cause.
Why? Yesterday, Brody reached Level 6.
Basically, you make good with your past.
Apologize to everyone you've wronged.
Our suspect pool just got bigger.
So that means I'm off the hook.
No, not exactly.
You're an accessory to murder.
Get ready for Level 6.
So who did Brody confess to? All the patients at White Sands, they have to share three landlines, and Brody had access to one of those phones last night from 7:00 to 9:00.
I traced all the calls he made.
Almost everyone he confessed to lives out of state.
The locals check out, too, so it's a dead end.
Maybe the confession wasn't over.
How we gonna know who he was going to call? We go back to the clinic.
The administration will just keep stonewalling us.
Talk to the patients.
At least you still have a mom.
Hey, hey, hey! No cross-talking.
You can finish that thought tomorrow.
Okay, that's it for today, everyone.
Let's go.
Hey, guys, listen, uh, before you all take off, I'm Eric Delko, MDPD.
I'm just looking for a little help with a few questions about Brody Lassiter.
Let's go.
Just information, guys.
No one's in any kind of trouble.
I was wondering when someone was going to ask about Brody, but I don't think we're legally allowed to talk.
Well, what's your name? Jolene.
It's okay.
It's just the employees here who are bound by confidentiality.
Well, I really shouldn't say anything anyway.
Brody was hanged last night.
Any help I can get in solving this murder, I appreciate it.
Okay, but we only talked, like, four or five times.
All right.
Well, what do you think you know? Well, this one time we were partnered up.
Sort of role-playing before we hit Level 6.
The confessions? Yeah.
And he confessed something.
Oh, this is really hard for me.
Just say it, Brody.
Let it out.
I killed someone.
What?! You killed someone? I'm not sure if it was real, but he did say that.
Thank you, Jolene.
You know, you're really brave.
Why? For telling you? No.
For being here.
Tripp, look, I've got a girl here who says that Lassiter confessed to killing somebody.
Any idea who? She doesn't know that part.
So, look, we've got to go through Brody's entire history for unexplained deaths, anything.
I think I know where to start.
Eddie, you told me that you and Brody grew up together.
That's right.
Raised on the same block.
Maybe shared some of the same instincts.
What's that supposed to mean? Look, Eddie, we know Brody killed someone.
What?! You're his best friend.
You knew that.
Maybe you helped him clean it up.
No way.
Found out you used to have a job in waste management.
That was high school, man.
All right, let's try something a little more recent.
Angie Paulson was doing a comedy with Brody when she disappeared.
Never showed up on the set, never heard from again.
That girl was crazy.
She went all Buddhist.
Moved to Tibet or something.
According to her family, she's still a missing person.
And if you helped Brody dispose of Angie's body, that ties you in.
Look, man, I didn't do anything.
Everybody's done something, Eddie.
That's the noose Delko found in the clinic director's trash? Yeah.
Guess what I found on it? What? Mass spec says that it's heroin.
The tabloid said Holly Reese was admitted for heroin.
She could have relapsed.
She did say she blacked out.
Yeah, but the clinic's never going to let us look at her records.
That's true, but weave her hair.
Looks like Holly hasn't done any heroin recently.
You know what? In fact, she's never done any at all.
What do you mean? Her hair is crystal-clean.
There's no heroin.
There's no drugs.
There's nothing.
So she lied about being an addict.
I don't know.
Everybody wants out of rehab.
Why does she want in? See what star was arrested at rehab today.
Hey, Holly.
It's Calleigh Duquesne.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
Front page of the tabloids and breaking news all in one week.
And that's good? Oh, all publicity is good publicity.
Well, how about this headline? "Holly Reese fakes addiction.
" What are you talking about? I mean, I'm here to kick heroin.
Holly, hair records drugs like a timeline.
Your hair is completely clean.
Look, um, I'm just here researching for a role.
It's a huge part.
I get to un-glam, and that's how all the stars get Oscars.
Halle, Nicole, Charlize.
How did you get past the physical screenings? Mr.
Ashford knows my situation.
He helped me get admitted.
Holly, you do realize that he is the person who sold the pictures of you and Brody to the tabloids, don't you? Hey, he got press, I got press.
Everyone's happy.
I don't know that everyone's happy.
Brody Lassiter's representatives released a statement to the media a couple of days ago saying that the two of you were never together.
That must have hurt.
Well, yeah.
And so what? You went into Brody's room last night, got all of your anger out? No, I didn't.
I was on hall duty, like I told you.
But you also said that you blacked out, and clearly, that's a lie.
I just didn't want to say what I saw.
Well, I'm afraid now you have no choice.
It was Jerry, that criminal guy.
He went into Brody's room last night.
Jerry went into Brody's room a lot of nights.
Are you trying to tell me that Brody Lassiter was gay? Look, I don't know for sure, all right? I mean, he liked girls, too.
I think.
Do you remember about what time Jerry went into his room? No.
I wasn't looking at my watch.
God, you're not going to tell anyone, are you? I mean, I finally get a picture in the tabs with an A-lister, and then it turns out that he likes guys.
That news doesn't exactly make me bankable.
Well, I guess all publicity isnot good publicity.
You said you were in Brody's room a few days ago, but we have an eyewitness that puts you there last night.
You and Brody were in a relationship, weren't you? He's dead, so you can stop protecting his reputation.
We found a lot of his personal items in your room.
You two think I'm a fruit.
What were you doing with his stuff? Selling it.
Didn't you see how much Justin's half-eaten piece of pizza went for on e-Bay? I saw an opportunity to make a little extra cash.
So, he found you stealing his stuff, and you decided to kill him? No.
He wasn't even there.
I had nothing to do with his murder.
We found heroin on the murder weapon.
Good for you.
Did you pick up a new habit in rehab? No.
Then you won't mind proving it.
Will you? Hey.
Jerry tested negative for heroin.
I don't think he's our killer.
Yeah, I don't think so, either.
Why not? Because the noose that was used to hang Brody was made of dental floss.
Dental floss? Yeah.
How-How is that possible? Has a tensile strength of up to 25 pounds per strand.
You braid it together, it makes it even stronger.
It's even been used to break out of jail.
Okay, but how does that rule Jerry out? Well, based on the number of strands and the length of the rope, took someone a long time to make it, and Jerry's only been in rehab two weeks.
So, who's been at White Sands the longest? You've been a patient here at White Sands for almost two months, which means that you would have had ample time to make this.
It was used to hang Brody Lassiter.
What? It disappeared from my room last night.
What were you going to use the rope for, Jolene? Nothing, really.
Come on.
You know I'm allowed to leave White Sands anytime I want.
I just don't have the guts to do it.
You were going to kill yourself? I feel like I I might not make it at home.
But you've come so far.
Two months sober.
But in rehab, there's always someone to talk to.
There's people watching me.
What am I going to have in Kansas City? My journals? Rehab exercises? That's not going to go very far.
But what about your family? They spent all their money sending me here.
What if it doesn't work? I'm going to let them down again.
No, you're not going to let them down.
They want to help you.
How do you know? A couple of months ago, I got shot.
And I was scared to come back to work.
You were? Yeah.
I didn't want to ask for anybody's help.
I ended up making a few mistakes.
But every day it gets a little better.
And it'll get better for you, too.
Your friends and family, they just want to be there for you.
You're gonna be okay, Jolene.
I guess I'll have to be.
Somebody stole my other option.
So, uh so, what's all this? They're Brody's journals.
We confiscated them from Jerry.
Luckily, you got to them before he put 'em on e-Bay.
What is this? This looks like his obituary.
It is.
That's not supposed to come out till tomorrow.
I know.
This one was written a week ago.
By who? Well, Brody wrote it himself.
It's a rehab exercise.
It's supposed to make you write down everything you've done in your life and the changes you want to make.
Does it say that he killed someone in this? No, but he does make reference to an "accident.
" Really? "After the accident, "Brody Lassiter got into drugs, and decided to move to Miami to be an actor.
" I think he may have moved to evade charges? Well, we, uh, looked into his history.
He doesn't have any warrants or, uh, wants for him.
Yeah, but an accident's not a crime.
So, how do you find out if something happened to a dead guy? Go to the source.
So, Calleigh, I figured out why no one heard him screaming.
Subdural hematoma.
He hit his head.
Well, that would explain why he didn't fight back.
What about any older injury? Anything like that? Not on the body, but inside.
See that? Right there.
Ribcage? These are multiple healed fractures.
When we break bones, they actually grow back thicker and stronger than before, so they show up brighter on the X-ray.
These are compression fractures.
Meaning? He was hit with something straight on.
This'll show us what.
Whatever it was, it was round.
It was a car accident.
Well, if there was a a fatality, it would have been in the news.
So, what exactly are we looking for? We're looking for fatal car crashes that occurred before Brody moved from Pennsylvania to Miami.
These are all the clips from local Williamsport newspapers.
Here's one: "Tragic Accident.
" But the driver was apprehended at scene and arrested.
Moving on.
Oh, here's one.
Nah, that car was sideswiped.
That wouldn't cause steering wheel impact.
Moving on.
Here we go.
"Local girl killed in grisly crash.
" Ran the car into a telephone pole, and the driver was killed.
Yeah, Brody's X-rays are showing that he was the driver.
Moving on.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Go back a second.
Back okay.
Look at the name of the victim.
Diane Corbett.
That's right.
That's the same last name as Brody's assistant, Eddie Corbett.
Then maybe Brodywas there.
Maybe he just moved Diane's body into the driver's seat after the car accident and took off.
I think we just found our crash.
We found heroin in your apartment, Eddie.
Personal use.
To take the edge off.
What are you gonna do, arrest me for it? No, I'm going to arrest you for murder.
What? We found heroin residue on Brody's noose.
I'm guessing it's a match to yours.
Brody made a big deal about me moving out here.
Said he didn't know who to trust.
Needed his best friend around.
It was all guilt.
Guilty about Diane.
Right? Yeah.
She was my big sister.
And she died in that car accident, didn't she? I didn't even know Brody was in the car.
I mean, he's supposed to be my best boy and he doesn't even tell me that he was the one driving? He wanted to tell you, Eddie.
Last night, he he called me from the club.
He told me to meet him at White Sands.
I - I thought he relapsed or something.
Because he wanted to confess to you.
Like it was okay now because he said it out loud.
I'm so sorry, bro.
I wanted to tell you, but Then why didn't you? I was scared.
You killed my sister.
You killed her! He wasn't breathing.
I didn't mean for that to happen.
So you decided to make it look like suicide.
That was the idea.
And I searched in a bunch of rooms, you know, for anything that could've made it seem like Brody could've done it himself.
Then I found that rope.
He was still alive.
I freaked.
I ran.
Just like he did ten years ago.
No, no, no, no, it was different.
Yes, it was different, Eddie.
The difference is you got caught.
Let's go.
The paparazzi is loving this.
Best friends both turn out to be killers.
This brings the Brody Lassiter murder investigation to a close.
Best friend and longtime assistant Eddie Corbett has just been arrested.
And in other celebrity news, Holly Reese's latest project has been greenlit.
It will focus on one brave young woman's struggle with addiction.
And speaking of addiction, pop singer Elvina has reportedly checked herself into rehab.
If this is true,i really have to see for it Some of us more then one.