CSI: Miami s06e07 Episode Script

Chain Reaction

'Tis the season here in Miami Fashion season, that is.
Designers, models and celebrities gathered from all over the world, to be part of the launch of next years, spring and summer line.
And the show that kicks off the week-long party, Miami's own Gavin Hauer.
Thank you, Kirsten.
Now who said the human body was perfection? If it were, it wouldn't break down.
Exactly why I chose platinum as my muse.
It's immortal- it's me improving on the original.
Thank you, Kirsten.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the new line from Gavin Hauer.
Are they canceling the show? Now, do I have your attention? What's her name, Alexx? Alisha Reilly.
She was only 21.
She got family here in Miami? No, Frank spoke to them in Louisiana.
She was their only daughter.
Horatio, moved to Miami to be famous.
Guess you t your wish, baby.
Are those joule marks? Yep.
Only get these kinds of burns with a massive electrical shock.
This is where the current exited her body.
If you follow the burn marks, they'll trace back to where the current entered her- her right hand which is attached to the pole.
Somebody killed this girl, Alexx.
Not a very private place to kill someone.
Because the killer wanted it to be seen.
Think someone was sending a message? I do, Alexx.
And I just got it.
It was an accident.
There's no way that Alisha was murdered.
A girl that nice doesn't have any enemies.
What about you? I don't have any either.
Now I'm sorry about what happened.
I'll even dedicate my next show to Alisha, but I've got to get that stage packed up and on a plane to Paris.
You're gonna have to find another one, Mr.
Your stage is our crime scene.
That stage is like the clothing I design.
I hand make it.
It's one of a kind.
So you rigged the pole that killed the girl.
I'm gonna let you in on a trade secret.
There's no money to be made in fashion.
It's all about staying in the game long enough until your name goes platinum.
Why would I sabotage my own show? Maybe you've got something to hide.
You got anything? Come here and take a look at this.
All these lights are tagged with a girl's name and her hair color.
So this is Juliana's light.
She has red hair.
This is Lindsey's light.
She's a brunette.
And here's Alisha's.
So each model had their own lighting design.
That means Alisha's would've only been on when she was onstage.
When Alisha's light got power, she got power.
But why didn't she get electrocuted until she touched the pole? Well, the killer had to connect the two, right? My guess is it ran something from the lights to this pole here.
And here's the wire.
Here's what's left of the murder weapon.
The killer used uninsulated wire ensuring it would melt.
Eliminating the evidence.
You know, it certainly seems like whoever did this knew that the evidence would disappear.
If you ask me, whoever did this, knew exactly what they were doing.
Like a lighting director? You're the lighting director for the show, is that correct, Mr.
Kerr? That's right.
Why would there be a wire running from one of Alisha Reilly's lights to a pole on the stage? No, there'd be no reason for that.
Unless someone wanted to murder her.
Don't look at me.
I didn't have any problem with that girl.
What about your crew, any of them have a problem with her? What crew? Hauer was too cheap to hire one.
I had to do the whole job by myself.
Th's why I know there's no way this could've happened.
Was there anybody else who had access underneath the stage? I'm the only one with any reason to be down there if that's what you mean.
Makes you our number one suspect.
Don't go anywhere.
Well, Terrence Kerr was successful in only creating more suspicion for himself.
He claims he was the only person down here.
Well, does he have red hair? No.
Why? Because somebody down here did.
Well, that's an easy mystery to solve.
Which model had red hair? Juliana.
Why are you trying to blame me? Well, actually, it's because we found your hair under the stage.
We're wondering why a model would need to even be down there.
Well, if I tell you, do you promise not to say anything? Well, honestly, it depends on what you tell me.
Well, before each show, I always try to make nice with the lighting guy.
I mean, you know how it is.
Good lighting covers a multitude of sins.
So you you were making nice with Terrence Kerr under the stage? Yeah.
Yeah, it was kind of cramped.
Shh! Someone will hear us.
Did Alisha ever get, uh involved with Mr.
Kerr? No, she didn't mess around.
Alisha was kind of boring.
Did she have many friends outside of work? It's hard to say.
She kept her personal life to herself.
Did she do anything different lately? Did she do anything out of character? She was late for rehearsal last night.
Didn't show for over an hour.
And when she did, it looked like she'd been crying.
You know what I mean.
I do, Ms.
Thank you.
You're free to go.
That didn't get us anywhere.
Well, we know that Alisha was upset.
Yeah, but why would a 21- year-old girl get so upset that she'd show up late for work? That's easy.
Hey, Alexx, do me a favor, would you? Rush a sex kit on Alisha Reilly.
Can I have some space, please, so I can finish this? Right, sorry, okay.
We're just short on good leads with this one.
I'm not.
Looks like our victim was married.
How can you tell that from a sex kit? Because it comes back to a guy currently serving time, and the only way you can have a conjugal visit with a prisoner is if you're married to them.
So who's she married to? Joe LeBrock.
That's the guy who kidnapped Horatio's son.
No wonder why Alisha was keeping her personal life a secret.
Yeah, well, I would, too, if I was married to one of the most dangerous men in Miami.
H, it's Eric.
You never told me you were married, Joe.
Alisha and I hooked up just before I became a guest of the county.
You know she's a model.
Guys in here go crazy when she comes strutting in.
It sounds like it.
Well, Joe, that part of the journey is over.
Alisha was killed this morning.
And you came all the way out here to tell me yourself? I am so touched.
I don't get the connection, Joe.
To be crude- a conjugal's a conjugal.
Right, but what's in it for her? I set her up as a model.
So that's how she met Gavin Hauer.
I know a lot of people.
Yes, from your heroin dealing.
When I first met Alisha, she was straight off the bus, she needed my help.
I made her dreams come true.
But she left here the other day in tears.
Oh, I see.
So you think I killed my wife.
A bit difficult for a man in my situation.
You have people on the outside.
Like you do in here.
By the way, Oscar's a great choice as a bodyguard for your son.
Loyal, not too smart.
I'm glad you approve.
What happens now? I don't know.
I get the sense the balance of power is about to shift.
Look, man, why don't you go do some warm-ups by the chin-up bar? You staying out of trouble? It hasn't been too easy.
It's about to get more complicated.
What do you mean? Trust no one.
What about Oscar? Oscar has a problem.
Take care, son.
You've got a pair of eyes on you.
You think I don't know that? Watch your back.
Hey there, Frank.
Please tell me there's a good reason you dragged me into this charming little establishment.
Besides the amazing joy I get from knowing you've been inconvenienced, I need you to do something for me.
Okay, what is that? We need to find out who LeBrock's giving orders to on the outside.
Maybe he had one of his goons kill his wife for him.
Now, been checking the jail's visitation logs.
Okay, so you need help reading.
That's cute.
Aside from Alisha, he's had only one visitor, which is a guy named Scott Garnet.
Okay, so why exactly do you need me to be here? Scott Garnet doesn't exist.
The address and phone he left are fake.
Now, he met LeBrock here shortly after Alisha left, so I need you, my favorite dust monkey, to lift prints off visitor stall number four.
But there's got to be dozens of prints over there.
Means you better get busy.
Take a look at this one.
Scott LeBrock.
Joe has a son? It looks like we found our Scott Garnet.
My father is not an easy man to get along with.
I don't see him anymore.
Yes, but, Scott, you just visited him in jail the other day under a false name, didn't you? Youtry carrying around LeBrock as a last name.
That's the only reason you dragged me in here- because of my father.
I dragged you in here because your stepmother Alisha is dead.
I didn't know the chick.
My father never talked about her to me.
What did you guys talk about, then? That's between me and him.
Not anymore.
Keep an eye on him.
Is that Scott LeBrock? As a matter of fact, it is.
I just received a call from the FBI.
They have their own ongoing investigation into him.
He's under surveillance? For what? Justice Department thinks he's wrapped up They don't want him to get spooked.
They're asking us to back off Okay, what if he's my connection between LeBrock and the victim, Rick? I'm sorry, Horatio.
The Feds are coming down hard on this.
Brass feels we should comply.
I understand.
I'm serious about this.
Don't mess with them.
I agree, Rick.
Anything else? No.
Thank you.
Natalia, your connections at the FBI- I need them.
Special Agent Farallon.
You look good.
Thanks for coming- I really appreciate it, Mike.
Are you kidding? You saved my career three years ago.
On that Sonora case.
You know, that was some of the worst preserved blood I think I'd ever seen.
And you were able to replicate it.
Or whatever it is that you do.
So, what do you need? Does the name Scott LeBrock sound familiar? What, have you been keeping tabs on me? On the record, we're not surveilling him; he's not part of an ongoing investigation.
Tell that to the young woman that's in the morgue, 'cause we think that Scott might be linked to her murder.
Don't know anything about that.
Come on.
Sorry, B.
, it's strictly "need to know.
" What about the surveillance teams? Can't do it.
Look, Mike, does what you know trump what I know about you? I need those tapes.
Would this make us even? I need the tapes today, and I'll get 'em back to you before you ever need an excuse.
How's it coming? Good.
The XRF confirms that the wire used to electrocute Alisha Reilly was a platinum alloy.
That's a rare metal, not to mention if there's a low nickel content, it's very expensive.
That's why I'm testing it against the wire used in Alisha's dress.
They both have the same nickel percentage.
So that means that wire came from the same batch of platinum that Gavin used in his clothing line.
He said he made every piece by hand.
I would say he had a hand in more than just designing the clothes.
Hauer, can I ask you a few more questions, please? I've already told you everything I know.
Well, you neglected to mention that Alisha was killed with a platinum wire that matches the platinum you use in your clothing line.
That's because I don't know what you're talking about.
Every piece in this line has platinum in it.
Then I'm gonna need to take all the clothes.
You already got my stage.
You can't have the clothes.
The clothes go to Paris for a show in two days.
Hauer, the evidence is in our favor.
It's not gonna be hard for me to get a warrant.
Well, then I'll give my lawyer the heads up.
Hauer's lawyers are throwing up roadblocks, so it's gonna be a while before we get a warrant.
At least we have Alisha's outfit.
Yeah, I got it from Wolfe.
Getting a strange smell from this.
It smells like vinegar.
Yeah, but only in the burnt areas.
Must he been released during the electrocution.
Why are you testing for drugs? I helped out on this bust a few months ago in Key West, and, uh, the dealers, they torched the place.
By the time the fire was put out, we went back and there was this distinct smell.
It's heroin.
It's weird because I checked before and I didn't find any drug residue on the fabric.
That's because it's not on the fabric.
It is the fabric.
MDPD, everyone in here out front and against the wall.
You better have a warrant.
Merry Christmas.
Wow, this is quite a lab you have set up here.
I dye my own fabric.
Oh, let me ask you.
Is heroin the new black? Because Alisha Reilly's clothes were made of it.
That's insane.
Let me tell you what I know.
Heroin in its purest form is a liquid.
It's smuggled here, probably from Mexico.
You soak your clothing in a concentrated solution, infusing it with heroin.
When the clothes reach their destination, they go on show.
No one's the wiser.
After the show, they're put in a separating vat.
The heroin's extracted using a chemical process.
You put the extracted heroin into an oven and cook the liquid into a solid which is then sold on the street.
It'called "heroin starching.
" You're smuggling drugs with your clothes.
In every country we've been to, no one ever checked the clothes.
Except Alisha Reilly.
She was going to stop you from going to Paris.
That's why you killed her.
I told you I had nothing to do with that.
Yeah, well, did Joe LeBrock? That's precisely why I didn't kill her.
You'd have to be crazy or stupid to kill LeBrock's girl.
So you know Joe? That's who you were smuggling the heroin for.
You guys think I'm gonna roll on LeBrock? Like I said, stupid and crazy.
I bet Horatio's gonna want to have a conversation with LeBrock.
I'm sure.
Mouth shut.
You're here to work, ladies.
You two, move apart.
Oscar, eyes on the work! LeBrock someone wants to see you.
Lieutenant, shouldn't you be out catching my wife's killer? That's exactly what I'm doing here, Joe.
We busted Gavin Hauer's heroin operation.
Now, why would that matter to me? Because Gavin was smuggling for you, wasn't he? Good luck getting anyone to testify to that.
I guess somebody should have mentioned that to Alisha, huh? Why's that? Because Alisha found out about the smuggling, didn't she? Let's just say she didn't understand the world of business, so I straightened her out.
Everyone stay on the ground! We have an explosion on site at Cooper Park.
Possible critical injuries.
That wasn't necessary, Joe.
Get me Rescue down here immediately, right now.
Oscar! Rescue's coming.
I'm sor I'm sorry, man.
I want you to hang on, okay? I tried to do right.
I did what you said.
You did, Oscar.
You did exactly what I asked.
And I won't forget it.
LeBrock, let's go.
According to the CO, the inmates were assigned to this area for a week.
Oscar had been working this stump the past few days.
So whoever planted the bomb would have known that.
I mean, LeBrock is part of the crew.
It's not hard to imagine that he did it.
Except there were too many guards around.
What have you got? Got a sim card.
From a cell phone? Yeah, cell phones make great trigger devices for bombs.
All one has to do is make a simple phone call.
Sim card's a cell phone's memory, which means that if this is intact, the bomber's phone number's in here.
Well, you know, it doesn't look too damaged.
This will tell us for sure.
Okay, that's the number of the caller that detonated the bomb.
Can you try reverse phone directory? Sure.
You picked up the surface computing quickly.
Wasn't that hard.
Samantha got me up to speed.
So you were just using it as an excuse to hit on the new girl? Yeah, she, she, uh, saw through it, too.
Okay, there's no name attached to the cell phone.
This is a prepaid cell.
What about a service provider? Service provider is FlorCom Mobile.
Can you use that to get me a location on the call? I can't get you a location, but I can get you the nearest cell tower.
The call originated from a cell tower at Tamiami Trail and Kenwood.
Not a lot of civilization out there.
That's the Everglades.
That's where the Miami-Dade Department of Detention is located.
Call came from inside the building.
Evacuate cell block D.
Prepare to be searched.
Next cell.
Where'd you get the phone? I've never seen it before.
They found it under your bunk, Kyle.
It's not mine.
Kyle, they're gonna charge you for murder.
It's not my cell phone, okay? Who had access to your bunk? I don't know.
Did LeBrock have access? You know what? I'm not your snitch, okay?! Do this yourself.
Guard, I'm done with this guy.
Calleigh says that you are the A/V wiz.
Is that right? Well, my reputation precedes me.
In fact, one time Awesome, because I need you to go through all these surveillance videos of Scott LeBrock and see if you can find anything that would connect his father to the bombing or to the murder of Alisha Reilly.
Where'd you get these? The FBI.
They suspect him of a federal crime.
I don't know what it is, but here's the DVDs.
How many hours of video you got here? Oh, like, five-weeks worth.
Where you going? I got it, you watch it.
You know, I still haven't found the dress missing the platinum string that was used to kill Alisha Reilly.
But we know that the killer could have only taken the wire from one of these dresses, so it has to be here.
Take a look at this.
String's not missing, but it doesn't look like platinum.
Pass me the XRF, please? Yeah.
Nothing platinum about this.
Those are alloys found in aluminum foil.
I think foil's a little low-rent for Gavin, don't you? Not if you're looking to replace a platinum string in a hurry.
Whose dress is it? It's the red-haired model- Juliana Ravez.
I think we just found our killer.
You put on a pretty good act this morning, didn't you, Juliana.
I'm sorry? The dress you wore in the show.
It's missing a platinum string.
which you replaced with an aluminum one.
So? That platinum string from your dress, it was used to rig the light that electrocuted Alisha.
But how would I even know how to do that? Oh, come on.
You said it yourself.
You have a habit of making nice with the lighting guys.
I'm sure you picked up a few tricks.
That string's just as good as a smoking gun.
She had such a good thing going.
You knew why Alisha was upset last night.
She told you about the heroin.
Like I didn't know.
Well, who did you think you were marrying? I can't be involved in this, Juliana.
I have to go to the police.
Just calm down.
We'll do the show and then we'll talk to someone, okay? So did Joe have you kill her? Joe had nothing to do with it.
So you're saying Joe doesn't know? She wasn't worthy of him but I've proven that I am.
So you want LeBrock for yourself.
He treated her like a queen.
I would have killed to have that.
And you did.
Well, what do you think? Can we charge LeBrock for inspiring a murder? No, but we can still get him on the bombing.
Yeah, well, we'd better hurry up because Kyle's time is running out.
You lied to me, Kyle.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The phone belongs to you.
All the calls were made to a number in Pensacola.
I know that number.
It used to belong to your mother.
I want to find her.
Did you make the call that detonated the bomb? I need you to believe me.
I didn't do it.
Who gave you the phone? Joe LeBrock.
He said it was a peace offering.
Hey, kid.
Now, I don't know what you've heard about me, but you know I'd be a fool to try to hurt you now.
I know how hard it can be for a family to find time to visit.
At least you can tell them how you're doing.
Hey, kid.
Just keep it hidden.
I'm sorry.
There is a way out of this, but you can't lie to me.
Never lie to me again.
The only viable prints I pulled off the phone belong to Kyle.
It's not looking good for him.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean that he did it.
'Cause Horatio thinks somebody may have stolen the phone and made that call.
Let's hope the court sees it that way.
Well, I found trace all over the phone.
so I'm hoping that's going to help us out.
Equal parts carbon black pigment, mineral oil and dispersant.
Some kind of ink? Yeah, but there's no quick-dry agent present.
So it's not from a pen.
But you know what doesn't use a quick-dry agent? Fingerprint ink.
So it would have to be from somebody who was recently processed into detention.
No talking in the print line.
And Kyle's been in there for weeks.
Check the, uh, detention center database.
See who was processed just before the time of the bombing.
Okay, we've got it narrowed down to three.
That's about as close as we're going to get for right now.
Then Horatio's going to have to talk to all of them.
These bruises? Got them from a bunch of guys who jumped me right after I processed in.
Happens to everyone on their first day.
I played the game; didn't look anyone in the eye, you know.
A cell phone? I didn't think you could have a cell phone in prison.
I don't even know where the bathrooms are.
You think I could find some kid's cell? LeBrock, yeah.
The CO told me to stay away from him.
Who doesn't know LeBrock? Don't know a guy named LeBrock.
Come on, Corey, everybody in your world knows Joe.
He got to you right after you were processed in and he's just offered you protection, hasn't he? That's why you don't have any bruises.
I don't need anyone's protection.
Then why did you do him a favor? The ink on your fingers isn't even dry yet.
Corey, I understand that you're looking at a year.
And if you sign this confession, I'll make sure it doesn't get kicked up to life.
If I sign one, it becomes my death sentence.
You decide.
Miss Nevins.
I'm assuming you know Kyle's hearing is later today.
I do.
The evidence that Kyle's responsible for the bombing was overwhelming.
Rebecca, what if I were to tell you I have an inmate who claims to have detonated the bomb? Is he willing to testify? I'm working on it.
You're going to have to do better than that, 'cause a witness just came forward who's willing to testify under oath that he sold Kyle that cell phone.
And by witness, you mean Joe LeBrock? Doesn't matter who it is.
It matters if he's behind the bomb.
Horatio, I have to present the strongest case.
You know, I've been through every hour of this surveillance video, and I haven't found anything that suggests that Scott LeBrock is working for his father.
There's gotta be something.
There is, but it's not what you think.
It's got LeBrock from two weeks ago.
He doesn't know he's being surveilled.
They're in a park.
It's a good place for a clandestine meeting.
Clandestine meeting with a little boy? Hey, buddy.
Hey! Want to go for another ride? What are we watching? Yeah.
Can you buy me another video game? Scott LeBrock.
He's a pedophile.
Now, your Fed buddies rushed in and pulled the kid out, but they never arrest him.
No, check it out.
They did.
That's the agent I got the video from.
So they just let him go? They didn't prosecute him.
No, believe me, they will get him for that.
but they were surveilling him on a different case.
Horatio needs to see this.
Looking for a little alone time with me before I testify, Sergeant? After you, Mr.
Why am I not surprised? Here tstop me from testifying against your kid? You killed Oscar Monahan, Joe.
That's why you're not surprised.
But the smoking cell phone was in your kid's hands.
After you put it there.
You like reality television, Joe? Take a look at that.
Recognize your son behind the wheel? Boy, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time, Caine.
How long did it take you to rig that up? Joe, I don't think I have to spell out to you what this means inside.
You're going to pay for your son's sins.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Now I'm late for court.
Your Honor, this cell phone was used to detonate an explosive device which resulted in Oscar Monahan's death.
Did you sell this cell phone to Kyle Harmon? It certainly looks familiar.
LeBrock, can you identify Kyle Harmon for the court? Mr.
LeBrock? Can you identify Kyle Harmon for the court? I would but I don't see him here.
You said you sold this phone to him.
Yes, but I don't see Kyle Harmon in this room.
Is that not in fact Kyle Harmon? If that's Kyle Harmon, who did I sell my phone to? Mr.
LeBrock, you stated you sold this phone to Kyle Harmon.
You know, I'm not even sure I'd recognize that phone.
That's enough, Miss Nevins.
Your Honor We're done here.
The court finds that there's insufficient evidence to Mr.
Harmon to answer.
Case dismissed.
Look at me.
What did you in there? I was sparing Joe some embarrassment.
But it's okay to embarrass me? I looked like a fool in there.
Rebecca the boy is my son.