CSI: Miami s06e03 Episode Script

Inside Out

We're outside biscayne courthouse awaiting a bail hearing for julio rentoria, a violent criminal who,this morning,beat and robbed store clerk in hialeah.
we'll cover the story after the hearing.
In the matter of the state of florida V.
Julio rentoria,trevor battle,and oscar monahan one count each,attempted murder how do the defendants plea? Not guilty.
Not guilty.
Not guilty.
Nevins,do the people wish to be heard on bail? Your honor,this morning,defendants rentoria and battle beat a store clerk within an inch of his life.
Defendant monahan drove them away from the scene.
They don't deserve bail.
no bail.
The defendants are remanded to custody,miami-dade department of detention.
Next on the docket,state V.
Kyle harmon.
That's you,vato.
sergeant tripp,the file indicates you're the case I.
Harmon was arrested for kidnapping? Your honor,the young man was not carrying a weapon during the commission of the crime.
He has no violent history.
Therefore,he's not a threat.
young man,are you kyle harmon? Yes,sir.
You've been charged with unlawful detention,kidnapping,a serious offense.
Do you understand the charge? Yes,sir,I do.
Which is why,even though you're only 16,you'll be tried as an adult.
How do you plea? in I plead not guilty,sir.
Your next appearance will be in department B.
Until then,this court remands you to custody.
We've been told rentoria's hearing has just adjourned.
To put it lightly,there is a large crowd out here anticipating his exit from the courthouse.
Have you,uh,told kyle he's your son? I haven't yet.
Take a look at this crowd.
Must be at least a hundred knuckleheads trying to get on television.
I got two million bucks,whoever can bust me out.
Hey,baby,who's it gonna be? You could be the lucky winner.
Hey,I got two mil,two million.
Julio rentoria.
Thinks he's the modern day jesse james.
I got two mil,whoever can break me out.
Hey,y'all,come on,two mil,people.
Who wants two mil? I love you,julio.
That's my name.
- Amy.
- Amy? Amelita,look me up.
frank,you feel like taking a ride? On the bus? Yes.
It looks like the driver could use some help.
I'm on it.
Horatio caine.
So you're back in court on this kyle harmon thing.
Yeah,what about him? You are moving to try him as an adult.
It was an adult crime,horatio.
He kidnapped a woman.
He is a child who was blackmailed into the situation.
Regardless,he made a bad choice.
Children often do,don't they? Very clever,lieutenant,but he's still going to be tried as an adult.
Why do you care? I care because it's my job.
Good to see you.
hey,let's go,let's go.
Come on,move it,go.
Let's get out of here.
Guys,over here.
Guys! India 2,100.
Two blocks east of biscayne courthouse.
Shots fired.
drop the gun! Confirming you have additional information regarding escapees from the bus.
Broadcast to follow.
I'm fine.
The prisoners.
I got four escapees; we're blanketing the city.
Julio got his freedom,didn't even have to pay for it.
Where is kyle,frank? He's with 'em,horatio,he's gone.
What do you want to do? I want to find him.
How you doing? Fog of war.
I didn't see that young lady till you know.
You talk to I.
? No,but they're circling.
I got two messages on my cell.
Yeah,well,they can't do a shooting review until we've processed the scene.
I got a bad feeling about this,calleigh.
I better get in there.
You call me if you need me.
I appreciate it.
That mob did such a number on this scene, I can't even find tripp's expended casings.
All this is either useless or it's compromised.
All right,well,let's start with what we know- the vehicles.
We know that the pickup truck hit the bus.
And dispatch called and said that eyewitnesses saw a red suv flee the scene.
so maybe we can find some sort of evidence of that.
You know what? As a matter of fact, I got some red substance on the bumper.
Looks like paint.
Okay,maybe our red suv clipped this on its way out.
I'm gonna call horatio.
He's gonna want to know the color of the getaway vehicle.
You know you can't be here.
Right? Oh,come on,don't shoot.
I come in peace here,all right? So listen.
Guy named rich caprioto.
Oh,that's the guy from the firing range? That's right,he's a real gunslinger, and he's willing to meet with you,uh,this afternoon.
Oh,well,I'M I'm really busy.
natalia,I really went out on a limb here.
I mean,this guy's willing to do it for free.
- okay,well,if-if I can,I-I will,okay? - Okay.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Really,th- okay.
Good luck.
Lieutenant caine.
You made the right decision,kyle.
Look,I only ran to get away from those guys,okay? Julio and the other two.
Did you see where they went? Well,I saw them leaving in a blue suv.
Okay,'cause the witnesses said red suv.
I'm just telling you what I saw,okay? Yeah,I believe you.
look,I know this might sound weird, but if I go to jail,I want you to walk me in.
- We need to make a stop first.
- What do you mean? Get in.
Trust me.
Inside,you keep your eyes to yourself and don't look for trouble.
If it finds you- and it will- you don't back down,no matter what.
- Do you understand? - Yeah.
What did I just say? Don't back down no matter what.
Okay,there's one more thing.
Come here.
You ready? Yeah.
Let's go.
How you doing? This is as innocent as a victim gets.
How so? Check this out.
I don't understand.
Her head is magnetized? Steel plate? It's a cochlear implant.
Helps deaf people to receive and process speech and sounds.
It's surgically implanted into the inner ear.
It consists of a receiver that decodes, then transmits to an electrode array,sending a signal to the brain.
Wouldn't there be an external component? Oh,she must have lost it before she was shot.
well,that explains why she didn't get out of there.
She had no idea what was going on.
Doubt that will help ease tripp's conscience.
Have you got any firearms evidence? Yeah.
Recovered it from between the third and fourth vertebrae.
You know what? This might ease his mind.
It's a.
Tripp only shoots a nine mil.
So,tripp didn't shoot anyone? No.
Hey,you want to call him,since you were the one who found the round? Yeah.
Hey,where are you going with my projectile? To find out whose gun this really came from.
what's all this for? Standard operating procedure.
For what? Murder of veronica eckland.
Deaf girl,was an innocent bystander at a jail bus breakout earlier today.
A round from your.
45 has ended up inside our victim.
I was nowhere near that thing.
Really? You have some fresh cuts on your hands.
Are you sure you didn't get caught up in the riot? 'Cause we have a couple of great witnesses.
We could put you in a lineup.
I heard about it on the news.
This julio guy who was leading the parade was yelling something about paying two million, whoever could bust him out.
And you just happened to be in the area? For two million? You bet I was.
When I rolled up,the place was going off.
They had the bus surrounded.
I sneaked my bike up for a closer look.
That's when I lost my gun.
You see who picked your gun up? No.
People were going crazy.
I got out of there.
Did you see julithand o e two other fugitives leave in an suv? No,but I saw one of them leave on my bike.
They stole your motorcycle? Did you report it? If I did that,I'bed the joke of south beach.
We're talking about two dangerous felons.
Do you see me laughing? Attention,miami-dade units for a stolen motorcycle broadcast.
The vehicle is a 2007 harley-davidson.
Black in color.
Florida plate Last seen in the area of biscayne boulevard.
oscar monahan,hold it right there.
Oh,my god,thank god,man.
You know how long I've been waiting on y'all? You ain't never around when a brother needs you,man.
Right,and you just happened to walk away from a motorcycle that was stolen from the site of a bus breakout.
What you talk? The bike man,I don't know nothing about that bike.
Look,why don't you just tell us where your partners,julio and trevor,are hiding out, and we might be able to help you? Look,I ain't got no partners.
And like I said,I don't know nothing about no bike.
look at that.
Didn't we luck out that you didn't throw those far enough? you better get a comb,oscar.
You're getting ready to get a whole new set of mug shots.
Come on.
hey,frank,look,I got to get some time in at the range, 'cause I've got to prep for my firearms qualies.
All right.
I'll put oscar in a radio car and wait for the tow.
Go do what you have to do.
- All right,thanks.
- Yeah.
Rich caprioto.
Nice to meet you.
Ryan says that you are the best,so I'm hoping you can help me.
Well,I haven't failed a client yet.
Send one across the bow.
Any any pointers before I do this? Yeah,be on time,especially when someone's doing you a favor.
yeah,I'm sorry about that.
I'm right in the middle of a case.
Actually have to get some evidence to the lab right after this.
You left it in your ride? Yeah.
It's a county vehicle,so it's secure.
well,let's waste what's left in the magazine,and we'll reschedule.
Copy that.
One quick hint.
Squeeze the trigger,don't jerk it.
Stealing the motorcycle,oscar,is grand theft.
Look,man,I know the charge,all right? I've had it before.
Yes,but this is a third strike for you,isn't it? So,what you getting at? I want to know where julio and trevor are.
Look,man,you got to understand something.
That bid we was up for? Look,I might have been with them,but I was not with them.
That's why I went the other way when the bus crashed.
My point is,that the theft charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor.
I'm listening.
You say nothing.
Counsel for the defense.
Counselor,this is an opportunity for your client.
Hear me out,and yomau y disagree.
I've got an expert witness who will dispute the legitimacy of any evidence found in or near the motorcycle you're accused of stealing.
He's a former csi.
So,this conversation's over.
To be continued,oscar.
Let's talk in lockup.
- hey.
- Hi.
so,listen,I got a court order for the,uh,evidence in the oscar monahan case.
Yeah,horatio told me that you're working for the defense.
What is that? How do you think that's going to get you back in the lab? Well,being an expert witness pays $300 an hour.
And I'm broke.
And I know you hate it,so just let me do my job.
All right.
I found oscar's epis on the key chain, so he stole the motorcycle from the jail bus breakout.
You know,how? how are you going to challenge my analysis? I'm not going to challenge your analysis.
I'm going to challenge your protocol.
What do you mean? You didn't take the evidence straight back to the lab,natalia.
No,because I was running to the range appointment that you set up for me.
that you set me up for.
What? You set me up.
Wait a second.
You think I'd actually do that? Are you kidding? just get me the evidence so I can vet it,please.
Thank you.
You may put a fugitive back out on the street.
You proud of yourself? Right shoulder to the wall.
Man walking.
Listen up.
When the last three digits of your booking number are called,step forward.
Don't worry about your clothes.
The trustees will tag them.
No talking in the print line.
Did you stop by the civilian range before returning with the evidence? Yes,but show me where that's not allowed.
With ryan on the stand,tinhe minds of the jury? Yeah,but this is oscar monahan's third strike.
He stole a motorcycle to evade capture.
That's incontrovertible.
You screwed up,natalia.
No,I didn'T.
I I had a friend turn on me.
So return the favor.
We discredit ryan,I may still have a case against oscar.
I can't do it.
Just give me one negative on wolfe.
I'm sorry.
You should be.
It's your career.
I hear we may not be able to put oscar on that motorcycle.
Compromised evidence.
So all we have left are trevor and julio,and they escaped in the red suv.
That's correct.
Except for kyle said that it was blue.
So one of them is lying? No.
You're lying? No,it's a special paint.
It changes colors.
Like a chameleon? To the naked eye,yes.
Most paint jobs,they have a clear coating that goes over color layer.
Oh,I see,to give it depth,right? This paint's second coat is filled with reflective synthetic flakes that are about one micrometer thick.
It creates a prism effect on the car.
So it refracts a different color at a different angle.
the product's so new,there's only one place in south beach that does this kind of work.
Lummus detailing.
I think we ought to take a ride and ask them what cars they painted blue and red in the last week.
Let's go.
Check it out.
You have a pretty unique paint job and lummus detailing tells us you're a very satisfied customer.
Yeah,well,hard to stay ahead of the trends in this town.
Gotta do something to stand out.
Like break people out of jail for an easy payday? What,that,uh,$2 million thing I heard about on tv? I had nothing to do with that.
Paint transfer on the front of your car says otherwise.
Yeah,so do these.
Looks like you cut the cuffs off of julio and trevor.
Look,you have to understand,this is not like me.
You've gote nic ahouse,a nice car.
Doesn't seem like you need the money.
Yes,I do.
My brother is sick.
He needs dialysis.
I heard about that two million,and i had to go for it.
That's a life-saving amount of money.
Guys,over here.
Over here! That's two,two million,right? Man of my word,man,come on.
where's the two million now? This looks like heroin.
What is this? That's two million.
Maybe more if you sell it right.
You don't want it,you don't have to take it.
Get out of here,man.
That's the last I ever saw of them.
What am I supposed to do with a bag of pure heroin? Go to jail.
Eight to 12.
Let's go.
well,if it's not benedict arnold.
You look well.
What do you want? Well,as expert witness in the oscar monahan theft case, I have a right to investigate the alleged crime scene.
- "Alleged"? - Yeah.
A guy stole a motorcycle and dumped it here.
Stay outside the perimeter until I can get you an escort.
Yeah? That's a.
Same caliber as the bullet they pulled out of the deaf girl.
Looks like the joke's on you.
Oscar tossed the murder weapon.
Yeah,listen,I have to follow this through the processing.
You do that.
You're doing a bang-up job for the defense,wolfe.
That's a nice haircut.
Have a good day.
All right.
Got something.
- Did you already test fire the weapon? - I did.
Striations confirm the gun oscar tossed was the one that killed veronica eckland.
I also found soft tissue.
So this is the skin from the.
45? Yeah,the hammer pinch trapped the skin.
This will tell us who the shooter is.
And then,maybe I can testify for the defense.
That would be fun.
Listen,natalia,at least consider the fact that I brought the gun to tripp's attention,will ya? You want points for doing the right thing? Hey.
Hey! I follow the evidence no matter who pays me.
Okay? I'm doing my job,I haven't sold my soul.
If oscar's guilty,then he's guilty.
All right? he isn'T.
What? He isn't? It's not his dna.
He ended up with the gun,but he never used it.
Whose dna is it? Barry,you claim that you cut your hands on the pavement when in reality,you cut your hand shooting veronica eckland.
Didn't you? I know this,barry, because we recovered your skin from the hammer of the.
45kihat tller her.
All I could think about was all that money.
$2 million.
I was trying to get closer to julio.
I saw him on the news.
I cleared a path and she motioned for him to get into her car.
sorry,dawg,what I need,I take.
Couldn't let her get the two million and not me,so I shot her.
You said she motioned to julio.
Tatted up guy,goatee.
Thank you,barry.
Take him,please.
- Yeah? - Frank,our victim.
- The deaf girl? - Yes.
Look into julio's background and see if there's a connection.
You think she was in on the bus breakout? I do now.
Just about to fume these drug packets for prints, but I heard you wanted to see them first.
Chameleon car guy said that julio gave him the packets,right? Yeah,as payment for helping him flee the bus breakout.
If julio was small-time,where'd he get this amount? He had to get the heroin from a third party.
I swabbed the packets for epithelials,there aren't any.
Not where you're looking.
You see this edge? It's amorphic,which means it was sealed by hand,not by machine.
Julio's drug connection is old school.
It's an amateur process,heat it,squeeze it.
But as air sucks into the packet,so does skin.
joe lebrock.
Been in dade detention for the last six months.
He may be locked up,but he still owns property on the waterfront.
Take a look as his two known associates.
Julio re oriantand trevor battle.
Our two bandits on the run.
That's right.
I'll let horatio know.
This is lebrock's warehouse.
The suspects may be in the vicinity.
Do we have any movement inside yet? None yet,sir.
What's the plan,lieutenant? The plan is,is to keep our eyes up,gentlemen.
Somebody's coming out.
He's got a weapon.
It's one of our escapees.
It's trevor battle.
Hey,trevor,where's julio? Hey,don't worry about where julio's at.
Why is that? Man,we got something you really want.
What are you talking about,trevor? The kid.
What kid? Kyle.
From the bus.
Man,we found out he's your son.
That kid is back in custody,trevor.
And that's exactly where we're gonna kill him.
- trevor - Take care,lieutenant caine.
yes,uh,this is lieutenant horatio caine.
I am looking for inmate kyle harmon.
Kyle harmon? I got eyeballs on him now.
Do not let him out of your sight.
Horatio,you were right.
Homicide found o ut the deaf girl was engaged to julio.
No wonder she tried to break him out.
Frank,she read our lips.
Have you,uh,told kyle he's your son? I haven't yet.
Outside the courtroom is where they found out about kyle.
I need a third floor prowler at main control.
Excuse me.
One second,lieutenant.
Excuse me! Inmate kyle harmon.
He's a miss-out,lieutenant.
He can't be a miss-out.
I just spoke to you on the phone.
Where is he? Fight broke out.
I had to break it up.
The fight was staged.
Do you monitor the phones? Absolutely.
System logs each call from the phone bank.
Get me the logs.
And lock this place down,you understand? Lock it down.
So someone knew that kyle was inside.
It had to be julio rentoria that tipped them off,eric.
We're looking for security cameras and phone logs.
All right,outbound phone numbers.
You want me to write a warrant and get the addresses? We don't have time.
Hang on.
Here you go.
Wow,they're all clearing out for this guy.
That's what I call respect.
Or fear.
Guy looks pretty hard-core.
Look at the wristband.
Joe lebrock.
That's the same guy whose place we hit today at the waterfront.
His dna was on the drugs.
Okay,so he's our connection to rentoria,isn't he? Julio must have an untraceable phone.
untill now Track it,eric.
What are you going to do? I'm going to go talk to joe.
Where's the boy? You mean your little boy? I ain't telling you jack.
It looks like somebody marked you up pretty good,joe.
Did they? Joe,I am attempting to give you a chance,so work with me on this.
I don't want it.
Then we have a big problem.
Yeah? And what would that be? I'm not leaving this room without an answer.
All right,got it.
Calleigh said that julio's cell phone gps is in within a hundred-yard radius.
I'll take the left flank.
All right,let's go.
Julio! Let's see some hands.
Go ahead.
Take your best shot.
It doesn't work like that,but I'll make you a promise.
Oh,yeah,5-0,what's that? You're not going to get away twice.
I got something to deal.
Too late.
Lieutenant caine's got his own methods.
Let's go.
H,yeah,I'm on my way.
What's this? You know,we rounded up all your friends,joe.
Where's the boy? Ever been to brazil,joe? What? Not long ago,someone that we both cared for greatly was killed by an animal like you.
We went down to brazil to hunt him.
He never left the country,joe.
So what's that gotta do with me? If those scratches are from my son and anything has happened to him, I'm going to come back to this room and you will leave it in a bag.
So,I'm going to ask you one more time.
Where is he? He's in the pipe chase.
Maintenance hallway between the cells.
Block C.
kyle! Kyle! kyle.
I did what you said.
I fought back.
I know you did,son.
I know you did.
Why are you doing this? I'm doing this,kyle because I'm your father,okay.
Youwhat? I know you don't believe me,and we can't talk about it now.
But we will.
Come on.
We've got to get you back and keep you away from the general population.
Could I have a minute,please,gentlemen? Heard you got my third strike kicked back.
As a matter of fact I did,oscar.
We all know there's no such thing as a free lunch,so what do I gotta do? There was a kid on the bus.
I don't want anything to happen to him inside.
What are you talking about,protect him? your mission now.
Hey,feel me,man,I can't be with him all the time.
Pass the word,oscar.
That kid is untouchable from here on in.
You understand? All right,you got a deal.
Your boy is safe.
And,oscar,if anything happens to him I'm on my third strike.
There you go.
You're a smart man.
Take him.