CSI: Miami s06e04 Episode Script

Bang, Bang, Your Debt

I feel safe with you, Brandon.
You are the only one that understands.
Tell me again it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be fine.
Jess, it's all gonna be fine now.
Jess Jess, get up.
Jess, please, baby, please, Jess, get up.
Jess, get up.
Jess, get up! Jess, Jess, I can't breathe.
Help! Help! Help! First responders found her outside of the car.
Get an I.
on the girl? Her name's Jessica Taylor.
She was only 19 years old.
And it appears that our victim wasn't alone.
He's alive Let's call rescue.
Send over the stretcher.
Let's get him to the hospital.
You'll be okay.
We'll get you to the hospital.
Wow, this burned-out crime scene, it's gonna be tough to get evidence.
Maybe not- I've got what appears to be an accelerant.
See that? It's reddish.
My guess, it's a petroleum-based substance.
Well, mass spec'll be able to tell us for sure, so I'll get it to the lab.
Will you catch me up? Yeah.
We got one dead, one in critical.
Will you take a couple of pictures of the crowd? I want to have their faces on record just in case.
You got it, CSI Duquesne.
Think we should probably go ahead and get the car out of here as soon as possible.
I already called it in CSI Duquesne.
Are you okay? Yeah, no, I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
I just stood up too fast, that's all.
All right.
Hi, Alexx.
Well, look at you, with a nice, new suit.
Okay, so you're either getting married, or you have a job interview.
I got a job interview, actually.
Um hopefully, with you.
I mean, look- I shaved and everything.
I thought you were working.
At the gun range.
At least until your review is over.
Yeah, the money sucks, and I don't want to be living off my credit cards.
So now you want to be an M.
Well, I'm qualified, and, uh, your guys are stretched a little thin.
You know, Ryan, I'm all for you making a living, but I just don't have it in my budget.
Alexx, I miss the job.
I miss the team.
We miss you, too, Ryan.
Well, promise me you'll think about it.
I'll think about it.
Ryan you have to go.
Right now.
Why? What's going on here? I can't share that with you.
You're not a part of this investigation.
I need you to leave.
Somebody's got to get ahold of Horatio.
Tell him to get down here as soon as he can.
I think I found something big.
This was an inferno when these kids died.
How's the boy? He's in the hospital.
So, I ran your mystery substance from under the car.
It's a little cocktail of glycol, ether and polyethylene.
Brake fluid.
So someone cut the brake line.
This was cut to cause a slow leak.
So that means that it was cut somewhere else, and they actually made it to the beach before the brakes went out? Yeah.
The fluid pooled underneath the car.
The catalytic converters on these things run hot, don't they? Yeah, over 600 degrees.
That's more than enough to ignite brake fluid.
The flash point's about 400.
Perfect way to start a car fire.
Whoever cut the brake line had to touch the master cylinder.
And the car's burned so badly you'll never get a print.
Never say never.
We get a print? Yep.
Now just need to connect it with a face.
CSI Duquesne? You can call me Calleigh.
Oh, right, uh, got it.
Uh, have those pictures you asked for.
Thank you, Mike.
What'd he get? You.
I thought you looked like you saw a ghost out there.
Don't worry about me.
You don't have to be embarrassed.
The doctor said after your injury that you might be up and down, possibly for years.
I guess I'm right on target.
Come on, Eric, it's me.
What'd you see out there? I saw evidence of arson.
Andrew Hillman.
So you're adding murder to grand theft auto.
Murder? Who died? Jessica Taylor.
Jess? Yes.
She's my girlfriend- what happened? She burned to death this morning in Brandon Fox's SUV, but then again, you know that, because you cut his brake line.
I'm a mechanic.
Jess asked me to work on Brandon's SUV as a favor.
He's a friend of hers from college.
They've been hanging out a lot.
In an attempt to kill off the competition, my friend, you killed your own girlfriend, Jessica.
You said she died in a fire.
She did- a fire started by the brake fluid from the line that you cut.
The only thing you have to prove that is my prints on a burnt piece of metal.
And that's all I need.
Alexx, do you have news for me? I didn't notice at first, Horatio, because of the soot.
But take a look at her skin.
It's cherry red.
Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Which causes the skin to take on an almost healthy appearance.
Soon as I noticed, I ran her tox screen.
So you have 12,000 parts per million CO in her blood.
At those levels, that SUV had to be full of carbon monoxide.
She was deadbefore it started.
What about him? The boy in the car? Yeah.
His tox popped close to 10,000, but he's still unconscious.
So the question becomes, why did she die and he didn't? Look, Horatio, I know you have someone you like for this, but I think we're looking at a botched double suicide.
Alexx, we missed something at the scene.
Eric has to go back.
That was you this morning.
It's been a long time.
Yes, it has.
Why are you here? Well, I figured you could use my help.
I mean, you always did, right? All right, then help.
What am I missing? What's the first thing you learn on the job? How to pad your time card.
Second thing.
Every person who enters a crime scene brings something in and takes something away.
Even before we call it a scene.
What are you saying? Someone took evidence before we even arrived? How do I find something that's not even here? Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.
Piece of tubing.
It's got to be part of the crime scene.
Speedle? Thanks for the help.
Our dead girl was living large.
That's a nice laptop.
Expensive item for a college student.
And, judging by her wardrobe, she's never met a designer that shedidn't like.
Hey, you know what? I know that this is a complete sidebar, but this is the coffee machine that I want.
It makes espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos.
When would I ever make a macchiato? Well, you would make one every morning, after we buy the machine.
Now, there's the dorm room that I rember.
And there's the rest of it.
I'll pick it up.
There could be a name attached.
Well, if you're gonna pick that up, you're gonna need to put on a second pair of gloves.
Well, you know what? How about this? Cooper wants to be a CSI.
I'll have him come in and pick it up.
Jessica got a phone message.
Hi, Jessica.
It's Liberty Coast credit calling again.
You're three months behind.
You're in the red.
You have relatives.
Borrow from them.
Li-Co again.
Jessica, you can charge all the expensive makeup you want to look hot for the college guys.
You're still nothing but trailer park trash.
Jessica, this is South Beach Media.
We received a disturbing call from Liberty Coast Credit.
Apparently, you're not the type of young woman we thought you were.
Were rescinding our job offer.
That's pretty harsh.
She bought all this stuff on credit.
Sounds like she was in over her head.
And I'll bet she was terrified.
That could cause a girl to take her own life.
You know what? I'm going to call Tripp and have him go over to the office at Liberty Coast.
All right, well, you know where to send the check.
If you don't make a payment right now, I'm going after your parents' house.
Cry all you want.
It's not my problem you don't have the money.
Can I help you, Officer? Who's in charge here? Well, I guess that would be me.
Keith Reynolds.
I'm the credit manager.
Is there a problem? Yeah.
One of your clients.
Jessica Taylor.
What about her? The lady is dead.
What does that have to do with Li-Co? Someone from this office made threatening phone calls to her.
That's their job.
Look, I got to get to Dade U, so if? I want to know who handled her account.
You got a warrant? We will in one phone call.
Place is loaded with phones.
Is that the tubing you found at the crime scene? Yeah.
So, how did you miss that the first time around? It was outside of our tape perimeter.
So, you know, what made you look there this time? Just a hunch.
Think it's connected to the SUV fire? Seems likely.
See the rag on the end? That's how you seal a tube into the exhaust of a running car.
Shove the other end through a car window, and that's how you pump carbon monoxide into a car.
Jess, please, baby, please get up! Prints should tell us who put the other end in the exhaust pipe.
I thought this was a suicide.
Wouldn't that belong to one of the kids in the SUV? You're assuming, Cooper.
Let the evidence tell us.
So, uh what's it telling us? Well, it's telling us that this is a murder, and we're looking at a killer.
H, yeah, I just got a shortcut to your warrant.
I don't care if it was your husband's funeral.
If I don't have a payment on my desk in a week, it'll be your funeral! Or yours.
I can see why you have a long list of TROs, Mr.
Come on.
This is a contact sport.
And sometimes you got to get a little rough.
It's all part of the game.
Was part of the game killing Jessica Taylor? What are you talking about? We found your fingerprints on the murder weapon.
The tube that fed the carbon monoxide to the SUV.
You tried to make it look like a suicide gone bad.
Why would I kill my own client? I don't know.
Maybe she wasn't making payments.
Maybe better business to get rid of her.
You don't get it.
The longer they stay in debt, the more money we make.
And a dead client means no more prime-plus-20.
Ah, Horatio, Brandon Fox just woke up.
What does that mean? That means we have an eyewitness.
That's what it means.
Brandon, I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
This is Eric Delko.
We're with Miami-Dade PD.
How you doing? I got a burn on my arm.
And they're making sure my lungs are okay.
How's Jess? Is she okay? I'm so sorry for your loss.
Brandon, can you tell us what happened? We were at the beach.
We were going to you know have sex.
And the next thing I knew, the car was on fire.
Jess, please, baby, please get up! I'll get help! I tried to save her, I swear, but she wouldn't wake up.
That's because she was already dead.
What what are you talking about? Jessica died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
There was a piece of tubing we found that pumped exhaust into your SUV.
Someone tried to kill us? Do you have any idea how that tube got there? No.
No, I don't.
My God.
Who would want to kill Jess? That's what we're going to find out.
Buckle up.
I'm trying.
What, are you digging for change? Ooh! I think I found something even better.
Oh, my God.
What, is it a Platinum card? This is Speedle's credit card.
I knew it.
What is going on? Nothing.
Look Eric, if we are gonna be working together, you have to talk to me.
Look, I said it's nothing.
Does it have something to do with me and Jake? Is there a problem? No, Calleigh.
Don't be ridiculous.
Well, you've been acting strange with me all day, so what else am I supposed to think? Let's just forget about it.
Can I have Speedle's card, please? Yeah, this is Tim Speedle.
I'm calling to check the status of my account.
My card number- yeah, it's Active? For how long? Two weeks? Are you sure? What was the date of my last transaction? No, I don't I don't remember my password right now.
I'll have to call you back.
No, I don't want to make a payment over the phone, thank you.
Hey, where's Valera? Last time I saw her she was in the locker room.
She was going to run some DNA for me of the condom that we found in Jessica Taylor's dorm room.
You have got great timing, missy, 'cause I'm just getting the results.
Oh, great.
Is it Brandon Fox? Keith Reynolds.
Off an old sexual assault charge.
Is he even one of our players? He's a manager at Liberty Coast Credit.
In fact, Tripp said that he was on his was up to Dade University to sign up more students.
Well, that's where Jessica was signed up.
Do you think she was trying to sleep her way out of debt and she crossed the wrong guy? There's only one way to find out.
Would you like a credit card? Free Frisbee if you sign up today.
Really, that was the lamest sales pitch I've ever heard.
What? The guy wasn't interested.
You've got to make him interested.
Use your assets.
All these kids, they're running out of their parents' money.
They're ripe.
Go after them.
Watch this.
Excuse me.
How you doing? Hey, beautiful.
My name is Keith.
How would you like to buy a new wardrobe today? You're pre-approved for $2,000.
Your minimum payment is $17 a month.
I don't know, does your card offer a sexual favor payment plan, or is that just a side business, Keith? We're with the Miami-Dade Police Department.
What were you doing in Jessica Taylor's dorm room last night? I wasn't in her dorm room last night.
Your DNA says otherwise.
We have evidence says you had sex with her, Mr.
If that's the case, I'm not talking to you.
How about I have my lawyer give you two a call? Do that, 'cause you couldn't look more guilty than you do right now.
Looks like we just found ourselves a prime suspect.
Yeah, looks like it.
get down got you,come on,i got you Calleigh, you all right? Yeah, fine.
Calleigh Duquesne, CSI Miami.
We've got shots fired.
We need assistance.
Dade University.
It stopped.
Ma'am, are you okay? Are you hurt, are you shot? I don't know.
Is she shot? No.
There's blood, though.
I didn't see anything.
Did you see where the shooting was coming from? No, but I know who they were shooting at.
Prime suspect just became a victim.
All right, guys.
He's yours.
Preserve his head for any ballistic evidence, all right? None of these kids saw or heard where the shots came from.
I was here when it happened, Frank.
I couldn't tell you where they came from.
Calleigh said the rounds were from a 30-ought-six.
She took the casings back to the lab.
I got guys on the perimeter if you, uh need anything.
You're welcome.
What's going on? Eric.
What's going on? I'm just reading the crime scene.
You see this? This is, uh this is a bullet hole.
Yeah, that's what he meant.
Who, baby? The shooter, he hid behind these bushes here.
That's why nobody saw him.
Whatever it is you want to talk, you find me.
Okay? Hmm.
Here's something.
Look at that.
Looks like dried perspiration.
Whatever little bit of DNA might have been there, in the sweat evaporated.
What about the DNA that soaked into the leaf? It's impossible to find it.
My friend, you've not seen our newest toy.
The Maxwell 16.
It dissolves everything but the DNA.
Matches one of our elimination samples from the Jessica Taylor murder.
Gary Hardwick.
Why would I shoot a guy I work with? Because he was your competion.
I was at the campus today, but you don't know why Why don't you enlighten me? I was trying to catch Keith in the act.
He likes working these collegiate accounts because it gives him access to the coeds.
You know what I mean.
I do know what you mean.
Like Jessica Taylor.
And she wasn't the only one.
He promises these young girls who get in over their heads that he'll erase their debt for a few favors.
You told me I'd always be able to meet the minimums.
Connie, can't you get any more money from your sister? She's tapped out.
Well, there might be one way you can erase this month's debt.
That's why you should be looking at his client list and not at me.
I'm the good guy here.
Why were you at both of my crime scenes, then? I didn't kill Keith Reynolds.
I have your fingerprints at the car fire.
I don't know how my fingerprints got there.
I don't know what you want me to say.
I'll let you know.
Calleigh, you got to see this.
I'll swing back around, okay? It can't wait.
All right, what you got? I was going through Liberty Coast's collection accounts to see who had motive to kill Keith Reynolds.
And I found this instead.
Isn't that the kid in the hospital? Brandon Fox, yeah.
He never told us he had a credit card with Liberty Coast.
Take a look at his account balance.
All right, well, that's more than twice what Jessica owed.
I mean, he's barely making his minimum payments.
Yeah, at 20% it would take him an entire lifetime to pay it off.
Let's see who signed him up.
Gary Hardwick.
Isn't that the other credit card guy? Yeah.
It says here that he gave him a free gift when he signed up.
It's a party drink dispenser.
What is that? Oh, come on, you forgot your college days already? It's a beer bong.
That's what the tubing is.
Now that you got our card use it to buy some beer.
That explains why Hardwick's prints were on it.
He gave the bong to Brandon.
It was Brandon's all along.
So what does this mean? It means Alexx is right.
It was a double suicide, except only Jessica was successful.
Everything went wrong.
So you and Jessica had a pact to kill yourselves.
Not that it mattered.
We were already dead.
Liberty Coast killed us the day we signed up for that card.
Are you sure you want to do this, Jess? These credit card people have destroyed our lives.
He told me he'd take my parents' house.
And they toldyouyou wouldn't pay this off till you're 52.
It's our only way out.
They kept raising my credit limit, so I figured it was okay to buy more stuff.
Pretty soon, I was using my tuition to pay it down.
I had to drop out of school.
How am I going to make money without a degree? And Hardwick told me it was fine to make minimum payments.
But what he didn't tell me is the interest fees compounded into the stratosphere.
If I had Paris Hilton's money I still wouldn't be able to pay it off.
Look we were just supposed to fall asleep and let the carbon monoxide do the rest.
We thought it would be painless.
When I was in the fire, I thought I was dead.
And all I wanted was to be back here with Jess alive.
I mean Jess should be here instead of me.
Did she mention Keith Reynolds to you? The other credit guy? Mm-hmm.
Why? He was killed this afternoon.
Really? That's the first piece of good news I've heard all day.
I'm happy for you.
Calleigh, dispatch told me you came back to the scene.
What's up? Yeah, you know the leaves you brought in? They didn't have any gunpowder on them.
You sure? That means that the shooter wasn't behind the bushes.
I know, but he had to be somewhere, so I came back, because I think our best bet is to recreate the scene.
All right.
The shooting started, we were, uh we were right there.
The first shot was the lamppost.
The second shot hit here.
Could have figured out direction then if we had seen it.
And then everybody started panicking.
And then came the kill shot.
When Reynolds got hit he spun around, making it impossible to tell which direction the bullet came from.
I think we should walk the action in reverse.
Now we know the direction of the shot.
We have two points on the bullet's path.
The entrance wound and the bushes.
And if the shot didn't come from the bushes, that means that it would've come from the restaurant.
It's not possible.
Tripp checked it out.
It's being remodeled.
It's crawling with workers.
There's no way the shooter wouldn't have been seen.
We forgot about Kentucky Windage.
The path the bullet was traveling didn't travel in a straight line.
I mean, it's just a guess, but I would say that at the time of the shooting the wind was gusting at about 20 miles per hour.
You said these rounds were fired from a 30.
06, right? Given that, I can calculate the minute of angle.
The minute of angle? Minute of angle is the amount the path of the bullet was altered by the wind.
And that'll tell us the real direction that the bullet was fired from.
In this case, there was about five minutes of angle.
Which means the shot didn't come from the restaurant.
That's what Speedle was talking about.
What? Nothing.
Uh, the bullet was fired from over the water.
Means that the shooter was on a boat.
The ferry traverses the bay every 45 minutes, which meant it would've been 100 yards off campus at the time of the shooting.
At mid-day, this place must've been loaded with passengers.
Except up here.
What do you mean? Well, this is the observation deck.
It was closed for maintenance.
Boat was traveling northeast, the shooter had to be on the starboard side.
No one reported seeing anything unusual.
have supported the barrel to get off a clean shot.
Then there should be burnt gunshot residue on the ground.
I'll test for it.
It's blue.
Shooter stood here.
Got some kind of odd trace here.
Looks like iodine.
It's creamy.
It's povidone, it's an iodine-based antiseptic used to treat burns.
And who do we know that's in the hospital being treated for burns? So, Brandon your nurse tells me that you went missing this afternoon.
I went for a walk down the hall to test my lungs out.
Gunshot residue.
Please don't continue to insult me.
What happened? When when Jess called me last night, she was crying so hard.
Was that after she had sex with Keith Reynolds? He went back on his deal.
When he left her, he laughed.
He didn't reduce her debt a penny.
So you're saying that Keith drove her to suicide.
That's why I did it.
I killed him for her.
He deserved to die.
On the contrary, Brandon no one deserves to die.
You're looking in Speed's locker, Eric.
Out of respect, I haven't touched it since he was shot.
Now his wallet's missing.
What do you think happened? Maybe he took it.
There's been some activity on his credit card.
Eric when someone that is important to us leaves us, it can be difficult to accept they're gone.
No, this is different.
I know this sounds crazy, but he pointed me in the direction of that tube.
He solved this case.
You solved that case.
You did.
Eric Speed is gone.
He's gone.
What if I told you I talked to him? I'd say I'd say that it's time to get some help.
As I said, Lieutenant, I'm sorry you drove all this way to our Naples branch.
But without a warrant, I'm not at liberty to discuss our customers' accounts.
The customer's name is Tim Speedle, and I'm interested in any account activity.
First of all, this account has been dormant for three years.
I stand corrected.
It was up until two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago.
Since a duplicate was requested.
I have purchases at the Coastliner, several at the Zoba Cafe, and a number of transactions at Club Fate.
And if I'm not mistaken, there's some activity right now Purchases just made.
Do you have a location? McKenna's on the Bay.
Thank you very much.
Eric, go to McKenna's.
Somebody is using Speed's card.
You know what, I'm going to go check with the bartender, see if I can get some receipts.
All right.
Sorry, man.
Thought you were someone else.
No problem.
Hey, Coop.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? I think that we would like to ask you the same question.
Let me see your wallet.
Show him your wallet, Dan.
I don't I don't know what's going on.
Your name's not Tim Speedle.
Eric, listen to me, okay? It's not what you think.
Your name is not Tim Speedle.
You know what, I would ask you for an explanation, but I just don't think I'd get one.
You know I want to be a CSI.
And you guys, you speak so highly of the guy.
I just thought I'd check out Speedle's locker, see what he was all about and I saw the credit card and it just it's not like he'd miss it.
Why'd you use it? There was $200 credit on there.
It was free Dan It's free money.
You've charged over $2,300.
I know, it got it got out of hand.
It's fraud.
No, it was a mistake.
Calleigh, it was a big mistake.
It won't happen again.
I know.
It's over.
Wait, what are you saying? The-The lab, they gave Ryan another chance.
Ryan broke protocol.
You have broken the law.
But Calleigh, Speedle's dead.
I mean, no one got hurt.
You don't think Eric got hurt? You don't think I'm hurt? What about the people that Speedle gave his life for? You have until tomorrow morning to turn yourself in.
After that, I'm going to put out a warrant for your arrest.
Took your advice.
I went to go see someone.
What'd he tell you? That I'm having transitory hallucinations.
Brain's building new pathways around the fragment that's still in there.
Chemistry's all shook up.
And that your condition would be ongoing.
Yeah, as long as the fragment's still in there.
He gave me some medication.
I should be okay.
Eric, come to me next time.
Okay? I will.
It's just, uh I thought Speedle was back.
Now I'm saying good-bye all over again.
Never gets any easier, does it? No.
You ever see him, H? Every day.
Every day.