CSI: Miami s06e05 Episode Script

Deep Freeze

Good morning, Doug.
I missed you.
Who is this? Come on.
I know you know me.
Refresh my memory.
What did we do? Don't be naughty.
Not yet.
We met at the ceremony where they retired your number.
I was the brunette by the bar.
I'll cry if you don't remember me.
Or what I said I'd do.
Big blue eyes.
Touchdown, quarterback.
let me ask you something.
Are you still with your wife? Oh, she's out.
Pilates or something- forget about her.
So, what was your most exciting experience? Winning your first, second or third ring? What if I said my most exciting experience was talking to you, honey? now you're just being bad.
Okay, after the birth of my daughter, I'd have to say my induction.
I remember your speech.
You were on crutches, right? That's right.
Fourth surgery on my right knee.
It starts like an S.
when it rains.
You follow football? Always been a fan.
You can blame my dad for that.
You know, I read recently that you were hospitalized.
Was it anything serious? Okay now you're starting to sound like a reporter.
Are you writing a story or something? Or something.
How would you like to be remembered? Doug? Are you okay? Is everything all right? Doug? Doug? Hello? Doug? Are you still there? Hello? Doug? Hey, H.
What have you got? The victim is Doug Mcclain.
The football player.
Who called it in? The wife.
Said she got back from Augustine and found him on the floor.
Although he retired 12 years ago, he's still a star, so when this breaks, it's gonna break big.
Do we have control of the media, detective? Oh, as good as can be expected, given the circumstances.
- The body's in here.
- okay He's got a stab wound through the neck.
Have we located the murder weapon yet? Did a cursory.
Didn't see anything, but we got this.
Check his phone records.
Maybe he was attempting to call for help.
- Already working on it.
- Thank you.
Alexx? Whoever stabbed him perfectly severed his carotid.
This spray is from his last three heartbeats.
Only get that kind of force and volume with a total arterial transection.
Alexx, I don't see any defensive wounds.
It doesn't make sense.
Doug Mcclain was one of the best athletes of his time.
A man like this would never go down without a fight.
Till today.
That doesn't look good.
What's going on? The victim's wife and that character want the body.
For what? Cryonics.
They want to freeze him? That's what they said.
Excuse me.
Mcclain? I'm Alexx Woods, M.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
But I can't let you take your husband's body.
But it was Doug's wish to be frozen until he could be cryonically revived.
He made all of the arrangements with the cryonic facility and and dr.
Klein yes.
I understand, but that was before he died a vioeant dleth.
An autopsy could seriously compromise Doug's chances of revival.
With all due respect, doctor, fame doesn't exempt him.
I have jurisdiction over the remains of his body.
Does this help? It's an injunction from judge Porterson.
An autopsy will never bring back Doug, but some day science will.
I have an eight- year-old daughter, and I know it sounds crazy, but Doug wanted to see her grow up.
This way, maybe one day he will see her.
And maybe even her children.
We'll just take the body.
Okay, this is subject to court ajudication.
In the meantime, you better find me a seat in your van, because that body does not leave my sight.
Mcclain was inducted into the hall of fame just last year.
Famed football quarterback Doug Mcclain was found murdered in his home early this morning.
He broke records in 1988 for total yards thrown.
Doug's wife, Elissa, was not available for comment.
Stay tuned to channel four news, as we continue to bring you that's heparin, isn't it? Yes.
You do realize an anti-coagulant is elusess on the dead, right? Dead to you, doctor.
We operate with a different definition.
Heparin helps maintain tissue viability.
Get him in.
You find anything, csi Duquesne? Only smudges, detective berkeley.
I didn't hear you leave this morning.
Well, you know, a girl's got to keep some mystery.
Well, what do you got on this one? Well, I can tell you there was no forced entry and this window was the only thing open.
Well, it might be how the killer got in.
This doesn't belong.
What is it? It's a piece of double-sided tape, but look at the fibers in it.
It's too short to be carpet.
I bet it was pulled off of whoever came through the window.
You find anything? Oh, yeah.
Just probable motive.
Somebody took Mcclain's three championship rings.
"1995 championship ball.
" I'm assuming there used to be a football there.
It would have been from his last game.
Took his team into the championship one last time and then retired.
The man was a class act.
You know, I knew that you liked football, but I wasn't aware that you were so into it.
Well, you need your mornings, I need my sunday afternoons.
So you really think that Mcclain was killed for a few keepsakes? Keepsakes? The stuff in this room's got to be worth a fortune.
Well, then, why not take it all? Three championship rings and a signed team ball is definitely worth the most.
Then I think the killer definitely knew what he was doing.
You gonna be able to pull any prints off that? It's worth a try.
Alexx, what do you got? Doug Mcclain's wife presented a signed court order, Horatio.
Signed by who? Judge Porterson, miami's leading advocate of progresvesi science.
You mean leading advocate of science fiction.
It's gonna take a hearing before I can get Doug under my knife.
By then, we could lose everything.
Okay, here's what we do.
Shift to plan "B.
" I'm on my way to precore now.
I'll let you know.
Keep me posted.
Hey, d g youidet a chance to look over the things I brought in from the trophy case? Yeah.
I got a print on that pair of cleats.
But it doesn't match Doug Mcclain or his wife, and afis doesn't recognize it.
Well, nothing comes easy, doeshat? W it's that? You were right about the sticky tape you found by the window.
The fibers don't match anything in Mcclain's house.
It's silk.
Italian silk.
Killer could have brought it in on his clothing.
Unfortunately, a lot of people wear it.
Well, you got anything better? No.
But Mcclain was on the phone at the time of the murder, so Tripp is running the records to see who he was talking to.
You think he has somebody? Yeah.
Her name is Wendy Legassic.
Wendy Legassic, I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
That's a pretty top.
Is it silk? Yeah.
We're going to have to take a sample of your top to compare to some fibers we found at the Doug Mcclain crime scene.
What makes you think I was at the crime scene? According to the phone records, you were the last person to speak to Doug Mcclain before he was killed.
The closest I got to him was the phone.
I was just updating his obituary.
I'm sorry? Newspapers like to be prepared for an unexpected death.
We have obituaries of people still alive on file so when they pass, we're ready to print.
That is morbid.
So I take it that you're a reporter? My boss gave me a list of names and told me to update them.
And people will just talk to you? You figure out ways to get them to open up.
Doug was a jock.
It's pretty obvious what part of the ego you have to stroke.
I was the brunette by the bar.
I'll cry if you don't remember me.
That's the list of people that I had to update.
See? Doug Mcclain? Fidel castro, dick cheney I don't understand why Doug would be at the top the list.
He doesn't have near the medical history of these other people.
My boss says that retired football players have a high mortality rate.
Something about the abuse to their bodies.
And the abuse got a whole lot worse during the phone call.
Am I right? What are you accusing me of? It just seems to be an incredible coincidence that Doug Mcclain would be killed on the same day you were updating his obituary.
That doesn't mean I had anything to do with it.
Are you sure? You didn't keep Doug on the phone so that someone would have opportunity to kill him? Why would I do that? I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
Have you prepped the equipment, doctor? Yes.
What are you using it for? Well, if I can't perform a traditional autopsy to figure out what happened to him, I'm going to conduct a virtopsy.
As long as you do it quickly.
We need to get him into a neuropod asap.
I have to warn you, it's going to be freezing in there.
I'm working on our quarterback now.
But this will take longer than the real thing.
I have to compile each scan until I get a fully-rendered model of the knife wound.
I understand, Alexx.
What else? According to early data, he does have a fracture on his hand.
Looks like to the second metacarpal, with swelling around the wrist.
Swelling around the wrist? Perhaps he punched someone or something, huh? Yeah.
Looks like he may have fought back after all.
Keep me posted.
You hear anything from Calleigh about the obit writer? Wendy? Calleigh couldn't place her at the scene.
All right.
I guess we keep digging, huh? What have you got? Well, I'm trying to track down Doug Mcclain's stolen memorabilia off the internet.
How many sites have you been to? you know how many sites there are, right? Yeah.
wait a minute.
Go back.
There's some football stuff there.
Championship rings.
That them? Looks like it.
Championship years '92, '93 and '95.
And there's the football right there.
Oh, ye of little faith.
All of these items were put up for auction by a Theo Knight.
Well, Theo's about to get a very disappointing return on his investment.
Let me call Horatio.
Why do you guys need my prints? We have reason to believe that Doug Mcclain was killed during a robbery of his football memorabilia.
You seem like quite a fan, Theo.
My dad lived and died by Doug Mcclain.
Every snap.
Every pass.
What, you guys think I broke into his house to steal from his personal collection? We don't know.
We found a fingerprint, though, on an old cleat of his.
Is that going to match one of these? It may.
I was there two weeks ago, but not last night.
I bought this stuff.
I spent a fortune.
So he sold you three championship rings and an autographed team ball willingly? Well, his manager did.
Martin Wilson.
He gave me a good price.
I had to have it.
You had to have it? You were online within hours of his murder selling it, Theo.
I was going to add it to my collection here, but when one of these legends dies, collectors go into a frenzy.
News breaks, your 100-k investment climbs up to seven figures.
Is that right? I guess I'm a lucky guy.
Yes, but not for long.
Tragic day for the sports world, mr.
Doug Mcclain was a legend.
And I understand you were his business manager.
And now I'm managing his estate.
And selling it off rather rapidly, too.
What are you talking about? Apparently, you just sold some pieces of memorabilia to a Theo Knight for $100, 000.
I had to.
Doug had, um cash flow problems.
He spent money like he was still in his prime.
Got so bad, I had to sell his stuff just to keep him afloat.
I notice that you have a black eye.
Now, we found mr.
Mcclain with a broken hand.
Am I to assume that he was not happy about what you were doing? It was a sore subject.
Dougie wore those on that naked bootleg, '93.
Game winner.
What else you got? Well, over here we have his first what the hell's going on? You told me a reporter was coming in here.
Would you excuse us for a minute? Sure.
You're selling all my stuff? This is my life.
If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have a life.
Was that before you killed him this morning? I was nowhere near Doug Mcclain this morning.
You can check.
I'm going to.
You're running the double-sided tape from Doug Mcclain's windowsill? Yeah.
I already did.
You had silk fibers on one side, but even better- epithelials on the other.
And what would cause that? You're such a guy.
Remember J-Lo's green versace dress? what do you think held that up? Double-sided adhesive? This is wardrobe tape.
Did you get a profile from it? CODIS should tell us any second.
Rita Sullivan.
She's got an interesting rap sheet.
One and only arrest, 2004, for breaking and entering a residence.
She broke into Doug Mcclain's house.
That was three years ago, and that was a complete misunderstanding.
Doug and I were having an affair, and his wife caught us in their bed, and she completely overreacted.
You know that Doug Mcclain's dead? I know.
I saw it on tv.
Well, we found tape from your dress that proves you entered his house again, through a window.
That's because Doug called me a few days ago and asked me if I wanted to come over.
He said his wife was away.
Did you? And when I got there, he wasn't home yet.
So why not wait, hmm? Why climb through a window? I knew Doug since his playing days.
We had a special relationship.
And I wanted to surprise him.
I was gone before dawn.
Can you prove that? Look, I know what you're trying to say, but I would never hurt Doug.
I think you got tired of climbing through windows, miss Sullivan.
I think you got tired of being Doug's second choice.
Being Doug Mcclain's second choice was more than any girl could ask for.
Except being his first.
you know, there is a great thai restaurant next to the shore club.
You don't give up, do you? Neither do I.
Now, be careful with that, girl.
You gotta make sure it's pulled right back to your shoulder or it's going to kick back.
You okay? Okay? All right.
I'm good.
All right.
I'm going to check out.
Oh, yeah? Knyou ow, I I saw what happened out there.
Is your, um, shoulder okay? Yep.
I'm fine.
It's good.
Take care of that shoulder.
by now, the world has heard about the death of sports legend Doug Mcclain, but tonight, on tape, you will hear his actual death at the hand of his murderers.
Don't miss the newest and most exciting chapter in the mystery that is gripping the nation.
Hey, Calleigh, I think we might want to take another look at that obituary writer.
Okay, so I didn't exactly tell you everything.
That is the understatement of the year, miss Legassic.
I did call mr.
Mcclain for my article.
But you conveniently left out the part where you had the murder recorded.
I was taping the conversation so I wouldn't miss anything.
At the time, I wasn't even sure atwh I was hearing.
What exactly did you hear? I can't say.
I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the tv station.
It's legally binding.
So are handcuffs.
It's your choice, Wendy.
He was literally talking to me one second and gone the next.
I kept recording until my cell battery ran out.
And so your first instinct after you found out he was killed was to sell the tape? I'm not a monster, officer.
I just wanted to get out of the obituary business.
you thought the recording would make you a reporter at wetx.
I've got an exclusive for you, Wendy.
That tape is never gonna make it to tv.
A judge has issued a warrant, I'm confiscating it and I'm arresting you for obstruction of justice.
Your journalism career died with Doug Mcclain.
You can write an obituary for it.
Okay, I uploaded Wendy Legassic's phone conversations.
What's next? Let's start with Doug Mcclain's final words.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
Doug, are you okay? Doug? Okay, now search for spiking activity.
here's some activity.
Almost 25 minutes after he was stabbed.
now, that sounds like somebody moving around the house, doesn't it? and that's somebody making a phone call.
Ten digits; an area code and a phone number.
Track the numbers.
I'm on it.
I use reverse directory.
Elissa Mcclain? Lieutenant, why would the killer be calling the victim's wife? Because they must be connected.
Mcclain, did you hire somebody to kill your husband? Absolutely not.
Why would you ask that? Because it turns out that you and your husband weren't living together, and your current listing is in coral gables under your maiden name.
Doug and I have been separated for a year now.
I have my own place, but we're discreet about it.
Dougeras v wy high-profile, you know, about image control, public perception, his legacy.
It was his livelihood.
And a divorce would taint that.
Fans hold an idealized view of Doug, and they pay big for that perfect, infallible ideal.
Okay, so let me ask you this.
If you didn't hire somebody to kill him, who called you from the crime scene? Martin.
Doug's manager called.
Why would he do that? To tell me what happened.
He wanted me back at the house before the police or the press got there, because everybody thinks that Doug and I are still together.
Was he there when you arrived? No.
Do you think he killed Doug? Do you? Mr.
Wilson, your cell phone call to Elissa Mcclain places you at the scene at the time of the murder.
I had a meeting with Doug this morning.
I'm his manager.
And when I found his body, I called Elissa.
'Cause you told us you were nowhere near Doug Mcclain this morning.
Now, that's a flat-out lie.
Look, this is all about discretion, damage control.
I started collecting things that Doug wouldn't want the public to find out about: Whiskey bottles, diet pills, little blue pills, then I got out of there.
I sell heroes, not broken-down stars.
I'd like the items, mr.
Who's this? I took care of everything for him but that.
Never got a straight answer.
I think it's time to get one.
So, are there prints on the photograph? Yeah, but it's not usable.
But the kid's wearing Doug's old number, and that can't be a coincidence.
No, it's not.
Also, I can see part of a logo on the back of his helmet.
And it looks to me like it says "lauderhill.
" "Lauderhill youth program.
" Exactly.
That's what I thought.
More importantly, natalia, who is this kid? I'll call lauderhill.
We got to find him.
Lieutenant, april.
I'm with the lauderhill youth program.
Thank you for coming in.
So you received our e-mail.
I guess we're hoping that you may be able to identify the child in the photograph.
Yeah, we, uh, we sponsor a youth football team every summer.
He was our star quarterback.
Where might I find him? Lieutenant, he had a rare kidney disease.
He died last week.
What's his name? Caleb.
Caleb Sullivan.
May I? Sure.
Is that your son, miss Sullivan? Yes.
Who's his father? Doug Mcclain but in DNA only.
Caleb was only six years old when he died.
You know, I never asked Doug for anything- money, nothing.
I raised Caleb all on my own.
He was everything to me.
And then he got sick.
His kidneys failed, didn't they? Uli wod have given him both of mine, but I wasn't a match, and there was a good chance that Doug was.
Dougie, he idolizes you.
He even put your number on his jersey.
If he doesn't get this transplant, he will die.
I'll need to check with my attorney about this, okay? I'll see what I can do.
Please, Dougie, he's so young.
I'll give you a call next week.
Dougie, come on! I never heard from him.
You know, everyone acts like Doug Mcclain was some big hero, but the man turned his back on his own son.
You broke into the house this morning, didn't you? Yeah.
I heard Doug on the phone with some new girl.
Same as he ever was.
What if I said my most exciting experience was talking to you, honey? Now you're starting to sound like a reporter.
then you stabbed him, Rita, didn't you? Yeah.
Where is the knife now? I left it in him.
Why? It's not there? Miss Sullivan, someone removed it.
Rita Sullivan confessed? Alexx, she confessed to leaving the knife in the body.
We never recovered it.
Wasn't at the scene.
Well, that changes the scenario.
Although, I'm sure she meant to finish Doug off.
But she didn't, did she? No.
According to the virtopsy data, when the knife went in, it severed his carotid artery, paralyzing Doug but not killing him.
The blade plugged the hole like a cork.
So the removal of the blade is what killed him.
When the knife came out, it unleashed the arterial blood just as Doug's heart pumped its last three beats.
Is there anything to suggest Rita didn't kill him? You know, Horatio there may be.
See these dark spots in the wound? That's clotted blood.
These darker portions are coagulated red blood cells.
The light ones are fibrin and platelets.
And a dead body doesn't produce fibrin.
With this amount of clotting, that blade had to have been inside Doug for a significant amount of time.
How long, Alexx? But the recorded phone call was only 25 minutes.
So we're looking at a two-part murder.
Rita started the process and somebody else finished it.
How goes it? You know, too much evidence and not enough hours in the day.
atth's the truth.
Man, you okay? What's the matter? I think my shoulder's out.
Oh, boy.
Okay, look, you got to go see the doctor.
I can'T.
This is going to go on my record, and it's going to get out that I can't shoot a shotgun.
It's not going back in on its own.
Okay, well can you do it for me? Please.
All right.
Just relax, okay? Okay.
- You all right? You loose? - Okay.
All right, good.
Look at me.
All right.
okay, all right.
Put your arm over here.
Okay? Yeah.
All right.
Just breathe.
- Don't try to be a tough guy, all right? - Okay.
It's only going to get worse.
If you need to, you go to the doctor.
All right? Okay? Thank you.
What are you sniffing around about? Horatio's got me working to supercede a court order, reclaim your frozen football star's body.
Working with us for a change.
You are aware of the pending new rules regarding fraternization among officers, aren't you? New as in different after you and yelina salas? Things have changed.
The county's caving to the state's pressure on the issue of sexual harassment litigation.
That's interesting.
The department's redefining its policies on fraternization of officers.
You would be best served sharing that with the others in the lab.
Listen, Stetler, if you have something to say to csi Duquesne or detective berkeley, you'd best be served telling them yourself.
Duquesne and berkeley? I was talking about you and boa vista, but thank you.
Calleigh, hey.
It's Delko.
I think I might have just put you in a jam.
Give me a call back when you get the message, all right? Hey, turn it around, berkeley; we got a suspect in the grove.
Yeah, I was just coming to find you.
Great, let's go.
I can't work this case.
Why? Because you're on it.
What are you talking about? I've just been informed of pending changes in department policy.
Are you saying that we can't work a crime scene together because we've been seeing each other? More like we can't work a crime scene because we may have a falling out and things get ugly and job performance may suffer.
You sound like you're a firm believer.
I just got Rick Stetler breathing down my neck.
How does Rick Stetler know anything about us? I don't know.
Listen, I think we should just take a step back let things cool down a little bit, okay? Okay.
Hey, Calleigh.
I heard you were riding over to Martin Wilson's house.
I'm going to ride with you.
You might have to.
Calleigh, what's up? Nothing.
What's wrong? Did I interrupt something? How does Rick Stetler have even the faintest idea what's going on in my personal life? It was an accident.
I left you a message.
I called you.
I didn't get it.
I never intended for this to happen, okay? I don't like the situation with jake, but I wouldn't rat you out.
You know that.
Let's just work the case.
Going somewhere, mr.
Wilson? Ah, back again.
You guys are thorough, aren't you? What's in the envelope, Martin? Doug's personal effects I picked up from precore.
You know, everything has its place.
What about the murder weapon, does it have a place? Hey, I didn't take the knife.
He was dead, and I wasn't about to mess with him.
He wasn't dead.
He bled out after the knife was extracted.
He died over 30 minutes after he was stabbed, and you were right there.
Look, I have been nothing but cooperative.
Feel free to open it up.
Whatever you want.
What are you doing with a body bag, Wilson? That's Doug's also.
I'm not working now, and I figured it would be the last big ticket item I could sell.
Wow, you're a real class act, Martin.
Something's punctured right through the bag from the inside.
It's about the same width as the wound in Doug's neck.
Hey, I have no idea how that got there.
What a surprise.
This is coming with us.
And so are you.
Precore is concerned with organ and tissue preservation.
Preparing Doug Mcclain's blood vessels and cells for cryo storage.
We are not concerned about the plastic body bag.
The body bag, dr.
Klein, was used to smuggle the murder weapon away from my crime scene.
Now, did you remove the knife from mr.
Mcclain's neck? I'm a scientist, lieutenant.
I've been around long enough to know you're making enormous suppositions.
That may be, but I want you to open the tank.
You're going to have to take this up with judge Porterson.
To bring you up to speed, the judge has rescinded the court order.
So open the tank.
I can't do that.
The neuropod's already been set to negative 320 degrees fahrenheit.
We take him out, his preservation could be compromised.
And if we don't, so will yours.
Open it.
what's that? That, mrs.
Mcclain, is the murder weapon which we found next to your husband's body.
And that is your fingerprint.
They told me it would be 40 years before they opened that.
I can assure you the investigation can't wait that long, mrs.
I didn't want to go there.
I didn't want to see Doug like that.
But Martin, his manager, insisted.
Wanted me to play the part of the grieving widow.
So you kept up appearances.
I went back to the house.
I found him there.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I called precore.
Which is when you realized he was still alive.
I heard him groan.
It was it was so soft, I thought I'd imagined it.
I didn't know what to do.
Martin wanted to protect the estate.
His reputation.
But I just couldn't pretend anymore.
The way Doug was living his life, he was he was depreciating every day.
And he was dragging me and our daughter down with him.
He was just going to keep screwing up until everything just came crashing down around us.
So he was worth more to you dead than alive.
Is that what you're telling me? So I pulled out the knife.
and like that, it was over.
He bled to death.
Doctor, please take this from me.
I'm sorry, mrs.
Mcclain, I can't take that knife.
My husband is the biggest name is sports.
This is publicity you can't buy.
Now, if you want his body in your facility you will do this.
I'm calling 911.
Precore takes their van for one lap around the block.
Arrives shortly after you do.
And I play my role one last time.
Mcclain, I can assure you, that the next several years are going to be very real.