CSI: Miami s06e01 Episode Script

Dangerous Son

Oh,my god,the suspect.
He's your son.
Attention all units,we have a possible barricade.
Suspect is armed and handling a hostage.
Victim is a probation officer held in his own residence.
I got three other units on the way.
Extended eta'S.
Throw up a containment ou arnd the house as quick as you can.
Make it quick.
Shots fired? Yeah,dispatch got a broken We think he's a probation officer.
What happened? You get knocked back to uniform? These are stripes,sparky,all right? You're as dumb as you look.
I just passed the sergeant's exam.
hey,you called in swat? Well,hell,yeah,I called in swat team.
Any demands? He's not made any yet.
We need a phone connection.
I've already tried that.
I heard my voice on the machine inside.
I got two units east S.
30,move in now.
30,move in now.
Man down! Going around back! Suspect is on foot heading towards the canal.
30 to air ship.
Suspect eastbound in the canal driving a frauscher 757.
Detective berkeley.
Our victim out front is andrew bennett.
He's a miami-dade probation officer.
He was being held hostage in his own home.
Till someone decided he was expendable.
We got birds in the air right now trying to track him down, but this guy knew how to duck and run.
Who's the young lady? It's the victim's daughter.
Says her old man used to work with ex-convicts 24/seven.
Adult and juvie.
Quite the workload.
His file says he has,like,2,000 cases.
Good morning,alexx.
one of these days,horatio,that'll be true.
So,this poor guy fell two stories.
Alexx,we had a gunshot wound to the chest.
Do you have an exit wound? Two inches to the right of his scapula.
Based on the entrance,strong chance bullet passed right through his heart.
Death was immediate.
Which would have made the fall irrelevant.
Maybe the killer used it as part of his escape.
Diversionary tactic.
Looks like he went toe-to-toe with his assailant.
Got someone else's skin here.
Get that to dna,please.
Thank you,alexx.
Then let's widen the search area.
Include broward county if you have to.
Let me know.
I'm going to call you back.
Morning,officer pretty.
Did you get a chance to talk to the victim's wife? I'm trying.
She's in europe visiting family.
But it sounds like she was born into some money.
Well,that would explain the house.
Well,I don't get it.
If you're sitting on this kind of dough,why grind it out as a probation officer? I don't know.
Maybe he wanted to make a difference.
Well,when I find my sugar mama,I'm trading in the cruiser for a bentley.
What did you find in the house? No forced entry.
The victim let the shooter in.
I guess our murder weapon hitched a ride on the getaway boat.
Tripp's running down a list of the victim's probationers, and I'm on my way to find the boat.
All right.
Well,good luck with that.
Nice tan.
Five days in antigua.
It's the first vacation I've had in a long time.
I saw jake outside.
He's got the same tan.
What you get from the wall? Two rounds.
Look like they might be.
45 caliber.
It's a.
no lands and grooves.
Well,what does that mean? It's either from an H.
Or a glock.
You don't see it very often.
You find any casings? No.
The shooter must have scooped them both up.
You brought the electrostatic dust lifter.
Yeah,there's a decent shoe print over there by marker three.
Ooh,That is a nice one.
Very clear wear pattern on the heel.
Do you mind if I lift it? No,go ahead.
So,have you gotdeny I aa who we're looking at for this? I mean I'm sure the probation officer had more than a few strained relationships.
Oh,with,uh,all of his ex-cons right here in the palm of his hand,there's no doubt.
Not to mention,he's judge and jury.
He could send any violator away for a maximum sentence.
Yeah,I'm sure there's lots of people want to kill him.
Question is,o whactually decided to do it? Stop right there,please.
What? Okay,come forward.
Have a seat,dylan.
I thought you wanted to talk to me.
It's not necessary.
You just spoke to me.
We found these treads and this wear pattern in your probation officer's house.
What? You can't do that.
Don't you need,like,permission or something? You mean,like a warrant? No,dylan.
We found your skin underneath the probation officer's fingernails.
We have everything we need,including permission.
Someone killed andrew bennett.
Right now,you're our primary suspect.
Okay,wait a second.
My P.
Caught me,okay? In his house.
I was with his daughter stephanie in her bedroom.
He was pissed off.
You let him in here? Dad,stop! It's okay.
- No,it's not okay,stephanie.
- It's okay.
- I'm leaving.
- No,get back here.
Dad! It's okay.
- What were you thinking about,stephanie? - Why do you have to act like that? He's one of my probationers.
I didn't shoot him.
I don't even know how to hold a gun.
They busted me for computer hacking.
Look,I've never hurt anybody in my life.
Check with stephanie,all right? Talk to her.
I'm telling you the truth.
I thought I could trust dylan.
He wasn't like the rest of them,you know? He was smart.
Stephanie,that may be,but dylan had a criminal record, and your dad was making sure that he fulfilled his probation.
I know.
My dad yelled at me for bringing him home,but I wouldn't listen.
Your father was a good man,stephanie.
We need more like him.
My dad always had this ability to read people.
He knew who we could trust and who to look out for.
Did I get my father killed? Stephanie I'm going to find out who got your dad killed.
Okay? Okay.
Excuse me? Could I get some help? Yeah.
Natalia? What are you doing here? I gotta make a living.
But I helped you with all that paperwork so you could get reinstated.
Yeah,I submitted all that paperwork.
And now the fdle panel is going through my paychecks.
To watch for gambling? Something like that.
Oh,then there's also,uh,psych services, they're giving me conduct evaluations.
No way,you're kidding.
For how long? Up to a year.
And I don't get paid in the meantime.
I'm sorry.
Well,how you been? What are you doing here? Uh,taking out some aggression? No,the handgun ppc quals are coming up.
And I've got to pass them to qualify to carry a firearm.
Well,there's a department range.
What's wrong with that one? Yeah,'cause,you know,if I hit the ceiling, it's not like I'm ever gonna hear the end of it.
Natalia,plenty of guys hit the ceiling.
Yeah,the guys.
I'm not a guy.
Practice makes perfect,let's go.
I can load that.
I do know how to do that.
Oh,no,I have to do it.
It's,um,it's part of my gig here.
It's the range rules.
So,we've got 15 and one in the chamber.
All right.
Distance? muzzle velocity 1,000 feet per second.
Effective range- 100 yards.
That's great.
I meant what distance you want me to put the target at? Oh,uh 25 feet? one hit.
And 14 misses.
Don't tell anybody how bad I am.
Don'llt te anybody I work here.
hey,what did the computer hacker have to say? He admits to being in the house, but says he was long gone at the time of the murder.
Can we confirm that? Not yet.
What have you got? The victim's blackberry from the crime scene.
Any recent phone calls? No,not a phone call.
A violation message from an ankle monitor on one of his probationers,kyle harmon.
that means our P.
Would'veen be sending kyle back to jail.
Sounds like motive.
We have reason to believe you killed your probation officer.
No,okay mr.
Bennett got me the job at mist cafe.
He looked out for me.
Why would I want to kill him? Maybe because you were his most recent violation.
What? I didn't even do anything.
You did six months in juvie for stealing a boat on biscayne bay.
Yeah,and I haven't done anything since.
Well,joyriding in that boat was an alcohol-related offense.
So? So,you're 16,kyle.
Drinking is against the law.
It's also a direct violation of your probation agreement.
Yeah,and I've followed that to the letter.
No,not quite.
This data was retrieved from your probation officer's blackberry.
Your ankle bracelet has a monitoring system.
It tracks alcohol consumption.
And your geographic location.
Yeah,you know,maybe one of my friends spilled some alcohol on it.
- I don't know.
- I don't think so.
It measures ethanol vapors off of your skin- after digestion.
you were afraid he was going to send you back to juvie.
You made sure he couldn't,right? I'm not afraid.
Hey,and I didn't kill him! Try to book me for whatever you want.
You can take him out.
- Could I have a minute,please,ma'am? - yes,sir Listen,okay,he heard everything I have to say.
If you want to throw men ifor drinking then talk to my new P.
I understand that you were in a foster home.
Yeah,I guess you could say that.
I've been through a few of 'em.
When were you born,son? July 6,1991.
Heverything okay? Yeah,everything's fine.
Let's go.
Appreciate you being here.
I haven't seen you in awhile.
Besides,I'm a P.
I figured you needed some help.
I'm looking at a His name is kyle harmon.
What do you need? We need everything.
And it might take some digging.
He's bounced around quite a bit.
Bad foster homes? He might be living in one right now.
Horatio,is there something more to this? Could be.
yeah,at southwind pier.
We found the getaway boat and you guys are jerking me around.
Well,you said that the last time that I called.
Well,my dog could've towed the thing back to the garage by now.
That the getaway boat? Okay,fine.
Let me know.
It is.
patrol found it drifting.
No sign of the driver? Nope- and we're fourth in line at the tow yard.
So,it's gonna take a couple of hours.
How was antigua? It was nice.
Calleigh,what've you got? .
40 caliber casing.
Same casing as you pulled from the wall at the crime scene.
Swat's incident report indicates he fired one round from this boat.
But what the hell happened to it? I don't know.
It was crushed by something on the boat.
Only thing that could do that kind of damage would've been the engine.
Why would you ride with that hatch open while the engine's running? It just causex estra drag.
Hey,mama! Maybe because you need to get to your drug stash.
Hey! Ran the numbers on our boat.
It's registered to a business.
The mist cafe.
You know,the kid I talked to- kyle- he got a job at that place.
Maybe the owner believes in second chances.
Unfortunately,not everybody deserves one.
I didn't use that boat for any crime.
Especially murder.
I'm not the only probie who works here.
I mean,the boss did time.
Why don't you go check up on the blond kid? Just came out of juvie.
Kyle what's-his-name? Your manager said that you drive the boat.
So,I'm starting with you,rick.
Not like I could just take it out for a joyride anytime I want.
I deliver take-out- up and down the canals during business hours.
That boat fled my crime scene minutes after your probation officer was shot to death.
look,dude I'm on probation.
I can't own a gun.
I'm here working towards rehabilitation.
Why would I kill the guy who set - because he discovered that you were selling drugs.
- What? We found cocaine in the engine compartment of the boat,rick.
So,andrew bennett,your probation officer, was planning to send you back to jail,wasn't he? I'm clean,okay? The drugs probably belonged to whoever stole the boat.
I know you don't believe me on this,but I ain't lying to you.
You had your chance,rick.
You had your chance.
You got to be kidding.
hello? Mr.
Barnes? Mr.
Barnes? Hello? Can I help you? Good afternoon,sir.
You from foster placement? hey,stop your rassling over there.
I'm yelina salas.
Private investigator? Just asking you a few questions regarding your foster child.
I covered that open trench last week.
You can look.
Kyle harmon.
Kyle went to juvie.
I don't collect on him no more.
You still have his belongings? Yeah,in a barrel over there.
Help yourself.
You were right- not a lot of love there.
How do you mean? The guy's already got another kid in kyle's room.
And really,all he cares about is his $500 a month.
So kyle's not staying there? No.
But he did leave some stuff behind.
Mostly paperwork.
You know,like medical records,school transfers.
Anything of note? Been in,uh,foster care since age six.
Mother was a nurse in the military.
Name is a juliasomething.
Julia eberly.
How did you know that? Is the boy in contact with her? Not as far as I can tell.
Not with his father,either.
Has the father been named? Umyes John walden.
You know him? I did once.
What is going on with you and this kid? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
you getting some background info on rick bates? I am.
There was no evidence of him on the boat, and we haven't been able to locate the murder weapon, so I'm widening our suspect pool.
All the rest of bennett's probies? Man,that is a lot of bad guys.
It's incredible,isn't it? But I have a plan.
I'm putting them in order of release date.
I'm red-flagging any violent criminals or use of a.
40 caliber weapon.
Take a look at this guy's probation.
He's prohibited from working at a funeral home.
Sick,but probably not our guy.
This guy beat his girlfriend until she ended up in a coma.
How about this guy? Kidnapped his victims from their own home.
And then he kept his victim in the freezer for two years.
Probationer gagged her until she suffocated.
Hey,wait teminua.
Look at his specialty.
He always took the women to a second location before he killed them.
he's my number one candidate.
Our victim's name is kathleen newberry.
She was abducted less than an hour ago.
Neighbor called it in.
It's not the guy we thought.
He's back inside.
He was picked up for robbery.
This might be connected to our,uh,dead probation officer.
I'm listening,frank.
Well,her husband's a guard at west dade jail.
So,you're thinking maybe inmate revenge? Maybe.
The P.
And this guard have a lot of ex-cons in common.
Where's my wife? Daddy! Hey.
How you doing? You stay with that,and I'll stay with the husband,okay? All right.
Newberry,I'd like a word with you,please.
The officer will take the boy.
ok? Right over here.
you know,working with criminals, I was always afraid something like this would happen.
You know,inmates- they threaten me all the time.
You never requested protection.
- There's not enough money in the county to - hang on a second.
Is that her number? Yeah,that's her.
Hang on.
Answer it.
hello? Mike.
Oh,my god.
Honey,are you all right? He wants money,mike.
A lot of money.
Don't you worry.
I'm going to take care of everything.
Okay? He wants $126,000.
We don't have that kind of money.
Get the cash,newberry.
Okay? One-two-six.
Kyle? Is that you? This is lieutenant caine.
I want you to stop what you're doing right now.
You don't understand.
I do understand.
I really do.
Now you're starting to sound like my P.
This is quite different,son.
Listen to me.
You know what? The guard knows where the cash is.
Get it! Come on! eric,I need gps access to kyle's ankle monitor.
Send it through the radio frequency as soon as you get it,okay? What do I what do I do now? You need to get your story straight.
help help Please! somebody help me! Please, Please! Help! Hey,I'm over here! we got her! Ma'am? Oh,thank god.
I think i broke my foot.
all right,easy,easy.
I think you're gonna be all right.
Gonna send you to the hospital.
we've got something over here.
Kyle must have ripped this off his ankle.
We can't track him now.
Ma'am,did he say where he was going? No.
He just kept apologizing.
I'm sorry.
I- I didn't even I'm just I'm sorry.
The whole thing was just so random.
Even the money he demanded.
$126,000,right? - It was such a random number.
- It's not a random number,ma'am.
- What do you mean? - He knew your husband had the money.
Where would mike get that kind of money? Very good question.
Gentlemen,please? You go with them.
Eric,come here,please.
H,something doesn't make sense here.
Why would kyle abandon his plan before he gets the payoff? Maybe it wasn't his plan,eric.
Someone else's? Yeah,that's what it looks like.
I don't know why he mentioned me on the phone.
Because,according to the kidnapper,you have the money.
Look,I didn't know he would go after my family.
What's his name? I need a name.
Rick bates.
I don't know who the kyle guy forget about kyle.
Tell me about rick.
He was an inmate on my cell block.
He was smuggling drugs into west dade jail and I caught him.
He was making a lot of money and he didn't have anywhere to store it.
But you could store it,couldn't you? Yeah.
I'd get the cash out.
We'd split everything 50-50.
But rick got early release.
Didn't he? You hear I'm getting out tomorrow? I want my half of the money.
I don't think that's smart.
Why don't you just hold off for a while? Just have my split ready.
He got impatient,he wanted to spend all the cash.
I told him it would look suspicious.
Okay,so rick had kyle kidnap your wife in exchange for the locati oonf the money.
Right? And I couldn't do that with all the police everywhere.
Where's the money now? Where is it? There it is.
- I guess it's all over now.
- Hardly.
Excuse me.
Bates planned the whole kidnapping and you can't arrest him? In due time.
Stay with him.
We'll take that.
Jail guard newbury,he gave you up,said you split the money with him.
Well,the jail guard is lying.
I didn't split any money with him.
And I suppose you didn't put kyle up to kidnapping the guy's wife either,right? No,I didn't,but you do have the testimony of a crooked jail guard.
That's good detective work.
We still like you for the murder of yo.
o based on what? Based on a bullet casing we found on your boat.
If you had anything to tie me to that,you'd have busted me already.
We'll see.
We'll see.
Check it out.
I un-mangled it because I thought there might be a print on it.
okay,I've got my money on rick bates, 'cause I think he's got all the motive in the world to want his probation officer dead.
I'm thinking the same thing.
ryan wolfe? He's always stepping in it somehow.
But this is bad,this is bad.
Yeah,really bad.
We got his prints on a cartridge from the crime scene.
I think I know how this happened.
I got to get ahold of ryan.
I told you,I don't even own a gun.
No,you stole one and had someone else load it.
Hey there,pal.
Recognize me? No.
Let me help you out refresh your memory.
Ryan wolfe works at the grovedale firing range and personally loads every gun for each customer, which is why your prints aren't on the cartridge.
Recognize me now? Thanks for coming in.
You're welcome.
Look,rick,striations from your glock 24 were found on the bullet that killed andrew bennett.
Let's start talking.
My P.
Caught me dealing.
I went over to ask him to cut me a break.
You've had your share of last chances,rick.
This time you're going back in.
you sure you can't make an exception? Just this once? That's when the cops showed up.
I needed to find a way out.
There was a payday out there with my name on it.
The cash that you were splitting with your jail guard.
He was gonna walk away with all of it.
He's worse than the damn convicts.
I had to remind him who was boss.
By blackmailing a 16-year-old to kidnap his wife? Dude,I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to risk violating probation.
Look,here's the deal.
Either you kidnap her or I tell the police you did yoand u serve 30 to life.
They're not going to believe you.
And they're gonna believe some kid whose own mother bailed on him? So you used a child.
I'd get what I want without getting my hands dirty.
You know what? Murder,drugs,blackmail.
I would say your hands were filthy.
Why don't you start writing exactly how you just told us? You found this ankle monitor at the kidnapping scene? We did.
And it belongs to kyle? That's correct.
So if we already know the epithelials are his,why am I running them? Because I want you to compare it to this.
Horatio,this is your dna profile.
That's correct.
Oh,my god,the suspect he's your son.
Orders on the kidnapper are shoot to kill.
What are you going to do? Find him.
Are you sure the boy is your son? I am.
What about the name on the birth certificate? John walden is a cover name I used 16 years ago.
I did some special task force work in pensacola.
That's when I met julia.
And this julia put it on the birth certificate because that's the only name she knew you by.
That's exactly right.
She disappeared a few months after we met.
Was it serious? It was for me.
And you never knew she was pregnant? Not until today.
You'd make a great father,horatio.
excuse me.
Where? Okay,thank you.
They just found kyle.
Is he hurt? He's running from the coast guard.
I repeatcut your engine immediately.
Please listen to me.
I need you to patch me through to commander langdon,U.
Coast guard,immediately! Turn off your engine.
This is your last warning.
Commander langdon.
Commander,I need you to trust me on this one.
This kid wants a chase.
Please don't give it to him,sir.
Stand down.
Stan,downd sir.
c-6214,request you return to base at this time.
Come on! Why? Could I have a minute,gentlemen? You made a good decision out there,kyle.
They told me that you were the one who called it off.
That's right.
Could have been a whole lot worse.
Why'd you do that? I mean,like,why do you even care? Because it's my job to care,son.
Hey,I'm not your son,all right? Leave me alone.