CSI: Miami s06e06 Episode Script


Will you do my back? Whoa, Kelly, you're, like, totally burning.
Color's color.
Yeah, well, you won't be saying that when you're all crying to me later.
Carla, lean back.
You're totally blocking my sun.
Carla What? What is it? Oh, my God.
The victim's Ronnie Temple.
He lived in Hialeah Gardens.
Hialeah Gardens.
So he was local.
Alexx is on her way, but we don't need her to see that he was garroted.
Any witnesses? Couple dozen people hanging around the pool, but nobody saw a thing.
That's because they were watching the eclipse.
All eyes on the sky.
I think the killer counted on the distraction.
But he didn't count on us.
Hey, Calleigh! Okay That's not your usual passive-aggressive.
Now that was aggressive-aggressive.
Not now, Berkeley.
I know that tone.
I mean, us taking a break was a mutual thing, right? It was.
It is.
Hey, Alexx! Look I just want to be put on record: This, right here, this is some bad mojo.
How do you figure? My grandmother was into astrology, and the saying goes: If someone dies during an eclipse, they can't rest until they take another soul with them.
That's ridiculous.
Hey I'm going to do my job but mojo is mojo, honey.
Just ignore him, Alexx.
He takes everything at face value.
Well, call me if you get anything.
If you still remember the number.
I heard you two had to break up because of department rules.
That's the story.
Speaking of stories, I heard on the radio this morning that there had not been a total eclipse in Miami since the year 1637.
The path of totality.
It's the one time when God Himself looks the other way.
I don't know this side of you, Alexx, but I like it.
Hey, check out this little metal case.
It seems out of place at a pool, don't you think? And it's empty.
Looks like someone had a go at it.
They probably left me some nice epithelials.
I wonder if the contents were worth killing over? I just ran the swabs Calleigh got from the metal case at the scene, and they were a match to a known felon: Mario Montero.
He's in the system for two aggravated assaults.
That's great.
I'm going to have him picked up.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
What is this? This wellthis can't be right.
Look at this- check out his DNA.
I don't know- it looks normal to me.
ten alles apiece.
But then look at the last six.
They'rewayoutside the variant.
And that last peak is so low that it barely even registers.
I don't know; you got me.
What? Well, they don't register as human.
What do you mean? His DNA is mutating.
These peaks mic a specific canine profile.
Canine, like a dog.
Like a wolf.
A wolf! Okay, well, I guess I'm going to need a leash to bring him in.
Evidence puts you at the scene of a homicide.
Ronnie Temple from the Woolrich Hotel pool.
Yeah, I was there.
So? Saw him all bloody and whatnot.
I just snaked all of his stuff.
What were you looking for? Wolf hormones.
Come on.
Wolf hormones? they could turn a dude into a chick.
And, uh, Ronnie Temple used to sell you all this stuff? Temple was the go-to guy.
Anything you could eat, snort, smoke, shoot.
Dealt out of that cabana.
I gotta ask- why a wolf? That's my destiny.
That's why.
Werewolves, man, they're outlawswarriors.
In other wordskillers If I'd killed him, it'd went down way different, tell you that.
Wouldn't even have been enough left of him to identify.
That's not exactly the best way to convince me to let you out of here.
If you could pinch me for murder, you'd have done it already.
I guess I'll have to settle for theft for now.
And I want everything back that you took from that cabana.
Is that the stuff that Mario stole? You mean the wolf man? Yeah, this is it- everything that he scavenged from Ronnie Temple's briefcase.
I guess Montero wasn't lying.
Embryonic hormones: Canis Lupus.
He injects wolf hormones? Why? The guy want to turn himself into a wolf.
Well, Mario made bail.
And he's gotten a big firm to represent him.
Lawyers, vampires and werewolves- they all run in the same circles.
You're still angry with me about the thing with Jake, right? No, I'm not.
You know what, it it probably would've gotten out eventually, even if you hadn't have told Stetler, and you probably just sped up the inevitable.
If it would've been me, I would've transferred to the night shift.
That's sweet.
Check this out- it may be the victim's blood.
And look at the frayed edge- it's not from the name card.
That's an employee ID from the Woolrich Hotel.
Frayed thread's probably from the lanyard he ripped it off of.
Lanyard, cord, string whatever it was, it would've been something good to strangle someone with.
Does it say who the card belongs to? No.
It's got an employee ID number.
" Shawn, you're a pool boy at the Woolrich Hotel, and we recovered your employee badge at our victim's body.
Someone broke into my locker, took my badge.
Why don't you show him your hands here, sport? It's not what you think.
It happened on the job this morning.
I think you've hit your quota of cockamamy excuses today.
I cut myself when I was putting out the lounge chairs.
We'll verify that if we have to turn over every chair.
Be my guest.
What reason could I possibly have to kill the guy? Well, the victim was dealing drugs out of one of your cabanas.
Maybe he didn't cut you in.
I didn't care what the guy did, to be honest.
I just didn't want to be on his bad side.
You don't want to be on mine, either, I can assure you.
You have to believe me.
I'm innocent.
Hodges, I don't have to believe anything.
Case number 0792134.
Victim's name is Ronnie Temple.
Male Caucasian, 30 years old.
Apparent homicide by a ligature.
Body was found in the cabana of the Woolrich Hotel.
A deep furrow stretches across the anterior neck, crossing just below the laryngeal prominence.
Seems to be something stuck in the wound.
Looks like hair.
Could belong to his assailant.
Now going to begin the Y incision.
Alexx! Alexx, guess who just got reinstated! Alexx? Alexx? Alexx, can you hear me? Alexx, hold on.
Hold on.
This is Ryan Wolfe.
I need paramedics in the autopsy room, now.
Alexx! Alexx's doctor called.
and she's regained consciousness.
CT scan came up normal.
Doesn't seem to be any internal cause.
So it was environmental.
You'd think, but HAZMAT cleared the room.
There's nothing showing up on the MiniRAE.
I don't know, maybe Alexx is right.
About what? The eclipse and somebody dying during an eclipse.
They don't rest until they take someone else's soul? I think we found our other soul.
Ligature marks are similar.
So, Eric we've got another victim.
Yeah, her name's Diana Long.
killed in her apartment.
Called it in late last night after midnight.
Night shift processed her? Yeah, and the scene- no way to tell there was a pattern until now.
Two murders, 12 hours, right? Both strangled within five miles of each other.
Anything else to connect the victims? Jake's doing background checks as we speak.
I think we're dealing with a serial killer, H.
So do I.
Hello? We get the full report from night shift? She lived alone, didn't work, and nobody even came to claim the body.
All right, well there's something I need to say to you, so just let me say it.
The thing with you and Calleigh, Stetler- I never meant for that Save it.
She's obviously not too bothered by it.
Means, I'm not too bothered by it.
You know, I'm beginning to understand why Diana Long didn't have any friends.
Got take-out menus, catalogs, a mini-fridge.
Take a look at this.
See how deep that wear pattern is? Spent a ton of time in this chair.
So she was living her life on the computer.
She's got a screensaver of the beach when the real thing's right outside her window.
Yeah, I'm going to take it to AV.
There could be something on it.
She's got no roommates, no friends Who discovered the body? It was a delivery guy.
Clint Gilmore.
He hung around for questioning, had all the right answers.
Maybe he wasn't being asked the right questions.
So, Clint it was you who discovered Diana Long's body.
I told the other officers that already.
I don't know what more you want from me.
How about the truth? Okay.
My name is Clint Gilmore.
I work for TakeIn Delivery.
Whatever you need, we bring to you.
We're number one in Miami for a reason.
So Diana was a customer.
Yes, she was one of my best clients.
Every single night she need something.
Bread, toothpaste, diet soda Even once- I swear- a snare drum.
So you knew her pretty well.
No, I didn't know her at all.
I had never even spoke with the woman.
She'd just leave her door unlocked, d leave money on a side table so she wouldn't have to get up.
It was like she was living under quarantine.
What was the last order she placed? Uh food for two.
But when I got there, I opened the door, the money wasn't on the table.
And you know what's weird, Lieutenant? What is that? That was the only time I ever saw her face.
Did you ever see her guest? Sorry, but no.
I hope you catch this guy.
I will, Clint.
I will.
That's a nice upgrade.
The, uh, hardware, I meant.
Not that you're not very, um Let's just start this over again.
My name's Ryan Wolfe, and I was just reinstated.
I know who you are.
So this is Diana Long's desktop computer? More like her lifeline.
There's an icon for absolutely everything.
Well, it's modern living, I guess.
If you call being a mouse potato living, sure, I guess so.
Says the girl who gets her paycheck from standing in front of a computer screen all day.
Wow, first day back and you're already feisty.
So can you tell me if Diana had any, uh, communications with anyone last night? Sure, let me look at her instant messages.
They're all archived.
Here we go¡ª she went by the name WRLDTRVLER and chatted with someone going by LIONCASH88.
What's their last exchange? LIONCASH88 said, "We should meet, " and she said, "Kind of busy, I don't know.
" Her last words were sent at 11:30 p.
And she died shortly after that.
Can you get an identity for Mr.
LIONCASH88? Sure, I can run a reverse trace on the IP address.
Looks like your gentleman caller's real name is Nicholas Pike.
Think she rejected him? Well, if she did, why did she order food for two? You got quite a place here, Mr.
Thank you.
The nightclub business has been good to me.
You know what they say, bring in the ladies, the men always follow.
Actually, I'm interested in just one lady.
Her name is Diana Long.
Does that sound familiar? Not off hand, no.
Maybe her screen name does: WRLDTRVLER.
Oh, yeah.
We met in a chat room.
Um, very nice to talk to.
We hit it off.
Different from all the models-slash-actresses that I'm used to.
How about in person? We never met in person.
It appears that you two had dinner last night before her murder.
Murder? Look, uh We were supposed to hook up last night but she backed out on me.
Um I never even got her address.
What did you do immediately after you got off the computer? Went to work.
Had some VIPs to entertain.
Late night is when things really start to heat up.
Can anyone verify that? About a thousand people in the club.
I'm really sorry I can't be of more help, but be sure to let me know if there's anything else I can do.
I'll do that.
Hey, look who's back.
There's my hero.
Did you get a nice homecoming, baby? Hey, I don't want to talk about that.
You know what I want to talk about? What happened to you? He is what happened to me.
Ronnie Temple.
Our drug dealer.
Apparently, he took them, too.
His coffin nail of choice- crystal meth.
So that explains why the stomach looks like that.
This is what knocked me out.
Crystal meth is cut with ammonia, drain cleaner, even chloroform.
Massive use can cause a build up of phosphine gas.
I would think that the gas would dissipate over time.
Well, yeah, if somebody doesn't kill you before your body has a chance to absorb it.
You know the hair I found in his neck wound? Did you ever figure out who that belonged to? What hair? Wait a minute.
I bagged it and I put it on the tray.
I got it.
So you said this is from the wound? There's no skin tag, Alexx.
Oh, no, so there's no DNA? That's all right.
It's short and it's coarse.
And the color's banded.
I'm guessing that it's probably from a dog.
Do any of your suspects have a dog? None that I know of.
But there's one that we suspect might be part canine.
Got blood on the door.
Mario Montero.
It's MDPD.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
We're coming in.
What the hell is that? - stay behind me - okay Thank God you're here.
Somebody just tried to kill me.
Guy came out of nowhere.
Lucky I had protection.
I hit the ground, played dead.
Played dead? What happened to the outlaw warrior? Hey, man, I'm alive.
Did you see his face? No.
Just heard him scramble to get out.
Maybe that's his blood on the door.
Yeah, that's the killer's first mistake.
Let's make it his last.
Let's get that blood over to the lab.
Shawn, sometimes a killer will leave a calling card.
What are you talking about? We recovered your blood from the second crime scene.
And that's two in two days.
I - I don't know what to say.
So we have the missing lanyard from your locker, the cuts on your hands and now the blood, Shawn.
Look, I know it sounds crazy.
But I can't explain it, okay? I can't.
Am I going to need a lawyer? Immediately.
What do you mean Horatio thinks the pool boy is innocent? Yeah, he thinks it's possible Hodges is being framed, so I dug up one of his coworkers.
Verified his locker was broken into.
So someone could have stolen the lanyard with his ID badge.
Let me ask you something, Frank.
Do you believe in all of this, you know, eclipse affecting people? No, I don't believe in that hocus-pocus.
It is what it is, it ain't what it ain't, don't make it what it isn't.
Oh, look here.
Just found a puncture hole in the metal with some blood on it.
There's one on this side, too.
Where Hodges would grab it.
Little bugger's telling the truth.
So someone was trying to set him up.
And that means that the person could have stolen a sample of Hodges blood and then planted it in Mario Montero's apartment.
So he could get off scot-free.
Or maybe not.
Found a little bit of trace on this chair.
I'll get this sample over to Trace.
That's odd.
What is it? The trace Natalia found on the lounge chair is a topical cream.
Suntan lotion? That's hardly out of place on a pool chair.
No, it's stronger than that.
It's a medication for people with polymorphic light eruption.
- Photoxicity? - Exactly.
An allergy to the sun.
You know, in extreme cases, even a few minutes can cause a person to blister, or breakout in hives, you know, even get a second-degree burn.
Well, that definitely rules out Shawn Hodges.
I mean, he works out in the sun all day.
What are we not seeing? And you say that I take everything at face value.
Think outside the science for a minute.
Twice this killer struck at night.
And the other time, it was during an eclipse.
The only time he can go out without risking sun exposure.
What about Nicholas Pike? The guy who met Diana Long online.
He's a nightclub owner.
Which makes him a night owl.
Judge isn't going to give us a warrant based on that, though, so, how do we get him? Well, you know, it's a nice sunny day.
Why don't we invite him outside and see if he shows? Mr.
Lieutenant Caine.
Thank you for coming in.
We neglected to get a sample from you at the house the other day.
We'd like to do that today if it would be okay.
No problem.
What do you need, fingerprints? Something like that.
Would you step out of the car, please.
Pike, this officer will escort you inside, and I appreciate your help today.
Thank you.
My absolute pleasure.
I just talked to Eric and he said it's a no-go on Nicholas Pike.
Well, swabs came back negative for photoxicity medication.
Not even a suntan lotion.
So what now? Well, I'm going to head over to the evidence locker.
Night shift has turned in all their evidence on the Diana Long murder, so.
So, what do you want from me? Diana Long was on the computer all the time, wasn't she? Yeah.
Samantha's still trying to pull everything up off her hard drive.
Check in with her, would you? See if anything jumps out at you.
I'll see you in a few.
That is wolf hair.
What? Really? How do you know? Because I met the wolf.
Up close and personal.
It's Mario Montero's pet.
So Mario got his wolf's hair on him, and then shed it at not one, but two different crime scenes.
That makes sense because guess who she's been on the Internet with? It's Mario Montero, our wolf boy.
And they've been chatting online together four to five hours a day.
So Mario was just as chained to his computer as Diana was.
So playing the victim was just an act? That's what we're going to find out.
You know Diana Long? Wait, uh Diana? We know you had a relationship with her.
Well, we had sex, yes.
But only online.
Never in person.
Then why did we find another one of your wolf hairs at her home? One time, she let her last name slip.
Thought I'd look her up.
See if she was all that.
You actually are good looking.
I'm sorry.
Can I help you? It's me, Diana.
What do you say we finish what we started? I'm sorry, you have to leave.
She was fun online.
In real life, forget it.
Can I go now? No, not quite.
The killer has an allergy to the sun and uses prescription sunscreen.
And the swab will tell us if it's you.
Well, then, swab away.
Hey, Calleigh.
So wolf man's clean.
No medication on his skin.
Man, we went through his entire apartment, too.
There's no weapon, nothing.
Yeah, well, how are we going to possibly tie our killer to all of his victims? Okay, well, Mario and Diana were on the computer all the time, Ronnie was at the cabana selling drugs.
It's like he knew their habits, their vulnerabilities and when to strike.
There's only one way that's possible.
He was watching them.
location: mario montero's apartment Sam.
Well, we know our killer may have been spying on his victims.
I've taken all the photos from the three crime scenes and created panoramic views of the outside environments.
And it stands to reason if the killer could see his victims, it's possible they could see him.
Yes, 'cause of line of sight.
If I superimpose the panoramas over each other, I get this.
There's an overlap which isolates this building.
What is the address of this building? Familiar? It should be.
It's where Nicholas Pike lives.
Pike, it's Horatio Caine of the Crime Lab.
H, we're clear.
Okay, Eric.
Come here a minute.
This is how he selected his victims, Eric.
It looks like it's pre-progammed.
He can see into Diana Long's apartment.
Victim number one.
It's the poolside cabana where Ronnie Temple was murdered.
Victim number two.
He programmed in the order of his kills.
It's Mario's apartment.
Victim number three and here goes victim number four.
It's just some kid playing video games.
H, those are the dorms over at Brigton College.
He's victim number four, Eric.
The sun is going down.
Pike? Mr.
Pike, turn around slowly.
Put your hands in the air.
Pike, I'm not going to ask you a second time.
Turn around slowly, get down on the ground, hands behind your head.
People seem to think there's an immediate reaction.
It's like a sunburn.
Takes a while before it shows up.
We have plenty of time.
So I have a sun allergy, and I was at some kid's dorm.
So what? I think that it's quite a bit more than that.
Did you find a murder weapon on me? As a matter of fact, we have.
It's your wristwatch.
Take it off, please.
Let me guess.
It's, uh, victims' blood.
I was normal once.
I spent every moment I could outdoors.
My body turned against me.
The sun became poisonous.
I was going bloody mad stuck in my house.
Used the telescope to go to places I couldn't.
I was lonely.
Then I got obsessive.
Diana and Mario talked all day on their computer.
They lived three minutes apart.
And that loser, spending his days selling drugs by the pool.
This life we only get one go-round.
They all wasted it.
Oh, my God.
They were never really alive.
I was doing them a favor.
But that's not for you to decide, is it, Mr.
Pike? Good to have you back, Mr.
It's good to be back.
You went to bat for me.
I'm never going to forget that.
It's in your blood, isn't it? Never forget that.
I won't.
Wolfe, at the end of the day, if we don't hang together, we'll die alone.