CSI: Miami s06e08 Episode Script

Permanent Vacation

Knock it off.
Excuse me.
Could you take a photo for us please? Just press that black button right there.
This is a vacation to die for.
And it's officially over, okay? We got to get to the airport now.
Can't we stay one more day? No, we can't stay one more minute, okay? I have to get back up north.
And if we don't get in the car in exactly five minutes, we're going to miss our flight.
Okay, okay, let's divide and conquer.
I'll check on the bags.
I'll bring the car up.
I'll make sure we didn't forget anything.
Guys, let's go.
I am going to go to the washroom- we're already checked out - and then we'll meet out front.
Okay, everybody go.
It's just you and me.
ia Do we have an I.
, Miss Boa Vista? Yeah.
PD says it's Brian Partney.
What about a family? Parents and a brother.
They're Canadian tourists.
Not everybody's going home though.
Doesn't look that way, does it? The entrance wound says he was shot facing forward.
Okay, so that means the killer was facing him.
Miss Boa Vista? Are you okay? I've never been first on the scene before.
You know, without Alexx.
Just It's weird.
I feel like he was trying to talk to me- trying to tell me what happened.
He is trying to talk to us, and we are listening.
Oh, Alexx, you got a COD yet? Single shot to the face, through and through.
Poor thing - he was dead before he even hit the floor.
Exit wound was below the skulline.
Soft tissue, so the bullet will be pristine.
I can get that to the lab.
Only one prob What? It's not here.
Really? But he did leave this.
Looks like some kind of gang paraphernalia.
Black is the signature color of the Cobra Familia.
Gang hit.
On a tourist from Canada.
Well, look at that.
I'm on YouTube.
Some sort of closed-circuit recording device.
Hopefully it caught the murder.
Well, you know what, I may not have the bullet, but you can sure bet I'm going to take that camera to the lab.
How you holding up, Mr.
Partney? Your son was on the elevator.
Where was he going? I have no idea.
We were checking out.
We were all in a hurry.
Did he make any contacts down here? Contacts? We we were just all having fun together.
Is it possib, Mr.
Partney, that this is gang related? Gang related? Are you suggesting that my son was in a gang? Mr.
Partney, I'm just asking you a question.
This hotel is supposed to be a celebrity hangout.
Rap stars, starlets.
We thought it would be fun.
Should have stayed home.
The young man that is standing there with your wife - who's that? That's my other son Shane.
Shane idolized Brian.
Never seen two brothers closer.
My heart is torn out, Lieutenant.
How are you going to make that right? I'm going to find your son's killer.
The bandana we found in the elevator I guess we're back to square one.
And what about Brian Partney's clothes, anything? The bloodstains are consistent with the type of wound and the body position.
That's an Alon key card.
Yeah, well, they gave us access to guest records, so Partney's information should still be on it.
Except that's not the key from the Partneys' room.
They were in room 423.
Well, room 804.
It's Mitch Pena.
Looks like the eighth floor of that hotel is worth a visit.
Got blood specks.
It's consistent with blowback spatter.
So this is where Brian got shot.
Room 804 has got a straight line of sight to this elevator.
Let's got talk to Pena about that.
All right.
The victim's name me was Brian Partney.
Did you know him? We heard about the kid.
But I'm not sure how we can help you.
He was shot 12 feet from your door and you didn't hear anything? We hit the beach early.
It's the reason why we came down here from New York.
Anyways, I'm not the one you should be talking to about him.
I just can't believe he's dead.
So you knew him I met Brian downstairs yesterday, you know? A few too many mojitos, and He was nice.
You gave that punk your room key.
You okay? Thanks.
If you want to hang out, I'm in room 804.
He ever get a chance to use the key? Yeah, we hung out a little while after that.
What the hell is this? What do you think you're doing you little punk? This is my room.
This is my girl.
Just leave him alone.
We were just talking, okay? Oh, he's okay.
You trying to make me jealous? No, no, no, He was harmless.
We didn't do anything.
I threw the punk out.
He ran like a little bitch.
You chase him down with a gun and kill him? Now, why would I do that? Jealousy is a powerful motive.
That's great.
She cheats on me and I end up with a murder rap.
Not yet.
But don't plan on going back to New York any time soon.
We'll be talking again.
Take a look at this.
Is this from the camera in the elevator? Yeah.
This is the footage from right before the murder.
Look at that.
From bedroom to coffin.
Poor kid never even saw what was coming.
I know.
You see that? Yeah.
Killer never even entered the elevator.
Yeah, let me take it right back.
I'm gonna take it back to the muzzle flash.
See it? Yeah, I see it.
Yeah, there's a reflective spot right there.
You can't see the shooter's face, but you can see his sleeve.
Yeah, he's got a green band around the cuff of his sleeve.
That means it was a hotel jacket.
So our killer might be an employee.
So all the employee lockers have been searched, and also the dumpsters and the trash cans.
Well, you gotta be somewhere else to hide a bloody jacket.
Find something? Yeah.
Take a look at this.
Whoever did this decided to get the evidence clean on the hotel's dime.
NE Wait a minute.
Look at that.
Hole punch.
The bellmen here use tret to ID the luggage tags.
Yeah, well, if the jacket fits Luis Mendoza.
You're a bellman at the Alon, right? Yeah.
I work the night shift.
Which ended just prior to the murder.
The what? Young man was killed at the hotel.
The killer was wearing your jacket.
How do you know that? We found your hole punch in the pocket.
The hotel manager tells us that you're each assigned a distinct shape so the hotel knows who's punching what tag.
Yeah, for accountability.
So account for yourself, Luis.
Why would I kill someone? Because you live in Cobra Familia territory.
I'm not in a gang.
Maybe this was your ticket in.
One shot, random location, random victim.
Sounds like a gang initiation.
I know Cobra's big around here, which is why, when I'm not working at the hotel, I'm doing construction work during the day.
Trying to save up enough money to move and get away from all these gangs.
Then how do you explain the blood on your jacket? Someone must have taken it from my locker.
Until I can confirm that, Luis, you're our number one suspect.
We're releasing you for now.
The lieutenant said that this was gang-related.
Yeah, what about the guy I saw you drag in? He sure as hell looked like a gangbanger to me.
Well, he's just someone we're questioning.
You really are versed on the script, aren't you? Is that him? Roger! Wait! Stop! Let's not do something you're gonna regret, Mr.
Somebody's gotta pay for this.
And somebody will, if you let me do my job.
That's not good enough.
I want him to suffer.
Your being here is going to inflame the situation.
We, uh, need to talk to your other son.
He's in shock.
NErtney, your son may have seen something that could help us.
How you doing, Shane? Shane, I wanted to ask you about your brother, okay? To your knowledge, Shane, did he make any friends at the hotel? Not really.
Did you notice anything this morning? Anything.
Anything at all.
Look, I wasn't even there, Dad.
I was in the parking garage.
The garage could be helpful.
Why? Because the killer may have escaped through the garage.
You had to have seen something.
There's car's down there all the time.
It's always busy.
Come on, Shane.
You could help your brother.
Partney- allow him to think, please.
Um there was a motorcycle.
It, it was It was really loud.
What did the guy look like? Dad, I don't know.
How could you not know? I just heard it peel out behind me, okay, Dad?! I didn't know Brian just got shot! Okay, great.
So a motorcycle that you didn't see.
That's it? Mr.
Thank you, Shane.
You've been very helpful.
You let your brother down.
You let me down.
You let me down.
You needed to see me? Roger Partney.
The victim's father.
What about him? He's dangerous.
- What you want me to do? - Follow him.
Hey, man.
We got anything? Yeah, somebody burned rubber.
That makes sense.
Shane said he heard a motorcycle speeding out of here.
How do we explain this, the circle? Huh.
Well the rider, he locks up his front brake, goes full throttle releases the clutch He did over a 180-degree burner.
Is there any way to tell what kind of motorcycle this was? Yeah.
Measure it.
Go from the front tire mark to the outer part of the circle at 88 inches.
That's longer than the standard motorcycle.
Well, now There's something wet in the middle of this tread.
Why don't you swab that, get it to the lab, and I'm gonna find out about the bike.
Good timing.
I just figured out our motorcycle.
Take a look.
It's an Angel 56? Yeah.
I bet there are a lot of them registered here in Miami.
Yeah, well, I think I got a lead on the owner.
Yeah? Yeah - the substance on the tire tread.
It's vegetable oil.
And how does that help us? Well, stunt riders attach canisters to their bikes that rease the vegetable oil onto the back tire.
Gives a little more smoke.
Let's find a custom shop that uses vegetable oil on their bikes.
What's up?! We understand you run a custom motorcycle shop out of this place.
Yeah, so? So, you got an Angel 56 around here? Used to.
That bike was seen leaving a murder scene this morning.
Means it's state's evidence.
Take it.
It's yours.
Well, by setting that fire, you're interferring with an ongoing murder investigation.
It's my property.
You can't arrest me for trashing my own bike.
If it's your property- did you drive it this morning? Nah, not today.
Who did? See? That's why I love my neighbors.
We share everything! We all ride that bike.
You going to arrest us all? Yeah, I am- eventually - so stick around.
If we think this was a gang hit, remind me again why we're going through the victim's bag.
I just want to make absolutely certain that there's no other possible motive.
Okay, you sift through it.
I'll, uh log the items.
You're welcome.
Clothing, toiletry bag- cologne, Q-Tips, razor, floss, toothpaste - the ush.
Blue jeans.
Wait a minute.
What? You got something? The bellboy at the hotel- Luis Mendoza- he had a hole punch.
And it was palm tree-shaped, just like this one.
I think we may have just solved our case.
At the very least, he must have broken into Brian's bag.
You know, I'll call Delko and have him head back to the hotel.
Wait, his shift is over, and I remember he said that he works after hours at a construction site.
Luis! Luis Mendoza! Luis! This still looks wet, Eric.
You think he killed again? I don't know.
He may have.
Call it in, Eric.
India 2100.
I need Fire-Rescue re a victim with a head injury.
Also, roll out an additional backup unit to my location.
Luis, who did this to you? I don't know.
Pissed-off white dude.
He hit me from behind.
Did you get a look at his face? Nada.
All right.
We're going to get you in the hospital.
Eric, stay with him, please.
We have anything to go on? No.
But I think I know where to start.
So you eluded my surveillance, Mr.
You mean that bald guy you had tailing me? Who are you to be following me when that guy killed my son? Did you do that, Mr.
Partney? NoNE This punk took the most precious thing in my life and destroyed it.
We don't know that yet.
I'm not going to sit here and listen to you defend my son's murderer.
Are we through? Not until you can account for yourself, Mr.
Officer take him.
You're arresting me? I'm a victim! Not anymore.
This 2x4 that was used on Luis Mendoza, did you run it yet? Yeah.
I should have the results momentarily.
Horatio suspects that the father might be involved.
Out for revenge.
Let's see what we find.
It's a familial match.
It's the dad? No.
Brian was my best friend.
When we were kids, our grandpa gave him a pocket watch.
And, uh I got so jealous that I used to steal it.
He never got mad.
Instead, he saved up his allowance money and got me one of my own.
We still carry them everywhere we go.
And that's why you took your anger out on Luis.
He deserved it after what he did to Brian.
Shane we don't know that the man you hurt is the man who killed your brother.
What do you mean? The evidence is inconclusive, Shane.
You going to tell my parents what I did? We need you to understand that it's past that point.
But that guy didn't die.
Shane, you could be charged with attempted murder.
I don't understand.
If you're convicted, you could be in the Florida penal system until you're 25.
I mean, Shane, do you realize how much trouble you're in? Shane said his brother always carried a pocket watch with him, right? Wasn't in the evidence log.
That doesn't mean that it wasn't with him.
Maybe that's why he looked down.
You were right.
The watch was in the elevator shaft.
The watch wasn't the only thing.
What have you got? Our missing bullet.
You checking out? Nope.
Just taking a little trip.
Thank you.
You're not going anywhere, Mr.
Garza's my mother's maiden name.
Sure, it is.
And you're not from New York either, are you? Every man has his secrets, Lieutenant.
Speaking of which - that's a.
38 caliber, the same gun that killed Brian Partney, Mr.
Yeah, that's my gun, but you can't put it in my hands for the murder.
Not yet.
Hook him up, please.
So Mitch Pena just tested negative for GSR.
There goes our case, unless you can put that.
38n hiuehands.
Still got nothing.
They wiped this thing down.
Then I guess? You know, ry one more thing.
It's a long shot, though, ocbut it might work.
What do you have in mind? Well, gang members don't carry holsters, so they carry their guns one of two ways, either in their pocket or like they do in the movies.
In the waistband.
And if this was a gang initiation, he would have been a first-time shooter, so he would have been nervous.
Combine that with the Miami humidity and guess what.
A little sweat goes a long way.
I'm impressed.
Look at that.
Vasco Torres was packing this particular heat.
That's the guy who set fire to his motorcycle.
Now it looks like he killed Brian Partney.
Yeah, well, that would fit our gang-initiation theory.
If he's a new gang member, he's gonna be a flight risk, and if we put out a BOLO, the Cobras are gonna try to get him out of the country.
If we don't pick him up now, we're gonna lose him forever.
Airship to ground unit, two radio cars to rear entrance.
Secure containment.
Vasco Torres, you're under arrest.
Pretty bold coming into my house uninvited.
Don't be stupid.
I'm Cobra Familia.
Who's the one being stupid, huh? It's not going down like that.
You want to drop the gun and I'm gonna take you in.
I don't think so.
Come with me and nobody else gets hurt.
If i don't? You'll end up like your friend.
Your choice.
We've got your DNA on the murder weapon, but the gun was found in your car.
Whoever talks first, gentlemen, gets the better deal.
The truth is ver shot that kid in cold blood.
He held that gun to my head, said if I wanted in the Cobras, that white kid had to eat a bullet.
Kill him inside the hotel? That's not the way Cobras roll.
You want to be a Cobra? You'll do it or I'll drop you.
Look a gang prospect makes his bones with a random kill.
This time I had a personal investment.
Yeah, rich chick hooks you up with in a nice hotel then cheats on you.
She was drunk.
I blame him.
I sent the kid a text message on Amy's phone.
I told him to come by and say good-bye.
I wanted to watch him die.
Should have been perfect.
My part was perfect.
Got in using a hotel jacket, killed him with one shot.
Did it like a pro.
Like a Cobra.
Screwed it all up over a girl.
Don't you forget who you're talking to, huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa! That kid whose brother got killed, he's the one who hit me? He's the one, Luis.
I understand you're planning to testify for the state.
Hey, man, he attacked me.
I'm the innocent one here.
If you do that, Luis, this kid is gonna go to jail for a long time.
He should.
I lost my construction job because of all this.
There are other jobs, Luis.
Not for me, man.
You've seen where I live.
What if I, Luis, were to get you another place to live? You gonna help me? I would do that for you.
You help me, I'll help you.
Thank you, Luis.
Partney, I have Brian's pocket watch.
Unfortunately, it got broken this morning.
During the murder? I'm afraid so.
Means this is the exact time my son was killed.
Is that him? Is that the man who killed my son? It is.
We got him.
Well, I I need to ask him why.
I'm the mother, and I deserve to know.
No, I understand that, but I can't let you do that.
I'm sorry.
Is there something you want to tell me? You killed my son.