CSI: Miami s06e09 Episode Script

Stand Your Ground

Have a good one.
Kill the engine, lady.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Turn it off! Police officer- put the gun down now! Get out of the car! This is, uh, Duquesne.
I've got an off-duty shooting I need to report Beachside and 11th.
Requesting immediate assistance.
There are two fatalities at the scene and one suspect outstanding on foot.
What is this, Frank? Car's registered to a Mark Dowd.
When Alexx moves the driver, I'll see if the I.
s match up.
Passenger fled on foot.
What about the K-9 unit? About five away- I got two birds in the air, three block containment.
Also talked to the store owner.
Did he see anything? Just aftermath- Calleigh and what's left of the store.
All right.
Who's the victim? One of his customers.
He was waiting on her, checking inventory in the back when this car rolled in.
So she was an innocent bystander.
It's looking that way.
We're leaning hard on witnesses in the neighborhood.
Calleigh couldn't give us a description of the male suspect.
Staring down the barrel of a gun mind plays tricks.
Well, we've got a few of our own.
You know, I can't believe this.
Who'd try to run over Calleigh? It is too soon to tell, Mr.
Wolfe, but we must we must document it all.
H, I got the, uh I got the victim's I.
here: Valerie Gaynor, Brickell middle school.
I think she was ateacher there.
Somebody had a sweet tooth.
There's enough candy here to feed every citizen of Miami.
You got something, H? This could be blood from our fugitive.
Could give us an I.
Get it to the lab, please.
I don't know what happened.
I was just at a brunch down the street.
You gonna be okay? There was a woman in that building.
An innocent woman.
Listen, Calleigh.
I got to ask you something.
I don't want you to take it the wrong way.
I know you're off duty, buthave you been drinking? You know, the paramedic asked me that question.
I had two mimosas, but it doesn't have anything to do with what happened.
It's my day off.
You don't have to explain it to me.
I understand, I believe you.
It's just not me that you got to worry about.
Couldn't extend the courtesy of doing this in private, rick? The first officer on the scene reported objective symptoms of alcohol consumption.
You were H.
We won't get an accurate breathalyzer waiting around for another room to open up.
blood alcohol is point-oh-four.
That's under the legal limit.
Yes, but alcohol dissipates at point five ounces per hour.
So the question becomes, what was this number during the incident? You couldn't provide a description of the suspect.
He was carrying a smith & wesson 459, wood grain grip with an adjustable rear sight at my head, rick! If my judgment had been impaired, I wouldn't be here now- I'd be dead.
Right now, two other people are.
I'm putting you under administrative tactical review.
That's humiliating.
This is humiliating.
I'm going to ask you to remove yourself from this case and refrain from all field work until further notice.
I'm here for the blood that Horatio found in the bad guys' car.
Yeah, I got a profile, and I'm running it through codis now.
You know, I have to say, as soon as I finish my firearms training, I'm going to get an off-duty gun, because it is scary out there.
Not as scary as being investigated by the department for what you do off the clock.
Did you, uh, did you know that Stetler has Calleigh under review? For what? Questions about her blood-alcohol content.
Have the questions been answered? Not yet.
In the meantime, we have to do whatever we can to help her, I guess.
The blood from the car belongs to Pete Morton.
He's got three convictions for assault.
Well, he's running from something a lot bigger now.
I'm gonna call tripp and let him know.
That's quite a mess.
What's it have to do with me? We recovered your blood from that vehicle, Pete.
Yeah, well I was in that car against my will.
The other guy, Mark, was at the wheel.
You pointed a weapon at one of my officers.
You can't prove that.
Your Smith & Wesson matches that officer's description.
Look, I was never gonna use it.
It was to scare her.
Next thing you know, she's got a gun in my face, threatening me.
She identified herself as a police officer.
I never heard that.
We saw she was packing heat.
We just wanted to get out of there.
then the damn big rig blocked us in.
We turned around, and there she was in the middle of the road, shooting at us.
We backed off, man; she didn't.
This is about the time I ask for representation, isn't it? You qualify for a public defender.
No, I don't need one of those.
I'm talking personal injury lawyer.
This whole thing's messed me up real bad- whiplash, emotional distress.
And I'm just getting started.
This isn't personal, Horatio.
You're after a member of my team, rick.
So you think her actions are justified? She was in the line of fire.
You don't know that.
Pete Morton said they were fleeing the scene.
He is a criminal and not a reliable witness, rick.
Calleigh's blood-alcohol was a point-oh-four an hour after the incident.
What makes her reliable? How about her near-perfect career? That won't hold up much in a wrongful death suit against the county.
So this is about the money.
They're going to say she escalated this and she took the law into her own hands.
But we are going to prove she didn't.
You know I'm not supposed to be down here.
Calleigh, honey, they said you couldn't work the field.
Does this look like the field to you, baby? What have you got? Valerie Gaynor's injuries are confined to the maxillary and upper neck.
There were no fractures in her lower extremities? Nothing.
That is odd and completely inconsistent with a pedestrian motor vehicle accident.
It rules out pedestrian rotation, which means she was already down when that car crashed through the storefront.
thank you.
I know I should feel relieved, but still, something killed this woman.
Facial bruising says she definitely suffered a blow to the head.
Likely put her into respiratory arrest.
Any idea what kind of a head injury would allow a person to stop breathing? Oh, well, I've seen this before.
Atlantooccipital dislocation.
Internal decapitation? That's right.
This girl was murdered.
What about a weapon? It wasn't a fist, but whatever it was, it left a faint striped pattern on her left cheek.
Alexx, there's some sort of a brown trace on her clavicle- it's not blood.
Already sent it to trace, honey.
Thank you, Alexx.
you think that security camera caught anything? Horatio's talking to the owner right now.
He'll find out.
So I just talked to Alexx, and she said there was a striped pattern on the victim's face.
I've looked all over this place.
I haven't found anything that resembles that.
Killer may have walked off with it, whatever it is.
I, uh, I got some other bad news, pal.
We got to collect everything, all of the debris.
are you kidding? No.
Might be something in here that could help us.
You realize by the time that we're done doing this we'll be collecting our pensions, right? I'll get the shovels.
The security camera is just for show.
I got lazy on the maintenance, figured the threat was enough.
Well, apparently not.
A woman died in your store.
I know, lieutenant but I'm sorry.
I wasn't the one who parked a car in the middle of it.
She was dead before that.
What, you mean murdered? You were the only one in there before the crash.
Correct? Besides the woman, yeah.
I just opened.
She was my first customer of the day.
I went in the back to grab her a few pair of shoes to try on.
She was alive.
How long did that take? Couple of minutes.
So you were the last one to see her alive.
I was just trying to run my business.
Join the club.
Um my review of your tactics this morning isn't going to reflect well on you if you continue to lie to me.
Lie? I haven't lied about anything.
I asked you explicitly if alcohol impeded your judgment.
And I said that it didn't.
Really? This is a receipt from the bar at the restaurant.
I told you I had two drinks.
Are you sure it wasn't six? They're not mine.
Whose are they? Friends.
Can I have names for verification? No, you can't; I'm not going to include them.
They have nothing to do with it.
Listen, Calleigh, this is not my personal witch hunt.
The county is sick and tired of paying out millions on wrongful death suits.
These civil attorneys consider everything and everybody fair game.
Apparently, so do you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
If Stetler finds out that I'm here, he will have my head.
Well, I don't need you to do any field work.
I just want to talk.
And if I'm gonna work the case, it'd be better if I hear it from you than read it from the report.
Well, technically, I don't know that you can do that.
What do you mean? Well, you got to the restaurant this morning before I did, right? Yeah.
So, I know about the drinks you ordered before I got there.
Stetler showed me your receipt.
Well, I ran into some buddies, bought a round.
Jake, you know that my dad is a fairly accomplished drinker.
And I have heard every excuse and half-truth so you want to just tell me the real story? What difference does it make? The difference is that your four drinks brought my actions today in question.
Calleigh, when I used to work undercover, I had to do a few things that I'm not proud of, but I am not like your old man.
And this morning, I was just a guy, an off-duty cop trying to enjoy himself.
I just don't know that you're the on-duty cop who needs to be working this case.
Hey, that brown trace that Alexx recovered from Valerie Gaynor's shoulder? Whole kaleidoscope of ingredients.
Cadmium sulfoselenide, zinc oxide, manganese dioxide.
What's it all mean? It's orange, white and brown pigments for coloring paint.
Looks like an oil and acrylic base.
Vic didn't have anything on her hands? No, so I think it was transferred to her by somebody else.
- Ryan said the victim was a schoolteacher, right? - Yeah.
So what are you thinking? Maybe somebody from the art department? I'm thinking it's worth a try.
I'll call the school, see if I come up with a name.
Training ground sporting goods.
No, I've never been there.
Why? It's where we found Valerie Gaynor's body.
Did you two have a relationship? I substitute teach.
When I'm here, sometimes we're friendly.
Why do you ask? Because we found paint just like the paint on your hands on her body during autopsy.
Is there something you'd like to tell me, Mr.
Keppling? She-she came over from the science lab this morning.
She seemed on edge, so I tried to help her relax.
You seem wound up.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Mmm, that feels good.
You're describing a shoulder massage.
Was it inappropriate for two colleagues in the workplace? Probably.
But we were secretly seeing each other, so we'd sneak a moment here and there.
What was she upset about? She wouldn't tell me.
I saw her after first period.
And that was it.
Somebody call 911, please.
What's her name, Dave? Beth.
Her name's Beth.
Check that backpack, Dave, for medication.
Beth? Beth, hang in there.
Help is on the way, sweetheart.
Lieutenant, what is this? That's not medication.
That could be heroin.
She's overdosing.
Beth? This is the murdered teacher Valerie Gaynor's desk.
Let's hope it can tell us something.
Okay, bingo.
Got some empty drug baggies.
Some empty pen casings for snorting.
H, this is cheese.
Latest drug to hit the streets.
Heroin mixed with cold medicine.
These are called "bumps.
" Two bucks apiece.
It's cheap and lethal.
What's this? Oh, H, you're not gonna believe this.
This is her paid and owes.
This is every drug deal she ever made.
Friday at the soccer field- two bags.
Tuesday on the third floor hallway, three bags.
This looks like a criminal complaint from a week ago for trespassing.
Who's the victim? Charlie Sheridan.
His brother found her in the backyard.
Looks like Valerie was pushing her drugs too hard.
Well, then maybe he pushed back.
Yeah, my, uh my little brother's in miss Gaynor's class now.
I had her like five years ago, and she was creepy then.
What do you mean, she was creepy? I don't know.
Just, uh just nosey, I guess.
I never trusted her.
Uh, what were you doing this morning, Charlie? I was in class.
The only reason I'm here is 'cause my folks are in the Bahamas so I gotta stick around for him.
I don't need you to watch me.
Trust me, Logan, you do.
Uh, Logan, let me ask you a question.
What did you think of miss Gaynor? She'd have me stay after school sometimes.
For like study sessions and stuff.
Uh, oh, you guys also had a criminal complaint against her, is that right? She, uh, she trespassed? Yeah, we, uh, we got home and we saw her out here out by the flowers.
Sneaking around my backyard.
Way too weird.
Freaked me out.
So, I told her the next time it wouldn't end so civilized.
Maybe today was that next time.
Hey, Logan, why don't you go inside and watch some T.
, Okay? Okay.
Thanks, Logan.
Look, you can check with my high school, all right? That's where I was.
You got busted for possession a year ago, isn't that right? That didn't have anything to do with Valerie Gaynor, 'cause we just found narcotics in her desk drawer.
I got caught with a bag of weed.
I was holding it for a friend.
The cops got it all wrong.
Well, I guarantee you this, Charlie this time we're gonna get it right.
I've been reading Valerie Gaynor's journal; something's not adding up here.
Yeah, like why would you start preying on eighth graders? That's the thing.
I don't think she was.
Drug dealers, they write in codes- safehouses, streets.
There's no mention of that in here.
There's no mention of cash amounts, suppliers, anything like that.
Sounds to me like she was trying to build up evidence to shut down an operation.
Yeah, you got anything good? Well, yeah, I got spectra from the paraphernalia you found in her desk.
And it confirms the presence of everything necessary to manufacture a narcotic like cheese.
Except one little extra.
Methyl anthranilate? It's a natural ester that's found in grapes.
And they use it to flavor soda, gum and candy.
Oh, my god.
Flavored narcotics.
Yeah, for kids.
Yeah, that makes so much sense, because I found candy in the back of the Dodge.
This is the hottest lead.
I'm gonna go with this.
What are you gonna do? What am I gonna do? I'm gonna finish the job that Valerie started.
Tell me about the drugs, Pete.
There's nothing to tell.
We found candy in your car.
And you're using it to cut it with your product so that you can market it to children.
Was Valerie Gaynor on to your operation, Pete? I don't know who that is.
She's a science teacher at Brickell middle school.
And she was compiling evidence to bring you down.
And was she going to bring you down with that evidence, Pete? I threaten your CSI chick with a lawsuit, and you're gonna pay me back with a murder charge? I- I'm not saying another word.
There is a 13-year-old girl in the hospital that is probably going to die.
I hope you're ready to live with that.
So, why are we back at the car again? Because we didn't find the murder weapon at the store, right? No.
The killer left the scene with it.
But we don't know that.
Maybe the car did.
Looks like there's a defect in the floorboard.
All right, tear the carpet out, see what we find.
all right Is that a piece of broken suspension? No, I doubt it.
This is an American muscle car.
It's made of steel.
That looks like chrome.
what is that, a dumbbell? Part of a display from inside the store.
So, when the car crashed through, the tire kicked it up.
Alexx said Valerie had striped impressions on the side of her face, right? Yeah.
Take a look at those threads.
Same pattern.
I think we found our murder weapon.
Yeah, and there's a latent print on the top of it.
Let's see if we can find out whose that is.
Look, guys, I'm the owner.
Of course my prints are on everything.
It's a dumbbell from my store.
Who do you think sets up the displays? I don't know.
Maybe it was the same guy who installs video cameras for decoration.
Look, I can explain this awaybe cause I didn't kill that woman.
You're wasting your time.
All right, well, do you mind, André, if I "waste my time" in your cash register? Go ahead.
Thank you.
Some serious cash here, André.
You sure Valerie was your only customer this morning? Because we know she didn't purchase anything.
There was one other, all right? Do tell.
There was this dude.
Laid down some cash.
He bought 11 pair of shoes.
What else did he come here to get, André? Drugs? I don't do anything illegal here.
so, André, if you're not doing anything illegal, then why does training ground sporting goods come up in Valerie Gaynor's journal several times? Gonna confiscate all of your proceeds, and then you're going to take a ride with us.
Hey, why'd you want me to come down? Pete Morton told Horatio that there was a truck parked at this corner, blocking their escape route.
Yeah, I told Stetler that it wasn't there, but then again, he thinks I was drunk.
Well, you were right.
Take a look at this bullet strike, yeah? I pulled this out of it.
Look familiar? Yeah, it's a.
I'm willing to bet it's yours.
It missed the suspect's car and it struck the tree.
you know, that proves there was no way that there was a truck there.
Proves Pete Morton's story is B.
They weren't looking for an escape route.
They had one.
They were coming back to kill you.
Stetler's wrong.
You did what you had to do.
Thanks, Eric.
Don't thank me.
Thank, uh thank Jake.
He just called me down here and asked me to handle it.
Jake, what did you find? Credibility.
But I'm gonna need you to recover the evidence, though.
If I show you what I got, can you write up the report? Yeah, man, whatever you need.
Jake asked you to do this? Guess he's a stand-up guy, after all.
Do we still think that Charlie Sheridan is good for this? Uh, no, not necessarily.
We think he was dealing drugs, but we can't tie him to Valerie Gaynor's death.
And, uh, harding, the guy who owned the sporting goods store he explained away his print on the uh, murder weapon.
We got to put somebody else at this crime scene.
But I've been through half of this debris already, and it's given me nothing.
What about these shards of glass? It's, um it's possible that somebody could've put a print on them when they were entering the store.
Yeah, I dusted some of the bigger shards, but jump in, feel free.
Here's a little something.
Bet they don't sell that at the sporting goods store.
Somebody would've had to walk in with it.
What is it? It's a tie tack.
And it's got a little engraving on it.
Says "S.
Prep, faculty.
" Well, the only teacher that we know in this case is dead.
And she taught at Brickell.
There is another teacher that gets around.
Does that belong to you? What's that, part of a tie tack? Sorry.
Not mine.
Remove your tie, please.
I would assume that's the rest of it.
Must be.
I probably lost it someplace.
We found it next to Valerie's body in a store you claim you'd never been in.
How is this related to Valerie? She discovered, Mr.
Keppling, that you were selling drugs to kids.
What? I have a 13-year-old girl fighting for her life as we speak in Miami general.
That's ridiculous.
- You can't connect me to an overdose.
- No, but your gunman, Pete Morton, can.
And he's facing 25 to life.
He's gonna tell me anything I want.
Pete was my heroin connect.
So, he brought it to you, and you mixed it.
Yeah, it was all the different flavors that got the kids to like the heroin.
You were distributing to children.
I didn't distribute.
- That's what the kids were for.
- Enticed them with sneakers.
Yeah, they'd sell the heroin, then I'd pay them off with shoes.
K- lines.
I'd buy ten, 15 pair at a discount, stuff the dope inside.
Until Valerie traced it all the way to André's store.
He said she confronted him.
I know what these are.
You're moving drugs with these shoes, aren't you? Lady, I don't know what you're talking about.
You're selling drugs to the kids.
Hey, André.
This my order? Dave.
What are you doing here? It's you.
The kids get it from you.
It's not like that.
I'm reporting you to the police.
I couldn't let her take that any further.
You're not going anywhere.
Let go of me! what the hell were you thinking? Get her body out of here now.
Get her out back.
Let's go.
You think that woman saw us? We can't risk any eyewitnesses.
Take care of it.
Yeah, they took care of it.
Idiots brought you cops to our front door.
Valerie Gaynor knew what you were doing, tried to stop you and lost her life for it.
And now, Dave, you get to spend the rest of your life behind bars.
Take him.
What? It's a little different when you have to look somebody in the eye, isn't it? Look, we were just trying to get the hell out of there.
You knew I was a cop.
Police officer! Put the gun down now! do you hear her? That chick's a cop! Drive.
Just drive.
She I.
'ed us, man! We're done.
We gotta take care of this like we're supposed to.
there was no truck blocking your way.
You made a choice.
It wasn't me.
I didn't want any part of it.
Well, you know, it's too bad for you that the only person who can confirm that is dead.
you brandished a gun.
That's assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.
In the state of Florida, that's a provocative act.
Mark Dowd is dead as a result.
You know what that makes it? Murder.
Well, I-I'll give you Keppling.
It's too late for that.
Hi, Beth.
Who are you? Beth, my name is Horatio Caine.
I'm a police officer.
They said I've been out for a while.
You had A quite a large dose of narcotics in your system.
You mean, I could've died? You're very lucky.
Now, Beth, I hate to do this to you, but I need to know where you got it.
Beth, I promise I will protect you.
No, it's not like that.
It's just he's a friend.
Beth, so somebody else doesn't get hurt.
I need his name.
Logan Sheridan.
Thank you, Beth.
Thank you.
Logan? My brother, he wasn't selling the drugs.
He was protecting me.
I'm in trouble, aren't I? This wasn't a good thing, Logan.
I just wanted the shoes.
Logan, Mr.
Keppling had no right to put you in this position.
You arrested him? Uh, we did.
Is Beth okay? She will be she will be.
I'm gonna need the names of the other dealers.
Okay? What about me? Logan, there are going to be consequences.
But we'll get through it.