CSI: Miami s06e02 Episode Script


Candace,your iced caramel macchiato is up.
Paris, France Mumbai, India Tokyo, Japan Swimmers,take your marks! Go.
I love you,baby.
Go get 'em,candace.
Swimmers,take your marks! Luke? Luke Alexx? Meet luke selyan.
Just started his senior year at coral grove high.
A parent shouldn't have to go through this, and you shouldn't have had to either.
Any witnesses,frank? I haven't got a single eyewitness that,uh,saw the archer.
Found out the school has an archery team,though.
Let's check into the team then.
Over there is candace walker.
She's the vic's girlfriend.
She's the reason for all these extra eyeballs.
Thank you,alexx.
You hanging in there? I guess.
I understand that luke was your boyfriend.
Who do you think might want to hurt him? Everyone.
Ever since that picture of me turned up online last month, people have been following us,e - mailing, wanting to know every little detail about me.
Yes,and they probably are not comfortable with you having a boyfriend.
I'm going to tell you what,candace.
I'm gonna find out who did this.
okay? Lieutenant.
You hang in there.
I'm candace's father.
We have been followed all weekend.
These cyber-stalkers,these so-called fans, and because of them,luke is dead.
What if my daughter's next? Mr.
Walker? That is not gonna happen.
Hey,candace! Over here! Can i get your autograph? Hey,i'm so sorry about what happened to your boyfriend.
Candace,are you afraid you might be next? Who do you think is responsible? Candace! We're gonna send you home,candace.
You'll be safe there,all right? candace! Please! - Mr.
- Thanks for calling.
I tried to get here as quick as i could.
Is everything,um Is this about the reinstatement? It's a step in that direction.
Okay,great,because the,uh The gun range isn't really paying the I understand.
This is private protection.
Private protection? Great.
I'll,uh,i'll take it.
What's theWho's the client? The young lady that just left here.
Candace walker is the client.
The girl from the internet.
Can her family afford private protection? It's already been taken care of.
Listen,i really,uh I appreciate this.
I know you do,Mr.
This girl is in serious danger.
Be careful.
You got it.
All right.
How many students are on the archery team,Mr.
Whitten? Nine boys.
We're regional champs.
And you're the only one with a key to the equipment room? As athletic director and coach,yes.
You ever lend the key out? Put the captain in charge? Miss duquesne,i recognize this equipment can be dangerous.
I take that seriously.
As you can see,they're even locked inside the case.
Do you know if all the equipment is here? Can you account for all the bows? Yeah.
They're all here.
That means somebody put the murder weapon back.
Or none of these isa murder weapon.
Why don't you letme figure that out,Mr.
Whitten? I'm gonna need to collect all the equipment.
I'm gonna need a complete list of the names of the students on the archery team.
All the students are required to get a waiver signed to join the team.
I can get you the waivers,and you can contact them that way.
I appreciate that.
You a fan of candace,Mr.
Whitten? She's always been a special project of mine since she joined the team.
I always knew she'd go on to do great things.
I know this might be tough for her, but all the attention she's getting is great for the school.
For the sport.
All right,sam.
You know how all this new tech works, so,let's see this picture of candace walker that has everyone's attention.
This girl has got some serious fan worship.
I googled her name.
Over a quarter of a million hits already.
Seems like she'd have the right to protect her own likeness.
The laws aren't in her favor.
The internet's still a legal wild west.
It's her likeness,but the photographer owns the photograph.
This is the shot you're talking about.
You get it? I get it.
It was taken at her high school swim meet two weeks ago.
Once it was online,she went from average nobody To worldwide cyber-lebrity overnight.
Anything online from today's meet? Hundreds of digital shots from the fans in the crowd, but nothing on luke's shooter.
They're all focused on candace.
But let me keep digging.
i'll give you a call.
i got a call that you have a rush sample for dna.
I do.
All of these compound bows have a launcher.
It's the place where the arrow rests as you're shooting the bow to keep it stable.
All launchers are different.
Some are felt,some are lined in brushes, but they're all there for the same purpose, which is to counteract the horizontal movement as you're firing the bow.
This one Is our murder weapon.
The launcher on it is metal.
So the oscillating movement against it left very distinct markings.
Like a gun barrel leaving striations on a fired bullet.
I will jump this to the front of the line at dna.
You ready to see luke's parents? I wish you could've known him.
He was so sweet Selfless I just I can't help but think that this is all my fault.
Candace All of this is out of your control.
You got to rember that,okay? Let's do this.
Damn it.
What is it? I thought i shook your fans with the decoy car, but they posted our location online.
Out of the way.
Out of the way,out of the way.
over here! All right,sam,what do you got? Check this out.
This is creepy.
Latest form of citizen journalism.
Anybody on the streets with a cell phone or pda can send their sightings,photos and video which can be posted on this site in nearly real time.
This is the most recent posting.
"Just spotted candace out with a cute older guy.
Very serious.
" he looks familiar.
Yeah,his name is ryan wolfe.
He used to work here.
Horatio hired him to be candace's bodyguard.
What about that photograph? Looks like she's in love with the photographer.
Look at the hands on her face.
How can you take a picture that close without holding a camera? You can't.
Unless you're wearing it.
So,these his personal effects? Yeah.
Had a $300 pair of surf-and-skate shades.
Grilamid frames,polarized lenses and the latest in surveillance tech.
Spy glasses? He would've needed a transmitter to get the images out.
Luke wasn't spying on himself.
Poor girl can't trust anyone.
i'm a blogger,lieutenant.
First amendment and all gives me a right to free speech.
Yes,but it does not include illegal surveillance.
I wasn't surveilling him.
Look,i planted the bugged sunglasses on the kid to keep up with candace.
Yes,but now he's dead.
I had nothing to do with that.
I just blog about celebrities.
But you stalk minors as well.
Look,if the world knows them,they're famous.
The photos and videos i get of her,it's all just for my blog.
It's not easy making a buck on the internet.
As she gets more popular,the competition gets more fierce.
I need an edge.
So i busted into luke's car.
I switched out his shades for a bugged pair.
That camera got me shots no one else could.
Where were you this morning? I was off campus,watching the feed.
Look,i had nothing to do with luke's murder.
But you did stalk candace.
There are a million people worldwide "stalking" her.
Recording her without her knowledge is a crime punishable by a five-year prison term.
Five years? Where's the video? It's,uh,it's back in my truck.
Thank you for going with me to see luke's parents.
A couple more posts on stalkwalker.
"See candace's cop.
" i'm sorry.
Yeah,they do that.
Anyone who associates with me is put under the microscope,too.
Candace,do me a favor,umWait inside.
I'll be there in a second,okay? H.
Is candace safe,Mr.
Wolfe? Yeah,she is,but,uh What's happening to her might be happening to you.
Okay,thank you,Mr.
If this is about wolfe's paycheck Wolfe can babysit the girl all week for all i care.
There's something else going on.
I'm being tracked online.
This girl's fans are investigating you.
And they've uncovered your involvement in the argento grand jury, from five years ago,horatio.
Sounds like we may have a juror seeking attention.
Argento's mob.
Old school.
Now argento knows you're the one who put him away.
He still has associates on the outside,horatio.
Somebody might want to take a shot at you.
I guess that's the risk we take every day,rick.
This is beyond hero worship,okay? With this information out there,you're in danger.
And i would like to convince you to take on a security detail of your own.
Rick,do i detect a note of personal concern? The department is feeling very exposed.
Oh,so we're back to reality.
This is serious,horatio.
It always is.
Call the transpo pool,frank.
They slash all of 'em? Just these two.
And they busted in.
Yeah,and they got my flat badge,too.
That would explain the call i just got.
B&e in sweetwater.
Arson too.
They found your flat badge on scene.
You think this has anything to do with your involvement in the argento case going public? suffice to say,frank,someone is settling an old score.
I'll meet you there.
Prints? Nothing we can use.
Frank,take a look around this place.
What do you notice? You mean beside the obvious plant? Argento was in arson for the mob.
And quite a source of income,wasn't he? Yeah.
Fire for hire.
They made millions doing it.
This doesn't look like the work of a pro,though,does it? No,it doesn't.
Correct me if i'm wrong.
He had a son.
Matter of fact,he does.
Let's bring him in.
Damon argento.
Yeah,so? Damon,my name is horatio caine.
You going to tell me what i'm doing here? Well,for starters,damon,robbery,arson,destruction of a police vehicle.
Now,why would i do all that? Because i put your father in jail,damon.
Five years ago.
So you have something to do with that? God.
Last i heard,the punks who put him away for the rest of his life hid behind a grand jury.
Damon,i know you're angry,and i know you want revenge, but this is a big mistake,and you have a choice.
Don't worry.
i'll get my revenge.
Now,if you're not going to charge me with anything,then,um I'm out of here.
Son,you've been warned.
What have you got here? This is creepy,watching the final moments of luke's life.
And from his point of view.
You know,we got a firsthand record of the murder, and we don't actually see who did it.
Go back to the beginning,would you,sam? Take it back to right there.
That's the athletic director.
And who's this girl eyeing luke? Hey,eric,it's alexx.
Just found lipstick behind our boy's ear.
My guess,it's waterproof.
We found some lipstick on the back of luke selyan's ear.
It contained a substance called dimethicone copolyol.
That's what makes your lipstick waterproof.
I'm not the only one on the team that wears waterproof makeup.
Well,i tell you what.
after i swab you for dna,we can match it to the sample from the other lipstick.
I I kissed him,okay? Next up: 100-meter freestyle.
So when are you going to take me out? Miranda,you know i'm with candace.
You and i are never going to happen.
You don't mean that.
He was so into me,but just like everyone else, candace had him convinced she was somehow better.
He became a lot more interested in her after since she became famous or whatever.
Sounds like you were a little jealous of her popularity.
I'm on the swim team.
I can pretty much have any guy in school i want.
And the one guy you couldn't have,he ended up dead.
I got your message.
I ran epithelials from the bow that killed luke selyan.
And? A codis hit? Wouldn't you know it.
I knew i didn't like that coach.
Whitten,i expected to find your fingerprints on some, if not all,of the archery equipment, but imagine my surprise when i found your dna on the compound bow that killed luke selyan? I handle the equipment.
It's pretty easy to nick yourself when you're working with them.
So you're claiming to have not used that bow? I calibrate the bows for the team.
I don't fire them.
Luke was on the football team,is that correct? He was.
but you kicked him off.
When his grades began to falter,yes.
So your star swimmer was dating a distraction.
That's not it at all.
I'd never do anything to hurt candace.
With all of the pictures of candace in your office,i imagine that that's true.
Maybe you wanted her for yourself.
Luke was a threat,so you killed him.
You're wrong.
Be sure and stay close to campus,Mr.
all right.
That's it.
good job,candace.
Chin down.
chin down.
To your right.
That's it.
give me a little tyra.
Just liked that.
Do you really think this is the best idea for your daughter right now? You sound like her father.
He wants no part of this.
He doesn't get that she's launching a national ad campaign.
This is paying for college.
And who knows how long this thing will last.
We've got to squeeze every last drop of it before the crowd moves on.
Don't you care at all about your daughter's safety? That's ur job.
One more,candace.
all right, that's it Great work,candace.
Stay gorgeous.
thanks Is everything okay? Okay? you looked amazing out there.
Com posted a tip that we're here, so there's going to be people camped out front.
We're going to leave out the back.
Could you grab the town car and meet us? Soon as i get the gift basket.
Ryan,am i okay? Oh,yeah,everything's going to be fine.
Come on.
Got it.
Lieutenant Caine? Yes.
Miss barrish? It's about your stalker map.
I saw this in the chat forum.
It's easy to post something like this anonymously, but i thought you'd like to see.
posted by anonymous Horatio caine dies today "Horatio caine dies today.
" sir,they may come after you.
Then i'll be ready.
Ryan,where's my mom? She said she'd be right here with the car.
Ryan,help! Ryan! Get out of the way.
candace over here So it takes two csis to process someone these days? You guys must be more desperate to get me back than i thought.
Come on,ryan.
I heard about the attack,and i wanted to make sure you were okay.
That's very sweet of you.
The guy did get the jump on me,but he didn't get away scot-free.
What ya got? I got dna from our attacker.
Ryan! That's a nice get,ryan.
You know,if the dna of the attacker matches the dna of luke selyan's killer, you just broke the case.
I just broke the case.
That's not bad,wolverine.
You couldn't have grabbed a handful of hair just in case? That would be funny if a girl wasn't assaulted.
Yeah,you're right.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you later.
You know i was starting to miss this place.
Don't let him fool you.
We're all very excited to get you back here.
I'm going to take this to natalia.
You're not going to believe who attacked ryan and candace.
My guess is robert whitten,the athletic director.
It was unnerving how proud he was at the way candace was being exploited.
You are not even close.
It's candace's dad.
Lieutenant,i'm in a hurry right now.
I need to go and meet up with my daughter.
So what's this all about? It's time for you to come clean,Mr.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
It was you who attacked candace outside the photo studio,wasn't it? That's ridiculous.
Why don't you tell me what happened? I wI wasn't trying to hurt her.
Wanted to scare her.
Yeah,i wanted to scare them both.
I mean,ever since that picture showed up,my wife has been parading her around, making her do endorsements,pushing her further and further into Into the spotlight.
I was trying to protect my daughter.
Sometimes fear can be a good thing.
On the contrary,Mr.
Walker,fear is a killer.
Father attacking his own daughter? I can't understand that.
He's a desperate man,frank.
Is everything all right with you? Nothing i can't handle.
Miss barrish,have there been any more postings as to my location? - No,not since the walker residence.
- Good.
I'm going to send you something.
What'd you have in mind? It's a location.
Please put it online.
Thank you,ma'am.
is that our murder weapon? It is.
I'm just bringing it back from dna, and you know,I have to say, I i think i'd rather tote one of these than a gun.
Why's that? Triggers are tough and,you know,this is easy.
Nat,hold it right there.
Why? Robert whitten said that each bow is calibrated for a specific user.
Draw length is determined by measuring the shooter's arm span and dividing it by 2.
So multiply 26 by 2.
5 and you get the shooter's arm span? And seeing as arm span is approximately the same as a person's height Our shooter would be about 5'5".
And the draw weight on this bow is set at 25 pounds, which would mean our shooter is roughly weighing in at about a hundred.
Well,that's definitely not robert whitten.
The archery team is made up of nine boys.
Well,then,we're either talking about a sixth-grader or Or our shooter was a woman.
This footage was taken by surveillance glasses that were being worn by luke.
I have a great ass.
So? Have a look.
Do you recognize this? There you are,holding coach whitten's keys.
Whitten,i need the keys to your office.
I left my thong in there the other day.
Okay,okay,shut up.
I'm certain he'd testify to that, especially if he doesn't want to add accessory to murder to his statutory rape charge.
I'm also willing to bet that he taught you how to use the bow.
It wasn't fair.
Everybody said i was prettier than candace anda better swimmer, and here was another meet and everybody was taking pictures of her, all because of that one picture that made her famous.
I couldn't take it anymore.
You never intended to hit luke; this was about candace all along.
You used the starting pistol not as a distraction but for what it actually was.
You heard it and fired,hoping you would hit candace as she jumped.
She's been slow off the block ever since her cyber-lebrity started.
I gave her too much credit.
You killed luke by mistake.
Officer,would you please take this young lady to booking? damon.
You kept your word.
Not yet.
What,you just expect me to fill in all those years you took my dad away from me? I know how you feel,damon.
How can you know unless you felt what i felt? I know because i've lost family,too.
I didn't lose my dad.
You took him from me! - Damon - do not move! I said stop! Damon,your father was a killer who hurt a lot of people.
I couldn't leave him on the street.
Damon,like i said,you have a choice.
Don't make the mistake that he made.
Don't worry.
I won't.
Hands on your head.
You knew i was going to take it,didn't you? And i was hoping you wouldn't,son.
I really was.
Looks like your 15 minutes just rolled over to miranda.
It appears there is a new queen in town.
The crown is all hers.
miranda has the right to remain hot