CSI: Miami s06e10 Episode Script

CSI: My Nanny

Rebecca! You made it! Are you kidding, Kate? Where are you off to? Spain, Italy and Greece.
Can you believe it? Dennis bought a yacht.
It's vulgar, I know.
Where is your other half, anyway? He's probably off closing one last deal before I whisk him away.
I like to win.
There are some sweet looking women here, Dennis.
Hook me up.
Hook you up? You're a married man.
Whoa, who's that? That's Mia, one of our nannies.
She's your nanny? My wife only hires trolls.
I wonder why.
Jonah, why don't you stay a while, hang out? It's your party, dad, not mine.
Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy! Mommy! Uh, what is it, honey? Mommy's a little busy right now.
But, mommy! Okay.
Oh, my god, Megan! What happened to you? Are you okay? What happened? Vanessa won't wake up.
Vanessa? Oh, my god! Call the police.
Call the police.
Vanessa? Lieutenant? Mr.
I can't believe it.
In my own home.
And my daughter.
Who was Vanessa? Vanessa was one of her nannies.
She's been with us over a year.
She was upstairs working.
Who would want to hurt her? I'm ashamed to admit it Vanessa took care of our lives, but I didn't know much about hers.
You know how it goes.
Hard enough keeping tabs on your own family.
I want you to stay home and talk to no one.
We're supposed to leave town this weekend for two months.
You're gonna have to put that on hold.
My family and i have nothing to hide.
Then we shouldn't have a problem.
She has two stab wounds in the upper torso, Horatio, consistent with a knife.
I don't see the weapon.
These footprints look like some kind of horror movie.
And a five-year-old girl found her.
Yes, who didn't see the murder.
'Nessa? 'Nessa! Well, this is interesting.
Her fingernail beds are already discolored.
They have a bluish tint.
Normally they're colorless after death.
I'll get into this and let you know.
Please do.
The techs have printed and swabbed all the guests.
They've been cooperative.
Okay, well, the guests at the party were outside, weren't they? Oh, yeah, I guess it would make that glass out of place, wouldn't it? I'll, um I'll bring it to the lab and make sure it's not the victim's.
Thank you, Mr.
All of these knives are negative for blood.
Well, if the killer grabbed the weapon from the kitchen, it stands to reason they'd put it back there, too.
Hide it in plain sight.
Here we go, this is the last of 'em.
Can we help you? I-it's Jonah, right? Uh, yeah.
Just wanted to get something to eat.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Everything just sucks, that's all.
I know.
I'm really sorry.
Were you very close to Vanessa? Not really.
But she and Megan were tight.
How so? They did everything together.
You can see why I wasn't exactly thrilled to go on our trip.
Mom and dad.
Megan and Mary Poppins.
I don't fit in.
So Vanessa was gonna go with you? I don't know who wanted her there more, my parents or my sister.
Jonah, you'd better remove yourself from the house until we're done.
Okay? This is a nice guesthouse.
Well, there are two beds, so I'm guessing both nannies lived here.
Looks like Vanessa was packing to go on the family vacation.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm the lightest packer in the world, but who takes all of their photographs with them? Yeah.
Inside the picture frames? Yeah.
This place looks awfully empty.
I don't know that she was going away on a trip.
She was packing to go away permanently.
It's true, yeah, I had to let Vanessa go.
In fact, today was her last day.
Were you not happy with her work? Oh, no, on the contrary.
She did it too well.
When Megan got sick, she called out for Vanessa.
When she went to bed, she wanted Vanessa to tuck her in.
Isn't that why you hired her? There.
All done.
What do you got, sweetie? A picture of a family.
- Is that you? - Yeah.
And that's daddy, and that's Jonah, and, then, that's you.
Oh, my god, I love it.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I know what you must think that I deserved this.
Two nannies when I'm only working part-time.
It's not that I don't want to be a great mother.
I'm just not capable.
Are you capable of murder? Never.
Vanessa was wonderful.
Not in a million years would I want something like this to happen to her.
Well,I hope that that's the truth, for your family's sake.
There she is! Hey, I-I'm really sorry.
I got behind.
Yeah, I heard you've been at the gun range logging some serious hours.
Man, you know, in the last month, I think I've seen more target people than real people.
Well, hang in there- it, uh, it gets easier.
Speaking of real people, any idea who was using the glass I found next to our victim? Well, let's see if CODIS is our friend.
Yep, she is.
Wait, CODIS is a she? Look at this.
The dna from the rim of the glass matches a reference sample that we got from one of our party guests.
Ron Coswell.
Look where he works: Model nannies.
Model nannies - that can't be a coincidence.
So, I'm guessing Vanessa knew Ron.
Let's find out how well.
Let's see, you earned a bs in child development.
Scored a 92 outside with our test kids.
You know, we place with some of the wealthiest families.
And you are very easy on the eyes.
Welcome to model nannies, Heather.
Thank you! I'll call you later.
Ron Coswell.
Can I help you? You know a young lady named Vanessa Waters? Uh, well Yes, I did.
Vanessa was incredibly talented- it's terrible what happened to her.
We found your drinking glass next to her dead body, Ron.
Whoa-ho-ho,wait, are you accusing me of murder? Vanessa was one of my best clients.
Who was coincidentally fired this morning.
Vanessa was a rare find cute, smart, a caregiver,born and bred.
But the rich are very hard to please.
You run a placement agency.
I imagine you get a cut on each deal, huh? Sure.
I put them in good homes, make sure they get a room, a car, medical benefits.
For that, I get ten percent of their salary.
You lost ten percent, and she lost her life.
No, I just wanted to find out what happened so it wouldn't happen again.
I can't believe she fired me.
Those children love me.
It's not about that.
What did I tell you the first day you came in, Vanessa? To respect the family's space.
Especially the mother's.
But I did.
Then why are we having this discussion? I don't know.
They hired me to watch their children.
That's what I was doing.
No, they hired you to make up for all of their weaknesses without rubbing it in their faces.
Now I have to do damage control and we're both out a lot of money.
That's it.
I left her to pack her things.
You talk a good game, Mr.
I have to.
I deal with celebrities, ceos, politicians.
They all want results no matter what it takes.
I know the feeling.
- Hey, Calleigh.
- Hi.
I just finished up our girl.
So she was a nanny, huh? Yes,and seemingly a very good one.
Your parents are well off.
Did you ever have a nanny? I wish.
It would've been nice to have a voice of reason in that house.
You know, my mom, she was I don't know,she was really more of a friend than an authority figure.
And my dad is just well, we all know that story.
Did you ever figure out why her fingernails were blue? Yeah.
I sure did.
You know what made her fingernail beds discolored? Cyanosis.
Is that lack of oxygen in the blood? That's right.
Something compromised her circulatory system.
And her body was fighting it.
I'm gonna go take a little break.
Now there are a lot of possible causes congenital heart disease,asthma.
But she didn't suffer from any of them.
What do you think it was? Tox will tell us for sure.
But it was the stabbing that definitely did her in.
Penetration was deep, knife entered between the third and fourth ribs.
So her killer was either passionate or panicked.
And haste leaves behind evidence.
I found something in the wound tract.
I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
I'll take it to Trace.
Seems the fragment Alexx pulled from Vanessa Waters' chest is comprised of zirconium dioxide.
What? There's ceramic in her wound? Well,how is that possible? Vanessa was, uh she was stabbed.
But I think I know by what.
I have one in my own kitchen.
A ceramic knife.
Yeah,sorry, I'm more of a drive-thru type of guy.
Well, a ceramic knife doesn't dull like a regular one.
And,believe it or not,they can be twice as hard as steel.
So why were there fragments of ceramic in the wound? Because ceramic knives are strong,but they're not invincible.
So if you twist or you pry it, it's gonna snap.
Like if you wedge it between two bones.
But Calleigh and Eric didn't find any ceramic knives at the house.
The party was catered, right? So maybe the catering company used them.
Eric, hey, it's me.
You're at the Lambert house? What? I gave my reference samples or whatever.
They told me I can go.
I got another job I got to get to.
You're not gonna make it.
I recognize you from a photo in Vanessa Waters' room.
Yeah, II knew Vanessa.
Which you neglected to mention in your statement.
Nobody asked.
Where are the knives you used today? They're all in the back of the truck.
You mind if I take a look? Be my guest.
How well did you know Vanessa? We dated a while back.
Broke up, I don't know, six months ago.
And how did that end? Not good.
Does it ever? Running into her today was a total coincidence, all right? I'm a chef, but I don't get to choose my clients.
There's no murder weapon, H.
Lieutenant Caine! You have to come inside.
My husband and I, we were just robbed.
A quarter of a million dollars gone.
Quarter of a million dollars, that's a lot of motive.
Vanessa probably died for it, Eric.
First Vanessa, now this? Well, there are no signs of forced entry.
What about fingerprints, Eric? There are prints all right,but they're not from anyone's fingertips.
No arches,loops or whorls.
They're from somebody's knuckles.
Killer thought they were being smart, but knuckle prints are actually unique.
Lambert, who had access to the safe? Just me and my wife and our nannies.
You give your nannies the code to the safe? In case something happens to us.
Besides the cash, our will is in there.
All of our important papers.
We trust our nannies.
We have to.
Your other nanny, what's her name? Mia.
Mia Fernandez.
Where is she right now? In her room packing.
Since Vanessa's gone,she's coming with us on our trip.
Go talk to her, Eric.
Yeah, I'm gonna need to speak to her.
Hang on a second.
Lambert, do you have a surveillance system here? No, just an alarm.
Why do you ask? Because we're being monitored as we speak.
Excuse me, officer.
You see that? Right there is a camera.
You're that cop.
You have a minute? I need to ask you a few questions about Vanessa.
It's weird.
Seeing her stuff like that.
And now she's gone.
You're here to take her place, though, right, on the trip? What's that supposed to mean? Lambert's safe got robbed today.
You know the combination.
Vanessa catch you stealing? You think I kill her? Vanessa was my friend.
We were like family.
We had to be.
How so? The two of us ran this house.
I cooked, she cleaned.
I took their calls, she took in the dry cleaning.
I thought your job was to baby-sit the Lamberts' kids.
Are you kidding me? We're family managers.
We are teachers, pediatricians, bodyguards, accountants, marriage counselors.
We did everything the Lamberts didn't want to do.
Including raise their own children.
You don't sound too happy to be here.
No,I am.
I am.
'Cause if you weren't, $250,000 wouldn't be a bad severance package, would it? No.
Accuse me all you want, but I didn't do anything.
She was my friend.
So these are the computers from the Lambert house, huh? All five of them.
One each for the mom, dad, both the children, and one for the nannies.
You know, I remember when we just had a TV.
And we know for sure that there was a nanny cam in the air purifier? We do.
The camera was a wi-fi short range and the signal was being picked up by one of the computers.
So who's our voyeur? Mommy dearest.
Kate Lambert.
So she had a spy cam in the room with the safe.
Does that mean that she caught the thief in the act? No, that would be impossible because somebody moved the camera.
So whoever took the money knew about the camera.
What I don't get is, if you're trying to spy on the nannies, how come you got a camera in the office? I know, it's the last place they'd be.
But check out this folder on the mom's desktop.
You won't believe what I found.
It's called "cam clips.
" And that says "Dennis' bathroom.
" And I'm suddenly getting the urge to cover my eyes.
this was from two weeks ago.
Look, Vanessa That's not good.
Mom wasn't spying on the nannies, she was spying on the husband.
And for good reason.
Vanessa was close to the daughter.
And getting closer to the husband.
You know, I would say that that is motive times two.
Turns out that it was you who set up the video camera.
You did? I can't believe you put a camera in our house without telling me about it.
You know, I just wanted Jonah and Megan to be safe.
But in truth, Mrs.
Lambert, it's your husband you don't trust.
Excuse me? We saw the video on your computer.
You mean the one of my husband and Vanessa fooling around in the bathroom? She's a gorgeous young girl, Dennis.
I'm not blind.
Kate, Vanessa and I weren't messing around.
- Then what were you doing? - We were talking.
Talking? About what? She she told me that Jonah is gay.
What? Our son? What are you talking about? He's not gay.
Vanessa overheard him tell Craig that he loved him.
Excuse me.
Who's Craig? Craig was another one of our nannies.
Mia replaced Craig after I fired him.
I told you that a male nanny was not a good idea.
Is that why you let Craig go? Jonah denied that anything ever happened.
But I didn't want the influence around, so I took out a restraining order to keep him away.
I thought you fired Craig because he was flirting with me.
I told you that, because that's what you wanted to hear.
Is it possible that Craig thought Vanessa got him fired? Maybe.
But there's no way that Craig could have been in my home this morning without me knowing about me.
With all due respect, M.
Lambert, but you're not a very good witness.
Craig Abbott? I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
This is Frank Tripp.
Thank you for meeting us.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Mind giving us a few? That your girlfriend? You here to ask about my love life? No.
We want to ask you about Vanessa Waters.
She was stabbed to death this morning.
Vanessa? No way that's horrible.
But what's that got to do with me? I don't know.
Why don't you tell us? That's a pretty nasty cut on your arm.
Oh, that? Got it working at a lumberyard.
Families aren't exactly clamoring to hire me, with a restraining order on my record.
I assume you knew about the TRO the Lambert filed against me.
Yeah, we do.
We also know that Vanessa's the reason that you got slapped with it.
What, the gay thing? Vanessa totally misunderstood.
So nothing happened between you and the Lambert boy? Dennis Lambert doesn't have the slightest clue about his son.
The kid's not gay.
Are you saying that Jonah never said that he loved you? No, he did but like a big brother.
You gotta understand, Dennis was always working.
I- I told Jonah about girls, took him fishing, taught him how to throw a spiral- stuff dads are supposed to do.
Do you blame Vanessa for being fired? Well, if she wasn't such a gossip, I'd still be working there ,if that's what you mean.
So it might feel real good for a little payback, huh? No way, man.
Even though Vanessa was wrong, I know she was just trying to look out for those kids.
Maybe so.
Who's looking out for her? Did you get something, M.
Wolfe? Yeah, actually.
I got to thinking about the footage from the robbery.
And since the thief kicked the hidden camera, I figured he'd leave something behind.
See, there's a scuff mark right here.
Looks like a blade of grass.
It's not even real grass.
It's plastic.
You know what I'll do, I'll call around all the party guests and see if anybody had astro turf.
Ron Coswell.
Can I help you? No need, M.
Wolfe,I have somebody in mind.
We meet again, M.
Hey, I already gave you guys my fingerprints today at the house.
It's not your fingerprints we're interested in.
No, M.
Coswell, we want to print your knuckles.
Give me a break.
That's ridiculous.
Actually, it's not.
Skin contours and details of your knuckles, they differ from person to person, and even finger to finger.
What, do you got some kind of knuckle databas e? No, we don't need one.
I lifted a print off the keypad from the safe.
If I can match that to one of yours, well, we'll be back here with a warrant for your arrest.
So, why don't you save us the trip, M.
Coswell? We found some astro turf near the Lambert's home safe that we believe matches the turf here in your play area.
Right, I took a little souvenir from the party.
Then what happened? Vanessa saw you what you were doing, and you had to kill her? No way.
She was in on it.
They told you the combination to their safe, right? No, they told me that in confidence.
I know how many student loans you're carrying, Vanessa.
If you don't do this,I'll make sure you never work again.
I recognized the nanny cam right away.
I'm the one who sold it to Kate.
First,the Lambert took out a TRO on Craig, then they fired Vanessa.
Other families find out, they'd start thinking my agency's the problem.
So you figured the Lambert owed you.
That's right.
They were going to single-handedly ruin my business.
Looks like you beat them to it, doesn't it? Hey, Ryan.
Hey, Alexx, what you got? Vanessa Waters' tox report.
Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.
It's an active ingredient in eye drops.
If ingested, it slows down the central nervous system, and that causes oxygen depletion in the blood.
And that explains the blue tint in her fingernail beds.
You know, Ryan, people don't ingest this accidentally.
So what you're saying is that Vanessa was poisoned? According to her stomach contents, the last meal she had was breakfast this morning.
And Mia Hernandez said she did all the cooking for the family.
Then it may be time to check Mia's recipe book.
Thank you, Alexx.
Yeah, I made breakfast this morning.
So? So do you want to tell me why you spiced up Vanessa's eggs with tetrahydrozoline? What? What's that? That is eye drops.
I got a tox report that confirms it.
You poisoned her.
All right, I admit it.
I put the eye drops in her food.
I thought if Vanessa got sick, then I would get to go on the trip instead of her.
So, uh, let me get this straight.
You poisoned her to go on a vacation? I didn't do it for me.
I did it for the kids.
That trip could have been the best learning experience for them.
All that Vanessa wanted them to do was have fun.
I don't know, Mia, I gotta be honest with you.
That doesn't sound so bad.
She only packed Ipods and Game Boys.
What about language guides, maps? A kid show interest in something, you have to foster it.
Jonah likes swimming, so I bought him a scuba diving kit.
Vanessa got so mad at me.
So you poisoned her.
And when that didn't work, you killed her.
No! I could never have done that.
I just wanted her out of the picture while we went on our trip.
I'll tell you what's ironic, Mia.
Lambert fired Vanessa this morning.
What? Yeah, you actually, could be going on a vacation, but poisoning someone is a felony.
I don't know what to say.
You could start with saying "I'm sorry," but, uh it's a little late for that.
Ryan said that Mia Fernandez bought Jonah a scuba diving kit for his trip.
All diving kits,they have one thing in common: a knife.
A ceramic knife.
Ceramic doesn't rust,so it's great for deep-sea dives.
And murder.
You know,Jonah definitely has motive, seeing as Vanessa ratted out his buddy, Craig.
Can you imagine raising a family without any help? I mean, you know, given the hours we work? Yeah, I could.
Really? Yeah.
Why, you don't think I'd be a good dad? No, I think you'd be a great dad.
I just never heard you mention having children before.
Well, maybe when I find the the right girl.
I found Jonah's scuba diving kit.
There's the knife.
Ceramic, with a chipped point, just like the murder weapon.
I think it's time that we talked to Jonah.
Why am I here? Jonah, we found a knife in your bedroom that matches the one that killed Vanessa.
What, my-my scuba knife? I never even used it.
I just got it a couple of days ago.
It has a broken tip.
Well, I can't explain that.
I guess it came that way.
Mia got it for me.
I guess she thought she could replace Craig.
Were you angry with Vanessa for getting Craig fired, Jonah? Yeah, I was.
She gave my dad the totally wrong idea.
Okay, help me understand.
I looked up to Craig.
We were friends.
But now, all 'cause of Vanessa, no more football, no more poker, no more go-carts.
Just this stupid trip with my stupid family.
Is this your way of putting a stop to it? I didn't kill her.
Cr-craig taught me better than that.
You have to believe me.
I want to.
I really do, son.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, do we have a slam dunk on the Lambert kid? No, it's anything but, unfortunately.
I ran the knife for victim blood; I didn't find any.
As a matter of fact, I didn't find any blood on it at all.
I guess he could have cleaned it.
So, what now? Well, now it's your turn, 'cause Jonah Lambert said he never used that knife.
Well, if we can prove he handled it, we catch him in a lie.
Think I've got something.
It's not the kid at all.
It's Craig Abbott.
The man with the TRO? He wasn't supposed to be within a hundred feet of that house.
Yeah, well, let's see what other laws he broke.
So, Craig, you lied to us.
It turns out you were at the Lambert house this morning.
And we know this because we recovered your print from Jonah's knife.
You think I killed Vanessa? I do.
Craig, I do.
Jonah had a big test before his trip, and I was a history major.
That's seriously how trotsky died? Yeah.
Ice pick to the back of the head.
Like this that's awesome.
You're gonna ace this thing.
Thanks, Craig.
Look, you better get out of here.
I'll go downstairs, text you when the coast is clear.
I only lied because of the restraining order.
That's why nobody saw you at the party, right? There's a balcony upstairs.
The door's always unlocked.
Climb the drainpipe and you're there.
And you let yourself in and out.
from: Jonah all clear I freaked out when I saw vanessa.
I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.
You gotta believe me.
I didn't do it.
I cut myself sliding on the roof.
Stay close.
Okay, so this is the door that Craig Abbot snuck out of.
Yeah, and if he had to go out here, so did the killer.
If we find trace from any other person, that's our guy.
Are you going on the roof? Yeah.
I don't want you to end up in the hospital.
I'll be fine.
Can you tell if anyone's been out there? Maybe not someone but some thing.
It's got blood on it.
That's a kid's drawing.
How do you think that got up there? I don't know.
Maybe someone tossed it out that door.
That's odd.
Why do you think they'd do that? Because you can't go downstairs with the murder weapon in your hand.
Is it ceramic? Yeah.
Matthew, that is the knife that killed Vanessa waters.
And that is your fingerprint.
Looks like one of ours.
I'm a caterer, remember.
I set all ese knivth for that party.
In addition, we have this.
Some kid's drawing.
So what? This kid's drawing has your fingerprints, too,matthew, only this time in blood.
I shuffled my schedule around to work that party to see Vanessa.
I wasn't prepared to see her with that family.
we broke up because she didn't want to have kids, and then there she was looking like she's having the time of her life.
She was on their payroll, Matthew.
No, no.
It was much more than that.
Never thought I'd see the day.
What are you doing here? It's nice to see you playing with those kids.
Megan? Well, yeah, she's like family.
Oh this coming from someone who says she never wanted to have kids.
No, matt.
I never said that.
I just don't want to have them with you.
I used to dream what it would be like to have a big house, kids running around in the yard.
Vanessa was supposed to be part of that dream.
It's like she went out,she did all this without me.
I was supposed to be the one in that picture.
But she says I'm not good enough? It turns out she was right.
Take him.
So the killer's behind bars? He is.
Thought I'd feel more relieved, but it just still feels awful.
All this time we spent trying to insure our future it's kept us from enjoying our present.
There's still time.
That's why we are going to cancel our trip.
Really? We're still gonna take some time off.
Back home.
Just the four of us.
You know, sometimes life gets so crazy it'S easy to forget your priorities.
Take care, folks.