CSI: Miami s05e21 Episode Script

Just Murdered

All units in the Star Island vicinity.
Possible domestic disturbance.
Proceed with caution.
I swear to God, I'll kill you.
You wanted equitable division of assets, I'll give you equitable.
I'll take this half.
And you can have that half.
You wanna sink the boat, huh? Well I'll beat you to it.
How'd you like that! That's your half! You crazy bitch! Crazy? I was crazy to spend 19 years of my life with a jackass like you.
We're sinking! You stole my youth.
You killed my soul! You have no soul! They're over here.
You're the pool guy, right? Yeah, Paul.
I've never seen them act this crazy.
Hey! Put the gun down.
Officer, he's trying to kill me.
She's the one with the chainsaw.
I repeat, put the gun down.
Atherton, put the gun down! Who are they, Frank? Laurie and Hank Atherton.
Dispatch says patrol has been called out here over a half a dozen times.
- Obviously the nastiest divorce on Star Island.
- Obviously.
Hey, H.
You're gonna wanna see this back at the house.
Hang on to them, Frank.
This is, uh, Mandy.
She's the parents' fitness trainer.
The son discovered her when he was getting ready for school.
Could have started the fight,huh? These lasers are dividing the whole house in half.
Court ordered it until the divorce was final.
Welcome to divorce of the future.
and Mrs.
Atherton, I'm going to ask you flat out,did you kill Mandy? She was my personal trainer.
I would never want to kill her.
So you're both saying you have no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the body we found in your house.
I hardly knew Mandy,and besides, it's on his side of the house.
I don't even go over there.
And honestly,she was a lot of things to him.
It was probably the same guy who stole my car.
When did your car get stolen? This morning.
Then she hacked up my boat.
Talk about a bad day.
He pointed a gun at my head.
Isn't that,like,attempted murder? Can you charge him? Take him away.
Charge me? You saw what she did.
Excuse me,folks,but you're both suspects in a murder, and you're coming with me.
I'll get radio car.
Frank, get two cars.
Stolen Lamborghini has been located Sunspire Drive,Star Island.
Possible homicide involved.
Well,here's the Athertons' stolen car.
Who is this guy? His name was Stan Lockwood.
Found his ID.
Looks like the victim's the one who stole it.
Hey,Eric, I do have COD.
Broken neck at the C-3 vertebrae.
See the straight line bruising along the back and front of his throat? His head was slammed in the car door.
Looks like the killer kicked the door closed.
Got a shoeprint here.
I'll get us a dust lift for comparison.
If the shoe fits Eric,this may be important.
Got the keys in a fire ant mound.
Ouch! They look pretty nasty,and they're everywhere.
I'm guessing they might have bit the killer.
Well,I'll,uh,call dispatch,and I'll have them check with all the hospitals,see if anybody was treated for insect bites.
Whoa! Hey,Eric? This is a bill of sale dated today.
Which means our victim didn't steal the car.
Stan Lockwood bought this car from the Athertons.
Which means the Athertons lied to us.
You found my car.
As a matter of fact, it wasn't stolen,was it? What do you mean? The lawyers told us to distribute our property in an equitable fashion.
You sold my Lamborghini? It was my car,too,Hank.
You said to sell it and give you half.
Say hello to half.
$200? It's worth $200,000! So,a couple zeros off.
You're insane.
She's insane! I'm sorry to bother you with this,Lieutenant, but as you know, divorces can be quite messy.
and Mrs.
Atherton,we found a dead body in your car,and we're still processing the first at your house.
Yes,divorce can be messy.
So is killing people.
So,this is what happens when a husband refuses to move out and a wife refuses to buy out.
Wonder what would have happened if I tried to put my hand through the other side.
With these two,it might mean electrocution.
Whoa! That's some serious surveillance.
Yeah,I guess you'd,uh, have to have one of those to live here, wouldn't you,Nathan? Uh,took a court order.
You found the body,didn't you? When I thought my parents' divorce couldn't get any worse, I find the body of my dad's girlfriend.
Girlfriend? I thought that was your parents' trainer.
Oh,she was till my mom caught them going at it a few months ago.
And your mother was angry about this? Not really.
She was too busy with the pool guy to really care.
Listen,Nathan,do you have someplace you can stay? 'Cause this is a This is an active crime scene.
The family next door.
They're cool.
I want you to go next door,and stay there, and if I need to contact you,I know where you are,all right? Okay,Mandy Felding.
Not a lot of mystery with cause of death.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
Probably one quick blow to the forehead.
I'll collect a sexual assault kit and get it to Natalia.
Alexx,take a look at this.
It's a fresh depression mark on the wall.
Here we go.
It's got a little bit of blood on it.
This is heavy.
Yeah,this definitely could be the murder weapon.
I'll get it to prints.
How are we doing with our personal trainer? Good.
I was able to pull two clean prints: a thumb and an index finger.
I'm running them now.
Well,maybe we'll catch a break.
Can you believe these people? Lasers down the middle of their house.
It's crazy.
Yeah,divorce sometimes brings out the worst in people.
I know from experience.
Your parents? Yeah.
It was 15 years ago,but I still remember all the grisly details.
I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories.
Oh,no,it's okay.
We got something.
Laurie Atherton.
That's the wife.
But you know, she said she never goes over to Hank's side.
She's lying.
Of course my prints are on the vase.
It used to be my vase.
So what was it doing on Hank's side of the house? 'Cause Hank knew how much I wanted it.
When we started to divide up our possessions, he insisted on getting that just to spite me.
Atherton, it seems as if your husband has done a lot more than that to spite you.
You mean Mandy Felding? Yeah.
No,I knew all about his "personal training.
" It was quite obvious to me.
You feeling up to a workout? Well,what kind of exercise do you have in mind? Naughty boy.
So you decided to kill Mandy for sleeping with your husband? No.
No,I destroyed his real mistress.
His boat.
But if you ask me, Hank probably killed Mandy because he was quite rough sometimes.
You mean sexually? Well,it was a while ago,but yes.
Yes,he was.
So Alexx said that you're running the semen sample from our vic, the one that she collected.
As we speak.
I think it might be Hank Atherton 'cause after all,Mandy was his girlfriend.
Mm nope.
I just ran him; it's not Hank.
You're kidding.
Wasn't a match, but it looks like CODIS knows who is.
Todd Felding.
Felding,as in our victim's last name.
Looks like Mandy had a bad marriage,too.
I'll call patrol,have them bring in her husband.
We found your DNA on the body of the victim.
Body of your victim? She's my wife.
When was the last time you saw your wife? This morning before I went to the gym.
You do a little construction down there? Yes,you have drywall debris on your shoulder.
That could have come from anywhere.
So if I take a sample of it,it won't match our crime scene? Okay.
I followed Mandy to her client's house.
I saw what was really going on.
What does she think she's doing out there? How could you do this to me? Todd.
I thought we was trying to fix our marriage, but it looks like I was the only one trying.
I guess there's no fixing it now,huh? Take him,Officer.
Got something for me? Should I? Yeah.
Did we meet somewhere? Am I supposed to be taking you out on a lunch date? Ha-ha,very funny.
Where's my check? Your check? I don't even know you.
Eric,could I speak to you for just a minute? Excuse us.
Unfortunately,you do know her.
Right before the accident,you helped her out and she sued you.
Sued me for what? I'll explain it to you later, but you didn't do anything wrong.
Eric,you've got the shoeprint from the Lamborghini to process.
So how about you take that and I'll handle her? Yeah,okay.
What's Officer Delko trying to pull? Pretending like he doesn't recognize me.
Look,Carmen,you're gonna get your check.
It's just that Delko has been out on medical leave and his paycheck garnishment hasn't kicked in yet.
Medical? For what? That's none of your business.
Will it affect my settlement? If you'll excuse me,I need to get back to my job.
Some of us work for a living.
That's quite a nasty arm.
Local ER tells us that,uh, you checked yourself in for fire ant bites? I fell on an anthill.
Nothing serious.
I don't agree.
I have a warrant here.
It's for your shoes.
My shoes? Oh,yeah.
We found a shoeprint in the Athertons' Lamborghini,and that was at a crime scene.
And if we can match it to your shoe, we've got you for murder.
I guess I need a lawyer then.
Oh,I'm sure the court can appoint you one.
There's no need.
I've already got one.
Stacey Wakeman.
That's Mrs.
Atherton's attorney.
Let's just say she owes me.
I have no doubt.
That dust lift you collected is pristine.
I'm comparing it against the pool boy's shoes.
These must be his favorite pair.
They've got a nice wear pattern.
Is it unique enough for a match? All right,I'll tell you what.
Why don't you tell me? That's a match.
We got him for killing our Lamborghini guy.
Calleigh, I wanted to thank you.
For taking care of that girl today.
It's no problem.
You would've done the same thing for me.
It's just that you helped me out a lot this year.
Well,I appreciate you for appreciating me.
What was that all about? Nothing.
What's up? This just came for you.
We got a courtesy copy of this motion.
The pool boy's lawyer filed a motion for an expedited Frye hearing on this case.
It's for today.
Yeah,but how can they challenge our procedures? All of our manuals are in order.
They were reviewed during accreditation.
There's another part to a Frye hearing- the competency of the analyst.
They're coming after me.
I looked into your public records.
Only a few weeks before you were shot on duty, you were being sued.
Isn't that right,Mr.
Delko? That's correct.
What event led to this suit? I was helping a civilian in danger.
Can you elaborate for the court? I can't remember all of the details.
You can't remember a lot of things, isn't that correct,Mr.
Delko? I do have some memory loss, pre-shooting,that's all.
Delko, your memory lapses are directly related to the brain injury you sustained when you were shot a few months ago.
Isn't that right? You're making it sound like I can't do my job.
Yes,I have some memory loss,but it's specific to the few months before the shooting, and that's all.
Upon your return to work, were you given new proficiencies? Or was anyone assigned to monitor your casework since you've returned? No.
So you just came back and resumed your duties without anyone determining your competency.
I followed every protocol and procedure in this case.
Every single one.
And the crime scene footprint matches your client's shoe.
You saw someone today that you should have been very familiar with, and yet did not recognize.
Isn't that true,Mr.
Delko? Yes.
Delko,isn't this the woman you saw today? Hey.
She was the one who originated the lawsuit which resulted in you choosing to have your wages garnished as settlement? So I've been told.
Your Honor, please note for the record Mr.
Delko has identified Carmen Henney.
So noted.
Your Honor,this criminalist sustained a severe brain injury only four months ago.
He has memory lapses and is currently working major crime scenes without supervision.
I move that any evidence collected by this man be thrown out, specifically,my client's so-called shoeprint, which was processed by Mr.
Delko today.
I'm going to continue this hearing pending the testimony of Mr.
Delko's doctor.
Until then,Mr.
Delko, I strongly recommend that you not process any evidentiary material in this matter.
So,desk duty,right? For now.
The State Attorney won't even admit the shoeprint evidence.
Says he can't afford to have me discredited on the stand.
Eric,we just need to be patient.
The shoeprint evidence is the only thing tying the pool boy to the Lamborghini murder.
He could get away with it.
That will never happen.
You know you didn't do anything wrong.
That lawyer's sleazy.
They're using you as a scapegoat for her client.
Everything Wakeman said was true.
There's truth,and then there's relevance.
Look,all I know is we I lost a key piece of evidence that could have convicted the pool boy.
You heard Horatio.
We know he killed Lockwood.
All we have to do is find another way.
No,you need to find another way.
I'm on desk duty.
Looks like a desk to me.
Besides,have you got something? Yeah,the pool boy's arm.
Look at the ant bites.
You mean,how they only go halfway up his arm? That's right.
When we picked him up, he had a short-sleeve shirt on.
The ants - it would have swarmed farther up his arms.
You think maybe he was wearing something over it when he killed him? Yeah,I think a jacket with elastic at the end of the sleeves.
I bet I know where to find it.
Hey,Nathan,what's going on? Mom's lawyer called.
Some legal thing was lifted.
You mean,like a court order? Yeah,something about it kept them from getting in the safe deposit box.
I guess now they can.
Are both their names on the box? Yeah.
Yeah,divorce law states that whoever gets there first,gets what's inside.
Yeah,well,if my mom got the call, Dad will show up there too,'cause their lawyers are almost as competitive as they are.
I think they really might kill each other this time.
Hey,Ryan,I need you to do me a favor.
Get over to Miami National Bank.
I think we might have a problem.
Laurie,come back here.
Hank! Stop it! Give it.
Give me,give me the box,Laurie.
Stop it.
Give me it.
Give it to me.
Let go,Hank.
Stop it.
Give me it.
Give it to me.
Stop it! Let go! It's empty.
Oh,you're kidding me.
You're fighting over this? You stole it already? Oh,right,right.
I stole everything.
That's why I raced all the way down here.
What did you do with all our stuff? Okay,Mr.
Atherton, that's enough.
You're under arrest for assault,destruction of property, and disturbing the peace.
Throw the book at him,officer.
Atherton,book's going to hit you,too.
I got to talk to these people.
Okay,I'm going to need a list of all the things that you kept in that safe deposit box.
And does anyone else have a key to it? Don't answer that,Laurie.
You talk to my lawyer.
She handles everything.
Camden,you gotta fix this,man.
It's just a big misunderstanding.
We've got a bigger problem.
This morning's unplanned activity on the boat ate significantly into your funds.
So,my safe deposit box has been robbed.
And now you're telling me my retainer's gone? Financially,you've hit bottom.
And unless I receive additional funds,I will have to sever my services.
As will I.
What? Mine,too? You know,I'm sure the,uh, the state will be happy to provide you with a public defender.
You've got to be kidding me.
There is another way.
Transfer ownership of your residence.
It'll be held in a trust pending payment for future services.
Equally divided between myself and Attorney Wakeman.
Wait,what, what does this mean? Means that either you,uh, hand over the deed to your house as collateral or you're going to spend the night with us.
That's blackmail.
Once I file this paperwork, I'll have you released within the hour.
You guys can take them down to the station.
I'll meet you there,okay? Do we have to ride together? Don't worry.
You'll be out within the hour.
Hey,I got your call.
Hopefully,you got something that can bail us out.
Yeah,I found a piece of tissue caught in pool boy's jacket zipper.
Take a look.
That's beautiful.
Skin probably tore off during the scuffle.
Let's hope it has our victim's DNA.
I'm all over it.
Warner, I don't see your attorney.
She did what I needed her to do.
Proved that your guy was incompetent.
So,why's Laurie gonna keep paying her $500 an hour when I had nothing to do with the safe deposit box? Do you have anything to do with that? It's my jacket.
So? The victim's flesh is trapped in the zipper of that jacket.
Warner,this is your chance to help yourself; I suggest you take it.
She promised the car to me.
And then she sold it to somebody else.
I couldn't believe that she did that.
So,yeah,I went after him.
You're dreaming,kid.
Get lost.
You can't have this car,man.
I'm not letting you drive away with it.
Yeah,well,you're going to have to.
I just wanted what was rightfully mine.
She should have kept that car for me! And you,Mr.
Warner,should have kept your lawyer.
Why would I want anything out of my parent's safe deposit box? There's nothing in it for me.
Someone completely cleaned it out,Nathan: valuables,cash, bearer bonds.
Well,the bank has security,doesn't it? Check the cameras.
Your parents said that you had access to the box.
That's in case they,like,died or something.
The last thing I need to do is create more drama.
Heaven knows my parents are pretty damn good at that.
Who the hell's that? You might have to move out,Nathan.
Move out of the house? Yes,your parents had legal fees and in order to retain legal counsel,they had to put the house up as collateral.
And I'm only 17.
There's a representative from Child Services and she's going to talk to you about different options.
There has to be some other way.
I will be 18 in two weeks.
That's a legal adult,right? Okay,what about this? Why don't we go to one of your parents' lawyers and talk to them? My dad's is closest.
Allen Comden.
Maybe he can figure out something you can do in the next two weeks.
Secretary must have left for the day.
Comden? Stay back.
Comden? Help me Call 911.
He's been stabbed.
Comden,I'm going to lift your head.
Okay,hang in there.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
Can you breathe? Yeah,we need an ambulance right away.
A man's been stabbed pretty bad.
Comden? He's gone.
What is going on? I don't know.
You know,you were the last one to see Comden alive.
Fortunately for me,that doesn't prove murder.
With Comden out of the way,you get the Atherton house,don't you? Look,I was at a deposition all afternoon.
You can check the transcripts.
You should be looking at the family.
Explain that,please.
Lori and Hank - not exactly honest people.
He's hiding money in the Caymans.
She's got Swiss bank accounts.
Ma'am You just betrayed your own clients.
I'm offering you details to help you find a killer.
I don't think the state bar's going to see it that way.
What is this - revenge because I went after one or your CSIs? Here's the difference between you and me,counselor.
The difference is,I have a case.
Talk to my lawyer.
Who's gonna represent you,ma'am? So can I go home? No,not yet.
We've not recovered the murder weapon and until we search the house, you're still a person of interest.
My parents,too? Yes.
Trust me.
We are looking into them.
This is the third murder they've been connected to today.
You may not believe it,officer,but they were happy before.
Nathan,did you think if you killed the lawyer, your parents would get back together? I would never kill anyone.
I just wish things would be back to the way they used to.
Unfortunately,it's too late for that.
Here Search all you want.
I didn't do anything.
That deactivator may help you.
We're gonna have Bill walk you out.
Well,I haven't seen that smile for a while.
Horatio's having Wakeman disbarred.
Means I'm green-lit to go back in the field.
Well,all right.
Grab your kit.
We're going to the Atherton house, see if we can find the murder weapon.
We've searched the whole house.
No signs of any sharp objects that would match Comden's wound.
Why would Nathan give me the deactivator if the lasers are off? Whoa.
Hang on.
Laser's been redirected.
Got a bloody knife.
Looks like there's a good print on it.
Well,that's definitely gonna sink one of the Athertons.
Your prints were on the knife that killed Allen Camden.
Okay,I may have I may have fantasized about killing the guy, but I didn't do it.
You made a little blood donation on the knife that was used to kill him.
Oh,the cake knife from my wedding.
I used it the other day to make some steaks.
I cut my finger.
Do you recognize this? I do.
This is the knife from my wedding.
But of course I touched it.
You were cutting meat with a cake knife.
Guess who's hording my $3,000 steak knives, and she's a vegetarian.
Okay,so you're saying that the print on this knife is from your wedding? I haven't used it since.
Talk to Hank.
You know the book The Art of War? It's like a divorce manual.
Read up.
I know who did it.
I'll give you three guesses,and they all start with Laurie.
And what makes you so sure,Hank? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Do you have any proof that Hank could have done this? I don't need proof.
I was married to the guy for 19 years, so I know what he's capable of.
Look,are we done here? I need to find a new lawyer.
So? So Hank denies any involvement at all.
He puts it all on his wife.
And,of course,she puts it all on him.
So we can't hand this into the State Attorney without sorting it out.
Let me see that file for a minute,Eric.
Do you see what I see? It's the earrings from the safe deposit box.
Yes,they are.
And it would be my guess that he's wearing the watch.
So they were pretty smart.
Put it on each other and create reasonable doubt.
And now they're arrogant enough to wear the jewelry? Looks that way.
Excuse me.
This way,please.
I thought we were being released,Lieutenant.
Actually,folks, there's been a change in plans.
Here's what I think happened.
I think your lawyer robbed your safe deposit box, and you killed him for it.
We filed a police report for the stolen items,and you are wearing the earrings.
And you are wearing the watch,Mr.
These earrings were the first gift that Hank ever bought me.
She gave me this watch on our first anniversary.
I believe the turning point was at the bank.
Our house! Our house! Can you believe this? We should have just split everything up ourselves like we wanted.
You stole from the safe deposit box.
I didn't.
I did give my lawyer temporary access a few weeks ago, just to itemize possessions.
Comden ripped us off.
Now he pretty much has everything we own.
On top of what I paid him.
Well,I think he owes us a refund.
Don't you? I do.
So you paid Allen a visit.
We wanted him to tear up the papers he made us sign and get our stuff back.
Then he walked in on us.
You see it? No.
He must still have it in his briefcase.
What are we gonna do? What are you two doing here? Waiting for you,Allen.
You stole from us,Allen.
Where's the stuff from our safe deposit box? I was just keeping this until we could divide it up.
I've got the cash,got the bonds.
I've been keeping your jewelry, your watch And what's this? The cake knife from our wedding.
So who's gonna get it? You are.
That house was the first thing we bought together.
Well,I suggest you cherish the memories.
Because you're never gonna see it again.
Hey,Nathan, you wanted us to find that knife,didn't you? It was the only way that they would stay apart forever.
Too many people got hurt because of them.
You know my mom and dad spent all their time fighting over their possessions, but never once did they fight over me.