CSI: Miami s05e24 Episode Script

Born to Kill

God Shelly, that's definitely not funny.
Not in the least.
You know it's not too late to go to Nikki Beach.
The guys are cuter.
Let's walk.
You want to walk to Nikki Beach? All right, you are drunker than I am.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Hop on.
Well, he's kind of like a cab.
Hey, you know where Nikki Beach is? Whoa, no, no, no.
I don't know if that's such a good idea.
It's cheaper than a cab.
We can't even both fit on there.
The way I plan to hold on to him, we can.
See, Shell? You know what, I'm just going to have the valet guy call me a cab.
But I'll meet you there.
Hey Hey, you don't you want to know my name? Oh, my God.
What happened? Shelly? Help! Someone! Detective Berkeley.
Dispatch said we have a stabbing.
I'd say multiple.
Okay, and her clothes indicate a sexual assault.
She's got biological fluid on her thighs.
I didn't touch the body.
I used a mirror.
I'll have Dr.
Woods collect a kit as soon as she gets in.
Let's do that.
I noticed that the binding looks like fishing line.
Please stop! Please leave me alone! You swept the house? Couldn't find anything made of that material.
Okay, and we have no sign of the murder weapon? Tore the place apart.
That means that our guy brought a killing kit.
So he brings the tools to the murder and takes them when he leaves.
That's correct.
That's hard-core.
These wounds are just brutal.
I'll get the sexual assault kit to the lab.
Tell me about the knife.
There may be two.
How do you mean two? These incised wounds have serrated margins, but this cut the margin is clean.
Alexx, is that a "Y"? It is.
But there's no blood, so this was done postmortem.
He'd already killed her.
Now he was spending time with her.
From a straight-edge blade.
Alexx, that "Y" could be a signature.
So he used one blade for killing and one for leaving a message.
So you did not see Shelly in the rearview of the motorcycle? No.
Did you see anyone approach her- anyone hitting on her? A lot of guys were waiting for their cars.
I figured she'd get a ride.
What about the guy on the motorcycle? Do you think he could have seen someone approach her? Maybe.
But I don't know his name.
I'm sorry.
You don't know his name? He paid for bottle service at Nikki Beach.
But when I wouldn't you know, pay him back, he got mad and left.
He left? When I told him where I lived, he said it was too far, so I went for eggs at Duke's and then came home.
What time approximately did this motorcycle guy leave you at Nikki Beach? Frees him up during time of death.
I gave him the address.
I'm such an idiot.
Alexis, you're not an idiot.
And, in fact, you can really help us if you could remember the exact cabana number you were in.
I don't remember the number, but I can probably show you where it is.
No, that one.
It's okay.
Take your time.
No, it was that one with the broken chaise.
Are you sure? I remember 'cause his boots were too heavy and kind of fell through.
I'm drinking my slow screw on the beach.
I like the sound of that.
Damn! That broke his mood.
What about the umbrella? This is the only cabana without one.
He threw it.
First I thought he was going to throw it at me.
He threw it 'cause I wouldn't have sex.
You're nothing but a tease.
If I'm lucky, that's metal.
How'd your court appearance go? Not too important in light of the fact that we got a nutjob carving Y's into his victims Oh, you're working my case now? I'm working a homicide.
My homicide.
Prior victims were all in Boston.
All bound with fishing wire.
Serrated-edge knife and "Y" with the smooth one.
What does the "Y" stand for? Nobody knows.
No suspect names? No suspects.
Three killings in Boston and then none.
Well, he's either inactive or he's moved to Miami.
So you picked up a girl outside a club and now her roommate is dead.
Well, I invited that one to come with.
She didn't want to.
Hey, you know where Nikki Beach is? Whoa, no, no, no.
Hop on.
Did you drop her roommate at Nikki Beach so you could go over and kill her? We know you had her address.
Hey, last I saw, she didn't want to get on my bike.
And then her friend started yapping in my ear- did I know her name? Never looked back again.
Frank, check his knife, please.
Serrated near the hilt, flat edge near the tip.
One knife for MO and signature.
What the hell's that mean? It means don't go far.
Is the biker's knife a match? Mm Shelly was killed with a knife that had a six-inch serrated blade.
Travis' blade is serrated for only about an inch.
Do you have anything, and I mean anything at all? I found skin underneath her fingernails.
You find your guy He's gonna look like he's been in a fight.
With a cat.
That Boston, Frank? Spoke to an Officer Malloy.
It's his case up there.
Confirms the MOs are the same.
College girls stumbling out of clubs they never saw the sun rise.
Travis Peck? Never a person of interest.
In fact, the killer was really good.
He left almost nothing behind in any of his scenes.
Define "almost.
" Well, they recovered fishing line tied around the victims' hands and fish scales on the wound of his first Boston victim.
Fish scale.
Marine biologist identified it in Latin as "Sciaenops ocellatus.
" Redfish, Frank.
Yeah, very popular up in Boston.
If he's looking to catch from down here, there's only one spot.
Mosquito Lagoon.
Let's go.
Think that's our guy? Scratches are not fresh.
But those are.
Just about to gut her.
Y'all want to watch? Grab his knife, Frank.
I got four hours on my shift, man.
Your shift is over.
You never expect to see your one-night stand leading off the morning edition.
So, Lucas, you admit to knowing her? Shelly Seaver? Picked her up at a club.
We had, uh, like interests.
Well, that looks tasty.
Friend ditched you, huh? Uh, yeah, but she's my roommate, so no hard feelings.
I'll make sure you get ho safe.
And then you killed her? Can't cop to that.
Is that all you got, guys? If I were you, I'd sit down.
Why? You want to pin other Miami murders on me? Actually, we're talking about Boston murders.
Boston? That's right.
We forgot to mention that we know you used to live in Boston, and similar murders just happened to stop right after you moved.
and now, all of them are gonna stop.
What is it, Sergeant Stetler? I'm busy.
Besides, I already got one of your IAB hacks looking over my shoulder while I go over every case I've ever worked.
Yeah, to get out ahead of appeals, I know.
So if you don't mind, the sooner I finish, the sooner I'll be reinstated.
Well maybe not.
What do you mean? Well, I figured a guy gambles on duty, he's got to get lucky every now and then, so we checked your bank records.
What's your point? My point about a month before you transferred out of patrol to CSI, you made a cash deposit in the amount of $6,400.
Where'd that come from? I honestly have no idea.
Well, I think you better go through every speeding ticket and moving violation you issued and get one.
Do you honestly think that I took money from a traffic stop? I didn't think that you would gamble on duty.
So now, account for that money before day's end or it's over.
For real, Wolfe.
With Lucas Wade in custody, looks like we can finally have that dinner.
Well, those are famous last words.
You know every time we try, something happens.
Should we just say it's a sign? No, I'm just gonna have to work harder to finish earlier.
Excuse me.
I was wondering if one of you might help me.
Do you know where I go to post bail? For whom would you like to post bail? Lucas Wade.
He's my brother.
There hasn't been a bail hearing yet.
I just assumed.
He called and said to come get him.
Miss Wade, he may not get bail.
Look, if there's any more info, could you call me? Absolutely.
We can do that.
Miss Wade, why don't you come inside so we can better explain to you what's going on with your brother.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Just got the DNA results from Lucas Wade's semen sample.
The DNA from our victim's body matches Lucas Wade.
But that doesn't prove that he killed our victim.
It only proves he had sex with her.
Oh, but this might.
The amelogenin Y is twice as concentrated as it should be.
The donor's XYY.
So he has an extra Y chromosome? That's the criminal gene.
Well, that's what they used to call it.
Some studies from the '70s said that an extra Y chromosome meant a man was more aggressive.
So Wade was born to kill.
That's why he carves the Y on his victims' chest.
Means he's aware of his condition.
Wonder how much he knows.
I think it's time to talk to someone who can tell us.
Can I get my brother now? I'm afraid not, Miss Wade.
Your brother has an extra Y chromosome.
Now this is where most people would usually ask me what on earth I'm talking about.
Um when Lucas was born, he was part of a study that tested for genetic defects.
At a prestigious Boston university.
I'm familiar with the study.
Is that where the abnormality was first discovered? They told my parents that he had the criminal gene, that he was prone to violence.
He exhibited signs of it early on, killing animals and bullying kids at school.
How did your parents react to that? My dad called him a freak a mistake.
I tried to be there for him.
He just became unreachable.
So even though that theory was debunked, the damage had been done.
Your brother thought he was born to kill.
And that's when the Boston killings started.
I never thought that that could be him.
Call me crazy, but I still don't.
He's your brother.
I understand.
Miss Wade, I do think it's entirely possible that you may have to face that as a reality.
The Y marking's consistent with this morning's killing.
We're still looking for the murder weapon.
Victim's name is Jennifer Royce.
She died in the last three hours.
Lucas Wade has been in our custody for four.
Who called it in, Eric? Her son, Arthur.
Came home from school, found her like this.
He won't talk to anyone.
He'll talk to me.
Arthur, my name's Horatio Caine.
Can you tell me what happened? The door was open after school.
Mom never leaves it like that.
Did you see anyone leaving? I heard something in the kitchen.
I don't know.
Is he coming back? Arthur, I don't want you to worry about him.
You're safe now.
Is he coming back for it? What do you mean "for it," son? What are you talking about? He forgot this.
I took it out of my mom.
I didn't want it to hurt her anymore.
Arthur, you're very brave.
Thank you.
I appreciate your help, son.
What's the story with this knife? That knife killed Jennifer Royce and Shelly Seaver.
The DNA confirms it.
So we've got just one murder weapon.
Which supports the theory that someone other than Lucas Wade did this.
But then why would they leave the knife? It seems like the son came home and scared him off.
Wait a second.
This has a changeable blade.
Whoever put the blade into the housing accidentally preserved their own print.
I see something here.
Rita Bolton? Okay, he's my boyfriend.
So what? No, Rita, Lucas is a serial killer, and you could have helped us catch him, but instead, you stabbed someone to help him look innocent.
You did it while we had Lucas in custody.
I'd like to see you prove that.
How about we've got your fingerprints on the knife that was used to kill two people? All I did was help pack his fishing kit for him.
You need anything else, sweetie? Just fish biting.
Happy hunting.
It always is.
Be back tomorrow.
No, what you did was pack his murder kit and that makes you an accomplice.
I didn't know.
I thought he was going fishing.
No, he went to kill Shelly Seaver.
What happens now? You're still a suspect in the copycat murder, but you just convicted your boyfriend.
Can we stop for food? I hear they got a baloney sandwich waiting for you at the jail.
Put your arms down.
I'm just getting comfy.
These things are heavy I don't care.
Put your arms down.
What was that? Hang on! I've got an officer down.
Request medical assistance immediately! Immediately! Jake, Jake I'm okay.
Sorry, I didn't see that coming.
Neither will he, brother.
Neither will he.
That's a dead officer, Eric.
The case just became capital.
How's Jake? He's banged up pretty bad.
I just sent him to the hospital.
Lucas escaped into those woods over there.
All right, I'll get the metal detector and check it out.
Do that, Eric.
We've got a cop-killer.
I spoke the ER.
Jake is going to be okay.
I'm sure he would love for you to go visit him at the hospital.
Hey, you know what? I came to see you at the hospital, too.
Yeah, that was different.
It is different because you and I work together.
You work with Jake, too.
He's in Homicide.
You and I are in the lab day and night.
You know that I trust you with my life.
I don't even know how I feel about Jake yet.
All right, maybe we should get back to work.
We got something.
Somebody cut the handcuffs off and then buried them.
It confirms he's got an accomplice.
Lucky for us no one stepped on them.
Whoever kicked the dirt around it left a real nice footprint.
It's a biker boot.
And I know exactly which biker.
We found that tire iron on your motorcycle.
Do my own repairs.
Well, that's a miracle, since motorcycles don't use them.
You did time in Boston.
Yeah, Cedar Junction.
A lot of guys did time there.
How many guys domiciled in a cell next to Lucas Wade for a year? The list shrinks to you.
All right.
Let's start it simple.
Lucas see a girl he liked, she had a friend, I'd step in, make sure she didn't get in the way.
That's the one, the blonde.
I'll keep her friend out of your way for a couple of hours.
Saddle up, cowboy.
So you helped him kill a girl.
Then you loosened lug nuts on a police vehicle after he got caught.
What he's doing is what we all want to.
He's a hunter.
I understand him.
Really? Well wannabe help us understand that.
Why'd Lucas choose this woman? No, he'd never pick this chick.
Too old, hair's too dark.
Did you kill her while he was in custody? Wish I did.
Wonder what it feels like to kill a person.
Well, you're in luck.
Why? A police officer died in that van.
Makes you guilty of felony murder.
So, how does it feel? Just give me a second.
Hey, Natalia.
Ryan, what's wrong? I could have stopped Lucas Wade.
Do you know that? What are you talking about? You're not even on his case.
I pulled him over a few years ago.
He gave a Boston address.
He was driving slowly and suspiciously, and, uh I should have known something was up.
I thought he was just another tourist.
You are being way too hard on yourself.
The Green River Killer, the Night Stalker- they were pulled over before they were finally arrested.
Those aren't on me.
This one is.
Who knows how many women I could have saved? How's it going? Boston finally got us the autopsy protocols from their "Y" killer.
These three are from Boston.
This last one, Shelly Seaver from this morning.
Okay, so will you tell me what I'm looking for? Angle of entry.
The skin tore to the left when Wade stuck his blade in to make his signature.
Consistent with him being right-handed.
Approach from the right, tear to the left.
Now here's Jennifer Royce.
It's torn the opposite way.
Which means our killer is left-handed.
Lefties do a lot of things opposite.
Angle of handwriting, keys in pocket.
The way they wear their watches because it's easier to work the clasp with the dominant hand.
Look, if there's any more info, could you call me? Absolutely.
We can do that.
It's the sister.
Miss Wade, Miss Wade,you're under arrest.
I'm sorry I killed her, but Lucas is my brother.
He had to look innocent.
Miss Wade, who attacked you? My brother.
I thought he came here to hide.
Holly? Holly? Where is she? Leave my little girl out of this.
Lucas, please! Get off! My baby.
Oh, my God, my baby! Okay, we'll find him.
Attention all units Amber Alert: missing child less than 24 hours.
Holly Wade, two years old, Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Uncle is suspected kidnapper, armed and dangerous.
Will you tell me what you're looking for? Lindsay couldn't tell us where her brother went, so something has to.
I have a hard time feeling sorry for her, since she killed Jennifer Royce, and, I think she's probably covering for him.
He has her little girl, Calleigh.
Yeah, but still, she's a murderer.
Family psychologies run deep.
They make you do things you never thought you were capable of.
Yeah, you're right.
So you mind finishing up here? I'm gonna go check on something.
I'll collect the little girl's things.
Any luck? No.
No trace of Lucas on anything.
He bugged himself.
This is the receiving end of a child locator.
You know this how? 'Cause I got nieces and they all have these little teddy bears that are attached to their shoelaces.
So this is going to tell us where he is? Well, here is the bad news.
The bad news is it only has a range of about 150 yards.
Okay, so how are we going to narrow it down? Lucas Wade isn't going to go anywhere we can find him.
Unless one of us already did.
You got more bad news for me? Not at all.
Remember I said you weren't working on this case? Yeah.
That was so wrong.
Really? Well, how can I help you? That ticket that you gave Wade when you caught him prowling- where was it? Uh It was at a warehouse in Pinecrest.
Why? Well, you may not have caught him the first time, but I think you just made up for it.
So, I'm looking at old Boston Herald microfiche why? Searching for hits on Lucas Wade.
There's something we're missing.
It's easy to see why parents believe it when a study says something is true.
People listen.
So the extra Y chromosome doesn't lead to violence? I looked into it.
There's no science to support it.
The extra Y means nothing at all.
So what makes this guy a killer? That does.
He killed his sister.
And Lindsay was an eyewitness.
I'm not so sure that's true.
You know, I kept thinking about Jennifer Royce.
And then I was wondering about you and how could a kill so easily on the spur of the moment? And then I realized that your brother was the only one who knew that you had killed before.
That's not what it says in the article.
Your baby sister Emma was four years old.
She was standing at the top of the stairs.
You were six.
Lucas was eight.
Only he did not push her for taking his turn.
In fact It was an accident.
But it was not his.
It was yours, wasn't it? Miss Wade, they may have believed you in Boston, but I am not buying it, so let's hear it.
Mom was taking a nap.
We were sledding down the stairs.
And you pushed Emma too hard.
Mommy, Mommy, come quick! Oh, my God, what happened?! Lucas did it.
No, I didn't.
Course you did.
They warned us about you.
Get out of my sight! Be very easy to blame your brother because he was born bad? I never forgave myself.
That's why you killed the second time.
To save him.
You figured if there was a Y murder while he was in custody, we'd have to drop the charges.
The first time was an accident, but Jennifer Royce is murder.
What about my baby? Don't worry, Miss Wade.
We actually do know how to save people.
Wolfe pulled Lucas over on this block.
When it's in range, it'll beep, but on his end, too.
So that means we need to be good to go.
Wait a minute.
Eric This is it.
You don't understand, Caine.
I do understand, Lucas.
Lindsay killed your sister, but let Holly go.
I can't.
I have to protect her from Lindsay.
And I have to protect her from you.
Let her go, Lucas.
I wasn't going to hurt her.
Prove it, Lucas.
Get down on the ground right now.
Cuff him.
Holly, it's okay.
Come here.
Come on, now.
Ready? One, two three.
Mommy, Mommy, come quick! Oh, my God, what happened?! Lucas did it.
No, I didn't.